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The Dodger’s Hitting Woes Continue

Corey Seager

The Dodgers are mired in a weeklong hitting slump and it’s threatening to crater their early season success. The Dodgers are now incapable of scoring more than two runs in a game. They have done so only once since last Friday night’s extra-inning win in San Diego. Over the last week they’ve scored just 11 runs and totaled just 23 hits. That’s their lowest hit tally over a nine-game span since 1909. Their hitting woes continued on Friday night with a pathetic and listless 6-1 loss to the Padres at Dodger Stadium. There are multiple problems occurring simultaneously.

The beleaguered Dodger’s lineup is beset with injuries. Cody Bellinger is still sidelined with a hairline fracture in his leg, and we don’t know when he’s coming back. Gavin Lux is still out with a wrist injury, although he is due to return soon. Zach Mckinstry who has had an excellent start to the season was just placed on the injured list with an oblique injury and Chris Taylor is out with lower back stiffness.

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Another big problem is the Dodger’s bench is horrible. Their pinch-hitters are now 0 for 19 this season. This is a problem I pointed out before the season began in this article here. The club let Enrique Hernandez and Joc Pederson walk in free agency but didn’t replace them with anyone good. As a result, the Dodgers have been forced to use guys like Luke Raley and Sheldon Neuse in the starting lineup. Those guys are nice stories but neither of them could hit water if they fell out of a boat. Raley has turned in an admirable performance but both are career minor league journeyman. The Dodgers did call up prospect DJ Peters to replace Mckinstry’s roster spot. Hopefully he can help.

Adding to the misery, nearly all of the regulars are slumping at the same time. Will Smith and Austin Barnes have been horrendous. AJ Pollock has not hit at all and Corey Seager, Max Muncy and Mookie Betts have stopped hitting all at once. But getting back to the bench problems, it’s something the Dodger’s management needs to fix soon.

The bench is especially important to a National league team. There is no DH this year so having guys that can come off the bench and get hits in the late innings is important. Since starting pitchers rarely go more than six innings these days, the pitcher’s spot comes up in the late innings anywhere from 2-3 times per game. There are usually runners on base during those scoring opportunities. If all you can send up are Mendoza line hitting utility journeyman, then you won’t score much.

I don’t like writing these types of articles. I know I’m sure to get some push back for this. I know it’s very early in the season. I’m not writing this to be negative. I’m writing this to point out problems that need to be fixed. This is my job as a writer. I’m sure management is aware of the problems. They need to fix these issues now before they drag on into the later months of the season.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

5 thoughts on “The Dodger’s Hitting Woes Continue

  1. Seems that the Padres have a little more to prove, and they really want to beat the Dodgers, so they have an edge. Getting the key hits, stellar defense, exceptional pitching, and swagger are embarrassing the World Champs.

    The Dodgers are hurting, and not playing with a full deck. That is no excuse. They are deep. But, these are my takes on why they are failing. They are striking out way too much. Blame it on the strike zone? No, because he Padres have the same strike zone. Same old story, they have trouble moving runners. They have pitched well, but not good enough when you get no run support. Still puzzles me why they continue to say Kershaw has a quality start when he serves up all these dingers. Defense has been their biggest downfall. Way too many errors, and beating themselves with their over exaggerated shift.

    And final criticism…. they continue to get hit by pitches, but fail to retaliate. The Dodgers have a target on their backs and opposing pitchers will be zeroing in on the prime targets all season. This puts the Dodgers at an immediate disadvantage because they become timid at the plate, and the strike zone is widened in the pitcher’s favor.

    Just too many negatives in the first two games of this 4-game series.

  2. Why Dave Roberts?

    Why do you need to tell the press (and everyone else) who is going to pitch in what situation? David Price on Sunday/Kershaw in the playoffs against Washington. During the broadcast Arod was going on about how Price would be pitching that night. And he even knew the situation. (once May leaves the game) If Arod knew, you can bet the Padres did too.

    Roberts has a big ol’ mouth.

    Again, if he wants to pinch hit Kershaw, fine do it. But maybe don’t have him in the dugout with a helmet and bat, reading from an Ipad. Is there any reason to advertise this? Because everyone knew what was coming, San Diego was able to intentionally walk two batters to set up a lefty lefty matchup.

    To top it off he pitches to Hosmer with first base open. Is Dave Roberts the only one on planet earth who would pitch to Hosmer over a slumping Cronenworth?

    I know Dave Roberts has a championship ring on his finger, but this is really baffling stuff.

    1. I cannot stand A-Rod…. Mr “Thinks he knows it all”. All he talks about are Yankees and Boston. I take his opinion to a grain of salt.

      Dave Roberts, on the other hand, made some terrible decisions over the weekend. Totally out-managed, and his underperforming offense was no help. Wasted opportunities and stupid managerial decisions is a recipe for failure. Starting pitchers need a little more leash, and bullpen decisions have been ridiculous. And overemphasis of the shift has backfired big time.

    2. Hes been doing that for years (telling everyone including the opposing teams) what their pitching strategies will be. It makes no sense to me. The opposing teams know exactly what pitchers they are bringing in and when. And it’s no surprise when they lose. Someone needs to tape his mouth shut during press conferences.

  3. Dodgers blow another. This time to the last place Reds. 2-8 over last 10, and lost the last 7.

    Dodgers 1-10 RISP, 10 LOB, 12 KO’s. Jansen flops. Dodgers not only beat themselves by the shift, but they fail to beat the opposing team’s shift. In extras, the Reds gave the whole left side of the field to the Dodgers and they fail to take advantage.

    Disgusting performance. But at least we did not have to listen to A-Rod.

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