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Dodgers Have A lot of Work To Do in 2020

After the Dodger’s pathetic and incompetent playoff exit versus the Nationals in the NLDS, everyone agreed that the Dodgers should make some type of change. For the record the Dodgers have now had five consecutive (seven consecutive overall) playoff losses and no championships. With the latest playoff disaster hanging over the organization’s head like a black cloud, some kind of change was being called for.

Despite the postseason failures, billions of dollars in revenue and the drones of frustrated fans president of baseball operations and money saving expert Andrew Friedman has decided to once again do literally nothing for another offseason. The Dodger’s lone free agent signing or addition of any kind was injury plagued former Oakland reliever Blake Treinen. Otherwise Friedman will be bringing back the exact same squad minus their best pitcher (Hyun-jin Ryu) who signed with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Look, I’m not saying the sky is falling. The Dodgers still have a lot of talent on hand. Even though Friedman’s refusal to recruit top players or improve the pitching staff, the Dodgers are once again one of the favorites to win the World Series in 2020. This is according to the futures shown on SBR’s MLB betting odds page who have the Dodgers at +600 to win the World Series.

As per usual there was a multitude of PR generated and bogus rumors that had Friedman and the Dodgers in on every single top free agent on the market. There was also other rumors involving trade speculations of other great players like Francisco Lindor, Corey Kluber, Mookie Betts and David Price to name a few. If you know Friedman and you should be now, then you should have already been aware that none of those deals would ever become reality. He is far too cheap, single minded and timid to make any of those proposed acquisitions. He is perfectly content to sit on the sidelines and watch while other teams gobble up those available talented players like pacman.


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One of the more interesting hogwash rumors involved the Dodgers acquiring a third baseman and moving Justin Turner to first base. I actually liked this idea. It made sense to try and take some of the wear and tear off of the lone Dodger playoff clutch hitter. Of course this ended up becoming like the majority of the other Friedman related rumors, it died on the board room. Like most of his ideas, it never came to fruition.

The Dodgers will carry almost the exact same roster in 2020. The position player club will see Cody Bellinger, a healthier Corey Seager and slugger Max Muncy leading what should be a very potent lineup again. Can AJ Pollock stay healthy enough to do anything? Alex Verdugo, Joc Pederson, Chris Taylor, Enrique Hernandez, and catcher Will Smith will round out the rest of the position roster. Top Prospect Gavin Lux should get the lion’s share of the playing time at second base. Let’s see if he can show us more than just flashes of why Friedman refuses to part with him in any swap. Per Friedman’s biggest sick fantasy, Mendoza line batter Austin Barnes will be returning to be the backup catcher, but get a lot of playing time. If Friedman had his way, not only would Barnes be the starting catcher, but the entire roster would consist of sub Mendoza line hitting utility players. Barnes is the worst hitting catcher in baseball (or one of the worst) and should have ample opportunity to catch Bill Bergen for the franchise record in hitting futility for a catcher.

The pitching staff is where Friedman has given the most neglect. With the departure of Ryu, and Rich Hill the missing rotation spots will be filled in by youngsters. I am glad to see the kids getting a chance, the Dodgers could have easily spent the money to retain Ryu, a long time Dodger and NL ERA leader. The rotation will have Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, Kenta Maeda and rookies Julio Urias and probably Dustin May. Here’s where things get dicey. There is almost no depth of any kind. If any of the starters get hurt, the Dodgers have just swingman Ross Stripling, and rookie Tony Gonsolin on the 40-man roster who can make a start and have any kind of MLB experience.

The bullpen will be equally questionable again. Behind Kenley Jansen, the Dodgers will have long time setup guy and slow poke Pedro Baez. Unimpressive relievers Scott Alexander, Joe Kelly, and Adam Kolarek will occupy spots. Newly signed Blake Treinen joins the group as well. Again, the depth is razor thin. The group behind them includes Dylan Floro who can be effective at times, Caleb Ferguson and the execrable JT Chargois. Other guys (they are merely taking up space) include Casey Sadler and Josh Sborz. Yuck.

Friedman worshippers continue to spout claiming he’s about to acquire Lindor, Betts, or that he’s saved soooooooo much money! I think most fans would have been less angry if the Dodgers had actually advanced to the NLCS, had not gotten embarrassed at home and Adam Kolarek was not their only pitching acquisition at the trade deadline. Enjoy your Christmas Dodger fans. Let’s put 2019 behind us and look forward to a new chapter in 2020. Let’s all try and look forward to the future, because if it were up to Andrew Friedman, you would all have a lump of coal in your stocking. I guess he’s already given everyone a lump of coal by doing nothing again in the offseason. Merry Christmas everyone!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

15 thoughts on “Dodgers Have A lot of Work To Do in 2020

  1. Ferguson was originally a starter, as was Sborz. I think Fergie could step in and do ok in a pinch. Santana, White and Gray are right behind the 7 on the roster. I still believe AF signs some arms prior to spring and brings them to camp on non roster invites. I would like to see them give someone like Felix Hernandez a minor league deal if he would take it, or maybe take a flyer on Taijuan Walker. Archer might be available in trade. He is a project, so lets see what kind of teaching skills new pitching coach Prior has. There are a few guys on the roster who are DFA candidates. New rules and roster limits will change things up a bit. I happen to like Sadler. The few times I saw him last year he did a pretty good job. At least he was not prone to giving up bombs like Garcia did. less than 2 months til pitchers and catchers report.

  2. Kinda harsh! Let’s be realistic here, the offseason is not over yet. Let’s have this convo in Feb if Friedman doesn’t make any moves. Many times especially during negotiations patience prevails. He is probably trying to create trade packages that don’t include Lux and May and I can’t blame him.

  3. Kinda harsh! Let’s be realistic here, the offseason is not over yet. Let’s have this convo in Feb if Friedman doesn’t make any moves. Many times especially during negotiations patience prevails. He is probably trying to create trade packages that don’t include Lux and May and I can’t blame him.

  4. Dodgers are WS favorites only because their path to the post season is the easiest and is almost a guarantee. Oddsmakers can’t make that ‘guarantee’ with any other team because every other team has competition within their Division.
    When you know going into the season that you are going to play nearly 90 games against the likes of S.F. Giants, Padres, D-Backs, Rockies, Pirates & Marlins you should get the top seed and get to wait on the wild card winner. That is a huge advantage. No other team has that type of schedule.

    AF is screwing up a golden opportunity because the window of accumulating the most wins in the NL and perched in the #1 seed will become increasing more difficult.

    The following teams have all won a WS title since the last Dodger title in 1988…..

    Yankees (5)
    Red Sox (3)
    Giants (3)
    Cardinals (2)
    Blue Jays (2)
    Marlins (2)
    White Sox


      1. Scott, could you do us all a favor? The next time you do a story that features Friedman, can you put a picture of BOZO the clown up there instead? He is about the only one I can think that Friedman reminds me of. Having to look at his mug makes it hard to keep dinner down.

          1. Merry Christmas Scott. I hope it is a wonderful day for your and your family. And I hope the new year brings a renewal and the energy needed to keep this site going.

  5. With the departure of Rhu, Freese, Martin and Hill I would argue our team is weaker, not equal or better than last year. A world series title which will run through New York is a pipe dream.
    Maybe Friedman will pull off a miracle but all the hollow promises are growing thin.
    There was a website today advertising spring training tickets at $61. No trips to Dodger Stadium, no Spectrum tv and no MLB tv package for me.

    1. I feel the same Jim. As a senior living on a fixed income, I can’t afford to go to any games for sure, since I would have to travel to Denver to watch them, and over 100 bucks for the MLB tv package. Last year I was at my sister’s house in Cali until mid June. She has Spectrum so I saw a lot of games. The only reason I got MLB tv last year was that the rest of the season was on sale for 40 bucks.

  6. I look on this site occasionally to see if there are any BRIGHT ideas on how to
    win a world series…
    I have to move on so I am not infected with all of these negative wave-links
    Get a box of tissues and please try to remember the parking lot attendant
    Zoilo Versalles, Robinson Checo, Pedro Borbon Jr., Tripp Cromer, Chance Sanford and so many
    other losers that wore the uniform..
    Be grateful. Freidman has them in position every year

    1. I can contribute my ideas Melvin, but it seems that you might be too enamored with Friedman’s small market tactics and wallet protection that you might not listen to me. Just remember that a good portion of the roster that gets the club to the playoffs every year (Bellinger, Seager, Kershaw, Jansen, Baez, Stripling, Turner, Ryu, Pederson, Verdgu) were all signed drafted or acquired under Ned Colleti and Logan White. I am guessing you are happy to lose every year in the playoffs, which is what the guggenheim group loves to hear. Fat and happy to lose. Who am I to argue with you? Enjoy the losing!!! Happy New Year!

      1. Right on Scott. You probably can guess that I am on that same page as you are. One would have thought that at least 1 WS ring would have been obtained during these past 7 Division winning years. After that game 5 elimination in the NLDS, I still cannot get over the very first transaction that I know of, was the re-signing of catcher Rocky Gale OFF ALL PEOPLE! Let me repeat this so one can understand how pathetic a move that was, albeit just a minor deal.. Rocky Gale makes Austin Barnes appear to be like Johnny Bench or Mike Piazza!!!!!!!

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