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Dodgers, Orioles Finalize and Announce Manny Machado Trade

This reminds me of another trade almost ten years ago for a different Manny only minutes before the trade deadline. This Manny might be just as widely heralded. The Dodgers and Orioles finally finalized and announced the Manny Machado deal this afternoon while I was slaving away at work. The trade was initially delayed due to some medical issues with one of the minor leaguers (Not Diaz) but that appears to have been straightened out.

The Dodgers will be sending five minor leaguers to the Orioles in exchange for Machado. Cuban outfielder Yusniel Diaz remains the centerpiece of the deal, but the Dodgers also sent four other players along with Diaz to Baltimore for Machado. Those other players are minor league right handers Dean Kremer, Zach Pop, infielders Rylan Bannon and Breyvic Valera. Baltimore has already optioned Valera to triple-A Norfolk. The Dodgers will be covering the remainder of Machado’s salary (nearly 6.3 million) but no cash is changing hands in the trade.

Machado is expected to join the Dodgers when they open the second of the season in Milwaukee against the Brewers. Diaz is the only top prospect included in the trade and despite initial speculation of Dustin May or Gavin Lux involved in the trade; neither player was included in the swap. Check out the Dodgers official press release below.

The Los Angeles Dodgers today acquired four-time All-Star shortstop Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Rylan Bannon, Yusniel Díaz, Dean Kremer, Zach Pop and Breyvic Valera.

Machado, 26, was the starting shortstop for the American League All-Star team after batting .315 with 21 doubles, 24 home runs and 65 RBI in 96 games this year for the Orioles. The Florida native ranked among the American League leaders in batting average (6th), hits (115, T-5th), home runs (6th), RBI (T-4th), on-base percentage (.387, 9th), slugging percentage (.575, 5th) and OPS (.963, 5th).

A two-time Gold Glove winner at third base, including taking home the 2013 AL Platinum Glove Award as the league’s top defender, Machado has a .283 career batting average with 162 home runs and 471 RBI in 860 games over his seven big league seasons with the Orioles. He has a .311 career batting average with runners in scoring position and has hit .333 with the bases loaded, including eight grand slams. Since his first full season in 2013, Machado ranks among the AL’s best in hits (927, 5th), extra-base hits (351, 6th), doubles (189, T-2nd), home runs (155, T-7th) and slugging percentage (.489, 14th). Machado was originally selected by the Orioles in the first round (third overall) of the 2010 First-Year Player Draft.

Bannon, 22, has slashed .296/.402/.559 with 17 doubles, six triples, 20 home runs and 61 RBI in 89 games with Single-A Rancho Cucamonga this season en route to the California League All-Star selection. Díaz, 21, participated in this year’s Future’s Game after hitting .314 with six homers and 30 RBI in 59 games with Double-A Tulsa.

Kremer, 22, has gone 6-3 with a 3.03 ERA (29 ER/86.0 IP) in 17 combined starts this season with Single-A Rancho Cucamonga and Double-A Tulsa. Pop, 21, is 1-2 with seven saves and has posted a 1.04 ERA (5 ER/43.1 IP) in 30 combined games with Single-A Great Lakes and Single-A Rancho Cucamonga this year.

Valera, 26, appeared in 20 games with the Dodgers this season batting .172 (5-for-29) with four runs and four RBI, while spending majority of the season with Triple-A Oklahoma City, slashing .284/.350/.433 with eight doubles, two triples, six home runs and 25 RBI in 56 games.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

33 thoughts on “Dodgers, Orioles Finalize and Announce Manny Machado Trade

  1. Welcome Manny!! Most of us never thought this would happen. FAZ has surprised us. While many will look down the line to the off-season and wonder if this was just a rental, I think we should just enjoy the trade and see what Manny brings us. If he brings us what we expect, I think there is little doubt the Dodgers would not go the extra mile to retain him with a big contract. If he’s that good, you don’t let a player like this walk especially on a team loaded with bucks.

    Further, the questions of whether he will play 3B or SS don’t need to be answered yet. This will all settle as the season progresses and what happens to Corey’s rehab and status. Manny adds some versatility to the infield and will eventually lead to the finalization of 2B, 1B, and CF. Several options can take place and we would probably be just fine with most of them.

    Now, on to shoring up the bullpen. Dodgers have not committed to any long men or bridge to Jansen. They seem to be still auditioning. Meanwhile, we have the best pitching in the NL. Hard to believe but there you have it. A major turnaround has taken place in spite of all the problems and injuries. Is it smoke and mirrors? Kenley is not the Kenley we have known, yet he is on top of the pile of savers. Incredulous but true. Our ace Kershaw is struggling with injuries and control. Add lack of run support early in the season, and his season is shaping up to be one of his worst yet we are in 1st place. There must be some brujos in that FO!

  2. We are doing the starting pitchers thing without spending big bucks, now that we’ve shifted away from the likes of McCarthy, Andersen and Kazmir. No more of that. Just let the kids pitch 5 innings and rely on much cheaper bullpen arms. That will be the plan going forward.

    I agree with Jeff, the positions will play itself out. I think Taylor will go back to CF, Bellinger goes back to first base, and they will split 2B, SS and 3B amongst Muncy, Machado, Turner and Barnes. Of course Muncy can also spell Bellinger once in a while, and Kike can give anyone a breather any time other than the battery.

    Puig looks like the top candidate to be moved if we need to move salary to get a reliever.

    1. And next year, once Corey gets back, I think with his balky throwing elbow he may end up being our all star second baseman, if we do sign Machado.

    2. One more thing. A lot of blogs have Taylor moving to second. Because the consensus is Forsythe sucks (most everyone here knew that but the rest of the blogosphere is slow to catch up, just like they were with Kemp and McCazmirsen. I’d rather have Taylor at CF than second. Bellinger is plus plus at first but average in CF, while Taylor is above average in CF and people forget we have 5 guys who are better options than Forsythe at second on short stints: Barnes, Kike, Utley, Muncy and (everyone forgets) Turner. And we’ve got 3 guys splitting time at third – Turner, Muncy and Machado.

      Positional versatility is the plan. Infield by committee to keep Turner fresh. Machado is the perfect guy for the Dodgers as he is also multi-positional.

      1. Bellinger is in no way average in center. Myself, I prefer him at first. Bigger target for the infielders, and he gets to throws that Muncy has no chance of catching. You think Muncy makes a catch and tag on that terrible throw by Forsythe? No way. Puig is going no where. He is on the DL and not really a trade candidate. They are not targeting starters at all, they want a shut down reliever to bridge to Jansen. Floro can be that 7th inning guy, but they want someone who can also close if Jansen is unavailable.

        1. “Bellinger is no way an average centerfielder”

          Agree. With his speed and instincts, he’s better than average. He’s out there now. Time to get on board with it.

          “Puig is going nowhere”

          Ok. How about Pederson?

          What’s your plan for that lock down 8th inning guy?

          Just checked… we still have about $4 million left. That’s plenty for Barraclough.

          1. Not Britton for sure and Joc is very tradeable right now. Peak of his value probably. I like Barraclough and also Vazquez of the Pirates. Throw in Forsythe and a little cash. Maybe even the Mets closer would be available.

          2. I think Pederson would look good for the Pirates with that short right field fence but to get Vazquez I could see us needing to include a pitcher like May.

          3. Jimbo, I include May in that deal. A prospect is nothing more than that until they produce in the bigs. More big time prospects fail than deliver. Machado jerseys now on sale. He will wear #…..wait for it…….8

  3. THIS blog has Taylor moving to second base. Muncy to first and Bellinger to center. That makes us better up the middle. If he stays at one position Muncy will be fine. Bellinger could be great out there. Good wheels and superior instincts.

    I still say talk to the Mets. They may be interested in Puig. He and deGrom make about the same salary. Puig, one of our stud catchers and an arm might do it. That way Maeda can go to the pen and we are done. deGrom is already 30. Syndergaard and Wheeler are younger. I think deGrom can be had.

    We have Miguel Vargas that will be like Puig and hopefully without the oblique sublimation. (that’s for Bluto)

    1. It is hard for any of these publications to know exactly what is going to happen, once Manny joins this team.

      Remember Turner just sat out the entire weekend, and this would be a good time, to give Turner a little more time off, to try to really get healthy, because he has been nothing ng but under whelming, because he is still hurting.

      Muncy will play third, if Turner goes out, and second, if that doesn’t happen.

      But no one including me, will know exactly every time before a game, where anyone will be, but one thing for sure, Machado will be at shortstop for the rest of this season.

      YF is right, our starting pitching is looking solid.

      Ryu and Urias will probably be joining the team soon, although I think they may use Urias out of the bullpen first.

      And that would be ok, as long as Urias has his good command, because there is nothing worse then a relief pitcher that just comes into a game, and walks a hitter, because those free bases, often come back to haute the team, because they often come around and score.

      And from what all I saw and read, the front office made a very good deal, because they didn’t really give up anyone they didn’t really want to give up, like Verdugo for instance.

      Now let’s hope that Machado help us just as much as JD Martinez helped the Dbacks last year, because the Dbacks would have never been where they were, in the second part of the season without JD, because Goldy was hurting at around the same time, Corey was hurting too.

      And if we make the post season, and go as far as we did last year, Machado will be an even better weapon in a World Series, because he knows all the pitchers, in the American League.

      It would be ideal to get rid of Forsythe, because he has not hit for the last couple years, and we have plenty of players on this team, that can play second base.

    2. On this subject, kinda, by Keith Law:

      Marc (DC) asks Wheeler for Keibert Ruiz, who says no.
      Keith Law answers: Dodgers laugh at that. Friedman/Zaidi rarely trade prospects of any significance. That they traded Diaz makes me wonder if there’s something we don’t know about the player.

    1. Jonah

      The Dodgers probably didn’t have a chance against Cleveland, because the Padres probably wouldn’t want to trade in their own league, to the Dodgers.

  4. Indians deal was a 2 for 1 and the Indians got the 2. Not only did they get Hand, they got Cinder as well. This Indians prospect must really be something.

    1. I think Passan has a good evaluation:

      Thoughts on the Indians-Padres deal:

      This is my 15th year covering baseball. Can’t remember a playoff field as stacked as the AL’s is going to be this season. Giving Terry Francona, the game’s best bullpen manager, Miller, Allen, Hand, Cimber (and Carrasco?) is frightening. Especially since Red Sox and Yankees will be fighting to avoid the wild-card spot and the Astros may push all-in for home-field advantage. The Indians, meanwhile, will cruise to Central title and can manage their starters’ innings and bullpen’s appearances. In great position for playoffs.

      Also scary: the Padres’ farm system. Tatis, Gore, Urias, Paddack, Morejon, Baez, Ruiz, Ornelas, Allen, Nix, Rosario, Naylor, Potts, Espinoza. Add Francisco Mejia, who’s got a star-level bat. That’s at least 15 Top 100-type talents, and they’re loaded with young Latin players. Was talking with a longtime evaluator a few days ago, and he thinks the Padres are the greatest threat to the Dodgers. “Tatis and Urias up the middle with Margot. An entirely new rotation. Sign a guy or two beyond Hosmer and Myers and they’re a contender.”

  5. Food for thought. 16 of the Dodgers last 22 games are on the road including the last 6 in AZ and SF. The last 12 games are all against western division foes. 15 of the last 22 against the west. 6 with the Rockies and 3 each with the Padres, Giants and D-Backs. The other 7 against the Reds and Cardinals in St.Loo and Cincy.

    1. Before we worry about the last month against our western division opponents, we have to do well in these next 17 straight games, that are mostly all on the road, first.

      And most of these 17 games, we will be playing against teams with better records, than most of the teams, in our own division.

      And this next road trip and the next straight 17 games, should show us, what kind of team, we really have.

      1. I totally get that, but knowing what is waiting at the end is important too. Especially if there is a small gap in the division standings. Lets you know you can make up ground if needed. Machado will help the offense and make it better, but they had better address the bullpen soon.

      2. Dodgers so far are 6 games over .500 on the road and only 4 at home. I think they need at least 6 wins on the trip. 2 of 3 from the Astros would be some vindication for them.

  6. Bullpen absolutely has to be the priority. They have a lot of starting pitching with Ryu and Urias both probably back in August sometime. Buehler at AAA along with a couple of other arms with MLB experience. Lock down guy who can close when Jansen is unavailable is most needed.

    1. Urias could pitch out of the pen. So could a couple of the other starters. 17 straight games sounds demanding. Maybe we see a strategy employed for that. You know, 6 man rotation, pitch a guy, DL him, bring up a guy for a start, send him back and DL another guy…. FAZonian musical chairs that we orchestrate so well.

      1. Badger

        I just read that Roberts said that our pitchers will have to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team, which I think he means, having a six man rotation.

  7. I agree but think Maeda could be down there eventually. He has shown he can do that…Buehler back in the rotation in August.

  8. Well since another Mannywood is out of the question how about Mannyville behind the 3rd base dugout? Sounds cool to me….

  9. Where is Vin Scully When we need him, because he was so good with coming up with a name off his head, although I think Mannyville and Manny’s grotto, are cute names.

    But for some reason, grotto sounds like it would be a name more for the San Francisco area, but I don’t know why.

    I think Manny’s defensive metrics might tighten up, with the way the Dodgers play their shifts, because Kemp’s numbers have looked much better, partly because of the shifts, the Dodgers do.

    And we know the dirt at Dodger Stadium is so carefully mannered, to make most of the balls, bounce in a natural manner.

    I do know Manny has a very strong arm, because he has made some amazing plays at third.

    He is much like Arrenado at third, and he has already said, he will play some at third too.

    1. He is retired….so no mo Vinnyisms. Much like there are no mo Yogism’s or Stengalese…which was extremely hard to decipher! But then again, Casey was an institution unto himself. As is our departed and beloved Vinny.

  10. Every position player other than catcher will expect to be playing multiple positions, except for Grandal.

    Every starter will expect to have their routines disrupted a few times.

    Every reliever will expect to be shuffled back and forth or put on 10 day DLs to keep everyone’s innings down, except for Jansen.

  11. How about Manny’s Minions? Grandal can also play first, but let us hope and pray that is in no way a necessity. Machado’s Muppets???? Mighty Manny and his Marching Millions???

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