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Manny Machado to the Blue: My Takes

The Dodgers picked up Manny Machado on the cheap. Here’s my take on how the new guy will impact the dynamics of the Dodgers’ lineup and the bench crew.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

35 thoughts on “Manny Machado to the Blue: My Takes

  1. Miguel Vargas, 18, 6’3” 195, is hitting over .500 and slugging around .750 at Ogden. He plays 3b. Reports say he’s a confident, natural hitter, spraying the all over the yard, hitting any pitch that’s thrown. He will move quickly through our system. If he stays at third, we have some decisions to make.

    1. Badger

      The problem with the front office, is that they don’t give players a good look, unless they show enough power.

      And like you already know, it takes younger players time to develop, and gain the body type they will get as they get older, that helps them hit with more power.

      1. From what I just read, Vargas, at 18, shows natural, God given strength. He’s big, and he is a gifted, natural hitter. This is the type guy that I keep and develop. FAZ? Who knows.

  2. Badger I am almost right there with you when it comes to beer, because they don’t make my favorite beer anymore, and I really don’t drink much anymore, either.

    I use to like Michelob lite the beer that they used the Genesis’ song to advertise with called Tonight, but they don’t make it anymore, but it is way better then Michelob Ultra!

    I don’t get Michelob Ultra, because most beers don’t have any fat in them, anyways.

    What makes beer fattening or any alcohol, is the fact your body will have to work the alcohol out of your system, before your body can work off the calories you take in, each day, and that is why alcohol and beer, can be fattening.

    1. A doctor once told me that as soon as you ingroduce alcohol into the system the body’s defenses are put on hold until that poison is cleared. No matter what else may be going on, the troops are sent to battle the invasion. The less you drink, the easier it is to clear. Also, even if you take only one drink, if you do it every day, by definition you are an alcoholic. The message- don’t drink every day and limit your intake.

      Dr Badgerstein has spoken. Again.

      I think you need to start a new thread Scott. Suggestions: put some time in researching our system and tell us who is and who is ain’t in the 5 year plan.

  3. Oscar

    I don’t find it as a good thing, that they kept Forsythe

    Because he has not did anything at the plate since he joined his team.

    He didn’t even hit 200 against righties last year, and his numbers are worse this year, against both lefties and righties.

    He is just a black hole in this line up, and Roberts will be forced to play him against lefties, while he is still on this team.

    And when Roberts does that, he has to take players out of their regular positions, although Cody is a good centerfielder, it is better for the entire infield when Cody is at first, because he saves any bad throws to first, and makes our other infielders look better.

    They had no poblem dropping Crawford, and the Dodgers owed him about four times the money they owe Forsythe!

    We don’t need five second baseman on this team.

    And I guess that is ironic, because we have five players that can play second, but they only consider Forsythe as a everyday second baseman, up until, about a month ago.

    He sure is not as good as his War rated him last year, because although he is a pretty good defensive second baseman, he is not an elite second baseman, like the Cub’s second baseman is, and he is a big negative, on offense.

    1. The only reason we have had 5 second baseman is because the $9 million starter at that spot hasn’t owned it. Hopefully that problem has been addressed.

      1. Badger

        I know, I was very surprised, that Oscar said it was a good thing we didn’t have to trade any of our everyday players like Forsythe, in that trade, at the beginning of his video.

        1. What do you expect from a guy who does beer videos? Forsythe’s roster spot has far more value than he does. FAZ is trying to save face. The money is gone, forget about it. Now get rid of the thief who stole it.

          1. The money was offered up freely Jonah. Nobody forced FAZ to do it.

            Like I mentioned below, if the money is needed for something, attach someone like Alvarez and Forsythe is for-gone.

            I think we have a few million left so we may not need to do it. Depends on the plan. With my plan they would have to do it.

            I don’t watch the videos anymore. Not interested in Oscar’s take on beer because I’m not interested in beer.

        2. Hi MJ…I thought it was a good thing they held onto Forsythe bc they got Machado really cheap and Forsythe stays available for a different trade – maybe for pitching.

  4. Forsythe’s position is even more weakened because the team doesn’t need him to spot Turner anymore.

    I’m sure the Front Office would move him in an instant if they could. It’s not really their MO to just give up on assets. They are precious with prospects, and I’m not sure there’s a real comparison with Crawford who was negative WAR by the time he was DFA’d.

    That said, I can’t really find one reason why any other team would take Forsythe until the off-season when he hits the market.

    1. I can think of one reason somebody would take him now:

      If we need his salary cleared we can easily attach a prospect to him and he’s gone.

  5. The victim of opening a roster spot is…..wait for it………………….Andrew Toles. Sent back to OKC yesterday to clear a roster spot for # 8 SS Manny Machado….Manny was already on the 40 man, taking Valera’s place, but today he is officially a LA Dodger 25 man roster player……Good luck at OKC Andrew. Dodgers listing only 3 OF’s on the roster. Kemp, Pederson and Kike. They really need to adjust the thinking. They should have inf, of, c, p, and util.

    1. If not in a playoff/championship (arguably) chase, I could imagine an regular OF with Verdugo and Tolesy right now.

      Alas, no time for further development at the MLB level.

  6. Ok I must chime in here, things are getting way out of hand with all this beer bashing. Beer is good, Good is better, Great beer is wonderful!!!! As per Dr. Badger I am a raging alcoholic. And I readily admit it.
    There is a good DVD called “How beer saved the world”. Scientists and historians line up to tell the amazing, untold story of how beer helped create math, poetry, pyramids, modern medicine, labor laws, and America. It’s on Netflix.
    I can’t wait for the Manny show to begin. And yes Forsythe must go. Very curious to see what FAZ will do over the next 10 days. I am sure something is coming that we never thought of. Will be very curious to see how DR. manages the lineups with Manny on the roster. Hopefully even he can’t screw up a batting order with Manny in it. Then again maybe he will have Forsythe batting behind him and Taylor in front of him. Yes I can see DR. doing something head scratching like that.
    Only had a minute to check in, it’s 11 o’clock here so it’s time for my third beer of the day.

    1. And even with the play off race, if anyone stops producing, or gets hurt, you just never know what is going to happen.

      And we already know, Toles has not only excelled during a division race, he has also excelled, in the post season.

      And Verdugo might have the best bat to ball skills, of all these outfielders in the Dodger’s organization, and that includes the outfielders on the major league team too, and that is something, for a player that is only 22.

      The Dodgers have four outfielders on the roster now, because Taylor will be playing centerfield.

      1. Not counting Puig, I get five:

        Pederson, Bellinger, Taylor, Hernandez, Kemp.

        Ah, wait.

        Perhaps you are only counting players who only play the OF?

        1. Bluto

          I didn’t think of Puig.

          But I knew there were more outfielders on the team, then the three, Michael named, because I forgot about Taylor too, at first.

    2. Tim

      I think I have seen that advertised on the history channel.

      Beer was safer to drink then water, during certain times in history and even today, in certain places, in the world.

      And I am sure, it is at least noon somewhere now, so yes, go down your third beer!

      I don’t dislike beer, it just doesn’t mix well with pain meds, it just makes me sleepy.

      And I am still upset that Anheuserbusch stopped making Michelob light and started pushing, Michelob Ultra.

      The last time I had heard, Michelob lite won the best lite beer, at a big beer festival, and I bet Ultra never has, and it isn’t any healthier, then Michelob light and it sure doesn’t taste as well, either.

  7. Taylor is still listed as an infielder. Kike is listed as a OF. Puig is not listed at all because he is on the 40 man, not the 25 man. As of today, right now, 3 players are listed as outfielders, 2 as catchers and 6 as infielders which gives you 11 position players and 13 pitchers. Manny is not officially listed on the 25 man as of right now, 1:56 PM.

  8. Machado in the 2 hole in tonight’s game. Kemp hitting 4th and Kike 5th…..Roberts just never learns…..Hernandez is hitting .200 when hitting 5th.

  9. I had my favorites. Sierra Nevada, Dos Equis, Leinenkugel, Michelob…. long time ago. And I didn’t drink everyday.

    Taylor better be at second base full time or I will consider it a colossal gaucherie. We have Kemp, Pederson, Bellinger, Puig, Hernandez, Toles and Verdugo for the outfield. All of them deserve playing time.

    Taylor in left leading off? No.

    I bat Manny third.

    1. Badger

      I use to drink Pyramid Hefeweizen beer too, with a lemon in it.

      I would hit him third too, to have more RBI chances, although most in baseball now, bat their best hitter second, so they get more at bats.

      1. According to fangraphs the #1 spot in the order gets 4.65 ab’s per game, the #2 spot gets 4.55 ab’s per game.

        I bat him third as a better bet to come up with a runner on in the first.

        1. Right, this is the thinking behind batting Trout leadoff. Get him maximum ABs.

          Badger’s situation of coming up with a runner on, is usually only based on the 1st time through the lineup.

          1. Yep. The first inning is ALWAYS the first time through the lineup.

            And he loves him his Hill. Hill dropped his ERA to 4.26 today. He’s on pace for 5 wins and about 100 innings pitched. Stud. And for only $16.7 million.

  10. I think some baseball managers are hitting their best hitters third, more now.

    Remember Trout was batting third in that last series.

    I remember when Scotty owed this pitcher.

  11. I can’t figure out Dummy’s moves. He lets Alexander bat, pitch to one batter in the next inning, then he replaces him with Hudson who immediately gives up a home run and is then replaced. Roberts is an idiot.

    1. The audition of Hudson seems to be on going project. They feel he has the stuff to be awesome. He does have the makings of a very good reliever but so did Baez. Roberts, and probably the FO, feel similarly to the way they feel about Pederson and Hernandez, that patience with them will pay off. I can sympathize with this view, but I can also see us losing several games because of it. I’ve called for Hudson’s head numerous times earlier on because of his control/placement issues. Pitching him in today’s game with a substantial lead was a relatively safe choice. Roberts doesn’t always do this, though. Badger’s comment on Roberts having a plan but needing a better bullpen is spot on, but they are trying to teach Hudson, who has the goods, to be that better bullpen/reliever. It is a trial by fire, no doubt. We can only wait and see what develops.

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