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Dodgers Outslug White Sox, Chris Hatcher Still Awful

Kenta Maeda

The Dodgers outslugged the White Sox 13-7 at Camelback Ranch on Saturday afternoon. The boys in blue hit four home runs and Kenta Maeda tossed 4.1 innings of one-run ball. The Dodgers scored four runs in the fifth and three more in the sixth to take a 10-1 lead. They added three more runs as well before the game was over. The Dodgers collected 17 hits and were 5 for 13 with runners in scoring position. The White Sox were 10 for 20 with runners in scoring position.

The Dodgers got home runs from Brett Eibner, Rob Segedin, veteran catcher Bobby Wilson, and rookie O’Koyea Dickson. Segedin drove in three runs, and Dickson drove home two. Longtime Dodger Andre Ethier made his return to the lineup and drove in a run with a double in the third inning. He had two hits on the day and seems to be fully recovered from his sore hip.

Cody Bellinger got a hit, and drove in a run. He was 1 for 3 on the day.

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On the pitching side starter Kenta Maeda looked sharp turning in 4.1 innings of one-run ball. He allowed just 5 hits and struck out one. Right hander Josh Fields tossed an inning and a third of scoreless ball, and Adam Liberatore made an appearance as well. As usual Chris Hatcher was horrendous allowing four runs on three hits in just two thirds of an inning. Although to be fair only one run was earned because of a throwing error by Darnell Sweeney. Still he’s awful and I have no idea why the Dodgers keep running him out there. Please cut the cord now, the experiment is over. He better figure things out soon.

In other news and notes, Corey Seager is nearing a return soon. According to reports he had his first full workout and third consecutive field activity. Sergio Romo still has a sore back and has not returned to action. Reliever Pedro Baez is still battling a sore thumb. He’ll pitch a live bullpen session on Sunday.

The Dodgers will play team Japan on Sunday. Prospect Trevor Oaks will get the start as Rich Hill is being ordered to pitch a minor league game to work on his control. Brandon McCarthy will start on Monday, and Hyun-jin Ryu will toe the rubber on Tuesday. Sunday’s first pitch is scheduled for 1:05 PM at Camelback Ranch. The Dodgers are now 13-11 in Cactus League play.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

70 thoughts on “Dodgers Outslug White Sox, Chris Hatcher Still Awful

  1. Hatcher will go down as one if Friedman’s worst acquisitions……he has pretty much sucked as a Dodger..

  2. You guys are right. If Hatcher makes the team out of ST, there are a bunch of relief pitchers who should ask to be traded. Hatcher should be sent down. He will pass through waivers because nobody will want him. Let him work out his problems at AAA. If we lose him, so be it. What have we lost?

    Maeda looks stronger this year. He is throwing his fastball more, which is good.

    1. Idahoal

      I agree with you about Maeda.

      I think he got in trouble last year, when he started pitching defensively, instead of offensively.

      And he does need to throw his fastball more often, instead of throwing his slider, and especially his curve ball, off the side of the corners, when he is in trouble.

      His curve ball got him in trouble a lot last year, when he wasn’t attacking hitters.

  3. I really like Segedin and Dickson. However, I just do not think they will make it with the Dodgers. They are both blocked. I really hope both of them are traded. They deserve a chance to play at the major league level.

    1. Idahoal

      The thing with Segedin is that when he was in the Yankees system, he was even more blocked there.

      At least with the Dodgers, Segedin does have a chance to play in the majors, the way the Dodgers use there 40 man roster, throughout the season.

      1. Segedin and Culberson are useful utility players. Taylor, in my opinion, has made the team. We signed Utley. Then there is Kiké. I don’t see a place for Segedin or Culberson on the 25 man. They can stay in shape in AAA, or if some team needs a ML ready utility guy, work a deal.

  4. No more Kike and Hatcher. I’d trade them plus Baez for an international signing slot or a 15th plus a 60th round pick. I like our scouting these days.

    We’ve got a lot of useful players, yet we can’t get rid of the 5 most useless players on our roster (Kike, Kazmir, Hatcher, Baez and Kazmir/Kike again – they are such deadweight they count as 1.5 each due to the demoralizing effect).

    I think Woods has the fourth starter spot. The fifth spot is coming down to McCarthy and the surprising Ryu. Each has two chances left. Personally I’d let McCarthy start the season and hope he goes on a tear so we can trade him (same idea with Wood and Wood is a lot more tradeable). Then we ride Stewart and Stripling, and Urias and Ryu can be our cavalry. Having those two at full strength, at the ASB, fully rested and able to pitch deep into the postseason, would be awesome. Ryu is a major game changer if he can sustain his fastball in the low 90’s in September.

    1. I don’t think teams can trade draft picks, except the Competitive Balance picks and International Draft slots.

    2. Interesting take Yueh. I like the signing slot thing. Never heard of that option. You can trade for it? Maybe you can explain it?

      I keep Hatcher and work on him. He’s got too much arm to give up on him. Same with Baez. If they’ve got options use them. Somebody on this staff needs to get through to them. There’s still time. Kiké? I don’t know. I was high on him coming off his .307/.346/.490 year – ’15. Where did that guy go?

      Ryu is indeed a game changer. Stewart and Stripling I’m not sold on, but they will get their chance.

      1. Badger

        Hatcher may have a good arm, and Anderson has a good sinkerball, but would you want Anderson throwing a sinker ball, if he had other pitches, that are just as good, with his athleticism?

        The point is that Hatcher isn’t a pitcher!

        He is a thrower!

        And I think we have gave him to many chances, at the expense of others, who have options left.

        He may get a chance on another team, and he may pitch better, but at this point, who cares, he isn’t made to pitch in LA.

        That is pretty obvious, and how old is Hatcher?

        1. Jonah

          You are not YF?

          I thought you were the guy, with many names.

          And you didn’t even pick this last name either, it was given to you.

          And you took your power back, by keeping it!

        2. Thanks Jonah, I guess if we can fish a competitive draft pick out of a bait bucket of Hatcher, Kike and Baez would be great, but even an international signing slot would do.

          I had thought one could trade low end draft picks but guess not. Too bad.

    3. There are only 40 rounds in the MLB draft – and you want to trade a player for a 60th round draft choice?

      1. A lot of hidden gems in that round. No competition from other teams too.

        I just heard in the 2016 Global Happiness Report the United States came in 13th. First place went to Denmark. Why? They’ve got hygge. Nobody else has it like they do.

        Hatcher is 32, which is an age preferred by FAZ. He’s pitched 169 innings of 1.382 WHIP and a 9+ K/9. ERA 3.92. Those numbers are not terrible. Teach him a cutter. Learn him a two seamer. Inculcate a change of pace. Trade him back to Miami.

        1. Badger

          In Denmark they get so much more for there money, with health care, and with Meds, and doctors.

          There has to be way that the US can do that too, if not better.

          And I think we all can agree with that.

          1. You left out free college education, 12 months maternity leave and 5 weeks paid vacation.

            A way for us to do all that? Nope. Danes are taxed at 40% and are not engaged in perpetual war. That just ain’t us. We’re 13th and lucky to be that high on the list.

          2. Plus, our taxpayers are burdened with a ton of freeloading illegals. Tens of millions.

          3. You just keep bringing up political b.s., MJ
            Of course you are going to get a reaction.
            You just think free stuff for all freeloaders
            It’s their right that us taxpayers let them float.
            And up your’s too, Badger, ya prick

          4. Hey Melton,

            What’s a bigger worry for the US?

            Automation or Illegal Immigration?

            Just curious.

          5. 5 paid weeks of vacation……yep, but not for all.

            ‘The Danish Holiday Act covers most salaried employees, but not independent consultants, freelancers, nor blue-collar employees.’

            Imagine our government ‘forcing’ companies to give 5 weeks of vacation to it’s salary employees but the ‘blue-collar’ folks don’t get quite the same deal. This would go over like a lead balloon. Denmark not looking out for the little guy? Hmmm.


        1. Jonah

          Hatcher will probably do better in Miami!

          And that’s is why I said, he isn’t made for LA.

          And no one’s fans, should have to have both Hatcher and Baez, in there bullpen, let alone, for there set up man.

          1. I was never young. My favorite players over the decades:
            Duke Snider
            Wes Parker
            Willy Davis
            Raul Mondesi
            Mike Piazza
            He Seop Choi
            Andre Ethier
            Matt Kemp
            Joc Pederson And some I have forgotten…

          1. Jonah

            So you have always been an old soul?

            I did notice though, that you like a lot of the players, from today.

            Joc is Bum’s favorite player, did you know that?

            There is another thing that I noticed, you didn’t like any of the players I liked, when I was young.

            And they were good teams!

            I liked the teams from the seventies and the eighties.

            When I was young, the Dodgers went to the World Series, four times, I believe, but I could be wrong.

            I will wait for Michael to correct me, because he will, know.

            But they won the World Series twice, and they should have won, one more time.

            And I also noticed, you like centerfielders, a lot too!

      2. Ha ha. Yes I meant the 40th round but didn’t even notice I typed 60 until I got back to this page after catching up on the other blogs.

  5. YF

    I think everyone feels the same about those players.

    And I hope Ryu can throw in the low 90s too, because we know even when he wasn’t exactly 100 percent, he was still able to pitch really well.

    But he is a little behind schedule, so he needs more time to build up, and to see what he is.

    Stewart has a sore shoulder, so we can’t depend on him early, so I think Wood and McCarthy, will have to begin the season, as our number four and five starters, in the rotation.

    And hopefully Ryu will be back, and Urias will be ready.

    1. McCarthy and Hill will go down. Ryu and Urias will step up. Kazmir is not to be counted on, but will be one of 12 different pitchers with a number in the GS column. We have a deep pool of shallow arms.

          1. Badger

            I was more talking about your last statement, not what our rotation is.

            And isn’t the opposite of what you said, in your bottom sentence, a better way, to fill a starting pitching rotation?

          2. I would prefer 5 guys capable of going 200 innings. That won’t happen of course, but set the bar there and see how close you can get to it. We are currently at 1, so, first step is get to 2.

  6. Badger

    If we had three good starting pitchers, that would pitch mostly, through the seventh inning, I could compromise with the philosophy, of today.

    Because that would keep the balance, with the bullpen

    And we would at least have three good starters, for the post season.

    And if I got six innings from our four and five pitchers, on an average, that would be icing on the cake.

    I just can’t see starting pitchers, only pitching twice through the order, in the regular season.

    It is to long!

    1. 6 innings from 4 and 5 is 180 innings out of those guys. Notta gonna happen. We will have at least 7 different guys take the ball out of those slots and I’ll be surprised every time one of them completes 6 innings. I figure 62 starts from the 4-5. There might be 6.2 of those games we see 6 complete out of that starter. We are a 5 inning staff.

      1. You guys really like to roll around in your miseries… Accept the fact you can’t do a damn thing about it, let FAZ take the heat. Focus your lives on something good like music or a book, the world will survive.

        1. This is a baseball blog for baseball fans. It’s here for rolling around in our miseries and applying heat to FAZ. When I need a break from that I relax and listen to Deva Primal radio on Pandora or I read a book. Path of the Masters works for me.

          Hey Scott, why come I can’t edit from my iPhone anymore?

          1. Badger

            Did you try to protect your phone, after I mentioned that virus?

            I tried to do that, and it affected my stuff too, on my iPhone.

            But anyways, I changed my phone to block all cookies, and made other changes, and that tough protection, wouldn’t allow me, to correct here.

            And I couldn’t get the box scores on the MLB Dodger game.

            And I couldn’t get any comments from fans there, either.

            But as soon as I went back to the settings I had, everything went back to normal.

          2. Good question MJ. Losing the edit capability coincided with installing an AdBlock. I checked my settings, didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

            Oaks started today. Guess it’s not time to get the rotation dialed in.

          3. I didn’t know there was a problem. Is anyone else unable to edit comments?

            Update-I am able to edit from my phone. Im using an android device. Maybe the problem is with iphones but there doesn’t appear to be any issue on our end here.

  7. Ethier to get MRI. Looks like Toles may be in for opening day after all. Regardless of the MRI result, they will have to take it easy with both Ethier and Trayce Thompsons’ backs. Neither have played much in the last year.

    1. YF

      I saw that about Ethier.

      Even though I like Toles, I will still feel bad for Ethier, because of what he went through last year.

      I think Ethier wanted to play for Roberts badly last year, as well, as this year.

      And I didn’t like the way that Mattingly treated Ethier.

  8. I feel bad for Ethier too, but I think he should take it easy and focus on getting his chances later in the season. He’s paid handsomely for that, and I hope he will get back as close to 100% as possible for the stretch run and get on our postseason roster. You know managers and pitchers have to be very careful with him in clutch situations, and all that tension can (and will) wear out many bullpen arms in the postseason.

  9. In other (better) news Rich Hill struck out 10 in 5 innings. Yes it was against all minor leaguers, but Kazmir got lit up a few days ago by minor leaguers too (and Hatcher just a day ago).

    And Rye, so sorry to hear about Dwight – not sure about you as a football fan but that he’s gotta be a fixture in Bay Area sports.

    1. Hi YF – that is sad news for friends and family, and but I’m sure he’ll put up a good fight and have strong support, not everyone does. Afflictons like ALS and MS and Parkinsons seem more common now than ever. There was also some sad news about Gale Sayers and his dementia. But in general, I’m pretty much dedicated to baseball as a fan. Can’t care less about football or give much ado about basketball these days. It’s baseball, baseball, baseball.

      The WBC has been entertaining. I’m following what the Dodgers are up to and how guys are looking and reading your reactions here. And I’m always abreast of what is going on in Giants camp.

      Jeff Samardzija not doing so hot. Flat pitches, getting hit. Typical of Arizona. Hunter Pence not finding his swing. Denard Span with a slow start. But Posey and Crawford, their meal ticket players, looking very good for Team USA.

        1. Jae-Gyun Hwang (Korea) has had a good camp. I expect he’ll report o AAA, do well, and be a factor on the Giants roster this year. Could see some time in LF or 3B.

          1. Rye


            I just heard about him.

            And I heard he was going to be there third baseman, on there major league team, so I wondered.

  10. Bummer about Clark.

    I hope Ethier will be ok. I agree it’s a good idea to hold him back if necessary. I think he’s still one of our better offensive players but if he only has X amount of at bats in him I would prefer they were in the second half. I’m sure somebody else will be breaking down later. Maybe he can step up then.

    Brandon League is available. Just sayin. He’s a FAZ kinda guy. 34. Hasn’t pitched in two years so he’s well rested.

    Hill striking out minor leaguers. Well, he’s pitching. That’s a scoop.

    McCarthy needs to throw 75 pitches today. Hope it will get him 5 innings. Anybody think he will do either?

    1. Badger

      I am watching and listening as contenty as I can, while I am writing this to you.

      I can only imagine what the end result will be, and when it will come.

      1. We had a good friend who passed recently from ALS. She was 58. Once diagnosed she lived another 2 years. It’s an awful way to go.

        1. Badger

          I’m Sorry to hear that, about your friend.

          Fifty eight is still very young, especially in this day, and age.

          I hope your health is good too.

          I looked up what you were making that one day, and saw what that particular vitamin C, was used for, and what type of ailments, it might be good for.

  11. To some of you who are having software problems surfing the net with Iphones, your problem might be that you are overloading them. They weren’t designed for heavy duty usuage. Probably not enough room in there to accommodate the Ad Blockers, Antivirus, etc. that computers can have, and installing them can deplete it’s overall capability. If you want to haul a big load, buy a truck; If you want to travel light, (Just your ass and a gallon of gas) a Moped will do…

    1. Jonah

      I put more blocks on my phone after that malware problem, and I had trouble because of that, but it didn’t have anything about my phone being over loaded.

      It was stuff already on my iPhone, that came on my phone, that let me block certain things, in different ways, and for different or familiar sites, that I go to.

      But it took me a good couple days, to figure what my problem was.

      But what you are saying, does make sense.

      1. If you don’t download suspect apps you will find that the iPhone is a pretty integral and strong device. Very few viruses. The big thing is being precious with what you download. I also recommend always using “private” mode, but I am a privacy wonk.

        I wouldn’t necessarily roll with an ad-blocker on a mobile device. Definitely on a desktop or laptop though.

    1. Jonah

      I think a good job would be to be an interpreter, for either Maeda, and Ryu.

      He travels with the team, and is probably treated pretty well, and by everyone in the Dodger’s, organization.

      But he has to be able to take a prank or two.

      I wonder how much he is getting paid.

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