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Dodgers Prepared To Play Old Busted Veterans in 2023

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I’m back! To the critics who think I can be silenced at my own space, guess again. I’ve had a pretty busy winter so far. The Dodgers have too, letting long term Dodgers walk and signing old and busted veterans to replace them. As usual it’s super difficult to figure out what Andrew Friedman and Stan Kasten are doing with the Dodger roster. The bizarre moves make me and others scratch our heads. We keep hearing on an almost daily basis that the Dodgers have one of the best farm systems in MLB, yet when I challenge commenters at other blogs to name one productive position player prospect other than Will Smith and Gavin Lux that has reached the majors nobody can. One commenter mentioned Alex Verdugo, but he was drafted under Ned Colletti/Logan White. Another named Keibert Ruiz, whose talent has yet to translate to major league success. Otherwise I can’t name anyone else, I still challenge someone to name one other player. Willie Calhoun?

The Dodgers just traded another top rated prospect infielder Jacob Amaya to the Marlins for aging infielder Miguel Rojas. Yes that Miguel Rojas, the Mexican born player who saved Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter back in 2014. It’s hilarious to hear commenters and other writers a few weeks ago doting on Amaya’s superior talent and now reversing course touting how great it is that the Dodgers traded a young prospect for an aging 34-year old that’s had just one above average season in the majors.

That isn’t meant to discredit Rojas, he’ll be a fine addition to the Dodger’s bench this season. Honestly he can’t do any worse than Hanser Alberto, Luke Raley, or any of the other utility bums that Friedman has scraped off of the waiver wire to waste roster spots over the last couple of seasons. Seriously though if Amaya was as good as some people have claimed him to be then he probably wouldn’t have been traded to the Marlins for Miguel Rojas. Common sense.

But when I see my name pop up on other sites, I just have to respond. Keep my name out of your mouth! (There’s my Will Smith impersonation). The actor not the catcher. Some of the guys over at Ladodgertalk are some of the most ardent Friedman butt kissers you will ever talk to. Some, not all praise every move he makes as genius. I just don’t understand they tell me. I’ve never thought that Freidman is a terrible executive, just merely above average. It’s been a mixed bag for me. He’s made some smart moves, he’s made some great moves, and he’s made some awful moves. He’s built some great regular season clubs but his game management and baseball philosophies are horrible. The Dodgers could have won multiple championships over the last eight seasons but terrible game management and those god awful benches have contributed to postseason defeats that pile up year after year.

Getting back to the farm system and the Amaya for Rojas trade, the Ladodgertalk crew regularly boast about the Dodger’s top ranked farm system. They have the greatest farm system in baseball! They shout it from the mountain tops in every post. Yet as I predicted just a few weeks ago on this site, and do almost every year we see very few of them promoted. Earlier in the offseason I wrote about how Friedman would just go out and sign a bunch of old, busted and injured veterans to fill all of the holes on the roster and that’s exactly what he did. Do you think Friedman would be paying guys like J.D. Martinez, Noah Syndergaard, Miguel Rojas and others guaranteed major league money to not play? Those guys will be in the starting lineup on most nights.

If the kids were as good as people claim they are then they would be up at the majors playing and producing every day. The fact that they are not and Friedman’s busted veterans tells you all you need to know about what the Dodgers actually think about these young players. For the record I don’t have a crystal ball. We’ll probably see at least a few of the kids if there are injuries. I’ve never thought Friedman has drafted well. Producing only 2 (3 if you count Ruiz) major league position players over the last 3+ years is not a good track record of success. I’ve been told the excuse is that Friedman always has low draft picks, but there are thousands of amateur players to choose from every year. You would think more than a couple would work out. We’ll see how things go.

In regards to the haters, you can suck it. I’m not going anywhere. Here’s a quick insight from professional doofus Dodgerpatch.

Poor Scott. Just popped over to his site to see if there were any juicy “vile, unhinged posts.” I was disappointed. It was just dumb. He hasn’t posted in a month and had only one comment. ~ DodgerPatch

I’m regularly told by Patch and a few others that this site gets no comments and how dumb I am. Just to spout some facts for him, this site has gotten over 64,000 comments since its inception. The last post had 5 comments, the one before had 54, the one before that had 30. Not that the number of comments make a good site, but I think Patch needs to get his eyes checked the next time he goes to the doctor and stop being such a nasty hater. I hope everyone is having a successful new year.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

18 thoughts on “Dodgers Prepared To Play Old Busted Veterans in 2023

  1. I find this site as the most interesting and informative of Dodger Nation.

    I remember young interval talent transition starting in 1963/64 resulting in helping win championship in 65/66. A handful of young and talented internal players filled holes starting in 60/63 teams.

    Again transitions of Dodger with internally developed youth starting in 73 resulted in the great teams of 75/76/77 with young internal talent.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more…

    It’s been years since there was a youth movement at the major league level of homegrown players….well before the current administration.

  3. Freidman is overrated. Dodgers should have signed Jose Iglesias and kept Amaya to use in a trade for an impact player. I was hoping the Dodgers would sign Andrew McCutchen.

  4. But Scott. I love you!!

    I’m your biggest advocate there on LADT. Didn’t you see me tell Mark that he needs to invite you back over there … for diversity? … That, and there’s something deliciously entertaining about your unhinged rants.

    And Scott, you’re mostly dumb because I think you’re a millennial, which makes you dumb by default. At least you’re not a malicious a-hole like Nosler.

    Now, the fact that you’re also totally insane is a little bit of a problem, but we all have obstacles we have to overcome in life, and I have every confidence you will overcome this one.

    Take, for instance, the recent poll of baseball executives who nearly unanimously voted the Dodgers as the best run organization, with one of the best farm systems, and one of the best talent evaluation systems, with an unmatched ability to find diamonds in the rough. This last part is especially rare for a team that also has a lot of money. The As, Orioles and Rays have to do this because scarcity demands. The Dodgers are just good.

    One need only look at the results:

    Best record in the last 10 years in Dodger history
    A top 3 or top 5 farm system in spite of the worst draft position
    A recognized ability to turn players careers around for the better. (it’s one of the reasons Syndergaard even signed with the Dodgers)

    You’d have a hard time arguing that the Dodgers are not the best organization in baseball. … but still somehow you do …. constantly … over and over again. Oh yeah! That’s the insanity talking.

    1. Patch,

      It’s hard to tell via written text if you’re being condescending or not. Judging by the history of your nasty insulting posts I would assume that you are not my biggest advocate. Although I am glad you enjoy my rants. I’ll have many more for you as the years go on.

      I’m actually at the very tail end of gen X, but not exactly sure. I think I can be considered a very old millennial.

      I don’t know why you love polls so much but I don’t take much stock in those. I like to look at results as well. I never said the Dodgers weren’t a good organization. They are, of course its a lot easier to be so when you have a billion dollar hedge fund corporation that owns the club and the biggest financial resources in baseball. But here are some facts.

      1. The Dodgers have built some great regular season clubs over the last 8 years.
      2. Theyve consistently failed to win in the postseason, winning only 1 title in 8 years.
      3. Theyve suffered some of the most embarrassing and pathetic postseason defeats in franchise history over the last 8 years, none due to bad luck.

      4. The farm system is vastly overrated, producing only 2 regular productive position players (Smith Lux) over the last 8 years.

      5. You have a huge man crush on Andrew Friedman. It’s disturbing.

      6. I love the Dodgers and love Dodgers Baseball

      I see you bullying the latest crop of new posters over at Mark’s site. You speak of diversity but there isn’t much going on over there when mob think mentality takes over. You are the biggest Timmons minion at that site and THAT is dumb. Until you can pull your lips off of Mark’s ass (and Friedman’s ass) I wouldn’t be calling anyone dumb.

      BTW, you can take your polls and internet bullying and cram it right up your ass. Then take your baby boomer head, bend over and stick that right up your ass as well since they are both one and the same.

      Go fuck yourself Patch.

      Love you too dickhead!

  5. I totally agree with you about the prospects. If they are so good, why haven’t they played in the majors yet? Seems like pretty straightforward logic to me. Also remember that Friedman’s formative years were spent pinching pennies in Tampa Bay. Hard to lose habits that made you what you are. I hope I’m wrong about the rookies but my gut tells me that Dodger ownership cheaped out this season. Ten-year contracts are indeed stupid but if that’s how you compete in todays game, then you must do it. Honestly, 111-win seasons are nice and all but I’d rather have a memorable World Series victory. 1988 sustained us for decades. What’s wrong with going all in for a year? I’m good with that. Hoping for the best but my expectations for 2023 are lower than they have been for a while. Oh, and Rojas will be the starting shortstop; I think you’re wrong about that.

    1. Agree with you about all of it. They definitely cheated out somewhat this year. You might be right about Rojas starting at short. I don’t see Lux as a Shortstop either. He seems more comfortable at second. Friedman loves to pinch pennies, its one of the reasons he’s there, to maximize profits for guggenheim.

  6. Glad to see you’re back. Couple of things:

    Rojas will be the starting SS. If they’d thought Lux was the SS answer, they wouldn’t have gotten Rojas. I’m actually optimistic about him in 2023.
    Friedman got caught with his pants down with all these crazy ten-year contracts. However, when it becomes clear that that will be the new norm for MLB stars, the Dodgers will have no choice but to play that game.
    I believe that it’s Friedman’s ego that is the root cause of postseason playoff collapses. Roberts clearly follows a script written by AF, and for example, AF believes (mistakenly IMO) that a starter cannot face an opposing lineup three times, and he believes his data first approach to in-game strategy is brilliant. This will always be a problem unless the Dodgers get offensively hot in a postseason series, thereby negating AF’s influence.
    If these prospects were so good, why haven’t we seen them before? I hope they surprise me and perform really well.
    You can take the boy out Tampa Bay but you can’t take the Tampa Bay out of the boy.
    It’s becoming obvious that the Guggenheim owners want more profit and to spend less money. The only way things change he is if the Dodgers suck so badly that fans stay away.
    If winning the World Series is the goal, then Stan Kasten is a hack.

    Go Dodgers!!!

    1. Thanks Shmolnick,

      One of the worst parts of Friedman is his terrible game management scripts. Those horrendous scripts are a big reason they’ve sufferred so many pathetic and embarrasing postseason defeats. The scripts revolve around heavy middle relief usage, and stupid lefty/righty match-ups. The scripts call for Roberts to ignore what’s actively going on in the game, like if a starter is pitching a shutout, or a hotter hitter being pinch-hit due to a lefty/righty advantage. The cheetah never changes his spots.

      As for the prospects, looks like most will stay in the minors to start the year, unless there are injuries we might not see many. Vargas is the exception, but Syndergaard blocks, Pepiot, Stone, Miller. Martinez blocks Anyone at DH, Thompson, Taylor, blocks Pages, and Busch is blocked at second by Lux. Cartaya is blocked by Smith, Barnes. Wanted to see the Dodgers get younger, but they got older by signing so many busted vets, Martinez (35), Syndergaard (30), Rojas (33), Heyward (also old) Dugger, etc.

  7. Nobody silences Scott as well as Scott silences Scott.

    I don’t think this question/statement is phrase correctly:

    I challenge commenters at other blogs to name one position player prospect other than Will Smith and Gavin Lux that has reached the majors nobody can.

    1. Hi Bluto,

      Sometimes your comments are annoying and confusing. They make little sense sometimes. Other times you provide good perspectives. You are entitled to your opinions, but the difference is I will not ban you and ridicule you like Mark and others over at his site. The drama over there is hilarious. All because people disagreed with the tyrant and his minions. lolz. I guess this site isn’t the landfill that him and his minions claimed it to be.

      1. Oh. I am decidedly PRO-banning. In fact, honestly? If You Had banned that Melton guy or whoever was a self-important dodo way back when, i bet it would be more robust here.

        Its your blog. Ban away! Sculpt the community to be what you want!

        Even if it’s just a bit of weird anti-Friedman folk.

  8. Shit. I tried to post and forgot to hit send.

    I’m not sure if Scott meant to write this:

    I challenge commenters at other blogs to name one position player prospect other than Will Smith and Gavin Lux that has reached the majors nobody can.

    Because everybody can if that’s taken as written.

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