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Dodgers Re-sign Chin-hui Tsao

The Dodgers have re-acquired Taiwanese right hander Chin-hui Tsao on a minor league contract. Matt Eddy of Baseball America reported the signing. The 34-year old veteran was originally signed by Colorado as an amateur free agent in 1999. Tsao was acquired by the Dodgers in 2007 after making 29 appearances for the Rockies between 2003-2005.

Tsao pitched in 21 games for the Dodgers in 2007 posting a 4.38 ERA against a 6.6 hits per nine rate. In a little over 24 frames that season Tsao posted a 5.8 strikeout per nine rate and a 2.9 walk per nine rate.

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Tsao was out of MLB for several years before returning to the Dodgers last season. He was predictably horrendous posting a 1-1 record and a 10.29 ERA in five appearances. He threw seven innings and allowed nine runs on 15 hits. Tsao allowed over 19 hits per nine frames last year for the Dodgers. However Tsao pitched well in Oklahoma City posting a 2.77 ERA across 39 innings.

Tsao is most notably famous for the game fixing scandal he was investigated for back in 2009. At one point in 2005 Tsao threw the fastest pitch ever for a Taiwanese born pitcher which was recorded at 100 mph. Tsao also pitched in two summer Olympic games (2004, 2008), and one Asian Baseball championship. During the Asian Baseball Championship in 1999 he whiffed 19 batters in 11 innings.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

71 thoughts on “Dodgers Re-sign Chin-hui Tsao

  1. This FO makes absolutely no sense. Chapman had a domestic violence issue hanging over him and that squashed the deal with the Dodgers, supposedly. This guy had an investigation on him for game fixing. As in fixing “the game of baseball”.
    These guys are all over the map with these bodies they are stocking up on. Instead of FAZ we should start calling them “The Body Snatchers”.

    1. I agree. These guys play general manager the way I play gin rummy–always picking up a card, then two or three turns later, discarding it and taking another. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t–the one thing it always does is piss off my opponents who can never figure what I’m doing. It’s just an elaborate way of giving yourself a lot of ways to luck out.

    2. I agree totally. A lot of their recent free agent signings make no sense. This guy was a flop last year. What makes Fried brains think it will be any different this time around. One good bit of news though. Peralta will not be back as he signed with the Mariners.

    3. I’m not trying to trivialize game fixing, but with the Ray Rice video and other recent instances of domestic violence by athletes, domestic violence is finally front and center in our society. Teams are going to rightfully shy away from players with those incidents in their background. I wouldn’t want any of my favorite sports teams to sign someone with a credible DV charge on their record.

  2. Another signing to whet the appetite.

    I’m really sorry but I’m so underwhelmed with this off season.

    I can only hope that it’s all going to work out, but it’s gonna need a number of players to step up on last season’s efforts, and for that we’ve got to hope that Robert’s can have galvanising effect.

    On the other hand, it may all gel together, and possibly, much like last year, the teams we are expecting improvement from, Snakes & SF, could do like The Padres, and get worse!

    I’ve mentioned it before, but if I’m gonna watch 162, plus hopefully a few more, then I want to be entertained.
    After all, only 1 of 30 teams actually wins the WS.
    I’m not sure the 2016 Dodgers are gonna do that.

    1. I guess that would depend on your definition of entertainment. I want to see crisp, fundamentally sound baseball. I also want to see those nuances of the game executed to precision: bunt for a hit, double steal, hit and run.

      Unfortunately on this side of the pond baseball entertainment seems to be lights, music, and seeing your face on the scoreboard, all at remarkably high prices. Yes things must change, I just prefer to watch good baseball. Seeing players jog doesn’t quite fit my definition of entertainment. Let’s see if this underwhelming off season translates into something interesting.

      Did you read the BBC article “Liverpool: Stop taking fans for granted, says ex-boss Evans”? Wonder if that has parallels here?


    2. Watford I just heard a stat on Clippard, that might favor the Dodgers, since Clippard was just signed by the Dbacks. Clippard is the number one pitcher in baseball, for giving up fly balls. So maybe the Dodgers can hit a few out, off of Clippard this year, in Arizona, where the balls fly out. Even Greinke, is going to have more stressful games, pitching in Arizona, then he had, pitching in Dodger stadium, behind Kershaw.

  3. So what! Unless Maddox can teach him, and so many other LAD RPs, how to make the ball move correctly, it don’t matter.

    1. According to TBLA, the Dodgers will rely again on strength in numbers. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. If these guys can’t fix the bullpen again this year they need to go, period.

      1. After I read this signing, the first thing I thought, was why, and for how much? Snider I agree with you about the bullpen. Those 21 games, that this bullpen gave up last year, doesn’t inspire confidence with me. I know that Hatcher was much better at the end of last year, but I still think they need another arm for this pen. The Tigers missed out winning a World Series, and missed out, in making a couple World Series, because they never fixed there bullpen. And the Tigers maybe missed on there time, because there star players, are getting older, and the Young Royal’s have gotten better, and this was mainly because they never fixed there bullpen. The Dodgers seem to be doing the same thing, that the Tigers did, when it comes to not fixing there bullpen. And this year, the Dodgers do have depth in there starting pitching, but only Kershaw can be counted on, to pitch deep into games. This year, the Dodgers need a good bullpen even more, than in the past, because of the starters they now have, that don’t pitch deep into games. And it seems that this year, it is going to be even harder, to get the ball to Kenley, then the last couple of years, and that has never been easy. And if the Dodgers would have had a better bullpen, in the last couple of years, there would have never been a pennant race in the west, and the Giants would have never even been close. And this signing, just reminds everyone that the Dodgers let Chapman go. And about this recent signing, my thoughts again, are still why? And for how much?

  4. Tsao? So what?

    I’m underwhelmed too. The most drama this off season has been in management and coaching. I find that to be an indictment on Mattingly and McGwire. We’ll take the same guys and do it better than those two did. The AA move was interesting for me because he’s a go for it guy. If we have a repeat of the FAZ fizzle, could there be another change at the top?

    We’re rolling the dice with the same names as last year, with Kazmir and Maeda replacing Greinke and the dizzy dozen, though frankly I anticipate at least a dozen different starters again this year.

    We had two distinct season’s last year. We had the early 1.000 OPS’n guys that faded like an LA sunset and we never really found an offensive rhythm after that. I won’t trust a quick start. I think it will be a long season with 3 teams slugging it out. The gnats will be good, and unlike a lot of analysis in the media, I like what Arizona has done. Those guys are young, they hit, they play fundamental baseball, and now they have the pitching. Yeah, of course it go south on them. They have “if’s” too. But they are better. They are much better. T’will be interesting.

        1. Who knows, but I think he is much better, then some people think. It is funny how some people can believe some players are going to hit, even if they didn’t, but dont give him a chance.

    1. Tsao is just cannon fodder. The real issue is that the bullpen is largely the same group that underwhelmed last year (save of course for the totally awesome Joe Blanton taking Nicascio’s place – he said sarcastically). Hatcher may be the crummy pitcher we saw for the 1st half or the good one (with iffy control) that we saw the second. Yimi might be the good pitcher we saw before Donny wore him out the 1st half or maybe not. Baez might learn another pitch to go with his fastball – or maybe not.

      The ‘pen has been a relative weakness for a few years. The Braintrust hopes that as the young guys obtain experience they will improve and they might – or maybe not. Not much of a gameplan.

    2. Ryu just might be the key with the pitching this year. And if he is healthy, that will be a big plus, but having to bank on Anderson, is not something I would want to do. He is to high risk, for his reward, and risking another year on him, might be one to many years. But Cory alone, will be fun to watch this year. And there has been so many changes this year, maybe not on the team itself, but in positions that can effect the team, and hopefully it will be in a good way. Badger we need you to start stirring the pot, and get an appearance out of Mark. We need more energy here.

    1. Or is he the Cuban Derek Jeter? Except for the pinstripes, it’s hard to see the similarity there. If he can really, really field his position why not? It’s not my money they’re throwing around (although it’s interesting how frugal they are when Cubans are not involved.) His failing to report to his team in Japan might just be a red flag, though.

        1. Bum I hope that deliverance has nothing to do with the movie, by the same name. I didn’t see that movie, but I have heard that that movie, has a certain scene that it is known for.

  5. Just a thought, but what do you think we’d have made of all these signings if they’d been made by Ned?
    In fact, what would we have made of all of last season’s comings & goings if Ned had presided over them?

  6. With all of the experienced depth plus the quality youthful talent that the Dodgers have at every level in the minors, would it be possible that the organization has a goal to win the pennant at every site. Does anyone know if this has ever occurred? Would this lend credence to the Dodgers having the best minor league system and does this really matter?

  7. Speaking of Cubans, 16 year old Lazarito is supposed to announce what team pays him a ton of cash tomorrow! Hopefully Puig was able to convince him to sign with us.

    Can’t hurt to have a right handed power hitter in our system

  8. Speaking of Cubans what happened to that pitcher we were supposed to sign? I can’t even remember his name. But he does add depth!

  9. Listening to retire players gone media talking about how strong and good the players union triggers a feeling in me of disapproval. I have a lot more to think about in that, but most thought paths as of yet lead to me being even more pissed. We cheer for a bunch of selfish-slip us the pickle-only saying “it’s for the fans” and not giving two shits about us in the least. The established floor is at a level that gives many law firms income. This is a game that all of us played just for something to do with friends and now we’re their incredible money making machine. They’re getting too big for their britches that they expect thanks from us after giving us so much pain. A union that any average young Cuban is paid better because it’s likely he’ll be better than those starting at half a zillion $ and that’s where the race to the ceiling begins. My union, The Insurance Salesmen of America and More, has finally gotten written into law that everybody must be covered by health plan. So pay me, it’s the law!

    1. The fans no longer matter corporate sponsorship, regional and national TV contracts pay the players salaries. The fans are just an after thought, attendance totals are based on tickets sold not who shows up. As long as the club gets paid for the ticket what’s spent at the park is just icing on the cake.

  10. I think we should sign the Gurriel brothers before anyone else does. With Turner becoming a FA at the end of this year we will need a good 3B with experience. Better yet sign both brothers and trade for Kyle Seager. Then bring up the brothers in September(or sooner).

    It would be the first time in history that two pairs of brothers played in the same game for the same team. Another first for the Dodgers.

    1. The Giants had three brothers in their starting outfield.

      Matty,, Felipe and Jesus Alou played outfield together in a 1963 game.

  11. This is shaping up to be a long season, even longer than the off-season that the front office has made. I think that there are some real fundamental flaws in the approach to player selections that this front office makes. In particular, they don’t seem to have any desire to place a good starting line-up on the field, game in and game out. Instead of a good starting 8 as a core, they prefer a constant rotation of players, they use this same approach with the pitching staff, with a constant rotation of players being sent up and down from OKC. This poor man’s approach to handling the players really is a loser and makes for a very inconsistent performing squad, roles aren’t defined and any sense of faith being shown to a player and his contributions. Although I have always hated Don Mattingly, you have to wonder about the terrible position he was forced to manage in with these knuckleheads in the front office.

    “We’s gots problems, Leonard!”

    1. I think FAZ has been playing the hand they have been dealt. If Pederson, Seager, Turner, Puig, Agon, Kendrick, and Grandal stay healthy and play well they will be out there day in and day out. Grandal, as a catcher will need more rest and that rest will expand if AJ hits.

      Ethier, Crawford, and SVS are the only platoon players and they will all vie for time at one position, left field.

  12. boys, you all need to think some happy thoughts. Dodgers are built for the long haul of the season and will win the Division, once again, IMO. Our system depth and $$ will allow us to upgrade roster as needed, if necessary, through season and at trade deadline. Spring training’s almost here and its time for us to think positively, not give others a sense of hope. GO DODGERS

  13. Thanks Dodgerdenny… That was a rough 42 before you entered…
    Who will be the in the top three teams that the MLB goes to when one of it’s SP goes down , or one of it’s IF’s gets injured??? Yep, the LAD and we will be in a great position with our depth. Same goes in Sept when we have to reload for a run…
    Under 80… Must be coming out of one of those Mary Jane states…

  14. Bum, if the core you mentioned is healthy and hits, we don’t need as before, Ellis or Grandal doing anything extraordinary… That means for me that Ellis run counts up and have a good OBP and Grandal getting back to banging the ball……
    Good ‘D’, health and some luck = LAD success…
    P.S. still a huge AJ fan and like to see him managing somewhere in the future…

  15. I believe there are more platoon players than that Bum.

    It’s true this team is built for the long haul. I predict the Dodgers will play all 162 this year. I also predict they will win most of them.

    Not a whole lot happened yesterday.

    The Insurance Salesman of America and More? You made that up Quas. I’m not gonna pay. But if you need to borrow money…. I know a guy.

    1. Maybe there will be more platoon players Badger if those regulars under perform. But for now I think left field is the platoon position. Kike’, Utley, and Guerrero are going to be reserves that give regulars a rest, pinch hit, and maybe play where there is a tough match up.

      If Kike’ and Utley play three positions each they aren’t they more of a utility player and less a platoon player?

  16. Might Maddux tweak Zack Lee’s stuff to put Lee in the rotation?

    Can FAZ trade volume for quality by trading all of some of Lee, Wood, Cotton, Baez, Bolsinger, and Stripling to a small market team and get back a #2? Or, are the Dodgers better off with all that depth?

    The Yankees want to reduce payroll so what about Tanaka or Miller? Might they be available?

    1. Miller won’t play on the West Coast which is why the Dodgers did not sign him. Lots of you complained about not signing him but the only way Miller would play for the Dodgers would be if they moved back to Brooklyn.

        1. Also, maybe there is a third team that would keep Miller on the East Coast like Boston where Miller goes to Boston and Kimbel goes to to the Dodgers. I understand that Boston and NY love to trade with each other.

    2. Odorizzi? …with Boxberger or Boxleitner or whoever that guy is….McGee? That might be viable. The Dodgers might wait and see what Wood does to start the year. You can always package that bundle for something after the ASB. It kind of hinges on the velocities of Wood and Lee. It dropped a bit for both those guys. If they pitch a little better, their value goes up. FAZ are all about trading high.

      The Yankees won’t get rid of Tanaka.

  17. The Dodgers are counting on rebounds of Wood, Puig, Pederson, Utley, Grandal, Crawford, Ryu, McCarthy. If all that happens they will lead the league in rebounds and will be in the top 5 in scoring. If all that doesn’t happen they will lead the league in ass cysts (see what I did there) as players sit and rotate.

    It is plenary possible all things will go the Dodgers way this year. At 16/1 odds to win the World Series I would say go ahead and put a $1,000 down on them. Yes, you should do that. I’m right behind you. (I’ll be putting 1,000 dinar down on the Cubs)

    1. Badger

      I have a right wing friend who that thinks that the Dinar will be worth $3.00 by Christmas. Might be part of the whole theory that the Federal Reserve System is fake and the coming total collapse of the world economy, that actually has nothing to do with Obama.

          1. Might the Dodgers trade Ethier to White Sox for Adam LaRoche whose contract ends in 2016 at $13M?

            here is Ethier’s contract:

            2016 $18,000,000
            2017 $17,500,000
            2018 *$17,500,000 $17.5M Vesting Option, $2.5M Buyout

  18. If I were a big bettor, I’d put $$ on the Blue of course, but back it up with the Mets or Cubs…
    I hope I see the day the Cubbies finally get the monkey off their backs!!! Only after the Blue…

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