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The Dodgers Signed Terrance Gore For One Job

Terrance Gore

Let’s talk about Terrance Gore for a minute. The Dodgers signed the speedster and base running specialist with one singular purpose in mind. That’s because the 28-year old outfielder is a terrible hitter. To be fair Gore only tallied no more than 5 plate appearances between 2014-2018 with the Royals and Cubs. In that time he recorded one hit. In 2019 the Royals gave him more of a look allowing him to collect 58 plate appearances in 37 games. He slashed .275/.362/.353 without hitting a home run and drove in only one run. He was just as terrible in the minor leagues, tallying just one home run, batting .237 and posting a .605 OPS over nine seasons.

So why did the Dodgers sign him? Because he runs the bases like Dee Gordon. If you remember the Dodgers used Gordon as a base running/pinch-runner specialist one year in the postseason. That’s how Gore would be deployed. After all he has swiped 40 out of 49 bags in the majors and has been successful in the minors as well. He stole 296 bases in the minors and was caught just 32 times.

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He’s not a great outfielder either and doesn’t have much of an arm. The only way that Gore is going to crack the Dodger’s roster is by doing the one thing he’s in the majors to do; steal bases. Just how fast is Gore? According to the numbers Gore has a sprint speed of 30.9 feet per second ranking him as the fastest man in the game.

It’s a bit surprising to see the Dodger’s data driven front office make this move. Even though it’s only on a minor league deal (he’s out of options) with an invite to spring training, it means that maybe the front office is breaking from their usual strategies. Most baseball executives no longer value base running. Stealing bases, taking extra bases and base running in general seems to be a lost art in today’s modern baseball world. If the Dodgers do decide to carry Gore as the 26th man, you know why.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

15 thoughts on “The Dodgers Signed Terrance Gore For One Job

  1. Scot, to me, keeping this guy on the 26 man would be wasting a roster spot. I have no idea what Friedman was and is thinking. This is one of AF’s patented head scratching moves.

    1. One tool? This doesn’t sound like Friedman. I have to wonder if there is more to the story? Like…. he was tested and his eyesight is 20/15. With that he can be taught how to work a count, bunt, draw the infield in, slap it past the third baseman. And if I can think of that I’m quite certain others have already tried it and that ain’t it. In today’s game if you don’t have the potential to spin a ball or OPS .800 you aren’t Dodger material. Until further notice this signing makes little sense.

  2. There’s been a lot of writing and commentary about the 26th spot.

    People generally anticipate teams using it for either:

    Professional Pinch Hitter
    Professiona Pinch Runner
    Platoon Player
    Third Catcher
    Two Way Player

    I’m not sure Gore will make it, but it’s obvious (to me) that the Dodgers want to have him in case they go route #2.

    1. A professional pinch runner. Is there really such a thing now? And on this team, who would that substitution be for?

      This would be for that rare occasion, in the last inning when someone gets to first and we want a stolen base so a single wins the game. A Dave Roberts scenario. And for the few times that scenario does play out, how many times do you see it actually working? I guess the theory is if it works ONCE in the playoffs it was worth it? I’d rather the have the extra player that could be used all over the field. Maybe one that run a little bit too. This guy can’t hit a lick and apparently isn’t that good defensively either. Maybe he’s better with the glove than I’ve been reading.

      Who’s the slowest starter in the lineup? We have nobody like Adrian Gonzalez. We pull a starter, this guy runs, and it doesn’t work, starter gone, Gore gone, somebody else has to go in, we’ve used 3 players.

      I still don’t like it. I’ll change my mind when it works to win a game in the playoffs.

      1. I just do not see how this guy improves the team. With 13 pitchers the limit with the new roster, it means no more just 4 bench players. Now there are 5. More flexibility. A’s went this route years ago with Herb Washington, who had no baseball tools at all. He was a world class sprinter. Members of the players union were not to happy with him taking up a spot on the A’s roster. Never had an at bat. Stole 29 bases and was caught 16 times. Not a good ratio. At least Gore can actually make contact……sometimes. But still, they would have to drop a player off of the 40 man just to get him eligible. Seems like a project doomed to failure in my book. Game today pushed back 2 hours because of rain. Betts not playing today anyway. He will make his spring debut tomorrow at Camelback.

        1. Not sure as well if it’s worth it to tie up a roster spot unless there is an injury or 2. But in any event, I am glad for the 26th man roster and the limit is 13 pitchers. I say this because we saw all too many times how Roberts would use up his short bench by the 7th inning thus putting team at a disadvantage.

      2. What about an Amateur Pinch Hitter, now that would be great. Works for free, we should dump all Professional players and only go with Amateurs.

        Very good conversation starter, Brutus

        1. Thanks.

          It’s easy to have good conversation!

          Much better than having people call Roberts Dummy, or Bellinger, Ed Dinger.

          Let’s keep it going.

  3. Well if the unforeseen thing happens where 1 or 2 key offensive players get injured and have to go on the IL, then it is imperative that the 26th guy be someone who knows what a bar is. I heard at least yesterday that Gore knows what a glove is.

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