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Dodgers Trade Kyle Garlick to Philadelphia

I am a little bummed, but understand that the Dodgers needed a roster spot cleared after acquiring Mookie Betts, and David Price from the Boston Red Sox. So the Dodgers after designating him for assignment, traded outfielder Kyle Garlick to the Phillies for minor league left handed pitcher Tyler Gilbert.

I’ve liked Garlick. He played well for the Dodgers in 2019. He wasn’t a super star, but was quite useful at the plate, slashing .250/.321/.521 with 3 home runs in 53 plate appearances last season for the Dodgers. He played in 30 games and filled in quite admirably. Garlick is only 28-years old and can still be a solid contributor to any MLB team. Garlick slugged 91 career home runs in the minor leagues.

The Phillies sent 26-year old southpaw Tyler Gilbert back to complete the swap. Gilbert provides the Dodgers with depth in an area of need for the big club, left handed relief. Gilbert was a sixth round draft pick for the Phillies in the 2015 draft. He’s a local boy, attending USC and was born in Santa Cruz, California. Gilbert posted a 2.86 ERA and struck out 8.7 per nine in 47.2 innings pitched for Philadelphia’s triple-A affiliate in 2019. I wish Garlick the best. I guess I’ll have to change my pinned tweet on twitter.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

41 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade Kyle Garlick to Philadelphia

  1. No more chopped garlic on the Dodgers salad. I am happy for the guy. He played well and made a few contributions. Now he gets an opportunity to make the Phils roster.

  2. This give Onion a true shot in Camp this spring (no, Michael we don’t actually have a player named Onion)

    1. LOL, But I recall going to a Dodger game against the Pirates back in 1966 or thereabouts. Pirates had a pitcher named Bob Veal and a catcher named Jim Pagliaroni and Vinny suggested they ought to name a food dish after them…

      1. I remember both of those guys. It would be fun to have an all food team. Of course at the top would be Mike Trout. Pie Traynor, Oyster Burns, Zack Wheat, Sam Rice, Tim Salmon, Darryl Strawberry, Jim Rice, Cookie Rojas, Turkey Stearns, Chili Davis, Chicken Wolf, Bobby Sturgeon, Catfish Hunter, Bob Lemon, Noodles Hahn, Pretzels Heitzen, Mark Hamburger, and Art Herring. Just a few I looked up. Oh yeah, Candy La Chance, and Rick Sweet…I know there are no Onions in the Dodger’s soup there True.

  3. I always respected Justin Turner, but after his going off on Manfred I have even more. He really laid into the commish. And believe me Manfred deserves it. He has no cred left. His weak ass explanation of why he did not vacate the Astros title has pretty much pissed off most of the league. Mike Trout went after him too. When a player like Trout, who rarely rants about anything comes out with both barrels blazing, you know something is wrong. Moreno came out today and admitted, finally that he was the one who pulled the plug on the Pederson trade. Fine with me, I did not like the return for those two guys anyway. Terrence Gore signed to a minor league deal Speedy outfielder last with the Royals. Weak stick, a lot of speed, zero chance of cracking the roster.

    1. Michael, this whole thing with the Astro scandal will even get more ugly if Manfred suspends any opposing pitcher whom it was alleged he was throwing near or hits an Astro player. That will get the MLBPA very angry at him for suspending a pitcher for allegedly throwing at their hitters on purpose, but yet he let all those Astro players off practically scott free. This is a disgrace, in fact the Astros are a disgrace to this game. Manfred simply has made this whole situation far worse than it already was IMHO.

      1. Manfred giving immunity to the Stros players was for him a move to stave off suits by the players union. Tony Clark as much as said that would be the case. I think myself this is a very weak argument for letting an entire organization off the hook. A lot of people on many blogs are now going after Manfred for no giving the Astro’s and the owner a larger fine. As baseball fans often do, they are really calling for Crane to be removed as owner of the Astro’s and forced to sell the team. The Astro’s were fined the maximum amount, 5 million allowed in the by laws. But the call that the title be vacated is getting stronger. He is also being called out by players in other sports for not dropping the hammer on cheaters. Fans from other teams are calling Dodger, Yankee and other fans who were affected by the Astro’s actions whiners. And there are even some who say that the Dodgers lost 2 in LA, so why bitch and moan about cheating. The fact remains, the Dodgers jumped all over the Stros and looked to be going up 3-2 heading home when all of a sudden the Stros did not see a pitch they did not like in game 5. Obviously, there was something going on. I would have a lot more respect if their players if they bit the bullet and just told the truth. That is one reason I have never really been mad at Jason Giambi for his using steroids. He came out, manned up, and told the truth. Asked for forgiveness and from me at least, he got it. None of the others did that. What the Astro’s did was against the rules, it was a decision made internally by some who must have felt they could not win without doing it. That a guy like Beltran, who pretty much orchestrated the entire thing along with Cora, gets no punishment what so ever is a sad joke. Me, I am looking forward to the Dodgers having a great season. I think the Stros are going to have a lot to deal with. And they are going to be vilified all across baseball for the foreseeable future. Manfred is going to be raked across the coals, justifiably so, for a long while.

        1. Telling the truth? Seriously Bear? Telling the truth in this country is long gone. The model on how to get away with lying is there in front of us daily.

          We aren’t likely to get the truth on this or any other scandal. The only way anything regarding this particular public embarrassment changes is if we the people insist on it. Screaming foul means nothing to the elites. Start taking their money and you will get their attention. Boycott Houston. It’s the only way.

          1. Badger, the players now must go to the heads of their Union and tell them that they want the appropriate punishments handed out and that the Union must not appeal such things. I mean how many players have already spoken up about this and are attack the Commissioner about the lack of punishment handed down? And this whole thing will get more ugly, maybe even when ST games start. what a mess!

          2. You are right, Paul.

            The MLBPA screwed up horribly with their negotiations with Manfred. MLBPA owes an explanation to the other 1160 players they are supposed to represent. They all pay their dues, just as the ASStros did. Players must demand answers.

            Twenty-nine owners, it is time to back ASStro ownership in a corner, and demand they sell the franchise and leave the league. Secondly, demand Manfred’s head on a “piece of metal”.

    2. JT spoke his mind, and will no doubt open the floodgates to other players feeling, not just Dodgers, but all players who were cheated. Judge just made a statement. Darvish and Trout have made theirs…. there will be more.

      We will never get the full story, but we have certainly heard enough to condemn the ASStros for their dastardly deeds. I am a bit disappointed to hear that the MLBPA apparently struck a deal to grant immunity to the ASStro players. The MLBPA represents all 1200 players on every team. How could they agree with such nonsense, in favor of 40 cheaters, and disregard their responsibility to equally represent the other 1160 members? But, if immunity is what it took to get the ASStros to admit their guilt, so be it. Immunity from suspensions, I could maybe accept (though I think it is wrong), but they should not be allowed to keep the title, and hefty fines would be in order. I do not know all the details of the shady deal between Manfred and MLBPA, but I think MLBPA went too far. The MLBPA failed the majority of its’ members.

      Manfred, and the MLBPA struck a bad deal, and 1160 players and the fans got shafted in the process. The MLBPA should at least demand Manfred’s head on “a piece of metal”. Manfred is out of touch with baseball, and is not worthy of his $23M/year salary. He is not doing his job.

      So, Manfred will suspend and fine any players who seek retaliation? Well, Manfred, himself, has put the big target on the the ASStros backs. The best way to eliminate the headhunting, would have been to take the 40 cheaters off the field with suspensions. ASStros could have gotten by using minor leaguers for a couple of years.

      1. SPOT ON WITH EVERYTHING YA SAY HERE Blue fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! manfred made things a lot worse IMHO and this will get more ugly as I said before it gets better. And if Manfred punishes or attempts to suspend an opposing player then you can bet all HELL will break loose!

  4. Astros should be booed off the field in every ball park they visit. Start the booing when they first take the field and not let up until the game is over. Better yet, no one go to the ballpark when the Astros are in town. REally that is the only thing that will really send a message to the league office and to the Astros team.
    This thing ain;t going to quiet down until the WS Championship is vacated, or at least I hope it doesn’t. Every player should begin every single interview with comment on the Astros cheating, beat the drum over and over and over.

    1. ASStros owners should be forced to sell, and be permanently banned from ever owning a MLB team. The team should be forced to relocate, and change their name, striking the “Astro” team name from ever being used again in MLB.

      Kind of funny is a youth baseball organization said they will no longer use the Astro team name, BUT will will replace it with the White Sox…. kind of awkward, isn’t it? MLB choose to keep the White Sox name after their scandal, but at least their players were punished appropriately.

  5. Astros should be booed off the field in every ball park they visit. Start the booing when they first take the field and not let up until the game is over. Better yet, no one go to the ballpark when the Astros are in town. REally that is the only thing that will really send a message to the league office and to the Astros team.
    This thing ain;t going to quiet down until the WS Championship is vacated, or at least I hope it doesn’t. Every player should begin every single interview with comment on the Astros cheating, beat the drum over and over and over.

  6. Sesaon ticket holders around the league should make demands to have all Astros tickets refunded, I’m not saying it will get them the refund but it will send a message over and over to the league that the fans are fed up with the “no punishment of players involved” situation.

    Manfred has to go, drum him out.

  7. Nice press conference yesterday, Manfred. Throw that guy another shovel, that way he can dig faster and deeper.

    I really don’t see Manfred surviving this, no matter what he does at this point. I think it is quite humorous that he protected the players, bascially got two managers and GM fired, all to protect the actual crooks in this case, the players. Now it will cost him his own job, nice decision making, Manfred. A guy that makes such poor decisions really shouldn’t be running such a huge business enterprise, that’s what the owners need to be asking themselves.

    Manfred, you actually screwed your very own pooch.

      1. Manfred works for the owners. This is their voice. Why aren’t other owners demanding accountability? I can’t help but wonder if this cheating scandal goes deeper, as in maybe the Astros aren’t the only organization using this technology, they are merely the ones who got caught.

        1. You are probably right, Badger.

          Cheating goes on in any sport, the secret is, “Don’t get caught!” Could definitely be the reason why owners and managers are so quiet.

          ASStros got caught… end of story.

          1. I just read this on another site:

            “MLB warned teams after the apple watch scenario, the players’ union negotiated a paragraph in the agreement saying the players would not be punished if something happened again. Management would be held responsible for policing it. Manfred didn’t need to offer players immunity, they already had it.”

            If this is true it’s kinda weird – like players already knew something else was afoot.

          2. Actually “ASStros got caught…end of story” isn’t the end of the story, it is actually proving to be the beginning of the story. This has all the makings of “a major shift in the public support for the MLB. When the integrity of the sport is gone, things usually have to change. Time for the XLB to start a new league, lol.

            This whole mess should have been handled completely differently, starting day one of the investigation. Holding secret meetings down in a secured basement, not allowing any opposing witnesses or, oops, I jumped back to the Outhouse of Reprehensibles thing, my bad. Back to baseball, Manfred keeps saying he had to grant blanket immunity to the players in order to get cooperation is BS. He could have sniffed around a lot of people (non player personnel) in the park that would know things that were taking place. You can’t seriously tell me that none of the other Astros personnel had zero idea that something funny was going on.

            Manfred may be the owners man, but if I were an owner, I would be thinking do we have the right guy in place to handle tough interviews and press conferences, let alone tough investigations. Those owners own other business and have spokesmen work for them to handle difficult situations. It will take a little time but I predict that Manfred is dead man walking.

  8. True, Badger,

    This whole thing is a mess. True, this is definitely not over, but it appears to be, according to Manfred…. the damage is done, so move on. Who knows what lies behind the shady deal Manfred made with MLBPA.

    Best thing that could happen, is owners demand Manfred resign. Strip the darn title. Regardless of who cheated, or got cheated, the season is lost. Void the season out. Who knows which team would have won, because the cheating went on all season, and more. Maybe the Dodgers do not make the WS, and even the fact that they did make it to the big show, yes, they were cheated, but still had plenty of opportunities to win it, and they muffed it. Owners have to do the right thing, and fire Manfred, and also vote to kick ASStro ownership out of the “circle of trust”. MLB owners do not need other fellow owners to stab them in the back, and laugh to the bank.

    Money makes people do stupid things. Money is the root of all evil. The real ultimate losers are the fans, and young players who Now feel cheating is OK, if you don’t get caught. Youth idolize these players and are led by example. MLB, don’t send the wrong message, as you did with Steroids. Cheating, by drugs or otherwise is unacceptable…. Period.

  9. MLB players should have gone to their respective Union leaders at the start of this and insisted upon the Union not make any form of appeal or file any grievance to protect those Astro players from needed punishments. Granted to those Astro cheats any form of immunity has only made it clear that this situation will get more ugly before it ever dies down.

  10. Well Garlick getting traded cost a new Phillie his roster spot. Mancini cleared waivers and was reassigned. Gore reported to camp. Nothing to get excited about in my mind. 100 games in parts of 6 seasons in the majors. No homers. 224 average. I am not impressed. He is said to be one of the faster players in the majors. If I wanted speed, I would have went for someone like Billy Hamilton who can at least swing the stick a little.

    1. Dodgers already have too many players who straddle the Mendoza line. They do not need one more. Another brainless trade by AF.

  11. It appears that the 26th spot on the roster would be for someone like Gore but I agree here that we DO NOT need to tie up any roster spot for someone who doesn’t know what a bat is. Hopefully he will not be on the 26 man roster. kind of a wasted pick up at that.

    1. Gore pretty much has no shot of cracking this squad. And he was not traded for Bluefan. He was a minor league signing. He is AAA insurance and nothing more. His speed is intriguing, but you have to get on to be valuable that way. I am not pulling a stick like Pederson in the late innings in a close game to send this clown in just to run.

        1. Dodgers do not run…they do not know how! They had Dee Gorden, but did not fun enough. They have speedsters Belli and Taylor, they do not run enough. They do not have the batting skills or hitting expertise to take advantage of a running game. Adding a pinch runner does not fit in their game plan. Why add legs if they do not know how to use them? A wasted, bonehead acquisition, and potential wasted roster spot, if he happens to make the team. Just another stupid option to facilitate DR’s questionable management decisions.

  12. Reddick of all people talking serious trash now.

    He is the poster child of how cheating benefitting him. Total bust as a Dodger, then all of sudden hitting like an average MLB player with help.

    My bet is he will not be able to walk the walk.

    1. His contract is up next year. Let’s see if he sticks in the league. All of his Houston stats will be tainted (including a career high 3.7 WAR in 2017), and he will find out exactly how much money he and his teammates took from other players with their cheating. Except the impact on the other players total is times 30+.

      1. We will be hearing about this for years. And I don’t think this is over. In any endeavor based on money, the pressure to win causes people to do things they might not ordinarily do. Let’s face it, everywhere you look it’s about WINNING. You win, you make more money. You make more money, you are worshipped as a winner. I believe more will be revealed and I also believe the cheating will continue. It obviously works.

        1. This will all be swept under the rug within the next 2 years. By then many of the 2017 Astros players will have left the team. Sure there will still be a few there…Altuve, Bregman, etc but the Astros organization will be turning over personnel as quickly as possible.

        2. Very true, Badger that perhaps cheating will continue because Manfred is too spineless of a degenerate to do the right thing that all of the rest in MLB want done. He has made it worse and this MLBPA ‘protection’ of cheaters is ludicrous to say the least.

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