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Josh Ravin Suspended 80 Games For Violating MLB Drug Policy

Josh Ravin

We have more surprising news coming out from Dodger Stadium regarding a player testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. This time it is a current Dodger that is being punished for using performance enhancing substances. Dodger’s reliever Josh Ravin has been suspended for 80 games for reportedly violating the MLB drug policy. This is according to reports from Jeff Passan.

This comes just days after the shocking news that former Dodger and Now Marlin’s second baseman Dee Gordon was suspended for using PEDs. What makes this so strange is that Ravin was on the disabled list after breaking his arm in a car accident during spring training. The Dodgers had placed Ravin on the 60-day disabled list. Ravin is claiming that he took a supplement after getting strep throat during spring training.

The Dodgers released a statement regarding the suspension:

“We are disappointed to hear that Josh has violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The Dodgers fully support MLB’s policy toward eliminating performance enhancing substances from the sport and, as per the Joint Drug Program, we will have no further comment on this suspension.”

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The Dodgers acquired Ravin as a free agent in 2013 and he made his MLB debut for the club last season. He pitched out of the bullpen and has always been known for a blazing fastball. In 2015 he pitched in nine games for the Dodgers posting a 2-1 record, and a 6.75 ERA. Ravin struck out 12 batters and walked 4 across 9.1 innings of relief.

The 28-year old right hander is originally from Chatsworth, California. He was drafted by the Reds in the fifth round of the 2006 amateur draft. He has a 20-48 record with a 5.48 ERA and struck out 8.4 per nine during ten minor league seasons.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

13 thoughts on “Josh Ravin Suspended 80 Games For Violating MLB Drug Policy

  1. That’s a shame; I fully expected him to come in and be our dominant 8th inning guy, and eventually supplant Kenley as the closer


  2. No real loss. Career minor leaguer with an ERA over 5 there. Another hard thrower that obviously can’t pitch. Typical FAZ guy. I was hoping he, like the other 99 mph guys, would learn from Maddux, how to spot an off speed pitch.

    I’m wondering if Maddux will be working only with younger minor league pitchers. You know, catch them before the cement between their ears dries.

    1. Since there are philosophical differences between what Maddux thinks a pitcher should be, and what Friedman thinks, I wonder just how much freedom he might have to preach his philosophy…

      1. Good question. But he’s here. Why bring him in if not to express his opinion and teach what it is he knows?

        After asking that question I realize there may be answer that makes no sense to me.

        1. Yeah, like why do they have all those ex-GMs on the payroll, etc. Maybe they’re trophies?

          1. How many championships between them? Kasten got one. And truth be told his record in management is impressive. 14 straight Division Titles, Exec of the Year in the NBA I believe. I haven’t read his resume lately. The others also have solid backgrounds, which brings me back to what I’ve been saying for a while now. The re-organization is underway and some of these signings are done just to mark time. If guys like Hatcher and Ravin can suddenly learn to throw to spots, terrific. If not, no great loss. The target for being long term great is still a few months/years down the road. It will take a while to clean out the closet. In the mean time, more of the same.

  3. Stupid is that stupid does . . . or something like that.

    Rest assured — none of the Dodger hitters on the 25 man roster are using anything to help them juice up. They are all clean as a whistle.

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