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Why Can’t The Dodgers Hit At Home?

Yasmani Grandal

The Dodgers finally snapped their six game losing streak on Sunday afternoon with a 1-0 win over the Padres. It was nothing to feel good about, even though the team celebrated in the clubhouse like they had just won the seventh game of the World Series. After all the Dodgers scored just one measly run on three hits and it was driven in by Clayton Kershaw himself. The Dodgers have been in one of the worst offensive funks we’ve seen in some time. Or well since last season. Adrian Gonzalez is 0 for his last 20, Yasiel Puig hasn’t gotten a hit since spring training, (or it seems) and Howie Kendrick is batting .143. The Dodger offense has totally disappeared, and it’s anyone’s guess when it will return.

Here’s the interesting part. I am not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the offense has only gone Harry Cary at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are just not hitting at home for whatever reason. They’ve hit and scored runs just fine away from Dodger Stadium.

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As a matter of fact, let’s double check this. The Dodgers rank ninth out of the 30 MLB clubs in road batting. As you can see below the Dodgers have a pretty decent offense on the road. It’s not great but it is good enough to keep them in games. They’re not hitting a lot of home runs, but they are drawing walks, getting on base and scoring runs via hits. They have a league average WRC+ and OPS as well.

Dodgers on the road

Batting .269 8th

Hits 129 5th

OBP .340 7th

OPS .745 12th

Home runs 8 25th

RBI 68 4th

Runs scored 71 5th

Slugging .405 16th

WRC+ 98 15th

Now at Dodger Stadium is another story entirely. The Dodgers are one of the worst home hitting clubs in all of baseball. Actually they could be the worst. Let’s check out the numbers first. Here is a list of all 13 home game so far this season and how many runs the Dodgers scored.

April 12 vs. Dbacks 2 runs –Loss

April 13 vs. Dbacks 3 runs – Win

April 14 vs. Dbacks 5 runs – Win

April 15 vs. Giants 7 runs –Win

April 16 vs. Giants 3 runs –Loss

April 17 vs. Giants 3 runs –Win

April 25 vs. Marlins 2 runs –Loss

April 26 vs. Marlins 3 runs –Loss

April 27 vs. Marlins 0 runs –Loss

April 28 vs. Marlins 3 runs –Loss

April 29 vs. Padres 1 run –Loss

April 30 vs. Padres 2 runs –Loss

May 1 vs. Padres 1 run –Win

As you can see the Dodgers are not scoring very many runs at home this year. It’s becoming a disturbing trend. The Dodgers have scored just 35 runs at Dodger Stadium in those 13 games. That means the Dodgers are averaging just over 2.5 (2.69) runs per game at Dodger Stadium. That’s just not going to cut it. Take a look at the Dodger’s offensive numbers at home. Make sure you haven’t eaten anything because you might puke.

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Dodgers at home

Batting .199 30th

Hits 80 25th

OBP .284 27th

OPS .596 29th

Home runs 9 23th

RBI 31 28th

Runs scored 35 25th

Slugging .313 29th

WRC+ 73 -27th

The Dodgers rank as the worst hitting home club in baseball. They have a .199 average and just 35 runs scored at Dodger Stadium. They’re not making consistent contact. They rank 15th in swinging strike percentage and strikeouts. They rank middle of the pack in walks and at the bottom of the league in OBP. They’re not getting on base, and they are not making much contact. Just a lot of weak contact and routine outs and horrible plate approaches. They’re not even hitting home runs like they did last season. The Dodgers have hit just nine home runs at Dodger Stadium this season.

We thought that the main problem was the pitching staff, specifically the bullpen. However the real problem is the offense. This may be one of the worst offensive units we’ve seen in some time. Check out how some of the Dodgers are hitting at home.

Yasiel Puig .205/.225/.308

Corey Seager .195/.250/.317

Adrian Gonzalez .100/.182/.175 (4 for 40)

Howie Kendrick .156/.206/.156

Justin Turner .216/.326/.297

Joc Pederson .190/.346/.381

Chase Utley .192/.364/.346

Yasmani Grandal .321/.424/.536 (9 for 28)

Kike Hernandez .300/.364/.567 (9 for 30)

A.J. Ellis .214/.353/.286

Carl Crawford .143/.250/.286


Here we are thinking the bullpen is the biggest problem with this club and it is not by a mile. Actually the pitching hasn’t been terrible. The offense has been. Only two hitters can hit at Dodger Stadium. Gonzo has just 4 hits at home, but is batting over .400 on the road. Utley and Joc are both hitting over .300 on the road but can’t buy a hit at Chavez Ravine. This is the entire club. It’s almost shocking how severe the home and road splits are.

So why can’t the Dodgers hit at home? I have no idea. The Dodgers have been trying to shuffle the lineup and move Puig back into the leadoff spot. Not sure how much of an impact that would have. However the two guys that hit at home (Kike and Grandal) really should be in the lineup for every home game until the rest of the guys start to do something, nay anything at Dodger Stadium.

Maybe the Dodgers just don’t see the ball well at Chavez Ravine? I don’t know. This is the club’s main problem and they have to figure out a way to fix it. If these guys don’t start hitting at home soon, then nothing will matter anymore because they’ll be working on their golf swings in October. Why do you guys think the Dodgers can’t hit at home? Sound off and tell me your working theories.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

40 thoughts on “Why Can’t The Dodgers Hit At Home?

  1. The Dodgers have only played 13 games at home and are 5 and 8 versus 8 and 5 on the road. I don’t think they have hit against lefties and I will venture a guess that they have faced more left handers at home than they have on the road. If true, the problem is not playing at home.

    1. Turner has not really hit like himself, since the begining of the season. Puig started off hitting well, in SD, but he stopped hitting way before the rest othe team did, because he didn’t have good at bats. He hit that HR to leftfield in SD, and after that, he tried to pull everything. And for a while, he was getting hits, in between short, and the third baseman.

      But his hitting, and his at bats, got worse, with each at bat he had, after that first series. He lets his emotions, and his impulses, run his at bats, and most of his play. And Puig’s impulses, and emotions, generally, do not affect his play, in a positive light, as we have seen, in his post season at bats, and play.

      And because of this, I just don’t think that Roberts should place Puig in the top of the order, unless he starts hitting. Because he hasn’t been that type of hitter, since the first half of the 2014 season. Puig looks like a can’t hit an average fastball, right down the middle of the plate, right now. And he always thinks that the pitcher, will threw him a first pitch fastball, right down the middle of the plate.

      And he often, is already going to swing, even if it isn’t a fastball, or a strike. Puig is way to easy, to be pitched to, right now. But I do think that Puig was a little more patient yesterday, and he had better at bats. Even if he didn’t get the results he wanted, so maybe he has been working with the hitting coach.

    2. Look at the home and road splits Bum. It’s not a righty vs. lefty thing. They just don’t hit at home. Gonzo has 4 hits at home this year and is batting .400 on the road. Look at their road numbers. If they hit tomorrow in Tampa Bay and Toronto it might help to prove this.

      1. Scott, you made it clear that the Dodgers are not hitting at home. I was just saying that with so few games played that if of the 13 games played at home 7 of them were against lefties while maybe they faced only 2 lefties on the road it would help explain what was happening at home.

        Just making up numbers because I haven’t found where I could verify this hypothesis.

  2. Maybe you gave us the answer already: the fact that Kike and Grandal aren’t playing everyday. How many different lineups (1-8) have we used in those 13 home games?

    I think it’s just the typical hitting slump.

    1. They have two days off this week, today and Thursday. And then they play twenty straight games. That is good for us, I think, if they start playing well, but I don’t know if twenty straight games, are good for the team. But just as fast as they stopped hitting, after that big come back game in Colorado, they can get back to hitting and playing good baseball. Because after all, that is baseball.

  3. You think maybe other teams are playing Dodger Stadium ball at Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers are all trying to play hero ball? It’s sickening to watch so many popup flies at every contact. I’m ready to hand over the F/O to Kershaw and Ellis. It seems they understand Dodger Stadium play.

  4. Maybe there are too many distractions designed to “enhance the fan experience” at the stadium.

  5. I don’t know if anyone has the complete answer Scott, but I do know Turner has no business hitting in the 3-4-5 hole vs LHP no matter where we play. Enrique so far is a disaster hitting vs RHP in any park.
    That may be part of the problem but certainly not a complete answer but its the best I can do.

  6. On things like this sometimes you can’t find a rhyme or reason, to why this is happening at home, but this is also, really not a big enough sample size, to really take this that seriously, unless it continues, beyond this last month. I was wondering if maybe they were just tired, after playing in Colorado, because each game they lost, it got worse, since that last come back game in Colorado.

    And Turner and Cory didn’t have that much time in spring training, to get in shape, and get in the flow of things. Because Cory hurt his knee, early in spring training, and didn’t really come back, until really the last week of spring training, and Turner didn’t have that much time in spring training. And his knee didn’t allow him, to be in top shape. They were hitting good in SF and SD, as well in Colorado. So at the begining of the season, they were hitting well, but once they got toward the end of the month, is when they stopped hitting.

    And that was after playing in Colorado, where it takes more to play, and in the last game, they put everything in to it, to come back and win. And as you remember, they should have won those first couple games against the Marlins.

  7. I’m not as concerned about the offense as I am the pitching. I could be very wrong about that as I will admit to not fully understanding the plan. I do think at this point 1/7 through the season, we may end up using all 40 of our 40 man roster. And I’m fine with that. In fact, I look forward to it. If our impact players are to be peaking at playoff time, they are going to need time off. Utley, AGon, Puig, Seager, Grandal, Turner, Ethier, are all guys who we will need performing at a high level if we are to have any hope of making and succeeding in the playoffs. The staff? God forbid anything happens to Kershaw and I think it would be advisable to give Kazmir and Maeda as many days off as possible in late summer. Just looking at this roster, and the potential for DL time, makes me nervous.

    Nobody in the West looks like world beaters. This thing won’t be decided until late September, and I believe it’s possible the last series against SF could have playoff implications. That’s how close I see this Division. Yeah, we got a shot. But we appear a vulnerable lot. Let’s see what some of those young untradable studs can do. Give them a taste and keep the older dudes fresh.

    1. Badger I also think that the team will start hitting. And they can do that, just as easy, as they stopped hitting, after there big comeback win in Colorado, because that is baseball. Who would have thought, that they would lose there next six games, after that last game, in Colorado.

      Like I said above, I am only concerned with the way that Turner, Puig, and Howie are hitting. And I don’t think that Roberts should go out of his way, to get Howie into games, if the Dodgers are not doing well. I think that Howie didn’t come to spring training in good shape, and he doesn’t even look close to hitting.

      Howie should have took more time to get in shape, and get in enough at bats in, in AAA. Before he came back to the big team, so he would be more ready to play.

    2. Yeah I agree with you 100%. The big problem isn’t the offense it’s the pitching staff.

  8. These Rays games will probably be 9th inning games. That’s the way the Rays play. The Blue Jays games will probably be slugfests, at least on their side. It’s nice to see the team horsing around in the clubhouse after a win. It reminds me that they are all kids. But we are fans, and fans want to win. I know I wasn’t all that thrilled with the win on Sunday. Against an inferior team at home. Nothing to celebrate for me. Better than losing though. These guys apparently believe they are pretty good, maybe more than we do. That might count for something. Or not.

    1. Bobbie 17 I thought that celebration was good too. But in Bleacher Report, they said that they did that popcorn throwing running dance, before the game. And after seeing that, I wasn’t happy. I’m going to double check that, right now.

      1. The celebration was after the game. The tweet I read on Bleacher Report, was wrong. It was a tweet from Buster Olney, and of course, he got it wrong. But I didn’t think, anyone that other then Kershaw, and AJ, had anything really to celebrate about.

          1. W I will look for Turner in the shot. I did note, that some can dance, and some can’t. But they better start playing better, or everyone will think, that Roberts, is to lax.

          2. Wondering, I saw Turner’s adjustment, in that video. Turner better worry about making adjustments, at the plate, instead of the adjustment, he made in that video.

        1. The clubhouse attendants maybe got to celebrate after guys making millions felt bad for making such a mess and they gave the attendants big tips.

          1. Think I read somewhere all the players make a one time tip contribution, maybe at the end of the year. I imagine it depends on the player’s income and generosity but IFIRC, it amounted to several thousands each for all the attendants in both clubhouses. Here’s a good rundown on a minor league clubbie: I imagine it’s a bit more organized (and profitable) in the bigs. When the Anaheim Angels won the title in 2002, clubhouse manager Ken Higdon was awarded a full share that came out to $279,000. Good write here:

  9. I’m just going to say what the professional hitting coaches say, “Swing at strikes. Let the balls go by”.

  10. Guess what?

    The Dodgers are in first place after hitting .199 for the season at home. Will they continue to hit .199 at home? I’ll take the over on that!

  11. Clearly, the problem with the Dodgers performance at home is that the team is being judged prematurely before Andrew’s top to bottom renovation has been completed. Yes, of course, the manager, the coaches, the minor-league managers and coaches have been replaced. Many of the players have been replaced with Andrew’s picks. The front office has been stuffed with more new-age suits than could fit in a circus car. What could possibly be the problem with their record at home? It centers on that one word, “home.” While everything else is new, Dodger Stadium is still old. And this team just can’t seem to play there. Time to throw all those front office brainiacs on the problem. Have them burn up those cell phones until they make a deal to trade Dodger Stadium for a more agreeable one, say Citi-Field in New York. The actual moving of the stadium probably will have to wait until the winter, but once moved to LA, it can be renamed “Freidman Field,” and the winning can begin.

  12. I just noticed that Chris Anderson has only given up 11 hits in 18 innings, but has given up 12 runs thanks to an ungodly 20 walks. 20 Walks in 12 innings? Is he Steve Sax?

  13. Dodgers’ season will be decided this month, their schedule is brutal and if they play like the first month of the year, they’ll be 5-10 games under .500 and the season will be lost.

  14. Dodgers aren’t that good at hitting on the road either, take away the bizarro world of Coors field and their hitting woes started in pathetic fashion against the stellar Braves pitching staff two weeks ago. That was a red flag series for me, the Dodgers barely won 2 of 3 and could have easily been swept as two games went extras. The Braves are likely the worst team in baseball, and the Dodgers couldn’t hit in that series. My issue with the team is the poor performances against relatively weak opposing starting pitching.

    Is it possible this is just a bad hitting team?

  15. Here is my take on the hitting:

    It started with Jack Clark who was horrid as a hitting instructor… in fact it has been said he was a horrible person… but I digress.

    Then we had Donnie Ballgame and Big Roid who tried to impose their theories of hitting. Now, we have Turner Ward’s school of hitting.

    I think that the hitters are a little confused, but I also think any new systems takes a while to implement. I think we will have a better handle in 30 days.

    Unless you are like Oscar who thinks Kendrick has lost it (maybe he has, but I doubt it) , he will be back as will Gonzo, Turner and Seager. I think they will get a lot better and I would like to see the lineup tinkering slow down.

    1. MM I thought that maybe the players, are trying to hard to hit to opposite field, to move runners over.

      And the other things a team does to have a productive offense, instead of just driving the ball.

      Do you think that that is possible? And I know anything is possible.

    2. Mark, I agree with slowing down the lineup tinkering but not until after Roberts gets like I want it 🙂

  16. bad pitching coach who cant teach that simple.. every one else seem to like him…he cant teach biaz a new pitch ..we need someone like oral..

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