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Push Against Shove-An Eyelash Wins it for the Dodgers 1-0

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

96 thoughts on “Push Against Shove-An Eyelash Wins it for the Dodgers 1-0

  1. A-Gone made weak contact to the left side against the shift, we win 1-0. That’s what being a professional team player is all about.

    Don’t try to go for broke or put too much pressure on yourself, recognize the situation and rely on everyone doing their part.

    Roberts should have a few things to say about this game.

  2. I think Stewart was pulled after 5 so he could leave feeling confident and pumped up for his next start.

    He also was losing some of his command in the 5th.

      1. I personally wouldn’t have pulled him, but hey, it worked. Doc knows way more than I do and his decision worked out!!

        But you’re right Bum; likely he starts next on Saturday at home v. SD and maybe he can try for 6ip this time. That is, unless McCarthy is back

    1. Bum
      Although I was disapointed, I think it was a confidence thing too.

      And that had give Stewart a lot of confidence.

      But since his father is a scout, he will be reminded that that is just one game, and he will still need to keep up the hard work.

      1. The best thing about Stewart, is he doesn’t have a lot of miles on his arm, because he just recently started pitching.

  3. Damn this is fun… What a play by the Trade… Sweet…
    Now what day does Deleon get his 1st. MLB start??? Ladies and gentleman, expect something special!!! The kid is ice…

    1. I love A-Gon… just not at $43 million a year. He’s good, but not THAT good!

      He made several great plays in the series.

      If he can give us one more year…

      Ponce De Leon should start Friday!

      1. It is what it is. I read that our current roster, even with A-Gone, is like USD120 million. We have another MLB payroll’s worth on DL, plus we’re paying players on other teams. I think this year is probably it for A-Gone. The advanced stats are starting to point south dramatically, I just hope he could give us the rest of this through the post-season. Him and Utley are playing against the clock.

      2. Mark
        You have never commented on this platoon line up, don’t you think that it isn’t working, and Culberson, and maybe Kike, shouldn’t be playing in these games?

        Culberson is in AAA, because he can’t hit major league pitching consistently.

        And Kike hasn’t done much this year.

        If we make the play offs, and when we face a leftie, I don’t think these part time players, getting very few at bats, should be playing over the regular players.

        If they want to use them to pinch hit, then do that, but don’t play them over our best line up.

        Culberson has caused almost two mis plays while he has filled in.

        And he almost caused Cory not to catch that ball yesterday.

        Culberson hitting, is not worth mistakes like this, and he isn’t that great of a hitter.

        And even Kike isn’t playing center as well as he did last year, because he has never came around and hit well, so he hasn’t played center much.

        I didn’t like Joc’s at bat yesterday, when he swung from his heels with two strikes, with a runner on base, but I still don’t think the reward out weights the chance that the defense will be compromised.

        And apparently Vinny didn’t like Joc’s at bat yesterday either.

        Vinny said Joc came in and struck out for Kike, after that at bat.

        I know Vin made a mistake but that says everything.

      1. I was benching 200 then. That’s ancient history. So much has happened since that pic was taken. Been a difficult 5 years.

        But that was a good day.

  4. Trade will give us one more year!!! Once he gets in the gym come Jan/Feb next year he’ll be in fighting shape!!!
    Who’s on 1B Mark??? I’ve had Bellinger there for awhile and he’s playing a lot of OF lately… Who knew…
    I hate going to Co., it’s amusement park baseball… Urgent Notice: Do Not pitch to Arenado…

  5. Yueh_Fei: “I read that our current roster, even with A-Gone, is like USD120 million. We have another MLB payroll’s worth on DL, plus we’re paying players on other teams”.

    Yes, pretty amazing job by FAZ. A lot of cleaning up after NED and a lot of injuries, but, we are in first by 2 games. The future is finally bright Dodger fans.

  6. 1. $34 Million a year is obscene, but (if healthy) Kershaw is the best pitcher in all of baseball;

    2. $43 Million is obscener, and A-Gon is not a TOP 10 first baseman, even though he is a good one.

    3. Outside of Colorado, Arenado is not as good as Justin Turner… except on D.

    1. Regarding Kershaw, That is why, I don’t get all the angst regarding Kershaw’s opt-out and trading Ellis, his personal catcher. Why worry about two years in future, when we have all kinds of problems today? In two years, with a bad back, perhaps nobody will want us to resign Kershaw. Oh course, if that is the situation, he won’t opt out. In any event, we have lots to look forward to. Stewart gave us a little peek yesterday.

      Regarding A-Gon, good player, but, not worth $43/M. Happily, his salary gets cut in half after next season.

      1. To keep saying he is paid $43 million is disingenuous. Carl Crawford’s salary is a loss being absorbed by a billion dollar insurance company. It’s nothing to them. They’ve been paying dead money on several players for years and you don’t lump that into your FAZquations. I would ask you let it go but FAZ lovers cling desperately to tired arguments.

        3 Division Titles. And blown out of playoffs not by anything to do with Crawford, but by weak ass deadline moves each year. Not all of them done by current management, but ’15 and ’16 are theirs. We’ll see how Reddick and Hill pan out.

  7. MT
    1. Thank you for sharing that…When did he get a raise???
    2. & 3… Once again astute… But then arguing a point is like peeing in the ocean to raise the tide…
    P.S. Oh wise and disgruntled one…Who’s on 1B in 2018???

  8. How is our future any brighter than several other teams in MLB?

    Things change so quickly. I just read an article written in 2013 talking about how teams are constructing rosters for the future, the Dodgers were ranked 9th and the dbacks 8th. Cardinals, Pirates, Rays and Cubs were at the top with Cubs 5th. It’s changed dramatically in 3 years.

    There is NO WAY any predictions can be counted on. The Cubs are currently clearly the class of the NL, by many accounts still have one of the top minor league systems and they have money. Boston has a very good ML team and also has arguably the best minor league system, and they too have money. The Phillies, though not getting Dodgers prospects in the top 50, (and that is not referring to Seager or Urias) did get numbers 59, 63 and 68 so they will be better. The Rangers, pretty good ML team still has the 9th ranked minor league system even after they “traded the farm”. The Yankees and Astros look pretty deep as do the Rockies. I’m looking around the league and I see a lot of teams that are loaded. Just because you love blue and kiss FAZass does not guarantee future playoff success. There are many sabermetricians working their algorithmic magic out there too, and many have a head start on the Dodgers. Yeah, we look ok for the future. I think we will remain among the Top 10 for a while, but we are not the best. Time will tell.

    Its almost September. .500 won’t get it done. In a few weeks we will see who the real contenders are. I look for KC, Houston and Boston to push in the AL and St Louis, Pittsburgh and SF to finish strong in the NL.

    1. Badger: “There is NO WAY any predictions can be counted on”.

      True, but they can be pretty good indicators. “Things can change so quickly”. A bad trade, i.e. AZ, an untimely death, i.e. St. Louis and things do change. Why I am so high on Dodger future is the pitching prospects we have. Pitching is such a big part of winning. Dodgers probably have 5-7 potential 1’s or 2’s in minors. Can they all flame out? Yes, it’s possible, but hopefully not. I believe still a good indicator. You are right, the competition is smart also, so no guarantees going forward. But, I am pro FAZ because now Dodger front office is also “state of the art”. Our front office is doing so many things to get an “edge”. Will they ALL work? No, but, some do. The pitch framing is just one of those things. Interestingly, did you know Friedman is one of the pioneers of the “extreme defensive shifts”? I never saw any of the recent prior Dodger GM’s doing that kind of stuff. As Yueh_Fei, stated, the salaries of the active players is only about $120M. That is pretty incredible, 20 months into the FAZ domain. Don’t you think?

      You know, I have long stated, the front office’s standard of success is “getting to the playoffs”. Playoffs are a CRAP SHOOT. So no future guarantees of playoff success. That is up to the players and luck.

      1. Something we agree on.

        The playoffs are a crap shoot. But, that said, for the last three years many of us knew what it was that was needed to strengthen our squad and we watched as each year what we knew was needed, and didn’t get, was the weak link that got us bounced. The year before last it was bullpen help, last year it was the third starter, this year?

        We are in it, just as many, including me, thought we would be. I don’t see the Dodgers as the best team in the NL, let alone in all of baseball. But, like some have said, 28 years ago we weren’t the best team either so, that surely means we will do it now, just like we did then – right?

        The last two weeks. SF, COL, SD, SF. The last 6 are on the road. We win then, I believe we are in.

      2. But that would have to be getting into the playoffs by winning the division. FAZ wouldn’t deserve any credit for winning a won game coin flip.

        But don’t forget that cutting edge defensive shift is what caused us to lose game five last year.

    2. Badger
      We do have more young pitching then the Cubs.

      There minor league system is has more position players, then pitching.

        1. Badger
          I am talking about there minor league pitching.

          They have much more starting pitching at the major league level, but most of those pitchers, are older pitchers.

          1. We NEED more pitching prospects than they do. The oldest pitcher in their rotation is 33. They have a couple of pitchers in the minors that they are high on. I think they are set up very well.

  9. BO – The Trade remains the same @$21.5M next year…
    Hopefully Kersh comes back 100% and in all probability opts outs for more $$..
    It’s the American MLB way… God Bless America…

    1. I was factoring in Crawford’s salary, who’s contract we had to take to get Gonzalez.

      Yes, hopefully Kershaw comes back 100% (and does it this year) and he does opt-out. It is the American Way and the MLB agents way. It will be “big decision” time after 2018 season if this happens. I would like it if Kershaw wanted to stay and gave a hometown discount to stay. Loyalty should be a two-way street.

      And yes, God Bless America!!

    2. Badger
      Lackey and Lester, are 33?

      And Arrieta isn’t that young either.

      I think Arrieta is older then Turner, but I could be wrong.

  10. Wow Badger, who in the hell said were the best??? Were making 2016 interesting and fun for Dodger fans… It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to pick the Cubs this year and the Nats last year (Oh I forgot)…
    As BO said “we’ve been cleaning up and building up”…. The future, only the baseball gods know…

  11. I think I should go fishing again… I get all caught up with the banter… 2 games ahead – SF goes against angry Cubbies – we enter the amusement park that is Co. Life is good Dodger fans (at least better than at the A.S. break…) PAX…

  12. Where are they coming up with the $43MM salary for Agon> As far as I know is $43MM for 2017 and 2018 in total.

    1. Again, I think Mark and I are both factoring in Crawford’s salary. Which was necessary to EAT if we wanted Gonzalez.

      1. Badger
        I don’t get that either.

        Agone has been nothing but consistent, since he came to the team, and even after, Kemp’s and Hanley’s big right hand bats, were no longer with the team.

        Agone gives more then just what he does on the field too.

      1. I would rather trade him for something good now rather than run him out to the infield in a wheelchair later. Anybody can play first. Turner could be put over there, Or Grandal. Or Kendricks. Or…

  13. We have to play the Yankees, and the Marlins, at there parks.

    I hope we sweep the Marlins this time.

    We will have to see if Mattingly has us facing Fernandez in that series.

    The Yankees I guess has got some new life, from there young catcher.

    The Giants have to face the Cubs for four games, and the Cardinals in four games.

    All of those games, are away for the Giants.

    The Cardinals are not going to be easy to beat, even if they haven’t been as good as they usually are at home.

    I do hope the front office finds us a decent right hand bat, that hits lefties.

    They should have done this sooner, but if they can get the right bat, without giving up to much, it will be more then worth it, especially with the Giants having two lefties, and with the fact our guys have not figured out Cueto, like other teams have, in the second half.

    I never under estimate the Giants, but I think all of there extended play in post season, has wore out Pence and Posey, some what.

    They signed Belt to that long contract, and he stopped hitting in the second half, like he always seems to do, when he isn’t hurt.

    That might be a bad signing, because they are going to need to move Posey to first eventually, to get the best of Posey’s offense.

    It seems like Posey is getting hurt a lot, like any catcher does, and that affects Posey’s offense.

    1. The right handed bat that should be used does not need to be traded for. Unless the Brewers take Puig for Braun, Puig should be put in the lineup and remain there for the push to the finish line.

      Frankly I wouldn’t advise more trading of assets at this time and I still view Puig as an asset. MANAGE him dammit!

      1. Badger
        Here is my thing about Puig, he can’t be counted on, to hit good pitching in the play offs.

        I think he can help for this last run, but not beyond that.

        Puig has problems hitting in the clutch, and didn’t hit leftie pitching this year.

        But if playing in AAA, has boosted Puig’s confidence, I think he will do better against leftie pitching, but he has never proformed well in the post season.

      2. Apparently Puig has worn out his welcome here and WILL be traded, whether we get something good for him or not. I would rather bring him back. I think they are trying to slip him through waivers to Milwaukee for Braun. Probably won’t work, The teams that could block him from getting to Milwaukee are:
        San Diego
        If those four teams pass on him, a trade could be made for Braun because he has already cleared waivers. Some here think Braun could be traded to us for a Player To Be Named Later; (Puig in the off-season); I don’t know.

        1. I don’t know about Braun. He just doesn’t strike me as FAZonian material. But, who knows?

          Puig IS who we currently have as a middle of the order RH stick. Keep him on a leash and muzzle him if you have to but currently he IS THE GUY! I get it, nobody likes him and he isn’t a FAZ guy, but until you do something else, he is the RH stick this team needs.

          Without knowing all the details it would appear to me this whole thing has been horribly mishandled. There he sits, a 25 year old ML player with over 12 WAR and a career 132 OPS player, hitting .380 and OPSn over 1.000 at AAA and apparently nobody in the Dodgers organization knows what to do. Ridiculous.

          1. Yes, and if they really have given up on a true 5 tool player, it is the DUMBEST move FAZ will ever make.

          2. When you say manage him how would you handle a player that doesn’t stretch and can’t stay in the lineup because of muscle strains, who won’t look at film, who is moody in the clubhouse, isn’t making friends, can be nonchalant in the outfield, doesn’t use information about how pitchers might pitch to him, is the last one to arrive for home games (?)….

          3. Bum, I run him and few others in drills until he falls over. I alternate the other players so Puig runs more. I fine him if he shows up overweight and I assign him a yoga/Pilates trainer I reward him with special organic protein skittles, or find out what it is that makes him happy and as long as it’s legal I see he gets it. And I set up the team kangaroo court and let his teammates fine him with stupid embarrassing things to do. And here’s the thing about my team – I do that stuff to everybody so he knows I’m not singling him out.

            But the first thing I do is get him in therapy. Sports psychologist. I almost created a major in that field. Fascinating profession.

            And maybe they’ve tried all that and he’s still a butterhead. Maybe he doesn’t want to play for Los Angeles anymore. We can cross that bridge later. Right now he needs to be a part of this team. For the month of September he needs to be on the field.

  14. We go to Colorado for 3. SF off today and gets AZ at home for 2. Then, we come home to face SD for 3, and SF has to go to Chicago for 4.

    I’d love to go take 2-3 in Colorado. Just win series, and we get close to the division. By the way, we’re only 2 games behind Washington now. So as much as we need to fend off SF to avoid a 1 game wild card game, we’re also very close to earning home field vs Wash in round 1.

    Gona be a great 5 weeks , kids!

    1. Bobby
      Yes it is!

      The Giants having to play four games against the Cubs and the Cardinals, at there parks, won’t be easy.

      But we can’t under estimate anyone, and we have to play the Yankees and the Marlins away too, so that isn’t a walk in the park.

      1. St Louis has not played well at home for some reason this year, but they do present a problem for the Giants and they are fighting for their playoff lives. The Cubs at Wrigley, with all that power at the middle of their lineup, Giant pitchers are going to experience a real nightmare. The Yankees for us will be a challenge, but that short porch in right should fit right into our power hitters, Miami without Stanton is far less menacing.

          1. Thank you MJ, it has been a busy few days. Room mate is in the hospital, but not really doing all that well.

  15. Back from Denver. Watched the game and Stewart was impressive. Lester was Lester, and I knew if they were going to win, it would have to be against the Cubs pen. Seager’s hustle got them the run, but Gonzo’s spearing of that bullet hit by Heyward saved the game. What a class player he is. Bullpen was nails again. But to tell the truth, I have seen enough of Pedro Baez to last me a lifetime. He almost threw that game away Saturday. El Gasolino as one guy called him is a heart attack waiting to happen. On a couple other subjects broached on here. I think they will give QO’s to both Jansen and Turner, and hope Jansen turns his down. I think they want time to negotiate with Turner, since there is no real 3rd baseman or SS in the minors presently ready for MLB. Segedin is a good player, but does not have the skill set of Turner. I see nobody so far who is closer material, but they undoubtedly do not want to give Jansen the kind of years it will take to lock him up. I also believe, and I think it will prove to be a huge mistake, that they will trade Yasiel Puig this winter. Someone will want the guy. Whether or not they trade for a RH hitting OF bat, well that is purely conjecture at this point. I think they make no move to retain Reddick, SVS, Ruiz, all the BP guys who have been so so, and they will most likely, unless he proves he is totally healthy in spring training, dump Ethier and his salary ala Carl Crawford. We shall see…………..I still think the starting staff will be a liability in the playoffs.

      1. The servers on this site are running so slow my edit attempt timed out. I meant to say a lower offer than a QO, maybe just pick up his option…

      2. I doubt it. They have Barnes in the loop and Farmer is progressing well, so they have younger cheaper options, and we all know that they love that stuff.

    1. Michael
      That is why I don’t understand the knock that some put on Agone.

      He almost always in the line up, plays a good first base, saves many throws, for the other infielders, and he has consistent stats every year.

      And since he has been with the Dodgers, he has hit in the most runs, in baseball.

      And never a problem on and off the field.

      1. MJ, I think we all like a mystery and Agon no longer is one and Bellinger is. That said, we all have a choice to appreciate a near hall of fame player that Agon has been while he is here. And, who knows….

      2. A-Gone was brought here because he is an elite player. He was also brought in because he appeals to the Hispanic fans, and is hugely popular, and a model citizen. When McCourt had the team he alienated everybody. And attendance dropped like a hot rock. Bringing in A-Gone, who is a leader on and off the field was a brilliant move.

    2. Why would anybody hope Jansen go elsewhere? I keep reading how some seem to think Jansen is less than elite but I know how long it’s been since Dodgers had anyone to close that deserves the confidence he’s earned. I not only believe he’s elite, I say there’s none better. Following so many seasons where the bullpen imploded too often only Jansen showed capable of shouldering closer pressure. This isn’t Jansen’s best year but even Mariano Rivera has had worse.

      1. The funny thing about a blown save is that it is the one stat that most of the time it subtracts a win from the win column. A closer can have a great whip and era but will be remembered by the number of blown saves. Cruel.

        1. We would probably see him in a better light if we just dropped that stat.

          Urias gives up one run in the first inning on Sat and is applauded. Jansen gives up one run in one inning on Friday and we question his abilities. Weird!

          1. I say the “Hold” stat is just as worse. It’s possible to have a 4 WHIP inning and pick up a H.

            And to see a pitcher go 4.2 then watch a reliever throw as few as 1 pitch for the win is just wrong.

            And then there’s pitch framing ……….

            Never mind.

      2. He is one of the best in the league, and when he puts his mind to it, he is lights out. I think he got mad after he blew the game Friday, because the next 2 games against the Cubs, he came in and threw bullets. I think if he leaves it will be because someone gives him crazy money, which I doubt FAZ would even consider. I bet he gets 4 years and close to 60 million.

    3. Michael
      You didn’t like Baez’s throwing error, his two walks, his two hits given up, and his balk, the last inning he pitched?

      He drove me crazy that day!

        1. Must be within the rules or the umps would call a ball.

          I know fielders don’t like that. He has to know it. He just doesn’t care. He’s from Bani in the Dominican. They’re all like that there. I made that up.

          1. I agree with you Badger on the “Hold” stat and some other rules that make absolutely no sense to me. For instance:
            Why is the hitter given a time at bat when he drives in a run with a ground ball but not a fly ball(SF). Not talking about a DP.
            Why is a QS listed as 6 innings and 3 ER. That’s a 4.50 ERA . Perhaps it should be 6 innings and 2 ER.
            If a pitcher makes an error that leads to a run, that run should be EARNED for the pitcher has no one else to blame but himself.
            ETC, ETC.
            As far as pitch framing, it’s here to stay.

      1. I think Baez thinks his fastball can get anyone out, and he does not feel he needs a good off speed pitch. He also works slower than a snail, and you can time his pitches with an hour glass. The guy is more of a knucklehead than Puig ever was.

  16. A few observations:

    1. The Dodgers (Kasten & Colletti) coveted A-Gon, but had to take CC to get him and now they ARE paying $43 million for that privilege. The insurance company is not paying a dime. CC is not disabled or retired.

    2. If Pedro Baez could develop a change-up or hard slider he would go from El Gasolino to El LightsoutO. Big IF – If chickens had lips they might be people.

    3. Who will supplant A-Gon at 1B? Rios and Garlick are candidates. Rios is playing 3B but I can’t see him as an effective MLB 1B. Cody Bellinger is a Gold Glove Caliber 1B, so I think it will be him.

    4. I see Bellinger, Verdugo and Calhoun as very good MLB players, if not stars,

    5. The Dodgers will give Turner and Jansen QO’s. I’d like to have Turner back. Hell I’d take Jansen back for a year! I don’t see a 3B in the system, unless it’s Kyle Farmer, but I don’t think he will hit enough.

    6. Nolan Arenado for his career hits .308 at home and .258 on the road. If you want Arenado, know that is not who you will get. I’d offer Turner 3 years and $65 million. It’s too much, but… after that he could go to the AL and DH.

    7. What makes this team so good this year is that they are a team and a team is better than the sum of it’s parts. Add Puig back and they will disintegrate. I don’t know all that happened, but his teammates can’t stand him… from Kershaw to A-Gon to Grandal.

    8. I heard that Milwauke wants Puig and Pederson for Braun.

    9. Is Segedin another Turner (late bloomer)?

    10. Is Toles our future leadoff hitter?

    1. Lots of good points there Mark, but I do not trade Pederson and Puig for Braun. I also think that if Yasiel were to apologize to his team mates for his prior behavior, it might make a huge difference with them. Where are you planning on playing Toles? I do not think he has the power to be a CF. He does have a decent arm, so RF is possible, but they have a glut of LH hitting OF’s. Ethier is coming back in a few days. Verdugo hits LH. It is a quandary. Segedin might be a late bloomer, but I do not think he has Turners glove.

    2. Re #8 What about the money owed him? If the Dodgers pay all his salary, I wouldn’t give them Pederson too. How about Puig and Kazmir to offset the money? His possible opt-out might make that iffie. I’d really rather keep Puig.

  17. I heard they want Puig, Seager and Urias.

    I can see Toles leading off. What do we do with all the other outfielders?

    #1 you don’t know that

    #2 I said the same thing about him, Garcia and Hatcher. If those three learned to throw a two seamer both directions we wouldn’t need anyone else. Great arms, all of them. Add Montas and Chapman – oops.

    Segedin is not likely another Turner. 7 seasons in the minors he hit .280. He’s got 41 at bats in the bigs. .268/.304/.439. Not bad, but not great. He’s a replacement part.

    Everybody wants Arenado. Arenado is going nowhere for a while.

  18. My theories:
    1) Baez works slowly because it makes his fast ball look faster.
    2) If the Dodgers get Braun, the immediate results would be great, but later they would be paying a dead horse.
    3) Toles is Puig lite, on and off the diamond.

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