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Dodgers and Stripling Shut Out Red Sox 3-0

The Dodgers played the Red Sox today in a rare Saturday afternoon start. Big Papi was in the lineup, which did not bode well for a Dodgers victory.

1st inning
The first two Red Sox batters opened the game up with back to back singles. Soon enough Dodgers starter Ross Stripling was up against bases-loaded with nobody out.
Big Papi blistered one right at second base and Howie Kendrick. Kendrick stopped the ball, and threw Ortiz out, to stop at least one run from scoring. The Dodgers were also saved by a fly ball and a little nubber.
Stripling needed 25 pitches in the inning.

2nd inning
A much-needed easy inning for Stripling.
Adrian Gonzalez beat the shift for a base hit.
Kiké Enrique Hernandez followed with a base hit to left.
A.J. Ellis came up with two out and got the RBI single. 1-0

3rd inning  Dodgers 1-0
Big Papi Watch: Up with one on and two out. F9
1,2,3 out.

4th inning  Dodgers 1-0
Only one hit. Another good inning for Stripling.
AGone picked up his second hit.
Kiké base hit!
Just as Gonzo and Kiké got twin base hits in the second, Josh Reddick and Scott Van Slyke made twin rally-killing outs here and in the second.

5th inning  Dodgers 1-0
A fifth scoreless inning from Stripling.
Chris Taylor PH for Stripling.  Base hit. (Why couldn’t Stripling go another inning? Heck if I know.)
Two on and nobody out for Corey Seager. Double! 2-0

Gonzo blooped a single for another run. 3-0

6th inning  Dodgers 3-0
Grant Dayton in.
Big Papi Watch: K
Dayton’s first MLB at bat. K

7th inning  Dodgers 3-0
A great inning from Grant Dayton. He struck out the side.

8th inning  Dodgers 3-0
Joe Blanton in. Job done.

9th inning  Dodgers 3-0
Kenley Jansen vs Sox
Bradley Jr: K swinging
Leon: K swinging
Shaw: K swinging


Dodgers win! 3-0

Corey Seager Kudos: Today Seager broke the record for most doubles by a Dodger rookie (31). Previous record holder: Eric Karros (30)

Gonzo heating up: After being the only Dodger to regularly make contact against Boston’s knuckleballer last night, Agone went on a 3 for 4 tear today.

Per Vin Scully: “Grant Dayton can tell his grandkids that he struck out Big Papi.”

More Grant Dayton: 4 strike outs. Two against Hanley Ramirez and David Ortiz, and struck out the side in the seventh inning.

Little Victories: Josh Reddick got his first hit as a Dodger.

Ross Stripling (W 3-3) went 5 innings with 4 hits, O runs, 1 walk, 4 K’s   ERA 3.79

Team with RISP: 3 for 12

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

116 thoughts on “Dodgers and Stripling Shut Out Red Sox 3-0

  1. Gutsy job by Stripling and the bullpen along with some plus defense. The Dodger offense erupts with three runs; even the guys who are struggling joined the hit parade. Will they keep Stripling in the rotation, or even on the roster? And what about Grant Dayton? Stay tuned.

      1. Well Bobby Chavez era is at 2700, but you just never know with this group.

        Stripling pitched his best game as a Dodger, except his first game, when he was throwing a no hitter.

        And why did they send Dayton down even after his first game?

        Dayton once again pitched wonderful, especially with the hitters he was facing.

        Agone had three hits, and Kike had two hits.

        And AJ hit in the first run.

        It was a really good team win today, and aganist a leftie pitcher.

        And of course the Giants are winning by a lot, and will probably win this game.

          1. Jesse Chavez there MJ…….mediocre before we got him, and lousy since…..pretty much your average FAZ pickup……took Reddick 4 games to get a hit, Hill has not pitched yet, and Fields has one inning……….loads of help there FAZTER>…….

        1. A lot depends on who has options, MJ. Would anyone put money on Cain beating Strasburg? He’s fading already! Maybe we have a chance against Price after all.

          1. Snider
            Thanks for
            reminding me about that!

            I hate when that is the reason a pitcher either has to go down to AAA, or is kept with the big club.

            That is why Hatcher has been able to stay with the Dodgers.

            And that was the same reason that Libertore was initially sent down this year.

  2. This will be my last post. I am 76 years old and been a Dodger fan since my Freshman year in HS in 1954. I was a starting catcher as a freshman and loved Roy Campanella. I played college baseball. I coached HS sports for 10 years. I was a HS principal for 7 years and a Supt. of Schools for 18 years. You do not do those jobs with a thin skin. I am a positive person about the Dodgers and life. I am not negative.

    Since you have taken over Scott this board has become very negative toward the Dodgers and FAZ. I do not agree with everything FAZ has done. However, they have done more things right than wrong. When you called those of us who support FAZ ass kissers, things started to go down hill for me. You say I am negative. I am only negative toward those who rip FAZ and the players. I think FAZ and every Dodger player are doing the very best they can. They all want to succeed. A good writer makes sure his readers understands what he has written. No guessing. What you said about Strippling was wrong. Then you did what politicians do, it was a joke.

    Many have quietly left this board because of the negative comments about FAZ and the Dodger players. Even Mark has left.

    I wish all of you a good life and may the Dodgers play good Dodger baseball. That is all we can ask of them. I have no bad feeling toward any of you on this board, even you Scott.

    1. Your choice Al, but being a fan you more than any other should know that it is in a fans nature to criticize his team. I like you live and die with this team, and when they are doing well it is great and when they are struggling, not so much. My favorite player was the Duke. I loved that I actually got to see him play. As far as the front office, well, they started off on the wrong foot trading one of the more popular Dodgers right off the bat. Nobody liked the Kemp trade from the get go, then they compounded that by trading the very popular Dee Gordon. They did not address the starting pitching well. They went out and acquired injured guys, and retreads. Not the Dodger way to most of our thinking. If criticizing is being negative, well I guess I am. As for Mark, he is a pompous wind bag who thinks nobody’s opinion except for his is right…..Enjoy the Dodgers and best wishes to you.

      1. you say you don’t have a thin skin, but then you walk away from a SPORTS BLOG where everybody is ranting and raving half the time. We’ve all been critical, we’ve all said goofy things, we’ve all been wrong, and we all get excited if the Dodgers win.

        Mark complained about different things than Scott. Mark was negative about different things than Scott. It’s all part of being the writer.

        Enjoy your time away; hopefully we see you in September when we’re right in the thick of things (and Rich Hill is close to coming off the DL)!!!

        We all would welcome you back, because, this is just a sports blog, and well……it’s really not that serious.

    2. Idahoal
      I sometimes think that you take stuff to personally.

      If others don’t feel the exact same way that you feel, that isn’t a knock on you.

      That is just someone voicing a different opinion.

      You have to remember at this site, everyone’s different opinions are welcome.

      I think Mark will be back, because of the fact, that everyone is ok to voice there opinions here.

      And Mark likes to voice his opinon loud, and he does this in a pretty colorful way, at times.

      At the other site, Mark can’t voice his opinion, in the way he can here.

      And actually Mark likes to debate, and make extreme deals, and get reactions from people.

      And Mark does this, to get people thinking.

      Mark also says some things, that offend some people too, when he is voicing his opinion.

      But just like Bum, I like some of the things that Mark says, and I don’t take it personally.

      Most of these Dodger sites, support anything that Faz does.

      So there are a lot of other sites you can go to, and in those sites, everyone backs anything that Faz does.

      And everyone is a yes person at those sites, so if you want to hear the same thing from everyone, then there is many sites out there, for you.

      But this is the only site, that you will hear a lot of different thoughts, and no one is going to attack you, because they don’t agree with you.

      They might debate with you, but they won’t attack you as a person.

      I wonder why you take what Scott posts so personally.

      Because when Mark posts some colorful language and calls people idiots, you don’t seem to mind what Marks says.

      And Scott has never called anyone here, a name for having a different opinion.

      What I am saying is don’t take things so personal.

      Just because someone doesn’t share your same thoughts, that doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

    3. Idahaol,

      I am sorry to hear that you want to leave. That is certainly your choice and you are free to do so. There are many other Dodger sites you can comment on. I would hate to see you leave because of something you perceive to be true over here that isn’t. Evryone has their own style of writing. While I can be polarizing and at times shocking, my main goal over here is to always have fun and provide everyone with a good forum to discuss the Dodgers. I think you take things too seriously.

      The Stripling comment was obviously a toung in cheek joke. I think Stripling is a serviceable option as a spot starter, but I don’t think I would trust him in a playoff game. You should be able to differentiate what’s a joke and what isn’t. I try to keep things lively and fun over here. There are other forums that are a lot worse than this site. Believe me. You are welcome to check those out and see for yourself.

      The board is what the posters make of it. the board is neither negative or positive, it just is. A few posters have left but not because of anything I’ve written. Roger left because he felt there were too many articles written per day. Watford left because somebody called him or name or something. Other posters who claim they will leave or are leaving always come back.

      FYI, Mark has not left and I am in communication with him.

      The internet is what you make of it. This is a Dodger blog and baseball is supposed to be fun. I will never censor myself or anyone else over here. I wish you the best Idahoal. My guess is you will be back sooner than later when you realize that the other forums don’t suit your needs or personality.

  3. Idaho, I wish you’d stay, but I understand what you’re doing n saying… This ship just cant stay on course…
    P.S. We’re 2 out and gonna win the NLW… That’s what I’ve said all along and I’m sticking with it…
    P.S.S. Watford, my main man across the Pond, Are you there???

    1. Peter
      Watford hasn’t been here, since AC accused him of something he didn’t do.

      I wouid like to hear from him too.

      I think AC took something the wrong way, with Watford.

  4. Sorry to hear that al. With your background I would have thought you would be better equipped to engage controversy. Guess not. Maybe you would be happier at TBLA. No controversy regarding FAZ there. All like thinkers.

    It feels to me like the entire world’s rubber band is stretched about as far as it can go. Did anyone see the Real Sport report on the corruption in the IOC and the real world effect the Olympics has on host cities? I think that is an example of what is happening on our planet. No need to go into details as I’m sure it would stir emotions. If you haven’t seen it, I think you should.

    It would appear there are those who just do not want to hear any criticism of Dodger management.

    Price v McCarthy. Scary matchup, but then I didn’t think a 4A pitcher could beat the Sox yesterday and he did. That’s why they play the game.

    1. I’ve been a Dodger fan almost as long, but I’ve been disgusted at what a parade of bad ownership/management has done to my team, and I won’t keep my mouth shut as it continues. If you want optimism, Think Blue is the place for you, folks. Ron does a good job of covering the minor leagues and I’m sure he won’t tolerate the name-calling that sometimes mars this site. But if you want to complain, don’t bother.

      I miss AC and some of the other guys who have left. Even though I didn’t always agree, their posts were thoughtful and invited discussion. There are a few I won’t miss and I’ll say no more about them.

      1. Same here Snider. Been a fan long enough to see a couple of bad owners rip the foundation out and make some really bad trades. We as fans invest time, money and love into the team, and we should expect the powers that be to try and put together as good a team as possible. And to remember Dodger history. Criticizing the FO for what we see to be bad decisions is something most of us do automatically. If I think they made a lousy trade, I say so. If I think they signed someone who was not worth the money, or who got an outrageous sum, I tell it like it is. This FO has made some very puzzling moves. They did not do what they said they were going to do at the deadline and acquire a elite player…please, none of the 4 guys they brought in is elite. They did do the right thing with Puig as I am sure he will see this demotion for what it is. His last chance to tap that immense talent he has….

  5. Boston favored -108. 7.5 runs. Price is obviously a better pitcher, and Boston is clearly a better offensive club. I got the Dodgers. Don’t want to be negative you know.

    1. I want to think the same way too, Badger.

      And Price hasn’t been that good this year but you never know, that is why we like baseball.

    1. As much as I like Chris Sale, thats a little too much. Puig, Urias, and 2 or 3 others not named DeLeon, Verdugo or Bellinger might work. Having Holmes available here to be added with Puig & Urias would have been a good thing.

      1. You’re already writing off the most recent trade?

        Oh my God!!! Reddick went 0 for 4!! What a horrible trade!!! We gave a way the next Don Sutton for this dumpster diving garbage!!

        Knee jerk…predictable….tedious

    1. Well I agree with 4 of them. Sheffield forced the Dodgers to trade him. He was not happy here and he even admitted he was not playing hard every game. As for FAZ, as time goes on we will see how those trades work out. Every trade on that list is pretty much accurate, although I do not really think trading a fading Dave Roberts was a bad thing. It was pretty much a minor move at the time.

      1. There was a website called Dodger Blues which had lists of the worst trades and the worst draft picks in LA history. Yeah, it’s not a fun read. I agree there was a reason Sheff played for so many teams. First year: It’s great to be here. Second: I’m not getting the respect I deserve. Third: I’m not getting the money I deserve. Fourth: Trade me. Too bad they didn’t just give Piazza the contract he wanted.

        In Roberts it looked like the Dodgers may have found the leadoff hitter they’d been looking for since the Martinez trade, even if he wasn’t elite. Trading him seemed to send a message that speed and hustle weren’t important. But I agree it pales in importance next to the other four.

        1. Speaking of bad trades, how about remembering a decent one………Dec, 1964…Dodgers traded Frank Howard, Phil Ortega, Ken McMullen, Pete Richert and a player to be named later to the Washington Senators for Claude Osteen and John Kennedy…plus 100,000.00…. Not a bad trade, although at the time I thought they were nuts for trading Big Frank. McMullen returned to the Dodgers years later……the player to be named later turned out to be Dick Nen……a 1st baseman who never really lived up to his potential,,, there is that word again, and he hit a homer against the Cardinals in 63 which ranks up there with the Gibson shot as being instrumental in helping the team win a championship….and he is the father of yep, you guessed it, former reliever Rob Nen.

  6. Wow. Good find Wonder.

    From untouchable to included in a carload of top prospects for a guy who may, or may not have several good years ahead of him.

    One might want to consider reading up on the facts before launching that missile.

    What happened to the employing of shooting stars at the beginning of their careers? Isn’t that why we’ve been driving these used cars the last two years? If we are going to trade for starting pitching and “gut the farm” shouldn’t it be for somebody that is entering their prime, not leaving it?

    I still say stay the course. But clearly I don’t know wtf the course is.

    1. It is like WWII Badger…..the ship is sailing zig-zag….and the A’s fleeced FAZ…………

      1. The In Laws:

        “Serpentine Shel! Serpentine!” Still cracks me up.

        At the risk of sounding negative (walking on egg shells here) I don’t see FAZ making bold, and reckless moves like the ones referenced. I don’t see them sending all those A and B prospects for Sale. Those guys are all too important in building the post ’18 juggernaut.

        1. Bobby
          That is why it is only common sense, to question some of these pitchers that they have got, with long injury histories.

          You just don’t sign pitchers, with long injury histories., and expect them, not to get hurt.

          And I don’t really know, how much cheaper, this way really is, in the long run.

          And when these pitchers go down, it not only costs more money, it can cost young prospects, like it did, this year.

          But remember, they are saving our prospects, by signing these type of pitchers.

          1. Yup. Let’s see in October when we can assess what Hill/Reddick did for us. And then in a couple years when the 3 we traded should have impacted the A’s in some way

      1. Why, ?? He is a young guy and has better mechanics than most. He is certainly as good as Hamels. He would not be a gamble in my eyes while every so called prospect is. The only guy who has come up this year and opened my eyes is Stripling. That kid gets it. Urias is exactly what I figured he would be, a 5 inning pitcher with a lot of skill, but zero experience. They brought him up BEFORE he was ready.

  7. Those who can’t take negativity amaze me. This team has won squat since 1988. Its biggest rival has beat it like a drum for the better part of 10 years, with 3 titles. And laughed about it. Ownership spends money like it is printing it. This isn’t Brooklyn in the ’50’s when the team w as in the world series about every year, but just couldn’t beat the Yankees until 1955. This team hasn’t come close to the world series. To say it is trying its best isn’t good enough. All teams and players try their best, I think. As a player, you do your best. So what? Doing your best and still losing deserves criticism. I’ve never been into lovable losers. But that is what this team is trying hard to become. Losing is hard to love in sports. When we accept losing, we should all quit. That is what the positive people have done. Accepted losing. To digress: Mattingly takes on the giants tomorrow. Maybe he can finally do us some good.

    1. Players may do their best but is the front office doing its best to put the best team they can afford on the field? Fans are already paying as if they’d won a championship. And I’m not talking about taking on huge free-agent salaries; I’m talking about allocating resources more wisely.

    2. And Bobby that is only one deal, and I don’t think that will hurt us to much, it was just the point.

      I think what has made people upset, is the fact that Friedman went out of his way and told the press, that he would be targeting elite players.

      Even Mark was listing who we should give up to get Sale and Archer.

      And then Mark did a about face, and was saying something different.

      It was like Mark got some inside info, and was suddenly saying, let’s keep our young pitchers.

  8. Pass on Chris Sale. We should have just stayed put. I’m really not seeing what Rich Hill could bring … a lot of smoke and mirrors. Just my opinion.

    1. I disagree. Chris Sale is one of the better pitchers in baseball, and if he cost 4 prospects, who are just that until they prove different, I make the deal. I would have even tossed in Urias……he is a maybe….Sale is a definite yes…But not Seager, or Bellinger.

  9. One more thing, no matter what happens this year, I think Roberts is a keeper. This team should not have 61 wins (one more than the Red Sox). Roberts, even with his lineup struggles against left handlers, has shown enough that I think we should be patient with him and his staff.

    1. Dave is a good guy, and no manager should be judged on one season. But I will wait to see how he does next year, and would love to see how he does with a roster that is healthy instead of totally banged up

  10. Pretty much here is my take on criticizing. The ownership after the 2014 season decided they wanted a new direction in the GM and director of baseball operations side of the team They hired Friedman, Zaidi and a host of former GM’s to accomplish this. They pushed Colletti into a mostly superficial position. Now, the team was coming off back to back division titles. Not easy to do. They had fought through injuries to one of their best players, Matt Kemp, and horrid production by a couple of overpaid OF’s , namely Ethier and Crawford. Although Crawford did contribute more than Andre in 2014. They had a solid 1-2 pitching punch, a very mediocre bullpen, and a average offense. It was proved in the playoffs that they needed a solid #3 starter. Ryu had been good but was having some injury issues. Their solution, to the dismay of most Dodger fans was to use their saber metric programed brains and trade their most productive OF, Kemp, and their most exciting player to watch, Dee Gordon. They flipped 2 of the pieces they got back, Zack Elfin, and Heany to the Phillies and Angels for a declining Jimmy Rollins and a solid 2B, Howie Kendrick. They kept Grandal, Hernandez, Wieland, Barnes, Hatcher…..Wieland contributed nothing, Barnes, not much, Hernandez was fun to watch and played very well. Grandal started out like Johnny Bench and ended up like Johnny Oates. They addressed the starting pitching by signing McCarthy and Anderson, 2 pitchers with long injury issues. McCarthy went down after 5 starts. Ryu was hurt, Bolsinger was stop gap at best, and Anderson, although injury free was nothing more than a .500 pitcher. What saved the season was Zack Greinke pitching out of his mind. Kershaw was Kershaw, and the rest of the rotation was mediocre. The offense sputtered and clanked along, managing to produce just enough to stay ahead of the Giants. They won the 3rd division title going away. Then what happened…..same old same old……they lost in the NLDS. To the Mets who had 3 solid starters who were young, and can throw bullets. Greinke lost the last game 3-2 because he gave up a home run to a guy who was playing out of his mind that series. So we as fans are supposed to be happy with 3 straight division titles and NO WORLD SERIES appearances since 88? No,,….they did not address the obvious need at the deadline, a solid starter, instead we got Wood and Latos and more fan frustration. They have signed enough walking wounded players to fill a hospital ward and it is more of the same this year, and all along our bitterest rival goes out and makes moves that solidify their team and make them a serious threat. Granted, we have hung close without our best pitcher and with a patchwork quilt of a starting rotation and bullpen, With a roster that seemingly changes every day. And with an offense that goes off one day and disappears the next. So what do they do at the deadline….same old same old./……..they do not get elite guys, they get 2 rentals and a couple of so so relievers…..I am not cheering guys who openly do not do what they said they were going to do…..sorry. I am not going to be led down the road that says what ever they do I agree with….time will tell if they made good moves, but the moves they made brought this team NO CLOSER to the Series. If anything it just plugged a small leak……….

  11. Geez Micahael, what a whiner. You state the facts like they’re true or something. In order to have vision, you must live in the future! I think maybe Timmons said that so perhaps I should put it in quotes. Screw it.

    The deadline move last year made me gag. And the chair folding in October was no surprise to me. So, after cleaning up my vomit, and completing my therapy, I got on board with the rebuild. And then the deadline came and those FAZtards did it again. Three good prospects, two in the top 80, traded for a right fielder, of which we already have two, and an out of commission rebuilt pitcher that may or may not help. And here we are again – we may or may not.

    Of course we are all in for this year. We care. Which is why we whine.

    Over/under on televised snotrrockets launched today? How about….. 6.

  12. Yeah..a whiner no doubt and pretty frippen fed up with the status quo on these guys…….a shocker of a move is just not in their DNA and I expect more of the same this offseason……..Especially since ownership proclaimed they were committed to bringing a champion ship to Los Angeles…..and restoring Dodger tradition…….yeah………Brooklyn tradition…..close…..but no cigar…..

  13. My person posting rules are very simple:
    1) Never say anything to a person on line that I would not say to him or her in person if I had two beers or less;
    2) Never tell another person what he thinks or feels. (I hate it when somebody summarizes my thoughts inaccurately.)
    I don’t think a person should be upset by disagreements. If a person starts calling others derogatory names, I just write him/her off as a poor sport.

  14. Trades should be about the future, not 2 or 3 months, specially when you trade promising minor league arms. Never buy in a sellers market. Way too expensive and mortgages the future. FAZ did more than I would of done in that regard but luckily the farm still very strong and deep. I’d of just played the pat hand and traded when the environment was more buyer friendly, and if that doesn’t happen keep getting free of large contracts and collecting prospects till trading becomes an advantage and not a give away. Common sense business practices work in baseball too. Fan base way to desperate for a WS. Get over it. Gonna happen when and if it happens. Don’t combine desperate trades with bad business deals. That’ll just add years to the all ready yuge WS drought.

        1. Michael
          I wasn’t talking about the Dodgers.

          I was talking about poster Since 1958.

          I saw him make a comment on, that he didn’t use the right year, for his monicker.

      1. No, he’s been a fan since they came to LA. I wouldn’t call this a pat hand, however. More like drawing to an inside straight.

    1. Well I agree to a point, but the trade deadline is usually used to make your team better, or jettison payroll when you are out of it. The only time the market is buyer friendly is in the winter. But you go into the trade deadline with needs as big as the Dodgers had, the other teams will use that to their advantage. The Dodgers were handicapped by the need for better starting pitching and the fact that everyone knows their farm system at this point in time is stacked. No one wants to mortgage the future, but did they make the team better trading 3 top 100 pitchers for 2 two month rentals>? I do not think so, now if they had traded those guys for Archer, or someone like that, I would have felt they will building for the future, but they traded 3 kids for a 36 year old pitcher and a LH hitting RF, and we have 4 guys who can play RF. They needed RH pop, and they got more LH pop….they did not address the need…..they did not make the team that much better….and they traded young guys to do that…….not very smart…and if you think Hill is going to help close that gap, well you are dreaming

    2. Sorry. I don’t agree. The three arms we traded may or may NOT be future major leaguers and if they are, to what degree of success? Nobody knows. They are afterall just prospects.
      Even with their departure we STILL have 10 of our top 20 prospects as pitchers. Certainly they can’t ALL be up with the big club.
      That was a deal of strength in numbers from our side. We are strong in P and OF in our top 30

      1. I don’t know about Michael but to me, I really don’t mind that we traded prospects, the problem is we traded them for almost garbage. Better they had been traded last year for Hamels or whomever.

        1. Never have minded that if we got a solid player back in return. Bobby Valentine was nothing more than a high prospect when the Dodgers traded him to get Andy Messersmith

      2. Was not my point, my point is that while they are prospects they went for RENTALS. Not someone who has a long term future with the team. Granted both Reddick and Hill may resign with the Dodgers, but just how much money are you willing to pay a guy who will be 37 next year to pitch when you have all that youth on the way>? Had they gotten someone who I feel could actually contribute to winning a world series, I might never have said a word. The deal is not that great, we dealt from numbers and got a so so return. Hill has not pitched yet, and will not until Friday, Reddick got his first hit yesterday, but has done nothing when he has been up with runners in scoring position. They did not fill NEEDS with this trade. We needed another LH hitting outfielder like we needed teeth pulled for fun.

      3. They also have 5 outfielders on the 40 man besides the 4 on the active roster, so they are loaded in the OF. So why trade for another, and a 2 month rental at that???? Does not make any sense at all..

  15. How can any Dodger fan, not have some negativity, after all they are our Bums.

    And if you have listened to Vinny through the years, he has always said that the Dodgers don’t do anything easy.

  16. I have never posted on this site but I read it, and maybe I am not supposed to say this, but Mark told me that he has gotten lots of e-mails about starting back up LA Dodger Talk and that he is going to do it… with the rules that he originally had long ago. He likes Scott and doesn’t want to disrupt his blog, but he thinks the guys at the other site are silly. I guess Ron e-mailed him that he couldn’t post anything said at another site. He told Ron that was OK because it was his site. Maybe that’s why only three or four people post there. Hopefully, he won’t be mad I told you this. I have no idea when he will do it but he said soon.

    1. I’d like to see those E-mails and from whom. I used to be on his site before he closed it down with no warning. You’d think he’s have better manners. He ran the site like a…….well never mind. Enough said about him. He’s in the past and I hope history.

    2. Hi Roger! My first glove was a Roger Craig model. Maybe Ron doesn’t want arguments spilling over from other sites? His site, his rules. I guess I like it here, so far.

    3. Roger,

      thanks or the info. I have actually been in touch with Mark. Mark and I talk often so I know what’s going on. I hope you post over here more often. You’re welcome to do so whenever you like. I appreciate the heads up.

  17. My only rule would be civil behavior and admittedly there have been a couple who brought out the worst in me. I have NO problem with differences in opinions but when your opinion is viewed as idiocy or moronic a line has been crossed. I look at results and what I have seen far too many times is what Michael just referred to – close but no cigar. Now my suggestions on what to do certainly could have ended with similar results, but it’s tough to see what they’ve done, predict disaster, and be proven right. It doesn’t make me feel better that’s for sure.

    So what is the plan? Is it win this year with Blister Boy taking Kershaw’s place and Reddick taking Puig’s? If so, I don’t think it’s going to work. I don’t believe that makes me stupid or negative, though some will argue I am both. Frankly I think it makes me prescient. That’s right, I said it. I’m oracularily prescient.

    Is our game nationally televised? I’m not finding it on my guide here.

    1. I agree on the civil behavior for sure. Mark’s problem was that if you disagreed or had your own opinion that was not in line with his, you were an idiot or some other lower life form. I am not by any means the end all know all, but I know Dodger history, better than most, but not as good as some. I lived it breathed it, and thrived on it. I died when they lost and cheered like mad when they won. I can still to this day remember the numbers a vast majority of players wore when they played in blue. I have earned the right to expect the front office to try and win. We have had 27 straight years of failure in a city where we won in every decade through the 80’s. What happened after that??? Bad ownership, poor trades, lousy drafts, there are a ton of reasons and through it all most of us stood by the team. The 5 rookies of the year in a row, quick, anyone name them all without looking it up?? Who can name every Dodger ROY since the award began? How about the names of all our series MVP’s? That’s dedication to your team and knowing your subject. If they did not have the pictures on the wall in the Dodger offices I doubt FAZ and Fried Brains would know who we were talking about….

        1. You nailed it Snider! Outstanding my friend…….since the moved to LA they have had 11 I think. 5 in a row, and 4 in a row in the late 70’s early 80’s and Big Frank in 1960. The other 4 were Sax, Valenzuela, Howe, and Sutcliffe. Also Ted Sizemore in 1969

          1. What about Frenchy? Although I must admit they should have given it to Joe Morgan instead.

      1. Mark gets impatient with repetitive foolishness, as do it. You don’t hesitate to repeat endlessly the canard that the FO are incompetent “fried brains,” or your everlasting reminders that you don’t like Grandal in spite of the objective data that shows him to be the 6th best catcher in baseball. You and others complain and whine and criticize and use salty pejoratives to leaven your criticism, and what Mark does is just take exactly what you dish out and shove it right back in your faces. You don’t like it. You don’t agree with it. Your ego can’t and wont brook conflicting arguments and evidence, so you label Mark as the problem.

        1. Grandal is what he is. I do not like the guy. That is my choice. Anyone who used PEDS should be out of the game period. There is no place for them. I lost respect for every player that had the need to cheat, and yes those who played for the Dodgers too. Mark is a legend in his own mind and a pompous ass. I have no ego to stroke. No axe to grind and no love for saber metric geeks who put the most boring collection of ball players on the planet together and expect the fans to love these guys. There is nothing exciting or lovable about this team. The only truly exciting player to watch is on the DL nursing a bad back. So your opinion of my opinion mean’s bupkis. I called Mark a name AFTER he called me one first then I called him out. As far as calling Friedman Fried Brains, well that is my nickname for him. So what? You do not like it? That is your problem. From where I sit after watching this team for over 60 years is that he might have built some depth, but there is DAMN LITTLE QUALITY.

    2. Badger
      It is national televised, and TWC is also showing it too.

      It is on the MLB Channel, and the Dodger Channel.

  18. We have all heard of the slippery path and habits.

    Negativity begets negativity.

    Our military is weak. Our deals are terrible.

    Way too early to say the Hill and Reddick trade was bad. We all know that yet we blast away ala groundhog day.

    Turner swings at 3 pitches over his head, Agon strikes out on a pitch at his feet without comments, yet Joc swings at a 97 mph rising fastball that followed 89 mph slider and negativity erupts.

    Joc gets thrown out at second doing what he was supposed to do when an outfielder doesn’t find the cutoff man and it’s all knee-jerk reaction negativity because it has become a habit.

    The Dodgers are in a pennant race and are doing well enough that I think they can win a 4th consecutive Division. Given that, what justifies so much negativity?

    It’s one thing to blast FAZ from time to time and another thing to basically say the same thing over and over again.

    We all know each other’s positions. We have documented them many times. That includes me.

    Even MJ has drank the whine kool-aid.

    Got that morons? 😉

    1. I mentioned Joc swinging at air on the prior blog, but it is just human nature to want better I think. Am I a moron? Sometimes probably. I get on a roll about something that just plain chaffs my ass and will not let go. But above it all I want the team to win. I do not think they did enough or brought in the right guys, and I definitely think winning the division is doable, but beyond that….no way…not enough pitching or reliable offense…

    2. Bum:
      I can’t nor will I speak for others. I have some negativity maybe more than some but hopefully less than others. I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1947 and now just like then I bleed Dodger Blue.
      I try to see both points of view on all issues but one of my weaknesses is trying to be an armchair General. I want things to go perfectly for the team and anyone wearing a Dodger uniform. Perfect for me would be 162-0 so many times it’s my heart and not logically my head.
      I can’t and won’t apologize for that. Like some here I’m also ex-military and I fought for what I could say. If that’s being negative, then so be it.

      1. Let’s not forget that baseball in and of itself is a game of failure. As a hitter if you fail 65% of the time you’re HOF worthy.

      2. I did that on playstation 2 ……entire undefeated season, playoffs and world series sweep….was sweet…….not real, but sweet none the less…..

      3. You are not negative Richie. I like to read comments with some thought and they can’t be all positive because FAZ and Robert’s do things that seem wierd.

        But if the Dodgers do well in the playoffs, which might happen, just how much crow do we want to put on our plates?

        Today, I would rather Joc were in CF and Reddick on the bench against Price. That doesn’t make Roberts wrong.

    3. From one moron to another, my Bum.

      It is hard to not to say anything, when Joc made two bad base running decisions

      I don’t know which broadcast you had, but even Nomar wasn’t happy with Joc’s base running error.

      But I think Joc is adjusting to not being as quick as he once was.

      Since Joc has built up his legs, he is not quite as quick as he use to be.

      And everyone doesn’t think it is fair not to say anything about Joc, when Puig would be crucified if he made those two base running errors.

      And I do give Joc complements when he does well too.

      And he has made a great stride with his hitting, in the last couple weeks.

      And Nomar talked about Joc’s strides, in the pregame shows.

      But those were base running errors, and Nomar and Orel talked about Joc’s base running.

      I guess we all expect more from Joc, in that department.

      But I did think Kike should have stayed in that game yesterday, because he had two hits in that game, and had a hit in the game before.

      Because our team desperately needs hitters, that can hit left hand pitching, and if Kike is coming around, I think we should give him at bats.

      And I think went a little over broad these last couple weeks, because Mark kept on harping on Matt Kemp.

      And I know Mark likes Kemp, and knows he can hit.

    4. Since I think I was the first to criticize Joc’s base-running, I should say that since I was only listening to the game while the rest of you were watching, I’ll take your word that it wasn’t his fault. This was the second time in a week he’s run into an out, but I guess I’m frustrated with the team’s propensity to make outs running the bases.

  19. Rob Segedin in the starting lineup in LF…….did not even see that he had been called up and have seen no transaction record of the move, but there he is batting 8th..

    1. Michael
      I saw that.

      But does he even. Play in the outfield?

      They brought him up, because he hits leftie pitching well.

      I have no problem with it, if he can play in the outfied.

  20. Segedin was not on the 40 man roster so a corresponding move would have to be made, somebody DFA’d , released or placed on the DL…….as of this moment he is not listed on the roster…….

      1. I totally agree there. He did a great job in spring training. And he is hitting over 300 at OKC with 21 dingers…….lets see what he can do, but I am not sure he is an OF..

  21. Yasiel Puig batting 5th and playing RF today for OKC……light em up kid..we want you back the way you were…

    1. Roger that.
      Moving players around as much as they do can’t be good for their health or performance. Hiring FAZ to run the Dodgers would be like a company opening a nice restaurant in town and hiring the kid who had a successful lemonade stand to run it.

  22. Okay,, just got this update off twitter. Dodgers select Rob Segedin from OKC, and send Chris Taylor down. Transfer Trayce Thompson to the 60 day DL. That’s what they are saying. Segedin wearing # 26.

      1. Segedin has power…Taylor not so much. Segedin can also backup Gonzo at first, guess they think Kike can handle SS if Seager needs a blow…they are still carrying 13 pitchers, which to me is too many….and leaves you a short bench.

        1. Michael
          They brought him up, because he hits leftie pitching well.

          But does he play in the outfield at all?

          I have no problem with this move, if he is ok in the outfield.

          I have heard many people, wanting the Dodgers, to give him a chance, so we will see soon.

          1. They brought him up because he is a RH power hitter. And the only guy supplying power from the right side is Turner. He played some OF at OKC, but not a lot. Mostly 3B and 1st…. I think he should have been one of the first players recalled……

  23. Our military is the strongest on this planet and our deals accomplish exactly what they are meant to accomplish – funnel money uphill.

    As long as I’ve known him Mark has never allowed anyone to tell him what he can say or how he can say it. His ego is the size of Montana. He can have his own private party and as long as he is worshiped it might work. He can eliminate those who disagree. He has history of that.

    This year’s team. Well, Bum said it. We are all on record what we think. Now we ride it out. The giants suddenly look pedestrian. We are playing .500. Just get in the playoffs. History proves once that is done, anything can happen.

    1. Mark isn’t even here. Why do you even bring him up? Why do you go to another blog where he currently frequents just to troll him? Why is nearly every single one of your posts have some snide, self-righteous dig aimed at him?

      You are absolutely obsessed with the guy. That’s not Mark. That’s you and your ego.

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