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The Dodgers Are Trying To Bring The All-Star Game Back To Dodger Stadium

1980 all-star game

What’s the one thing we’ve seen just once at Dodger Stadium in the historical park’s 56-year resume? That would the all-star game of course. And according to multiple sources on the internet, we might be seeing its return to Dodger Stadium in the near future.

The Dodgers front office is fighting hard to secure the game for 2020 at Dodger Stadium. The last and only time the midsummer classic as they call it has been hosted by the Dodgers was back in 1980. That was the year that the Dodgers also unveiled the brand new state of the art diamond vision above the left field pavilions. Ah sweet diamond vision I’ve missed you, but I digress.

Diamond Vision
Diamond Vision

The Dodgers are so hyped about bringing the all-star game back to Chavez Ravine that they’re willing to pay 100,000 dollars for it. The Los Angeles City Council has to authorize a contract between the two sides first. Which they already did. There’s an all-star game selection committee that decides on where the future games will be held. That means MLB officials have to inspect and approve Dodger Stadium first before the game is played there.

But what officials would ever disapprove Dodger Stadium? It’s the most beautiful park in baseball. The sights and sounds, the pavilions, the Los Angeles view, the pristine field, and the classic design. The place is dripping with history and Montejo beer. There is no better place for an all-star game than Dodger Stadium.

This year’s all-star game is being held in Washington D.C. at National’s Park. Too bad the Dodgers couldn’t have hosted this year because Dave Roberts will be managing the National League squad. And you know what that means don’t you? It means the Dodgers will have a lot of all-stars represented this year. I’m guessing more than half the team will be Dodgers. Everyone’s an all-star this year. Just think, Enrique Hernandez…..all-star. Ross Stripling….all-star. Pedro Baez? Definitely all-star. Even peanut man Roger Owens may find himself on the NL roster as well. Actually Roger probably deserves it more than Baez does, but you get the idea.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

61 thoughts on “The Dodgers Are Trying To Bring The All-Star Game Back To Dodger Stadium

  1. 38 years and counting. With 30 teams you would think they would have hosted it again by default. But with teams getting new ball parks and such, it just has not worked out that way. One thing you could say for a LA hosted game. All those pre-game events would be bigger than ever. It would be amazing to watch Judge and Stanton each try hitting a ball out of Dodger Stadium. I have been lucky because I saw it done twice, by the same player…..Willie Stargell. The first one was off a guy named Alan Foster. Cleared the roof of the RF Pavilion. Hardest ball I ever seen hit there was by Frank Howard. He hit a bullet into the LF pavilion that never got more than 20 feet in the air and it broke one of the boards that the seats were made of back then….when the stadium first opened the pavilion seats were more like bench’s. Howard hit a HR off Whitey Ford in the 63 series with one hand……….it went right down the LF line and landed in the 2nd deck…..That ball most certainly would have been the first out of Dodger Stadium had he not pulled it like that. It also reminds me of one of my favorite Scully moments. Howard hit a HR in old Schibe Park in Philly. It went clean out of the stadium and Vinny said the ball was in orbit because it was still climbing when it left the stadium.

    1. I think I saw that Howard home run. It was right down the line second deck. I remember the sound it made when it hit empty seats. It took about 3 and half seconds from bat to seat. To this day it was the hardest ball I ever saw hit, including the ball I saw Piazza hit out of the stadium.

  2. Some team is going to take Edwin Rios from us, and get a really really good hitter for cheap. This guy is a legit offensive player.

        1. Yes, they do. How many times has FAZ chosen not to trade prospects for proven top tier players? Bluto, give me a break.

          1. Stop changing your stupid comments. You said they hate to trade prospects, they do not.

            Holmes, montas, Calhoun, peraza, schebler, de Leon, o’neill cruz, angel German, AJ Alexy, Brenden Davis

  3. I seem to be developing a concern for Corey Seager. Is it me or does anyone else think he is hurt an awful lot? As young as he is you would not think he would be hurt so much. This is his 3rd year and he seems to already be developing medical problems. I can’t remember how many times he has been on the DL or how many games he has missed due to injury? Is there any way to obtain this information?

  4. I did think about that pack, but this has happened to others – Werth and Stanton come to mind.

    Koehler’s season may be in the toilet. Yeah, I know. But somebody had to say it.

    1. I know, I hate to agree but this pickup was not very smart if I recall his career. Oh well, good FA and good trades for good players do not seem to be in the cards for the Dodgers. I read where Roberts was a little concerned. I thought that was very profound.

      1. Corey did not have injury issues in the minors. All 3 years he has been in the big league camp he has had issues that kept him out for most of the spring. Then he has been ok during the regular season until last year when the elbow flared up. From what I read he should be back out on the field in about 10 days because his re-hab was interrupted by that virus. Koehler has only been on the DL once in his career. It was for bursitis in his shoulder…….this looks more serious than that. Opens the door for a couple of other guys that’s for sure. Peter, Peters and Verdugo homer in the win. Grandal finally got a hit.

      2. Didn’t think much of Kohler in the first place. Now Alexander – with his 70% ground ball rate – that’s the pickup I’m counting on this year.

  5. Sorry to interject late in this thread. Michael, I was at that game too when Wilver Stargell hit that bomb. The palm trees were barely above the pavilion roof. We were sitting in the club level with Sugar Ray Robinson in the seat next to me. Oh!!!! to know what I was experiencing then.

    1. Hey Tim. I was in a box seat down the left field line about 30 feet from the foul pole. I got Stargell’s autograph on a ball I caught in batting practice that game. Then he hit that bomb. It was awesome. I was also there when he hit another one out in 1973. That one was off of Andy Messersmith. I was home on leave after getting back from Germany. For that one I was in the LF pavilion.

  6. For years it was only Stargell. Then Piazza. After that I lost track and didn’t care because of rhoids rage. If Cody hits one out then I’ll remember that.

    I want to say that Dave Kingman hit one into the LF Loge section. Anyone recall that one?

    1. Piazza and Stargell are the only 2 players to ever do it. Others have hit them deep, but not deep enough. Get your self a media guide. Better than the year book and it has complete profiles on the players plus things like stadium history, all the players who have ever played for the Dodgers, numbers that the plyers have worn and a nice section called the last time it happened.

    2. I think you are right about Kingman, the only other guy I saw hit one there was Howard in the 63 series and he did it with 1 hand off of Whitey Ford.

  7. Believe it or not, I was at that Allstar game in 80 at Dodger Stadium.

    I can’t believe it took this long to get another Allstar game there.

  8. Here is a little tidbit about that 1963 World Series sweep. The Dodgers hit 3 homers and the Yankees 2. Tresh and Mantle. The Dodgers homers were hit by Howard, Roseboro and Bill Skowron….you could win some money with that one. The Dodger relief corps pitched 2/3rds of an inning….yep, that’s all because Koufax had 2 complete games and Drysdale a 3 hit 1-0 shutout in game 3. Podres went 8 1/3 in his only start. Perranoski was the only relief pitcher who got into a game. Tommy Davis hit 2 triples in game 2. Now here is the real kicker, 63 is the only time the Dodgers have won the championship at home. 55, 59, 65, 81 and 88 were all won on the road. And the winners share in 1963…….a little over 12,000 dollars. So maybe the Dodger should shun home field advantage next time they are in the series.

  9. Koehler is a concern. With limited budget to spend, maybe increased pressure to add a prospect more to move Kemp.

    1. I stand corrected on the prospect comment however what the Dodgers have gotten in return leaves much to be desired. I am sorry you think my comments are stupid. Leave it too you to make it personal.

      1. Don’t sweat it Package. He does that to everybody, and of the prospects he named not one of those guys was drafted by FAZ. So in a sense, you are correct and he is wrong. Montas is the only one who was acquired by FAZ in trade……

          1. I got it right bud, only two of those guys were picked up by FAZ> Both in trade and not drafted by him.

        1. Mr. Norris
          One thing is for sure. Almost all of the Dodger core was either drafted or obtained before FAZ got here. Guess if you give them credit for Grandal and Forsythe they have done one helluva job.

      2. By the way, Peraza was picked up in a trade with the Braves when the Dodgers got Wood. So I am correcting that mistake……

    2. Tell me exactly why Koehler is a concern? He will open the season on the DL. They have 30 other pitchers in camp. And some of them have MLB credentials. Venditte has pitched well, they just got Chargois, There is Neal, Owens, Baker, Fields, any of whom could step into his cleats anyday. He is not that big of a loss.

      1. I think the front office may be able to get a better deal, or give one of our prospects a chance, with the way the market has been this year.

        Koehler was not going to be a sure thing, so you just never know, this may be good in the long run.

        It is better to know now, instead of after the season is on its way, to replace a pitcher.

        1. They are loaded with pitchers. Non roster and guys on the roster. Some have MLB time. So far Venditte has looked very good. And he gives you a righty and a lefty out of the pen.

      2. Because reporting is that the Dodgers were positioning him to be the high-leverage 8th inning guy, not similar reporting to those people you reference.

        1. Well shit happens. He pitched terrible his first time out. I never thought of him all that much when they signed him. He had modest success in Toronto last year and he is no Morrow that is for sure. They have plenty of guys on this roster and someone like Baez if his head is screwed on straight can easily fill that role. Right now I would take Alexander as the set up guy because it does not matter if he is a lefty or a righty. With that groundball rate, he is perfect. Koehler would be an unknown and getting OJT as a set up man….Fields has nasty stuff, so he can do that job too and since they are going to carry 8 relievers, I am not worried at all. Chargois is supposed to have the best fast ball of the bunch, and he is on the 40 man so he has to be considered a candidate…

          1. I hope you are right Michael, the team does seem to have a knack at constructing bullpens

          2. Mr. Norris
            I don’t think he had modest success with Toronto. He only pitched 17 innings. His real season was with Miami where he had a stellar 2017. He went 1-5 with a 7.92 ERA. He had 44Ks in 55.2 innings. Not a real fireballer for sure. I made sure all my figures were correct so some cannot accuse me of changing anything. Koehler should have never been obtained. This is another case where FAZ brings in losers.

        2. “Because reporting is that the Dodgers were positioning him to be the high-leverage 8th inning guy”

          Same thing said about Hatcher and Romo! Great call by those who have a knack for constructing bullpens!

        1. Package

          If Kemp really doesn’t have any value, he can’t be traded with the contract he has, so it has to be one way, or another, especially with the way the market has been, this year.

          Kemp is going to start in leftfield, on opening day, as long as he stays, healthy.

      1. Grandal and Forsythe are FAZonian FAZocytes and therefore FAZofavorites and probably aren’t leaving. As for getting rid of Kemp, if it were accomplished the money saved could be given to Arrieta. But, who knows where the Kemp road leads. I like him, but I’d like another starter too.

      1. Package

        Yes he hit it pretty far, and the pitch was up above the belt, more then I originally said.

        Package they have film on it right here.

  10. Kemp is having a good spring. Jake Peter and DJ Peters both are hitting. So is Keibert Ruiz – amazing prospect.

    1. Toles is hitting too!

      And he doesn’t look like he has lost any speed either.

      Toles actually has more RBIs then Kemp, and Jake Peter is on top by a lot, in that department.

      He just hit balls out, or off the wall.

    1. Don’t you think barring injury this team is set? It looks a lot like last year’s team, though Kemp being here is a change. You know they are trying to find a taker, and if they do the team breaking camp will be last year’s pennant winner.

      1. Badger
        It is true that this team looks somewhat like last year’s team, it is a fact that the team lost a number of players even though most were not core players. To me, Brandon Morrow and Yu Darvish were the big losses. I also do think the team is set.

      2. Badger

        It isn’t even realistic that they will find a team to trade Kemp too, with the way the market has been this year, so that isn’t going to happen.

        Kemp’s reputation, and his defensive numbers, along with his large salary, has soured teams on Kemp, so that is not going to happen.

        1. Kemp makes $21.75mm. The Padres are paying $2.5mm of that. If we split the remainder with a team in need of a DH that’s $9.625 million for Kemp. That’s a lot of bat for $9.625 million. A lot can happen between now and Opening Day. If he continues to impress moving him could be possible. I think he likes being back, and I think it’s probable the team likes having him, but I don’t believe for a second FAZ wants him on this team.

          1. Badger

            We know Kemp can hit, and if Kemp plays decent defense, and hits, that only makes the front office look better.

            The front office doesn’t like to trade a player, at his lowest value, like Kemp is, right now.

          2. They only got him to shed payroll. Remember last year he hit .345 from March through May and still only finished with .4 oWAR. He needs to do more than that with 438 at bats, and I think this year he will. Even if he has a decent Spring I still expect FAZ to do something weird.

    2. Package

      From previous spring trainings, I don’t think the players that perform best in spring training, make it on the major league roster.

      But they remember which players performed best, when they need a player to fill in, when a player gets injured, on the major league team.

      Remember Taylor far out performed Kike last year in spring training, and Taylor didn’t make the major league roster last year for opening day, but he was the first guy called up.

      1. MJ
        I hope Kemp knocks the cover off the ball all year. He never should have been traded for that dopehead Grandal but FAZ enjoyed doing it.

      2. The starting outfield on Opening Day last year was Toles, Pederson and Puig. That lasted one day. The next day was Gutierrez, Hernandez and Puig. This year’s Opening Day starting lineup could be everybody that was there for most of the year except whoever ends up in left field, and that will probably change Day 2. Taylor, Seager, Turner, Bellinger, Kemp, Puig, Forsythe, Barnes. Day 2, let the carousel begin – Taylor, Seager, Turner, Bellinger, Puig, Toles, Grandal, Utley.

      3. Badger

        It was his defense, but you know he will be better on defense this year, especially with the shifts, and the weight loss, and an attitude change.

  11. Badger
    You are probably right. I think you could manage this club just like FAZ likes it. You might not like it much though.

    1. If I’m GM I don’t have Forsythe or Utley on this team. I would have Taylor at second and $3.75 million speedster Jarrod Dyson in center. Defense up the middle – I’m a believer. I have already moved Grandal and Pederson, for enough prospects to get Archer or freeing up enough money to sign Arrieta. If I’m managing I have Kemp (if he’s still here) starting against Bumgarner and am using the lineup I mentioned earlier. The bullpen will be used early and often as every starter I have is going 5 and will also be alternating on the 10 Day all summer. The West is ours to lose and the way we lose it will be from injuries.

  12. Roberts announced 5 relievers who will make the team for sure. Baez, Stripling, Cingrani, Alexander, and Jansen. That leaves 3 spots open. Right now we know the 5 starters are set. Barring of course and injury. Ryu will make his first spring start tomorrow in a B game while Hill starts the A game. Ryu missed a start because of illness not injury so that is good news. Also good is the way Wood is throwing with his new no windup delivery. Other than hanging a pitch to the D-Backs first baseman, he was solid. Best looking relievers so far are Venditte, Chargois and Alexander. Font has pitched well. But not well enough to crack the BP or the rotation unless some dark fate befalls one of the starters. Buehler will no doubt start the season at OKC as one of it’s starters because the Dodgers are not going to use him out of the bullpen. Peter is making a strong bid to be on this team, or at least the starting 2nd baseman at OKC. Utley has had a terrible spring as has Grandal. Farmer is outplaying both of the so called front line catchers and hitting like an all star. He crushed that homer yesterday. Thompson has not played much the last couple of days and that might hurt him because Kemp is playing so well and so is Toles, who showed no ill affects of his injury with that triple yesterday. Guys who should worry, Hernandez, Utley, Grandal, Thompson, and Pederson. They all in my mind are on the bubble right now. A positive note for me, Dodgers owner Mark Wagner said that Kershaw should be a Dodger for life……make it happen Mark.

    1. Michael

      At Think Blue, Koehler said the exact same thing you said to Bluto, about Koehler, after Koehler got hurt.

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