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Five Dodgers Play in All-Star Game, National League Loses Again


The American League routinely beats the National League in the annual midsummer classic. The National League hasn’t won the all-star game since 2012. After the American League once again defeated the Senior Circuit 4-3 when the two leagues met for the 90th all-star game at Progressive Field in Cleveland on Tuesday night, means the Junior circuit has now notched their seventh consecutive All-star game victory.

Of course all five Dodgers factored into the game prominently, although not in a good way. Hyun-jin Ryu started the game, and Clayton Kershaw, and Walker Buehler both appeared for an inning each. While Ryu tossed a scoreless first inning, Kershaw and Buehler both gave up an earned run in their respective frames. Kershaw was charged with the all-star game loss. He lost the game back in 2015 as well.

With the National League trailing 4-1 later in the contest, I was hoping that the National League would at least rally to tie to get Kershaw off the hook. Naturally they came close but it did not happen. Cody Bellinger was one of the National League starting outfielders due to him being one of the leading vote getters in all of MLB. Bellinger batted cleanup and struck out in both of his at-bats against Lucas Giolito and Masahiro Tanaka. Perhaps the most exciting part of the game that involved the Dodgers was when Bellinger and Christian Yelich jabbered at each other while mic’d during the early part of the game.

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Max Muncy appeared in the game later on and made a couple of late inning defensive gems while playing second base. But he went hit-less as well in two at-bats while striking out in the ninth inning against Aroldis Chapman. Charlie Blackmon hit a sixth inning solo home run which put the National League on the board, cutting the American League’s lead to 2-1. The Junior circuit had scored runs in the second and fifth innings when Michael Brantley doubled off of Kershaw in the second inning to drive home Alex Bregman, and Jorge Polanco’s ground ball single off of Buehler in the fifth frame scored Gary Sanchez to put the American League ahead 2-0.

After Blackmon’s home run, the American League extended the lead by plating two more runs in the seventh inning on a botched Xander Bogaerts double play and a Joey Gallo homer to right. That made the score 4-1 American League. The National League rallied to score two more runs in the eighth on a two-run single from Pete Alonso. However it was too little too late. The National League did have the bases loaded in the eighth inning, but Mike Moustakas fouled out to end the frame. Fittingly it was an ex-Dodgers, Yasmani Grandal who made the last out, a strikeout to end the game. Cleveland hometown reliever Shane Bieber was awarded the game MVP award after he struck out three in a scoreless inning of relief.

Thankfully this is an exhibition game and doesn’t mean anything. Joc Pederson probably made the biggest all-star break impact by hitting 39 home runs in the home run derby and still losing to Vlad Guerrero Jr. Anyways, the Dodgers open up the second half on the road by starting a three game series against the Red Sox in Boston. The World Series rematch will see the Dodgers activating David Freese, Corey Seager and A.J. Pollock before the series starts on Friday evening.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

28 thoughts on “Five Dodgers Play in All-Star Game, National League Loses Again

  1. NL out-slugged again. The loss rests on the shoulders of Kershaw (again!). Nice try by DR, to try get Clayton in early, instead of late in the game, with the game on the line, but unfortunately the strategy did not work. Kershaw struggled, and could have given up more than one run, but was spared the embarrassment with some sharp defensive magic. IMO, Kershaw did not deserve an All-Star nod, but the Commissioner felt he had to pick him due to his legacy.

    Ryu, Buehler, and Muncy represented well.

    Bellinger struggled at the plate, going 0-2, striking out twice.

    What can be said about the overall Dodgers’ performance? Buehler and Ryu are definitely the Co-Aces of this Dodger staff. They will have to stay healthy, if the Dodgers expect to have any chance of post season success. Kershaw is extremely vulnerable, and may be a liability if he makes it to October. Offensively, Bellinger and Muncy showed that the Dodgers will most likely struggle against AL elite pitching. Sure, this was an exhibition, and they were swinging for the fences, but we saw what happened the past two years when the Dodgers insisted on swinging for the fences. Muncy shined, defensively, showing his versatility to the nation.

    Best Dodger performances in All-Star Weekend? Joc Pederson’s epic battle with GuerreroJr., in the semis of the HR Derby. Dino Ebel’s spot on impersonation of the Dodgers’ pitching staff, serving up dingers. Ryu’s and Buehler’s King of the Hill performances. Injury replacement, Max Muncy’s amazing defensive exhibition. And lastly, Kenley staying home…. Hey, that rhymes… “Lastly & Kenley”?

    Negatives? Now opposing pitchers know exactly where not to pitch to Joc-Pop,
    Kershaw’s ineffectiveness “exposed”. Buck is almost as boring a Steiner.

    1. “Dino Ebel’s spot on impersonation of the Dodgers’ pitching staff, serving up dingers” Yeah that appears to be the case. Look at how they had problems keeping the Padres in the yard during that 4 game series

  2. It is an exhibition, it means nothing. So what if Kershaw gave up one run, and all of the Dodger hitters were hitless. It does not mean a damn thing. I am more concerned with what they do from here on out. They have a 7 game road trip coming up to Boston and Philly. They cannot afford to be complacent at all. Yeah, they have a 13.5 game lead on the D-Backs, but they have lost 3 straight, and Boston is no push over. The Phillies have also been playing better as of late, so they better be ready to play hard. 21 days until the deadline. Will they bolster the pen? At this point it is all speculation and rumor. As for Kershaw, he is never going to be the guy he was his last Cy Young year. But he is still better than anyone the Rockies, Padres or Giants have in their rotation. He gets his team into a position to win most of the time. He is more vulnerable to the HR, but so is every pitcher in the majors. Verlander has given up 26 bombs this year. The baseball is different and is flying out of parks every where. Same can be said of Jansen. Kershaw may not be the ace he was, but he still knows how to get hitters out. He has changed the way he pitches. On with the show.

    1. Michael, what we see here is that a Dodger pitcher was charged with the loss in 3 of the past 5 ASG. On to what goes on beginning Friday…. first Dodgers, as I read will face 3 LHP in Boston so that ‘lefty’ lineup, along with a daily mix and match and playing the game on a spread sheet will all result in most likely no WS appearance anyway. Lineup inconsistency, with most players being shuffled in and out of lineup daily won’t help their cause when it matters most. And as bluefan4 life points out, Dodger’s offense will most likely struggle against the elite AL pitching come October. And if Dodgers resemble the team that fell to the Padres in the last 3 games, October baseball will be short with a quick exit from the PS.

      1. Like I said, I care less about the All Star game. They have to really go into the tank and the rest of the west get real hot to not make the playoffs. They can play .500 ball between now and then and both the Padres and The D-Backs would have to win 50 of their remaining games just to tie. We have no clue how it will all work out. They get an All Star shortstop back, their regular center fielder and one of the best bats off the bench in the majors. So I think the offense will be ok. The bullpen and the starters have to keep doing what they are doing in order for them to go deep into any playoff. They are still heads and tails the best team in the NL. Of course that can all change when the trade winds blow at the deadline. The bigger problem with the offense is the obvious weak bat behind the plate.

  3. Didn’t see ASG, as you all know. Found it funny that somehow someway Kershaw gets tagged for the loss, that’s pretty damn funny. That non-regular season game “L” always finds Kershaw.

    there is a cure for that bat issue behind the plate, Michael, let me throw the name Will Smith atcha.

    1. Unfortunately the kid is injured and on the IL with a strained oblique. He has not played since he was returned to OKC. And you have to know that they are not going to throw a kid behind the plate in the heat of a pennant race. He has some very obvious skills and most likely will be the #1 guy next season.

  4. Looks like they are not throwing their best at the Sox. Maeda Friday, Stripling on Saturday, and Ryu on Sunday. The Red sox are using Rodriguez, Sale and Price. 3 lefty’s. So we will see if the lefty lineup can fare better in Boston than it has so far.

    1. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but the Dodgers always seem to enter these big series matchups with their pants down, and asking for a good ass kicking. Reverting back to the Listless Lefty Line-Up…. playing right into the opposing teams’ strategy. Teams will continue to bombard the Dodgers with all the lefties they have, until the Dodgers prove they can hit them. The opposing teams will continue to play the extreme shifts, because they know that the Dodgers hit right into them. And the “Automatic Outs?” Hang on to your Dodger Caps, boys and girls…. gonna’ be a wild ride. Bring your barf bags.

      The Dodgers do not instill fear in the eyes of their opponents… instead, opponents are licking their chops, anxious for the all you can eat buffet of Dodger Dawgs.

  5. From The Athletic:

    Roberts could inch closer toward a major managing feat. Through 580 games, he now owns the fourth-best all-time winning percentage among 324 qualified managers — .598. If the 60-32 Dodgers continue winning near this year’s .652 pace, Roberts could become baseball’s all-time winningest manager, by percentage, before the end of next season.

    “It’s just a credit to the entire organization,” he said. “Whether it’s a starting pitcher or a manager who gets a win for their record, those X amount of wins that I have, it’s an organizational win. That’s the only way I look at it.”

    Nary a mention of him being:
    1. a dummy
    2. a puppet of management

  6. I’ll take Dave roBERT any day over Donny Baseball. Mattingly was truly a very lousy manager

  7. Well most might also look at Dodger’s record when it matters the most…playing the elite teams in the PS and an even more elite team with better pitching in the WS. Granted Dodgers did advance in these last 2 years to the WS and we know what happened from there.

  8. Something is brewing with the Dodgers and their hunt to help the bullpen, notice I said “help”. It is isn’t going to be some superstar name, more like someone like Tony Watson, returning to the the Dodgers.

    Anyway, some type of deal for some “help” in the bully. At this point, any help will be welcome. Dodgers are not going to give away key prospects, as that is their MO. So we will get a moderate level reliever. I wouldn’t mind the Dodgers getting Tony Watson back actually. I don’t know his contract situation or any particulars but on the surface he could really help.

    See you in September (or sooner) Beaty! Hate to see him go down.

    So how much time do you allow for Pollock to find something magical and nail down the CF job?
    I hate the idea of Verdugo having to give up any field time and I already wish Beaty was still stretching on our bench, getting ready to pinch hit for us. However I am a little prejudice in that I didn’t like the Pollock signing at all in the off-season. (So far he is proving me right, hope he proves me wrong over the next 3 months).

    1. First off, Pollock will be playing almost everyday barring injury. He is the CF PERIOD, he is getting paid a lot of money to do that job. As for Verdugo, he is going to be playing a lot of left field while Joc will be at first base and Muncy at second. That’s why Joc has been over there, so they can keep his and Verdugo’s bat in the line up. Proving you right? The guys elbow flared up because of his surgery. He is a proven MLB player. As long as he is healthy, he will produce. Have a little faith baby!

    2. Pollock IS the CF PERIOD. He will get all the playing time he needs. Verdugo will be playing LF for the foreseeable future. That’s why Joc has been playing 1st. That’s where he will get the bulk of his playing time for a while. Muncy will mainly be the 2nd baseman.

  9. In case you missed it, that’s why Pederson has been playing 1st base. So Verdugo will slide over to left and Pollock will settle into CF with ease. I have more faith in Pollock than you do obviously. But we all know they are not going to sit a guy they are paying 11 million bucks a year to play CF full time.

    1. Michael
      I don’t know about now but based on Pollack’s performance before he went out I don’t see much to get excited. When the Dodgers got Pollack I knew he would get hurt because he always does. I did not want him when the team got him and I still do not know if he will get hurt again Probably. Those rookies who have been playing far and away have outplayed anything he did before going down.

      1. Package,

        I hear you. Dodgers could have done better in the F/A market, but they chose to sit on their hands and when the dust cleared they were left with the bottom of the barrel (or dumpster). Like you, I too was not too excited about these acquisitions, but I knew that the Dodgers like to take chances on these types of players, especially players that have been a thorn in their sides.

        I see Michael’s point. It is hard for Friedman to admit to his bosses that he just threw away $92M on two questionable, less than mediocre free agents (Pollock 5 yr/$72M, Kelly 3yr/$25M, not to mention Homer Bailey’s $25M “Walk-off Homer”). Friedman has to keep throwing them out there, and pray that they earn their salaries…. It is just they way the Dodgers roll, and there is nothing we can do about it. We definitely do not have to agree with these Management decisions. Hey, I would love for these “dead fish” to prove me wrong. So far, they have not impressed. That is what is good about sites like LADodgerReport… we have a forum where we can voice our opinions. Too bad more fans do not participate. Problem is, there are too many fans who see this team with rose colored glasses, and when they here too many negative comments, the kitchen gets too hot, so they have to get out of the kitchen. I am sure there are a lot of fans, like you or I, who are not happy with the way the team is run, and I would love to hear from them. I would also like for the Dodger “Homers” to stick around and stand up for what they believe, instead of running away with their tails tucked between their legs.

        I feel sorry for those farm hands, who played their hearts out, keeping the Dodger boat afloat, only to be sent back down to the farm. I would hate to see any of them sacrificed before the deadline, just for a band-aid for the pitching staff.

        I also feel sorry for Maeda, who might get demoted again, back to the pen. It has been mentioned that if the Dodgers pick up another starter, then he would go th the pen. A pitcher who has been a steady rock in the rotation, not an ace, but a valuable #2 or #3 starter. A man, who’s contract is based on innings pitched, and games started, yet willing to go to the pen and sacrifice his bonuses, for the good of the team. You might criticize him for taking such an incentive ladened contract, but he wanted to be a Dodger. He has got more heart and devotion to his team, than the majority of ballplayers today.

        Let’s get this second half off to a good start…. Yeah right, in my dreams????.

      2. First off, he did not get hurt. What happened was directly related to the surgery he had on his elbow. It got infected and they had to take the pins out of his elbow so he could heal. He is now healed. I am not worried about how he performed before all that happened. The elbow was probably causing him problems from the beginning of the season. What I look at, and what every Dodger fan should see is that the guy is a career .279 hitter. He is not a big power guy, but he can his some homers. He does not strikeout much and he has a .336 OBP. He can steal bases, and he is a fine defensive outfielder. He does not always as you say get hurt. The last 2 seasons he got 460 and 466 at bats.. His production for that amount of at bats was pretty decent. None of the rookies have that kind of track record and none probably ever will save Verdugo. At least not in a Dodger uni. Face facts, the fact is that For at least the next 3 years after this year, Pollock is going to be a Dodger, and for the next 2 Kelly is going to be one too. All the complaining and saying this guy should paly or that guy should play is not going to make one damn bit of difference.

        1. Michael
          I don’t care about Pollack’s career numbers. What did he do the previous 2 seasons? I will tell you. In 17 he hit .266 not too good for the money he is being paid in 112 games which means he missed almost a third of the season. In 18 he hit .257 in 113 games and again missing almost a third of the season. In 19 he went out after 29 games hitting .224 so it means he has missed over a third of the season. He has been injured or out because of injury one season in the 3 years running totaling around 1 season. He is injury prone. Verdugo and Beaty’s numbers are better than Pollacks were before going out by a good bit so why do we want him back, I forgot. Now, you are right that none of this makes any difference but supporting a crappy move because they are so damn cheap to get top of the line players has resulted in everyone knowing the rookies are PLAYING better than Pollack and I see no reason to support crappy moves for the sake of backing this FO. I respect your opinion and I would appreciate you respecting mine. He will be paid but that does not mean he is worth the money in any way.

          1. You cannot compare a couple of months in the big leagues to a player who has been here for 8 years. Their numbers this year might be better so far, but Beaty has exactly 109 MLB at bats and he is hitting .278. Far too small a sample to say he is better than Pollock. The fact is that all your whining and crying is not going to change anything. Pollock is being paid to play and play he will. Kemp was supposedly injury prone too and all of Kemp’s problems came from the injury he suffered in 2012, and again in 2013, plus the surgery’s They are not cheap, they are being diligent. Kershaw is getting 31 million, Jansen and Turner 20, that’s not cheap. The big ticket free agent this year, Harper has for the most part flamed out. I don’t support what they have done, but I realize, and it seems you do not, that no amount of bitching and moaning is going to change a thing. You don’t like what they do, quit supporting the team. It is working and they are winning. I know, we all want another Championship, but it is not that easy to do. If it was, more teams would have done it by now. Cleveland has not won since 1954, the Mets since 86. The Nats, Rays have never won. And it is not about if he is worth the money. You are putting the cart before the horse. He could get totally hot and spark the team. It doesn’t matter what you think he is worth, what matters is what ownership thinks he is worth and they have given him a 4 year contract. Live with it dude.

          2. A couple of things here Pack. Comparing a rookie who has exactly 108 at bats, Beaty, to a 8 year vet is asinine. And why don’t you play GM here and tell us which so called high end free agents you would have signed. I do not know if you have a job and are working, but do you do what your boss tells you to? I always did. I was a long haul driver and I had to follow instructions all the time. The ownership has a mandate to not go over the Luxury cap for at least 4 years. Friedman stayed under the tax, Roberts plays the players he is given. We might not like his lineups, but those matchups are dictated by the analytic run front office. Here is another one for you. You say Pollock is not worth the 11 million a year he is getting. As of today, maybe not, but who knows in a month. If he flames out the rest of this year, he still has 3 guaranteed years to prove his worth. Kershaw is making 31 million dollars this year. Is he pitching like he is worth 31 mil? How about Jansen, he is getting over 20 mil. Is he worth it? Or Turner, the other high priced spread. One could argue that none of the guys making the big bucks are earning their checks. Hill is injured and he makes more than Pollock. Only Ryu, who is getting 17.9 is looking like that kind of player. Seager has been hurt too, and this is the 3rd time in 3 years he has spent time on the DL, you want to cut him loose because he is injury prone? Injuries happen. Some players have more bad luck with them than others, case in point, Matt Kemp. But that does not mean they are not good players. Pollock has a decent track record and what he makes is dictated by other outfielders with close to his skill level, and experience. The highest priced free agent of the off season, Harper, is not playing all that well and he gets a ton of money. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the Dodgers were never going to give Harper a 10-13 year deal, I doubt they ever give that to any player. The way free agents are treated and signed is changing. Teams are leery of long term deals. Pollock was on antibiotics for 6 weeks because of an infection. I am willing to give the guy time to get back in the groove…Oh yeah, you sign one of those high priced guys last winter and Verdugo is still in AAA.

  10. Michael, in addition to some BP help, the one area where Dodgers may end up short is in RH bats. As you and others have noticved so far this year most of the HR and run production has come from the LHB.. Dodgers do not have any such impact RHB so to speak. We know about those 2 current catchers, and we all knew,including the FO and Roberts, that we were not going to get anywhere near the offense from the catchers this year. I am not sure but this year could be the first year in a long long time where no Dodger RH hitter sees 20 HR’s Don’t get me wrong, JT is a fine hitter and great hitting 3rd but let’s face it we cannot expect him to hit 20+ HR’s or drive in 90 + RBI’s anymore. We know we won’t get that from Taylor or Hernandez either. Pollock has been out for quit e a while so we shall see how his 2nd half now that he is back will play out.

  11. Hernandez is the closest one to 20 so far, will he get there? Who knows, he is streaky. Pollock has been out too long to come close, and Freese will not get enough reps. Taylor will hit more than 10, but I doubt he gets more than the 17 he hit last year. Turner could do it if he goes on one of his tears. He has 10 right now. But they are not trading for a bat unless something drops out of the blue.

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