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Max Muncy (The Funky Muncy) Smashes 29 Total Home Runs But Knocked Out in Home Run Derby Semifinals

Max Muncy may not have made the all-star team but he sure made himself known in the 2018 home run derby at National’s Park in Washington D.C. on Monday night. Muncy who has hit 22 home runs during the regular season was the number three seed in the derby and drew the Cubs Javier Baez in the first round, knocking the Chicago shortstop out.

The derby rules have changed in years past. Before players could swing without a time limit. They were given 10 outs (anything not a home run or foul was considered an out) and kept on hitting until they made that tenth out. Now the rules give them four minutes per round with the chance of getting an additional 30 second bonus if they hit two or more home runs of 440 feet or longer.

The derby featured massive slugger Jesus Aguilar from the Brewers, Rhys Hoskins of the Phillies and two Chicago mashers, Baez and Kyle Schwarber. Freddie Freeman of the Braves and Alex Bregman of the Astros rounded out the lineup. Of course hometown outfielder Bryce Harper was also in the mix. Hoskins drew big man Aguilar in the first round and eliminated the Venezuelan slugger by hitting 17 home runs. Aguilar was unable to keep up with the pace.

Schwarber knocked off Bregman and Harper easily took out Freeman. Muncy hit 17 home runs in the first round to eliminate Baez. He didn’t get the bonus time, but hit enough to advance to the semi-finals where he drew Harper. While Schwarber defeated Hoskins and unfortunately Harper knocked out Muncy. If you remember Joc Pederson came close to winning the derby a few years ago advancing to the finals but eventually losing to Todd Frazier. He was so close.

Muncy was super impressive though. He slugged 12 home runs in the semi-finals round. Harper hit his thirteenth with about a minute and a half to spare. All total Muncy slugged 29 home runs in the two rounds combined. Schwarber faced Harper in the finals. Schwarber swatted 18 dongs in the finals, but it was not enough to beat Harper who pulled it out with 19 homers. He hit the winning blast in the bonus time sending the home crowd into a frenzy. I actually miss Chris Berman’s back back back shtick as the crowd roared with each blast. The home run derby is fun. Now onto the all-star game which Muncy should absolutely be a part of.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

86 thoughts on “Max Muncy (The Funky Muncy) Smashes 29 Total Home Runs But Knocked Out in Home Run Derby Semifinals

  1. I like Muncy and love what he’s been doing and his contributions. But I think he will fade big time in the second half. We need Turner to be healthy and playing well in the last two months of the season. Just my opinion and I hope I’m wrong.

    I also think, contrary to many others, that we probably have “enough” starting pitching to get into the WS again, provided we pick up at least one if not two fresh bullpen arms.

    I think the following rotation can match up with any other team: Kershaw, Hill and Ryu. The important thing is, other than Hill, I have confidence Kershaw and Ryu will not put us down by more than 2 before the 5th inning, and Hill for the most part is Jekyll and Hyde early and you can pretty much tell whether to pull him or not depending on his control. After that we have Maeda, Walker, Wood and Urias in the middle. That’s a great mix that can get you 2 innings or 3 if we must pull our starters early. Pressure is on FAZ to see if we get the bullpen arms we need this year.

    1. YF

      I think everything you said is right on, and especially about our starting pitching.

      We all love what Muncy has done, but every player is eventually challenged to make the right adjustment, from other team’s pitchers.

      But I will say this, I still like Muncy’s approach at the plate, but it is hard for hitters to keep getting into deep counts to often, because that seems to give a
      pitcher an advantage, unless that pitcher has bad command.

      I also think are biggest need is bullpen arms, especially a pitcher that could set up for Kenley, or close a game, when Kenley can’t pitch that day.

      It would be great to get a hitter like Machado, but with the luxury tax demands, I just don’t see that happening, and that is something this front office has never did, so I don’t expect that now.

  2. I don’t share the confidence level that Yueh do. At least Kershaw will be well rested. Since none of our starters are 200 inning horses (or even 150 inning) I look for possible fading in September. I still believe with this group the 6 man rotation is a good idea. And, it may actually look something like that eventually. We are already seeing the results of a tired bullpen.

    To be honest, I thought we would see a Muncy fade before now. He’s holding up ok. Last 14 days .754 OPS, but still over 1.000 for July.

    And Taylor did fall off last year. .616 OPS in September. Total post season looked ok, MVP against Chicago, 9 for 40 in the other 2 series, 1 home run, OPS around .700.

    This will be a team effort. I see NOBODY that can carry the team, but I see many that can contribute. Death by 40 cuts, if that makes any sense.

    1. Badger

      I think your right, it isn’t going to be any one hitter that is going to carry us, it will have to be a team effort, but Kemp will probably be our steadiest hitter, because he changes his approach depending on the situation in a game.

      And our hitters are also going to have to make contact when it is important in games, or we won’t score many runs consistently.

      I think YF is right, because there is no dominating team in the National League this year, so the team that stays steady and gets hot at the right time, and gets good pitching, will probably be the team that goes to the post season.

      This is up for grabs in the National League!

    2. I think that, in an indirect manner, is the teams depth.

      Perhaps why the Machado rumors are persistent, that the front office wants a single player who can occasionally carry the team.

      I just don’t see the fit.

      1. You don’t see the fit? Please explain.

        I absolutely see the fit. It’s one less position that requires circumstantial substitution and it’s at a position of need. You put Machado in the middle of this lineup and everything changes and changes for the better.

        That said, I still will be surprised if this is actually pulled off.

        1. Is circumstantial substitution platooning? Or is it rotating? Or is it both?

          No matter. I just don’t see SS as a position of circumstantial substitution. It’s Taylor’s position.

          It ADDS to the logjam in the OF.

          But Machado’s a top player. I guess you get him and let all the other pieces fall where they may.

          I can see both sides.

        2. I don’t see the fit either, because the team’s biggest offensive question, was at second base.

          And now that Muncy is primarily playing second base, I don’t see any offensive problem at second.

          And I know Muncy is not a proven player, but with the luxury tax restraints, I just don’t see the front office doing something bigger, then they ever have done before.

          Although I do know if they got a player of Machado’s stature, they would make it work.

  3. I can’t wait to see what Package says about Dummy’s All-Star lineup and his in game substitutions, there will be a lot of them. I do share his disrespect for Dummy but I have to laugh at how serious he takes it. Lighten up, Pack, it’s only a game…

    1. Yeah, lighten up. It might go over my head, right? I don’t care what dummy does in the all star game. It just gives dummy another reason to rest Kemp.

      1. I am not that bothered when Package calls Roberts a dummy, because I know Package is just frustrated, so that makes me laugh.

        And he isn’t the only one that feels frustrated at times, with some of the moves, that are made.

        I get frustrated at times too, but I know it isn’t just coming from Roberts, and I like the way Roberts manages the different personalities on the team, and I think that, and having every player buy into the team concept, is not an easy thing to do.

        But Roberts does make it look easy, and maybe that is why some don’t understand how hard that is to do.

  4. I do not understand why Yueh completely left Stripling off the list. He has been the Dodgers best starter since he was placed in the rotation. Guess I am still the only one who thinks win totals mean something. I trust Stripling a lot more than I do Wood or Over the Hill. Offense wise, well, unless they crank up the homer machine again, I do not see an offense that sustains rally’s. Nor do I see a lock down bullpen. Most of the reports lately say Machado will be a Phillie by the weekend because they have added their top pitching prospect to the list of players the O’s can have. The reports also say the Dodgers are targeting relief arms. What they would really like is a second closer. Since they have sunk to also rans in the Machado derby, there is very little mention of any kind of offensive upgrade at second or anywhere else. Although there are still a few die hards who say they are still after Dozier.

    1. Yes, I forgot to list him. I meant to include him as a middle reliever or a 4th starter for the post season.

      1. Middle of the lineup bat with power and ability to hit .300….outstanding addition and makes the offense that much better instantly. They are both important, but scoring more runs takes the burden off of the pitching staff. Just in about 2 minutes ago. Orioles are expected to trade Machado to the Dodgers on Wednesday. Reported by Bob Nightingale on Twitter. Do not know who is in the trade.

  5. All Star game. People want to see the leagues best. Or at least those who were deemed to be the leagues best. Fans blew that electing Harper. HR’s and not much else. Turned himself from the 400 million dollar man to the 300 million dollar man in half a year, unless he explodes the second half and leads the Nats to a World title.

  6. Dodgers do not win without a healthy and productive Justin Turner. The heart and soul of the team and the offensive glue. It is that simple.

    1. While I agree with you about Turner, and think he will be better in the second half, I say again, adding Machado changes this offense.

      They will get the bullpen arm, or arms they need. Urias could be one of them. We may have good enough starters, provided they remain in the rotation, to win the West. The DL rotation will begin in August to keep them as fresh as possible. Championship? Not going there yet. Too many inconsistencies. There are still better teams out there.

    2. Bear
      Although I too like Turner, I am afraid that he is having too many injuries and that may be the reason the Dodgers are trying to get Manny

  7. OK guys and gals,
    Here is a partial plan for the 2nd half from me. Obtain Manny and Zack from the Os. Then make sure you keep them. Send Toles down and make sure Include Verdugo in the trade. Get rid of Forsythe one way or the other. Sit Kike and Joc more often and let Kemp play. Have reasonable lineup each day. Now, have at it, pile on, tell me how dumb I am. It is just my opinion and I know probably none of it will happen and you will have plenty of time to hammer this comment.

    1. Not dumb there Pack. It makes sense, but, Machado is not going to be a Dodger unless FAZ ponies up more than they are offering right now. Second, although Britton has been good in the past, he is nowhere near that pitcher now and is still having injury issues and he has been ineffective. Verdugo goes only if someone wants him and the FO deems him worthy of being traded for the player obtained. He is still their #1 prospect and he is not leaving simply for some slug. Getting rid of Forsythe should be easy. But does FAZ want to do it? Questionable. Although they have been linked to trades for Gennett, good idea, and Dozier, extremely bad idea. As for just letting Kemp play everyday, on the surface, it is logical, but beneath, considering age and injury history, resting him now and then just makes sense. He has for the most part been very consistent. But he has suffered through 2 mini slumps since he hit the Grand slam PH homer. He is still hitting over .300, and I for one think resting him now and then will allow that kind of performance to continue. He and Joc have been playing in the same lineup a lot because Kemp hits RH pitching better than Kike. Kike is and always will be nothing more than a utility player. That is where his value lies.

  8. By the way, that trade is expected to be finalized before the all star game today…per USA Today.

    1. Jonah

      That might be true, look at the list of players Bobby found on the Orioles board below, because Forsythe is one of those players.

    1. We heard about this same story yesterday, but it was instead the Phillies, and I also saw something on someone’s post on Dodger com yesterday, and that also looked real, so I am not so sure, but I know Bobby is not one to jump the gun, so I guess we will have to wait in see until tomorrow, after the Allstar game.

      Because you never know with some of these writers, because they are always claiming something, about the Dodgers.

      Anyways, thanks for the info Bobby!

  9. I checked to see if Rosenthal had anything on this, and he reminded me, of just how picky the Orioles have been, especially with the medical reports, so until they are ready to have a news conference, you never know with the Orioles, but I do know they have been checking on the Dodger’s farm system, for some time.

  10. The Oriole board fans are reporting they’re hearing it’s Diaz, May, Kremer, Drew Jackson, and Forsythe (for salary)

    1. Bobby

      I am not that familiar with our farm guys, but that looks like a deal that Dodger fans, would love too.

      I was thinking if Turner may have to go out on the DL for a short time, that would also give the team extra roster space also.

      Thanks again!

      And I have seen other publications promoting this news from Nightengale, too.

      1. Nightingale is reporting from what he quotes as a VERY reliable source, meaning someone with inside info. I tend to believe it is true because it is so unbelievable.

  11. ESPN LA thinks it is pretty much a done deal as do most other sports outlets right now. No players named yet, but Diaz is part of the deal. MLB has not mandated that the Orioles hold off on the announcement, but would prefer it were announced tomorrow….Since there are heavy rains in DC right now, it could be a moot point.

  12. Kremer too?

    If it’s true, it’s an expensive package but could be worth it. It does increase our chances, which is the goal.

    Weird thing is if this doesn’t work, we still don’t have a title and Machado could be at Spring Training with all those guys we sent to Baltimore for him. Or, worse, he could be in Philadelphia, or worse yet, he could be in San Francisco. Hope he likes LA.

    I don’t believe anything until MLB releases an announcement.

  13. Interesting tidbit…..Diaz is not on the Tulsa active roster right now. Rancho has 6 players who have already accumulated over 100 strikeouts including the Dodgers top pick, Jeren Kendall. Cream of the Machado proposed deal are Diaz and May. Getting rid of Forsythe is HUGE! Most are also saying that as soon as the medicals are approved, this is pretty much a done deal. Paredes out righted to OKC, Baez to OKC on a re-hab assignment.

  14. I still have an I will believe it when I see it attitude, but until then what is being reported is plausible……

    1. Bear
      I agree, we have been who dooed so much who knows what FAZ may or may not do. I hope if they make the trade that they can retain Manny going forward as he is only 26.

  15. I’m reporting that the deal is Diaz for Manny, and May, Kremer, & Jackson as payment to take Forsythe off our hands. I’d really like to include the Front Office Idiot who approved his $9MM option….

  16. While there is much sentiment for Utley to accept a position with the Dodgers after he retires, it would be a thousand times better for him to accept a position with the Phillies. Assistant to the GM would be one choice but maybe as a bench or base coach would be better, he would be readily available to be promoted to Manager somewhere down the road. He could never do that in LA.

          1. The start picture in the video you posted above is of John Vernon who played the Mayor, Clint Eastwood’s boss in “Dirty Harry”. They didn’t have that movie on the planet where you were born?

  17. Dodgers increasingly likely to land Machado, sources tell The Athletic. Barring last-minute snag, several of interested teams expect that outcome.

    1. Ross Stripling was told the Dodgers may be acquiring a new shortstop.

      “Does his name rhyme with Fanny Fachado?” Stripling replied.

      1. On the Dodger radio channel today, they were talking about Machado like we are reading in these different reports.

        I guess David Vasseh has been following Friedman around all day, trying to get the scoop.

        Like I already said, our GM already said they were going after these free agents sooner this year, to get the most time from them, that they can.

        And that is why I think this deal may be real, because this front office usually waits until the last minutes, of the trade deadline.

        I hope Machado can give us some extra offense much like JD Martinez did last year, because JD had monster numbers for the Dbacks last year.

        I think if this happens, I can see Badger’s interest getting stronger, like with Darvish last year.

  18. 6:17pm: The Orioles’ return from the Dodgers is expected to consist only of prospects, Rosenthal further tweets. L.A. won’t send anyone from its Major League roster to the O’s barring a last-minute change. As such, if the Dodgers are going to move a big league asset such as Forsythe for luxury tax purposes, that’ll come in a separate trade, it seems.

  19. I’m crushed by the rumor that Forsythe will not be part of the trade. I don’t even care if they do the trade under that circumstance. If they do, it just means Toles or somebody has to go back down. Damn Dodgers!

    1. You guys are forgetting that Turner didn’t play all weekend, who knows, maybe they are doing this, because Turner may need to go on the DL for a while.

      And they are going to have to move Forsythe in another trade probably to make up for the money, Machado is making.

      If Turner has to go out, Muncy will be playing third probably.

        1. That will definitely have to happen, unless some team’s second baseman goes down, check that, what am I thinking, we will have to burn one of our prospects, to get rid of Forsythe, even if another team’s second baseman, goes down.

  20. 9:15pm: Rosenthal tweets that Machado to the Dodgers is indeed happening. Diaz will go back to the Orioles as one of the pieces in the deal. It’s not yet clear which other players are involved or how much money (if any) the O’s are sending to the Dodgers along with Machado.

  21. As per Mike Petriello, and why we should value a constantly highly regarded farm system and hope it can continue despite high finishes and Int’l restrictions….

    Let’s say Machado -> LA happens. That’ll make the fourth year in a row LA will have made a huge July deal.

    15: Wood / Avilan / etc
    16: Hill / Reddick
    17: Darvish (also, Cingrani, Watson)
    18: Machado, prob a RP to come

    People will still say they never trade prospects.

        1. Michael Duarte from NBC LA says:
          Sources believe the deal agreed upon between #Dodgers and #Orioles is Yusniel Diaz, Dustin May, and Errol Robinson heading to Baltimore for Manny Machado and cash and possibly bonus pool $$. Again, not official as teams have yet to announce.

          1. Machado deal to dodgers is agreed upon, tho could be still some medical/approval to go. Press conference slated for Wednesday or Thursday. Many prospects going to orioles (believed to be 5). No $ in deal (LA will remain under threshold anyway)

        2. “People will still say they never trade prospects.”

          I haven’t heard people say that. They’ve traded prospects quite a few times. What people say is, they don’t make trades for big stars.

  22. Bottom of the seventh, 17 strikeouts, four solo homers, nine total hits. If you haven’t watched much baseball this season, now you’re caught up.

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