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Dodgers Use a Parade of Dingers To Beat Mets

Cody Bellinger

The Dodgers used a parade of dingers to come from behind to beat the Mets 7-4 and earn a series win in the second game of the three game set in Gotham City. The Dodgers hit five home runs in the game and there were nine total. Cody Bellinger hit his 31 home run of the season as he marches towards the all-time Dodger rookie record. Yasiel Puig, Chris Taylor, Corey Seager and Justin Turner each added homers as well to back Rich Hill as the club has now surpassed the 2013 club by going 43-7 in their last 50 games.

Rich Hill started out shakier than an all night dance party. He allowed three home runs in the top of the first inning to immediately put the Dodgers in a 3-0 hole. Michael Conforto, Wilmer Flores, and Curtis Granderson all hit solo home runs within minutes of each other in the opening frame. Hill settled down after that not allowing anything else. Hill went his usual five innings, allowing three runs on six hits and striking out eight.

Dodgers  7 8 1

Mets        4 7 0




Hill pitching line: 5 IP 3 ER 6H 1BB 8K 91 pitches

Opposing starter Seth Lugo was dominant in the early frames, carrying a no-hitter into the fifth inning. Yasmani Grandal’s double in the fifth frame broke up the no-no and the Dodger offense finally woke from its slumber in the following frame. That’s like waking a sleeping bear. Dangerous for any opposing club.

Taylor got the party started with a lead-off blast against Lugo in the top of the sixth. Turner flared a single to center and Bellinger bombed another one to tie the game at 3-3. Yasiel Puig’s laser shot home run in the top of the seventh inning gave the Dodgers a 4-3 lead. Turner followed up with a home run of his own in the top of the eighth that barely got over the fence. That put the Dodgers up by a 5-3 score.

The bullpen took things the rest of the way. Brandon Morrow pitched a scoreless sixth inning and Pedro Baez followed by tossing a scoreless seventh. Baez was allowed to begin the eighth frame but started that by walking Yoenis Cespedes and almost hitting him.

Roberts immediately hooked Baez and called in newly acquired left hander Tony Watson. The southpaw was terrific. He got Brandon Nimmo looking at a called third strike. Then he got Curtis Granderson to strike out as he chased a low and away breaking ball. Finally he retired Neil Walker on a little nubber in front of the plate.

The Dodgers added two more on another monster home run. Kyle Farmer singled (yay Farmer!) and Taylor each singled but Farmer was forced at second.  He’s no speedster bless his heart. Seager then mashed a monstrous two-run shot into the upper deck to put the Dodgers up 7-3.

With a four-run lead the Dodgers decided to give Kenley a rest and brought in Ross Stripling to close things out in the bottom of the ninth. Stripling pitched around a solo home run from Rene Rivera (more dingers!) to end the game. Dodgers win again! They now improve to 78-32 and continue to destroy all opposition. The boys in blue will go for a sweep on Sunday night baseball on ESPN. Hyun-jin Ryu will battle Steven Matz with first pitch slated for 5 PM PST.

Potential trouble……

All the homers guys!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

75 thoughts on “Dodgers Use a Parade of Dingers To Beat Mets

  1. I would like to see Puig get a good trial in centerfield. His speed and aggressiveness would be much more useful there than in right. Plus it increases the options for other outfielders we could use on the corners. I’m not going to be satisfied until Taylor is playing second base or shortstop…

    1. They trialed him there already. Now he’s pin right. At least for the time being, Joc is the starting center fielder.

  2. Just a really good, well constructed, deep and hard working team.

    Really amazing.

    Still be pleasantly surprised if they win it all, but this is some of the best ball I’ve seen since that epic Yankee team.

  3. I think a DL stint for Grandal would be good for him. He is not very effective playing hurt and we need him to go on a streak in October not August. I also think Turner should take a bit of time off too. And remember Bellinger is a rookie – he may not have much in the tank. With a 7 game lead for home field advantage we should move Forsythe around and play Kike, Barnes and Utley more.

    I think the FAZ may be contemplating a waiver trade around Farmer. It’d be good for the kid – he’s a good player but we have Barnes and also Smith and Ruiz.

    1. YF

      They are thinking more about Farmer being a utility player, not just a catcher

      That is why they had him playing shortstop at AAA to fill in.

      And Turner just broke out of his mini slump today, so who knows what will happen tomorrow.

      Forsythe is not doing anything at the plate.

    1. That where Mattingly failed ….

      There are some choice quotes from Jansen throwing shade on the Mattingly clubhouse. From Plunkett’s article on the OC Register.

      1. I’m not a Torre/Mattingly fan but it’s my opinion they didn’t win because at pivotal points in post season games they didn’t have the depth of support pieces to pull it out. We’ve been over those key losses many times and will probably never agree on the reasons why.

        This year does look different. At least in early August it does. With Kershaw back 100% and Wood/Hill doing in October what they are doing now – I don’t see anyone who can beat us. But it’s August. And we only need look at recent history to know the Dodgers peaked early in the past. What team, or teams, will be peaking in late September? Nobody knows that. And we all know that winning over 100 games in the regular season guarantees nothing.

        So, we enjoy the incredible play of our team, discuss it here, give credit to and take it from the smartest most capable team of Moneyball dudes ever put together by any organization in the history of all time forever, and we wait for October.

        1. Just to confirm, you are actually conceding this:
          give credit to and take it from the smartest most capable team of Moneyball dudes ever put together by any organization in the history of all time forever, and we wait for October.

          1. Just to confirm- “So, we enjoy the incredible play of our team, discuss it here, give credit to and take it from the yada yada yada….”

            Yeah, I’m saying that. Some of us give the credit to the greatest team of baseball geeks ever created and some of us not so much.

        2. Badger

          Mattingly never tried others, or other things, in the bullpen, throughout the season, either!

          He continued to put Brian Wilson in games, even when he already knew, Wilson didn’t have the same velocity as the year before, and Wilson continued to lose leads or games.

          And Roberts didn’t stick with Hatcher and Baez last year, after they blew to many saves, early in the season, instead Roberts, went to Blanton, who became a good set up guy, in the regular season, even though Blanton, was signed to be a long man.

      2. YF

        I know that Mattingly kind of disrespected Kenley, before he came into his own.

        And thanks for the article I am going to take a look.

  4. Our bull pen is starting to look like it could be in lock down mode. It is starting to look like we have Morrow, Baez, and Watson before we get to Jansen. Beuhler will pitch in September and could be another piece.

    If Agon comes back in September and is hitting well, I would not be afraid to move Taylor to center and Bellinger to left. It does not hurt us defensively. Right now Joc is the weak link.

    1. The bullpen has been very good for a while now. We have stacked the arms down there for very good reason. We are good enough to hold serve through August and in September give some starts to call ups while giving some rest to old dudes. We can do this and be in good shape come October. Roberts knows what he is doing.

  5. Some people here and on the Other Blog are questioning why we have an issue with Forsythe. And deservedly so because he really hasn’t done anything wrong. He hasn’t slammed a teammate, criticised his manager, or screwed the owner’s dog. His flaw is simply that he isn’t having a great year and his contract option for next year calls for far more money than FAZ should or will pay, based on this years’ performance. That plus the fact the Dodgers have on the team and in the upper minors 4 or 5 guys who can do his job at least as well as he has, and for minimum or near minimum salary. It’s always about money. Nothing personal against Logan, but there is no way FAZ pays him $8MM next year to replicate this year’s numbers, not when he is trying to cut salary and get the club out of penalty territory. Big battalions? That would be the accountants…

  6. Let me have an LSD Dream here…. Snnooozzzzz The Marlins get Osuna through waivers. FAZ offers Joc, Farmer, McCarthy (all of whom would clear waivers) and a pitching prospect. Both teams are better for the trade…

    1. Jonah, I would be ok with that but I don’t see it. Joc looks like a good teammate. Ozuna could be a jerk.

      Michael, while in principle I agree with your take on Forsythe, I refer you to Cost/WAR. $8 million is cheap for a guy who puts up 1+ WAR. He’s already got 1.2 WAR this year. How? Beats me, but with one good month, which he could do, $8 million could look like a bargain to FAZ.

      1. “Even a man who is pure at heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”

        Is WAR your new defence, replacing $5.39dotcom?

        1. To understand moneyballers you must learn their language. They sure as hell don’t speak ours.

          538 is pretty good at what they do. Don’t knock them until you read them.

      2. Badger

        Forsythe’s WAR is currently at 1.1 so it has already dropped since you last looked, so who knows where it will be by, the end of the season.

        Of course it can go either way!

        Both Forsythe and Joc are fighting more for walks, then hits right now.

        But Joc has more power then Forsythe, and Forsythe hits lefties much better, so they both have their strengths and weaknesses, like everyone.

        But because the team is winning, this is not important right now, so Roberts can give both guys some time, to start hitting.

        They made it sound like Grandal’s back was not a big thing, but they don’t always come out and give info with injuries.

        1. Statistics like the currently popular SABR ones like WAR etc. are nothing new. They are a salesman’s tricks from forever ago. You simply use statistics that highlight your product and make it appear better than the competition, ignoring other statistics which favor the competition. For instance, I could design a statistic that would make a man with a .250 BA and 40% strikeout rate look better than a batter with the same BA and a 10% strikeout rate, simply by penalizing him for causing more outs because he would likely hit into more double plays. I know MJ likes batters who ground out more than those who strike out, because sometimes they advance a runner, but she ignores the fact that they per se hit into more double plays too. There is no one true answer, every GM and fan has their own ideas about what is more important, and that is the way it should be. Me, I believe in the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid); BA, OBP, Slugging, (combine the last two and you have OPS), ERA, and Innings (Pitched). They tell me ALL I want to know about a player…

          1. Jonah

            Hitters strike out much more, then they hit into double plays!

            And when a hitter makes contact, they should be making smart contact, so they are not easy outs.

            We have players on this team, that are not even able to get runners home from third, with less then two outs, and most major league hitters, should be able to put the ball in play!

            And walks should not be valued the same as hits, even baseball in the late 1800s, learned from that.

            If Puig hits three singles in a game, and Joc walks three times, that should not be valued the same.

            Because hitters that can hit and have better batting averages, can probably get more walks, if they wanted too, then a player, that doesn’t get enough hits, to keep their average about 250.

            And a hitter with a better batting average, should be able to get on base, even more, then these players, that are so dependent on getting walks, to make their numbers, look better.

            And that is the problem with some player’s OPSses, that are so depended on getting walks..

            Both Joc and Forsythe have pretty good or decent OBAs, but we have watched what they have done at the plate, and they haven’t done much, to produce runs, other then just walks, lately.

            And I am using Joc and Forsythe as my examples, only because they are easy examples right now, because they have not been producing, lately, but baseball is such a long season.

            But I feel this is a flaw with sabers, and some of their equations, along with the way, they value strike outs!

            Jonah you got me back on my bandstand again, so blame Jonah for this ramble!

          2. MJ, walks do not affect Slugging Percentage, but they are included in OBP, and those two acronyms combine to give us OPS. So walks are credited in OPS but actual hits count more (and extra base hits even more) since they are a factor in both OBP and Slugging.
            And one last serve, I’d damn sure rather Agon and Grandal strike out (assuming they don’t get a hit) rather than hit a ball on the ground if there are runners on base…

        2. MJ, when I looked this morning his rWAR was 1.2, his fWAR was 1.1. If left in the lineup I expect a bump up.

          1. Jonah

            The problem is that sabers value and think, a player’s, OPS tells a player’s production.

            And like you said, walks are really valued the same as hits, in OBA.

            And if you think about it, if Puig gets three hits, those three hits, don’t eliminate Puig’s three at bats, that he got those three hits, in.

            If Joc gets three walks, those three at bats, are not considered three at bats, because if a player walks, they are it charged with an at bat.

            So if you think about that, both Joc and Puig are getting the same credit, for a walk, or a hit, but the person who gets the walk, are not charged for an at bat.

            I no problem with the slugging portion, of an OPS.

  7. About our bullpen, they have been coming in, and walking to many hitters, and they have gave up a HR in four, of the last five games.

    And these kind of things, can lose a game or a series, in the post season!

    And that is why I am concerned with these issues..

    The team is not always going to be able to hit a HR or get the hits they need, to try to get the lead back, if one of our relivers, gives up the lead, in the post season.

    The pitching will be much better, then like the Met’s bullpen, which has a lot of AAA pitchers, because of their pitching injuries.

    The Mets don’t have a lot of good pitching, right now.

  8. Dodgers rotation in 2017:

    4 days rest: 35 starts (last in MLB)
    5+ days: 74 starts (most in MLB)

    Hyun-jin Ryu starts on 6 days rest tonight

    1. Sounds good to me…Now if you could convince the team to make it SOP and Kershaw to go along with it…

  9. Darvish will benefit from that too.

    And he might be an even better pitcher, down the line in the post season, with this extra rest!

    And I don’t think Kershaw should be given this power anymore, because he doesn’t always think about the long run.

    Because he has had to many injuries issues lately, although his recent injury issue, was not his prior, disc issue.

    But Kershaw does not protect himself enough, through out the season, so Roberts has to make sure, that he does.

    1. As long as that Opt Out option is hanging over our head like The Sword Of Damocles, NOBODY is going to play hardball with Clayton…

      1. Jonah

        If Kershaw continues to have back problems, does Kershaw want to opt out, and does the team want to give Kershaw an even better contract, then they just did, for even more years?

        Especially since Kershaw, is pushing 30 soon!

        1. I expect Kershaw to do what is best for Kersahaw. $35mm per in Texas would look pretty good for him and his family. Especially if it’s after winning a championship here.

          As for pitching on more rest, he would still get 28 starts and 190 innings. I doubt the extra rest would do anything but help his numbers on the way to Cooperstown. If Rich Hill can put up over 3 WAR in 110 innings Clayton Kershaw can put up over 6 WAR in 190. He put up 4.4 in 149 last year.

          It’s my opinion that the 6 man rotation is both overdue and inevitable.

          1. Badger

            I have no problem with your 6 men rotation.

            I actually think that might keep the starters sharper, and still give them enough rest.

            But do we have enough starters that can keep up, with a 6 man rotation, or will some pitchers, need even more time

            And about Kershaw, with the numbers he already has, he would be in the Hall of Fame, if he retired right now.

            And if Kershaw never wins a World Championship, he will never hear the end of it, from his own mind!

            Because it isn’t like Kershaw has never been on a team, that he had a chance to win it all, like some players haven’t!

          2. Kershaw would be close to the hall if he retired, but he needs more wins to actually be considered. Koufax had 165. Kersh has 141. But a couple more seasons and he is a shoe in.

  10. Jake Arrieta will be a free agent this fall. Would you try to sign him (agent is Scot Boras) for maybe $20MM per? A hedge against Kershaw leaving…

      1. I know. I was just wondering about him as an alternative to Kazmir/McCarthy/Hill, ASSUMING he could be had at a decent price. It appears a team really needs 6 to 8 starting pitchers….

  11. Dodger continue to be aggressive with prospects:

    Dodgers promoted 19 year old RHP Alfredo Tavarez to Class-A Great Lakes Loons. Signed in 2015 out of the DR Tavarez has 47 K (40.2%), with 10 BB while in AZL.

  12. First big post deadline trade today. Yonder Alonso to the Mariners for Boog Powell. No not the old Oriole, the kid, not even sure if he is related. Mike Freeman was signed by the Cubs. He was DFA’d last week. Guess it is only fair, we claimed Floro from them. Quite the slugfest between Nats and Cubbies yesterday. Az lost in the 10th to the Giants. Panda is back………….Anyone care to guess who holds the highest career WAR for the Dodgers?

    1. Michael

      Not anyone here, except maybe Bluto, but that might be interesting to hear, but will we believe that player, was the best Dodger player.

      But I know Corey and Turner have the highest Wars, on this team.

      1. According to the saber guys it means a lot. But the player is Don Drysdale who had a 67 WAR. Pee Wee Reese is second with a 66 WAR. Snider had a 65 WAR and Jackie was 61. Those are the only players over 60 in Dodger history. Highest current Dodger is Kershaw with a 58. He is 6th in team history. Of the top 27, 15 played in LA at some point in their careers.

        1. Michael

          I didn’t think you were a saber guy, so I didn’t know if you were being serious.

          You ought to look at what Snider did in the season he was age 24, and look at Joc’s age 24 season, last year.

          Then check out their OPSes.

          That is on one reason, I don’t always believe an OPS’s, are always accurate.

          1. Badger said; One has to wonder what he might have done in his 24-26 years.
            You mean other than dig foxholes in Europe and dodge German bullets? Another player who answered a higher calling.

          2. I am not a saber guy at all. I just saw that when I was reading the Dodger history on Baseball They list the top WAR guys and I wondered if anyone knew who had the highest in Dodger history. I know what Snider did when he was 24. Duke was my favorite player, but he had his problems at a young age too. Got into trouble for a remark he made about Dodger fans in Brooklyn. He also was striking out a lot, so they made him stand at the plate and learn the strike zone. He was not allowed to swing at the pitches, just say whether they were balls or strikes. Snider is a Hall of Famer, Joc is no where close to that player and probably never will be. Comparing them is something that is a waste of time since the kind of baseball Duke was playing is a lot different than today’s game. Duke was not facing bullpen specialists nor many pitchers who hit 95 plus on the gun regularly. There is no comparison. Game was totally different.

          3. Well yeah jonah, but Pee Wee was in the Navy.

            I followed his lead. I joined the Marines to fight the communist menace instead of playing at UCLA or possibly signing with the Dodgers. You could call thst a higher calling. I call it something else. WWII was very different. It was indeed a calling.

          1. Pee Wee played 16 years with the Dodgers. Drysdale 14 years. Who does that anymore? Pee Wee also put up strong dWAR numbers. One has to wonder what he might have done in his 24-26 years.

            Another factor that has to be considered when looking at those numbers – Drysdale started 465 games and completed 167 of them. He pitched 3432 innings. For 5 straight years he started over 40 games. In one year, he led the league in hits given up, walked 66 and still had a 1.09 WHIP. Nobody will ever do anything close to all that.

          2. Campy’s career cut short by the accident, but consider this also, 3 of his last 4 seasons he was really sub par. A lot of that had to do with injuries. He was 26 when he first got to the big leagues. The last full season he played was 1955. He hit .318 with 32 homers and 107 ribbies. But in 1956 he hit only .219 with 20 homers, in 57, his last year, he hit .242 with 13 homers. He only played 10 big league seasons but he won 3 MVP awards. Campy’s WAR was no doubt affected by those down years. It is 34 which is 19th on the all time list. Russell played 18 years all with the Dodgers…players definitely do not do that anymore.

  13. As stated many times by me, I am not a big saber guy. But the way players are evaluated now is way different from when I first watched the game. I trust my eyes more than I do stats, but there are some stats I use as a basis for what I look for. I do not get paid to evaluate and sign these guys. I just love the game and the team. I go down the roster and there are certain players who pass the eye test and others who do not. Sometimes I will admit I get a jaded view of some players. If a guy is hitting down by the Mendoza line, It is very hard for me to view that player as productive. I want to see his average up around .250 at least. Joc to me is so far a big disappointment. I like the kid, and he has a lot of skills, but so far other than flashes, he has not lived up to the hype that followed him to the majors. He is still young so there is a chance that he still might get a lot better. Will he do it in a Dodger uni? Who knows, if Jonah had his way, Joc would be long gone. What I find amazing reading a lot of these blogs, is that fans expect these guys to play well all the time and never slump or make errors or strikeout and give up home runs. Sorry gang, that is part of the game, and you can coach and make suggestions, and huff and puff all you want, but those things are going to happen a lot over the course of 162 games. From long experience, I have learned there are certain things I cannot control and no amount of conversation or bitching about it will change a damn thing. The outcome of a baseball game played by the Dodgers is one of them. I can scream at the screen, yell at the players from the stands, and no matter what I do, unless I interfere with a batter ball in play, I will have no part in the outcome of the game. Players strikeout, they make errors, the can’t hit certain types of pitches. They all have flaws. Even the greatest. Babe Ruth struck out 1330 times in his career. But he still hit .342 for that career. So I do not need to nitpick players stats with a bunch of stats that were never used when Ruth was in the game. I use the same ruler for todays players that they used for the Babe. If you like the saber stuff, more power to you. You can use them in your arguments and analysis’s all you want, but they won’t change my evaluation one little iota. I know my opinion matters only to me, and yours matters to you. But you will not change mine, and I will not even try to change yours.

    1. Michael,

      I quite enjoy discourse with you on this board, and I like your opinions as a counterpoint to the Stepford voices elsewhere, but

      COME ON.

      Your final line:
      —> I will not even try to change yours.

      Just yesterday you wrote:
      –>Please Bluto , you are smarter than that.

      In a discussion about Rich Hill.

      1. yeah I did, but I was not trying to change your mind. I was simply questioning your judgement….whole different ball game my friend….

    2. I just read McCulloch’s article in the LA Times. Here is how some of their readers feel about him. (Nobody posted a comment denying this (as far as I read))
      Well, another fantastic result.

      Meanwhile, I am now going to rename Whiff Pederson and call him Clutch Pederson, in honor of all of the witless, low-level, PECOTA-chewing Densas who think that fraud actually contributes to this great team. And no, he doesn’t play good defense. Ol’ Clutch is a liability through and through.

      Go Dodgers!
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      rossrarelytalksActive commenter in reply to Jay Ellar fWell, another fantastic result…more » 2 hour(s) ago
      Joc definitely not the guy I want up in make-or-break situations. He just isn’t as bad as you think, Jayman.
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      Jay EllarConnected reader in reply to rossrarelytalks fJoc definitely not the guy I w…more » 1 hour(s) ago
      He’s worse. Probably the worst player in the major leagues. Name one who is worse.
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      I don’t completely agree with that. I think he is just a journeyman outfielder, not the great star we expected. And we can afford better.

  14. You know, I give Agon credit for being one of the more intelligent major leaguers who makes his living with a stick…. There have been several hitters in the last few years who have deliberately accented the uppercut of their swings to greatly increase power. I wonder, given the File Cabinet’s legendary ground speed, if anyone has suggested or worked with him on that aspect of his swing? If he can become a 30 homerun a year man again, there would probably be another contract in his future. It’s worth a shot…

    1. Jonah

      I think Agone’s neck and back, have made it hard for him, to elevate balls, and to hit them hard enough, to power them, over the wall.

      And I don’t think Agone will come back, unless he feels, he can make a difference.

    1. Did you actually read the article??? Here’s the last paragraph:

      The bottom line: leave swinging down to bad hitters at the amateur level, who have no chance at playing at the highest levels of the game. Otherwise, hit the damn ball in the air.

      Everything I read in the whole article said: Advantage: Hitting the ball in the air. I have to ask: Were you trying to sneak one by me, in hopes I wouldn’t check it out?

  15. On a different note… I reading a frederick Forsyth novel and it involves drug dealing. The thought suddenly occurred to me, I wonder why they don’t handle that like the two other favorite poisons people like to use on themselves, liquor and tobacco. They could legalize the drugs and tax them. The Federal Gov’t could charge Excise Tax and sell Licenses to import. States could charge Sales Tax and Cities could sell Business Licenses. I don’t know that that would be better for people but it would sure eliminate a lot of hassle. Not to worry, no politician or Law Enforcement personnel will ever move in that direction, it’s too profitable for them now just the way it is…..

  16. Dodgers top 24 career WAR…Drysdale, Reese, Snider, Robinson…….all over 60….Wheat 59 Kershaw 58 Vance 58 W. Davis 54 Sutton 48 Koufax 48 Rucker 48 Cey 47 Hershiser 45 Hodges 44 Gilliam 40 Valenzuela 37 Garvey 36 Furillo 35 Campanella 34 Kennedy 33 D. Walker 33 J Pfeffer 33 Welch 33 and Burleigh Grimes 33. Per

  17. Todays starting line up

    1. Taylor LF
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger 1B
    5. Forsythe 2B
    6. Barnes C
    7 Hernandez CF
    8. Puig RF
    9. Ryu P

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