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Everything You Need to Know About the Dodgers’ Recent Trades

It’s been a mighty wild time around here with the recent Dodgers’ trades! Now that we are all finally getting a chance to breathe and relax for a moment, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Dodgers’ recent trades, walking you through the latest acquisition step by step,

Yu Darvish

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Potentially the biggest news-maker is the Dodgers’ acquisition of Yu Darvish which *literally* just happened.

The late acquisition of the 4x All-Star pitcher came rather late and, as Yahoo! Sports analyst Jeff Passan notes, there is remarkable detail behind the story.

The Dodgers’ were pursing Orioles’ pitcher Zach Britton up until a half-hour before the trade deadline and were noted to have given up on pursuing Darvish.

As things played out, even twenty minutes before the trade deadline, it appeared that the marketplace demand for Darvish had begun to fade out and the Dodgers’ were able to grab Darvish along with two additional left-handed pitchers (and two Tony’s), Tony Cingrani and Tony Watson.

The good thing about the August trade period is that plenty of opportunities are available for additional trade moves later on should the need be.

Before we go into further detail above the two Tony fellas, let’s take a look at Yu Darvish a little further and learn about the new and acclaimed pitcher to the Dodger’s side:

Yu Darvish was born August 16, 1986 in Japan and is a 6-5, 220 lb. right hander. He pitched in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2009 World Baseball Classic representing the Japanese national team in both games. Before his arrival to the MLB, many referred to Yu as the “best pitcher in Japanese professional baseball,” recommending his strength and speed as a pitcher.

He debuted in the Major Leagues with the Texas Rangers on April 9, 2012 against the Seattle Mariners.

Darvish is a four-time All-Star (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017) and was the American League strikeout leader in 2013. Additionally, he holds the MLB Record of .995 Career Fielding percentage as a Pitcher.

Darvish was traded to the Dodgers in exchange for prospects Willie Calhoun, A.J. Alexy, and Brendon Davis.

Tony Cingrani

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The Dodgers’ next new gain from this trade session is Tony Cingrani, a 28 year-old leftie born in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Cingrani played for his high school baseball team, Lincoln-Way Central High School, and played collegiately at both South Suburban College and Rice University.

Cingrani began his MLB play in 2012 with the Cincinnati Reds, the team the Dodgers’ acquired him from. He made his MLB debut on August 8, 2016 and currently has a win-loss record of 11-19, and ERA of 3.85, and has 264 strikeouts recorded to his name.

He was traded to the Dodgers in place of outfielder Scott Van Slyke and Hendrik Clementina who is a minor league catcher.

Tony Watson

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 Tony Watson, or Anthony for long, was born May 30, 1985 in Sioux City, Iowa and is a left hander, just like the other Tony.

This Tony was originally drafted by the Florida Marlins in 2003, but he decided to attend the University of Nebraska instead.

Watson was then drafted to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2007, but was called up to the majors for the first time with the team in 2011 where he made his debut on June 8. He continued his career at Pittsburgh until being traded to the Dodgers last week.

His current MLB stats include a win-loss record of 31-15, an earned run average of 2.66, 377 strikeouts, a WHIP of 1.08, and 30 saves.

He was traded to the Dodgers in place of minor league players Angel German and Oniel Cruz.


This trade cycle has been a wild one! However, overall, we made some great advances as a team by gaining Yu Darvish and the two Tonys. Now that the dust is beginning to settle and we can all rest a little more easily, it’s time to watch the remainder of the season unfold as we cheer our great team on!


David Morgan

David Morgan is an editor/co-founder of Being a software engineer by day and a baseball blogger by night, I also participated in the training activities of a youth baseball team at my hometown. I have passion with baseball, it pertains to my life from childhood until now and I love to share what is related to that passion with others. I believe in the support of other baseball bloggers like me to spread the passion.

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David Morgan
David Morgan is an editor/co-founder of Being a software engineer by day and a baseball blogger by night, I also participated in the training activities of a youth baseball team at my hometown. I have passion with baseball, it pertains to my life from childhood until now and I love to share what is related to that passion with others. I believe in the support of other baseball bloggers like me to spread the passion.

52 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About the Dodgers’ Recent Trades

  1. Not certain of T-squared but I like the Darvish move.

    However, I thought Paredes deserved a longer look. He pitched very well then got disappeared. What kind of message does that send to our prospects? And, I still want to see Font. When Hill goes for his 10 day jacuzzi time in September, throw Font out there. He’s earned it.

      1. His spirit is broken because he was unceremoniously dumped.

        Oh well, relief pitchers are a dime a dozen. Move on dot pen.

        It feels weird to not look forward to a pennant race. College football might be in full swing before we play another meaningful game. Heck, we’re talking adult film stars, vegetarian body builders ….. and jonah’s frozen pancakes. Yuck. Waffles, sure, but frozen pancakes? I’m so happy you now have a griddle jonah. We use ours several times a week. Had a nice quesadilla just last night.

        Hill gets to pitch against the hapless mutts today. Just throw strikes Blister. They won’t hit them.

        1. Paredes is no kid, he is 30 years old and used to being sent down. They DFA’d Freeman again yesterday and claimed Dylan Floro a reliever off the Cubs. Font is not on the 40 but with the way they use the DL and all, he could be put there pretty easily. Font is 27 now. It feels weird to not be in a tight race, but it feels great to look up and see just how big a lead they have and the Gnats in last place, that’s almost ecstatic.

    1. Font isn’t on the 40 and they probably don’t want to expose him by putting him on it. One of the new guys, Cingrani or whatever, doesn’t have options left so we can’t send him down without putting him on waivers and possibly losing him. Ditto Hatcher. Personally, I wouldn’t mind losing them both. I feel sorry for any fool that claims them….

        1. Hatcher is actually on a re-hab assignment. Do not put anything past the FAZ. He was one of their fair haired boys and they will give him every chance to make good…..unless of course he stinks up the PCL. There are some pretty good hitters down there.

  2. Absolutely great story on the MLB site about former Dodger Jerry Reuss. Tells of some of the famous pranks he pulled when with LA. I was amazed that Lasorda was good with all that stuff, because I know Jay Johnstone used to drive him nuts. Reuss, Brett and Johnstone were the main guys pulling pranks back then. They once got into groundskeepers clothes and dragged the infield in the middle of the 5th inning. Lasorda was having his birthday celebration and there was a big cake in the clubhouse, Johnstone came in and sat in the middle of the cake……NUDE! Johnstone had a #2 Lasorda jersey that said Lasagna on the back, he used to stuff a pillow in there and parade on the field for the fans mimicking Tommy. Once, close to the trade deadline with his name floating around in rumors, Reuss packed his equipment bag with towels, caught a cab to Comiskey Park where the Yankees were playing the Sox, (the Dodgers were in town playing the Cubs) marched into Lou Piniella’s office and announced how proud he was to have been traded to the Yankees and that he could start or relieve for the Bombers. Piniella was getting livid because he had not been consulted about the trade and then Reuss came clean. Piniella could not believe he did all that for a prank. Reuss won 220 games in his career, was a member of the 1981 champs, and threw a no-hitter against the Giants in 1980. He would have had a perfect game, but an error by the SS Bill Russell robbed him of that chance…….Sound familiar?????

    1. Reuss’ game 5 against Nolan Ryan and game 5 vs Ron Guidry are two of the greatest post season pitching performances in Dodger history. Right up there with Hershiser’s game 7 vs the Mets. I didn’t see Koufax game 7 vs the Twins nor Johnny Padres game 7 vs the Yanks. I guess those two would rank higher but Reuss was magnificent in those two games.

      Good job Michael Norris.

    2. I remember Russell making a lot of errors, and then we had to hear he was converted from an outfielder, but that was after he had been playing shortstop in the majors, for a very long time.

      We never heard that about Joe Ferguson, who was converted from an outfielder, to a catcher.

      But I know you meant Hanley, oh I mean Mattingly, who should have put in a defensive replacement earlier in that game.

      1. Yeah Russell was converted, so was Lopes, Ferguson, and Garvey. Dodgers did a lot of that back then. Buckner was a natural 1st baseman, but when Garvey started being as good as he was, they switched Billy Bucks to the outfield. Some players take to the conversion thing easy, Others it takes a while. Garvey took to 1st base like a duckling to water. Russell had a harder time adjusting, but played the position well enough to be with the Dodgers longer than anyone in LA Dodger history.

        1. I knew Garvey had throwing problem.

          And I now remember Lopes was converted too.

          And Russell was on the major league team playing shortstop, before the other infielders were.

          Who did Bill Russell marry?

          1. Russell married Jim Brewer’s daughter. They are both from Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Russell now owns and runs a pecan farm there.

    3. I loved Jerry Reuss. I remember the groundskeeper bit. I remember a live interview Stu Nahan was doing where he was trying to read his notes on air, and Reuss kept trying to throw his jacket surreptitiously over his notes, all the while Stu’s trying to play it off and keep his composure.

      1. After his career was over Johnstone had a TV show for a while where players would pull pranks on their team mates. This show was on a long time before Punked. It was pretty funny stuff. Russell was not a terrible SS. But he was no Ozzie Smith either. He had a .960 career fielding percentage. He did make over 300 errors in a 18 year career. Not sure how many were on throws and how many were misplayed grounders. But considering the way fields were in the 70’s and 80’s and the fact he was playing on some pretty pitiful Astroturf fields, it was probably to be expected. Ferguson was converted for the simple reason that the guy could hit. Not much of a defensive guy like Yeager, but there was some pop in that stick.

        1. How was Fergie going to be a better catcher, when Yeager played catcher all his life?

          Russell made more errors, then the rest of the infield, and he was on the team playing shortstop, before the rest of the infield.

          And I don’t think for minute that Russell purposely dropped that ball on purpose that Reggie said Russell did, on that double play ball.

          1. Never said he was. But they got more pop when he did. Yeah, Russell made a lot of errors, but like Alston said when he put him over there, he got to a lot of balls other players could not. Even though Russell got there in 1969, he did not start playing SS exclusively until 1972. Lopes and Cey joined him in 1973. Garvey did not become the full time 1st baseman until 1974 and that’s when they started their 8 years together. In 1980 Russell had his finger shattered by a pitch ball from Mike Lacoss of the Reds. It was surgically repaired, be he was never the same player. He retired in 1986. Garvey and Cey left after the 1982 season, Garvey as a free agent and Cey was traded to the Cubs. Lopes left after the 1981 season when he was traded to the A’s. Steve Sax took over for him at 2nd. Russell played in more games than any player in LA Dodger history. The team record is held by Zack Wheat.

      2. Funny story, about jay Johnstone who also was in on that, Lasorda was livid of course and he was yelling for Johnstone to grab a bat and pinch hit since the pitcher, I forget who it was, was getting knocked around. Johnstone was rushing to get the uni adjusted and back on and ran to the bat rack and went to the plate. He hit a pinch hit HR, and Lasorda never said a word.

    4. Also:
      I remember that game as it was a night game in SF, Friday or Saturday night. I’m gonna say Friday night. I don’t recall the error but I remember a great play by Russell going into the hole at short and making the long throw to first. Ron Cey also made a diving stop to his right and threw out the runner at 1B in another great play to maintain the no hitter.

      What I remember most was my dad and uncle drinking all night long to celebrate the no hitter. True fans 🙂

  3. The Panda should be renamed The Flounder.

    Reuss was a classic. One time I was up on the Loge Level before a game (when they used to let you into the park quite early) I go up to get a Dodger Dog and who turns around to give me the Dog but Reuss, all decked out in concession staff gear. Dude was a riot. I ran into him several times around the park in all sorts of odd situations before several games.

  4. They said that Honeycutt already saw something in Cingrani’s delivery, and that Cingrani is working on his slider..

    1. That’s from the Korean war. He is flying a F-9 Panther jet. Was used mainly for ground support missions. They left the dog fighting with Mig’s to the Air Force and the F-86 Sabre Jet.

    2. Jonah

      No I didn’t but he is from San Diego right?

      Cody does resemble a young Ted Williams, both in the face, and the body type.

    1. Check the Felonious Talk site. They’re all there. Tell Cbox I said nothing.

      Note to Hill – that advice I gave you – just throw strikes to these guys? – don’t do it. When your fastball is under 90, you need to find the edges. Also try high and tight low and away. It’s worked since Abner was a minnow.

    2. You know what I dislike most about Hill? That picture GameDay uses. Nobody that is as bad a pitcher as him should have the nerve to grin like that…. He should cast his eyes down in shame.

      1. While I find that a perfectly acceptable reason to dislike him what I find most objectionable is he’s a 37 year old that will challenge the bullpen for the remainder of his contract. He’s got 1.2 WAR this year so at $12.7mm he has a good shot at earning his dough. Next year $16.7mm and the year after that $18.7mm? – I think I’ll like him even less in the future.

  5. Giants put George Kontos on waivers and the Pirates claimed him. I never liked the Hill deal, I liked the resigning even less. He has been decent lately and as Badger has said, he taxes the bullpen. He is only going to go 5 today and leave with the team down 3-0. I do not even think that Hill is one of the 5 best starters on the team right now, Wood, Kershaw, Darvish, and Maeda are better in my book and Ryu has better stuff. McBrittle not so much. Well Taylor hits one out, so it is 3-1 now. Lets go Dodgers and pull this one out.

      1. Not really Bobby. Check how long he went in those starts and how much the bullpen had to pick him up. He is averaging less than 6 innings a start. That’s not very good in my book. The offense has been good in his starts, so he has a lead when he leaves and the bullpen wins the game.

    1. The ball continues to bounce our way. Maybe it is written.

      Hill 5. Was actually wondering if he’d get that far.

  6. Hill was much better than fine after the first. Kept the team in it, until the offense awakened.

    Hill was pitcher of the month.
    Was good when rested if not great in the playoffs.

    They didn’t give up the store for him.

    Liked the trade then, still like it

    1. Almost 90 pitches in 5 innings??? Please Bluto , you are smarter than that. Thank goodness we are playing the Mets.

      1. Pitcher of the month, held the fort after a rough first.

        That’s what I cited.

        If you want to add other criteria go ahead and enjoy yourself

  7. Yeah, we know.

    The store?

    34 innings in 2 months. Playoffs were meh. Pitcher of the month in July. 5 starts. Did he throw 34 innings in those 5 starts? Of course not. He’s lucky the Dodgers pen is nails.

    1. Exactamundo. I think those guys are suffering from Timmons syndrome. They have been brainwashed into believing that 5 innings is a great start for a starting pitcher. Please, the bullpen saved his ass every time he pitched and the offense was good enough to give him a lead by the time he was leaving the game. He went 7 innings in that stretch ONCE. How can Kershaw have 15 wins and not have been named pitcher of the month this year??? Trade sucked because we got crap from Hill and we had to take Reddick’s lame ass too.

        1. You could not have liked it last year. Get real, they got crap from Reddick and a 3-2 record from the great Blister Hill and 1 playoff win. He was supposed to be the pitcher who got them over the top. Fat chance. Terrible trade, lousy free agent signing.

          1. Was there a point to your response?

            It does seem like you were unable to read my previous response.

            I’ll repeat it:
            I did like it, I do like it, I probably will like it tomorrow.

            Pitcher of the Month.

            You don’t like it. Good for you!

          2. If you do not understand what I said, I am sorry you do not understand English. Anyone who thought that was a good deal last year is just plain nuts. You can like it, ok with me, but I did not and do not and probably never will because I do not think he will do bupkis the last two years of his contract. If he does, well I guess I and a lot of other people will eat crow. But for now, I am sticking to my guns. Still don’t like Grandal either.

  8. Michael, you and I will disagree on Hill, but who cares.
    What we can agree on is that Watson looked great in that 8th!

    1. Bobby

      Watson looked good, but our bullpen gave up their forth HR in 5 games.

      They can’t keep doing that, it will catch up like it did against the Braves.

      1. I totally agree they have given up too many the last few outings, only good part was that we were up enough runs at the time that a solo shot could not hurt.

    2. Don’t like Hill, never will. It is just my opinion. Yes, I enjoy the wins, and it is great to see the Dodgers playing this well. But I am old school Bobby. Even the 6 innings is a quality start stat bugs me. I want to see my starter go at least 7 and keep the team in the game. When the bullpen has to pitch 4 innings night after night, it gets old. The wear and tear on the bullpen shows in September and October. Just look at Blanton last year to see what I am talking about. Less is more is what I am saying. Less stress on the BP, more stamina and good innings in the playoffs. I care not for the saber geeks who love all their BS stats. To me, the game is not as good as when I first started being a fan. Too many strikeouts, too many players going for the downs on every swing. In close games you get a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when the bullpen has to go more than 2. A walk and the next thing you know, you lose 5-3 like they did in Atlanta. I am happy the team is winning and this team is fun to watch. But I do not enjoy watching Rich Hill. I think I would faint if I ever just once saw Yasmani Grandal shorten his swing with 2 strikes. Bellinger does it, and Seager does it a lot. Almost all hitters used to do it. Now they just try to hit the ball to Montana.

      1. The relivers coming in and walking people, and giving up HRs, will eventually come back and haunt them, if they don’t stop doing that.

  9. Good article on espn on this incredible run.

    Some highlights:
    The Los Angeles Dodgers have won 43 of their past 50 games, something no team has done in 105 years, since John McGraw’s Giants, a team that featured guys named Tillie, Heinie, Rube and Hooks.

    It is a remarkable stretch of dominance in a sport where few teams can win 60 percent of their games over nearly a third of the season, let alone 86 percent. The Dodgers are 6-0 against the Mets, 78-32 overall, on pace for 115 wins, and now have a big, fat bull’s-eye on their backs as the best team in baseball — and maybe one of the best ever.

    What’s remarkable about this 50-game stretch is that the Dodgers have done it with a revolving door of players coming and going. By my count, the Dodgers have made 139 transactions since Opening Day, give or take. The bullpen has the second-best ERA in baseball. The Dodgers are fourth in the majors in defensive runs saved. The players love the manager.

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