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Dodger’s Youth Movement Increasing Chances of Winning World Series

The Dodgers have the major’s best record on July 1 and the biggest divisional lead in baseball. There’s no way they get to this point without the incredible contributions from their young players. The Dodger’s rookies are blazing hot, and it’s safe to say that the youth movement has begun in earnest at Chavez Ravine. According to the top betting sites odds, chances for the Dodgers to win the World Series have substantially increased in their favor since the youngsters started to take off.

There are too many to mention. Alex Verdugo has been possibly the biggest star. The lefty swinging outfielder has provided the Dodgers with an injection of energy into their lineup. Verdugo has posted a 126 OPS+ while slashing .311/.360/.506 with 9 home runs and 37 runs batted in over 278 plate appearances. Since the A.J, Pollock injury Verdugo has played center field admirably and consistently brought a combination of speed and contact to help the Dodger offense.

Verdugo isn’t the only impressive rookie in 2019. Outfielders Matt Beaty and Kyle Garlick have both been very good. For Garlick, who has smashed 80 home runs in five minor league seasons has taken advantage of his sudden opportunity the Dodgers are giving him. Garlick the 27-year old Southern California native has gone 8 for 30 with 2 home runs and an .867 OPS across 33 plate appearances.

Beaty has brought a clutch bat. Overall the 26-year old corner outfielder/first baseman has slashed .290/.305/.430 (27 for 93) with 2 home runs and 15 runs driven in over 95 plate appearances. His strength lies in his ability to hit with runners in scoring position. In those situations he is 10 for 27 (.370) with 13 driven in and a .948 OPS.

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Then there is Will Smith. The catcher of the future has already carved out a path for himself with some key hits and solid game calling behind the plate. The top prospect has shown poise beyond his years. The former first rounder has posted a .999 OPS and a solid .345 including two walk-off home runs and three home runs in 29 plate appearances. Even Edwin Rios, a prospect not expected to get much playing time this season has had good at-bats. The big left handed hitting infielder has already collected three hits including notching a triple and two walks in his first nine at-bats.

The Dodger’s veterans like Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen are still the cornerstones of the franchise. However if these young players mentioned above continue to contribute then the Dodger’s chances of winning the World Series in 2019 greatly increase. Let the youth movement at Dodger Stadium commence.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

12 thoughts on “Dodger’s Youth Movement Increasing Chances of Winning World Series

  1. So which one of these youths can come out of the bullpen or be the closer? If you don’t have that answer then you don’t gots nuthin. The bullpen is going to be the difference maker, not some additional bats to add to our bounty of hitters.

  2. BP did a great job last night. Floro and Chargois came in and slammed the door. Rosscup had the only hiccup. But he is just holding down a spot temporarily. Middle of the Padres lineup is impressive, but they still strike out too much. The kid they brought out of the pen for the 7th and 8th has very impressive stuff. We got a Muncy Mash and a Belli Bomb which are always fun to see. But somebody needs to gag Hershiser, he is really annoying. Hope Y’all had a great 4th……

  3. Barring some sort of catastrophe, Rios, and Beaty will not be on the team come October. They are just holding down roster space until Freese, Seager and Pollock come back. That means Garlick also who has no shot at being on the roster come the playoffs. I would not read too much into Pollock striking out 3 times yesterday at Rancho. Having not seen live pitching in a couple of months, that is totally understandable. Earlier this month I thought AF might try to get 2 arms for the pen at the deadline, now I am thinking more along the lines of 1, and it will probably be a lefty. That’s where the pen is the weakest right now.

    1. Michael, we do know one thing as far as tonight’s game with the Padres, and that is since a LHP is facing us, Joc will sit to start the game but I get the feeling he’s OK with that set up now.

      1. Taylor is leading off, Verdugo second and Turner third followed by Belli, Muncy, Kike, Garlick and Barnes. Joc is on the bench along with the other 2 lefty’s Rios and Beaty. Just read that the Dodgers have been talking to the Tigers about Greene. Would be a great addition to the pen. Dodgers signed their other 1st rounder, Busch to a max contract.

          1. It was a very nice day and the Dodgers won as well. Cannot ask for much more than that!

  4. Congrats ?? to Muncy! An All-Star, replacing Rendon on the Roster. If there was any other Dodger worthy of All-Star consideration, it is Max! His constant shuffling to different positions, elevator line-up, and Lefty Line-up did not give him a fair shake. Baseball fans, nationally, did not really see how valuable he truly is.

    Oakland A’s eat it!

  5. Blown opportunities (1-8 RISP, 8 LOB) and 2 GIDP’s. Kershaw should have went at least one more inning. Costly Catcher Interference with pitcher at bat. Weak bullpen.

    1. Bullpen has improved a lot in case you had not noticed. Garcia made one bad pitch. He has been much better as of late. Give a little credit to the Padres pitchers who did a good job holding the Dodgers back. Doesn’t help matters when the hitters are swinging at pitches a snake could not hit. Turner does not look like Turner, and I think he should have just taken time off until after the break. He has struck out in 7 of his last 12 trips to the plate. Maybe they were all shook up by the earthquake. Kike, one game after looking like a hitter, flails away again. His act is getting real tiresome. Kershaw was at 100 pitches. That’s about where they want him to be. If he was the Kersh of 4 years ago, he probably finishes the game, but he is not that guy. Fastest pitch last night was 93. Gonsolin and Smith both headed to the IL. Smith has not played since he was sent down. He has a strained oblique. He was put on the MLB IL. Gonsolin has a barking hammy. Shut down for precautionary reasons. They lost the game, but none of their lead. Still 14.5 over the Rocks. Rockies have played 3 less games than the Dodgers. Report now is that both Seager and Freese will rejoin the team after the break. Pollock also will rejoin them in Boston.

  6. Lots of people getting all twitter pated over last nights loss to the Pads. Face it, they were outpitched. They made a few mental mistakes also. The Pads made more than they did, but the Dodgers did not capitalize on any except the throw to the plate by Hosmer. They were 1-8 with runners in scoring position. You are that bad, you should lose. Garcia gives up a homer. Nothing new there, it was the 10th he has allowed. It was also the first time in a long time that Roberts has used him in a high leverage spot. He made one bad pitch. But this game is on the offense more than the pitchers. You only allow 3 runs when you are averaging scoring 5, you should win every time. But here are the facts. They have a 14.5 game lead. They are 60-30 with 72 games to play. They can go .500 the rest of the way and win 96 games. The Rockies, who have played 3 less games than the Dodgers have to win 52 of their games to even tie. Arizona would have to do the same, and the Pads would need 53 wins. At this point I say just keep everyone healthy, get 1 really good arm for the pen, and they should win the division going away. Machado may just lose his contract that he bet the Pads would win a series before the Dodgers do. Proof that he is a moron.

    1. A lot more people will be bitching again tonight, Michael, as the Dodgers lose another to the Padres. They were not out-pitched, the offense just looks flat the last couple of games.

      Dodger offense could not get anything going again. Maeda pitched well, but two big mistakes was his demise. Padre hitters took advantage of those mistakes…. something the Dodgers seem to be unable to do.

      Pederson looks lost at the plate, maybe wasting too much time on his HR Derby swing, then concentrating on barreling it up, and getting on base. People say the Derby does not mess up a hitter’s swing…. I think it does. Muncy has struggled the last two games, after getting his 1st All-Star nod… maybe his nerves are getting the best of him. Not too many chances to manufacture runs, but the few chances they had, they wasted.

      Dodgers not looking like the best team in baseball, and not looking promising for October right now. They better snap out of it. That 14.5 game lead will disappear fast before they know it.

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