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Dozier Deal Not Happening: Brock Stewart, Really?

We’re about two weeks away from the Dodger fan fest in which I eat way too many Dodger dogs and can’t find my car, and only about 5 weeks from the start of spring training. Once again the PR generated rumor mill is in full force with the Dodgers reportedly in on every player yet they never make a move. The Dodgers finally announced the signings of closer Kenley Jansen, third baseman Justin Turner and then hung up their phones for the winter. With the exception of signing another Cuban, (for 200,000 dollars) and that all important fourth string catcher signing of Bobby Wilson.

You can rest assured that the front office is done making moves for the winter. The roster you see now is likely the roster you will see in spring training. Despite the fact that the bullpen is only half built and there is a moon sized hole at second base. Not to worry my lovely little LaDodgerreportians because the Dodgers are ready to hand over the keystone reigns to .191 hitting Kike Hernandez. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Andrew Friedman’s yellow golden boy will be the starting second baseman in 2017 and bat lead-off against every southpaw. More than likely his batting average and OPS will drop another 100 points next season. Believe that.

I jest of course, but I am being serious here. According to those PR generated trade rumors, the Dodgers are now “in on” Logan Forsythe! Oh and over the hill Ian Kinsler as well, yet neither will end up in Dodger blue next year. The talks with the Twins for second baseman Brian Dozier have come to a standstill. It’s not going to happen. Not that it shouldn’t though.

Dozier would be a great addition to the Dodgers. He would be more than that, he would be a game changer, something the Dodgers sorely need to be better than the Chicago Cubs and get into the World Series. Dozier would bring a 25-30 home run power bat in the middle of the order, and stellar defense at second base. Not to mention he would fill a gigantic damn hole in the middle of the infield. He’s under contract for two years and would be well worth losing a couple of prospects for.

You would expect the Dodgers to not want to trade young talented arms like Jose De Leon, Walker Buehler, and Yadier Alvarez. That only makes sense. However it’s not those guys that were holding up a potential deal, but Brock Stewart. Yeah, according to Mike Berardino of the Minnesota Pioneer press, the Dodgers  reportedly were unwilling to part with Brock Stewart. The deal was never going to happen anyways, but hearing that Stewart was a potential road block is hilarious.

Look prospects come and go, and many never pan out. Most never make it to the majors. It’s a good thing to hold onto your top prospects, but sometimes you have to pull the trigger. We’re not talking about trading Julio Urias, or Corey Seager type prospects. De Leon is a talent, but holding onto a non-prospect like Stewart like he is gold is quite funny. Buehler is also highly rated, but is coming off of Tommy John surgery and has pitched 3 games as a professional. Maybe it’s ok to deal those guys for a player that averages 27 home runs per season and posted an .886 OPS last year.

If I were the Dodgers I would be calling Chase Utley and seeing what his plans are for the 2017 season. I guess I am a demanding guy for wanting the Dodgers to have a second baseman that bats higher than .190. Dare to dream.

The winter is not over yet, and here’s hoping the Dodgers can find a second baseman somewhere, and maybe another outfield bat and set-up man. There’s still more work to be done.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

143 thoughts on “Dozier Deal Not Happening: Brock Stewart, Really?

  1. Baseball America’s Top Ten for the Dodgers is up.

    About who you would expect. Bellinger leads the way.

    A good contingency of new blood there too. The Cubans Alvarez and Diaz. Toles. Gavin Lux made it. As did recent call up Austin Barnes. Everybody’s favorite discussion point, Willie Calhoun is at 5. He is listed as a 2B.

    1. I read that Toles wasn’t a prospect anymore, and won’t be considered a rookie this year, either.

      But I know I have seen him listed as a prospect.

    2. Badger

      They have Calhoun listed as best hitter, for average.

      But actually Bellinger has hit for a better average, then Calhoun.

      But I think the fact that Calhoun doesn’t strike out a lot, is why he is listed like that.

      Calhoun has more consistent contact, then a lot hitters, with no power.

      And they have Toles is best athlete, best speed, and best defensive outfielder, in the system.

      1. Here are the various “Best” opinions by Baseball America:

        BEST TOOLS
        Best Hitter for Average Willie Calhoun
        Best Power Hitter Cody Bellinger
        Best Strike-Zone Discipline Austin Barnes
        Fastest Baserunner Andrew Toles
        Best Athlete Andrew Toles
        Best Fastball Yadier Alvarez
        Best Curveball Yadier Alvarez
        Best Slider Dustin May
        Best Changeup Jose De Leon
        Best Control Trevor Oaks
        Best Defensive Catcher Austin Barnes
        Best Defensive Infielder Cody Bellinger
        Best Infield Arm Ronny Brito
        Best Defensive Outfielder Andrew Toles
        Best Outfield Arm Alex Verdugo
        Catcher Yasmani Grandal
        First Base Cody Bellinger
        Second Base Willie Calhoun
        Third Base Justin Turner
        Shortstop Corey Seager
        Left Field Andrew Toles
        Center Field Joc Pederson
        Right Field Yasiel Puig
        No. 1 Starter Clayton Kershaw
        No. 2 Starter Julio Urias
        No. 3 Starter Yadier Alvarez
        No. 4 Starter Jose De Leon
        No. 5 Starter Kenta Maeda
        Closer Kenley Jansen


  2. Brock Stewart had a couple of nice games and a couple stinkers. He has talent, but a frontline pitcher> Who knows.

  3. I love Willie Calhoun. What a great kid! You have to root for a guy like this. I just don’t think he can play 2B or the outfield. I hope I’m wrong because his bat is the real deal. I think he’s a DH. He’s also LH which makes it likely he will be traded.

    Bluto mentioned BA’s TOP 10:

    1. Cody Bellinger, 1b/of
    2. Yadier Alvarez, rhp
    3. Jose De Leon, rhp
    4. Alex Verdugo, of
    5. Willie Calhoun, 2b
    6. Andrew Toles, of
    7. Yusniel Diaz, of
    8. Brock Stewart, rhp
    9. Gavin Lux, ss
    10. Austin Barnes, c/2b

    This year there are only three pitchers – all RH.

    I was told that the Twins wanted De Leon, Calhoun and Stewart. I think the Dodgers would have done De Leon OR Stewart and Calhoun, but not Stewart and De Leon. Here’s my opinion of those three RH’ers:

    1. Alvarez is a freak and has the stuff to be a #1. He’s at least a year and a half away… probably 2 years. A lot can go wrong here. A lot can go right too. This is high risk, high reward. He will flame out or be very good. No middle ground.

    2. De Leon’s up side is a #2, but I see him as a swingman, maybe even a set-up man in the pen.

    3. Brock Stewart is a solid #4! He should be an innings eater. I see him as a workhorse John Lackey-type pitcher. He is solid if not spectacular and he has low mileage on his arm.

    Check out the Scouting Reports:

    Here’s what BA says about Cody:

    Bellinger has a chance to be a foundational hitter in the middle of a lineup who can also save runs with his fielding at first base. The Dodgers have first baseman Adrian Gonzalez signed through the 2018 season, but Bellinger will be ready before then, so Bellinger’s versatility and athleticism in the outfield could come in handy soon. Bellinger should start 2017 in Oklahoma City, but he could make his major league debut in the second half of the year.

    FAZ doesn’t need to add any bullpen help, but they may. Who knows what Fernandez and Kike can do. Maybe we need to find out before making a dope-fiend move. Fernandez is hitting .286/.369 OB% in winter ball. Kike is struggling at .209/.333. Micah Johnson may stay in the organization.

    1. I have seen people say that Calhoun hits lefties, but I haven’t found a split on him.

      I do know he doesn’t strike out a lot, considering the power he has.

      And I think he is really a good contact hitter, especially with his power.

    2. Mark

      Like I said above, Fernandez is not a very good defensive player.

      The best thing I have seen said about Fernandez’s defense, is that he is adequate.

      And I hope the Dodgers are making sure there young hitters, hit both lefties and righties.

      It is like they give leftie hitters more of an excuse, then rightie hitters, about hitting both leftie and rightie pitchers.

      1. Adequate is fine if he hits. Adequate to me means he makes the routine plays. Take the outs they give you. If you can steal one now and then it shortens the game, but superior hitting will make up for a lot.

        1. Badger

          I do agree a good hitter, that plays adequate defense is fine with me.

          But if his defense isn’t much better then Calhoun’s, that is a different thing.

  4. Bellinger starting in the outfield has been mentioned by a few here, including me, but obviously until some moves are made, there is no room for him. He may force those moves by mid year. Hope so. Until then, Ethier is my left fielder. Joc in center and Puig in right. I don’t know about Toles, but SVS is still here and if he’s healthy he has to be the 4th outfielder – right? Hernandez is the guy who can play in and out and pinch hit, platoon, whatever, so what happens to Thompson? It may come time to move him and Toles. Unless Van Slyke is the one to go. Still a lot of work to do.

    1. Badger

      If they do the wrong thing , and stick Toles in AAA because he still has options, Scott might be 4th outfielder.

      But both Trayce and Toles, can cover more ground in the outfield, then Scotty.

  5. Fresh paranoia is setting in again with me. I’m not concerned about beating the Cubs. It’s the giants that I worry about. They have the arms and now a legit closer. I saw where some source has Posey in the HOF. Gag. It’s been a few months for me absent sports paranoia, but now that it is here, it feels kinda good . At least until about April. Calhoun should be ok at 2B. Ether hasn’t played in a year, so if he is healed, he should be ok. And with a point to prove. Last year he came to camp with a chip on his shoulder, was having a great spring, and the broke his leg with that foul ball. I think he is motivated and his skill level might still be near the top. I’m ok with him in LF, if his leg is healed and he can run without restriction.

  6. San Diego has lots of young players and have said they would like a veteran to help with the younger players. MJ, who on the Dodgers could fill that role for San Diego?

    San Diego loves Meyers now so it would be hard to get him but he could play LF for the Dodgers.

    Ethier, Gonzales, Thompson/Toles, De Leon, and some money for Meyers. Just trying to make your day MJ and Wondering 😉

    Maybe expand to get Solarte.

      1. Wondering

        I think the Padres need a good defensive centerfielder, to roam in that big field.

        And remember Joc made that real good play on Upton’s hard hit ball near the wall, maybe we can trade him for Solarte, and get a very good relief pitcher, thrown in, in that deal.

        I hear the Padres need some leftie power, and Joc can blend in, with the rest of there young line up, and they can grow together.

      2. Wondering

        Have you kept count on how many trades Bum has tried to make, for every other teams, top prized prospect, to date?

        1. No, I really try to ignore him. If there was an ignore button on this blog… I have nothing against a realistic trade proposal but outlandish proposals irritate the H— out of me. His usually involve half our roster for a player the other team would never trade or sometimes for a player of little or no value. Like Wil Myers. His right to propose, my right to ignore. C’est La Vie…

      3. That trade reduces the Dodger payroll, thins out a crowded outfield, opens first base for Bellinger in July with SVS holding down first until then which further thins out the outfield, gives the Dodgers a right handed bat in LF that is tradeable, and might lead to getting Solarte to play second base.

        Not likely to happen but would accomplish a lot.

    1. I assume you are referring to Wil Myers. He hit .259 last year with 28 HR. He is a bad enough OF that they moved him to 1B last year. Why would the Dodgers want him?

      ON the other hand, he was originally on Tampa so I’m sure that the Braintrust knows all about him.
      Career numbers:
      2016 – .259, 28 HR, .832 OPS
      2015 – .253, 8 HR, .763 OPS
      2014 – .222, 6 HR, . 614 OPS
      2013 – .293 13 HR, .832 OPS

      1. Wasn’t he mostly a center fielder before moving to first base? He might grade out better in LF.

        There are better bats than Myers but if Ethier and Gonzales are going to be traded, San Diego might be the best opportunity to make that trade.

      1. Both probably would like it there. Gonzales might now be a better fit in San Diego now that he has lost some of his power and can be more of a line drive hitter that uses all fields.

        1. I understand there may be a need to move some veterans. If we do that, it’s actually a good thing because it means we found suitable young replacements. I just wonder about helping San Diego get better. They won’t catch us, right? So it’s ok. I think. San Diego kinda makes sense for the Pads and the players, but I’d rather it was the American League.

          1. That is a worry but the Padres will be better against the Giants and Rockies and Ds as well.

  7. Brock Stewart was pitching great at the end of 2016 and I thought he should have been included on the play off roster. Hopefully both he and JDL will still be in the Dodger organization in 2017.

      1. Hey MJ,
        I wasn’t able to watch MLBN’s top 10 third basemen last night. I know you did, so where was Turner ranked?

        1. Quas

          I was wrong about last night, I think that show is on Sunday.

          I know Turner was number five last year, and I think I saw that he is going to be six, this year.

          If what I was watching, was a sneak preview of Sunday’s show.

    1. The Dodgers need to try to pick up International money in every deal and spend it all on Otani.

      Buehler not in the top 10? The 2020 rotation will have Buehler and Otani in it. The Dodgers have two big league ready guys coming up. JDL and Stewart. Considering the injury histories of Ryu, Kazmir, McCarthy, and Wood I don’t blame them for holding on to Stewart. I think Stewart could play well out of the pen too if need be. Dozier is worth JDL, De Jong, and a 3rd piece like Sheffield or Rios.

      Calling Kinsler over the hill was asinine. He won a GG last year, hit 28 HR’s, stole bases, and got on base at a high percentage. Exactly what the Dodgers need hitting in front of Seager. Dozier would help. Kinsler is ideal in my book. As for Calhoun, if his bat plays, his defense needs to at least be up to Jeff Kent level. Kent could move to his right at least, caught what came to him, and was good on the pivot. If his defense is as bad as Daniel Murphy’s then you better hit at an MVP level or play DH.

      1. Hawkeye

        Even with the shifts today?

        I like Kinsler too, but I don’t think we will get him.

        He is a much better hitter, then Dozier, and he actually played really good defense at second, last year.

        I just think he is a good baseball player.

  8. Ian Kinsler will be 35 this season.

    He wants an extension…probably 2 more years.


    Last year was his best year in the last 6.

    He’s starting the downhill slide!

    1. That’s what his agent said. Now considering the second year of his current contract is a club option then there is wiggle room. They could guarantee his option year or change it form a club option to a player option. If that’s not enough add one more year with a $5 million buyout. That adds about $16 million of guaranteed money for him, only one year of extension for the Dodgers, and Kinsler has the option of choosing free-agency if he so desires.

        1. 2 years of Dozier vs 2 or 3 years of Kinsler. I don’t believe Calhoun will ever be the second baseman for the Dodgers. It’s a couple of years until Estevez or Lux or someone else is ready for Second Base. I think Calhoun hit about .215 vs lefties last year.

  9. I have heard several baseball commentators say that the Nats will never win a Championship with Murphy at 2B… maybe at 1B!

    I would really like to see Ethier and Gonzo traded for prospects… even if the Dodgers pay 60% of their salary. I think youth needs to be served.

    Let SVS or Ruf start the season at 1B and call up Bellinger when he is ready. Grandal can also play 1B.

    Toles and Thompson platoon in LF.

    It won’t happen…

    1. It isn’t going to happen, because Bellinger isn’t ready yet.

      And Scott is not close to the hitter or defensive first basemen, as Agone is.

      And I am not sure Ruf, will even be on the major league team.

      I heard that Ruf hasn’t hit lefties to well lately, so his average against lefties, might be deceiving.

      1. Murphy should have been in MVP in my opinion considering Harper’s down year and the fact that the Cubs won their division by 20 games. Murphy’s numbers were better than Bryant’s in quite a few categories.

    2. First off, Ethier has a no trade and he would exercise that puppy in a minute. Secondly, what kind of prospects would you get for either of them? Surely not some top of the line guy. Third. why trade A-Gone when he is still the most consistent hitter in this weak assed lineup? Outside of Seager, Turner and Gonzo, there is not one guy there above the .260 mark. On a more somber note. Baseball is the fun part of life, an artist went to Normandy and made outlines of the 9000 men killed on D-Day. Stark reminder of the kind of world we live in.

  10. I have been a Stewart supporter all last year and can see him in the rotation and doing 200+ innings. He and Oaks and De Jong have been working on a couple of pitches that could help them improve their value.

    1. Bum

      I agree about Stewart.

      We have something that the Cubs don’t have a lot of, good young pitching.

      And this is Arrieta’s free agent year.

  11. This is how Badler started his Baseball America chat on the Dodgers today. It should make us all feeel good about the future:

    Hey everyone! This was a fun Top 30 to put together for the Prospect Handbook. It’s one of the few top 10 farm systems in the game from an organization that’s also a playoff team, and they’ve done it without having a top 10 draft pick the last 10 years. A lot of players to talk about today, so let’s get started.


    1. Good article. Interesting about Calhoun:
      “Jose (DC): Gun to your head, what are the odds Calhoun can stick at 2nd? Is this something he can improve with better conditioning and agility drills (i.e., an offseason at Pedroia’s Arizona training guys), or is there just a cap on his defense based on athleticism and size?
      Ben Badler: He’s pretty brutal there right now, but we’ve seen a lot of prospects at second and third base who were poor fielders transform themselves into even above-average defenders. I don’t think that type of radical overhaul is going to happen with Calhoun, but he just turned 22 and I do think he can at least work himself into a playable defender at second base who gives away some runs in the field but makes up for it with his hitting.”

      His defense is “brutal?”

      1. That’s pretty consistent with everything else written. I think the optimists hope, as Badler echoes, that he can become adequate.

        Not there yet, but hope springs eternal.

      2. I’ve never consistently read so many bad reviews of a second baseman’s defense. I also don’ t get how he was rated top hitter for average when he hit .260.

        1. Hawkeye

          I thought about it, and I think the fact that he hits with very consistent contact, for and hit 27 HRs.

          But haven’t we heard bad defense with a lot of these prospects.

          And Although one scouting report on Fernandez,said his defense was adequate, there were others reports, that didn’t say that.

          1. I don’t recall such bad reports as Calhoun. Questionable that he can play 2B. Damn near everyone can handle 2B if put there everyday. Arm isn’t strong enough for 3rd or outfield. “Brutal” used by one so-called expert. I hope he rakes at AAA and becomes serviceable at 2B defensively, but usually you can hide a guy somewhere, and right now most reports have him as a man with no position.

            Usually if a guy has potential at a position, you hear descriptions like raw and has a lot of work to do. Or good athlete must be more consistent defensively. I’ve read nothing positive about him defensively other than great work ethic.

          1. Hawkeye,

            Are you serious? Every report on Calhoun laments his defensive ineptitude. Some even question if he can handle left (a position where his bat has decidedly less value.)

          2. Bluto, that’s what I’m saying. I think you misread what I wrote or I wrote it poorly. 50/50 chances.

        2. Because Batting Average is useless to Baseball America and most baseball front offices?

          Also, I’m sure Kindler’s agent is speaking for Kinsler with regard to an extension. And that he and Kinsler are n lock step. I don’t think one more year is going to do it, why would it? The no trade gives him the leverage.

          1. Because, right now he only has this year guaranteed. Detroit could release him if he has a down year. I one year extension is two more years of guaranteed money. Even if the Dodgers put say a $5 million buyout of the last year on his deal, that’s $16 million more guaranteed.

    2. Bluto

      That is a really good point about the Dodgers, having a really good farm system, without having any top ten picks, in the last ten years.

  12. Times with good pitching and no hitting will get you through better than times with good hitting but bad pitching….from the furry freak brothers. It’s hard to be lucky with bad pitching….Walt Alston. 2 of my favorite quotes.

  13. Thanks for the link, Bluto.

    I think the Dodgers are pimping Calhoun for a trade – no way he ever plays 2B for a team that values defense as much as the Dodgers.

    Badler used the same term I did about Alvarez: High Risk! Maybe, FAZ revisits the Dozier Deal with Alvarez, Verdugo and Calhoun. Keep De Leon.

    Here’s the most telling statement:

    The Dodgers don’t NEED to trade for Brian Dozier. They are already one of the best teams in baseball.

    There is a lot to understand from that… about the team and about possible trades.

    I don’t believe that Dozier is the end-all, be-all, but when you add him to one of the best teams in baseball and keep De Leon, you very well may become THE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL. Alvarez is older than Urias and has high reward with his high risk. Maybe MN will bite!

    Calhoun = Delwyn Young… with a better bat!

          1. Reddick misplayed more balls and missed more cutoff men during his brief stint than Puig did all season. And as an extra bonus Joshy got picked off base 3 times!

      1. And Hawkeye

        In the two short months, that he was with the Dodgers, he made more errors, then any of the other outfielders made, all year.

        And he had the longest swing I have ever saw, for a singles hitter.

  14. Dozier moves A-Gon to the #6 hole and that is a huge plus. Maybe, we throw in Kike too!

    Alvarez, Verdugo, Calhoun, Kike for Dozier!

    1. Dozier’s stats the year before, look almost the same as Grandal’s stats, from this last year.

      And Grandal wont be moving Agone down in the order, anytime soon.

    2. No on those 4 for Dozier.

      We’re a good team without trading four more assets. Second base will work out. You’ll see. Have some faith! The world is as you see it! You are the author of your own experience! If you can see it you can be it! Dare to dream your ideal! I see abundance everywhere! Yes! Willie Calhoun can run like a Wills and hit like a Boggs!

    3. Hell no am I giving up that much for Dozier. Nor would I bat Dozier ahead of Gonzalez. Dozier would hit 1st or 6th depending on whether or not someone else could win the leadoff spot. Alvarez isn’t going for 2 years of a career .250 hitter.

  15. Baseball America : Bellinger received — 70 in power and defense and 60 in batting and arm. And we know he is a 50 to 55 is speed.

    Those ratings make it tempting to rush Bellinger into the lineup. I admittedly am eager to see Seager, Pederson, and Bellinger playing together. I also want to see them joined with three young players that hit from the right side, maybe Puig and Thompson are the in-house guys for that.

    It would be risky to make room for Bellinger too soon by trading Gonzales before the beginning of the 2017 season. Gonzales still gets clutch hits even though his power is getting Loney like, he still excels in RBI. Loney was one of my favorite players but he was a #6 hitter and that is what Gonzales is becoming.

    I don’t think FAZ will trade Gonzales unless the opportunity comes to their doorstep and they see that opportunity as one that is much better than they would expect to get in July or the next winter.

    I do believe that SVS could handle first through June with help from Grandal until Bellinger is ready. I want to see more of Barnes anyway so the more Grandal plays first, the more Barnes plays.

    Gonzales will cost $44M through the 2018 season. Ethier I think will cost about $18M in 2017. The Dodgers are paying more than that ($93M v $64M) due to the payroll penalty tax. The question we might want to ask is what player the Dodgers might go after if Ethier and Gonzales were not costing so much e.g. Braun, McCutchen?

    1. Bum

      First Bellinger is an average runner.

      And Loney never once, hit over 15 HRs in his career.

      And the last time he was able to more then ten HRs, was in 2013, when he hit 13 HRs.

      Agone hit 18 last year, but he also hit 28 HRs, the year before.

      These two players, are not in the same class.

  16. We’ve all read the scouting reports on Willie Calhoun. Have you read the early scouting reports on Brian Dozier?

    Calhoun just turned 22. When Dozier was 22 he had just finished 4 years of Division 1 baseball. As a 23 year old he hit .278 in Low A. As a 24 year old he was the 10th ranked prospect in the Twins organization.

    I can tell most of you have your minds made up about Willie Calhoun. Have you seen him play? I have not, but I look forward to seeing him in Spring Training. He only has 2 years of pro ball under his belt after playing JC ball. I like what I read about his work ethic. I’m pulling for him to prove the naysayers wrong.

    I agree with Bum about AGon. I don’t think FAZ is planning to trade him. The plan is for Belinger to replace him. There is no rush unless something happens to Gonzalez. Ethier is good hitter and a decent outfielder. I know many have been on him negatively for years (Timmons) but his career slash line of .285/.359/.463 is damn good. He’s 35 in April and coming off an injury. I’m anxious to see what he does in ST. Last year he and Puig put on quite a show for fans in batting practice in early March. I know I told you about this – they were hitting home runs – left,center, right and back again. I saw two rounds and Puig won the contest but it was close and the two of them were laughing and having a great time with each other. It was fun for the fans as well. Ethier also spent about 30 minutes signing autographs. I wish him that same slash line for 150 games this year.

    1. Okay Badger you persuaded me. Instead of me thinking about ways of thinning the outfield and making room for younger players, I will enjoy what we have. After all, its only one more year.

      I now like Ethier but I didn’t like him earlier in his career when he sulked and slammed his bat when he didn’t get a hit, etc. He has matured and other than him hitting from the left side, he should be an asset next year, same with Gonzales.

      I have seen Calhoun make a few plays on film at second base and he looked great. I guess the big worry is the double play. The Dodgers didn’t do well at that last year and it might be Seager’s weakest skill. Seager and Calhoun will not be a good double play combination and both will not lead the league in range.

      I don’t think Ethier is a good left fielder. He lets too many balls drop in front of him. Oddly, I think he is a good right fielder and seems to be much more aggressive coming up on balls in right field. But, RF is where Puig plays.

      I think Thompson’s best position is LF. I think Toles can play all three fields. SVS is probably decent in LF and RF and like Ethier will make the routine plays in CF.

      The question is will the Dodgers be a pitching and defense team or a team that tries to outscore their defensive liabilities. If the Dodgers do not make a trade for a LFer or 2nd baseman, I would platoon Taylor and Calhoun at second when Calhoun is ready.

      I will guess that Toles starts the season in OK unless he forces his way on the team in spring. Thompson might join him in OK until he proves his back is healthy and that it was his back that caused him to slump.

      1. Bum

        Think about Bellinger, he just changed his swing last year, to be able to hit more HRs, just like Joc did.

        But Joc had at least two years in AAA, before he came up to the majors.

        And Joc really found out in his first year, he had to adjust to the major league pitching.

        Do you really think Bellinger, is going to have a seamless transition to the majors, without really having one season of AAA baseball, under his belt?

        I just don’t see it.

        Corey did it, but Corey is not the norm, by no means.

        And even Corey had almost a whole season of AAA baseball, under his belt.

        He not only lived up to his big hype, he even surpassed it.

        Look at his swing, and where he hits the ball, all over the field.

        I just don’t think Bellinger is ready at this point.

        And rushing someone isn’t a good idea, you might cause a young player, to lose all of there confidence in themselves.

        The scouting report I read about Bellinger said, that he was going to have trouble hitting in the majors, once he comes up, but he will eventually make that transition.

      2. Unless they move SVS, he’s the platoon guy in left, and some relief for AGon. How else can it play? Frankly if it were me I might try to move him out of here as ’15 and ’16 were far less than ’13 and ’14. Maybe it was the nagging injury? Whatever, unless he gets back his .800 and .900 OPS numbers – why keep him here? So, yeah, I agree that Toles and Thompson both might be everyday players in AAA. If so, that’s could be some team.

        You’re right about Ethier in left. He’s a natural in right field. But if he knows that’s where he will play he will work at it and be fine out there. He’s an athlete. He can work it out. And, it’s a contract year. If it goes well, he could squeeze 2-3 more years out it.

      3. Bum

        I didn’t know if Corey or Utley, were the problem, with the double plays.

        But I do know it wasn’t because of Utley everytime, like some people wanted to say, because Utley is older.

        But I did hear a stat about double plays, and Corey was toward the bottom on this stat, if not the worse.

        I do know Corey isn’t good at making tags, at second.

        Toles should have had a few more assists in right field, but because Corey didn’t make the proper tags, the runners were safe.

        And the runners should have been out, by a mile.

        And Corey would make another tag, and make it look like, he missed the first tag.

        1. Utley is a little slow on the pivot and I do agree it isn’t Seager’s strongest suit either. As mediorce at best as Jeff Kent was at 2B, he was very good on the pivot.

    2. Badger,

      I’ve read every scouting report I could on Calhoun.

      I’m going to respond as if you were directing your post at me, if not please ignore.

      I think you are conflating my wariness with Calhoun’s potential defense with a ringing, no-holds-barred endorsement of acquiring Dozier.

      The two are unrelated. Even if Calhoun comes around at 2nd it won’t be for 2 years at the earliest.. Dozier isn’t great, neither to me nor the front office (who is only offering a pitcher, reportedly.)

      The issue is though, that for this year the Dodgers don’t have a solution at 2nd nor a real solution at RH, unless you start buying into rosy outcomes about SVS and Puig.

      Dozier solves both. Calhoun may solve neither. He may also solve both, but the key word there is MAY. It’s easy to think about Calhoun turning into Pedroia or even Dozier, but he could also turn into Blake DeWitt or Joel Guzman.

      Dozier is a 4 WAR player, or averages that, over the last 4 years. The key word there is IT. If you value him there, and only give up JDL and a Cotton/Oaks/DeJong, I think it’s worth it.

      Timmons is being a doofus with his silly Gonzalez trade speculation, or his 4-1 trade propositions. He’s looking for attention. Leave him to his sources.

      1. Solid post Bluto.

        I’m thinking Dozier won’t hit 4 WAR in LA, but is likely better than anyone we have at the moment. I don’t know that second base is that big a deal to be honest with you. I think we have options there. A platoon of Hernandez and Fernandez for 162 might put up what Dozier would for 155.

        I’ve read all the scouting reports on Calhoun too and my gut tells me the kid can hit and he wants it. He’s only got a couple of years experience and if you look at the numbers he’s improving on defense. I think he can be ready to help as early as mid season and compete for a starting job in….. wait for it….. 2018. Maybe I’m not being realistic about it, it’s just a guess, but if we can keep from trading JDL I would find that to be advantage Dodgers. I am still high on him as a middle rotation starter for several years and that is more important to me than a .250 hitting second baseman for two years. If we were talking a Cano or Altuve I wouldn’t say that.

        Anyway, if it happens, I’m behind Dozier. I just want the team to win and I want to see the young players do well.

  17. A few tidbits:

    Fangraphs on Grant Holmes: The repertoire is undoubtedly starter-worthy, and for me it projects as that of an above-average #3 or #4 type of rotation piece, but the way Holmes’ command has begun to rot is a little concerning. I’m still willing to bet Holmes figures things out and finds his way into Oakland’s rotation, though, because he hasn’t thrown strikes for two seasons now, the risk that he doesn’t has grown.

    On Josh Reddick’s defense: On MLB Radio they have stated that he is 2nd behind Heyward as a defensive RF. CBS Sports says this: An amazing defender, Reddick is a well-rounded player who had 20 homers and 10 steals last season to go with a .272/.333/.449 slash. There’s a lot more to backup that he’s a good RF. However, he had a few blunders in LA. Maybe the lights were too bright for him. Who knows? But he is a solid player.

    What they say about Willie Calhoun’s defense:

    Most scouting reports are not kind to Calhoun on his defense, with many predicting a future move to left field. From brief looks at his pre-college showcases, Calhoun is not a natural mover at second and his hands work a little stiff….

    I have not seen great footwork or range from Calhoun at second base. He is far from a “clank” but he isn’t going to make anyone mistake him for a gold glove defender. He might be better suited to play the outfield, or even third base, a position he played in college.

    Clearly, he does not have speed. However, I have seen first hand that once he gets his body moving, he can motor around the bases well enough. He just won’t be a stolen base threat.

    In reality, Calhoun is a bit stiff on defense. He doesn’t have soft hands at all. Basically, he may be viewed as a player limited to good offense with excellent power potential. Ultimately, he could become a designated hitter, as that role was designed for a player like Calhoun. Of course, for that to happen he would have to be traded to the American League or the designated hitter would have to expand to include National League games as well.

    … defense is brutal.

    Willie needs to be part of a Deal for Dozier

    He will never play 2B in LA in my opinion. I have been wrong before.

    For the record, I think Calhoun is a hitter – he just needs to be a DH. He can’t run and can’t field. He’s too much of a detriment to a NL team. And… I have seen him play.

    Dozier did not profile nearly as good as Calhoun. Dozier was a late bloomer, like Turner or Bautista… but Turner and Bautista had wheels and did not have tree trunk legs.

    1. Mark

      Badger made a good point about Calhoun.

      Calhoun didn’t have any real instruction, from anyone in pro ball, or from a major college, before the Dodgers drafted him, two years ago.

      He came out of a JC, and all he has done, is improve, and improved quickly.

      He may not make it at second, but he might suprise everyone, and become a good quality defender.

      Why is he rated so high, if he doesn’t have a chance on defense?

      And he is talking to the right major leaguer, to make it happen.

      Dustin Perdoria went through the same thing, but he proved everyone wrong.

      And Calhoun has talked to Perdoria, and got some tips from him too.

      1. Other than towering over Calhoun, there is not much comparison between the two.

        Pedroia has always had “soft hands” and above average speed. He’s not fast, but quick. Calhoun is a swing from the heels guy while Pedroia is a slap hitter. Pedroia played SS in college.

        Willie might become a good defender… and I might look like Brad Pitt next week.

        1. Mark

          Yes Dustin had better instruction, from a top college.

          Dustin also hit quite a few HRs, in college, for a slap hitter.

          You just said Calhoun can hit, why are you conparing there hitting now.

          I know he is a swing from his heels guy, but he was rated the top hitter, for average in the Dodger system.

          I think it is because he doesn’t strike out a lot, for that type of hitter.

        2. Again with the negativity.

          Towering over Calhoun? Pedroia? Is that some kind of misinformation tactic?

          And from certain angles, you do look like Brad Pitt. Picture him naked in the shower, bending over to pick up the soap……..

          Too much?

    2. Mark

      The Twins really need young pitching.

      They are not going to trade there best player, for a few position players.

      They don’t have pitching.

      Go with what your gut, original told you.

      You said that Dozier is a scary thought, and I think you were right, from the start.

    3. Right now the Dodgers are selling him as a second baseman, but the Twins don’t need a second baseman to replace Dozier. Ultimately, he needs to go to an AL team whether it be the Twins, Tiger, Rays, Rangers, or whomever. I’m not saying give him away by any means, but I wouldn’t have a problem including him as a second piece in a deal.

  18. I’ve done extensive research on the subject and have determined the average age of Designated Hitters is exactly no where near 22.

    Now, if you include Little League in the data analysis, then an argument for a 22 year old DH has merit.

  19. I will say this, I am glad the front office didn’t trade our young pitchers for Dozier, I think it was the right call.

    Dozier is way to effy, and he would only be here, for two years, anyway.

    1. I don’t get what you mean by “two years” as if that’s a bad thing. I don’t see it that way.

      First of all, it’s a very reasonable salary for 2 years.

      Beyond that, it continues to be a very good thing as it allows players to develop under him. Both at 2nd and as RH power. If Dozier regresses to closer to a 3 WAR player (only 12 2B had greater than 3WAR last year), then you not only didn’t overpay for him, but your not locked into him.

      1. Bluto

        I agree he has a team friendly contract, but he really isn’t a solid hitter, or he would have hit higher then 250 in a major league, four year career.

        I think his average has been down, because he is a right handed pull hitter.

        And shifts stop a lot of pull hitters, in three tracks.

        And most hitters like this, instead of adjusting, they continue to hit right into shifts..

        1. MJ,

          You don’t think other teams are aware of this??!??!??!!? And have been for the past two years? This is a new thing? NO. It’s not.

          He’s been high above average for 3 years. Even if he regresses a little, he’ll still be a beter than average, better than solid hitters.

  20. How bout a top prospect challenge trade…

    JDL – Dodgers, #33 on MLB top 100 for-

    Ian Happ of the Cubs, #21 on MLB top 100 or,
    Ozzie Albies of the Braves, #12 on MLB top 100 or,
    Brendan Rogers of the Rockies, #6 on MLB top 100.
    May have to ad more on our side for them, but not too much I would hope.

    Or even revisit Peraza again.

    1. I like Albies a lot, but he may not be ready this year and the others two certainly are not.

      Albies is the closest and if he were a year older, I’d like that deal. The Dodgers need that 2B NOW!

        1. Well, maybe not.

          As a second baseman Kiké Hernandez has a career slash line of .289/.326/489. That’s an OPS of .815.

          Bet you guys didn’t know that.

          Here’s something else – career against LHP – .270/.362/.478 for an OPS of .841. Your second basemen might be right under your nose – Hernandez/Fernandez.

          1. Badger

            I am Leary about Kike, but I think this might happen.

            I want to see how well Fernandez plays defense, because his reports on that, were not that good.

            And not all the reports, said his defense was adequate.

            And it seems like a lot of the Cuban players, are not that great on defense.

          2. Yea, I think Kike’ is done, but I guess there is always hope.
            I would bet on Chris Taylor before Kike’.

          3. Done? Kiké is 25. If LA agrees with you Rock then they should ship for nothing in return.

            Taylor? He’s in the mix.

        2. Defense is overrated. You win games by out scoring everybody……..

          ok, only half that statement is true.

          Fernandez is allegedly ML ready. Everything I’ve read about him says he’s an older Calhoun with longer legs. What if he’s a Cuban that actually works? SURPRISE!!

          1. Badger

            He has no power, but if he can hit for a good average, and help the offense, that might be better.

  21. Well since they traded Johnson to the Braves for a bag of balls and an old resin bag, the only one left from that GREAT trade FAZ made with the Chisox and Reds is Thompson. And don’t anyone say Hill because if he had not been resigned as a free agent he is gone. Lets face the truth here, since Friedman took over his trading skills are less than impressive. In fact, most of his acquisitions have been a bust. His free agent signings not much better. He has held on to the top prospects, although Mark keeps trying to trade a few. For guys who are ok, not great. Of course, this is only his 3rd winter on the job, so maybe he is just getting his feet wet, and then again, maybe this is the best he will ever be which is pretty mediocre.

    1. Friedman was GM for a long time in Florida.

      The Dodgers traded Johnson for a PTBNL so maybe in Atlanta he will get opportunity to put it all together. If he does, then the player to be named should be a decent prospect. I’m not sure exactly how that works but I do believe it’s predicated. Someone can correct me on that if I’m wrong. I don’t expect much, but you never know. It would be funny if one of the more successful trades FAZ makes was an accident.

      1. Yes, sometimes the PTBNL is performance variable but also at times the player is known but ownership cannot be transferred at that time, they have to wait until a certain date…

  22. Per MLB
    Ian Happ | Rank: 21 (Preseason: 76)
    Team: Tennessee Smokies (AA) ETA: 2018
    Position: 2B Age: 22 DOB: 08/12/1994
    Bats: S Throws: R Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 205 lb.
    Drafted: 2015, 1st (9) – CHC
    Other Lists: Top 30 Chicago Cubs Prospects (#1), Top 10 2B Prospects (#2)Watch
    Scouting grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 50 | Run: 55 | Arm: 55 | Field: 45 | Overall: 55

    The Cubs believe in taking college hitters with early first-round picks, and they did so for three straight Drafts. After hitting big on Kris Bryant (2013) and Kyle Schwarber (’14), they selected Happ ninth overall last June and signed him for $3 million. Undrafted out of high school, he blossomed at the University of Cincinnati and ranked as the top position prospect in the Cape Cod League in each of his two college summers.

    There isn’t much that Happ can’t do offensively. A switch-hitter, he exhibits a quick stroke and good balance from both sides of the plate, and he owns deceptive strength and solid speed. Happ should post high batting averages and on-base percentages, and he has the upside of a 20-20 player.

    Happ is a good athlete with a strong arm, and Chicago will try to maximize his value by playing him at second base in 2016 after he spent instructional league there. He played mostly second base as a college freshman, but he lacked smooth infield actions and shifted to the outfield, and he also saw action at all three outfield spots in his pro debut. As with Schwarber, the Cubs will have to balance expediting Happ’s impact bat to the big leagues with developing him at a more challenging position.


    MB 69 240 37 71 16 3 7 42 48 69 10 .296 .410 .475 .885
    TNS 65 248 35 65 14 0 8 31 20 60 6 .262 .318 .415 .733
    Minors 134 488 72 136 30 3 15 73 68 129 16 .279

    1. Are you recommending we try to steal this guy from Epstein? Yeah, that could happen. How about McCarthy and Calhoun?

  23. Ha. Yea no.
    Epstein has proven to be the class of these current GMs.

    It would certainly take more, but we could deal from a strength in our system.
    Like our RH starting pitching and LH hitting.

  24. Oh, I see. We’d give up 3 or 4 players for this guy who MIGHT be good in two years, but we won’t give those players up now for Dozier…. Sorry, if I’m going to pay big, I’d rather it be for a proven player than a maybe.

  25. Didn’t say 3-4 players, I said more than just JDL.

    Something like JDL, and Verdugo.

    Our #s 33, and 50 something for their #21

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