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Old Friend Manny Ramirez Signs to Play Ball in Japan

Once the baseball bug gets inside of you, it never leaves. For some, who have achieved the pinnacle of success in the game, they never stop loving the roar of the crowd, the camaraderie of the locker rooms, and perhaps, dreaming of a return to the top. Former Dodger, Manny Ramirez, at the splendid age of 44, has signed to put on the cleats once again and play baseball in Japan.

Ramirez will be playing for the Kochi Fighting Dogs, an independent league team which is not a part of the Japanese major leagues. This isn’t his first foray in Asian baseball. Back in 2013 he played in the Taiwanese professional league, but he left after just one season.

Ramirez hasn’t played ball since 2014, when he was a player-coach for the Cubs’ AAA club. He hasn’t played in the American majors since 2011, when he retired from baseball rather than serve a 100-game suspension for his second violation of MLBs drug policies.

Since then, Ramirez has been steadily working on improving his baseball image, and he made some progress on that front as a coach in the Chicago farms. He’ll need all the help he can get with that, as he’s now eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

If it were only based on numbers, Manny Ramirez would be a shoe-in for the Hall, as he has put up career numbers that make him one of the best hitters of all time. He batted .312/.411/.585 with 555 home runs.

But it isn’t just about numbers. Manny Ramirez has more than the cloud of performance-enhancing drugs over his head, he has the suspensions to go along with it. That said, the HOF electors seem to be entering a phase where players from the steroid era will be forgiven and voted in. They’re allowing Bud Selig to have a plaque on those hallowed halls, and he allowed the tainted era to take root and spread throughout the game under his watch. It seems his juiced players will soon be following.

Why is Manny returning to the diamond at 44 – and choosing to do so in Asia? Is he doing so because he craves the adulation that he may receive in Japan, which will probably drown out anything he received in the Cubs’ triple-A Iowa circuit? Is he hoping to play out one final year teeing off on sub-par, semi-pro Japanese pitching? Maybe he loves the game that much, and is looking forward to just having fun in a low-pressure baseball atmosphere. We’ll probably never know the real answer – so let’s just put it down to Manny bein’ Manny.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

251 thoughts on “Old Friend Manny Ramirez Signs to Play Ball in Japan

    1. No….and inactive players are not subject to suspension. Pete Rose is ineligible because he signed a paper saying he was guilty and accepted the commissioners decision. Joe Jackson has never been considered for the hall. They are considered banned, not suspended.

    1. OK, move on – nothing to see here folks! Allegedly…

      We still need a RH bat – I think Ryan Braun will cost the least. Keep De Leon. Lose Puig, Calhoun, Kaz or McCarthy and Verdugo.

      Open tryouts for 2B!

      1. Mark

        We can’t trade one of the best hitters, in our minor league system, because you insist he has tree trunks for legs.

  1. Jurickson Profar would be an interesting target. Once one of the top prospects in baseball is currently blocked behind Odor and Andrus.

      1. Is he even considered a top prospect now?

        I looked at his stats from last year at the major league level, and they were not that good.

        Isn’t Joey Gallo a prospect from Texas to?

        I don’t think either guy, is still looked at in the same way, but I don’t know much, that is why I am asking.

    1. Gallo has some big holes in his swings. Profar had shoulder surgery that cost him time, but he’s 23 years old and just needs a chance to play every day. I still pfefer Kinsler as my first choice, but the time it would take to not only come to agreement on a trade, but also work out what details it would take to satisfy Kinsler is worrisome. I believe a deal could be done for Profar. Texas needs pitching and the Dodgers have it. I don’t think the Dodgers match up with the Rays in a Forsyth deal as well as other teams. A Harrison and McCutchen deal is very appealing to me. I think McCutchen is going to have a chip on his shoulder and would play real well in LF. I’m not interested in Phillips unless the Dodgers can trade a bad contract for him. Having said all of that, I’m not 100% convinced the Dozier deal is dead.

        1. If we’re got Kinsler, he would be the type of hitter, that will make a difference.

          He isn’t the HR hitter, that Dozier is, but he is a better all around hitter.

          Dozier being a right handed pull hitter, is always going to have trouble keeping his average up, with these shifts..

  2. The only trade left that makes sense is for Braun. He would give us what we need. The question is for who? Hopefully not Puig. Puig, Braun and Peterson would be great plus buy us a couple of years for the farm to mature.

    1. If they acquire Braun, it would almost guarantee that Puig would go in the deal. I think you could acquire two years of McCutchen rather than 4 years of Braun and more than likely keep Puig.

          1. Since Pitt wants MLB ready players you have to start with JDL or Stewart so let’s say JDL, De Jong, Trayce Thompson, and another prospect not named Alvarez, Bellinger, or Buehler. From there you could expand the deal to add Harrison if you wanted. Pitt wanted to move his contract, but I’m not sure if Kang legal issues change that.

            Pitt has Marte, Polanco, and Meadows so while they could use a stop gap player for a year who could play OF while Meadows develops, and then platoon at times with the two lefty outfielders. Thompson would make a lot of sense for them.

  3. Well, Micah Johnson is out of the running as he was DFA’d so Kenley could be put back on the roster. According to reports, the Dozier deal is on the back burner and the Dodgers are revisiting deals for either Kinsler or Forsythe.

    1. You can forget Dozier. The Twins are not going to make that trade 1 for 1 and the Dodgers are not budging. Braun? Why? Trade a 25 year old with unlimited talent and a weak brain for a guy in his 30’s who if not this year, then one of the next 3 that they are locked into after that for 84 million is going to start declining? Yes, Braun is a proven RH power bat. But Puig has the skill and potential to be much better.

  4. Fowler was an important Cog for the Cubs & Chapman is Elite, and both are gone.

    A couple of good additions and we will have as good a chance as we have had for a while.

    1. And who knows, maybe this year the Cubs will lead the Majors in DL time.

      Projections are fun. Especially when they work in your favor. With all those projections making the Dodgers the odds on favorite to have more wins than anybody, the Cubs and Red Sox are still favored to meet in the World Series, and the Cubs are favored to win it. That’s not likely to change, but obviously it could.

      1. Badger

        The Cubs had a lot of things go there way, in the post season.

        They could have easily lost almost every series, they were in.

        The Giants got close, and if Blanton makes a better pitch in that first game, we could have been up three games to non.

        And look at that seventh game, in the World Series.

        If it doesn’t start raining, I don’t think the Cubs win that game.

        Maddon’ moves in the post season, as well as Chapman, really didn’t impress me.

        The Cubs had everyone in baseball on there side, last year.

        The anouncers, the umpires on the field, and the umpires, in NY.

        We didn’t even have close to the starting pitching they had, and that was probably the biggest difference.

        1. The Cubs were, in the opinion of many (including me) the best team in baseball last year. Two things about that – it’s diffucult to repeat, and they may not be as hungry this year. In no way am I surprised they are favorites again.

    2. Watford

      Fowler is going to have a tougher time playing defense, in the Cardinals stadium.

      It looks a lot bigger then where the Cubs play, and Fowler is getting on the old side, to play centerfield.

      I think the Cardinals gave him a five year contract, so they might have to move him to a corner outfield position, later in his contract.

    3. Predictions are just that. Nothing more and a lot of teams look good on paper and then go south. I think their comparison of starting pitching was as wacko as it comes. There is no way the Dodger starting staff is that good. To many damn question marks.

  5. In sparse play, Taylor has been unimpressive in the majors but his minor league stats are impressive. He is 26 and with playing time, could now be ready to be much more successful in the majors. The Dodgers could be better with Taylor and De Leon for many years than they might be with just Dozier for two years.

    Good write up on White at

    The Dodgers are going to have some speed at catcher and first base one of these days.

    1. The Dodgers front office doesn’t value speed as highly as they do other skills. They’ve had two burners that play middle infield positions and they traded both of them. As for Smith, I look for him to make progress over the next two years. He has an ETA of ’19 and I see no reason why he can’t move up, both this year and next.

    2. Bum

      First base is not a position, that I think needs a lot of speed.

      It is odd that Agone is not an average runner.

      But he doesn’t run on the balls of his feet.

      He runs like he is jogging.

      But he almost never lets anything rattle him, or let’s the game speed up on him, on defense.

      1. MJ and Badger,

        I think everybody wants players that can go from first to third, second to home but I agree, FAZ and Roberts don’t seem to think stolen bases help a team win.

        While range at first is just as good as range at any other position I will agree that I want the first baseman to save bad throws and make the throws to second, etc more than I want him to have range. But both along with base path speed would be even better.

  6. I agree with Mark that trading for Braun would would probably cost us the least in players but god I don’t want him on the team. Between his personality and contract length I don’t want anything to do with him. This year and next could go great performance-wise but he’s signed through 2021 and look how people lose their minds talking about the Ethier deal or the trade.

    1. Jimbo

      Everything you said is the truth, and what is bad, about that deal.

      I hate that he will be taking the place of some of our young players, in the outfield too.

      I just wish Turner would come around, and start hitting lefties hard, like he hits righties, because that would make a big difference.

      I can’t see Puig settling down and having good at bats, for longer then a couple of weeks.

      I wish he could get it, but every year, it seems less likely, that it is going to happen.

      I thought Roberts would be the guy to make Puig come around, but Puig was even a problem for Roberts, who is so open to being there, for his players.

      That and Puig’s antics, turn me off to him.

      1. Hopefully any adjustments Turner makes to improve his hitting against lefties does not affect his ability to hit righties. The simplest thing for Turner to change would seem to pull his back foot away from home plate to correct his angle of the pitch. His back foot is almost in the strike zone.

    2. That is exactly the way I felt when Ned traded for Manny. I got over and appreciated what he done for the club but I never liked him. Professional baseball players are mercenaries and to some extent so too must we be. There are several players on the club right now I don’t want on it, names like Kazmir, McCarthey, Hill easily come to mind. I would gladly have sent Reddick and Carl Crawford to the gas chamber. I have yet to like a Dodger manager… But the Front Office never listens to me, so there are always players I don’t like on the club, that’s just how it is…

        1. yeah, gas chamber is a little harsh. CC when he was healthy was a lot more productive than Reddick was as a Dodger.

  7. The team is set. Expect open competition at 2B and LF and leadoff. My guess is that it will be Trunks with Utley backing him up. LF goes to Ethier with Toles backing him up. Rotation: Kershaw, Maeda, Hill, Kazmir, Wood. #4&5 open for Urias, McCarthy, Stripling. Odd men out go to the bullpen. Ethier to lead off. What a loooooooong off season. Expectations on 66: .265; 18; 70…..if he gets 500 at bats.

  8. So, the Dodgers are mentioned in the same breath as the Cubs and Red Sox? Well, actually in the article Watford posted, the Dodgers are actually leading the pack. Of course, some will be quick to point out that these are only projections and that would be true. Numbers don’t play the game – players do!

    The Dodgers won last year despite some major injuries of epic proportions. Here’s one explanation as to why so many injuries:

    Many still bitch and moan about FAZ, but here it is – in their 3rd year they are ranked at the top… and they may not be done yet…

    Don’t dismiss Dozier!

    1. SOS. Throw it out there often enough and people will believe it. Nothing has really changed, most of the better Dodger players were here before FAZ slunk across the border into California. At best, FAZ gets credit for not getting rid of them. Almost every trade he has made has resulted poorly for the Dodgers. The only good player he has acquired is Grandal and that cost us a damn good player in Matt Kemp. His talent appraisal ability is questionable at best. Unfortunately that holds true for almost all GMs. We are no worse off than if he had never been hired, Ned would likely have made even more mistakes. Just don’t anoint FAZ for sainthood yet, he hasn’t earned it!!!

    2. Dozier will not be a Dodger…….bank on it. Twins not making that trade 1 for 1…..and Dodgers not budging,

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        1. Yea, I’ve been around for while although I don’t post much.
          Mark will remember me as the one of low character 🙁

          Thanks for posting that pic. It’s older than I hoped so I will pass, but thank you.

    1. Watford

      A TJ surgery and a lot of strike outs, and a real good upside, are you sure we haven’t tried a deal already?

      I like Solarte, but I think some don’t like him that much, because he is no big power guy.

      And they always say, women dig HRs.

      He is just a good little player, that is always trying to make something happen.

      But I think the Padres are trying to give him stability, because of his wife, just dying last year.

      But maybe he would ok a trade, since the Dodgers are on the west coast too.

      What is wrong with a switch hitter, with very even splits?

  10. It is possible that the Dodgers will trade for or sign another reliever or two, like Blanton or Feliz, but they already have so many arms that they really don’t need to. You could see any or all of thse guys work out of the pen this year:

    De Leon, Buehler, Sborz, De Jong, Rhame

    … and that is in addition to ….

    Wood, Stripling, Stewart, Ravin, Nuno. McCarthy, Liberatore, Hatcher, Frias, Fields, Dayton, Baez and Avilan.

    We don’t need any stinking relievers! We got ’em out the ying-yang!

  11. From Bleacher Report:

    Here’s about all you need to know about which prospects the Los Angeles Dodgers consider to be untouchable, from Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports:

    It’s no surprise that some suggest the Dodgers are being “stingy” with their top prospects in talks for veteran players, as LA values their top minor leaguers high. They made the right calls to keep NL Rookie of the Year Corey Seager and lefty phenom Julio Urias.

    But they are willing to part with righty Jose De Leon for (Brian) Dozier. They are not willing to include top first base prospect Cody Bellinger or top young pitchers Walker Buehler or Yadier Alvarez along with De Leon.

    Buehler may seem like the surprise name of that group, but there was a time he was considered the best MLB prospect on a Vanderbilt team that included Dansby Swanson and Carson Fulmer, per

    Injury issues during his junior season and subsequent concerns about a potential future Tommy John surgery caused him to slip to No. 24 overall in the 2015 draft, and he ended up undergoing the operation that August.

    He returned strong last season, though, and again looks to have the polish and front-line potential to be worthy of an untouchable distinction.

    The other two are considerably less surprising.

    Alvarez landed a $16 million bonus as part of the 2015 international class and absolutely dominated in his pro debut with an 81-to-21 K/BB ratio over 59.1 innings. He’s now the top overall prospect in the system and a potential future ace.

    As for Bellinger, he’s long been considered the heir to Adrian Gonzalez at first base.

    That being said, he has the athleticism to play the outfield in the interim and could be ready to make an impact at some point during the upcoming season after reaching Triple-A down the stretch in 2016.

    Even with those three chips seemingly off the table, the Dodgers still have a ton of talent to deal from, starting with the aforementioned De Leon, outfielder Alex Verdugo and the big bat without a position Willie Calhoun.

    1. I like the last part: De Leon, Verdugo and Calhoun could be dealt. Their value is high right now.

      Add in Puig, Ethier, Gonzo, Kazmir and Hernandez (I realize the Dodgers would have to pay 50% of Ethier, Gonzo and Kaz’s salaries) and I know it would have to be the right situation, but the Dodgers have some pieces to trade.

      I can’t believe that the above players could not get us Dozier and Braun. This would then be the team:

      1B – Bellinger/Van Slyke
      2B – Dozier
      SS – Seager
      3B – Turner
      LF – Braun
      CF – Pederson
      RF – Toles/Thompson
      C – Grandal

      I like that a lot!

      1. Have to admit that is an interesting lineup. And I agree if all those players are available we could get very close to getting both Dozier and Braun.

        A few things come to mind. Minnesota wants pitching and you didn’t offer enough of it. I think expecting Braun to continue hitting to the end of his contract is unrealistic. Trading Ethier would be complicated, AGon should not be sent anywhere and nobody wants Kazmir.

        1. I will also add Bellinger won’t be on the Opening Day roster, Ethier will be and frankly I don’t see room for both Toles and Thompson.

      2. I don’t want Dozier getting more at bats, then Corey!

        And Agone is not going anywhere, until maybe 2018.

        He is a leader of this team, as much as Turner is.

        1. I agree and to be honest I’m not sure the Dodgers could move Agone all that easily either without eating a decent amount of money. Encarnacion had trouble finding an acceptable deal. Trumbo and Napoli are still on the market. Abreu has been shopped by Chicago and they haven’t found any takers. Bellinger needs a good portion of a season at AAA. I listened to an interview about him a day or two ago. He’s close, but he’s not ready. There is no need to rush him when you have a reliable player like Gonzalez. Adrian will come out on fire in April like he always does and then cool down a bit and settle in somewhere between .275 and .295.

          1. Hawkeye

            And those players, are not as good defensively, as Agone is.

            The one dimensinial players, are not much of a commodity right now.

            And Tromble and Carter, are still relatively young players, but there isn’t much of a market as before, or every team is trying to get the market down..

      3. And here’s the rub.

        Mark’s daydreams are about getting the best possible line-up, the front office is about getting maximum value at every turn.

        Maximizing value is not overpaying for Dozier. Overpaying is impacted by how you evaluate Dozier. The front office doesn’t value Dozier much more highly than JDL.

        To the front office, and to me, ends don’t necessarily justify the means.

        1. It seems those are good daydreams to have if you are a fan, and for the most part, the daydreams you should have about your team.

          I would completely agree with you about the FAZ, except the signing of both McCarthy and Kazmir don’t seem to fit that picture, at all. Some would include Hill in that scenario but to me, at this point, Hill seems like a much higher potential reward, in spite of the hight risk, than either of the other two signings. If Hill busts it will be more FAZ fodder but the FO takes some risk in every signing.

          1. DD

            I agree with you about Hill.

            He has a better upside, then McCarthy, and Kazmir does, so I can see taking the risk on him.

            But the other two, it is a much different story.

          2. This is interesting.

            Is it better to daydream to your hearts content, or perchance to dream in line with reality?

            Who am I to say definitely? I definitely go with the latter though.

            I think the value play with McCarthy and Kazmir is pretty evident, getting reduced price and shorter term because of injury history.

          3. Your point is interesting.

            What is reality, in baseball value? Isn’t it really more of an abstract thesis? You thought K&M were good signings at the time because they were reduced-cost compared to other higher quality pitchers being signed for much more money. I thought they were expensive because of their lackluster past. Neither one of us was right or wrong at the time, it was our opinions based on factors as we saw them. Only their future performance would vindicate the reality of their value.

            It’s the same way with Hill and Puig for that matter. Some see Hill in the very same vein as K&M. I see him different, but only because I think he has a higher upside that is worth the risk being taken than existed on K&M. His future performance will determine the reality of the present day value of this signing. So to this extent, does reality exist in the present day, or is only defined by actual outcome of future events?

            To Puig, I say he has high value. Yes, he has been a “knucklehead” in some of his actions. But he is a low cost for his potential performance achievements…a risk worth taking. It may not work out but that is when the reality of his value will be defined. People’s different takes on the FO actions is what makes interesting baseball reading here.

          4. Hmmm. A lot of stuff you wrote is hard for me to figure.

            What is reality in baseball? Um, performance? What is reality of value? Um, performance for $ invested or spent?

            I don’t see value as fixed, I see it as forever fluid. Dozier’s value right now is probably JDL plus something, if he starts slowly that value goes down given his slow start and the time left under-contract.

            You have completely lost me with these two lines:

            His future performance will determine the reality of the present day value of this signing. So to this extent, does reality exist in the present day, or is only defined by actual outcome of future events?

            Can you re-write them? Or re-imagine them for me?

          5. It appears to me we essentially see value the same, based on your point of… “I don’t see value as fixed, I see it as forever fluid.” You found a simpler way to describe my point that it is hard to define value accurately in the present moment since it is determined more precisely by future outcomes…so it is fluid during its lifetime.

  12. Welcome to Los Angeles, Chargers!!!

    Nobody gives a F. Change your name or you won’t be able to sell out the stubhub center even

  13. I finally read the Molly Knight book the last couple of nights. Good read. Matt Kemp sure came off like a d-bag in the book. In the Afterward, she mentions that the Dodgers were close on Hamels for JDL and SVS , but took their eye off the prize and got caught napping looking at other deals when Texas swooped in a got him. The players weren’t too happy that it didn’t get done.

    1. I mentioned that deal and the parameters of SVS/JDL last year, and some were mocking me, saying there’s no way we’d get Hamels without Seager AND Urias included.


      1. I was trying to push the JDL led package too and was skewered incessantly by the mouth that roars. All we heard was Seager and Urias. Ridic indeed.

        1. Sometimes the clock has to tick a few times before know stuff. That one will be compared years from now with to be or not to be, I think therefore I am, do be do be do.

      2. From what I’d heard prior is that at the beginning of the season those were the names mentioned but according to the book everyone pretty much knew Urias and Seager were off the table. By then. I think Texas beat JDL and SVS Offer pretty easily.

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        1. Mark

          Even more scarier thought, is Trump’s Vice President, as you know.

          My aunts said his wife ran the show, when he was governor.

    2. Did you buy the URLs for 10 years or do you renew annually? That’s a lot of renewal cost you have tied up into that many URLs.

      1. Fred, remember Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. And this is not a putdown. You might add a grain of salt to that too…

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  15. The Dodger site contained a new article that had this in it: “Jansen said Turner has helped “keep me in line,” and Turner’s dugout confrontation with Yasmani Grandal last season coincided with the club’s turnaround.”

    Does anybody remember anything about the Turner / Grandal confrontation?

    1. Bum

      Yes Grandal ran into a out at second, and Turner got on him for doing that.

      And that helped bring about a discussion, with the whole team, and made everyone get closer.

      Because I believe after the game, the whole team got together, to talk everything out.

      They had a news conference yesterday, like they do, after a team signs a contract with a player, or players.

      This was for Turner and Kenley yesterday.

  16. I like what Grandal said:

    Grandal also said he was not disappointed that emotions got heated in the dugout between teammates.

    “I think we need to play with some fire,” he said. “If we fight, we fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s between each other or with the other team. I feel like if we get some fire within the team to get us going, its fine. At times I feel like we’re better than the other team and we lay back and relax instead of making it happen.”

  17. From MLB TRade Rumors:

    While the Brian Dozier saga has been a drawn out process, it seems that the Twins and Dodgers have agreed to table talks for the time being. Mike Berardino of the St. Paul Pioneer Press adds a bit more on the talks that never gained enough traction to push a deal across the finish line, reporting that Los Angeles wasn’t willing to part with any of Yadier Alvarez, Walker Buehler or Brock Stewart alongside top prospect Jose De Leon. L.A.’s refusal to deal Alvarez or Buehler has been previously reported, though Stewart’s name hasn’t been previously mentioned as a sticking point. As Berardino also adds in his column, Twins GM Thad Levine discussed the talks on Go 96.3 FM, explaining that a hard deadline in talks was never set. However, he also suggested that the Twins won’t be initiating further talks with the Dodgers. “The reality is there’s going to be a point in time in this offseason where we may stop initiating calls but we’re always going to pick up the phone and hear teams out,” said Levine.

    Of course, they are not going to part with Bellinger either, but I thought a deal with Calhoun, Verdugo or Oaks or De Jong might appeal to them. Guess not!

    1. 2 TOP PROSPECTS is what they wanted. Evidently Calhoun, Verdugo, Oaks or De Jong not TOP Prospects according to the Twins. No team is going to trade a bona fide ‘all star caliber’ team controlled player for just 1 TOP Prospect. Has never happened and NEVER will.

      JDL and Puig probably would have gotten it done. Am assuming that was never offered. Almost comes down to who you think will produce more over the next 2 years….Dozier or Puig?

          1. Chili

            The Twins don’t need outfielders as much as they need pitching, so I doubt Puig would have done it.

  18. According to what Friedman said at Kenley and Justin’s press conference, Yasiel Puig is going no where, so you can forget the Braun fantasy there Mark. They are and I quote, going to give him every opportunity this spring to show that his demotion to AAA last August taught him a few things. Like what the Dodgers expect out of him. Trayce Thompson’s back is still not fully healed and he will not be going full speed at the beginning of camp. Friedman also said that whether they add a RH bat or not, he expects better production against LH because of a healthy SVS, and better years from Turner and Hernandez. Which sounds a lot to me like Kike is going to get the first shot at the starting job should the talks with Minnesota fizzle and die. Calhoun got a spring invite to show case him self. Sounds to me like they are pretty content with what they have right now.

    1. They said they were going to keep Dee Gordon the day before he was traded too, but I suspect they will keep Puig. He has the tools to be a MVP. I will root for him to be that! I like Kike too. I think that if he plays everyday, he will hit .250 with 15 to 20 HR. Bat him #8. I’m fine with that.

      I heard that Thompson was playing golf with his brother, so he must be cleared to swing a golf club. If Yasiel Puig can realize his potential we don’t need anything:

      1. Toles or Ethier LF
      2. Seager SS
      3. Puig RF
      4. Turner 3B
      5. Gonzo/SVS 1B
      6. Grandal C
      7. Pederson CF
      8. Hernandez 2B

      Bench: Thompson, Barnes, Segedin

      We still have Ruf and Taylor too.

      1. Kershaw
      2. Hill
      3. Urias
      4. Maeda
      5. McCarthy, Kazmir or Ryu (one will be healthy – pick ’em)

      De Leon

      There are going to be some really good arms sent to AAA. I can’t see room for Hatcher.

      1. I read that Kike’s defensive metrics, were not that good at second last year.

        It said that Kike is a much better outfielder, then infielder.

        But I can’t remember where I read it.

        I know that Kike hasn’t played third very well, when he has played there.

        I didn’t get second as Kike’s, from what I heard Friedman say.

        But I did get what Michael said, about Friedman expecting players on the team, to do a better job against lefties this year.

        1. The Dodgers are going to add another bat one way or another. I believe it will be 2B still, but LF is still a possibility. I’m all for Puig playing everyday in RF. Honestly the clubhouse and on-filed stuff that some disliked stopped two years ago. Now he realizes if he doesn’t work with coaches on his approach and stretching, etc, his ass will go to AAA. I absolutely love watching him chase down balls in RF and show off the arm. He made 2 or 3 throws the first half of last year that no one in the game can make. I listed to Anthropolous talk about him the other day and he was blown away by Puig’s defense. I’ll happily take .280 or above, 15-20 HRs, great defense and 15 stolen bases. He got a little better at stealing last year. He still doesn’t read pitchers great, but there is progress. When he came back up from AAA, there were realy only a couple of swings where I said to myself, “What the Hell is he swinging at?”

  19. Never mock an elephant. They have long memories. Someone said this in reply to a post I made early last year:

    Why in the world would anyone believe Jansen would be in line for $15+ million for 6-7 years? No closer has made that much money – ever. Chapman, probably the best, just signed for $11.325 million., slightly higher than the previous highest Papelbon. If Jansen thinks he’s worth more than than that – adios. He makes $10.6 now, extend him. He’s 29 next year, so 2 more years at his current salary is fair. Jansen isn’t the best closer in baseball. He’s paid a fair salary.

    I’m sure we all know who wrote that. Well, Jansen got $16 million for 5 years from the Dodgers whom he game a hometown discount, so I was spot on!

    Both Turner and Jansen could have made more money elsewhere, but wanted to remain Dodgers – I think that speaks volumes about Friedman and the organization. The Glitter back on the Blue!

    1. Spot on? You predicted $100 million. The spot is on your panties.

      And I think you should read up on the details of that contract. In no year does Jansen make $16 million. In fact, the first two years he makes $10 million, then $18, then $20. I say he earns his money in ’17 and ’18 and becomes yet another albatross contract after that.

      Spot that jackwagon.

      You want to continue the conflict in here that’s your call. You want to insult and offend there will be plenty of pushback on your bullshit. It’s up to you.

    2. Sorry Mark but Justin Turner wasn’t getting $64M/4 years from anyone else. Theoretically FAZ was bidding against themselves. Sure the Cards, Mets, Giants, etc. acted as if they were interested but none of those clubs were going to pay him $64M over 4 years……zilch, nada not happening. The FAZ got played. Actually got in a situation where they had no back up plan and did not want to part ways with their inherited prospects.

      Does anyone still remember the trade where they passed up on 40 Home run Todd Frazier. Acquired 3 players instead….Montas, Johnson and Thompson. Wonder why that isn’t referenced as one of the top trades.. At this point in time the ‘genius’ FAZ gave up Peraza, Schebler and someone else for ‘Thompson’ (whom they could have acquired for almost nothing). Said at the time that the Dodgers LOST in that trade. One year later, now we know!

      There went the back up plan and now had to over pay for Turner’s ONE great season.

        1. Wow. ‘We know nothing yet!’……. Really. Allow me to educate you.

          We KNOW that Montas was not considered a needed resource cause he was moved in a trade for 2 rentals. We KNOW that Micah Johnson has been DFA’d. We KNOW that Thompson is the only commodity left from the trade and he had to have major back surgery.

          WE KNOW the ‘bad’ Todd Frazier played in over 150 games for the 4th consecutive season (158 to be exact). Has no health issues and had more home runs, rbi’s and stolen bases than anyone on the Dodgers last year.

          WE KNOW A LOT…..and it’s only been one year later. Can you say taken to the cleaners?

          1. The someone else in that trade was a kid named Brandon Dixon. 2nd baseman. I saw him play at Rancho Cucamonga a couple of years ago. I never understood why they gave up on Peraza when he and Wood were the center pieces of that trade with the Braves. But then again I have scratched my head over a lot of decisions they have made. Both with Cuban players and the trades and FA signings they have made.

          2. Peraza has proven himself to be decidedly unremarkable and forgettable.

            I guess you could say the same about Thompson and Johnson.

            I guess you could say that about most prospects, no?

          3. Peraza is a 22 year old Major League shortstop who hit .312 and stole 24 bases (in 79 games)You find that unremarkable and forgettable? You also said something about the number of games a #2 pitches wasn’t important. Interesting takes Bluto.

          4. Peraza has a huge upside, speed, which no one on the Dodgers except maybe Toles possesses, and did pretty well in a short stint with the Reds last year. And if memory serves, he excited a lot of Dodger fans when he first came up with some key stolen bases and a triple that had fans screaming. Yeah, we do not need excitement in LA. Just injury riddled pitchers and some Cubans who couldn’t hit my grand mother…….Thompson had some good moments last year until the injury caught up with him, including a huge walk off homer, Johnson , not so much. But the only prospect we got was Montas and he was given away for garbage. Thompson and Johnson already had some time in the majors

        2. “We know nothing yet!”

          Speak for yourself.

          Wait….. you just did.

          We know plenty. There have been two deadlines and three offseasons. There have been hundreds of moves. There have been free agent signings and its all right there. Well, some of it can be found at the rehab clinic, but it’s all right there for analysis. We don’t agree on the evidence, but we have plenty there to analyze.

          “Not many people like Frazier”. George or Crane? If you’re talking about Todd you’re talking out your ass again. Frazier put up 3.4 WAR, including a + dWAR. He did it for $8 million. 40 home runs and 98 RBIs. Maybe we should have kept him and moved Turner to second base.

          1. I would take Turner any day, over Fraizer.

            Fraizer is another one of those, all or nothing hitters.

            He hit mostly just above the mendosa line last year.

          2. You might take Turner over Frazier any day…..that is definitely your prerogative and opinion. Turner had a very good year last year. I like Turner but I don’t believe he will ‘earn’ his contract going forward. I’ve been told that the great FAZ finds the stars before they become stars……in other words, acquiring good talent at team friendly contracts. Is that happening? My exhibits are Kazmir, McCarthy, Hill, Turner, Jansen. In addition they have traded away better prospects than what they have brought in.

            Frazier did ONLY hit .225 (right above the mendosa line as you say)….last I knew that was .200

            Joc Pederson’s career average than is ‘just above the mendosa line’ at .224

            Todd Frazier’s career average of .250 ranks ahead of 3/8 of the Dodgers projected starters. Ahead of Pederson, Hernandez and Grandal.

            Turner hit a career high of 27 home runs last season(his contract year). Todd Frazier has averaged 28 HR’s over the past 5 seasons.

            My whole point is this: Would we be better off (last year) and now this year with Todd Frazier on the roster in comparison to Trayce Thompson (who btw, hit exactly .225 last year).

          1. If they are the facts, then cite your resource. I’d really like to know which teams were involved and for how much.

            I do love LA. Is there a subtext to that? LA’s great. Great museums, great business. The City Council leaves a little to be desired though.

        1. Chili

          I just don’t like hitters, that don’t hit for a good average.

          And I am sure you know I don’t think Joc is a top hitter on this team, because he is a all or nothing hitter.

          And the front office didn’t sign Turner, Colletti did, and Turner thanked Colletti yesterday, in the news conference.

      1. Chili

        Did you see the contract that Reddick got, from the Astros?

        I think it might be more then Turner got, and Turner is a way better player, both defensively and offensively.

        And Reddick is only, a couple years younger.

        1. MJ,

          Reddick is 2 years younger but I do think that at $13M per year for 4 years that he appears to be over compensated as well.

          Get this….last year Reddick hit .281. That’s his highest batting average of his career. Another guy playing for his next contract but we all saw that performance.

      2. Everyone in baseball is saying that the Dodgers got Turner way below what he was worth. First, it was the worst secret in baseball that he was coming back to LA. Second, there weren’t a lot of 3rd base openings. Third, Todd Frazier sucks.

    3. Kenley said winning, is more important then money.

      He said he wants to bring a world championship, to the Dodgers.

      He said it has been to long, and the fans in LA, deserve a championship.

      Turner said that story about him not taking his stuff out of the locker, wasn’t true.

      But I do know that Turner, was still training at Dodger stadium.

      Puig is suppose to come to LA next week, to start getting into shape.

      Turner told Kenley, that the grass is not always greener, on another team, even if they tell you it is going to be.

      I thought about Greinke, when Turner said that.

      Both guys appreciate what the Dodgers, have done for there careers.

      1. “Kenley said winning was more important than money”


        I do believe these guys want to win. EVERYBODY wants to win. But, nothing is more important to these guys than the money.

        1. Badger

          When two teams offer about the same amount of money, it isn’t a very hard decision to make.

          The Marlins offered Kenley about five million dollars more, then the Dodgers.

          When a player is getting 80 million dollars, verses 85 million dollars, wouldn’t you go to the team, that has a better chance to win?

          1. He was on his way to Washington. And I heard the offer from Miami was 5 years $80 million. Yeah, he wanted to stay in LA, but even he said he thought he was leaving (Washington, not Miami) until that 5th year was offered.

  20. Back injuries on baseball players? Scary thought. A lot of torque going on throwing, or swinging at, 90 mph fastballs.

    Friedman expects more from Turner? I don’t. I believe Hernandez would do better with a more defined role. If he’s prepared, he could win the second base job. I also expect improvement from Calhoun. This is a big year for him. I think he knows it and will turn heads.

    The projections have us at 95 wins as we are, which is without Dozier or Braun. I would take that in hear beat and so would every other Dodger fan. If all goes well, we could do that. When does all go well? Been a while for the Dodgers. Maybe we’re due.

    1. I think there will be a good battle for the second base job. I still like Taylor there and I can see Calhoun getting the job by July. Kike’ might be more valuable as the super utility guy.

      SVS/Toles (LF)

      1. I would like to see Taylor get a real shot at the job. He impressed me some with his grit and hard nosed play. He is another Turner, not afraid to get dirty!

    2. I think what he was saying there Badger is that he expects Turner to be better against LHP like he was in 14. I myself think if Turner hits 20 dingers with 80 plus ribbies I would be very happy. I expect Joc to crack the 30 mark this year. And Yasiel is going to have a break out season and crush 25 dingers. !!!

      1. ok.

        What I’m saying Michael is that as a 31 year old Turner put up a career high 4.9 WAR. I don’t think he will improve on that. He’s set for life. He and Kenley both are. They can relax a bit now.

        1. I get that totally and agree whole heartedly…to other things, the Chargers new LA logo looks suspiciously like the Dodger logo with a lightning bolt attached! Chargers back in LA after being gone 56 years….amazing….they still suck as a football team. And after having no teams for 20 years LA now has 2 bad teams!

        2. Badger

          Not everyone is driven by money.

          Turner isn’t the type of player, that is going to relax.

          He has always played hard, for every team, he has played on.

          And a Met’s writer said just that, the other day, on the MLB Channel.

          Turner plays for his home town team, and he wants to do well.

    3. Well Badger, I do remember when you thought Turner was only a fit for utility and ANYbody but Turner should be at 3B. But I don’t expect a lot more from Turner either as he’s long ago crossed into the color of respect when Uribe first went down. Nobody’s right all the time, but this one was mine.

      1. Its true I like Turner as utility and his OPS numbers were actually higher in that role. His knees were a concern too. I don’t recall ever saying ANYbody but him at third, as utility means he would get time there as well. I will admit concern on how much his production might fall after a 31 year old contract year.

        1. But Badger even if that happens, he has been playing for almost nothing, by baseball prices today, for the last three years.

        2. MLBN has Turner currently ranked 5th best at 3B. I didn’t see where replacing him could even of been considered and that’s what I argued. I knew you had something against red hair. Haaa!

    4. The breaks, forgive the pun, might just go our way this year…………at least the Giants even year good luck run ended……..

    5. Badger

      He didn’t say that yesterday on TV.

      And that was before his wedding, when he thought it was the Nationals.

      And the Marlins did make the biggest offer to Kenley.

    6. Badger

      He didn’t say that yesterday, on TV.

      And he did say that winning is more important then the money, to him.

      I didn’t read anything about that this morning, since I saw it on TV.

      The Nationals offer, must have came earlier in the discussions.

  21. If we don’t get an upgrade at 2B, then I would certainly bring Utley back for one more season.
    For me it is no coincidence that Seagar had such an impressive Rookie year playing along side Chase, with him as a mentor & role model.
    He is surely a future Hall Of Famer, and his attitude & hustle were as important to last season’s success as the new leadership of Doc.

    He batted .252 with 52 runs & 79 RBIs and played in 138 games with no trips to the DL.
    If we can’t get a deal done for a decent 2B then I definitely bring him back.
    He got off to a hot start, and tailed off a bit, and I think with more conservative use, in a platoon with one of Kiki or Taylor, he could still have a very influential role in the team.

    1. “Jansen adds that the Dodgers upped their offer from four years to five shortly before his wedding, which helped to twhich helped to tip the scale in LA’s favor”

      The 5th year is for $20.8 million. I wonder what the offer was before that was added.

  22. OK, I really do hate having to take Badger to task over and over again, but yes, when he spews lies and BS like he always does, I have to set the record straight!

    He just posted this:

    Spot on? You predicted $100 million. The spot is on your panties.

    And I think you should read up on the details of that contract. In no year does Jansen make $16 million. In fact, the first two years he makes $10 million, then $18, then $20. I say he earns his money in ’17 and ’18 and becomes yet another albatross contract after that.

    Spot that jackwagon.

    You want to continue the conflict in here that’s your call. You want to insult and offend there will be plenty of pushback on your bullshit. It’s up to you.

    Badger is a Certified Liar. Here is what I said on 2/21/16 WORD-FOR-WORD:

    Kenley Jansen will be a free agent next year. Given his age and if he has a very good year in 2016, he is in line to get $15+ million a year for 6 or 7 years.

    No where did I say $100 million. I said 6 or 7 years at $15+ million. He got 5 years at $80 million from the Dodgers and said he could have gotten more. Divide $80 million by 5 dumbass. That’s $16 million a year over 5 years and it is pretty certain that he would have gotten more elsewhere. So, the fact of the matter is that I was damn near spot on, but the moron has to come back and spew his venom because I didn’t exactly match what the voices in his head told him.

    Sorry to bother you all with this but this is the type of badgering that he does. I do not suffer fools well!

    1. Mark, Its of my opinion that most of us enjoy reading what you and Badger say but all of us don’t have any interest in or put any credence to what you guys say about or to each other.

      1. Bum, I found the thread where we were talking about Jansen and what he might get offered. It was from February of ’16. I was off by a mile, so were others, but Mark did say Jansen’s agent would ask for as much as $100mm+ and somebody would give it to him. I posted it, it showed up, then 10 minutes later it’s being “moderated”. This does get silly in here, but when someone calls me a liar …. actually, in 20 years of doing this, only one person has ever done that. I suppose I should just consider the source.

  23. Oh and Chili, this is your opinion:

    Sorry Mark but Justin Turner wasn’t getting $64M/4 years from anyone else. Theoretically FAZ was bidding against themselves. Sure the Cards, Mets, Giants, etc. acted as if they were interested but none of those clubs were going to pay him $64M over 4 years……zilch, nada not happening.

    But don’t like you KNOW that because it’s just an assumption.

    Peraza, Schebler, Montas = the jury is still way out on them. Johnson may or may not leave the organization and Frazier had no place to play. Thompson? The jury is still out on him. You are great at circular arguments (from your mouth to your ass) but my BS detector goes Ape-Shit when you and Badger spew!

      1. I love that your claim of there being no other offers to Turner is that you don’t know of them or that they haven’t been reported.

    1. Badger

      I just read that the owners were very supportive, to have the front office, sign both Turner and Kenley.

      That extra year, probably came from the ownership.

  24. Wow – so many insults.

    Anyway, I would be surprised if the Braintrust left the roster as it is. There are way too many OF, way too many lefty hitters, no real starting 2B, and a bullpen that has been weakened by the loss of Blanton etc.

    I fully expect that the Dodgers will make the moves that it takes to try to put a winner on the field (even if we don’t agree with all of them). They wouldn’t have spent the $$ to resign Hill, Jansen and Turner if they weren’t in it to win it. There is still a month until pitchers and catchers report (I love the sound of that!) so there is still time to get something done.

    As to the Chisox trade, the Dodgers moved Montas as a piece to get Hill (and Reddick) and I think that they assumed that his health would remain iffy. Johnson was never as good as he was thought to be. And I fear that the same will be true of Thompson – certainly his minor league credentials weren’t good and we don’t know if his performance declined last year due to injury or the league catching up to him. The players that the Reds received in the deal look to be unremarkable too – Peraza may end up being a right-handed Dee Gordon but when I saw him play I didn’t like his swing (or his glove either, really). That’s what happens when you trade prospects – they are just prospects and no one knows what they will end up being. I agree with bluto on that score.

    As to the infamous trade with the Marlins, Hatcher has turned out to be a bust. We don’t know what Barnes will be. Kike – sort of the same, although he has gotten more of a chance than Barnes and he was pretty bad last year. I for one am not comfortable with the thought that he will be the 2B next year. And Dee Gordon? He had one great year and one lost year so far – I didn’t want to see him traded.

    Expect the Dodgers to look different on opening day then they do now.

    1. Rick

      I don’t think they are giving Kike, second base.

      And I do think you are right, they are not done yet with the roster.

  25. Seriously. I post proof that Mark said somebody would offer Jansen 9 figures and that post is being moderated? I wonder how that came about?

      1. You called me a liar. I proved you wrong. I’ve proved you wrong about many things over the years and I know how you hate it, but knock off the insults and this sh*t will stop. Can we agree to that?

          1. I too take that as a no.

            You call me a liar and a fool, categorically denying you said something, I post the exact thread where you said it, twice, and yet you come back in not with an apology, but with another insult. You’re unbelievable, yet very consistent, going back years. Who’s the liar Mountainmover?

        1. Peraza was traded with Brandon Dixon (minors) and Scott Schebler to the Cincinnati Reds. The Chicago White Sox sent Micah Johnson, Frankie Montas and Trayce Thompson to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cincinnati Reds sent Todd Frazier to the Chicago White Sox.

          Montas was traded to get Rich Hill, Micah Johnson was DFA’ed and we still have Trayce Thompson. Peraza hit .324 in 256 PA’s. Schebler is a nice 4th or 5th OF in my opinion and the jury is still out on
          Thompson. Peraza is a low OPS guy that FAZ does not value highly (like Dee).

          Frazier? No thank you.

          Alex Wood is 26 years old today. He was traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Atlanta Braves with Bronson Arroyo, Luis Avilan, Jim Johnson and Jose Peraza to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent Zachary Bird (minors), Hector Olivera and Paco Rodriguez to the Atlanta Braves. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent Victor Araujo (minors), Jeff Brigham (minors) and Kevin Guzman (minors) to the Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins sent Mat Latos and Mike Morse to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Miami Marlins sent 2016 competitive balance round A pick to the Atlanta Braves.

          That trade was a disaster, but FAZ ended up with Avilan and Wood. Time will tell what they will do. We did not give up a lot…

    1. Talking about the Dodgers outfield:

      The highest Dodger Yasiel Puig, who is 11th at 1.4. Matt Kemp, whom many Dodgers fans still love, is 16th with a 0.0 WAR, mainly because it would be more effective to have Venus de Milo playing defense in the outfield than Kemp.

      Funny…. but true!

          1. Hawkeye,

            I was just talking about an article in the LA Times, that listed the war of the top ten players at there positions.

            And he included all the Dodgerplayers, war for there position.

          2. Joc was 3.4 WAR and Puig 1.6 WAR last year. Based on Wondering’s link the ranking was based on WAR.

          3. Hawkeye

            I was talking about an article in the LA Times.

            They listed the top ten players in there position, in war.

            And they also listed all of the starting Dodgers, at there position, by war.

  26. If Kemp is so bad in the outfield, why hasn’t anyone suggested using him as a first baseman? Seriously, we need the DH. We could get Kemp back to DH and PH and relieve Agon…

    1. Wondering

      That isn’t a bad idea.

      I still don’t trust those defensive metrics.

      Those same defensive metrics, gave Heyward that big contract.

    2. Kemp was traded for a player that literally has no value. He has no value at all anywhere on a baseball field.
      He’s a huge waste that the Dodgers managed to off-load to the Chargers. The fact that they got Grandal is, as Periello opines, robbery.

      The Grant Dayton deal looks good too. As, obviously, does the trade for Alex Wood.

      1. Huh?

        I wonder if 35 home runs, 108 RBIs and an .810 OPS WRISP would translate to more WAR in Los Angeles. You know where it might? Boston. Though I think Atlanta might appreciate him. I just read that LA and SD are paying $6 million of his $21.7mm contract.

        1. I acutually thought SD was paying more than that. I thought Atlanta was getting him for about $10 million a year. I know Olivera’s money was eaten in the deal to get rid of Kemp so I’m sure the calculations are more complicated than most deals.

      2. The trade for Wood looks good? Who are you trying to bamboozle? Wood basically has done crap as a Dodger. He was not even the main piece, Peraza was, and we all know how FAZ handled that one. Wood was on again off again, mostly off, then he was injured. In all the years since he was traded, Kemp has had a higher average, hit more home runs and driven in more runs than Grandal……….I think we were the ones robbed…..and I give a crap about what others say about his poor fielding. He has outhit every outfielder we have had since he left………and I did not know the Chargers played baseball in SD…..they are not very good at their own sport, so maybe they should try something else

        1. Who was Wood traded for?

          Oh. Peraza was the big part of that deal? Everyone knows that? Show me two or more articles that say that.

          Let me reiterate. Kemp was traded for a player with ZERO value and people called it even. Even.

          Grandal received an MVP vote.

          Case closed

          1. The case is not closed there bucko. Kemp has out produced Grandal ever since the trade. Since you saber geeks have no idea it takes runs to win ball games. And he knocks in a lot more than he lets in. He is a better ball player than Grandal has ever dreamed of being, and Kemp can actually hit good pitching, ala Manny Ramirez. As for Peraza, those articles were all in with Friedman and Zaidi praising the guy and saying he had a huge upside. Kemp may have had his problems with DM and a couple of other players, Jeff Kent comes to mind, but he was not as bad in the locker room as everyone said he was. He was also the one who brought the bubble machine into the dugout to celebrate HR’s. Was a big morale booster, and I guarantee you if he had not hit that wall busting his ass trying to catch that ball, he would be an MVP worthy player almost every year. And he probably would hit close to 40 HR’s every year. He was that good. And his best now is better than old grand dad Grandal….He was the most tradeable guy they had at the time CC and Andre had little value. Prime Kemp would have gotten a lot more than Grandal and 2 mediocre pitchers.

  27. Put his defense aside for a moment. When is Matt Kemp going to show up at the beginning of the season. He hasn’t hit a lick the first half of the last 3 seasons. Kemp wasn’t popular in SD’s locker room and from what I read in the Molly Knight book, he wasn’t good in the Dodgers locker room.

      1. I don’t understand the defensive metrics. His fldg % is above league average, his range factor is above league average and he had 9 assists. As I mentioned he hit 35 home runs, knocked in 108 and OPS’d over .800 WRISP, yet people say he has no value. I think bluto said he has no value at all anywhere on the field, though that wasn’t clear as he actually said Kemp was traded for someone with literally no value at all. I think he was talking about Kemp, but maybe not. At any rate, shouldn’t those numbers add up to more than 0 WAR? Find me a replacement player who can OPS over .800 with 35 and 108. There aren’t any.

        1. Kemp was a big help for Freeman this year.

          Kemp’ protection, made Feeeman have an even better year, this last year.

          1. Sorry, but I don’t follow you. Kemp was traded for Grandal who had put up over 5 WAR in 3 years. He had SOME value. They also got Wieland and Eflin in that deal. Wieland had no value and Eflin was used to get Rollins, who had no value, so, there is that. But Grandal has put up 4.2 in two years, so, he has value. What do you mean by Zero?

          2. Bums rap and badger,

            I was referencing Olivera. Apologies for the confusion. Am in a car on the iPhone

          3. Bums rap and badger,


            I was referencing Olivera. Apologies for the confusion. Am in a car on the iPhone

    1. I didn’t like when Kemp said, he is finally at a baseball town, in Atlanta.

      But I didn’t think Mattingly handed him right, after he got hurt, and his defense went down in center.

      It is hard for a player to accept they are not as good as they were, because of injury.

      And if anyone should understand that, it should have been Mattingly.

    2. A lot of players have had that problem. Maybe getting the kinks out now that he is in his 30’s takes a little longer. What ever the reason, when he cranks it up, he is as dangerous as ever.

      1. I hated the deal when they made it and I’m good with it now, but to be fair the Dodgers moved Kemp because they couldn’t get rid of Ethier or Crawford at the time. They wanted Joc in CF and Puig in RF.

    1. Nobody is confused. Well, I was with what Bluto said but he cleared it up. I agree that Mattingly didn’t handle Kemp well. He didn’t handle Puig skillfully either. We have the right man running things now.

      The Dodgers were fortunate to be able to get out from under that Olivera contract. That deal was insane. Who signed that guy anyway?

      Good point made about Kemp helping the Braves lineup. They have something going on there. Kemp might keep hitting home runs and knocking in 90-100 on that team. I hear it’s a baseball town there in Atlanta.

  28. Kemp is a valuable offensive player notwithstanding his OPS or WAR. OPS undervalues players who don’t walk often and overvalues a “3 true outcomes” player like, say Joc Pederson. I never particularly liked him in CF but thought him at least average in RF when he last played in LA. He passed the “eyeball test” even though defensive metrics never liked him.

    I have read the same stuff suggesting he was a minus in the clubhouse. I too was against the trade for Grandal but think now it was a net plus since the Dodgers don’t have another C but have other guys to play OF – plus Grandal has his pluses as well (although I still think that a .227 hitter has some obvious problems and i still don’t like his defense, pitch framing notwithstanding.

    I will say that Matt Kemp was one of my favorite Dodgers for a while – a bona fide star from the farm system. Now they have Seager (and Kershaw, of course.) As a fan, this made the trade hard to swallow.

    1. ……OPS undervalues players who don’t walk often and overvalues a “3 true outcomes” player

      I will have to think about that hypothesis. A player who goes 2 for 4 with 2 doubles will produce a higher OPS than a player that goes 1 for 4 with a home run. Same number of total bases means the same SLG but OBP is higher for the 2 for 4 guy.

      1. But a hit is better in real life than a walk but OBP counts both the same. A strikeout can never be a productive out but counts the same as a grounder to second that moves a runner over. RBIs and Rs are considered mere “counting stats” and SABRheads don’t like them because they don’t count the efforts of other players, but doesn’t a hitter who knocks someone in because he hits .300 count for more than the guy who hits .227 but hit 27 HR?

        1. Food for thought.

          I’ve always valued OBP and putting the ball in play. As a former coach of kids it just makes sense to force a defense to make the play. Kids make a lot more errors than do Major League players. But the concept of “don’t make an out” plays at all levels. Every coach and manager likes the home run. Earl Weaver is famous for his love of the 3 run homer, but I think most managers, including ours, would rather manage a team of contact hitting dirt ballers. That’s the team I would prefer to watch. Smart hitters that know the strike zone, don’t chase, hit it hard where it’s pitched and run the bases with their heads up. The goal is to score every inning. You have a chance to do that if you don’t give away outs. Chasing strike three is giving away outs and happens WAY too often as far as I’m concerned.

          That said I watched Ward work with hitters here in Arizona and if the team will listen to him they will all improve. He’s pretty good at what he does.

          1. Badger

            OBA is a ok stat, but when saber metrics count walks as the same as hits, and don’t penalize strikeouts, there is a problem with OPS, with certain hitters.

            A HR hitter is fine, but most good hitters with power, don’t hit below 250 like some of these OPS darlings, do.

            If a hitter can’t hit above 250 and 250 is just average, I don’t consider them, as a good hitter, or an offensive giant.

            And most good hitters, hit 290 and above.

        1. Badger

          If we are going to go with a platoon, I rather have Calhoun being the leftie in the platoon.

          Remember Fernandez, has a problem on defense too.

          And Fernandez doesn’t have as much pop.

          I still don’t think Kike is going to hit.

          He is hitting 199, in winter ball.

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