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Enrique Hernandez Punks Stupid Hecklers in Dodgers Win at Colorado

Dodger’s super utility man Enrique Hernandez has long been a favorite whipping boy of this site over the last several seasons. It’s primarily due to his terrible batting and on-base skills. This year is no different with Hernandez batting a minuscule .215 and posting a .287 OBP over 286 plate appearances.

However Hernandez does have his strengths as well. We know he’s got power as evidence by his 13 home runs and 41 runs driven in. He also plays just about every position with ease. He’s a good defensive player and has versatility all over the diamond. He also has a great personality.

The Dodgers are in Colorado and in the ninth inning of their 12-8 win over the Rockies at Coors Field on Thursday night, Hernandez was being heckled. Three salty Colorado fans sitting behind home plate were teasing Hernandez for being small. This to me is a pretty dumb thing to tease Enrique about.

I mean if you’re going to tease him, then you have plenty of ammunition based on his paltry .215 batting average. If you are going to tease Hernandez then his .287 OBP should give you all the ammo you need. But to tease him about his diminutive size seems pretty stupid if you ask me. Check out what Hernandez does after he hits a big three-run home run. He gives the haters some love.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

12 thoughts on “Enrique Hernandez Punks Stupid Hecklers in Dodgers Win at Colorado

  1. Kike proved last year that he could hit for a decent average rather than the sub par efforts he put in the year before and this year. He continues to strike out too much and try to pull everything he swings at. He has a terrible 2 strike approach. That being said, he does show power, and over the last 2 years he has hit over 30 homers. He is a defensive wiz. That I believe is the ONLY reason he is still a big leaguer.

  2. Kinke is just a fun-loving guy, yes he hits some big critical bombs (ask the Cubbies), yes the plays great defense, yes if batting average is horrible, yes he must be an awesome presence in any clubhouse. You just gotta love the guy.

      1. Not many do. Remember Mike Hampton? He was a Cy Young caliber pitcher before he signed his free agent deal with the Rockies. He was never the same guy again. Even after he left. Roberts did probably learn a valuable lesson last night. Floro should not be used more than one inning. Ryu should never start again in Colorado. He is 0-5 there with an ERA north of 6. He gave up 7 last night and his ERA is still below 2. Carlos Gonzalez DFA’d by the Cubs.

  3. Not only are Pollock and Seager on the horizon to return, but the Dodgers best bat off of the bench is getting close too, David Freese.

  4. Up the middle defense without Seager continues to suck. Muncy made another blunder today that opened the door for a 3 run Rockie inning that won the game for the Rocks. Kike missed two balls that he should have had. Kept the inning alive. Kike and Barnes continuing weakness at the plate is also becoming a problem. You need something from the guys in the lower part of the order and it is not happening. Hell hit the pitcher 7th or 8th. The way these guys are hitting it really weakens the offense.

  5. Josh Fields released by Texas today. Not really an option for our pen. Roberts with another one of his so called creative lineups. No Verdugo, no Turner, Taylor in the 3 hole with Beaty hitting second. He continues to run Hernandez out there like he expects this slug to finally start hitting the ball consistently. We could have had LeMahieu, but no, they want this slug.

  6. They get the split. Lead stays at double digits. AZ got crushed by the Giants today. So they come limping into the Ravine tomorrow. Muncy did not make the all star team. Belli, Kersh, Buehler and Ryu did. Hernandez did manage to get a couple of hits today. Beaty had 2 doubles and he and Belli drove in 5 runs between them.

  7. All Stars announced and 4 Dodgers make it. Bellinger, Ryu, Buehler, and Kershaw. Pollock, and Seager expected back after the break and Freese will be activated sometime this week. They are getting close to being at full strength. Now if Friedman can fine a solid BP arm, preferably a second closer type guy, they are set for a serious run.

  8. RIP Tyler Skaggs. Angels pitcher found dead in his hotel room this afternoon. No foul play suspected, neither is suicide. Prayers go out to his family and the Angels family.

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