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Hitting in The Rain: Dodgers Hold Phillies to Two Hits, Pair of Home Runs Put Crack in Liberty Bell

A pair of home runs from David Freese, and Justin Turner was the difference makers, as the Dodgers drowned the Phillies in the third game of the four game series. For the third time on this road trip the Dodgers had to endure a lengthy rain delay. This recent inclement weather stoppage lasted for two hours and thirty seven minutes before play resumed. When it did the Dodgers tacked on more runs off the beleaguered Philadelphia pitching staff. The Dodgers bats combined to draw ten walks, hit two home runs and score five runs from the sixth inning on. If that wasn’t impressive enough for you, the normally maligned bullpen tossed 6.2 innings allowing just one earned run, two hits and struck out seven. The Phillies tallied just two hits the entire game. The Dodgers beat the Phillies on Wednesday night 7-2 to take a 2-1 series lead. A win tomorrow in the series finale can clinch a series win.

The Dodgers sure like hitting at Citizen’s Bank Park. However the early part of this game did not involve much offensive spark. The Dodgers were leading 1-0 with one out in the top of the third when the tarps were starting to cover the field. The original pitching matchup pitted Kenta Maeda against Nick Pivetta. Neither of those starters returned to the game after the rain delay.

Dodgers  7 6 2

Phillies     2 2 0




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Pivetta walked the bases loaded in the top of the first, but would wiggle out of the damage with only one run allowed. The Dodgers knocked in the run in that inning on an A.J. Pollock sacrifice fly. Maeda walked two as well in the bottom half of the first (Scott Kingery, Bryce Harper) but like Pivetta got out of the jam unscathed. In the top of the third, Joc Pederson led off with a strikeout and then Pivetta walked Max Muncy. Then the rain began to fall in Philly.

Once the game resumed both starters were out of the game. Philadelphia brought in JD Hammer to finish the third inning while the Dodgers used newbie Corey Sadler and then called in Julio Urias to toss 2.2 innings in relief. Urias would allow two runs, one of them unearned in the bottom of the sixth. That would tie the game at 2-2, but let’s get back to that in a moment. The Dodgers had added a run in the top of the sixth when Philadelphia righty Edgar Garcia walked Russell Martin and Enrique Hernandez and Urias himself popped a single up the middle to score Hernandez. But Urias giveth, then Urias taketh away.

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In the bottom of the sixth, as mentioned above Urias allowed the two runs to score to even the score. Cesar Hernandez reached on a slow bouncer to third that rolled under Muncy’s glove. Then Scott Kingery’s flare single to center put two runners aboard. Harper’s fly out to deep right advanced Hernandez to third. With first and third, Martin’s rare passed ball took away the double play. Then after an intentional walk to Ryhs Hoskins  setup a bases loaded walk to Brad Miller to force in a run. Next up was Adam Haseley who Pedro Baez induced to a ground out, but the second run scored to tie the game. Baez struck out Nick Williams to end the inning.

The Dodgers roared back in the top of the seventh against former Dodger Juan Nicasio. After Muncy singled, David Freeze’s two-run bomb carried into the right field seats to give the Dodgers a 4-2 lead. Then in the following inning after Martin was plunked (another Dodger hit by a pitch) Justin Turner’s pinch-hit two-run home run put the boys in blue up 6-2.

Baez blew through the Phillies again in the bottom of the seventh, and Joe Kelly (the good Kelly) recorded a 123 bottom of the eighth, which included a strikeout of Harper. The Dodgers added another run in the top of the ninth on a Hernandez RBI single. Dylan Floro finished things off in the ninth. It feels good to write a recap, especially after a win. I don’t do enough of these anymore. Mental note, write more recaps. The Dodgers and Phillies wrap up the series on Thursday morning as Ross Stripling counters Aaron Nola. The Dodgers fly home once the game is over so hopefully it stops raining in Philadelphia. Isn’t it always sunny there?

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

84 thoughts on “Hitting in The Rain: Dodgers Hold Phillies to Two Hits, Pair of Home Runs Put Crack in Liberty Bell

  1. Games like this are very hard to watch. Not only did the Dodgers draw 10 walks, 2 more batters got hit. Martin and Pollock. Belli looked very frustrated all night. He was just missing pitches and it showed. 64 games left and a 14 game lead. Marlins have to face, Ryu, Kershaw and Buehler. Dodgers did make a trade, but not the one every one wanted. They sent Justin Grimm to the Reds for cash. Will Smith has a combined 21 homers between AAA and the majors. Martin and Barnes have 7 between them.

    1. David Freese is so clutch.

      I wish Pederson would get out of his funk. He can’t even hit right handers now. Still think that darn HR Derby screws up a player’s swing. They are looking for the perfect pitch, too…. a 70 MPH, batting practice meatball. He is not going to get it. Opposing pitchers also know exactly where “not” to throw the ball.

      Poor Maeda gets no breaks… cruising along, pitching well, and then the rains came and and sent him to an early shower. However, good to see the bullpen complete the game.

      Really don’t think 3rd is Muncy’s favorite position. All that shuffling around to different positions does not help his defense, either.

      I heard Will Smith was hit by his own pitcher… got crossed up. He had to leave the game, as he could not throw. Hope he is OK.

      Take Game four, Blue. Then Feast on the Fish.

  2. We can all long for another ace bullpen arm, but it’s all going to be for naught if the offense hits for a .550 OPS in the playoffs.

    I’m not again a Felipe Vazquez, I’m really hoping he could be obtained. But adding a high-leverage arm isn’t going to guarantee anything.

    1. Point A. Except for the catchers, they are getting solid performance from all the positions and the scrubs are producing when they are in there. Point B. Vazquez is going to cost you at least 2 prime prospects IF he is made available. Friedman is not giving up his 2 best prospects, or two of his top prospects for any pitcher period. Obtaining a great BP arm may not guarantee anything, but a better BP in a short series improves their chances greatly.

        1. Depends on what you consider Prime, or rather what the Pirates would want, and they for sure would want at least one of our top 2, and probably another that is in the Dodgers top 10. No matter, AF is not going to pay that kind of price for a reliever.

  3. Moderately interesting FROM Longenhagen FOR conspiracy theorists:

    Fangraphs reader: How likely is it that the Astros had the Dodgers sign Yordan Alvarez to get around international restrictions so they could trade for him 6 weeks later?

    Eric A Longenhagen: there are people in baseball who believe this is what happened, but peole say all kinds of stuff about Houston and not all of it is true. Also, if this is what happened, I’m fine with it. As long as the player knew he’d eventually be an Astro and wasn’t being lied to when signing with LAD

    Other stuff:

    Neal H: Who says no: Felipe Vazquez for Gavin Lux, Will Smith and Josiah Gray?

    Eric A Longenhagen: LAD

    G: Better long term C prospect in a dynasty league; Jansen or Will Smith?

    Eric A Longenhagen: Smith. Positional versatility and more power

    Mike: Hey Eric I saw the tweet from FG prospects ranking farm systems post-draft. Is that big bump (from 9 to 3) for the Dodgers related primarily to the breakouts of Lux and May, or is there other stuff going on at lower levels driving that surge?

    Eric A Longenhagen: We’ve been high on those guys for a while now, it’s more a combo of teams in front of them having graduates. Also Gray De Jesus and Cartaya moving up

  4. What a roller coaster ride. Dodgers bullpen stinks again, and more defensive miscues prevent Dodgers from a series win. Stripling started out slow, but finally found his legs, only to be yanked after 5. So you know what happens next…. An early call to the bullpen…. Ferguson and Kelly tank, and cost the Dodgers another win.

    Max Beaty says, “Let Us Kids Play, for cryin’ out loud,”

    Any word on Will Smith’s injury? We need him back. “Automatic Out” Barnes is totally lost at the plate.

    1. Ferguson and Floro are the ones that tanked. Kelly gave up the hit that scored them to the Phillies 330 million dollar man. I am not putting this on him. It is on Fergie and Floro. It is also on an offense that hits 4 homers in one game and 5 in another and loses both. They blew a lot of chances to score more. Muncy makes another very costly error and puts even more pressure on the pitchers to get out of the jam. Beaty is the 25th man. I do not care how many homers he hits or runs he drives in, the only reason he is here now is because Taylor got hurt. He will most likely be here until Taylor is healthy. Have not read anything about his injury, but I will say this. He will most likely be back in September when the roster expands, but AF is not trading or releasing either Martin or Barnes any time soon. The pitchers trust those guys behind the plate. Fix the pen first, the offense has been fine. The defense needs to get better quick. The offense will be even better when Belli and Muncy come out of the mini slide they have been in. Muncy struck out 3 more times, and Belli was visibly upset. He hit some lasers that were caught. Quit dreaming that they are just going to let the kids play. They love the mix and match that they are using, and it is working so far.

      1. If the Dodgers are not going to play “The Kids”, and would rather play the automatic outs, then they might as well give them up for a band-aid rental, and regret it later, after these “Super Kids” become starters on other teams and making other teams stronger, while the rental says, “Adios” at season’s end. I know that is not going to happen…. just being facetious. I like Barnes, but have just about reached the end of my rope with him.

        Yes, Floro also tanked, but the table was set by Ferguson. Kelly gave up the big hit to Harper, so he is equally at fault. Dodger pitchers seem to have difficulties with inherited runners. They do not seem to have the ability to stop the bleeding.

        What was the deal with Muncy at the end of the game? Did he and Neris exchange unpleasantries? Muncy just frustrated I guess. He and Bellinger had bad games.

        1. That is very narrow minded thinking there Blue. Look at the big picture. Smith is there and will be there simply as insurance if something happens to Martin or Barnes. Martin is 35 years old and the first time Smith came up it was because Martin’s back flared up and he was on the IL. There is no other catcher in the organization except Rocky Gale who has any MLB experience at all and Ruiz is not ready, not when he is having trouble hitting AA pitching. Who do you want up there in an emergency? Gale or Smith. Neris was yelling obscenities at the Dodger bench and staring in there. Kelly is not the first reliever to give up a hit to the other teams star player. Harpers hit would have meant nothing if Ferguson and Floro had done their jobs, as a matter of fact, Kelly would not have even pitched.

          1. Michael,

            We all know that “Letting the Kids Play” will not happen, just because that is the way the Dodgers roll. Excuse me for thinking out of the box.

            I laugh when I hear the excuse that these “Kids” are not ready, because they have little to no major league experience. Well, with the Dodgers, the “Kids” get little to no MLB experience because the Dodgers rather play experienced washed up veterans who are old and injury prone, veterans who are overpaid, or veterans who are nothing more than “Automatic Outs”. Yeah, let’s keep the “Kids” in the petting zoo in OKC or Tulsa…. definitely makes more sense.

            Sorry for my narrow minded thinking. Friedman’s Playbook is the Baseball Bible. I should know better.

          2. He likes to think it is Blue. Smith is now the Dodger #4 . Trade a 4 for a rental player? Maybe if it was a difference making starter or a high average hitter. But for a reliever who is in his mid 30’s? And it would take more than just Smith. Farhan knows the system well, so I am not sure he would even want Smith. My thinking is that he would want at least 3 players for his lefty. 1 top 10 guy and a couple of lower level players. We will see, the deadline is almost here.

        2. Bluefan4Life, I believe we ALL have tired from Barnes total ineptness on offense. It is getting old but we can be rest assured he will NOT be the starting catcher in 2020. Maybe not even in this year’s PS should Dodgers reach and even that is no guarantee.

          1. Guess who is leading the league at WAR for catchers?

            Now, I hated Grandal for his streakiness and I have no reason to believe he’s still not playing at extremes. But there’s little doubt he performs better than the platoon currently employed.

            As to whether that’s worth his contract?

  5. Attention Dodger Season Ticket Holders. With the 2020 All-Star Classic coming to Dodger Stadium, and following an embarrassing loss to Phillies,, the Dodgers announced that ticket prices will be increasing from 3-17%, and they want their payment by August of this year…. before their post season meltdown. I guess Walmart has raised the prices on their “Blue Light” Dumpster Dive Specials. I can just imagine the price increase on a cup of Suds, a Dodger Dog, and parking.

    Don’t let the best record in baseball fool you. Remember that the majority of the Dodger games are against far inferior teams in the NL and the Extremely weak NL West. Fortunately, they do not have to play most of their games against teams like NYY, TB, BOS, CLEV, HOU, OAK, ATL, or CHC. If they did, they would probably be in 3rd or 4th with around a .400 winning percentage.

    Please don’t take me too seriously… nothing I say ever makes any sense, anyway.

  6. Normally people like things that are predictable and can be anticipated, our bullpen, is very predictable and anticipated. In this case, that’s a bad thing. Throw those stupid stats about this great bullpen out the window, we all see it, well there is at least one peanuthead in here that will never see it. Stats never lie, but statisticians do. Stats can be manipulated to say whatever result you want to arrive at, not just sports but in politics we see it all the time.

    1. Price of peanuts will also probably go up next year, too!

      The only thing that is predictable is another post season meltdown. The only thing that “was” predictable was the increase in ticket prices.

      Stats are just that…. “stats” which as you say, can be manipulated to reflect anything you want. So often it does not reflect what we really see on the field.

  7. Dodger staff as a whole is the best in baseball. But it has cracks and we all know that. We do know for a fact that they need a shut down lefty bad. Also a second closer so all of the burden does not fall on a aging and diminishing skills Jansen. I would not pitch Jansen more than 1 inning ever again. Back to backs are even getting dangerous. 12 days until the deadline. So we will se what Ol Andy has in mind. Marlins in for a 3 game set. Dodgers should sweep these guys with Ryu, Kersh and Buehler going.

    1. Michael, I brought this topic up yesterday somewhere but honestly, how in the world can a team in the 2 losses to the Phillies still fall short after hitting a total of 9 HR’s? Really? I have an idea but would like others here to ‘chime in’ on how ANY team can lose a game after hitting 5 HR’in it and then ANOTHER game with 4 HR’s in it…

      1. I also commented on the fact that they slammed 9 homers and lost 2 games because the pen is so unreliable. Floro has regressed, Kelly has had a good stretch, but faltered yesterday. Ferguson is not the same kid we saw last year. Baez has been steady, Urias has been very good, but was undone by bad defense behind him, which is becoming another concern as are the swing and miss totals for this road trip. Chargois and Garcia have been so so. I am not confident in most of them in high leverage situations. But they have really missed that shut down left hander. The two guys they counted on are both down and neither is coming back anytime soon. Cingrani is out for the year, and Alexander has not thrown a ball yet. The Marlins are in town with the worst record in baseball. Anything less than a sweep is not a good thing. The Marlins have to face Ryu, Kershaw and Buehler.

  8. Here is a little surprise, at least for me. The Giants right now are not planning on trading anyone. Their recent surge in the standings, they are now in 3rd place and only 2.5 games out of the second wild card, is probably why. Now, that all can change in the next 10 days. The deadline is 12 days away.

    1. Most here don’t want them even as a 2nd WC because we saw what took place in 2014. I could not stand to see them win yet another WS before we even get back to one. Time for us to become Met’s fans this weekend as far as the games between them and Giants. I actually watched most of that game last night and was feeling good after Alonzo hit that HR in top of 16th inning, only to have the Met’s BP imitate our BP and blow the win

      1. Paul,

        This is exactly what I have been saying all along. All it takes is lackadaisical play by the overconfident Dodgers with their huge lead, and other teams gaining momentum and gaining confidence. That huge lead will all of a sudden disappear before the Dodgers can say, “NL West Champions”.

        Yes, of course root for the Mets, but bottom line is…. the Dodgers have to take care of their own business.

        Get the bullpen help they need so badly, and stop fooling around. AL bats are going to kill this pitching staff. Maybe even look for another starter. If they are not going to play the farmhands, trade them away…. yeah right, you know that is not going to happen. So, stop passing the offering plates to the fans (asking for payments now, on tickets for next year, and raising ticket prices), and dig deep into your overstuffed pockets, spend some money and get the help your team so desperately needs.

  9. Well they go 0-10 with runners in scoring position, hit no homers and win the game 2-1. Jansen looked like Jansen of old. Ryu pitched one of the grittier starts I have seen. Maeda pitched a scoreless 8th. Pollock on base all 4 trips to the plate, and the 7-8-9 spots were ofer, except Freese’s pinch hit single. 65-35 after 100 games and a 14 game lead over the D-Backs, Not bad. Still some work to do. Floro to the IL and Sadler recalled.

    1. 0-12 R-I-S-P…. they have a potent offense, but this has to improve. What a joke. Another game where DR decides to cluster three “automatic outs” AND a slumping Seager at the bottom of the order. … giving the Marlins 14 automatic outs… that’s 1/2 the darn game!

      Ryu was not at his best, but fought hard to at least keep the Dodgers in the game. Only 1 earned run, but defense AND offense let him down.

      Michael, you forgot to mention, Pederson hit a left handed pitcher! I hope AF was choking on his Dodger Dog when he saw that!

      Floro to IL with neck injury. I guess he got whiplash on that ground ball to center field, Friday.

      Dodgers cannot beat the Phish…. how in the heck are they going to beat the elite in October?.

  10. Don’t get too excited about Gaskanley, He threw 15 pitches (don’t cha know) and only two of them actually were delivered where the catcher was asking for them. In fact, most of his pitches were up and the batters let him off the hook. If I was managing against Gaskanley, I would not allow my first batter to even swing until the batter had two strikes. Gaskanley left to his own devices, will walk most batters he faces if the batters don’t help him out. I have major concerns with Gaskanley, he ain’t going to make it to the finish line, they have to do something, maybe Maeda needs to be the closer and Urias be the set up guy. They better do something or they are going to throw this whole thing away for a threesome in three seasons.

  11. It is not how you get there, but the end result that matters. Jansen threw 15 pitches and 11 of them were strikes. Either swinging or called. As bad as that plate umpire was last night he was effectively wild. After the meltdown in Philly, I’ll take that kind of inning any day. Floro has inflammation in his neck. Dodgers had scouts in Toronto last night for the Jays-Tigers game.

    1. You have to admit, Jansen got a lot of help from the fishing Phish. What was Jensen using? Artificial Worms? Power Bait? The way he is pitching now, I would not feel comfortable with Kenley as their post-season closer… must have a three run cushion.

      1. Maeda made them look silly. Jansen just used the same bait as he did. Twice when Kenta was pitching Martin set up almost a foot off the plate. That’s a relievers job and they got it done. Kenley is going to be the closer. Why? 20 million reasons. Now, they might pick up someone with closer credentials, but KJ is going to be the main man. Who knows, he goes on a hot streak and shuts down everyone over the last two months. If you consider the post season history of this team the last 6 seasons, nobody has been out standing. Our Ace and our bullpen has melted down consistently. They need help at the back of the pen and they know it. Of more concern to me is the bad defense lately and the total lack of production behind the dish. Seager will be fine. He is a feel hitter and when he feels everything is right up there, he will be back in his normal 2 spot in the lineup which makes the offense all that much more dangerous. Guy has only been back for 8 games. Pollock looks better everyday.

        1. I agree here.

          Jansen will be the closer, if they can acquire a Greene or Vazquez and use him with Kelly in high-leverage situations, they should be in good form for the future.

          The offense and depth are just ludicrous.

          1. Bluto
            Don’t forget Dummy. He could ruin the whole season with his moves. If he gets any dumber it is over.

    2. Hey if that is how you want to view it, you are free to slip on those blue goggles and stay up in the clouds. I know for a fact, from my experiences, some nights you get away with it, but more nights you don’t get away with it. Keep dreaming, Michael

      1. I am not dreaming and I do not wear blue goggles. Baseball is a very unpredictable game. You can never tell who is going to be a star and who is not. Jansen was a catcher, and look how good a closer he became. Maybe he finds that magic again. No one can predict for sure if he will or not. But whether you like it or not, he is the man down there. They are paying him a lot of money to be that guy. Only chance he has of not being the closer is injury. Or if he happens to opt out after the season, fat chance of that happening. I see things pretty clearly, and the one thing I am more than anything else is a realist. I do not live in a dream world at all. And I do not see everything as a disaster waiting to happen. One thing I will say, they had better clean up the defense ASAP.

        1. Pass me whatever you are smoking. Enough of the “20 million reasons” bullshit, that’s no argument except a stupid one. Write it down Blue Goggle Boy, if GasKanley continues down this road, he WILL NOT be the closer thru out the playoffs. I don’t give a damn about 20 million blah blah blah.

          Hey they aren’t going to clean up the defense. Why? They got 100 million reasons for any players to change to correct the defense. See that bullshit don’t wash, find a new out statement, that one is played out and boring (and pretty lame)

          1. First off motor mouth, I don’t smoke anything. Second facts are facts. Jansen is being paid to be the closer whether you and anyone else here likes it or not. As of right now they have no one to take his place. So my argument my be bullshit to you, but it is a stone cold fact. I doubt you have any access to the Dodger FO so you have no clue what the hell they are going to do. Don’t take your frustration out on others because they are not playing up to your lofty expectations. I know you care less what Jansen makes, I don’t care either, but the fact is they are not going to sideline a guy making that kind of money unless he is injured. As long as you have been watching this game and this management team you should know that. As for the defense, they like the team they have, that’s why these guys are here. Barnes and Martin are catching because of their defense, not their bats…even a moron should know that.

  12. Fernando is going to be inducted into the Legends of Dodgers baseball tonight. Fans will get a special bobblehead of El Toro. He joins Garvey and Newcombe who were inducted earlier this season. Big ceremony before the game.

    1. Kudos to Fernando. He was so much fun fo watch. What a great career he had, especially that historical rookie season.

      Warning Dodgers…. Marlins will be throwing a rookie your way on Sunday. We all know how well the Dodgers do against rookie pitchers?. Jordan Yamamoto, from Hawaii. Four starts, Four wins. 1.59 ERA, 0.94 WHIP. 34 K’s in 34 innings. At least he is right handed?.

      Should be a good matchup with Buehler.

  13. This is the 3 time in the last 4 games that Kershaw has pitched that the bullpen has blown the lead It is the 2nd time that the lead has been large for Kersh. I guess the great Dodger FO still does not think the bullpen needs help? Oh well, they are a bunch of A$$holes that couldn’t pour piss out of a boot. They get far to much credit for what they do in a weak division. I guess it is just another negative comment from me but this is crazy.

  14. The bullpen stinks, period. Kershaw pitched a gem, was cruising along with 10 K’s and a shutout through 6 innings. I’m sorry, but Kershaw and DR should know that the bullpen is crap and taxed. Why not have Kershaw push himself to go at least one more inning? I know he had 97 pitches, but he was not laboring, and he had a 6-0 shutout in the works.

    Defense still embarrassing. Overshifting and sloppy play was present again. Dodgers brag about how versatile their players are, and they can move players all over…. well, sometimes being a jack of all trades is not the answer. Strong, error-free defense comes from having your best guys at their best position.

    Matt Beaty…. “Let The Kids Play!”. Beaty seems to thrive on the moment. Dodgers survive by the skin of their teeth, and Rookie Matt Beaty’s heroics. If not for the “Kid”, the game would have been lost.

    Interesting match-up tomorrow, Rookies Buehler and Yamamoto.

  15. Michael, maybe you should be smokin. Plus spend a little money on a sense of humor, damn you are bankrupt in that field.

    So you do have access to the Dodgers FO and thus you do know what they are going to do, is that what you are saying.? Do you reread your posts? Or are you trying to just sound like an authority on everything. The more you pontificate the more stupid you sound, get over yourself, you know less than shit.

    1. Actually True, I have a great sense of humor. At least when I find something amusing. I think Will Farrell and Mike Myers are idiots, on the other hand George Carlin and Robin Williams were comic genius’s . If I knew all the answers to the teams problems I would be working for them instead of just watching them. Believe me, I get just as frustrated as you or anyone else on here or any other site. I reread most of what I write because I do not want to write something if I am angry. That’s when I have said some stuff I regret. I know I am not an authority on what they are doing, no one is. Only Friedman knows what his plans are. What I have tried to do, and sometimes failed miserably at, is understand how Ol Andy has done things over the last 4 1/2 seasons. He has surprised me a few times, and others I have wondered what he was smoking. Would he dump Jansen? Who knows, I just think the economics of his contract will not allow them to sit the guy and use someone else when they are paying him that kind of a salary. Same with Pollock. It just does not make sense for them to play someone over him when he is making that much money. I as much as any fan I know want to see the team win another World Series. That would be great. I also know it is not that easy in this day and age of wild cards and 2 playoff series and then the big dance in order to bring that home. I don’t have all the answers, wish I did. Then I could anticipate what Ol Andy is gonna do come July 31.

  16. Andrew Friedman: “We always feel pressure to make a deal and improve our team. We have to balance that with not being stupid.”

    1. “Stupid is, what stupid does”
      -Forrest Gump-

      Just because it is the “Dodger Way”, does not mean it is the only way, and we have to resign to it. No reason why we must back it, just because Andy does it.

      1. Very true. Since he took over there are a lot of things he has done that I have just shook my head at and wondered what the hell he was thinking. The constant dumpster dive looking for that diamond in the rough got really agitating, especially where the bullpen is concerned. Now, to his credit, Muncy and Taylor have paid off nicely. Kike has had some moments, and so has Barnes. I have seen some give him credit for Turner because he resigned with the Dodgers, but JT said he never contemplated leaving and he was the one who talked Jansen into coming back when he had a higher offer from the Nats. AF’s way can be very frustrating and hard to understand. The only thing I can say about it is that it has kept the team very competitive, that’s the good part. But it also has left a lot of fans very frustrated..

      1. Don’t know about that Pack. His signing of Pollock is starting to pay some dividends. Where the BP is concerned though, you are right on the money. Figures though, Beaty hits a game winning HR last night and cannot buy a hit today.

        1. Pollock making you look good, Michael?…. I Heard That!

          The Rookie battle turned out to be nothing more than a ripple in the ocean, as Buehler threw a masterful game. Marlins’ Rookie, Yamamoto, got a “Welcome to LA”, as Dodger bats quickly put this prize “guppy” on his tailfin. Pederson, Muncy and Pollock go yard, WITH RUNNERS ON!…. so 5-13 RISP is a moot point.

          Battle for LA resumes on Tuesday… time for a little payback, in “Our House”. Dodgers, don’t take these. LA “wanna’ be’s” too lightly, as “The Big Fish”, Trout comes to town.

  17. Angels release Matt Harvey. Giants today DFA’ d Greg Holland, and former Dodger Matt Magill was traded to the Mariners.

  18. Lead is now 16 games with 60 to play. Is anyone really worried that they will not win the division? 10 days until the deadline. I have to believe AF is formulating some sort of plan as to who he wishes to target at the trade deadline. Dodger Nation seems to think that the team has interest in Castellano of the Tigers. I find this kind of silly since he is a minus defender and the outfield defense has been pretty much flawless. It would also put a huge strain on the playing rotation Roberts is using right now. The main target should be relievers. And I believe AF will target at least 1 and maybe 2 quality arms.

    1. Never was too afraid about them not winning the division, but it is not over yet, by no means. Anything can happen. They just beat the last place Marlins, and barely by the skin of their teeth in the first two games. All it takes is for the already hot Giants or always tough D’Backs to string some wins, and Dodgers to get overconfident and lose a string of games.

      I worry about after winning the pathetic NL West. They will face ATL, CHC, and/or Wild Card.

      Then they will have to face the survivor of the AL Gauntlet. It is here, where the Dodgers will face far better pitching, and hitting.

      1. I mean Blue is 100% right.

        Making it to back-to-back WS is a pretty remarkable achievement, doing it for a 3rd is going to be very, very, very hard.

        Even after the bullpen is improved.

        PS: Michael, I find the writing at DodgerNation to be abysmal.
        PPS: Speaking of writing, where’s Oscar?

        1. Yeah their writers are pretty lame, but they do have some inside information sometimes and they are not the only ones with that story. I am beginning to think Oscar has sort of thrown in the towel and is not writing or doing his videos for this site anymore. It has been a long time since he posted anything. I do not believe, this is my thinking anyway, that Chicago’s pitching is that much better than the Dodgers. They have also had bullpen issues and their starters are not what you would call great. They also have the Brewers hot on their heels. Atlanta is a horse of a different color. They are a dangerous team. But the Dodgers are #1 in the majors in pitching, and 3rd in the league in hitting. Only Pittsburgh and the Rockies have a better team average. They have more homers than any team in the NL, and only Minnesota has more in the majors. So they are set up pretty good. We all know they need some serious bullpen help. They get that and the road gets a little less bumpy. It takes a good team to win and it takes a good team with a little luck on their side to win a World Series. Consider this, twice when they played the Yankees, 55 and 81, they lost the first 2 games. In 55 they won the next 3, lost game 6 and Podres shut the Yanks down in game 7. In 81, they lost the first 2 and then won 4 in a row. They play the Yankees next month at Dodger Stadium. I think we will get a pretty good idea of how we stack up against their power bats in that series. Most of the Yanks pop is from the right side.

          1. Hello Bluto/Michael

            I’m guessing that Oscar quite rightly withdrew his goodwill from the site after being mocked for his reviews.

            He seemed like a stand up, decent sort of man too me, and deserved better.

          2. Watford,

            Good to see you. No, Oscar is still very much a part of this site. He has some other stuff going on via his health right now which has effected his time for writing. James is busy taking care of his newborn baby. My work hours have been pretty crazy lately. Sometimes non-baseball stuff happens.

          3. Nice to see you Watford, and you too Scott. I can understand what Oscar is dealing with. Either yourself or in my case family, health is important. You have to feel good to write good. I myself found out that I need cataract surgery and am waiting for VA approval.

  19. Believe it or not, the Reds are second in the league in pitching. So maybe the Dodgers should target their closer instead of Vazquez, who Huntington said will not be traded once again. AF knows he needs help in the pen. He once again made the same statement that they know they need help, but they also want to improve the team without being stupid.

    1. Probably right, Micheal.

      You know what really scares me? If we meet the Cubs in the playoffs, I just get that feeling that Darvish is going to quite down the Dodger bats….. I would hate to see that.

      1. That would be kind of an insult. The only good thing right now is that Dodgers have home field over all the other teams by a pretty wide margin, only the Braves are close, and they have the best home field record in the majors.

      2. Yeah.
        I mean one pitcher or hitter gets hot and the entire playoff series changes.

        Bumgarner is a prime example.

        But you gotta get to the playoffs to have a chance at the World Series.
        And you gotta get to the WS to have a chance to win it.

  20. I just heard another name the Dodgers might be interested in, Amir Garrett of the Reds. A lefty, his 2 best pitches are a slider and a drop off sinker. Right now this guy has a 13.9 K’s per 9 innings K rate and his groundball percentage is over 50% which is outstanding. He also is under control for another year. Not sure what he would cost, but he sounds like the kind of shut down lefty they need. And he is on a team fast falling out of the race. Another plus is that he does not give up a lot of homers. And pitching in that park, that is nothing short of miraculous.

  21. Owners investing $100M for upscale Dodger Stadium renovation, but not a penny (yet) towards Bullpen renovation.

    Just the Dodgers’ way to squeeze more green from the Fan’s wallet. Too many fans are more interested in amenities, then to go to Dodger Stadium to see a ballgame. The owners know that, and will do anything necessary to cater the wealthy Dodger fans’ wishes. These amenities will no doubt be priced high, but if you can afford parking and a ticket, then you got deep pockets…. no big deal.

    Attention 2020 Dodger Season Ticket Holders, “Dodgers need your money, and they want it now,”

    Oh well, not getting my money, that’s for sure.

    1. Bluefan,

      What exactly is your gripe? That the team shouldn’t improve Dodger Stadium?

      Or that they should spend less on the team and stadium?

      I’m honestly confused.

      My understanding of business is that you try to make money and improve the brand and create value. If you’re of a different mind, that is all good. I just don’t understand what you expect.

  22. That is the whole problem, Bluto.

    They are too concerned about baseball as a business, instead of investing in a winning team that can win a World Series.

    Dodgers made a half a billion in profits last year. They got plenty of money to spend on renovations as well as bullpen help. They put stadium renovations first, over improvement of the team, then have the nerve to ask for their loyal fans to pay upfront for their 2020 season tickets. Improve the brand… Put a winning team on the field, first and foremost. By the way, getting clobbered by Angels again. How will they be able to beat AL’s elite?

    1. Clobbered 4-3???!???!

      That’s getting clobbered?

      I guess it may be in your mind….

      they made it to back to back world series. Have one of the best farm systems in MLB and are constantly having their admired front office plundered as other teams try to emulate them.

      They have the best record in the NL and are running away with the division.

      After all that! After achieving all that, they decide to improve the CF experience for fans. AFTER going to the WS twice, and you say they put stadium renovations first?

      Are you sober?

      1. I must be on drugs, Bluto.?

        Fans like you are part of the problem. The Dodgers have you and all those other fans with rose colored glasses, right where they want you.

  23. 4-11 RISP, 11 LOB, 10 K’s. The Angels manhandle the Dodgers again. As I said yesterday, Big deal, they swept the Matlins. But the “Big Fish” is coming to town…. and come to town he did.

    Maeda struggles…. only 4.1 innings. Ohtani wins the battle with Maeda again. Too many pitches. Too many 3-2 counts, yet 7 KO’s and kept game within reach. BUT, Bullpen tanks again. Also wasted scoring opportunities.

    Yes, a new child’s play area in CF is more important than filling the holes in this team. And fancy pubs with high priced beers, who needs a winning team.


  24. I have to believe that they are committed to winning, and not just the division. I also think that Friedman is working to make the best deal he can without draining his farm system. Deciding who to target and when to pull the trigger on a deal is pretty much in his hands since they have not hired a new GM per se. Do any of us, or even the writers who follow the team have any idea what really is going on? I doubt it. There are rumors everywhere. Dodgers interested in this guy, Dodgers making inquiries about this pitcher. AT this point with so many teams in striking distance of the playoff spots, nobody knows who is going to sell and who is keeping who. One writer hit the nail on the head when he said the last 48 hours leading up to the deadline are going to be frantic. That’s when most of these GM’s will decide their course of action. The Dodgers have lost some games since the All Star break that they should have won. I think most fans are dissatisfied with what seems to them to be a lack of urgency. With the lead they have, they can afford to be that way. I might not like it, but that’s the way it is. They do not base their player decisions on what we the fans might think or want. I would love to see them get Vazquez, and return Will Smith to the bigs. Maybe pick up a second quality reliever also. What and who they trade is out of my hands. I also think some are surprised AF did not pull the trigger sooner. He did last year when he went and got Machado. That was borne out of need to upgrade the offense because Seager was out. Best takeaway from last nights game was Seager was hitting line drives. Not the weak grounders he was hitting when he first came off the IL. 7 days to the deadline. They will be in Colorado playing the Rockies when it comes. They have 3 in DC this weekend, and it is lining up, Ryu, Kershaw and Buehler against the Nats. Zimmerman is out, and Scherzer has had some back problems. So we will get to see what they do against a team that is playing a lot better than when they first saw them. Along with the relief pitching the one thing that needs to improve in my book, is the offense from the catching spot. Right now neither Martin or Barnes are doing a thing. But according to the broadcast team, the Dodgers feel that they can live with it because they love the way those 2 handle the pitching staff and call games. And they are both good defensively.

  25. First off, baseball is a business and an entertainment industry. The owners did not buy this team because they love the game. They bought the team because they want to make a profit on their investment. So far in my lifetime that has happened to the Dodgers 4 times. I was an infant when O’Malley bought the team. Fox bought it from him. Murdock, who owned FOX put a management team in there who knew zip about baseball. The thought 100 million for Piazza was way to much and they traded the best offensive catcher this organization ever had without consulting the GM, Fred Claire. They sold to McSquirt who almost ruined the franchise, and now it is in the hands of the Guggenheim group. Old adage is that you have to spend money to make money. That they have done. They are making profits and the team is winning. Has not won the big dance yet, but attendance is up, and the team has a rabid following. They hired Friedman who was thought to be a analytical genius and he has had control for 4 1/2 years. He surrounded himself with former GM’s and so far has delivered to ownership 4 division titles, 2 league championship’s and 2 trips to the big dance, where we all know they fell short. His methods sometimes baffle and infuriate the fan base. He consistently has made moves that few can get a handle on. He signs a lot of so called dumpster pieces. And somehow, they keep winning. He has found a few gems that cost him next to nothing. He made a couple of huge trades that were no more than salary dumps. He did not go after the big fish in free agency, probably because of the years and the enormous salary attached to him. They are loaded with talent at the minor league level. Some are blocked and will probably never make the team.

    So, the Dodgers are awarded the 2020 all star game. 40 years since the last one. The All Star game is a cash cow. The events leading up to the game generate a lot of money. Ownership decides, and that decision was not made this year you can bet. Plans were being drawn up almost as soon as the announcement was made, to upgrade the fan experience and the ball park. Now we know what that giant scaffold is by the stadium wall in left field. They are not using money generated by me, so I have no problem with the upgrade. Fans in LA will be the ones who's hard earned cash is put into the renovation. But from the pictures I have seen, they are just keeping up with the joneses. Almost all the MLB parks, save Fenway and Wrigley, are extremely fan friendly and have parks for kids. The are putting in a beer garden and moving Jackie's statue and building one of Sandy to be at what will be the entranceway to the Stadium. Remember something, Dodger Stadium will be 58 years old next year. 3rd oldest park in the majors, and it looks better and functions better than it did when it opened. Still way too expensive for me, but there are a lot of fans willing to pay the price of admission.

  26. Tom Verducci in SI:

    The Dodgers aren’t just the best team in baseball. They aren’t just the original template for how to play modern baseball. They aren’t just a financial juggernaut with a $206 million payroll, a $20 million “research and development” budget and the biggest gate attraction that will sell almost half a million more tickets this year than any other team.

    A $20 million “research and development” budget!?!?!??!?!??!??!?!??!?!

    1. Yup, another sellout crowd, to watch the Angels sweep the season series.

      Ump was pretty bad though…. I’ll give the Dodgers that much.

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