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Justin Turner Crushes First Home Run of 2020

Justin Turner

Dodger’s third sacker Justin Turner has now hit 113 regular season (he’s hit 9 in the postseason) Home Runs in Dodger Blue. Last night during the Dodger’s 5-4 loss to the Giants at Dodger Stadium he finally launched his first home run this season. It was a three-run shot that brought the Dodgers back in the game. He’s gotten off to a bit of a slow start this season, but it’s great to see JT get that first home run out of the way.

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Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

5 thoughts on “Justin Turner Crushes First Home Run of 2020

  1. Definitely a slow start for JT, but he will come around, his first HR is a positive indication. Just keep him heathy. He is THE team leader.

    .195 Pederson still leading off? Come on DR, put the real leadoff man there….Betts! .172 Bellinger should be moved down to 6 or 7 in the lineup. Starting OF should be Betts, Bellinger, and Pollock. Get Rios more playing time and don’t forget CT3. The Dodgers have a plenty of options in the outfield. It is time to stop showcasing Pederson, as his trade value continues to drop as fast as his batting average.

  2. Dodgers better look out. COL is for real. SD will continue to be the “Spoiler”. DR takes the Padres too lightly, filling the lineup with his “Mendozas”. DR also continues to lead off with Pederson (.182), and putting Bellinger (.176) in the heart of the lineup. So sad to see so many scoring opportunities wasted. R-I-S-P! What is the problem, Dodgers?

    May pitched well, but got into trouble , with the “call-up” Umpire’s erratic strike zone…. May was getting squeezed. Ump also caused Dodger hitters to chase bad pitches, by giving SD pitchers a wide strike zone. Not much anyone can do with that. Sad how an Umpire’s strike zone can change the complexion of the game.

    This is supposed to be a 60-game sprint. Dodgers cannot afford to give games away. It is understandable to lose some games, but to squander scoring opportunities, waste a quality start, and give games away is unacceptable.

  3. DR continues to play his “Mendoza” lineup. Four “Mendozas” in the starting lineup, and two “Mendozas” pinch hitting for Pederson…. basically spotting the opposition with 16 automatic outs. Another game handed to the Padres on a silver platter. 2-9 RISP, so what else is new?

    Stripling said it all…. the Padres are showing more fight and the confidence to compete with anyone. They are aggressive and take advantage of every mistake. They just make contact, and play the game of baseball, have fun, get on base any way they can and move baserunners.

    The Dodgers, on the other hand look lost. The lineup is not working….Too many holes, especially with Cory Seager down. Bellinger’s and Pederson’s frustrations are dragging this team down…. their stagnant offense is causing the other guys to lose focus, and try too hard to compensate for their teammates shortcomings. Bottom line, Pederson should not be leading off, and Bellinger does not belong in the heart of the lineup…. Belli’s offense has no pulse. Barnes is “Barnes”…. he just had a lucky day last night. Their is no excuse for the two throwing errors on the back-to-back bunts, and the baserunning “brain fart” by CT3. Just bad baseball.

    I have always said, that DR seems to overthink and try to be a genius with his Lineup decisions, continuing to put his “Mendozas” in key slots of the lineup. I still think the Dodgers may be trying to showcase Peddie, but his stock value continues to drop (maybe that is Pederson’s game plan, in order to avoid getting traded). Belli is putting too much pressure on himself (2 GIDP’s)…. maybe he feels threatened with Mookie Betts’ spectacular play.

    At this rate, the Dodgers will end up “Belli”-flopping into the playoffs as a low seed wild card.

  4. Hello? Anybody home?

    Dodger Fans with rose colored glasses are awfully quiet. Where are they hiding?

    Hate to be so negative, but it is just what it is. No way to sugar coat this huge donut.

    Oh well…Go Blew, I guess.

  5. Well, well, well…. I guess if you flip a coin enough times, it is bound to come up heads!

    Poor Peddie still flatlined, but even Barnes had some offensive swag tonight. With Will Smith possibility going down tonight, maybe Barnes will have to Step up his game….. is Russell Martin still available?

    Belli finally got a key hit, and JT a three run smack! Manufactured Runs! Gotta’ love it!

    Gonsolin was on point…He pitched a great game (2 starts, 8.2 Innings, 8 K’s, 0.00 ERA). Just the kind of performance the Dodgers needed. Jansen, “Lights Out”!

    We’ll see if these guys can salvage a split tomorrow. Go Blue!

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