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LADR Giveaway Contest-Win 3 World Series Film DVDs!-Contest closed-Winners announced

WS Film

Are you ready for another LADR giveaway Contest? To Celebrate the Dodger’s 2020 World Series Championship, we are going to give away, not one but three copies of the 2020 World Series Film DVD narrated by Vin Scully.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners:




(I’ll be emailing all of you to collect your info so I can mail you your DVD. Be on the lookout for more LADR giveaways and thanks for reading.) MERRY Christmas!

In order to participate in this giveaway, all you have to do is comment below, leaving your email address, or some way for me to get a hold of you. I will randomly pick three winners to receive the DVD, and ship it directly to your home. Please make sure you leave your email address, so I can reach out to you with details about how to get you the film. I will announce the winners on December 23, 2020 at 12 PM PST. Please respond by December 23 before 12 PM in order to be entered.

WS Film

If you win, you’ll be able to relish and enjoy the Dodger’s beautiful World Series championship on DVD all winter long. Pop in that DVD and relive all the highlights. Watch amazing catches from Mookie Betts, clutch hits from Corey Seager. Power pitching from Walker Buehler. Best of all watch Clayton Kershaw smile and hoist the World Series trophy. Seeing Kershaw holding that trophy may be the most beautiful site in the history of mankind. (Edit, it is confirmed, as the most beautiful scene of all time).

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to answer questions, or do anything on social media. All you have to do is comment and leave your email address. It’s as simple as that!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

39 thoughts on “LADR Giveaway Contest-Win 3 World Series Film DVDs!-Contest closed-Winners announced

  1. Love to win the video. Much longtime love for Vin, Sandy, Mookie and Dodger Blue here in the desert.

    Bill Knopf

  2. What a treat to have the one and only Vin Scully, only the best baseball broadcaster in MLB, and the voice of the Dodgers narrate the DVD. No doubt a collector item for all Dodger Fans, to cherish forever. So many memorable moments.

    I would love to win a copy.

    Just me,


  3. Hey what a great thing. I would love to win one of those. MLB winter meetings start today, although they will be virtual, not face to face. Teams have been told to expect to not have the universal DH. Changes a lot of things for some players.

  4. Sign me up for the schwag!

    I just received my 2020 Championship hat.

    I am also eagerly awaiting my official championship ring direct from the Dodgers. They promised to give me the one meant for Ross Stripling…

  5. Waiting on my t-shirt. It should be here by next week. Got my hat already. Just having Vin narrate it makes it a worthwhile treat.

      1. I would have loved that. It seems the Cubs main media company is trying to lure Joe Davis to their network to broadcast Cub games. I have never really cared for the guy, but it sure seems like some other organizations just want to cherry pick the Dodger organization. We lost Lombard, but Byrnes decided to stay, USC 43 UCLA 38 SC won it’s 3 game this year with less than a minute left on the clock. They play Washington for the Pac-12 Championship on Friday,

  6. I would love to win the DVD. The Dodgers have been my first love since I fell in love with them during the 1955 World Series. Unfortunately, growing up on the East coast, I missed virtually all of Vin Scully’s broadcasts other than games of the week or World Series. I got to live the Dodgers vicariously with day old box scores for many, many years. I envy Dodger fans who got to listen to Vin for all those years. It would be great to hear him take me through this wonderful World Series. Thanks for the possibility!
    Jay Ward

  7. Brian O’Nora, MLB umpire since 1999 arrested in Ohio in a sex sting operation for solicitation of a prostitute on line.

  8. White Sox the most active in the Winter meetings so far. Trading for Lance Lynn and then today signing Adam Eaton to a one year deal.

  9. Hey Everyone
    Hope everyone is doing well and waiting with anticipation for any new additions, especially the Rockies and Nolan A. Would love to catch up and will start monitoring here more often as I have not been doing any lately. Hey Scott!! Hope I am registered for the discs as they sound awesome!

  10. Hey Pack nice to see you. They signed 5 guys to minor league deals on Friday, Brandon Morrow, Brock Stewart, James Pazos, Jose Asuaje, and Jimmy Nelson. I hate to rain on your parade, but you can pretty much forget Arenado. Rockies are not inclined to trade him in their division and the owner, James Monfort said as much the other day.

    1. Hello Michael
      Well, at least they can give Morrow a try. I think the bullpen needs some work for sure. Also a 3rd baseman will be needed and I don’t know if we can expect a return of JT. The others you named we will have to see I guess. I hope you are doing well.

      1. Morrow probably has a better chance than the rest of sticking if he is healthy. If Nelson can come back, he has some nasty stuff. Pazos was not very good with the Rockies in 2020, but being a lefty is always a plus. Stewart we know all about. Not really in the mix, but he has enough experience to be of some use. Asuaje is simply a back up plan. I am doing well. I keep busy and I sometimes do stories for another Dodger blog.

      2. Pack, there is a story out there and it was confirmed by MLBTR, that Turner want’s a 3 year deal. He won’t get that from LA. Not with him being 36 years old. Mets signed McCann to a 4 year deal for a little more than 40 million.

  11. Me thinks things will pick up after the new year. I see the Indians getting active since they are really set on trading Lindor. Angels desperately need pitching, so I see them going after a couple of starters and maybe landing one. Since both Baez and Turner want 3 year deals I give their chances of signing back with LA at less than 50%.

  12. The Indians have announced they are going to drop the Indian nickname and select a new one. Some sort of announcement set for next week.

    1. Hello Michael
      Speaking of Lindor, I wonder if they will keep Seager and Kersh going forward? There will be questions going forward I am sure. I think Kenley is a goner unless he signs for a lot less money. I like Taylor and know he has only one year remaining. We shall see.

      1. Hey Pack. I have to think Kersh will get maybe a 2 year deal. Takes him to age 36. I do not think he will get 30 mil a year though. He is no longer the Ace. I think they will see what Seager is seeking. The smart thing to do would be extend him. But his agent is Boras. And Boras typically want’s his guys to test the market. And maybe Seager really want’s to play closer to his Carolina roots. If so, the Dodgers will have plenty of options on the open market. I would not resign Jansen. Let him test the market because someone is going to look at him and think he can still close. I like the livelier young arms the Dodgers have. I also like Taylor, but again, he is going to be 31 when he goes into free agency. Not exactly over the hill. But they have a lot of young players just a couple of years away, and AF does not like to block their progress. I prefer Taylor to Kike simply because he is more consistent.

  13. Eddie Robinson, the last living member of the 1954 Cleveland Indians turns 100 today. Happy Birthday Eddie.

      1. You have hit that nail on the head. The MLBPA is planning on a full season. Fed-Ex resigned with the Dodgers on a minor league deal. MLB has bestowed major league status on the Negro Leagues. Zunino re-ups with the Rays.

  14. Roberts had a press conference of sorts yesterday. He talked about Price and Turner and how he hoped both would be back. Mundane stuff. What else would he say?

  15. Little news out there. Nats and Reds talking Suarez. One of the few guys I would like to see replace JT if he leaves. Dodgers sign Eliot Soto to a minor league deal. Played in the majors last year for the first time and debuted against the Dodgers. Went 2-6 with a double. He is 31 years old. Played for the Angels last year. I doubt there will be any major moves until after new years. Friedman wants to give Price a ring.

    1. Not much movement at all from the entire market. Nobody wants to spend money especially after losing so much revenue from no fans in stands. They may have to wait to see how the pandemic plays out over the next few months.

      1. My thinking exactly Scott. And when you look at the pitchers mentioned as possible targets for the Dodgers, only Hendriks is a top tier guy. I do not expect much movement at all until after the new year.

        1. Hey Pack, what do you think of the Kahnle signing? He will not pitch this year because he just had TJ surgery. Typical AF move though. Low risk high reward, and the guy is nasty when healthy. K ratio is pretty decent. Gonsolin changed his number to 26 because Knebel wanted 46. Merry Christmas to all. And thank you Scott for keeping it alive.

          1. Hey Michael
            I think the Kahnle signing could be very good but I guess it will be sometime before we know. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you to Scott also.

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