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Latest on The Dodger Stadium Renovations With Vin Scully

I’m really missing missing Dodger Baseball right now and I know you are too. There’s nothing we can do but wait until the shelter at home orders are lifted, the Coronavirus Pandemic is over and it’s safe to resume playing baseball. We don’t know when or if that will happen. We’ve already had nearly a month of the regular season cancelled because of the National health crisis. It’s possible that the all-star game could be cancelled as well. Even though the all-star game (which was scheduled to be hosted at Dodger Stadium for the first time since 1980 and only the second time in history) could be cancelled this season, the planned Dodger Stadium renovations are continuing on as scheduled. Vin Scully walks us through the latest on the improvements to the pavilions and the rest of the Chavez Ravine upgrades. Nothing makes us feel better during a time of uncertainty then Vin Scully’s beautiful dulcet voice. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Dodger Baseball again sooner rather than later.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Latest on The Dodger Stadium Renovations With Vin Scully

  1. Wow!

    ….. I Miss Dodger Baseball
    ….. I Miss Vinney

    That Field looks beautiful, as always.

    Thanks for sharing, Scott!

  2. It is going to be a special place when it opens up again. Vinny is very much missed. Not a huge Orel and Davis guy. Korea is set to start playing again around the 6th of May. So maybe we can do the same soon.

  3. Red Sox got barely a slap on the wrist. Much lighter penalty than the Astro’s. Not sure if Korea is allowing fans to the games, but that was the latest report. Japan is thinking June.

    1. Well, punishment in MLB is basically non-existant. As long as MLB, its’ owners, and “including” the players, make their $$Billions$$, the cheating and PED scandals will go on, and America’s Pastime”, will be tarnished forever. Yes, the Dodgers were robbed of the coveted trophy, but they can live happily ever after, and live comfortably with their $$millions$$. I guess, as long as the fans continue to pour their hard earned money into the bottomless Money Pit of MLB, the ballplayers could care less about the trophy, or the fans.

      Players will continue to play a bastardized facsimile of baseball, continue to cheat, and not cry over spilled milk. Money speaks louder than tradition, morels, and ethics.

      Sure, losing the WS is a tough pill to swallow for the Dodgers, but $$money$$ is that spoon full of sugar that helps the thought of being cheated out of the WS, a bit easier to accept.

      Apparently, the millions of fans that continue to fill the Dodger Stadium seats do not really care either.

      So, what I think does not matter. But, I am entitled to voice my honest opinion.

      I still love Baseball… it is just harder and harder every year to accept today’s hapless rendition. I think I need a spoonful of sugar, more than the players do.

  4. Perfect timing. Release this information when few are looking. No baseball anywhere and the NFL Draft tonight. What a gutless group of potentates.

    Have to agree Bluefan on this one. It’s getting harder for me to give a damn. These guys are all just part of the American oligarchy. Rules don’t apply to any of them. And they will of course get away with it. Why? Because fans will allow it.

    1. LOL. Major League Baseball has become a farce, almost as bad as WWE…. But, as with WWE, the ”Fanatics” flock to these events in droves. With professional wrestling, you see PED inflated participants, cheating behind the referee’s back, to get an unfair advantage. MLB might as well allow corked bats, head hunting pitchers, doctored baseballs, and bench clearing brawls, to accompany sign stealing and steroid induced behemoths hitting 500 ft HR’s, and throwing 150 mph fastballs. No ejections, suspensions, or fines…. maybe just a 2 minute penalty box. You know, sometimes these baseball umpires look just as clueless as WWE referees. MLB might as well allow players to “clock” them if they disagree withe the calls. It is apparently what the League wants, in order to rake in the $$GREEN$$ and keep the baseball “Fanatics” happy.

      Saddest part of it all, is So-Called Fans have refused to say “enough is enough“, and refuse to stop going to the games. As long as they keep coming to the games, MLB will gladly accept their donations. Just look at how the MLB refuses to return millions of dollars for season tickets of games that will never be played…. hiding behind the word “postponed”, knowing that all these lost games will never be able to be played. MLB has basically become a fraud.

      Go figure….

      1. I did figure! Then I purchased the MLB package so I could watch my team.

        Yes. I am part of the problem.

        1. Not to disrespect you, Badger, but I really have no sympathy for you, but I respect your beliefs and opinions. Like I have said, I have learned my lesson 7 years ago. Think of all the money I kept in “MY” pocket.

          Like they always say, Sometimes, one has to learn the hard way, and believe it or not, it is those lessons that seem to be the ones we never forget. What is that popular phase, “Do onto others….?” Well, it is about time the fans do onto the Dodgers, What that they have done onto them. “Stop the cash flow”.

          …. “I truly love baseball”, just not all the shenanigans, and politics.

          Keep the faith, Badger!

          1. Faith? Faith in what exactly Blue?

            Baseball will be back in one for or another sooner or later. Probably sooner than it should be if certain Governors get their way. I still believe the player will say no to the current plan if it unfolds as I’ve read it. This virus is going to visit and re-visit until there is a vaccine and the uncertainty will cause delay. Every player in the Major Leagues is wealthy enough to say “hell no, we won’t go”, so I’m taking the under on any games being played this year. We’ll see about that, but we won’t see anything for awhile.

            How’s that for faith?

  5. Well, I love the game. It has been a lifelong love affair. Do I like the way it is run? Not really. But I still enjoy the crack of the bat, a well pitched game, or a fielding play that deifies description. I do not like the greed that is involved in the game. It is a money eating monster, and the common fan, is left wanting. It is typical that the Dodgers broadcast partner announces that they have finally, after many years, have an agreement with other providers to broadcast the games, well, right now, no one is seeing the benefits. If I want to watch Dodger games, it is going to cost me 100 plus dollars a year. Not bad considering it cost that much just to GO to 1 game. I quit having favorites years ago. Free agency cured me of that. Players are loyal to themselves, as they should be, and making sure their family’s are set for life should be a priority. But it is not just about tickets to the game, oh no. Parking, concessions, souvenirs, all of that stuff adds up to billions. And when you get a player who is popular across the nation, the returns are even higher. People still pay close to 100 a pop for a LeBron jersey. They did the same for Jordan, Magic and Kobe. Jeter’s # 2 Yankee jersey was a huge seller. Bellinger sells a lot of them at Dodger Stadium and online as does Kersh. Topps has been making baseball cards for over 70 years, and sales have never really gone down. Yep, baseball makes billions and the fans are the ones who foot the bill.

    1. I agree with you Michael. I truly love the game, but money and politics have corrupted this great game to no end. Yes, finally, Spectrum gave in, and struck deal with ATT. I still do not believe I want to spend the extra bucks to add Sportsnet to my ATT subscription…. I have to think about it. I understand that baseball is a business, and players are free to negotiate multi-millions…. I get it. But, do they really need $20M or more a year, at the hands of fans who on the most part are merely making enough to get by. A player makes $5M a year…. will making that extra $15M a year really change their life? They cannot take it with them. I am sure that the $5M a year will allow a player to retire comfortably, and provide for their families. As you say, it all comes down to greed. agents and players have turned this game into a money monster. The owners certainly are greedy, as well, but they will not sacrifice their profits in order to make payroll…. the Fans foot the bill. Fans can no longer have favorites. Players only care about themselves, and walk away to free agency…. screw the fans.

      Yes, I miss the crack of the bat, a well pitched game, and the web gems. And YES, I miss the Dodger Dogs, peanuts, and a beer or two.

      1. If you live in So Cal, you can still get Dodger dogs at Smart and Final stores. I brought some home last year when I was visiting out there, and AM/PM sells Dodger dogs a lot cheaper than they are at the ball park. As for beer, it is definitely cheaper at a liquor store than it is at the ball park. Peanuts, well they probably taste better at the Stadium. I might get MLB.TV again next year. I will have more cash available then. But unless they play and drastically discount the price this year, I won’t. I was gone the first 2 months of the season last year, so I did not renew. But when I got home in June, they had the rest of the season on sale for 40 bucks, so I got it. Watched it right up until the renewal date this spring, so I saw about 7 games.

        1. LOL, I got the box of Dodger Dogs from Smart & Final. They even have extra long buns! Peanuts and beer from Costco.

          The Dogs and Buns are in the freezer…. waiting for opening day to arrive.

          I am ready!

          Go Dodgers!

          1. Seems you are ready…question, do you grill the dogs or boil them??? Boiled dogs taste like rubber. I would much rather grill them, and throw the bun on there for a sec too. Mustard, relish, onion, and I am ready to go.

  6. Grilling is the ONLY way. Mustard, Relish, and Onions?
    … absolutely NO Ketchup?

    I remember when I could afford to go to games, we had Loge season seats right behind Dodger Dugout…. the ushers knew us and would wipe off the seat for us, before we sat. The concession stand lady knew us. The concession lady would see us coming, and knew exactly what we would order, and have it ready when we got to the register….. she would even go to the kitchen and add an extra dog in each bun for us. Sometimes when she saw us leaving Dodger Stadium after the game, she would give us one dog for the road!

    … Those were the good old days. We’ll never see that again.

    1. I will date myself. Pavilion seats were 2 bucks, Dodger dogs, 1.50. Those frozen chocolate malts 1.00. Parking was 2.50. Peanuts, a double bag, .50 cents. Soda’s were 1.50. I used to get a loge seat, or a box seat for 12.50. You can’t buy a beer for that anymore.

      1. Yup…. we are about the same age. Season seats in Loge were 12.50?

        Used to go to Angel games too. My Dad’s boss had Angel season seats right behind the Angel Dougout.

      2. Oh yes, those prices ring a bell with me. MIchael. However, I do think that old flat hideous Orange Drink needs special mention whenever talking about concession items. I loved that hideous thing as a kid.

        1. Wasn’t that Orange Julius? I hated that stuff. I drank only Pepsi or Coke back in the day. Since I usually drove to the park, I did not drink beer at the stadium. Too pricey anyway. And I would get my tickets at the booth behind the pavilion, or the ticket offices that used to be out by the old police academy coming off of Sunset Blvd. I caught a baseball hit by Joe Ferguson out in the pavilion during batting practice on time. It hit the warning track and bounced into the stands. I had my old firstbasemans mitt, so it was an easy grab.

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