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What’s Joc Pederson’s Future With The Dodgers?

Joc Pederson

That’s the question MLBTR asks in their latest Dodger related article. If there is baseball this year, it could be Pederson’s last with the Dodgers. I’ve always liked Joc Pederson. He ascended quickly through the minors, making his big league debut back in 2014. At the time he was a dynamic offensive performer hitting 30 Homers and stealing 30 bases in triple-A Albuquerque.

Once Joc advanced to the majors he went on to swat 123 home runs, including 7 in the postseason. Joc smashed 36 homers in 2019, which was a career high for him. Power was always his game but once he cut down on his swings and misses and improved his plate discipline he became very productive. He totalled 92 walks in his second season, 63 the following year and his career OBP (.339) has always been strong.

Home runs and walks were his thing. He hit right handers well, and his outfield defense was particularly strong during his early years. At one time he was the Dodger’s everyday center fielder. But he wasn’t without his warts. High amounts of strikeouts plagued his approaches during those first few seasons. However his biggest weakness was his problem hitting left handed pitching. Last season he batted just. 224 against southpaws and has hit only .188 in his career.

Entering the 2020 season, Joc was going to earn 7.75 million dollars in his last season of arbitration before hitting free agency in 2021. The Dodgers had worked out a trade to send him to the Angels during the Mookie Betts megadeal but the Angels backed out of the trade because they’ve become accustomed to losing baseball games.

It is unlikely the Dodgers will bring Joc back after this season. After all they have plenty of outfielders to man the positions. They may end up resigning Betts. They have superstar MVP Cody Bellinger, high priced AJ Pollack and a lot of other multi positional bench options to fill in when needed.

It would be a shame to see Pederson’s tenure with the Dodgers end without some sort of goodbye. If the Coronavirus wipes out the 2020 campaign, it’s possible we may have seen the last of Joc. I would personally hate to see that. Joc has been a young talented player and his production and enthusiasm would be sorely missed. Do you think the Dodgers will hang onto Joc?

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

5 thoughts on “What’s Joc Pederson’s Future With The Dodgers?

  1. Joc was a different player last year, and cutting down on the K’s was a huge part of that. Although I do not have favorite players anymore, I always liked Joc. I think he just is one of those guys who is very likeable. Unlike Puig who seemed to tick everyone off. Not being able to hit lefty’s has limited his playing time. But he has one other quality I do like. He has not been bit by the injury bug. Unlike Pollock, Joc has remained healthy through most of his career. He has also been very good in the leadoff roll with 8 leadoff HR’s last year.

  2. One other thing, I think there is going to be a little bitterness here. Joc was basically shown the door by AF. And he was packaged for what seemed to be at the time, not an equal return. Sorry, but I know Stripling and Joc a lot better than Rengifo. And they were very vague as to who were the so called prospects coming back, not to mention LA was sending prospect Andy Pages also. If there is a season, I think Joc is going to be very motivated to go out of LA with a bang, he will not get a qualifying offer since it would double what he is making now. He most likely will not even get an offer period from AF. I just wish him much luck and success where ever he lands. Hopefully in the other league where he won’t come back and make life miserable for Dodger pitchers.

  3. Some states are saying they are going to start reducing the restrictions on May 1st. Does not mean any baseball will be played. LA mayor Garcetti said there would be no events until next year, but that is way premature, and he really has no legal right to say that. Here life is a lot easier than LA>

  4. i got to thinking while reading, they pretty much have to find a way to keep him. It’s not just the 30 or so HR’s but exactly who is left, as real MLB players, to man the OF should Pederson & Betts leave? Love Bellinger but what’s left is a dang bare cupboard.

    I will say I’m a Pederson fan. He just shows up. If he could manage to hit .240-.260 vs lefties he’s is a monster if combined with Bellinger and, hopefully, Betts. That’s an OF easily in top 3 in the league.

    If he is allowed to just leave it is a sign AF has decided to retool the team to a degree we haven’t experienced in quite a while.

    I say offer 3yrs in the $36M range with the usual bonus targets. I’m betting, even with the league being broke, he’ll get a 4yr $40M+ deal somewhere. I don’t recall any significant injuries, yes?

    Him not being traded is a certain case of the best deal is the one that never happened. Aka, blind luck on Dodgers part.

    1. Agree with you Grumby, I have always liked Joc and look at his overall contributions before what he does against lefties. I’m hopeful he’ll stay with the Dodgers, but doubt Friedman gives him a contract, especially after almost trading him to the Angels last winter.

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