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Brock Stewart Lives His Dream, Meanwhile Clayton Kershaw Flies Back To Los Angeles

Tuesday evening was a tough night for us Dodger fans. Our worst nightmares were revealed when the announcement of Clayton Kershaw’s back examination on Wednesday broke during the Dodger’s 6-5 win over the Brewers. We’ll all be holding our collective breaths as Clayton undergoes testing in Los Angeles. The Dodgers simply can’t afford to lose Kershaw for any amount of time. While the rotation and our hearts were crumbling, the Dodgers were gutting out a victory in Milwaukee.

Since a few of you think I am so “negative” I will say this. This club does have some mettle. They proved that on Tuesday as Julio Urias finally earned his first MLB win and picked up his first MLB hit. Joc Pederson made a fantastic catch as he crashed into the center field wall which probably saved the game for the Dodgers. Fortunately Joc is ok, and x-rays were negative. 21-year old kids tend to heal quickly, or have quicker recovery times. I’m not worried about Joc, but I am worried about Kershaw.

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In the second game of this three game series, 24-year old prospect Brock Stewart will be making his big league debut against right hander Junior Guerra. The Dodgers faced Guerra when the Brewers were at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers @ Milwaukee

Brock Stewart-0-0 vs. Junior Guerra-4-1

Game Time – 5:10 PM – TV – SNLA

Stewart is here because well let’s face it, the Dodgers have nobody else to call up. This is no disrespect to young Brock, only a statement of fact. Stewart was pitching at triple-A Oklahoma City when he got the call. He tossed 9 games at Tulsa this season and posted a 3-3 record with a 1.12 ERA. In 3 games at OKC Stewart was 3-0 with a 2.89 ERA. He’s only been pitching professionally since 2014, so I would keep your expectations very low.

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Junior Guerra faced the Dodgers back on June 16 and earned a no-decision, despite allowing five earned runs on five hits over 5.1 innings pitched. Guerra is the 31-year old rookie and is having a solid season for the Brewers. He’s 4-1 with a 3.67 ERA in 10 starts. This is Guerra’s second career start against the Dodgers.

Guerra vs. Dodgers

Adrian Gonzalez 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Howie Kendrick 3 3 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 .667 .667 .667 1.333 0 0 0 0 0
Corey Seager 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 .333 .333 .667 0 0 0 0 0
Trayce Thompson 3 3 2 1 0 1 3 0 0 .667 .667 2.000 2.667 0 0 0 0 0
Chase Utley 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .333 .000 .333 0 0 0 1 0
Yasmani Grandal 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Joc Pederson 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Scott Kazmir 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1.000 0 0 0 0 0
Scott Van Slyke 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Total 21 19 5 1 0 1 4 1 3 .263 .333 .474 .807 0 0 0 1 0


On a different note, I would like to address some of the hostility on this blog’s boards over the last day or two. I believe it is completely unnecessary and I would like for it to stop. Please remember that this is a Dodger blog and based on opinions. If this was all just news and reporting it would be boring. I like to have fun and I want you guys to have some fun too.

I don’t have time to be policing these boards so I expect for all of you to conduct yourself in a manner befitting of an adult. Don’t take everything I write here too seriously.

The internet is for fun, not for seriousness and anger. If something I’ve written angers you, fine, but don’t take it out on other posters here. You all know by now that I am not a fan of moneyball or Andrew Friedman. I don’t think the club is moving in the right direction. Agree or disagree is your choice. That doesn’t mean I think every move the brain trust has made has been awful. However I think most of them have been lackluster at best. The problem is the “depth” that everyone was raving about this spring never really existed. It was made up by the moneyball butt kissers, (Not any of you guys of course). Again please understand I am not calling anyone over here a butt kisser.

Oklahoma City Dodgers pitcher Brock Stewart (29) pitches during a game against the Omaha Storm Chasers at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, Monday, June 13, 2016. Photo by Kurt Steiss, The Oklahoman
Oklahoma City Dodgers pitcher Brock Stewart (29) pitches during a game against the Omaha Storm Chasers at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, Monday, June 13, 2016. Photo by Kurt Steiss, The Oklahoman

Because when you are forced to start Nick Tepesch in a major league game, you have no depth. When you bat Kike Hernandez, he of the blistering .189 average at lead-off every time a left hander is on the mound, you actually have no depth. Because when you are starting Chris Taylor at third base and have a 235 million dollar payroll, then say it with me, YOU HAVE NO DEPTH. When gas cans like Chris Hatcher and Pedro Baez are wasting roster spots, and your starting catcher is hitting .183 with more strikeouts than hits, then you do in fact HAVE NO DEPTH. Not to mention you’ve also spent payroll wildly ineffectively.

I love you guys, I really do, but some of you need to face the realities of the 2016 Dodgers. The club isn’t terrible, but the only reason they are 43-36 is because of Clayton Kershaw’s super human talent, and a few of the kids. That’s it.

Which brings me to my next point; I want to assure all of you why I run this blog. There are three reasons. One of those reasons is not money. This blog is not making me money, unless you call the 50 dollars per month I earn from adsense revenue money. Most of that goes to paying domain fees, and hosting renewals. I don’t do this for a living. I have a day job that pays my bills. I do this for three reasons.

  1. Love of the Dodgers.
  2. Passion for Dodger writing
  3. To provide all of you a neutral place to discuss the Dodgers.

Mostly it is because of all of you. Believe me when I say that I love all of you, and respect and appreciate your readership. Whether you love the front office or not everyone’s opinions are welcome here, as long as you act accordingly.

I think Roger Dodger said it best in the following comment.

Most of us, we who post here, are life-long, or at least long time Dodger fans.

There are many Dodger blogs or sites for fans to read and post thoughts and ideas. Some of them can be cheerleader types. I believe this one is based presently in reality of what is happening down on the field of play.

The owner of this site, Scott, is being realistic most of the time and criticizes 1) the playing by the Dodgers players 2) the roster moves by the G.M. 3) the long-range plan of the braintrusts. Finally, 4) some of the line-ups used by the manager; which are about the same as the last manager.

1) most of the players on the roster are not having very good seasons. Most. Some are actually terrible. 4 players have spent much of the season below .200 and starting a number of games, not just pinch-hitting. 5 or 6 players are around .250 when they should be higher. AGon has not been the player of old.

2) Roster moves seem to happen daily with this GM. Some from injuries, others to fill in a roll. And some to try out other players that MIGHT be better than what is here.

3) And the long-range program plan — seems to be, hold any bright young prospects and do not trade them. Go to Dollar General every week to see what cast-off is on the shelf and give them some money and bring them in. And then sit back and wait for the young superstars to be — become real major league producing players. BUT THIS IS LOS ANGELES and fans expect more than a .500 club.

4) and these left / right line-ups that still keep the team around .500.

Scott I am with you — tell it like it is, not sugar-coat it. (Harrison Ford in 6 Days & 7 Nights).


Kudos to you Roger. You get this whole thing. My words may be polarizing, but I will always speak the truth.

I think we all just need some good news about Clayton Kershaw to make us feel better. I know I do.

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

44 thoughts on “Brock Stewart Lives His Dream, Meanwhile Clayton Kershaw Flies Back To Los Angeles

  1. I suspect that my last post, for the last thread, will be ignored since we have a new thread so I will repeat it here as I think that the numbers are interesting:

    Interesting numbers: Extra base hits /AB/EBH%

    Seager – 37/303/12.2%
    Gonzalez – 18/272/6.6%
    Turner – 25/256/9.8%
    Utley – 18/250/7.2%
    Pederson – 29/229/12.7%
    Kendrick – 11/212/5.2%
    Puig – 12/210/5.7%
    Thompson – 20/193/10.4%
    Grandal – 14/169/8.3%
    Hernandez – 10/127/7.9%
    Ellis – 5/100/5%

    The Dodgers are, with just a couple of exceptions, a team of singles hitters. Not only are the batting averages low, they don’t hit with power either. Only 3 guys (Seager, Pederson, Thompson) have EBH% over 10%. Gonzalez is lower then everyone except AJ , Howie, and Puig. The Dodgers have only 4 players above the average derived from dividing all AB into all EBH in the NL this year, including the AB taken by pitchers!

    What’s even more horrible is that the NL League average EBH%, INCLUDING PITCHERS, is 8.7%.

    The Dodgers can’t keep hitting Gonzalez 3rd or 4th. They shouldn’t keep platooning Pederson.

    1. Last I looked the Dodgers were 27th in BA and 28th in Slg.%. So, yeah, they suck offensively.

      What to do about it? I got nothin.

    2. Dodger rick
      Yes when a player swings by there heels on every ball pitched, they should have more extra base hits.

      But Pederson is still having trouble at times, just putting the ball in play, especially with runners in scoring position.

      He had a nice single in yesterday’s game, where he had a hit, that went up the middle, and he picked up a rbi.

      But Joc got away from shortening his swing with two strikes, and swinging the other way, like he did in the first month of the season.

      And that is why his average went down,
      after the first month of the season.

      In yesterday’s game, Joc did something twice with runners in scoring position.

      He had two strikes, and he swung from his heels, instead of shortening his swing, with a runner on third and second.

      And that is not being a team player.

      A base hit, would have done the job, but Joc tried to hit the ball out, and swung from his heels.

      Nine of Jocs 13 HRs, are solo HRs, so they were hit in mostly when runners, were not on base.

      And he still hasn’t been able to hit over 240, and hit even lower last year, the rest of the season.

      Joc also has the most strike outs on the team.

      And strike outs, are not productive outs.

      Keep in mind that Pederson is not hitting at the top of the order either, unlike the other players you named.

      And Joc’s contact rate for hard hit balls, probably has a high velocity, but how often does he make hard contact?

      I think Joc has done better this year.

      And it was good to see him have that hit up the middle, to hit a run in.

      But he doesn’t try to do that all the time.

  2. Scott, it isn’t you or what you write that brings up the heat, it is actually certain individual that relentlessly self-promote as being a genius (intelligent people don’t have to tell everyone how great they are, sort of like a famous person doesn’t have to tell you they are famous, they just are) and relentlessly blast all others as dumbasses when they are not agreed with. You solve that issue and you really have no issues to deal with in here. It’s pretty obvious and I know you must see it but can’t or won’t address it. Destructive individuals just like to destroy, first others and then finally themselves.

  3. Kike on the DL with some random injury. Good, he needs time away to refresh

    Really can’t wait to see Stewart tonight; his strikeout numbers all the way up are impressive!

  4. …”but I will always speak the truth

    The truth?

    According to who?

    Your truth is different from my truth… and I’m OK with it.

    — Signed The Butt Kisser!

    Are we meeting for a drink, Scott?

    BTW, some people are really obsessed with me, aren’t they? I would suggest they get a life…

    Also, let me dispel a myth: I am not a genius! Far from it. I have become successful by outworking many people who are much smarter than me and in the process I have acquired a certain degree of common sense. I’m not always right – just like everyone, but I never quit!

    My greatest strength lies solely in my tenacity!

    I have never intimated I am a genius!

  5. … but I am very adept at perceiving the obvious immediately!

    BTW, I know who you are. Can I tell everyone?

  6. From Rosenthal:
    The Dodgers have engaged the Rays in talks regarding righty Erasmo Ramirez, according to Rosenthal. Though he’s working out of the pen for Tampa Bay, the Dodgers would intend to utilize Ramirez in the rotation — at least initially. He has spent most of his career as a starter, and presumably would offer the club a swingman/long-relief option down the line. With several youthful and recently-injured starters in the picture in L.A., it’s not hard to see the match.

      1. Snider
        I really hate that they especially have signed certain pitchers, from the A’s.

        MCCarthy and Anderson pitched for the A’s when our GM was assistant GM for the A’s when those two pitchers pitched for the A’s.

  7. Hey! Stewart had some nice movement there on his pitches! Not bad at all!

    As far as this Erasmo dude, he’s started 1 game this year; been in 31 games, and he’s got a 7-6 record! That’s a lot of decisions for a bullpen arm in late June!

  8. Stewart behind 5-0. So what? I love what he throws. He’s a keeper!

    Solid #3 or outstanding #4.

    1. If he didn’t have those two scribers, and the HR, right after that, he would have only gave up two runs at this point in the game.

      And we are in the fifth inning.

  9. Hey, if you guys never hear from me again – IT was Scott. I am meeting him for a drink and he is plotting my demise! 😉

    A-Gon thrown out? Seriously?

  10. Bring ’em in from AAA to take up the action . . . send ’em back down to learn how to pitch.

    Really, tonight is just a guy moping up from the 2nd inning on, and he happens to be the starter.

    Love this team.

  11. Umpires. Boon or hindrance.

    Stewart wasn’t as bad as it looks. As Orel just said – “there’s a lot to work with”.

    I don’t believe we hit well enough to survive more pitching issues.

  12. The Dodgers are being 2 hit by a 31 year old rookie!

    Badger, you’re right – no matter how good Stewart was, he wasn’t going to win unless he threw a shutout and then it would be 0 – 0.

  13. Over the past several seasons — other teams start rookie pitchers against the Dodgers and many times most all of us had not even heard of them. And some of them pitch a gem.

    Then the Dodgers bring up young rookies and most of them are not in that class. Some stink and need tons of work.

    Then the Dodgers bring up Julio Urias and it took him 7 starts to win his first game. We love and hope for the best for this guy, but he has his learning curve to face as well. Maybe now after 7 starts, he is on his way.

    1. Player development would seem to be an issue. But one bad inning shouldn’t mean the end of Stewart, especially since the cupboard is pretty well bare.

      1. Stewart stepped in and threw 95 pitches, 63 strikes. 5 IO, 7 Ks 2 BBs, 8 hits. Yeah he missed his spots, it looked like a command issue as several were up and over the plate. Could have been nerves. I wouldn’t hesitate to give him another shot.

  14. Well the last time I checked, the Giants were losing six nothing, to the A’s. Now it is seven nothing, does that score sound familar?

  15. Just commenting for 4 reasons

    1. About 6 weeks ago I commented that I was following Brock and had high hopes for him. Did not think that he would make the Show this fast. 4 shutout innings and one bad inning. He deserves another chance.

    2. A Good friend of mine is Mitch Hansen’s (Last year’s draft bust) uncle. LAD worked with him, and changed his swing and approach, and strength; and now success occurs at Ogden. Good news for a good kid from a great family.

    3. If anyone wants to continue to act like a Highly Offensive Asshole then why don’t you just stop writing and run for President of your local HOA where all of the leaders are known to be and are expected to be control freaks! Play the Carly Simon Song now!

    4. I told you guys last week why the LAD have no DEPTH and maybe now you understand. 🙂

    1. BOB
      I miss your hilarious posts. I don’t even have to look that song up. I bet you that song is Your so Vain!

  16. Hey BOB. I’m told we usta not like each other and now we’re BFFs. I’m glad we resolved our differences. I don’t even remember what they were, but thank you for overlooking my ignorance so we could move forward.

    Every team in MLB has the same number of players in their system. With that fact alone, every team has the same access to depth. The idea that guys like Beachy, Bolsinger, and Stripling gave us rotation depth I always found laughable. Now we are down to a teenager, a player who was an infielder last week and some guy named Tepesch. Real depth is having guys whose roles are defined and they get the job done. Just the fact that we are well under .500 in games Kershaw pitches tells you all you need to know about our true depth.

    Peavy now 4-7 with a 5.33 ERA. I’m thinking the gnats will be looking to replace him next month. Maybe we can trade them Tepesch and Hatcher for Crawford and Panik.

    1. Badger
      Yes there supposed depth, didn’t even make it through spring training this year. And we will see just what MCCarthy can contribute this year.

      Having MCCarthy coming to help save the rotation, doesn’t give me any real hope.

      Why was this guy signed? Anyone that has any common sense, and watched MCCarthy while a pitched for the Dbacks, just doesn’t get this signing.

      And to top this off, they gave this guy, a multi year contract.

  17. If we are going to under perform, I’d rather underperform with the kids getting a shot. Stewart looked pretty good to me for his first start. Who are the young position players to get a shot?

    I continue to enjoy all the various emotions and opinions. I have to believe the Dodger brass reads this blog. Hoping Clayton can get healthy soon. Maybe a couple weeks off are a good thing for him.

    1. If they put him on the DL now, he could be off just after the All-Star Game. And they could bring up another healthy player (if they have one) till Clayton comes back.

  18. They said that Brock’s father was a scout for I believe the Marlins.
    He really impressed me with the way that he threw.

    He sure didn’t look like a former position player, that was converted to a pitcher, unlike Hatcher.

    He looked like he had pitched for a while.
    Maybe because his father is a scout, is why he has such a clean and free delivery.
    He also kept his composure, even after that bad inning, so that showed a lot.

    The other thing he has going for himself, is that he doesn’t have a lot of miles on his arm, because he just started pitching.
    I much rather see someone like him, then the pitchers this front office, claims off the wires, that other teams don’t want!

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