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How Has Your Life Been Altered By The Coronavirus Pandemic?

I wanted to break from normal protocol over here and talk about something non-Dodger Baseball related. Obviously there is no Dodger Baseball or any baseball for the foreseeable future. All sports, baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS are all suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some things are bigger than sports. This is definitely affecting everyone. If you live in planet Earth then odds are you have been affected by the Coronavirus in some way shape or form.

The new reality of our society is actually kind of frightening. I don’t want to turn this into a political forum, but I feel like I need to talk about this a little bit, especially with Dodger baseball and all baseball on stand still. My question is: How have you been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic?

I know there are some people who may not be worrying too much about this, but it is something that nobody can escape from. As of right now there are now more than 350,000 global cases with over 16,000 confirmed deaths. This is according to the Johns Hopkins University the institution tracking the data across the world. There are now over 40,000 confirmed cases in the United States and last I checked, 475 Americans had lost their lives. There are now well over 1200 cases in the state of California.

The virus originated in Wuhan China, and is thought to have spawned from Bat Genomes. The virus has spread throughout the World quickly. Europe has been hit badly. Italy, France and Spain are seeing cases spike exponentially. Italy is currently under lockdown and mandatory quarantines. Over here, California, New York, Washington, Ohio and other states have issued similar but softer orders. We are required to stay at home unless needing to go to the grocery store, pick up medication, or exercise outside.

Another major problem caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is the shutdown of the economy. Restaurants, Bars, clubs, most retail shops, and any non-essential services are shutdown in an attempt to stop the outbreak. People are being ordered to social distance, stay home as much as possible. To make things worse, people are panic buying supplies, making it very difficult to find basic necessities in the store without having to stand in line at 8 AM outside the store like a refugee. Millions are now unemployed, or going to lose their businesses. Congress is working to pass legislature that will issue stimulus payments to help American workers, and small businesses.

It’s very clear that our government, and leadership have failed us considerably. There is no cure or vaccine for the disease and no treatment. This is the first time it has gone through human populations so nobody has immunity to it yet. If you get it, you have to go through the symptoms and hope your natural immune system will fight it off. Some people have stronger immune systems than others. Some people are asymptomatic, and others have mild symptoms.

How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected you? I miss Dodger baseball more than you could imagine. I wish that we could get back to normal, and get back to discussing the Dodgers. Unfortunately the current situation is preventing us from doing that. So sound off. For this article, I will allow everyone to vent here. You can say whatever you want. How has the Pandemic effected or changed your life? Let us know. Here’s hoping that life becomes normal again.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

12 thoughts on “How Has Your Life Been Altered By The Coronavirus Pandemic?

  1. The biggest thing is missing baseball, and not getting to perform my music. But I spend a lot of time alone anyway, so the self quarantine is not really that hard on me. I did get ill, but it was totally unrelated to the virus. I have seen worse epidemics, and this one is not nearly as bad as any of those, especially the Swine Flu that killed over 100,000 Americans, and 1.1 million world wide. I have faith that the medical experts are getting a handle on this and that a vaccine is coming more sooner than later. So far one stat shows that over 80% who have contacted the virus have overcome it. My age group is the biggest one at risk. As for the Government not being ready, well, no one is really ready for something they have no clue is out there. Congress is the one holding up the bill as each side wants to get their own agenda into any relief bill. If they really cared about any of us, they would put all that bullshit aside and get something done. As for you my friends, stay safe. Only go out if you need to and do not hoard the TP.,

    1. “I have seen worse epidemics, and this one is not nearly as bad as any of those, especially the Swine Flu.”

      You said something similar to that when this thing first broke.

      I said it weeks ago and I’ll say it again – I see it differently.

      1. That is ok Badger. I get it. But this has so far not been nearly as bad as the swine flu, or the Asian flu when it hit Both killed over 100,000 American’s in a lot less time than this has been around.

        1. To be clear, SARS-CoV-2 is not the flu. It causes a disease with different symptoms, spreads and kills more readily, and belongs to a completely different family of viruses.

          “The worst is yet to come,” said Dr. Grant Colfax, San Francisco’s director of public health, at a news conference Monday.

          We need get our collective sh*t together and fast.

    2. Michael, TP is not the only thing that people are hoarding. I have see half of the food shelves appear empty in many cases because people are being a reported 5 times as much food in a week’s time than they usually would. A couple weeks ago at my local Albertsons store, I was told of a big fist fight that broke out between 2 guys that got bad enough to have the local police called…all over remaining package of toilet paper. Now if that isn’t going a bit too far as far as TP is concerned I don’t know what is.

  2. Just wait for it, the news will catch up to the real facts in a couple more months. Don’t buy into anything you are hearing, all info is tainted and faulty, just wait for it. It will all be better sooner than later.

    BTW, Mark Cuban and others are now starting to chirp out trial balloons on the start of MBA. MLB and MLBPA also meeting and discussing getting a full schedule in and move playoffs (and related plastic trashcans) to November.

    Dodgers are counting on hosting ASG, MLB will make that happen. Trust me, calm down, have a knock and stay 6 feet away from each other (until the gates at Dodgers Stadium of course).

    Wow, why the hell are the Rams trying to make such a simple thing so fn difficult. Nice Logo change debacle. Have the Rams ever heard of test marketing an idea, shyte!

  3. I get it. People are scared and doing dumb shit. And I also know it is not the flu, but it does have flu like symptoms, which has had some people thinking they had the flu. But panicking and getting all worried is not the way I am wired. If it is my time, well so be it. So far no one in this town has tested positive. There has been one death, in Colorado Springs so far. I can understand there being a bigger problem in the larger metropolitan area’s and especially the toilet that is SF. Yes, we need to be vigilant and do the right thing. But trying to get a population of 350 million to work together is proving to be somewhat hard. Especially when you have young people who really care about one thing only going out and defying the edicts to self isolate and still partying on the beach. The nation is pretty much at a standstill right now. People are running out of things to amuse themselves. It is so bad, ESPN is running fake tournaments and showing reruns of March madness. I spend a lot of my time alone as it is. I have plenty of food, and TP. Hand sanitizer and such, and a large collection of DVD’s. So this has not been all that hard for me. I have also taken advantage of MLB.TV’s sort of opening the vault and watching my favorite games of the last couple of seasons. Just yesterday watched the 3 game sweep of the Rockies where every game was won on a walk off homer by a rookie. Great stuff.

    1. “But panicking and getting all worried is not the way I am wired. If it is my time, well so be it.”

      I think maybe I’m not making my point clearly.

      We need current baseball to talk about in these blogs. But since we don’t, the topic of this thread is coronavirus and we are at the beginning of a global pandemic, I offer this as food for thought:

      I recently was doing some reading on Dr Julian Johnson, American surgeon, pilot, minister and author of several books on spirituality. He wrote this in 1938:

      Science has always had to contend with three powerful obstacles to its progress, each of which was almost insurmountable. These three are: Monarchism, Priestcraft, and Popular Ignorance. Slowly and steadily science has been obliged to fight every step of its way against these three. Can anyone explain this obtrusive phenomenon of history? Science is today almost universally recognized as a great friend of man. The function of philosophy has been to take up the findings of science and give them a place in rational thought. In this respect the services to mankind of such men as Bacon, Spinoza, Spencer, Schopenhauer and evening of Nietzsche, have all been of incalculable value to the genius of science in it’s battles for freedom. Truly this is the age of science, the dawn of enlightenment universal”.

      He goes on to speak to where our great society was headed in this advancing age of education and enlightenment. He figured we would rapidly move beyond monarchism, priest craft and popular ignorance and become the great united society. It’s 80 years later. I look around and it seems on to me this great thinker had it wrong. Maybe we get there eventually. But I don’t see it happening as I near my end.

      We will eventually get through this test, but it won’t be because our great enlightened leaders led us through it. The 1,000 or so of our top elected leaders are mostly corrupt and highly incompetent. This will be accomplished not by politicians, by rather by common people coming together.

      So my take at this time? Do not listen to the narcissistic barking of the monarchy and his minions. Follow the directions of the science community. The knowledge is there to guide us.

      I wish us all peace and wellness during this test of national resolve.

  4. Badger, you are one of the people on here and other blogs I respect the most. And I am more than sure you have your way of dealing with situations like this. Me, I roll with the punches. I am doing my part and not socializing or going out much. I went out today for a little while to help a friend go a few places she needed to go. Had no real interaction with anyone, even when we went to the supermarket. Most there had gloves or face masks on. I get your point. Totally. I just really am not worried about it. Worry causes grey hair, and I do not have enough left that are not grey. You are way more at risk than I am living in a area as populated as Orange County. Not sure how many cases you have had there, but we have not had one here in Canon. Oh, they have had some in the larger city’s, one confirmed death in Pueblo, and one in the Springs. But I have always had the mind set that I am not going to worry about things over which I have no control. The things they have asked me to do, I am doing. If by some outlandish shot in the dark, I got the virus, I would do exactly what I was supposed to do. But unless that happens, I am fine with the way things are going now. Just that old gruff stubborn side of me I guess. Oh, I don’t read any of the statements from doctors or medicals specialist, or especially politico’s right now. They all have their own agenda’s.

    1. Understood.

      I am concerned when people take a cavalier “nothing I can do about it attitude” and believe Trump when he says the stupid shit he says. There IS something ALL of us can do about it and it begins with ignoring the idiots who say things like “Mississippi is not China”. What a moron.

      Sounds like you’re doing your part. As I said earlier, I think I said it here, might have been elsewhere, the chances are everyone will get it, 70% of us anyway, and most will recover. But let’s be smart about it. Things are getting done on local levels as the bungling federal government can’t find their ass with both hands.

      Agree about the Rams logo. It might grow on me. Can’t wait to see the uniforms. They better not mess with the helmets.

      1. Agree, we should all ignore idiots. They don’t know what they are even talking about. So true, So let’s move onto the Rams logo.

        Seriously how can the Rams take such a great opportunity and somehow find a way to alienate the Rams Nation. Maybe they are just stirring up controversy and gaining media attention with such a questionable logo choice.

        1. I read Dickerson’s opinion. Says it looks like should be the Chargers logo. Can’t disagree. Methinks the Rams are going to have to revisit the design.

          By the way, was there ever a public focus group judgment sampling data line marketing paired comparison studies on this project? I was never asked my opinion. The old angry Ram head was ok. I liked the darker blue uniforms with bright yellow/gold pants. In fact, I think the jerseys should match the helmets, which are more Navy blue. Never liked the millennium blue and gold uniforms they picked up in St Louis. I’ve seen some “for fun” designs online that look pretty cool. Don’t change the helmet. I’ve seen some that have blue horns on white or yellow hats. Not sure about those but pics were ok.

          I don’t know but if the unis to follow are as unpopular as that logo, the Rams will have a problem. Add it to the existing problems on personnel and with the cap.

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