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Longest Losing Streak Since 1992

Kenta Maeda

The Dodgers found another way to lose on Saturday night. Alex Wood gave up runs early, and the defense wasn’t sharp. The offense is starting to show life and the bullpen has been solid lately. Instead of Dave Roberts worrying about why fans are booing Pedro Baez. Roberts needs to get his team to get one win. In this series the Dodgers had their best three pitchers starting in this series and haven’t gotten a win.

Alex Wood took on Chad Bettis of the Rockies in this the third game of the four game series. The top of the 2nd the Rockies got it going. Dodger killer Gerardo Parra hit a double. Trevor Story then hit a two run shot. Charlie Blackmon then singled in a run followed by Nolan Arenado singling in a run and the score was 4-0. Once again the Dodgers starting staff has the Dodgers behind the 8 ball.

In the bottom of the fourth, Chris Taylor ended up on second base due to an error by the Rockies. Justin Turner then singled him in. Cody Bellinger then hit a double. Yasiel Puig then hit a double to score two runs to make the score 4-3. In the top of the fifth with the Dodgers needing Alex Wood to put up a zero. He starts the inning by giving up a single to Mark Reynolds. Trevor Story then doubled him in to make the score 5-3.

In the bottom half Andre Ethier came up and hit a pinch-hit home run. Maybe he can play because Joc Pederson, and Curtis Granderson haven’t been doing anything. Chris Taylor ended up on second. Turner and Bellinger couldn’t get him in. In the bottom of the sixth, Logan Forsythe hit a double but Joc Pederson left him stranded.

In the ninth inning, Kenley Jansen came in and gave up a double to Arenado. The Dodger killer then doubled him in and the Rockies led 6-4. Chris Taylor misplayed a ball in the outfield. In the bottom of the ninth, Logan Forsythe hit a solo shot to bring the Dodgers within one. Pederson and and Granderson came up and predictably made two outs. The Dodgers would lose 6-5.

Going forward Austin Barnes should play catcher instead of Grandal who is in a horrid slump. Hopefully Forsythe can get going or Taylor could take his spot at second base. For now Taylor can stay in the outfield. I would like to see Ethier in the outfield instead of Granderson. So Rich Hill will be on the mound tomorrow to try and salvage a game.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

36 thoughts on “Longest Losing Streak Since 1992

  1. So we just lost to the Rockies, who came into our home field in a huge slump, and we get swept, all while using our top 3 starters.

    We lose every game in different fashion. We just seems to find new ways to lose.

    I am calling a bottom here. Forget the record. We are an absolute embarrassment. Tomorrow the blogs will blog, but it’s going to take everyone on the team pulling together to do this. Let’s see how we do on the road against one of the best teams in the league, and they are not in a slump by the way. If we don’t bring it, we’re going to get hammered.

    1. YF, not swept yet. Tomorrow is game 4.

      I believe this is my 3rd year of complaining that Grandal slumps big time every year. I had thought he had gotten over the hump when he held his avg to about .275 earlier this year. This is evidently the same problem he has had since becoming a Dodger, he is not consistent.

      So, I am with Moya. Play Barnes and let him have the job to lose. He’s been very good this year and see no reason to NOT play him. He can platoon with Forsythe at 2b, also.

      Bench Granderson permanently. Joc is fatally flawed, probably Hernandez, too. Give the LF position to Ethier. Do you all remember that he used to be one of the main contributors for the Dodgers? That homer last night reminded me.

      Hill & Co. will win tomorrow!

  2. Oh, put Darvish in the bull pen. It is the perfect place for him to work out what he needs to work out, if he can work it out. Way better than Stripling.

    Go with this 5 man rotation until they get themselves together. Let Yu prove himself before giving him another start.

    1. Jeff

      I can’t see a pitcher like Darvish in the bullpen.

      Because he has had command problems at times when he has been learning to make this adjustment, be second nature.

      The last thing you want a pitcher from the pen to do when they come into a game, is walk the hitters.

      The pitchers in the pen, pitching relief, must come into a game, with their good command or they will end up giving away runs, or the game.

      I think we give Darvish one more start, and if he doesn’t pitch well, the Dodgers should let him pitch like he has, all year!

      I don’t think trying to make an adjustment with a pitcher, with a little over a month to go, was, or is, a good idea, especially since Darvish pitched the best in his first start, before they suggested that he should try to make this adjustment.

      I do agree that Grandal looks like he is falling apart, on both defense and offense, although last night he seemed ok on defense.

      I just don’t understand why Roberts is hitting him more towards the top of the line up, I think Grandal needs to be moved down in the order.

      Because he strikes out to much, when runners are on base, or in scoring position.

      Bottom line, Barnes needs to be in this line up, whether it is, as a catcher, or at second base, especially since the offense has been struggling, although they were better last night!


  3. There is nothing we can say that will make this feel any better. I have seen Dodger losing streaks, but this is awful. They have done nothing for the last two weeks but stink up the joint, and the problem is it is not just one thing that has gone south, it is the whole enchilada. Starters putting the offense behind early, hitters not moving runners over, not scoring when runners are in scoring position with less than two outs. Except for the blow out on Monday and the Kershaw meltdown on Friday, they could have been 4-2 on this home stand instead of 0-6. In your home park and you get your ass handed to you? I am not very optimistic that they will be better once the playoffs start. As it is, their lead for home field is down to 5 with 21 to play. Not good sports fans… least SC kicked Stanford’s ass.

    1. Michael

      I wish I would have saw the USC game, I don’t know if it was on for me, because my network hasn’t carried all the PAC 12 games.

      At least our four top hitters, looked a little more alive, and looked better on offense last night.

      Roberts needs to move Grandal down in the order, because right now, he is a strike out machine, especially when runners are on base.

      And with the offense struggling, Roberts can’t have a 300 hitter, sitting on the bench!

      Barnes is hitting to well to be sitting on the bench, and he should be getting more then just one at bat a game.

      In the Times, it said that Barnes was going to start playing more, so I hope that is true.

      He is better on defense and offense right now, then Grandal is, and maybe that is part of the reason, that Grandal seems to be falling apart, he hears Barnes steps coming, after his job.

      I think our top five hitters, are only going to get better, once they gel together again, especially with Puig hitting fifth.

      I think Taylor desperately needs to slow the game down, especially in his at bats, because he isn’t being patient, like he was, earlier in the season.

      I don’t know for sure that he is over swinging, because he has always swung hard, but he needs to just go up there, and let the pitcher pitch to him, and maybe once, just try to get on, with a walk.

      The hitters at the back of our line up, are just being easy outs, although Forsythe did hit a double and a HR last night, but I would have to see more, before I believe he will hit.

  4. I’m like Michael. I don’t know what to say.

    OH well, let’s hope/wish/dream that today’s the day to break out of this streak. Both UCLA and USC have won 2 games since the Dodgers last won

    1. Bobby

      Hang in there, at least last night, our top five guys looked more alive, and better on offense!

      I hope this is our day too!

      At least the Dbacks lost two in a row, against the Padres!

      Their fans are getting a little cocky, and their team was on a bad note, earlier in the second half, almost like what our team is doing now, so their winning ways, could change as quickly as our’s did!

      That is why I don’t like to tempt fate!

  5. I’ve been trying to tell you all, Mo has packed up and left the building. Mo has nothing to do with “the top five guys looking more alive or whatever. It all about this invisible hand that intercedes and not only gets the top five guys looking more alive, it gets a whole harmonious thing active and guys that don’t usually produce, suddenly and miraculously achieving and contributing. We saw Old Mo for a few months, however some strange sense of achievement settled in and Old Mo was crowded out and he packed up and moved on. Once a guest is crowded out it is very difficult to get him to come back for another visit for a while.

    Sorry folks, but this is going to be very very difficult. Maybe Old Mo will show up in October but I highly doubt it.

    1. True

      I do believe that the universe does even out things, and maybe we were not a team that should be that many games over 500.

      But we are also not this team, that is having trouble just winning one game, either.

      There has been a ten game evening out in sorts, so I do expect us to turn this around very soon!

      I never thought they were as good as they seemed , when they were winning all of those games, but I also don’t think they are is bad, as they have looked, in that last couple weeks, either.

      1. I didn’t expect you to get it, MJ, I like you but you just don’t have a grasp of what I am saying. I’ve been there done that, unless you have experienced it, it will be a blind spot. I’m sure there are many that know exactly what I am saying. Badger would be totally down with what I am saying, trust me.

      1. 1st three words you wrote are invalidated by those that follow. It’s definitely a good thing to be the best team.

        But, it’s nice to see you contributing to the discussion and not making homophobic statements or moronic insults.

        More of this, please.

    1. That is ludicrous. The Indians right now are the best team in baseball period. The only history the Dodgers are making right now is the most momentous EL FOLDO in baseball history. They will probably make the playoffs, but they are losing home field day by day and they are Crawling to the finish line. Wonder how the FAZOPHILES feel about all that depth now. Funny, they leave runners all over the yard, and the only run is the first MLB homer for rookie Alex Verdugo. Roberts has lost this team.

  6. seem to me the only new addition was taylor that has done any good..the rest suck..why do you think teams get rid of players..they are on the down side.

    1. Taylor has been good, but he has chose the worst time to go into a slump. Was hitting .310 a week ago and now is down to .298.

    2. Jerry, you forgot Bellinger. His impact was sizable. Taylor, too. Turner, who played way above his pay grade and anyone’s expectation all year has been phenomenal, but he can’t carry a team. Like someone else said, he is not an RBI guy. Gonzalez has been the RBI guy for the Dodgers consistently. Bellinger has taken up that role now that Gonzalez is out of the picture. The rest of the RBI’s were contributed by Seager, Grandal, and Pederson, 2 of them have fallen off the rails.

      IMO, the Dodgers will need a rebuild at a few positions, but I’m not sure FAZ can do it. They have shown ineptitude putting a consistent team together. The other teams in the division were never this good (Arizona/Colorado) before. The Giants who dominated us, are no longer the problem. So, I think we can continue to see ups and downs with the Dodgers because of the FO and their philosophy. Their best farm reliever, Buehler, was destroyed tonight.

      1. Jeff

        Turner tied with Agone for the most RBIs, on the team last year.

        But if this continues and Agone feels better tomorrow, I am not against having his bat in the line up.

        And Joc has not hit in more runs, then Kike has this year, and Joc has struggled most of the year.

        And that is why he was sent down!

        And Joc only hit 150 at AAA.

        1. Didn’t realize Turner tied Agone last season. My point was Agone has always been the rbi guy on the Dodgers and before that, Boston. He had 9 years consecutively of 99+ rbi’s. No Dodger has approached that. Perhaps Turner will become our major producer, but we certainly have other players that are not producing at this stage of their careers, Joc & Kike being two of them.

  7. Seager’s inability to turn the DP in the 5th and Taylor misplaying Parra’s double in the 9th were the key plays. I know people love Corey at SS, but not me. I think he is a lazy SS. But CF is a bigger concern. Who said Taylor is a better CF than Joc? If it’s Roberts can’t argue with him, given he played the position. But that is numerous times where Taylor has misplayed a ball in CF.

    Last night felt like a playoff game. Great fighting spirit, but small defensive miscues (they were not marked as errors) led to two runs which cost us the game. FAZ are fine with lesser defense as long as the bats work. It does work over a long season but in a small series those little mistakes will sink you. It did last night.

    1. Artieboy

      I love you, but Taylor hadn’t played center in quite a while, because Joc was playing center up until, he was moved down.

      And Taylor was playing shortstop, while Corey was out, in these last few weeks.

      And last night, was Taylor’s first night back, playing center, give him some time.

      Joc has been playing in the outfield, his entire career, and he was also playing in the outfield, while he was down in AAA.

      And in the game before, last night’s game, Joc couldn’t make a catch, that most centerfielders, would have easily caught, and Roberts acknowledged that, after that game.

      And Joc has misplayed at least three balls, that have been hit right at him this year, because his first step was up, and these balls, flew over his head.

      Taylor might make mistakes, but he can get to balls in the gaps, and balls hit in front of him, better then Joc can.

      And Joc has no speed, to make up for his mistakes.

      And when Taylor was playing center everyday, he played center well.

      Both Taylor and Joc has their strengths, but Joc is just not the same defensive centerfielder, he once was.

      And I think it is just because he has put on some weight, and I think Joc’s weight gain, has cost Joc, a step or two.

      Joc is better at going back on balls, then Taylor is, but there are more balls, hit into the gaps, and hit in front of outfielders, then hit over their heads, and that is where Taylor’s strength is.

      1. Quit making excuses MJ, he misplayed the ball. You were quick to jump on Joc for a ball he had no chance to catch and now you are defending the un-defendable.

        1. Michael

          There is a big difference when a player has played only one position their entire career, and doesn’t make a catch when they should, then a player, who has only played there, this year.

          And Roberts also said Joc should have made that catch!

          And I think he knows a little more then you do, about playing in the outfield!

          And it was obvious that Joc should have made that catch, and that is why he was in leftfield, in the next game.

          And if anyone is trying to make an excuse, it is only you!

          Because Joc is one of your favorite players, and that is why you said, he couldn’t have caught that ball!

          Anyone would expect more from a player, that has played a position, their entire career, like Joc has!

          This is the first year that Taylor, has ever played in the outfield!

          And he is better in center then Joc is, but he will still make mistakes, but he can cover much more ground then Joc can, and that is obvious too.

          1. Joc is not one of my favorite players, I have no favorites. And Roberts is nuts. I watched that replay over and over. Joc had no chance of getting it. Taylor just flat blew the play. His entire career consists of 2.5 major league seasons. whoopee. I care less that this is the first year Taylor has played CF. If you make an error it is on you. Period. He has been out there enough this year to make the routine plays. There was nothing routine about the ball that Joc dived for. We agree to disagree. You defended something that cannot be defended. Your opinion is noted, and discarded because you are clueless.

  8. this is so stupid ..puig is sitting out today ..he is hitting better then most on this team..i dont think roberts has a clue on how to get out of this slump, and chase should be in the line up..

  9. They are headed for the most embarrassing meltdown in sports history. They will have a 4 game lead in the home field race after this disaster today. No clutch hitting, a weak lineup…What the hell is Roberts thinking??? Puig pinch hitting against a lefty? Forsythe starting against a RHP when he can’t hit them period. Yeah he hit a meaningless HR last night, but this team right now is spiraling out of control.

    1. Michael

      How can Roberts continue to play Granderson who is hitting 109 since he joined this team, and Forsythe who is hittting 228 overall, and hitting below 200 against righties, when Forsythe hasn’t done a thing all year.

      And why is even Joc getting a chance, after hitting 150 at AAA.

      And Roberts bats for Ethier, after Ethier has two hits, but he doesn’t bat for Forsythe or Granderson, and I know Ethier is not good against lefties, but this just doesn’t make sense.

      Roberts is not going with his best line up,, and that is why it is hard to take these losses!

      If they were going with their best line up, and losing,, that would be one thing, but the best line up, isn’t in the games.

      1. This whole thing is just insane. They have totally forgotten how to play GOOD baseball and it has infected the entire team. As for Roberts, I have no clue why he is running those guys out there night after night. But Granderson was their BIG offensive pick up. This is worse than Hill-Reddick.

        1. It’s amazing how far Granderson has fallen. No one would have thought that this guy would be so ineffective. I can’t blame FAZ for giving him a try. Nor for trying Yu. Do we re-sign Yu in the offseason? Would you be willing to pay at least $11M for him?

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