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NLCS Game 3: Dodgers 6 Cubs Nada- Rich Hill Dominates, Dodgers Take Series Lead

Yasmani Grandal

Pennant fever is sweeping across Los Angeles and Southern California, and the only known cure is a Dodgers World Series championship. There is certainly no joy in Cubs land tonight as the Dodgers defeated Chicago by a 6-0 score in game 3 of the NLCS to take a 2-1 series lead. The Dodgers are now just two wins away from their first National League championship since the 1988 club.

Veteran Rich Hill was dominant as he kept the Chicago lineup as quiet as a mouse using his trademark curveballs and off-speed pitches. Hill tossed six innings of shutout ball allowing just two hits and striking out six. The Dodger offense provided plenty of fireworks, which included a huge two-run home run from Yasmani Grandal and another bomb from Justin Turner. The Turner home run in the bottom of the sixth knocked opposing starter Jake Arrieta out of the game. The Dodgers hadn’t got a hit off of him since 2013.

NLCS Game 3- Dodgers Lead series 2-1

Cubs         0 4 0

Dodgers  6 10 0




The Dodgers scored six runs on ten hits and were 2 for 7 with runners in scoring position. The Dodgers have now shutout the Cubs in consecutive games and the Cubbies have not scored a run since the eighth inning of game 1. The bullpen boys of Joe Blanton, Grant Dayton, and Kenley Jansen finished off the sad sack Cubs to close out the win. Here’s how it all went down at Dodger Stadium…..

In the top of the first the Dodgers got a Corey Seager single off of opposing starter Jake Arrieta but that was all. Hill retired the Cubs in the bottom of the first, striking out Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez. The only problematic inning for Hill was the top of the second. Rizzo walked, and after Baez popped out, Rizzo stole second base. This was after Hill almost made two errant pick-off throws that Gonzo saved. Jorge Soler (who was playing for Jason Heyward) walked and both runners advanced on a passed ball from Grandal. Don’t worry he would make up for it later in the game. Hill then struck out Addison Russell, and got Miguel Montero on a grounder. The Dodgers escape.

The Dodgers struck first in the bottom of the third. Andrew Toles singles and advances to second when Hill sacrifices. Although it appeared that he had the base stolen anyways. Then after Chase Utley pops up, Corey Seager’s two-out single to right driven Toles to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead!

After the Cubs go down 123 in the top half of the fourth, the Dodgers would add two more runs in the bottom of the fourth frame. Josh Reddick would single off of Arrieta’s glove as the ball deflected towards Baez who was unable to recover. Reddick then stole second and third, but was able to walk home on Yasmani Grandal’s huge two-run shot into the right field pavilions. The Dodgers lead 3-0!

Move to the bottom of the sixth. Justin Turner’s solo home run knocks Arrieta out of the game. The former Cy Young winner was lackluster allowing four earned runs in five innings plus. Joe Blanton comes in to pitch a scoreless top of the seventh inning. The inning featured an overturned call on a ground ball from Chris Coghlan. Blanton ended the inning by striking out Heyward.

In the top of the eighth with the Dodgers up 4-0 left hander Grant Dayton is brought in. He got the first two guys by whiffing Contreras, and Albert Almora Jr. to ground out. But Dexter Fowler doubles down the left field line. Dave Roberts didn’t want to give the Cubs any momentum so he calls in Kenley Jansen to get the last four outs of the game. Jansen easily whiffs Kris Bryant to end the inning.

The Dodgers would tack on two more runs in the bottom half of the eighth. With one out Yasiel Puig (pinch-hitting) would single off of Mike Montgomery. Joc Pederson’s slicing double to left would score Puig and the Dodgers lead is now 5-0. After Joc steals third base he scores on a Grandal grounder. The Dodgers lead 6-0 after 8 frames.

In the top of the ninth inning Kenley would make short order of the despondent Cubs. He gets Zobrist on a ground out. Rizzo singled, but Baez whiffed, and Coghlan lines out to Turner for the last out. The Dodgers win 6-0 and take a 2-1 NLCS lead!

You know, I don’t really feel sorry for the Cubs at all. I actually dislike the Cubs a lot more than I thought I would entering this series. You see, many people are rooting for the Cubs including those awful FS1 broadcasters. It seems like everybody outside of Los Angeles and Southern California is rooting for the Cubs because they feel sorry for them. Or perhaps they want to see something they have never seen before. So it’s us against the world. The Dodgers are going to have to break the Cubs’ poor little hearts and steal the National League pennant. Tonight was pure joy and I feel no sympathy at all for Chicago. The goat has struck again! The Dodgers are a pretty good team too.

The Dodgers give the ball to phenom Julio Urias tomorrow night in game 4 as they look to take a commanding series lead. The Cubs will send veteran right hander John Lackey to the mound in hopes of tying the series.

“It’s not bad luck….the Cubs just suck…..Hey Chicago what do you say….The Cubs are gonna lose today…..

Sing it! It’s catchy!….

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

56 thoughts on “NLCS Game 3: Dodgers 6 Cubs Nada- Rich Hill Dominates, Dodgers Take Series Lead

  1. I know the current look on your face Scott! Did you see what I saw gazing into my crystal ball before the game? It didn’t lie. CHEERS!!!

  2. Roberts showed a little killer instinct tonight, sending Kenley back out to step on their throats. That sent a big message in a very good way.

    I think tomorrow the Cubs will try to wear out Urias and force us to go to Blanton and Kenley early. I’d like to see Urias use a Kershaw approach. Pound the strike zone early in the count and let the defense play behind him. Just go after them and put them in pitcher’s counts early and often.

  3. Many people were losing their minds that Roberts put Jansen in so early, but it wasn’t just about winning the game – it was about keeping the Cubs down. It was about stomping on their necks. It was about keeping the middle of that lineup frustrated and not letting them get hot.

    Early in September Urias was tired and his velocity was down. I think the rest has done him good. His last tuneup helped too. If he can just give us 5 today, I am fine. That’s a lot to ask of a 20 year-old who is the youngest player EVER in the playoffs, but he’s an unusual case.

  4. Hawkeye and Tim,

    I was thinking about the Steve Miller band, that also sang Stuck in the Middle with You.

    It is weird because the band Tim named, sung and wrote that song in 1972.

    But the Steve Miller band came out with that same song, at about the same time.

    It was so popular with the Steve Miller band, that I never knew it was a remake.

    But how many remakes, come out at about the same time?

    I first heard that song, I believe in 73.

    I had never heard of the band, that Tim named, until Tim mentioned it last night.

    You both should listen to the Steve Millers band, version of that song!

    It was very popular.

    Remember the Steve Miller band, also came out with the Joker at that time, and actually there whole album was really good that year.

    Remember I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, and I am a mid nite tooker, were the main verse in that song The Joker.

        1. My Resevoiur Dogs CD says performed by Steeler’s Wheel. I believe that is the popular version of the song.

          1. Hawkeye

            Did you listen to this version of the song?

            This was the most popular version I heard, and I was in to popular music at this time.

            It was like a top fifty or top twenty song, in I believe 73.

            But the other version, said that version came out in 72.

            I never heard of that other group.

        1. Quas

          That is the Steve Miller band!

          And there album at that time, was very very popular.

          Do you remember the song the Joker?

          1. I think ‘The Joker’ is silly when some people call me Maurice and Miller’s guitar whistles. The topic Miller vs Wheel is very interesting as I never even thought of it being done by Miller I played it here asking Rob “who do you think is playing this song?” And he said “Steve Miller”. So I googled the title and it’s @ Wikipedia and there it’s just Stealers Wheel and making the charts in 1972, topping at #8 in 73 and no mentioning of Miller at all. BUT……further down from Wikipedia Steve Miller is mentioned but where it says the lyrics are Stealers wheel. So I’ve got to concede Mark brought to us Miller’s version but I can’t recognize it different from my memory’s of Wheel’s version if it’s different at all. Wikipedia also said the ‘Dogs’ movie had wheels song in it.

            And there is no shame in humping Esmerelda all night…… least none in me!

  5. This series reminds me of past years when the Dodgers were favorites only to get ousted. Now anything can happen, but yesterday was the most important game of the series. Why? Well, because Cub nation were walking a little taller knowing that their horse/Alpha dog was pitching. By torching Arrieta, the Dodgers not only have a 2-1 advantage but a psychological one as well. Lackey will compete but he is no Arrieta.

    If you look back to game 1, the Dodgers weren’t beaten, a PINCH HITTER won them the game. What did the studs in that lineup do or have done. LA may have lost that game, but from a mental standpoint they knew that they could play with the Cubs, hence, the results.

    The Cubbies are used to running over people and dominating. They haven’t had to overcome the adversity that LA has which is why they are pressing and for Dodgers, it’s just the norm this season.

    I like Urias being given the start today like mentioned before. That way Maeda gets the rest he needs because he has been the weaker link this series. So if we win tonight, does CK go in game 5 to close them out? Thoughts?

    1. Two schools of thought on that:

      1. If the Dodgers win tonight or lose tonight, bring back Kershaw at home and try to stomp them while they are down, and Maeda would be on 6 days rest; or

      2. Try and steal it with Maeda and have Kershaw on regular rest in Chicago.

      If the Dodgers win tonight, I don’t know what I would do. If they lose, Start Kershaw!

      1. I go with Maeda tonight. He’s a warrior and will rise to the occasion. We are definitely going to need the whole pitching staff to go all the way, so it’s best to keep them in the game, use them in the normal way. Not to mention that I don’t want to over-work Kershaw…

          1. I don’t know. When I look up the history of the song, i don’t see anything on Steve Miller except for people on the internet possibly crediting a song to Steve Miller Band because of two songs both using the word Joker. Doesn’t mean I’m correct though, but it did help me kill time waiting for this game tonight. BTW, Steve Miller Bands song was also covered by Ace Frehley recently.

          2. I googled Steve Miller’s discography under Wikipedia and there is no listing of “Stuck in the Middle” nor does it mention the song as one of his charted songs.

  6. I was wondering if Roberts should continue to use Dayton in the eighth anymore, because gave up another extra base hit last night.

    It was hit by another rightie hitter.

    What does everyone think?

    Should Roberts just match up in the eighth inning with Dayton, or do you think Dayton should still pitch in the eighth against both righties and lefties?

    I sure want us to beat Lackey and win this game tonight.

    I remember when we were playing the Cardinals in the post season, and that umpire Dale Scott, made Lackey look unhittable in that post season game, with his terrible strike zone, that favored the Cardinals.

    Lackey got hit by the Giants, in the last game he pitched, and he also was out for a while this year too.

    I just hope we hit him like a drum tonight, and win this game tonight!

    1. We need Dayton. I thought it was a good time to use him. Get him some success even if it is just a couple of outs. Build his confidence. If Joey Pancakes can give up a granny and get over it the kid needs to learn to do it too. If Urias can give us 4-6, hell 3-6 good innings, let’s not forget that we have Wood and Stripling able to give us a couple of innings each.

      1. Hawkeye

        I don’t mean not use Dayton, I was thinking maybe use him aganist lefties, or earlier in a game, then the eighth.


          I wonder if Roberts is trying to mix LHP-RHP as much as he can. Force match-ups. He went lefty – righty – lefty before Jansen.

  7. I am old enough to remember the 1950’s story of “The Little Engine that Could.” I think I can. I think I can. I can. I can. I thought I could. I thought I could. This team reminds me of that kids’ tale. Of course, it cost $300 mill. Not like the little engine. But the mindset seems to be the same. Just keep at it. And now there is some of that indefinable MO as we near the top of the hill. The team, the fans, and the Cubs are all feeling the mental acuity and toughness of Roberts, our Zen Master. He had a “feeling” about Kershaw the other day and left him in. He had a “feeling” about Hill in the second inning and left him in. He as a Big Feeling about Jansen. No logical reason to put him in with a 4 run lead in the 8th inning with 2 outs. But he had that BIG FEELING to put the screws into the Cubs right then. I hope it carries into today. It should. How about the feeling for Blanton. Our Zen Master loves the guy. So do we. Lackey got beat up by the giants last time. He is a big game pitcher, but with age and injuries, he is not what he used to be. Good for us. It’s all gravy. The giants suck.

  8. Yesterday was such a fun atmosphere at the Stadium. Probably because it wasn’t gut wrenching 1 run game. We finally had a lead and made things a bit easier! Hill was dominant; we got him precisely for this reason, and any prospect (s) sacrificed for this run has been worth it so far. Hill is now on track for a potential game 7, or world series game 2, so he’ll be totally fresh whenever he goes.

    The at bat by Grandal was huge. He took the edge off of everyone on his team and about 46,000 Dodger fans (I’d guess 10,000 Cub fans there last night!)

    Tonight Urias can etch his name in Dodger lore. I, as usual, will be there! Anyone going, please let me know and let’s grab a pre game DodgerDog

    1. Bobby

      I was thinking about you, and I glad that you got a great game to watch.

      That was a big at bat by Grandal last night, and I was proud that he hung in there, and waited for Arrieta to make a mistake.

      That HR did take away a lot of tension, and at the same time, it took the air out of the Cubbies dugout.

      Reddick stealing third, also was big reason why Grandal got that fastball.

      Because Arrieta didn’t want to drop his curve and have a wild pitch, that would allow another run to score, with Reddick on third.

      And I do have a lot of confidence with Urias pitching today too.

  9. Jealous Bobby – it looked great there last night.

    MJ, thought of you when Joc hit it the other way with a shorter swing. You could get a job in coaching.

    Don’t want to worry anyone, but on all the betting sites here in the U.K., we are now the WS favourites, followed by The Indians, Cubs & Blue Jays.

    The bookies rarely get it wrong…

    1. But they apparently got it wrong to start with? Which is why it is dumb to bet on sports anyway. Or anything else, for that matter. As has been mentioned here before, the bookies quote odds in an effort to get equal amounts of money bet on each team. No matter who wins, they get 10% of all money bet. Nice business.;
      So, from starting odds, the chalk players bet on the Cubs and the bridge jumpers took Cleveland.

    2. Watford

      I don’t know about coaching baseball, but I just know that Joc can hit much better, then he is.

      And that was a wonderful hit and run, watching Puig score from first.

      And there isn’t any defense from the shortstop over, when Joc is hitting, so Joc needs to take what the other team is giving him, and make them pay for it.

      And with runners in scoring position, and especially with two strikes, Joc needs to think about getting that run home first, instead of trying to hit the ball out.

      Joc is talented enough, it is more a mind set with him at times, that gets him away from being a better hitter.

      I wish Joc knew just how every Dodger fan feels, when he hits the ball like he did last night, because his HRs will still be there.

      It was either Smolth or Buck last night, that just hammered Joc for his big swing, so it was good to see Joc make them eat there words, and lose there tone.

    3. Watford

      I have to pinch myself too at times, because we are not use to seeing our team do this in the post season, but I do love it.

  10. Lackey is a wily son of a gun. Kind of pitcher that can give the fastball hitters fits. And he’s done it before vs the Dodgers. Saying that I think Urias will rise to the occasion and pitch his best yet, and the Dodgers….will win.

    1. 1958

      You finally got that game you wanted last night.

      It was nice to be able to enjoy it, even if there was a little pressure, early in that game.

    1. Angel is definitely the worst ump in the crew. Can’t believe he missed the call at first base last night. Not sure how guys like him and Lance Diaz even get assigned playoff gigs. Only CB Buckner is worse at the job.

          1. That’s a good thought. But my take on Hernandez is that he is an angry man who hates everybody, he is not even trying to give the batter a break.

    2. Bluto

      That isn’t good because Urias gets
      Squeezed enough because he is a rookie.

      He did come in, in his last game, in the middle innings, and had no trouble.

      But at times when he has started, he has had problems in the first inning, just being to careful, and umpires haven’t helped that situation.

      So I hope he just comes in and pitches like he did, in his last game.

      1. Have you watched the Hernandez videos?

        There’s no framing needed.

        In fact, he seems to reward anti-framing (catchers moving the ball AWAY from the strike zone.)

  11. This is the lastest from the media!

    Is it the Dodger pitching that is stopping the Cubs, or is it the Cubs just not hitting?

    They just can’t stand that the Dodgers are doing well, and that is no surprise to any Dodger fan, that has listened to these terrible broadcasters, on TV!

  12. We can complain about the umps all we want and it will not change a thing. Hernandez should have been fired a long time ago, but they have not fired any umpires in years. Last time they did it caused a big stink..

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