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NLCS Game 3: The Dodgers are Back!

Bellinger NLCS 2021 HR

They’re baaaaaaack! The Dodgers are back! Just when we thought the boys in blue were dead in the water, the comeback kids charge forward with an epic four-run eighth inning to erase a three-run deficit and defeat the Atlanta Braves 6-5 in game three of the National League Championship Series on Tuesday afternoon at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are now right back in the series, down 2-1 in games, but ahead in momentum. Cody Bellinger was the game changer (again) with a crushing three-run home run that tied the score.

Things certainly seemed bleak for the Dodgers as they entered that fateful eighth inning. It looked like the Dodgers were finished. Walker Buehler lasted just 3.2 innings, Gavin Lux couldn’t catch a fly ball in front of the center field wall and the club had just two runs on five hits up until then. The club looked defeated, the fans looked depressed, and the energy had been sucked out of the stadium faster than a hoover vacuum cleaner.

Opposing starter Charlie Morton had kept the Dodgers in check, despite issuing six walks and a two-run first inning home run to Corey Seager. Disaster struck in the top of the fourth when Buehler and the Dodgers gave up four runs to the Braves. Atlanta notched five hits (the Lux missed catch was ruled a double) and two walks and when the dust had settled the Dodgers were losing 4-2. The Braves added another run in the top of the fifth to make the score 5-2. Former Dodger and pearl wearer Joc Pederson was a catalyst going 2 for 4, driving in a run, walking once and scoring a run as well. Freddie Freeman had three hits (overcoming six consecutive strikeouts in the first two games) but the Dodgers just hung around as the Braves left ten men on base and couldn’t put the Dodgers away.

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In the bottom of the eighth inning with Luke Jackson on the mound the Dodgers got singles from Will Smith and AJ Pollock before Bellinger crushed a 1-2 pitch into the right field pavilions to ignite the crowd and tie the game at 5-5. Dodger Stadium went nuts again when Chris Taylor poked a single, stole second base and then scored on a Mookie Betts double to center field. The Dodgers took the lead 6-5 and never looked back from there.

The bullpen was fantastic yet again, whiffing nine Braves, with Kenley Jansen closing the door in the top of the ninth. Unbelievable. Just when we think the Dodgers are done for, they resurrect themselves. The Dodgers are pretty darn good at this come from behind thing. Julio Urias is scheduled to take the mound for game 4 tomorrow at 5:08 PM PST, while the Braves don’t have a starter named yet. At this point, anything can happen. RepeatLA is still alive and well folks! We’ll see you tomorrow!

Never tell Cody Bellinger the odds

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

6 thoughts on “NLCS Game 3: The Dodgers are Back!

  1. Game 3, NLCS…. 1-2 way better than 0-3!

    Almost an absolute must win as the Dodgers came home with their tails tucked between their legs, down two games to none.

    Started out on a good note, when Seager connected for a two-run blast in the first. They had Morton backed into the corner on the ropes, and let him out. Could have been a big inning.

    The Braves fought back quickly, taking advantage of a five out 4th inning, thanks to a CF blunder and missed call by Ump on third strike to Joctober. Just too much for Buehler to handle. Leave it to Vesia to come in and stop the bleeding. Bickford, Bruihl, and Kelly kept the Braves at bay. But, things were looking grim, as the Dodger offense flatlined for 6 long innings. Fans were leaving (reminiscent of game 1 of the ‘88 World Series win, by Gibson). Shame on those fans. A little deja vu of Dodgers past.

    With no offense, DR basically threw in the towel when he sent Phillips to the bump to mop up the mess in th 7th, but Phillips surprised all with 3 K’s and 1.2 innings of commendable relief. Gonsolin closed the door on the Braves with the third out on the top of the 8th.

    Then came the bottom of the 8th. The Dodgers did everything I have been preaching about all year, in that one inning. See the ball and hit it, go with the pitch, don’t chase, shorten up and make good contact, put pressure on the opposing pitcher, steal a base, hit with RISP. If only the Dodgers could do that more often. An offense running on all cylinders will definitely cut down on RISP, and win a lot of games.

    Top of the ninth, no insurance runs for Jansen. Just a slim one run lead. So what does Jansen do? Strike out the side, that’s all! Gonsolin steals the win from Phillips, having thrown just two pitches to close the door in the 8th.

    One game at a time! Take Game 4…. Pray for Urias.

  2. You are right,Scott! Never tell Belli the odds. As bad as he has been all season, he has certainly rose to the occasion at the most opportune times.

    Cory Mr. Clutch” Seager!

    Vesia, “The Medic” stops the bleeding so many times.

    CT3 is the MAN! His stolen base was huge! Keep the running game going!

    Mookie is textbook Mookie! That’s all I can say about that!

    Kenley was possessed tonight! Vintage Jansen!

  3. when the bull pen is used way to much .also when a pitcher does well , he takes them out ..but when they pitch bad he leaves them in… plus trea turner should not be in the 3rd batting spot …he is like 1 for 30

    1. Game 4 NLCS Dogers down 3-1.

      Well, seems that the disappointing Game 2 relief appearance by Urias took its toll after all. After pounding him in Game 2, the Braves surely had him figured out for Game 4. Julio turned his start into basically another bullpen game. His fastball location was not good, but Smith kept calling that pitch, and the Braves jumped on them. Three early HR’s including back-to-backs in the second inning. So, first 4 games were in actuality, bullpen games… three by default due to subpar starts. Game 5 tomorrow will also be a bullpen game. Five bullpen games in the first five games of a seven game series? Unprecedented and totally ridiculous.

      Dodger offense could not feed off of Game 3 victory, and went back to their old bad habits, unable to pass the baton, and swinging from their heels again. They could not take advantage of the Braves own bullpen game. Nothing but pop ups, easy infield grounders, GIDP, chasing bad pitches…Same old story. Couldn’t even get runners into scoring position… good way to keep the RISP numbers down, I guess. NL batting champ Trea Turner continues to be a “no show”. Jerry, you are right….Why has he been in the three hole all this time? He has been killing the Dodgers, I would surely sit him in game 5 and put Lux at 2B.

      Sadly, JT looked bad the entire postseason. Playing through pain, eventually re-aggravating his hamstring injury. He did all he could, and left everything out on the field. He knew that with Muncy out, he had to try and play. Now with a Grade 2+ hamstring injury, he will most likely be out for the remainder of the playoffs.

      Gonsolin has been a disappointment all season, never able to regain form and crippling the already shorthanded rotation with false hope. The Dodgers stacked their chips on The Catman returning 100%, only to be left with a hairball and pile of smelly kitty litter.

      Braves continue to just make contact, put the ball in play, beat the Dodgers’ overshift several times, and keep the pressure on the Dodger pitchers and defense, taking full advantage of their mistakes. Something the Dodger offense continuously fails to do. They just let the Dodgers defeat themselves.

      Not over yet. They can still win three, but with this flatlined offense and taxed pitching staff, it would take more than a miracle. If the bullpen has any gas left in the tank and just so happens to win tomorrow, then it will be up to Scherzer and Buehler to bring their A-Games….of course, all for not if the offense does not show up.

      If the Dodgers can come out strong and demoralize the Braves in Game 5, I think they can carry that positive energy to ATL, take both games and steal the series. What have I been drinking?

  4. graderal was pitching good ..he let him hit but took him out instead of a pitch hitter and there was a man on second ..that made no since when he didnt pitch that next inning.

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