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Oh, Maeda! Zenshow! Dodgers Sweep The Padres!

Kenta Maeda

Kenta Maeda, the Dodgers’ new Japanese import took the mound at Petco Park in his MLB debut tonight, trying to notch his first win and nail down the sweep over the San Diego Padres. Maeda wore number 18, which is the same number of his  ex-Hiroshima Carp teammate and ex-Dodger, Hiroki Kuroda.

Those silly Padres once again tried to change their mojo with a uniform change, wearing their third different uniform for the third consecutive game. Tonight it was the ol’ NATO, Interpol, Euro-inspired gray and off-blue camo unis.  They sent  Andrew Cashner to the mound and said, “Please stop the Dodgers.”

Spoiler Alert: They did not stop the buzzsaw known as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Here’s how it all went down:

1st inning
Chase Utley batted first again and started things off right with a lead off triple.
Justin Turner then drove him in with a clean single to Matt Kemp.
Adrian Gonzalez followed with a walk.
Two on for Puig who skied a deep fly out to right field.
Turner advanced to third with two out.
Carl Crawford rapped out an RBI double after a great at bat. He fouled off about five pitches before bringing in J.T. to score.
Joc Pederson was next up. He knocked in Gonzalez and CC with a smart single up the middle. He took what Cashner gave him, he didn’t overswing, and cashed in two Dodger runs.
A.J. Ellis flied out for the third out.
Matt Kemp took Maeda deeeeep to the wall for the third out as the Padres went 1,2,3 again.

2nd inning: Dodgers up 4-0
Maeda struck out in his first American baseball at bat.
That was it as the Dodgers went quietly.
First batter up Wil Myers got on after a bunt and took second on Maeda’s wild throwing error way off to the left of first baseman Gonzalez.
The Padres left him there.

3rd inning: Dodgers 4-0 and 20 straight scoreless innings
Justin Turner started the inning off by striking out on a jammed, inside pitch, check swing.
A-Gon collected a 4-pitch walk
Yasiel Puig continued his hot swinging with a sharp single to advance Gonzalez.
But neither of them came around to score.
1,2,3 outs!

4th inning Dodgers 4-0  (23 straight scoreless innings)
Padres pitcher Cashner was at 79 pitches at this point.
Kenta Maeda came up and absolutely slammed a no doubt about it Dodgers home run. His first, and the Dodgers’ first of the year! Sugoi, Kenta san!!!

Your browser does not support iframes.

Trivia: Maeda hit only two home runs in 8 seasons in Japan.
Matt Kemp hit an excellent  2-seam tailing fastball off Maeda for a clean single.
Will Myers advanced Kemp to third with another single.
Padres on first and third with one out.
Yangervis Solarte then bounced one to Adrian Gonzalez, who gloved it and eyed Kemp back to third.  He tagged Solarte out about halfway between home and first base.
Maeda induced another grounder to Gonzo who flipped the ball to a covering Kenta at first to end the Padre threat.

5th inning: Dodgers 5-0 (22 scoreless innings)
New Padres pitcher, Ryan Buchter.
Adrian Gonzalez came up with one out and less home runs than the pitcher. He walked.
Yasiel Puig followed up with his second hit of the night – a single through the shortstop hole.
CC advanced the runners but was thrown out at first.
Joc Pederson then reverted to the “hit it hard as I can”  swing. The result was two hard, empty swings, and then watching one go past him right down the pipe for strike three. Third out.
3 up, 3 down. the Dodgers are now at 23 scoreless innings, tying the 1974 Dodgers for the best pitching start to a season in the Dodgers’ franchise. MLB records await.

6th inning Dodgers 5-0
Carlos Villanueva now making his Padres debut.
They went quietly.
Corey Seager and young Joc let a ball drop between them for a hit.
On the next batter Seager made a great play at short and threw to Chase Utley at second for a possible double play. The feed was a bit high and Utley dropped it, but the skipper challenged the umpire’s call. Instant replay challenge showed Utley touched the dropped ball to the bag for the force out.
Matt Kemp came up with one on and one out. He rapped out a hard single up the middle.
Padres on first and third.
Grounder to A-Gon who quickly fired home to Ellis for a play at the plate. TV replays looked like Cory Spangenberg was safe. The Padres appealed. Would it be the first run of the year  for the Padres?  Would the Dodgers’ pitching staff scoreless streak be broken? The Padres lost after an appeal that dragged on for over 3-minutes.  Haha – I mean, Wow! 2 out.
Maeda struck out the next Padre to lead the Dodgers to the new franchise record of 24 scoreless innings to begin a season.
Maeda was done for the night after 84 pitches, 4 ks, 12 ground outs and one fly out.

7th inning Dodgers 5-0
J.T. hit a one out single to right.
A-Gon hit into the shift and a double play.
Yimi Garcia in for the Dodgers.
3 up and 3 down made it 25 scoreless innings.

8th inning: Dodgers  6-0
Puig caught a hold of one and solidly tagged it for a homer to CF.
That was it for the inning. It was enough.
J.P. Howell in for the Dodgers.
3 up, 3 down. I’m now thinking of making a keyboard shortcut that types that out.

9th inning: Dodgers 6-0 (26 scoreless innings)
Luis Perdomo in against Enrique Hernandez batting for the pitcher. Single for Kike.
Corey Seager singled Kike over to third.
JT rapped out a sac fly to Kemp, bringing in Kike for the 7th Dodger run.
Joe Blanton gets the call to the mound and the challenge to add yet another scoreless inning.
3 outs to go and Matt Kemp standing in the way. A swinging third strike got by Ellis and he had to throw down the first base line on a close play to get Kemp.
2 up, 2 down.
Meanwhile, Puig was in the outfield catching mosquitoes.
The final out was another fly ball to Pederson and the Puig helicopter. The helicopter took it and threw his arm around young Joc.

The Dodgers tie the 1963 St. Louis Cardinals in starting off the season with 3 straight shutouts.

Maeda’s line: ^innings, 5 hits, 4 Ks. Maeda’s and the entire Dodgers pitching staff ERAs: 0.00

Is this season starting off MAGICAL, or what?

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

44 thoughts on “Oh, Maeda! Zenshow! Dodgers Sweep The Padres!

  1. I saw this one thus I sorta cheated as I only read the first part of your story, Oscar. I’ll get to it and the check is in the mail! Ah, I’ll read it. These guys really look like they love each other! There doesn’t seem to be the least tad of jealousy as admiration shows clear on every face of the team for every right move. Roberts is dripping wet with dynamics! Sure, San Diego sucks, but there are a couple hitters on their team that aren’t completely shabby, so this is really something! Ya gotta think San Francisco is feeling somewhat apprehensive even though they only have the two of the three pitchers that the Padrecitos faced. So Bobbie 17, hows the chit-chat up in your neighborhood on this subject? I better watch myself to not overgloat.-At least not till the Dodgers skunk them too and return home. Fans in San Diego are cutting their wrists and falling on swords I understand. I feel sorry for them, kinda. Well maybe not sorry, more like ‘sorry bout your luck’ or i don’t know! Just don’t make a bloody mess. However, I hope the Giants fans make a bloody mess of themselves at Dodgers departure from the bay.

  2. Well it keeps getting better.
    I like what I see with Maeda – hoping he can be as good as Ryu in the long term – and then if Ryu can get back to his old form he have a very dependable #3&4.

    Loved the “Silent Treatment” he got for his 1st HR

    But the best news if all is the form of Puig – although I still worry every time he legs out a single.

    Got a great day ahead in the sunshine in Lanzarote, bit of dinner with the family and a nice drop of wine, followed by day one of the Masters, and the Dodgers @ AT&T to finish off the day.

    Doesn’t get much better,

    It’s not a bad old life!

    1. Watford hope your having a fine holiday! If Ryu gets healthy, the Dodgers will have a really good number two, and number three. I think that Ryu is a number two, when he is healthy.

  3. So hopefully, we can remember next Spring that Spring Training really doesn’t mean much. Many thought that the Dodgers were a train wreck coming into the season, but they were actually a locomotive! I have been preaching “Forget the Spring Training Stats” for a long time.

    Now, those of the negative leaning will say It’s the Padres, Moron! and I agree that I am not going to anoint these guys as World Series Champs…. yet!

    But how many times in the past have the lowly Padres OWNED the Dodgers? Yes, the Dodgers should beat them and they beat them soundly. Now, the Dodgers aren’t going to average 8 runs a game while giving up ZERO runs a game like the first three games, but even Ray Charles can see that this is a TEAM – and a team is often greater than the sum of it’s parts.

    Kazmir and Maeda can really pitch. Chase Utley looks to be the guy he was 4 years ago. Could this be the year CC stays healthy? Talent and production have never been an issue – it’s always been health. The depth is amazing and this team could be Destiny’s Dodgers! Stay tuned.

    1. Guess knuckle heads can unknuckle. Season still young. See how Dodgers deal with adversity, Puig specifically.

  4. I see Zach Lee is starting for OKC on Opening Day.

    Cody Bellinger, Willie Calhoun, Alex Verdugo and Kyle Farmer are all starting at AA Tulsa. They are moving on up!

    Urias and Cotton are at AAA and I don’t se De Leon on any roster.

        1. Might that be the only way he can be kept back in AZ? Originally I read that he was going to start in AZ to reduce his innings at the beginning of the year. I guessed that they wanted him to be able to pitch late into the season and maybe playoffs.

  5. Now we get to the interesting part of our rotation. Success breeds success. So let’s hope Wood and Stripling pitch well. The Dodger batters are really battling. They are looking for hits, not HR. They are trying to go back up the middle. Let’s take 3 out of 4 from the Giants.

  6. If Puig would have played the past 3 post seasons, like he is now — the Dodgers might very well have had a ring two or three.

  7. Mark I love your enthusiasm, and things are certainly going well.

    I especially like the return to old school Dodger ways. We seem to be valuing each atbat & making the pitcher work, running the pitch count up, much better than last year, which must be a reflection on Roberts.

    Our old friend Brooklyn usta say that things were usually never quite as good as they seem, or quite as bad (or words to that effect). I think I may reserve judgment on whether to eat humble pie until after say 50 games.

    Certainly looks like Utley has started well though….

  8. MLB showed the final out and, again, Puig refuses to get out of the way. He’s going to hurt the CF or himself or both.

    1. I thought that last fly was Puig’s ball. And I know the centerfielder is the captain out there. I don’t know how Joc caught that one ball, when they came close, that first time. But this is on both Puig and Pederson.

    1. Koufax 32 in the first and second game of the season, the Marlins, didn’t get a hit, until the seventh inning. Doesn’t that sound familar?

  9. It’s a good feeling. It makes you forget the blather that was written about the Dodgers going into a little nosedive at the end of spring training. Lest we forget, those games don’t count in the standings, and they didn’t turn out to be a harbinger of how the team actually would perform. It’s already been stated ….a three game sample size against the lowly Pods is not enough to declare the team champs, but there are things that should make the fans here hopeful:

    1. the Pods are a bad team, yes, but the Dodgers still faced decent starting pitching. Cashner and Shields have given the Dodgers problems, and the Dodgers were all over them. They were looking to make solid contact, get good at bats, advance the runner over, run aggresively and hit the ball where it’s pitched. RISP was good. I was impressed with Puig, waiting on the pitch to deep in the zone before swinging and hitting up the middle. He’s hitting .600. Hopefully he can maintain that production and hit 162 triples

    2. I expected Kershaw to dominate, but Kazmir and Maeda made it look easy. They both rely on command and understanding how to keep hitters off balance, kinda like that guy who left. I see Samardijza is pitching exactly like he did last year…and his career, which, is to say, not that well. The Giants are a little scary, but if their #3 pitcher pitches like he has throughout his career, then the Giants are at a disadvantage from #3 down. This is where the Dodgers can have an advantage. Samardijza – in my opinion, for that money, is a dumb signing. Good to see Greinke and Shelby Miller get zapped, too. These dumb front offices! The AZ and SF offenses look a little scary, though.

    Crossing my fingers about the next two in the Dodgers order. Hopefully, the velocity Wood apparently has regained translates to a year more like 2014 than last year when he was a little injured and in a new, high pressure environment. Peavy’s a year older. The Giants were tough on the Dodgers last year, but we’ll see.

  10. Calm down all you FAZaholics! Its only three games. Bad outing by Maeda, only 84 pitches, worst of all Padres hammered him for 5 hits in 6 innings. Very poor. And how about only 1 home run, that rookie Story kid hit 4 against the DBags. I see lots of improvement needed from Maeda. FAZ really swallowed an olive on this one.

    Just kidding, didn’t see Badger’s critique this morning and thought some might miss it.

    I kind of hate to hit a guy when he is down, I mean, Badger may have joined Stewart and La Russa on suicide watch. But, happily, he is probably just in that long line in Phoenix of DBag fans looking for season ticket refunds.

  11. The Dodgers wanted the shutout in game 3 and they wanted Maeda to give the team 3 consecutive shutout starts as evidenced maybe by Agon’s decision to throw home with a 7 run lead instead of trying for the double pay.

    1. Bums, while it turned out good, I do not like giving up outs chasing records with a 5 run lead. I assume that the instant replay review was not conclusive that Spangenberg’s foot was actually on the plate, because he at least slid over the plate before the tag was applied. It sure looked to my bad eyes that he was safe. It could have been 5 – 1 with runners on 1st and 2nd with only one out. But when everything seems to go your way, why not play for the shutout.

      1. AC I hope AJ took a look , at that play, because he had the ball, in plenty of time, and he should have made that tag sooner. I know the Posey rule, makes the catchers, more conscience of the plate, but that better not happen again!

    2. I disagree that Gonzalez was thinking about any kind of a record on that play at the plate. The ball was hit to him, and he gloved it while charging forward. The man on third was breaking for home (really in a stupid play, because he ran himself into an out) Ellis was setting at the plate, and the entire play was unfolding right in front of Agon – who was charging forward.
      In order to get the DP, he would have had to stop his forward momentum and make some kinda 360 degree spin and accurately throw to second. That’s how guys with neck issues hurt themselves.
      I doubt he was vainly trying for a shutout record. It’s more likely every baseball instinct in him said go for the mostly sure out, rather than the “I hope I get him” out.

      1. Oscar, while I do not believe he was vainly trying for a shutout record, these guys know what’s going on, and to preserve the shutout was important. I do not think it is vanity, but rather competitiveness. AGon is left handed, so the throw back to 2nd would not be as difficult as you suggest. AGon makes that throw countless times during the season. He is a GG 1B so the throw is routine rather than a reincarnated Garvey throw. The more difficult part of the play would have been the turn. Will Myers is pretty quick, but because AGon did charge, it makes the play a little easier. I was not in Adrian’s cleats, so maybe he believed the easier play was at the plate. It worked out, but I will still wonder if there was not the chance for three consecutive shutouts to start the season, would AGon have gone to second to try for the DP.

        1. AGon was looking at Kemp and then just took the easy out. Smart play as far as I could tell.

          De Leon was listed with an ankle injury in early March, but it wasn’t listed as serious. Didn’t find any updates. I’ll look later.

          For the record, I think we all know Spangenberg was safe at the plate.

  12. I think DeLeon will be rested in the beginning of the season, to rest his arm, and to ensure he’s ready for a mid/late season call-up. He’ll eventually join OKC in a month or so.

    Now the fun starts. Hopefully Alex Wood can keep it going

  13. I am very pleased that the Dodgers swept the Sad Pads in such dominant fashion. However:
    1 – Small sample size. They play a 162 game season, not only 3. All teams go through hot streaks and cold ones too.
    2 – Poor opponent. The Pads aren’t any good.
    3 – The back of the rotation. No one is ever surprised when Kershaw posts zeros. I was pleased and surprised when Kazmir did it after a poor spring. Maeda pitched well all spring so that didn’t really shock me. Wood has been awful all spring and he faces the Giants. Stripling has never pitched in the majors before and while I am glad to see him get the chance we don’t really know if he is ready either.
    4 – Great to see Puig get off to a great start! Seager too.
    5 – The season is long – don’t get too high after a win or too low after a loss.

  14. Great start. Fun to watch. But, does three wins against the hapless Padres mean an undefeated season and a World Series Championship? I’m not that f’n naive. We’ve started hot the last three seasons and because of roster weaknesses have fizzled. Have we addressed the cracks in our foundation? Moves were made. But, it’s true, I’m not yet convinced.

    This team will hit. And obviously if the knucklehead isn’t traded and continues to crush the ball, we could be scary good. I’m still concerned about this rotation being strong enough for a 180 game season. They looked superb for three games against the Padres. Let’s see what happens when we play Major League teams.

    I got Rory and Bubba. Which by the way, is the same guy in my sister’s world.

  15. In my defense, I only wanted to trade Puig for someone like Gray, Kluber, Harvey but if Puig keeps this up, I wouldn’t trade him for any pitcher.

    1. We were all disappointed with Puig. He was letting us down not giving what we should expect. Kemp got his and was never the same that point on. With Kemp I’m suspicious he was falling from earlier PED usage. With Puig I think cultural overload got in. With the populace I think they started thinking ‘rap’ is music bu…t……oh, nevermind.

  16. Been backing Day since he won the USPGA last year so I’m hoping he hasnt peaked too early as he’s won the last twice out, but I think Bubba will be there abouts.
    Rory’s short game & particularly putting worries me.

    I was just thinking that it’s 6 months since I went to the final 4 game series in SF at the end of September- when the Dodgers clinched. Where does the time go?

    1. I was at the clinching game in SF a few years ago. I was with 3 guys from the old chat room, non of whom are still around here. Venice got the tickets for us. Great guy, Venice Glen. He’s been to Sedona twice. He’s a Giants fan, but also a baseball fan. It is possible to watch this beautiful game without blue glasses.

      W, I take Rory because of his name. I’m sure you get that. And I just like Bubba and his outrageous personality. A round of golf with any of them? I choose him.

  17. That was a most impressive opening series. I know it’s the Padres, but as Patch said Cashner and Shields have given the Dodgers problems. I also add Tyson Ross, who had never given up more than 4 earned runs against the Dodgers. On paper, we had the most success against Shields (as little as it was), but this series he was the most problematic. And again while I recognize that it is the Padres, I fully expect Ross, Shields, and Cashner to be solid starters this year. Because of the Padres best impression of a Mattingly/McGuire inspired offense, they will probably be sub .500 around trade deadline, and the all out purge by Preller will begin. I hope that FAZ will at least look at adding Tyson Ross.

    While I generally do not give much thought to ST results, I still look at the players’ efforts to improve/make changes. I did not get the positive vibes from Puig during the Angels series, so yes I was concerned and said so. This is a different Puig. He will no doubt go into one of his negative patterns, and hopefully Doc will remind him that there are 24 other guys on the bench that can help. #22 is the only Dodger that has to carry the team, not #66. I was also concerned about Joc. Even though he came through with 2 strikes last night in the 1st inning, he still lapses into the habits of last year. He has made enough of a change that one hopes the light will eventually permanently turn on for him. I was watching Seager start his swing at a pitch but he was disciplined enough to leave his hands back so he did not commit. It seems every time, Pederson starts his hitting motion, the hands come too far forward and he cannot pull it back. He is also still guessing at too many strike two pitches, and getting fooled. I think he was called out twice looking at a couple of very hittable pitches last night. He is still young, and I keep reminding me and my Giants buddies that Moustakas (and B. Crawford) took a couple of years to finally put it together.

    Does anyone think that Lorenzo Bundy sends Kike’ from 1st to 3rd on a Seager single to Center? It set up the sac fly by Turner. Last year that does not happen. Another good RISP at bat. It’s good to see the aggressive running again.

    The SF series should be fun. I believe they will be with the Dodgers all season long battling for the NL West. We will get to see how we might stack up against them this weekend when we face off against Bumgarner and Cueto. I have no idea which Cueto the Dodgers will face, but then again, I do not know which Kaz will be pitching for the good guys. Also, Saturday’s game is a day game, and Kershaw has only been a mere mortal during day games the last couple of years. Let the 4 game series begin.

    1. Have to agree with all of that AC. Good points.

      I also like that Cory chocks up on the bat. I would think that Joc could do some of that at least with two strikes. If chocking up shortens the swing then maybe Joc wouldn’t feel like he had to guess so much with 2 strikes knowing that he could handle an inside fastball and still hit the off speed pitch away.

      1. Bum I think Joc at times, is still wanting to hit a lot of HRs. But he is adjusting, and had a great clutch hit, up the middle, with two strikes, as you know. If he is still adjusting, and can pick up hits, here and there. I have no problem with him. I just hope Joc realizes, that he won’t be able to hit those big high HRs, with good major league pitching, without that, causing his contact to suffer in the long run. And contact is much better, because he will be putting the ball, in play much more often. And putting the ball, in play, is almost always better, then a strike out.

        1. And I think Joc should lose that heavy bat. Joc doesn’t need a heavy bat, to hit with power. He is young, and strong. A lighter bat, would give him much more control.

  18. Where are the top 30 prospects from the Dodgers official site.

    1. Corey Seager — Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
    2. Julio Urias — Oklahoma City Dodgers (AAA)
    3. Jose De Leon — Oklahoma City Dodgers (AAA) — DL
    4. Grant Holmes — Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (A Adv)
    5. Frankie Montas — Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) — DL
    6. Cody Bellinger — Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    7. Alex Verdugo — Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    8. Walker Buehler — Extended spring camp
    9. Jharel Cotton — Oklahoma City Dodgers (AAA)
    10. Yadier Alvarez — Extended spring camp
    11. Yusniel Diaz — Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (A Adv)
    12. Austin Barnes — Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
    13. Starling Heredia — Extended spring camp
    14. Micah Johnson — Oklahoma City Dodgers (AAA)
    15. Trayce Thompson — Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
    16. Ross Stripling — Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
    17. Chris Anderson — Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    18. Willie Calhoun — Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    19. Omar Estevez — Great Lakes Loons (A)
    20. Chase De Jong — Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    21. Josh Sborz — Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (A Adv)
    22. Jacob Rhame — Oklahoma City Dodgers (AAA)
    23. Brendon Davis — Great Lakes Loons (A)
    24. Zach Lee — Oklahoma City Dodgers (AAA)
    25. Jacob Scavuzzo — Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    26. Imani Abdullah — Extended spring camp
    27. Angel German — Extended spring camp
    28. Ronny Brito — Extended spring camp
    29. Johan Mieses — Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (A Adv)
    30. Kyle Farmer — Tulsa Drillers (AA)

  19. It’s McGwire people. Mark McGuire is a musician. Common mistake. The two are almost identical. Like Kershaw and Kazmir.

    I don’t see a “no doubt” negative pattern in Puig. It’s a maturing process, and he might have a moment or two, but he’s actually a smart guy (140 IQ. I made that up) and knows this is the year to change hearts and minds. Of course some of those hearts are closed and minds are already made up, but I am still a proponent of remaining open to all possibilities.

    I’m sensing a different kind of game today. I don’t know that the back end of either rotation is all that secure, so, I’ll take the Dodgers and the over.

  20. I hope they can keep hitting, and knock Peavy out of the game, today. He is one pitcher, that I would love to see, knocked out.

    I hope Puig can keep hitting against the Giants. Puig has had some good games, at times in SF, and has his share of triples, while hitting there.

    I just wish Vinny was calling Maeda’s first game, last night. I could only imagine, the words, that he would have had, rolling off his tongue.

    Vin is so good, at introducing a new player, to the team, especially from a different country. I think Vin would have loved, to call Maeda’s HR.

    I remember the first day, that Fernando pitched for the Dodgers. That was the day, that Vin, started saying Oley, after Fernando struck out any batter.

    It seems like Vin always has just the right words, for a special player, and for that special moment.

    We all better savor, all of Vin’s special words, and moments, this year. And I hope the team gives Vin a great year to call!

    1. Yep, would have been great to have had Vin call the Maeda game, but looks like he may pitch the home opener!

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