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Remembering Adrian Gonzalez: April 2015 Gonzo Swats Three Home Runs Versus San Diego

The Dodgers flipped veteran Adrian Gonzalez to the Atlanta Braves alongside pitchers Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir and infielder Charlie Culberson in exchange for former Dodger Matt Kemp in one of the most shocking steamy salary dumps in recent memory. While Gonzo is no longer with the Dodgers his accomplishments and leadership on and off the field will never be forgotten. We may see Gonzalez with another club in 2018 but he will always be a Dodger in our hearts. So LADR will be remembering the life and times of Adrian Gonzalez’s memorable Dodger career. We’ll take a look back at some of his greatest achievements in Dodger blue. Oh Gonzo, how we loved you.

Today’s Gonzo moment takes us back to April of 2015. During this season Gonzo began the season on a tear like we had never seen before. The Dodgers opened the season with a three game set against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium. Gonzalez had a very good night in the third game of the series when he smashed three home runs.

All three of his home runs were solo shots. All three of them were hit off Andrew Cashner. Gonzo homered in the first, third, and fifth innings. He ended the game going 4 for 4 with 3 home runs and 4 runs batted in. Gonzo also hit two additional home runs in the first two games of the series. All total Gonzo swatted five home runs in the first three games of the season. Gonzalez would go onto to tally 28 home runs and 90 runs batted in that year. He posted an .830 OPS and reached base at a .350 clip during the 2015 regular season. Gonzalez would add another three home run performance a year later in an 18-9 Dodger win over Cincinnati. Gonzo’s eight runs driven in prompted him to exclaim how much he loved great American Ballpark as he walked back to the dugout.

Stay tuned for more Gonzo moments

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

68 thoughts on “Remembering Adrian Gonzalez: April 2015 Gonzo Swats Three Home Runs Versus San Diego

  1. “Oh Gonzo how we loved you”

    Not everyone loved him. I can remember one in particular who bellowed for years how the trade would be an organizational impediment from which the Dodgers could not recover. Nonsense. Many didn’t believe it of course and we who didn’t were proven right. The Dodgers have done just fine the last 5 years and AGon has been a huge part of it. He’s a class act that has been a positive influence on all he has come in contact with here. I wish him nothing but the best.

      1. You know, for a half million the Padres could bring him home. They could sell that much in extra tickets on Adrian Gonzalez bobblehead night.

    1. Goodbye Agon, I was one who didn’t love him taking time from Cody which he did. I will not miss him at all. I also did not see him as the positive clubhouse influence that some did. I think the Dodgers are far better off without him. He did have some good RBI years but he has gone downhill for some time. So goodbye Adrian, somebody might get some of Cody’s time but it won’t be you and your buddy Roberts.

      1. Package

        Agone never took any of Cody’s time in the line up, and that is the truth!

        Agone was a good influence on the team too.

        Puig has said many times, that Agone had always been there for him, even when didn’t always listen, and do the right thing.

        And Cody said Agone, made his transition to first, very easy too!

        And not every big league veteran, would do the same thing that Agone did, with Cody!

        But I guess you think you know more then both Puig and Cody, about what kind of teammate, Agone really was.

        And even though Agone was not 100 percent healthy in the 2016 season, he still tied for the lead in RBIs on the team, with Turner.

        Agone actually hit in the highest percentage of runs, on the team that year, too!

        And once again, Agone didn’t take any time away from Cody, in fact, Agone did just the opposite, when it came to Cody!

        And if Agone was selfish like you seem to believe, the Dodgers wouldn’t have been able to make this big deal, and get under the luxury tax!

        1. MJ
          I am glad you liked Agon. I didn’t! I don’t care why or how, all I know is he is gone and if I do not see him again it won’t be too soon. Have a nice day.

  2. AGon drove in a lot of runs for this team. He earned his money for the most part. Bummer we never won a title while he was here, but that could be said about a number of players.

    Time to move on. We enter the Bellinger era. Hopefully his name won’t be on that list.

    1. Agon got superstar money. He did not perform anywhere near superstar level therefore I don’t think he earned his money for the most part. The Dodgers would have been better off with Kemp than Agon. What a shame.

      1. So, you don’t believe in the Cost of War numbers put out? Ok. You are of course entitled to your opinion on that. But, according to the numbers at Fangraphs, for 5 years here he MORE than earned his contract. In fact, WAY more.

        1. Agon got more than 140 mil for 7 years on his contract. 2012,13,14 he did play well but starting in 15 his numbers were no better than an average player. In 16 and 17 they were less than acceptable and 18 will be a bust. 17 was a joke. Just 17 and 18 will end up costing way too much for his numbers. He won’t get close to the HOF. All together, I see no evidence of a superstar.

          1. Better than average players get huge money. His contract was based on his performance before he got to Boston. In SD he was a superstar. That’s why Boston signed him. Kemp was paid the same way. The Dodgers, afraid of losing him gave him that huge contract. He was earning every cent of that contract until he crashed into the wall at Coors. He earned his money not only with his steady play, he earned it with his on and off the field leadership which this ownership values. In your mind he did not, but you are definitely in the minority. Now his production slipped in 16, but he still led the team in RBI’s. This year he was injured most of the year. First time in his career. So you might call the year a joke, but most realize that being injured is not the players fault. Especially the type of injury he had……

      2. Pacakage

        Name some current superstar players, that are earning there money!

        Vin sure appreciated what Agone did for this team.

    1. Yes, it’s a very good situation for the team.

      Young, strong across the board.

      Did you look at some of those player comps!?!??!

      Matt Stairs for Puig?

  3. I totally respect A-Gone for what he did as a Dodger and the way he acted while a part of the organization. A class act all around. He was a leader in the club house and on the field. He was as consistent a player as there ever has been wearing the blue, and was so until the injury bug finally bit him. But since he has taken off that uni, he is now the enemy. Everything he did is in the past. I do not consider him always a Dodger because he is not. Guys like Pee Wee and Jackie, Jr Gilliam and old Skoonj, Sandy and Big D, Campy and Bill Russell. Those guys are and always will be Dodgers.

    1. Mr. Norris
      In reading your earlier comment I was a little confused if you were talking about Kemp or Agon. Help me out. Did you think Kemp earned his money or were you only talking about Agon? Were you saying Kemp had on and off the field leadership or was it Agon? Anyway, just because a player leads a team in RBIs does not make him a superstar. Agon had times in his time with the Dodgers that he was fairly consistant. That does not make him a superstar. As far as his leadership I think there is more to the story than you are hearing. Just my opinion.

        1. Package

          In 2015 Agone had no one in the line up, to protect him!

          Remember Kemp was traded, and Hanley was let go, before the 2015 season.

          And actually Agone hit one more HR in 2015, then he did in the prior year, but his RBI total went down to 90.

          But Agone was still the best offensive player on the team, in 2015!

          And name one superstar player, that plays well the entire time, of a seven year contract.

        2. In ’12 he put up 3 WAR. The cost per WAR was $6.9.
          In ’13 he put up 3.9 WAR. The cost per WAR was $7.5
          In ’14 he put up 3.8 WAR. The cost per WAR was $7.7.
          In ’15 he put up 4 WAR. The cost per WAR was $8.7.
          In ’16 he put up 2.1 WAR. The cost per WAR was $9.

          He never made more than $22.375 mm.

          You can do the math.

          It’s ok to say you don’t like him. I have no issue with that. To say he didn’t earn his money in his time here is just mathematically incorrect.

          1. Badger
            If you totally believe in WAR I guess you could make that case. There are more things than just WAR. If you go by your math Agon should have made over 30m in several years which is hogwash and you know it. Give me a break.

      1. I was talking about A-Gone. Kemp signed his deal after a huge 2011 and was injured in 2012. A-Gone was a super star with the Padres and signed a huge contract with Boston. He did not live up to that contract and that was a huge part of the reason for the Trade. Kemp was never considered a leader, quite the contrary, he was traded because the FO considered him a cancer. Gonzo on the other hand has been considered a club house leader for many years. And if you would have read carefully I said he was a superstar in SD. That is why he was getting paid the amount he was. The Dodgers received exactly what they traded for. A Hispanic speaking star. Superstar? Probably not, but a big enough name that brought a lot of fans to the ball park. He was the main reason for that trade. The other 3 guys were exactly what Gonzo was last week. Salary dumps. I do not think A-Gone is a HOF first baseman, neither is Garvey. But he is and always has been very consistent. 2017 and 2016 not withstanding, he has been very steady at the plate and in the field. And I have never in any publication or blog or whatever heard a bad word about his character, and I have read many stories about his leadership. I do not know where you could possibly be reading something that says other wise.

  4. Package

    You have no way to know if Stanton or Goldy, will be earning there money, at the back end of there long contracts, so these two players, are not comparable where Agone is right now!

    But they probably won’t be earning there long contracts, at the end of there contracts, especially if they are not healthy!

    And Agone had better seasons then Votto did, in 2012, 2013, and 2014!

    And Votto has only hit in a hundred runs or more, three times in his career.

    And Agone has hit in a hundred runs or more, seven times in his career!

    And that is not counting the time Agone hit in 99 runs!

    And Nelson Cruz is a known steroid user, and he is not a good defensive player, so I bet his war numbers, are not enough, to earn what he is getting either.

    And how do we know if he isn’t cheating!

    1. MJ
      I know Agone is your guy so I am not surprised that you would make the kind of argument that you are but ANY knowledgeable baseball fan would tell you that those players I have listed are better than AGon. So I will again say we need to agree to disagree.

      1. Package

        I didn’t ask you who the best player was!

        I asked you to name one player, that earned every year, of a seven year contract!

        And of course you couldn’t even name one player!

        That should show you, you are not being realistic!

        And Agone is not my favorite player, I am just being truthful.

        1. MJ
          If you are truthful you will say that no where did you specify a 7 year contract. That is a lie. You change your position so much I cannot keep up with it. I think your mind says one thing and your typing says something else.

          1. Package

            Look eight posts back, I asked you to name one player that has played well enough to earn every year of a seven year contract!

            And I did that, because you were comparing Agone’s numbers at the end of his contract to young players, or players, that had a good year, this last year.

            And even Agone had three years that were much better then Votto, and Votto has always been criticized in his career, because he hadn’t hit in enough runs, for the money he is being paid.

            But Votto has had two pretty good years in a row, and I will give you that.

            But he had years that were not that great too.

            And most of those players you named, didn’t play for a team that was in a pennant race, except Goldy, this last year.

            My point is, it is hard for any player to perform up to there contract, if it is a long contract, that ends up the back of a players career.

  5. Dodgers claim Henry Owens off waivers from the Diamondbacks….reaction…..WHO???? Another brilliant pick up from FAZ….NOT!!!!

  6. Badger
    You stated the facts that YOU believed in. That makes those stats, YOURS. You take it up with fangraphs, you quoted them. Jeez.

  7. Six years ago AGon signed a 154 million dollar contract for 7 years. In my estimation he did not get anywhere near earning that money. He has 1 year left on that contract and I would bet he will not even find a place to play regularly but if he does he will probably not play all the time and I would bet he will not earn 22.5 million dollars in 2018. If all of you think he will. Good for You. All in all it was a bum contract. Good for Adrian but not for those that paid him.

    1. I doubt anyone but you cares whether Gonzalez earns $22 million next year.

      All I was referring to was his time as a Dodger.

      And yes, I do believe Fangraphs knows wtf they are talking about.

      Henry Owens has been around a long time. Yep, his stuff is good, his command of it isn’t. I hope our staff can help him. I’ve read several scouting reports and am impressed with what has been said about him. He’s listed at 6’7” with plus stuff. If he throws strikes he could make a difference. He could be interesting to follow. He’s from Orange County, maybe playing for his home team will motivate him.

  8. Dodgers signed the Sox old blue-chipper Henry Owens.

    Has a great stuff especially the change, control was always his issue.

    Longenhagen mentioned that he’s changed his arm slot to hopefully play up against LHH because further comfort w/ slot enables development of viable control.

    Believe me, he needs any help/mechanical fixing for his control he can get.

    1. They did not sign him..they picked him up off the waiver wire. Another dumpster dive by the FAZMASTER…..sorry, this guy does not excite anyone.

        1. If he was a free agent and they pursued and signed him, that’s the difference…..he was on the GARBAGE heap….the 41st man on a 40 man roster and unwanted. That’s the difference…..he is a freebie.

  9. Package, I respect your opine my friend, , but you are beating a dead horse here and are the only one posting anything negative about A-Gone…..that should be a clue that no matter what you post, there is not going to be much agreement with you. A-Gone signed that contract after some really good years with the Padres. Has he lived up to it? Not in your eyes obviously, but the teams that have had him have been very satisfied.

    1. I actually agree with package somewhat. I think AGon is a very proud man and the way the postseason came down is intriguing, at least. There’s stuff buried there. But I think it’s all in the past and AGon did us a huge favor by green lighting the trade with whe Braves.

      But I do believe AGon earned his contract.

    1. I don’t follow him but he does have a national radio show. He’s probably right about this. If the Dodgers want Yelich, they can get him. Right now we have 3 left handed hitting outfielders vying for one spot. Is Verdugo going to hit as well as Yelich? Maybe. Toles? Perhaps. Pederson? No. Would you trade Verdugo in a package for Yelich? Would I? I don’t know. I definitely would trade Pederson for him. I would trade Grandal for him too. It would take more, so throw in a lower arm. Will a Yelich deal happen? Who knows. I doubt it, but I would welcome it.

  10. Just sitting here in front of my fire this morning thinking – how fun would it be to be the GM of a team like the Yankees or the Dodgers. You can do pretty much anything you want to do. We could have traded for Stanton easy and with our buddy Anthropopulous in Atlanta we can exchange bad contracts and still get in under the cap by unloading somebody like Grandal. This is America and money rules. It’s like anything is possible if you’re rich, and both NY and LA are printing their own money.

    What would you do next? Well, a starter might be a good idea. Archer can be had. Left field maybe needs an everyday player. Yelich would be nice, but perhaps another attempt at a platoon is the way to go. Toles+ who? Grandal and Pederson used creatively with a couple prospects to bring in both a starter and a role player? Sign another Gutierrez? If I’m GM I probably don’t scour the infirmary as much as FAZ, but I would do it. And when you are as close as we are I would use prospects to bring in proven players. There are players all over the league that are affordable. Yelich and Archer don’t make that much. Not yet anyway. They would take prospects. We have them.

    What a cool job it would be.

    1. I think we need a number two starter, much more then another outfielder, and I thought that, before Kemp even arrived.

      And I do think the front office may wait and see what Kemp can do, because they are not going to get anything from Kemp, with his rep right now.

      And I do think attitude makes a big difference, and if Kemp has any self respect, he will come to spring training in shape, and ready to show everyone he isn’t that guy that people think he is.

      And the way players are moved throughout a game, to get in the best defensive place for certain hitters, I think Kemp could play defense well enough, to not take away from his offensive contribution.

      But Kemp must be motivated like I said, and Kemp hasn’t been on a team that has a chance to win it all in a long time, so that could make a difference too.

      I like Archer much better then Cole, because Cole has had injury issues, and Archer has pitched 200 innings the last three seasons.

      And Cole also gave up 30 HRs last year, and the stadium in Pittsburg, and that park, is not a small park.

      I just think Archer would be able to pitch much better at Dodger Stadium, especially with help from Honeycutt, and pitching behind Kershaw, then that terrible park he is in now.

      But we probably should see what Buehler is able to do this next season, after he has another year removed, from having that TJ surgery.

      Because they say it takes pitchers a couple years after a TJ surgery to get there command back, and Buehler will be there next year.

      1. Makes sense MJ. I guess I figured FAZ had no intention of keeping Kemp, but as you say, if Kemp comes into camp in shape, they might just use him.

        I wonder what management has in mind for Buehler. I don’t believe the 150 inning projections are accurate but 120 could happen. Or, less if he’s in the bullpen. I haven’t heard anything out of the Dodgers regarding his role next year. If he’s ready, he could start 20 behind Kershaw and be that RH stud we need. He’s got the stuff, does he have the stamina? My guess is – not yet. His surgery was early August of ‘15. He should be ready to go in April, but I suspect the Dodgers will be cautious.

        1. Badger

          I think all the stuff you said about Buehler, is true.

          And he probably won’t be pushed so much at the beginning of the year, and because of that, he will probably won’t be in the major league rotation, until after the Allstar break, or a little sooner.

          Because they want to save. Buehler for later in the year, and for the post season, but this all depends on how well Buehler is pitching.

          They didn’t trade Puig when he was a problem, and his value was slipping, and Kemp is in almost the same situation that Puig was in, except Puig, had his age going for him.

  11. Found this when reading about a trade with Miami:

    “Either of these players (Ozuna or Yelich) is worth Miami’s pick of the Dodgers’ minor league system, with the exception of Walker Buehler. As a starting point, that is. Another prospect or two, plus Joc Pederson, if they want a cheap thumper. If it takes Alex Verdugo to get a deal done, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Ozuna would be an excellent Dodger. Yelich would be a better one”

    Yelich would be a better choice than Ozuna.

    So, send them Pederson and Verdugo. How about Grandal and Diaz? How about all 4?

  12. Off topic but just wondering:

    Prior to the WS I bought a cap that had the WS logo sewn on it. I can’t bring myself to even want to wear the thing.

    Despite an outstanding regular season, losing the last game of any season has never sat well with me, both when I played sports and while watching the Dodgers, Lakers or Rams. Not finishing in first place means you lost, having a great season but losing at the end really does nothing for me.

    I know there are many, especially those that played sports, particularly on good teams, that probably feel the same way.

    I think I am going to have a very well preserved Dodgers WS cap for the rest of my life.

    However and in spite of that, Y’all have a Merry Christmas

    1. First of all – bah humbug. Christmas is a manufactured holiday for merchants and children. That said, hope you all have a groovy Monday.

      As for losing the very last game of the MLB season, it’s a mixed bag. Everyone wants to be there, which we were, and nobody wants to lose it, which we did. The odds against being in the 7th game of a World Series are of course huge, but here’s hoping we do it again. Do I believe we will? No, I don’t.

    2. True

      I thought we should have won that World Series far before the seventh game, and because of that, I feel we were lucky to even get to the seventh game.

      And of course Darvish let us down, but I have to wonder if he was tipping pitches, why didn’t anybody catch this, in his first start?

      And I don’t think we had a good game plan, on how to pitch, to the Astros hitters either.

      And that may be that we just didn’t adjust our game plan, throughout that series, on how we pitched to certain Astro hitters, after our original game plan, didn’t work with certain Astro hitters.

      Why did they continue to give Springer any good pitches to hit?

      And I can’t blame any of our young players because of one game, especially when our highest paid player, couldn’t battle, after the team gave him two decent leads, to protect.

      And if that was the first or second time,I would feel much differently, but this has happened in almost every post season series we have played in, in the last five years!

      Pitching is at least 80 percent of the game and in these short series, if not more, and if a team can’t get two good starts from there top ace pitchers in a short seven game series, a team is very lucky to even make it to a game seven.

      And our offense had to really step up in this series, to even get us to a game seven, after our top two ace pitchers, could only manage to give us one good start, out of four starts, they made, in this series!

      And we didn’t even need our top starting pitcher to even pitch perfectly, in his second start, because we gave him two decent leads to protect, and two chances, to help us win this game!

      And if we would have won that game, there would be no need, for a game seven!

  13. from Heyman’s 9 Observation column.

    He’s a bonehead, IMO, but others may like him:

    With some sleight of hand, the Dodgers somehow got below the $197 million luxury tax threshold from a sport-high $253 million last year, and assuming they can stay there, set themselves up for a huge next winter, when Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, Dallas Keuchel and possibly their own Clayton Kershaw could be available, with their tax reduced to 20 percent from 50 percent.

    The way they did it was to trade three guys with big deals in 2018 (Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy and Adrian Gonzalez) for one with a big number spread out over the next two (Matt Kemp). Had they been the ones to release A-Gon, he would have counted against their payroll. But by getting the Braves to do it, he counts on the budget of the Braves, a team that is nowhere near the threshold. Anyway, Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zadi and Co. get Accountants of the Year, which isn’t an official award but is well-deserved, nonetheless.

    His trade value is said to be negligible, so it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that he could just be let go. But in their continuing efforts to reduce their payroll, the more likely scenario may be the Dodgers attaching a valued prospect to him, and someone in effect paying for said prospect by absorbing Kemp’s contract, which has $43 million to go over the next two years.

    People close to Kemp say he is in fantastic shape, that he’s determined to re-establish his value and is in fact “locked and loaded” for this coming season. But after a year in which he established himself as perhaps the worst defensive outfielder in the game, he would be better off in the AL, even if he is back to being a slim Kemp.

  14. 3. There would be NO genius Accountants of the Year without old buddy Anthropopulus there on the other end to help us out. 28 other GMs out there were giving the middle finger to Friedman on that internal hairball. We got extremely lucky on that one.

    If Kemp is indeed in great shape, and I hope he is, he may not be that difficult to dump. He may also not be that difficult to keep. He could be the RH bat we need in left field.

    MJ, what you say is true, but what is also true is we had Game 7 at home and we gagged on it. Yes, our closer f’d up a win. Yes, our stud pitcher did the same thing. Darvish was a nightmare. But we had Game 7 at home and laid an egg. You just don’t get many Game 7’s on your field and you have to be ready to step up. This team did not. They played like somebody put Xanax in their Wheaties.

    1. That was #5:

      They don’t have luxury-tax issues, so they could easily execute the release of A-Gon (who, with Freddie Freeman, there was just a contract to them), they received two pitchers who could conceivably be back on the come-up who are more likely to make Atlanta’s rotation in Scoot Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy (the best active tweeter in the game), and they acquired shortstop Charlie Culberson, who helped his value with some nice late moments.

      New Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos was familiar with what the Dodgers’ needs were since he was an executive with them until the GM meetings, when he was announced as the Braves’ new man. He’d only been in Atlanta a month, but he surely heard from holdover execs and on-field personnel that it was time to move on from Kemp from a clubhouse standpoint. His superstar act probably isn’t the best for a young team, especially when he’s years removed from being a superstar.

      1. Yeah, we know all that.

        If Antho isn’t hired there, that deal doesn’t happen.

        It actually might work for both teams. It’s not a bad deal, it’s just a deal among friends.

          1. Check out the Braves blogs. The fans over there like the deal. Heyrman is reporting old takes.

    2. Lemme see (not directed at Badger solely.)

      Trade for Chris Taylor. “Luck”
      Bellinger call up. “Luck”
      Morrow turning out to be a strong arm for the pen. “Luck”
      Trade to get under luxury tax threshold. “Luck”
      Best record in MLB. “Luck.

      Do I have this right?

      1. Good fortune must happen for the team make it as far as it did.

        Why is good luck a problem for you? I think it’s great.

        But Bellinger wasn’t good luck. Just the opposite really.

        1. My problem is that some fans twist themselves into delusions of luck to avoid giving the FO credit.

          As Gary Player believed: the harder you work, the luckier you get…
          Kike’s 3HR game being lucky?
          Alex Wood’s performance being lucky?
          Jansen resigning for under-market deal being lucky?
          Turner resigning being lucky?

          1. I’m not one of those guys. Credit where credit is due. Much of what you say isn’t wrong. It’s also true that for every Taylor there are a few Kazmir’s, for every Morrow there is a few Latos’s – or would that be Latai? Whatever. I don’t think you should keep holding it against those who are not crazy about this front office. They aren’t completely screwing it up, and they haven’t built a championship team either. I understand what it is they are doing. I’d like to see more superstars here, but, so would fans in Minneapolis. If they win it all, go ahead and crow. But until then? I give ‘em a B.

      2. How about:

        Every move FBZ makes: genius, not luck.

        Winning in the postseason: luck.

        Some fans will go out of their way to give FBZ all the credit but no accountability.

        I believe football playoffs are luck. Baseball playoffs, not so much. Luck is always involved, but it’s not all luck, on the part of the players as well as the coaches, and the front office too.

    3. Badger

      They were still lucky to even get to game seven.

      If they didn’t deliver in the others games, I would feel differently, but they did deliver on offense in most of these games, but it is hard to have enough offense, to make up for three bad starts.

      That seventh game didn’t start well, and our young players, showed there lack of experience, in that game seven.

      By trying to get all the runs back, with one swing, instead of being patient, and chipping away, and getting runs back, from inning to inning.

      But your right, after a while, they looked like they were just going through the motions, up at the plate.

  15. No takes on Yelich ey?

    I look at it this way – would love to have him but only at the right price. A top 5 along with a top 10 should tempt them. #2. Verdugo and #7 Diaz is that. If they want a pitcher give them #9 Dustin May. Heck give them Grandal and Sheffield. Give them Pederson and Oaks. Give them Grandal and Forsythe, we get Yelich and Castro. There’s a bunch of ways this can get done.

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