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Snake Charmers! Dodgers Down Dbacks 8-4 on Jackie Robinson Night

Jackie Robinson Statue

The Dodgers defeated the Snakes 8-4 on Jackie Robinson night scoring 5 runs off a lefty and stopping the usual story of the club being unable to hit lefties. Well, at least for tonight. The new Jackie Robinson statue was unveiled before the game in the reserved level during an emotional ceremony. Everyone was on hand for the unveiling which included the Robinson family and Vin Scully.

The Dodgers did Jackie proud by beating the Dbacks on Saturday night, but might have suffered a big loss when Logan Forsythe had to be removed from the game with tightness in his right hamstring. It’s a shame because he’s been red hot. He was 3 for 3 in tonight’s game (double and two singles) before being removed and is 5 for his last 6. Just pray it’s not serious. The Dodgers are now 7-5 on the season and 5-1 at Dodger Stadium.

Dbacks   4 5 2

Dodgers 8 11 3





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Starter Kenta Maeda had another lousy start and I’m beginning to worry about him. Maeda was unimpressive again as he allowed 4 earned runs on 4 hits across just 4 innings of work. Maeda struck out 5, walked one and made 71 pitches. He allowed three runs in the second inning and another in the fourth.

Fortunately for the Dodgers, opposing starter and southpaw Patrick Corbin was just as ineffective, and the Dodgers got to him for four runs as well.  The Dodgers scored 2 runs in the first, one in the second, one in the fourth and one in the fifth. Three of the five runs were earned as Corbin tossed six innings allowing 9 hits and striking out 3. He walked 3 and made 95 pitches. The Dodgers added three more runs in eighth off of the Arizona bullpen highlighted by a three-run home run from Yasiel Puig.

Despite the Dodgers making 3 errors in the game, the offense came up big with eight runs on 11 hits. The Dodgers were 3 for 11 with runners in scoring position and collected 6 extra-base hits.

The Dodgers went ahead early in the bottom of the first when they got three consecutive hits and a sacrifice fly. Forsythe led off with a double and Corey Seager singled him in. Turner’s line drive double down the right field line advanced Seager to third, and Puig’s sacrifice fly scored him to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead. However the dbacks would fight back with three runs in the top of the second to take a 3-2 lead.

Jake Lamb singled to center, Brandon Drury struck out, Maeda walked Descalso. Then Nick Ahmed’s three-run shot put the Snakes ahead. The Dodgers would tie it up in the second inning when Austin Barnes’  first career major league home run hit the left field foul pole.

The Snakes would re-take the lead in the top of the fourth when Drury doubled, and Ahmed’s single up the middle scored him. Thompson bobbled the ball but I think the run would have scored anyways.

The Dodgers would tie it again in the bottom of the fourth. Scott Van Slyke reached on an Ahmed throwing error. Forsythe singled to right before having to come out of the game later. Seager’s sacrifice fly to left would score Van Slyke and tie the game at 4-4.

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Sloppy Arizona defense would gift the Dodgers a run in the bottom of the fifth. Hernandez reached on a ground-rule double. Kike would advance to third on a strikeout putout at first base when the ball rolled away from catcher Herrmann after Barnes struck out. With Kike at third, Herrmann tried to pick him off and after faking to second (Van Slyke had been intentionally walked and was stealing second); his errant throw hits Kike in the back and bounces away from third base. Kike scores and the Dodgers are up 5-4!

The rest of the game went pretty smoothly for the Dodgers. Puig would crush a monster three-run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning that put the game out of reach for Arizona. The Dodger bullpen was fantastic again as four pitchers (Alex Wood, Sergio Romo, Luis Avilan, and Kenley Jansen) combined to toss 5 shutout frames. Jansen recorded a 4-out save.

Kike had the game of his life. He doubled, scored, and made two great defensive plays. One in the outfield and one at second base. Puig went 3 for 4 with 4 runs batted in. Seager had two hits and drove in two, and Forsythe got three hits as well. For the dbacks, Nick Ahmed drove in all four of their runs with a three-run home run and an RBI single.

The Dodgers go for the sweep tomorrow as Rich Hill makes his return from the mound, blisters and all. Young right hander Taijuan Walker will counter for the dbacks. The Dodgers are now 11-3 all time on Jackie Robinson night. Jackie is smiling right now.

Touch em all Puig!

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

62 thoughts on “Snake Charmers! Dodgers Down Dbacks 8-4 on Jackie Robinson Night

  1. Well the B team did all right, Maeda was mediocre again, Wood bailed his butt out. Nice AB’s by most of the guys, congrats to Barnes on first big league dinger, and that Puig kid looks pretty good.

  2. At this rate I think we’re going to need 3 relievers that can go 2+, and keep 2 on our MLB at all times with the other subbing or rotating in from AAA. Stripling and Wood are very good so far in this role but I worry overusing them. We need a third one. Maybe Morrow? I gurss Baez can usually go 1+ if he gets to start off an inning but that will add another hour to the game.

    1. Just like last year the Division will be won (Dodgers) or lost (Giants) by the bullpen. That is how this team is constructed. We beat a good team that threw a decent left hander. Good sign.

      Schebler hit his 3rd. Montas got hit, but so did Doolitle. A lot of teams within a couple games of .500. SF in last place looks good.

  3. Michael N. Norris: “The Dodgers have not averaged 95 wins the last 2 years, they won 92 and 91 respectively.”

    Wrong!! What you don’t count PLAYOFF victories. I thought it was all about Championships. Go ahead add 2 PLAYOFF victories to 2015s 92 regular season victories and FIVE PLAYOFF victories to 2016s 91 regular season victories. Total: 94, 2015 wins and 96, 2016 wins. You see a trend??

    Michael N. Norris: “I have no problem with FAZ not signing Greinke, but the fact is they did make an offer, and Zack asked for a 6th year. They would not do that and at the last minute, the Dirtbags jumped in with stupid money.”

    I don’t think ANYBODY has a problem with FAZ not signing Greinke TODAY. A lot of people had a problem with FAZ not paying “stupid money” in 2015. Some said they, “Swallowed an Olive, coughed up a hair ball”. Hell, some posters were SINGING the praises of Stewart and LaRussa (Dumb and Dumber). A few us knew that those singers were way off key!!!

    Michael N. Norris: “FAZ got screwed when Anderson accepted his qualifying offer, but a blind man knew there was no way he was going to turn down 15.6, and what did we get for that? NOTHING.”

    Until mankind perfects the “crystal ball”, I don’t see it that way. Anderson just threw 180 innings of 3.69 ERA ball. Signing him to a ONE year contract for 15.6M is hardly a screwing in MLB. Although, with perfect hindsight we now see he was injured in 2016. Good cheap signing by FAZ in my opinion and I don’t think they were alarmed AT ALL when he accepted the QO. How is the sickly, uncoordinated, butterball going to do for Theo this year? Any predictions?

    Michael N. Norris: “I saw the game when they pasted Greinke with 5 homers, definitely a bad day at the office.”

    Not at my office!!!

    Michael N. Norris: “But you seem to think Friedman is some sort of baseball genius. The large part of the roster was acquired by FAZ, that’s true, but the meat of the farm system was put there by Logan White, before FAZ arrived, and the best prospects were already in place. FAZ’s boys have not been around long enough to really contribute.”

    I think Friedman, et al, within the Dodger organization are very smart. Don’t think you will find ANYBODY in MLB who says different. Only unknowledgeable internet posters.

    Yes, there was a farm system in place when FAZ arrived, FAZ wisely valued the “best” prospects and some are now playing for the Dodgers instead of somewhere else. Also there was many holes in the Dodger organization when FAZ arrived and the result is after only two years most of the MLB roster was acquired by FAZ. Look more carefully, lots of FAZ boys have been contributing towards winning the last two years.

    Michael N. Norris: “I see you did not address what I said about a major trade for an impact player. And you show me where Urias and Seager were even on the table when they were talking to the Phils about Hamels. Phillie might have asked for them, but there was no way they were going anywhere and not one person I know advocated trading either of those guys.”

    Learned long ago that “proving a negative” wasn’t worth the effort! Hopefully, you aren’t a guy who lives for the “big trade or signing”. Many posters here were doing more singing about San Diego in 2015 and AZ in 2016. We were told this is the model for success. We were told that, “FAZ had swallowed more olives and coughed up more hairballs”. Some posters even predicted San Diego and then AZ would finish higher than the Dodgers. When that didn’t happen, we were told, “well at least they tried”. Sound like anybody you’ve heard in the political world? I say, sometimes the best deal is the one, you didn’t make.

    Regarding Hamels, there were many reports Phils wanted Urias or Seager, even both, for Hamels. Wisely FAZ stuck to their guns and never put these two on the table. After the fact, some would have us believe DeLeon/VanSlyke would have got it done or DeLeon and Peraza (even though he wasn’t a Dodger) would have done it. Hopefully you aren’t in that camp. All you have to do is look at the haul the Phils got from TX to know this isn’t true.

    Michael N. Norris: “It’s like the Braun for Puig deal, I would not trade Yasiel for that over blown contract yet it is still being discussed. And here is a little tidbit too, none of his Cuban signings have panned out.”

    We agree on Puig, I wouldn’t trade Puig for Braun, hopefully FAZ won’t either. As I stated in an earlier thread, Brewers want to trade Braun to us, take Kazmir and three or four middling prospects. You and I don’t know what is being discussed. I like that since FAZ, the Dodgers are always reported to be in discussions on everybody. If the price is RIGHT, FAZ is in.

    I love the Cuban signings, why not, most are very young, but many are already kicking ass in the minors. I predict big things for our Cubans. Even FAZ’s worst Cuban signing, Olivera, turned into Wood/Avilan. I was ridiculed here for saying the $30M Olivera cost was, a pretty good price for Wood. I stand by that statement, much rather have Wood at $30M than Wilson or League at Ned’s $20M.

    Michael N. Norris: “You like what FAZ has done, and that’s ok. But you are in the minority.”

    Ironic you would say this on Jackie Robinson Day. Being in the minority doesn’t mean you are wrong. Watch this utube of some other people who were in the minority.

    Have a Happy Easter!!

    1. No Box, I do not count post season wins. I count the regular season. Anything you win in the post season is a plus, but MLB does not add them to the season total, so why should I? Post season stats are just that. They do not add or subtract from your regular season stats, so the wins and losses belong rightfully in a different column. My point about Anderson is considering his track record, I would never have made him a QO in the first place. You do have a valid point about the Olivera trade, Wood and Avilan have made it look a little better. As for trades for impact players, well, I do not think you need to go overboard or make some out of your head acquisition’s. I do think that sometimes there is a player available that will make your team a lot better, you at least need to look at those trades and the reward or downside of that trade. To me and a lot of other fans that I know, the Hill trade was a bad one. Yes, Hill is still a Dodger, but at what cost? Reddick was a total bust. And we got very little last year for the talent we gave up. Now maybe Hill stays healthy and has a good season. Then maybe the trade will look a little better. Besides, it only cost them 38 million to find that out. Thompson is the only one left from the trade with the Reds and White Sox. You and everyone else has to admit that sometimes the FO makes head scratching decisions. The stockpiling of mediocrity to me is maddening. But they call it depth. I remember the talk during the Hamels thing, and yes, it was widely reported they wanted Seager and Urias, but they are no different than any other team with a star player on the block, you can ask, and in some cases you will receive. Imagine the chaos if the Dodgers ever made Clayton available. Imagine the haul if he was actually traded. Imagine the uproar if he was. But, do you not think that next season, the idea might come up if they are convinced that CK is going to opt out? He should I think become a 10-5 player next year. What ever the case, We all look at the FO’s decisions with different eyes and outlooks. I have been a Dodger fan since I was 5 years old. They were still in Brooklyn then and I was a kid in LA>. My hero was Duke Snider, and I wanted to play CF for the Dodgers when I grew up. Saw my first game at the Coliseum in 1958. They lost to the Cardinals. Got my first baseball at Dodger Stadium in 1975 a Joe Ferguson homer to the left field pavilion. Think the seat cost me 1.50. I grew up watching a team that won pennants and a few World Series, I like everyone else want to see that again. FAZ has gotten there once. He still has to prove he can get there with this bunch, and personally, and this is my own opinion, he is not going to do it with an ace, and the rest of the staff 5 inning pitchers, because although he might get away with that in the regular season like they did last year, that is not going to work in a short series. You need a couple of big guns. The Dodgers have CK and a bunch of mongrel dogs. Have a wonderful Easter Box, enjoy the game.

    1. Good read bluto. The comments were also interesting.

      Did anyone ever read Ted Williams “The Science of Hitting”? Great book. He talked about plane levels. Swinging the bat in the same plane as the pitch. From an 18″ mound, with guys well over 6′ throwing overhand that swing was anything but level. But back then the goal was not fly balls, it was line drives as “7 out of 10 line drives are base hits”. The goal then was top spin. Things have changed. Now, with smaller parks, bigger stronger players using maple bats, the goal is back spin. I still value the .300 hitter. I always will. If a guy is good enough to hit .300, many of the other saber peripherals will be above average.

      1. Badger

        I too think, line drives, should be the ultimate goal, when hitting, because everything else, will fall in line.

        I think a hitter like Turner, can use that philosophy, to get the ball in the air, but with someone like Puig, it might be harder to do.

        Because Turner is a more advanced hitter, as well as, a more, relaxed hitter.

        And our best young hitter, hits mostly line drives, and hits them, all over the field.

  4. Even last year, the Dbacks hit Maeda, but what is weird is that he has two complete dominate innings, and then this.

    It is like he isn’t keeping his concentration after he walks someone, or gives up a single.

    If he can keep people off base better, and not get behind on counts, he should do better.

    Because a solo HR is a lot different then a three run HR.

    Roberts made a good decision by taking him out, and putting Wood in, to face the top of the line up, at the begining of the new inning.

    Did anyone see what Wood’s velocity was last night?

    Puig probably had his best night in a long time, because he hit in the middle, of the line up.

    Like Nomar said in the post game show, Puig has to make sure he can have at bats like this, against a pitchers with more velocity.

    Because he tends to over swing, and gets to big against pitchers, that have good velocity.

    And YF, there is always the worry about over using the bullpen, when starters can’t pitch much farther then five innings, on an average.

    And personally I think you need the top three horses in your rotation, to be reliable and good pitchers.

    You might get away with this other philosophy with your number four and five pitchers, but not with the entire pitching rotation.

    Because you need to have balance between the rotation, and the bullpen, and you need three good pitchers to pitch, in the post season.

    The top teams are not filling there rotations, with these type of pitchers.

    Lester, Arrieta, and there other top pitcher, is not only pitching five innings on an average.

    The Cubs to me, actually had one of the deepest rotations in baseball, when it comes to quality pitchers.

    They didn’t just have three starting pitchers, that were capable of starting and pitching in the post season, there number four guy Lackey, was capable too.

    He might not face the line up, the third time around, but if he is pitching fine, he isn’t the type of pitcher, that will want to come out, after five innings.

    I bet the Cub’s first three pitchers, and the Giant’s top three pitchers, didn’t only pitch five innings on an average.

  5. Another load of catbox. Spraying air freshener as I type.

    The Dodgers are no better now than they were in 2014. As long as we have the best pitcher in baseball and a great bullpen we will be competitive, as our upper middle class offense is good enough to score enough. A World Championship is a step yet taken. We all remain hopeful. We are still ranked 4th, just about even with the Nationals. That’s a good thing. We will be in it all year.

  6. Nice comprehensive dissection. I don’t have the energy.

    My take on the FAZophobic crowd is that it’s fine to criticize, but if you don’t have a Viable Alternative Strategy, or VAS, then the criticism is just rather hollow and doesn’t offer much. I’m sure it feels good, but, as we see over and over, it’s based on alternative facts:

    “NO ONE!!! wanted Rich Hill except for FAZ…..(I’m paraphrasing here)”

    Not true

    “The Dodgers could have had Hamels for De Leon and bag of balls. You know, those actual reports by journalists for whom digging up such information is their jobs, the reports that say it would have taken a prospect haul to get it done ….they don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s all lies., because I just made that up in my head.” (I’m paraphrasing here)

    It’s based on fantasy. Maybe in a hypothetical world it could’ve happened that way, but there’s no evidence to indicate this is was even a remote possibility. However, the point’s been belabored endlessly already.

    The larger point is that, like the above examples, the FAZophobic criticism is not really based on anything real or substantive. I don’t think everything FAZ touches is going to turn to gold. I think they could have made more of a play on signing Cueto, and some signings haven’t worked out, but I appreciate the overall approach they’re taking to building a sustainable winning organization. Let’s look at some facts:

    -Fangraphs rated their starting rotation as the best in baseball
    -Fangraphs rated their bullpen as the best in baseball
    -struggles against lefties not withstanding, they are the top ranked offensive team in baseball measured by WAR
    -after years of neglect and a lack of investment, their farm system is loaded. There are players in the pipeline that will keep this organization competitive for long time. Toronto’s window is closed and they’re cratering. Texas, even with Hamels, is dead in the water. This team has a bright future.
    – Especially since the signing of Dave Roberts, this organization is viewed as one that players actually want to play for. This is underappreciated. It gives the front office a strategic advantage when signing players. Kenley took less money to play here. Turner took less money to play here. Other free agents that will be on the market will want to be a part of a winning culture and play for a coach who is a great motivator and communicator and is revered by his players.
    -they’ve done all of this without tanking. They’ve stayed competitive. That’s not easy.

    What? They miscalculated when Anderson accepted the QO? I mean, who cares? That’s almost trivial. Ok, McCarthy’s been injured and Kazmir, but those type of losses, because these aren’t huge contracts, can be absorbed. At least they’re not doing stupid stuff like signing Pujols, or Greinke to stupid money, or overpaying for Samardzija because he’s a “workhorse.”

    I like the general direction this organization is going. If you disagree, ok, give us your VAS. If you can’t, well….I’m sure it’s all cathartic for you, but I don’t find it very convincing and don’t read it all that much except to clown on folks like Chile and Badger.

    1. VAS? Value added service?

      patch you ask a question that has been answered numerous times over the last two years. The questioning started for me with the signing of McCarthy and I gave my opinion on that right away. His failure was first predicted, by me, 10 minutes after his signing. Then there was the first deadline hairball, then more broken wing old guy high risks signings, the list is long and has been noted many times. Michael just went through that list yesterday. You can say you don’t agree with others takes but don’t suggest others haven’t offered their VAS. It’s been there all along.

      I’m not crazy about many of their moves, but what they have done hasnt made the Dodgers FUBAR. We’re still pretty good. Good enough to win it all? Some of us had the balls to say “nope” for the last two years and have taken a lot of crap for doing it. Most of those people, the supporters no matter what, have left for bluer, more restricted pastures, but now and then the rude shows up here again. Not saying that’s you, we all know who it is.

      I still don’t see this as a Championship caliber club. I’d like better, stronger starting pitching, but will admit our bullpen was, and probably is, good enough to cover – for the season, not the playoffs. I’d like more speed and better defense. And, I’d like more thunder in the lineup, and if we can’t get that maybe more better hitters, throughout the roster. This is not the best team in baseball. Just because it’s the Dodgers doesn’t mean they are better than anyone else. We’ve got some work to do.

      1. How does it take “balls” to predict a team won’t win the championship?

        Given the nature of being the best, it takes balls to predict a team will win. Right?

        1. Bluto

          It probably depends on the team, but I would guess, that you are right about that.

          Because even the teams that come in first, in the long 162 season, don’t always win, in the short post season, series.

          And the only way a team, goes to the World Series, is winning in these short post season series.

          And only one of the two teams, that go to the World Series, will win the whole thing.

          So your odds sound right to me.

          But I don’t think Badger was talking, about those odds.

          I think he meant that there were more people, who just fell in line, and went all in, concerning the front office, then not.

        2. It takes guts to go against the FO when you know you are going to get hammered by those who love every move they make. Does it take balls, guts or whatever to say the Cubs will repeat? Probably not because every single baseball publication I have read says they will and they are going to beat the Red Sox to do it. But I agree with Badger. I do not think and have not believed that this is a championship caliber baseball team. There are too many question marks in the starting rotation. The bullpen is damn good, the bench not so much so far. They have a lot of depth and a lot of flexibility to shuffle players up and down. This will probably allow them to be able to replace almost anyone on the roster at will. Will the replacement do a good job? That’s a huge question. They have the surplus at the minor league and major league level to make an impact trade without upsetting the plan. What ever the plan may be. And they have high caliber kids who are close to being major league ready. That being said, beyond Kershaw, I trust this rotation about as much as I trust ISIS. I would feel a little better if Urias was stretched out and ready to go. But I still have always believed that you need 3 front line starters capable of at least quality starts or going 6 innings plus, to be a real contender for the title. We are somewhere short of that. Now McCarthy has looked good through 2 starts. He made 5 his first year before blowing his arm out. If he stays healthy, we finally might see some return on the 48 million he got. But believe me brother, this team is no where near the best in the majors.

          1. Michael,

            I think this is interesting.

            Is a fan someone who’s optimistic or realistic?

            If realistic, then it’s not ballsy to predict the team won’t win the World Series. One team wins the World Series. Twenty-nine do not.

            If the role of a fan is to be optimistic, then it’s ballsy to predict failure.

            You and Badger are definitely not optimistic on the team, so how ballsy can it be to expect them not to win it all?

          2. It is because it fly’s in the face of FAZ supporters who firmly believe this team can win the whole enchilada. I disagree and that has opened me up to a lot of criticism. I can handle it, so I really do not have a problem expressing my discontent. I do not for the most part make any predictions, never have and never will. I just look at the whole picture, and draw my conclusions from that. Sometimes I am way wrong, sometimes I hit the nail on the head. But I never gloat either way. If I eat crow, so be it. One thing I do know is that I do not like playing with a short bench. At this point in time there is absolutely no reason to carry 8 relievers. And that is what they are doing for the next week or two or maybe longer. Today they have 3 bench players available, and that’s it. Not much room for what Roberts likes to do. And with the way this offense has struggled, not a very smart move either.

          3. Wrong word for you bluto?

            It sounds like you’re missing the point deliberately or just nitpicking. I’m clearly a Dodger fan and have likely been one longer than you have. The daring I refer to is obviously what Michael explained. But, you knew that, didn’t you.

      2. One man’s “speaking truth to power” is simply another man’s “heckling from the peanut gallery.”

        Neither of them are very helpful in our case because, at some point, you have to stop simply criticizing and actually offer a Viable Alternative Strategy.

        “I knew from the beginning that the McCarthy signing was bad. …..What the front office SHOULD have done instead is A, B and C.”

        You see, you’re missing the whole second part of that progression. = If not this, then that.

        It makes it easy. You don’t have to be held accountable for having an opinion. You don’t have to commit to anything. Actually offering a VAS means taking a risk that your way winds up being wrong. You can have it both ways with your approach. You can take the ballsy prediction that the Dodgers don’t win it all and say “I told ya so” when they don’t, but you can also be “pleasantly surprised” when they do.

        I pinned you down on this once last year. I finally got you to give your VAS, and you advocated basically shutting it down and putting in the rookie starting pitchers full time – Urias, De Leon and Stripling. That wasn’t really a way to win a championship. That’s basically tanking, because they clearly weren’t ready – and doing so would have burnt out their developing arms.

        So, bad idea. Got any others?

        Norris is the best, though.

        “I don’t care what anyone says. I say Grandal is a bum and he’s always going to be bum, and it’s not like the days of Steve Yeager when they were real catchers and we could use Kemp right now and FAZ are idiots and that whole pitch framing nonsense is a bunch of hogwash.”

        uh…actually the statistics clearly say otherwise

        “I don’t care about those newfangled so called statistics. Bunch of hogwash. Who am I going to believe, a bunch of stat crazy pencil pushers or my own lyin’ eyes? ..And don’t try to censor me! I have every right to my opinion and I’m gonna say it whenever I damn well please because that’s my God given right in this free nation and I could give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks. ….brah rah rah rah”


        1. You can’t possibly be talking to me patch. I have offered strategies, opinions and trade ideas since I first came to a Dodger blog last century. A simple answer to your V-ASS is stop giving money to broken down pitchers. You don’t want to pay for more aces, then let your young pitchers give it s go, trade for proven arms or sign those available to one year contracts until your many first round pitching selections are availed.

          And we aren’t GMs, privy to all that goes on in offices around the country. We can’t know who is available for what, all we can do is offer an opinion. My opinion is McCarthy, Kazmir, Hill and Latos were stupid moves. My alternative strategy is stop doing stupid sh*t.

          1. “My alternative strategy is stop doing stupid sh*t.”

            Way to go out on a limb.

            -paying for aces at the trade deadline involves paying an extra premium…scratch that
            – the young pitchers are too young. They’re not ready to assume a full load …nope
            -trade for proven arms involves, yet again, paying in prospects..what does proven arm mean anyway…nah
            -one year contracts? Oh, you mean like the Brett Andersons of the world? That reclamation project actually didn’t do too bad in his first year here. He was supposed to be a 5 but wound up the 3. But nah, I wouldn’t want to make this a centerpiece of my strategy. next

            And again…specifics, not generalities.

            You could try to get a solid pitcher with a checkered past who’s peripherals are on the upswing. There’s risk, but the financial outlay makes it moderate to low risk. If he pitches up to his potential, he more than lives up to his contract.

    2. Dodger patch

      I have often said, that Roberts, was there best signing.

      He and his coaches, has really made a difference with the team.

      And I think you made a great point about signing Cueto, and back loading his contract, and giving him an opt out, after two years.

      We will have to see, if the Giants sign him back, after his opt out.

      And you wouldn’t do that, with his injury concerns, and his age, and that is the right move.

      But the way he has pitched for the Giants, and the fact that they don’t have much young pitching in there minor league system, I won’t be surprised, if they do resign him.

      Really it is somewhere in between both of these two, extremes.

      1. MJ, there was a story I read this morning, I cannot remember on which feed, but Queto said he wanted to finish his career in the AL. I took that to mean he would opt out. No Forsythe in the lineup today due to a tight hammy. They still have not announced the roster move needed to activate Hill. If it were me, and the fazmaniacs will jump all over me for this, I would DFA Hatcher, but that’s just me. Starting lineup posted. Toles in the 1 hole, Utley hitting 8th, and Puig 7th with a RH pitching.

        1. Michael

          That sounds odd about Cueto, because when he went over to the Royals, at the trade deadline in 2015, he really didn’t pitch well.

          And he was having some problem with his arm or shoulder before that, but his films, showed no structional damage.

          That is why I didn’t want the Dodgers to sign him.

          But I thought Dodger patch, had a pretty good idea, about signing Cueto.

          The main risk concerning Cueto, would be if Cueto got hurt, in the first two years.

          Cueto will definitely opt out this year, if he is healthy, and continues to pitch well.

          1. They sent Thompson down which means a 3 man bench today with Forsythe unavailable.

          2. I thought it odd too, but maybe he does not want to pick up a bat anymore and just wants to concentrate on his pitching, in that way it would make sense. Just like Otani wants to sign with an AL club so he can DH on days he does not pitch.

          3. Michael,

            There’s zero truth to that rumor about Otani.

            Just dumb fans speculation.

            He won’t hit in MLB.

          4. Was not a rumor, was based on a conversation someone in the media had with Otani. He loves to hit and believes he can in the majors….I just report what I read signor.

          1. To continue in that Man Of La Mancha theme I addressed this yesterday. To FAZ, Hatcher is fair Dulcinea but to the rest of us, he is only Aldonza the barmaid. And who’s to say he can’t change?

      2. Roberts was criticized quite a bit last year. In fact he’s still referred to as simply a FAZ sock puppet. I think he’s really brought a different culture to the organization.

        1. Roberts has been great, with all the players, and he has done well, with handing the bullpen.

          This guy was made to manage, he has all the different qualities, that makes a good manager.

          And the fact that he had to work hard, to even play in the bigs, makes him even better.


  7. Badger

    Trayce missed to much time, because of his back, and he didn’t start spring training, until the end of spring training.

  8. Hill injured! Who would have thought….
    Waiting for CatBox to explain how all this is part of FAZ’s ingenious plan… The biggest failures on the Dodgers have to be the rich fools who hired him with so many better available…. That is the contract that ought to be eaten…

    1. Yep, that 38 million investment looks really good about now eh Jonah? NOT! Hell, at this point promote Urias and age be damned.

      1. Michael

        What the heck did Puig hit there, was it an off speed pitch, he hit off the end of his bat?

        I felt like Charlie, because I didn’t see where it went.

        Hill is just going to have to be honest, if he isn’t ready, because he wasn’t fooling anyone.

        But he did do the right thing, when he was down on the count, when the bases were loaded, by just walking the hitter, instead of throwing a strike, and letting the hitter, hit one out.

      1. The Dodgers have a copse of corpses. Someone stick a fork in Utley. SVS has reached his pinnacle and is settling back to his natural level of mediocrity. We have already made the call on Hatcher, Baez is clinging to a piece of driftwood. The Dodgers need a good housecleaning, starting with the housekeeper himself, FAZ.

          1. Jonah

            Good guess about split finger, is fastball.

            I really don’t know.

            I remember that Bruce Sutter, was the first to throw one of those.

  9. Stripling has been so good, not only does he strikes out Arrenando in Colorado, he just struck out Goldy.

    His is pitching with so much confidence!

  10. Utley’s batting average is not only lower than his weight, it’s also lower than his IQ. So even he should see it’s time to hang them up… He’s making Kike’ look good…

    1. I had just noticed that about Utley.

      But I knew he wasn’t going to do well, because he isn’t playing enough, and getting consistent at bats.

      The first time he was traded here, he had been hot in Phillie, but he wasn’t hot for the Dodgers, because once he got here, Mattingly didn’t give him much playing time, like now, so I am not surprised by this at all.

      It is hard to hit decently, when a player isn’t getting enough consistent at bats and that is why Manny Mota was so good, because he could get a hit, without having consistent at bats.

      And for the lefties that are platooned now, they are going to be on the bad side of the platoon, if every team, continues to throw a leftie, at the team.

      The right hand platoon players, will be getting more consistent at bats, then the leftie platoon players.

      It is usually the other way.

      I think they said they will be facing three lefties in a row.

      And that Robbie Ray has been tough on the team, in the past.

    2. Kershaw gave up those three home runs the other night. Clearly he’s done and the Dodgers should trade him while he still has some value.

      1. You joke, of course. But if some team would trade us 3 ten game winners, wouldn’t we be better off? Moneywise also.

        1. Jonah and Badger,

          I read that Roberts said the bullpen was a possibility, for Hill.

          I didn’t think much about Hill, beyond he was going to have to wait, until he was really ready, but after reading that, you guys just might be right.

          That doesn’t sound good.

          I wonder how many innings, or starts he made for the A’s, last year.

          1. 14 starts, 76 innings.

            $54 million. He’s paid $18.67mm in ’19 when he’s 39. Wait, I have to have V-ASS – how about this – stop it with the stupid ASS signings.

            Maybe his blister will heal by ’19.

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