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Stewart Helps Sweep Snakes, Puig Homers Again. Dodgers Win 3-1

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

56 thoughts on “Stewart Helps Sweep Snakes, Puig Homers Again. Dodgers Win 3-1

  1. I’m really not sure how I feel about Stewart. I think he was lucky to win this one as either he, or the bullpen, could have short-circuited as in games past. He doesn’t really seem ready for this stage. Glad to see Howell & Co. not blow the kid’s lead.

    Of course, the good news is, my boy Puig goes yard to give some clutch insurance to a questionable Dodger win against LH pitching. Puig or Reddick? Ha! Not even a question for me.

    What has become a question for me is Segedin. The guy has fallen on his face lately. I’m not talking about the error. Just his batting is heading in Reddick’s direction. If this is what some think is Agone’s future replacement, he is going to have to really prove himself from now on or he may find himself going back to the minors.

    1. Is the “book” on him starting to be published to the rest of the league, or is he playing too little to keep his swing together? Segedin showed up from AAA taking at bats on a regular basis, now he has been asked to sit more than play, might explain the sudden drop in productivity.

  2. I like Stewart in a long reliever/ spot starter role next year. I think if he gets more experience he can be a mid rotation innings eater when he hits prime years. We don’t need so many aces – strong rubber arms here and there would be great.

    I like Segedin but let’s see how he adjusts. This may be it for him but you never know.

      1. They keep Culberson because he is an exceptional fielder, and he gets clutch hits now and then, and believe it or not he is hitting about 50 points higher than Kike, who at this point is terrible.

  3. I think Stewart is a 2.5 type rotation guy or better and I think he will be in the rotation at the beginning of 2017. I have had thoughts that if Jansen is not signed then Stripling might become the closer.

    1. Bumsrap, I have no formed opinion of Stewart as of present, so will not comment on where he ends up. However, I do have a formed opinion of Stripling, and NOT as a closer. Stripling is far from a dominant pitcher. He has neither the heat or the presence of Jansen. He also has no track record that any team could be confident in. Why would the Dodgers go for him rather than going out and getting a proven closer like they were going to do with Chapman? If not signing Jansen is the direction that FAZ want to go in, at least plug in someone with a killer streak and power to back it up with.

      1. There are some examples where others maybe like have shown success as a closer.

        Peroniski, Stu Miller, maybe Larry Sherry.

        95mph is not the only path to the closer role.

  4. I am going to bring this up from the last thread, because it is important that you understand what actually happened when Roberts was hired. Snider said: But as I recall, Kapler sure looked like the favorite until somebody decided to interview more candidates.

    1. Roberts was one on the original interviewees and one of the two finalists, so it’s totally false that the FO wanted Friedman to interview more prospects. Roberts WOWED them in the first interview.

    2. When was the last time Kapler or Ned or any GM worth their salt told you or anyone what they were thinking? The press were the ones making you think Kapler was the leader. Do you really think FAZ told them that? Hell no! Did FAZ ever tell anyone they were going to trade Dee Gordon? No, they told them the opposite! Did FAZ say what they were going to do with Puig? NOPE!

    Now, we don’t know what went down every step of the way, but many of you just want to believe the worst about FAZ so you just make up your own narrative. You do it on everything. Whatever happens is FAZ’s fault! You spin it to fit your own narrative – damn the facts!

    AND IT PISSES MANY OFF I WON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. When finally, it is apparent they are wrong, they attack me personally, like the sophomoric TruBlue Thru& Thru. Here’s what he said about the team earlier in the season (among a lot of other things):

    Please send wake-up alarm when this season ends. This may be one of the least entertaining clubs that I have ever had the “pleasure” of watching. If the brass was unwilling to go for it when they had Kershaw and Greinke, are they willing or even capable of rolling the dice when the odds are really against us going all the way this season? If I had to guess, I don’t think they will be willing and are going to stand pat, collect the ticket sales, parking fees, concession stand sales and wait for another year or two. We are all frustrated and the frustration is growing, it’s to the point that it is actually difficult to watch an entire game, it just lacks entertainment value, more action on “flip or flop tv show” with the hot wife than the Dodgers provide. I’ll take a peak every few innings at this point, but …

    So, attack the guy who claimed to understand THE PLAN and always believed the Dodgers would be in it at the end. His posts speak for themselves.

    Then, there is BOB who loves to attack me to obfuscate his belief in fiction:

    Still waiting for a RP. May still be waiting in early October when the season is over. Neddy Jr. just does not understand the value of relief pitchers. This team sucks almost as much as their trainers. … and then he dove into just attacking me every post.

    Where is The Truth Hurts? And yes, the starting pitching is terrible, the bullpen is terrible…..this team is REBUILDING, it has been, the question I want to know it, how long does FAZ get? The automatic ASSUMPTIONS that these guys are the second coming of Jesus Christ is getting comical with some of the hindsight going on but I’ll stop, I’m going to hold my breath, maybe I’m wrong…….

    This team is TERRIBLE.


    He left the board, just like Watford Dodger who said this at the start of the season:

    Bobby I like your idea and I’ve seen enough to predict an 81-81 season.

    I hope I’m wrong, but from what I’ve seen of ST, I’m afraid the optimism placed in Joc & Puig rebounding is misplaced.

    To have so many injuries prior to the season starting is a big concern, especially to the starting pitchers.

    The form of any starting pitcher not named Clayton – especially Kazmir & Wood (Maeda has started well but early days).

    Kendrick, Kiki, Grandal, Agon, Seagar, Puig, Turner & Ethier all injured or recovering from injury.

    The Bullpen is almost picking itself on who sucks the least.
    Kenley, Coleman & Hatcher are the only locks for me.

    A rookie manager?

    Like I said, I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long season.

    Of course, there is Badger who is going to always say the opposite I do…because that’s what he do! Badger is very persuasive. Scott even fell for it at one time:

    I gotta admit, Badger was right all along. They suck. Badger, you know your stuff. They’re on pace for about 75-80 wins.

    I would love to see some changes. I think it’s time to blow this up. Hard to watch this garbage. Start moving some of the veterans.

    Now, let’s get one thing straight. I am not a FAZ fan – I am a Dodger fan, but I understood what they were doing (are doing). Badger said the plan was 2018. I said the plan was 2018 and now! The truth is plain to see that is exactly the case – they are building for 2018 and beyond while winning now!. You guys (and girls) get really pissed when I expose the folly of your ideas. FAZ ain’t perfect. They have made some really good deals and some that may not be so good… but we really don’t know yet! Yet, you love to jump the gun.

    Sorry, but it’s pretty much working out like I thought.. and if you are truly a Dodger fan, that’s a good thing!

    1. You are beating a dead horse, I don’t think anyone else actually gives a damn about this, at this point, but you. Move on to something fresh. You have old grudges and axes to grind, we get it, you are great and you know more than anyone else. MOVE ON! This same old theme from you is beyond old at this point.

      1. True, nobody cares what someone else thinks and, more importantly, realize they can’t control it. The team changed greatly over the course of the season, from very boring to quite exciting. That certainly explains some attitude changes here. MOVE ON is the best advice you could give anyone here.

    2. There was a comment by Chile where he advocated blowing up the team this year..getting rid of everyone…even Kershaw. I thought I had saved that to post in times like this, but I can’t find it. I think he even advocated for the team to lose so FAZ would lose their jobs.

      Truther characterized the lineup as gutless and predicted the Dbacks would win 30 more games this year than last, because the Dbacks, unlike the Dodgers, had the guts to go for a “win now” approach.

      Aren’t we allowed to gloat a little bit? I think it’s better to gloat when the team we all allegedly love does well than gloat when it fails just because we win an argument.

      1. DP-

        Nice try but the reason why you can’t find it is because I never said that……..’advocated blowing up the team this year..getting rid of everyone…even Kershaw. He even advocated for the team to lose so FAZ would lose their jobs.’

        Never said or typed any of that. Probably why you can’t find it.
        I, for one would sign Kershaw BUT if I was a betting man I would bet he ops out and goes elsewhere. That is based on the history and track record that I have seen. I could be right and I could be wrong. You nor I will know until after the 2018 season. Now if Kershaw has back problems the next 2 years, that changes everything.

        Sounds to me like you have a personal vendetta cause if I had made comments like that I’m sure Mark would have noted them as he doesn’t miss a chance to say ‘I told you so.’

        Maybe you should question Mark when about a month or so ago, he advocated a willingness to trade Kershaw and all the veterans. Maybe that’s the post you recall. That wasn’t me.

        All I’ve said and will continue to say. Moneyball has NEVER won a WS. Friedman is making twice what Epstein makes and yet Epstein has 2 WS titles.

        (Now keep in mind I really hope the Cubs DO NOT win the WS, but me wishing doesn’t matter as they could be a very formidable opponent come the post season.)

        Post season baseball is SO MUCH different than the regular season. Last year the Cardinals won 100 games BUT they did not have that one or two dominant pitchers and it caught up with them in the post season with their early exit.

        In the post season you do not go up against the staffs/lineups of San Diego, Colorado, Arizona, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

        The Dodgers offense has shown signs of life and has been a lot more productive lately BUT in the playoffs there are only 25 guys on the roster so many of their platoons will be limited. Also, will their top starting pitchers be able to control good lineups?

  5. Friday Urias
    Sunday De Leon
    Tuesday Strippling
    Wednesday Stewart

    You would think this is a team 20 games out of first place. Not only do we win, but we actually increase our lead. Throw the book out. A new interpretation of baseball is needed. Chapter 1: A Cavalcade of Relief Pitchers

      1. The bullpen had been the difference. Offense helps of course. As does the mighty collapse of the Giants. As does playing in a crappy division. But the bullpen has been enormous in the way FAZ have used it: a multitude of pitchers given a limited number of pitches per pitcher per game. Its a unique spin on relief pitching. But of course scoring runs does indeed help. Though we haven’t won anything yet!

      2. Jeff
        I agree with that, and we had some gusty performances from the pen in the first half, that also helped us get where we are.

  6. Amen? Did you even read it? You approve of his arrogant, patronizing tone?

    The same thing is happening here that happened on the other blogs that Mark was involved with. The only reason he started his own blog was so he could censor and ban the many posters who disagreed or called him on the hubris of his posts. Just like what we’ve seen in his last two condescending offerings. The best, most knowledgeable baseball posters all left because of the way he tries to humiliate anyone who dare disagree. It will happen here too. In fact, it has already happened.

    We are ALL Dodger fans. That point appears to be lost in here. I’ve grown weary of the ongoing battle with this narrow minded imperious jerk.

    One last thing, don’t believe a word he says about his history. The Mountainmover story is fiction.

    Good luck. Go Blue.

    1. Mark’s not getting banned. Your quiet and slow drum roll for that eventuality is not going to get any traction.

      His personality here is that of a human wrecking ball. This site is for discussion and rendering opinions, often provocative and critical ones. Why should those be immune from being challenged? If you’re going to make an argument that is controversial, critical, biting, negative or built on a faulty assumption, be prepared to have that edifice knocked down. All’s fair.

      Egos get bruised when positions get attacked, so his character gets attacked. I find that more objectionable.

    2. I’ve grown weary of the ongoing battle with this narrow minded imperious jerk.

      That’s Badger’s go to when he is losing… Maybe I’ll go back and dredge up all your arrogant, patronizing comments….

      “The Mountainmover story is fiction.”

      I would be willing to let a court to decide that tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind taking every last dime you have.

      Right there you show your character. I don’t mind people who disagree with me. Scott disagrees with me all the time and we are fine. I mind mean-spirited people who disagree and have no argument. I have called you a moron (I have called myself one too), but I have not attacked your personal character. You just revealed your true character. When backed into a corner because you are losing, you are more than a jerk. You are a sub-human devoid of any morals. Sad, but true.

      I like it when I am underestimated.

  7. I like Mark being Mark when he isn’t doing a “I know you are but what am I ” type comment.

    Scott created the home here for Trump like comments to thrive here and I like that Mark puts crow on the plate for those that need multiple portions of it.

    Note, I am not calling Trump anything, just recognizing that he casts dispersions on others, rightly or wrongly

    This place is a happier place now.

    1. I agree about the double helpings of crow.

      This is a discussion board about baseball. People will have opinions – strong ones. If someone wants to express themselves and offer an opinion or a point of view that is provocative or critical, why is there this assumption that your opinion or criticism is immune from counter criticism or attack?

    2. just reread you comment. Are you comparing Mark’s critics and their polemical technique to Trump?
      If so, I think that’s kind of funny.

  8. Today will suck. No Dodgers or Giants to watch.

    Nats play at 4pm vs Philly. That matters to us in the race for home field in round 1

  9. Good job Mark! Or should I say “Counselor”? The evidence you presented is overwhelming. Looks like the naysayers now want to talk about FAZ about as much as Crooked Hillary wants to talk about emails. Not calling Crooked Hillary anything, just recognizing that she lies like the sleaziest criminal.

    1. I don’t think there’s much room to be any more full of bullshit than Hillary Clinton as there can be only one Donald Trump. It’s really down to this? A vote either way should feel like treason.

  10. Oh, and for those of you who assume that buying an uber high priced free agent blue chipper starting pitcher makes that pitcher a workhorse and immune from injury ……https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/stephen-strasburg-leaves-return-start-with-apparent-injury-013054778.html

    This might depress his value a bit, but I was anticipating that his next contract would exceed Greinkes…and there were a few here who were advocating signing this guy or a guy of his caliber.

    Just food for thought. Spending through the roof does not guarantee production.

    1. I don’t think anyone on this board “assumes that buying an uber high priced free agent blue chipper starting pitcher makes that pitcher a workhorse and immune from injury”

      If anyone does assume that, please announce yourselves now!

      1. Bobby
        You are right everyone here knows pitchers have more injuries it seems, then position players, but I don’t know what the numbers are, so don’t quote me on that.

        But there are pitchers, that tend to make most of there starts, and if they are effective, they will get paid more money, then pitchers with injury histories.

        And the two big pitchers that the Dodgers have paid in the last three or four years, have made most of there starts, and pitched really well for the team.

        The only exception, is Ryu, but he did pitch pretty well, considering what he already had wrong with him.

        I still can’t believe the Dodgers consulated a trainer, instead of a doctor, on Ryu’s scans, if that was true.

        The bullpen pitchers was a different story.

        I still don’t like Brian Wilson.

        1. Ryu, who had a tear in his labrum when he was signed, gave the team two exceptional years. Maeda, who had question marks about his health and pitching every fifth day, has been the team’s most consistent starter. Kershaw the Horse is on the DL.

          You can’t always predict these things.

    2. No one thinks that a high priced player will be immune from injury, patch, but that doesn’t mean the player doesn’t produce when playing. A guy like Strasburg is gonna get his due unless he becomes a cripple. He’s already done his part this year to help his team gain 1st place and a playoff spot. In basketball, they expect injury and they still go out and spend $100-200 million on a player. And, basketball is a much more injury prone sport than baseball.

      I’ll still take Greinke back. The chemistry here for him was magic. And, he loved Grandal catching for him!

      1. But the argument I’ve been having with some here, including Rick, is that the FO is silly and needlessly foolhardy in going after pitchers such as Hill who have a history of injury. My point is that even paying top dollar for an elite pitcher is not any more assurance that that pitcher will not be on the DL. You pay a lot for reputation, but that reputation doesn’t always predict the future. A guy like Hill, who has kind of flown under the radar for his career, right now at least, has pitched at an elite level.

        Do you take a chance on a guy like Hill, who can pitch really really well when healthy, or do you pay 8 times as much for a guy like Strasborg, who can pitch really really well, but is not a lock to not go on the DL? Do you overpay for a name brand, or do you look for quality that’s a little cheaper?

        1. In baseball overpayment is relative. Most overpriced contracts become typical, even bargain prices in just a few years. Some (like ARod) are still outlandish at the end. But most become current market rate after a few FA winters have passed.

  11. Becoming obvious to me that Reddick, though not Roberto Clemente, is a fine ball player and will contribute to the Dodger effort going ahead. Now let’s get to the fine rookie performance of Jharel Cotton. I’m not gonna give the stats, you can look them up yourself, suffice to say it was a great 1st time effort and though we still have to wait for the real verdict on the “trade,” right now it’s balancing a little less on the “wonderful” side, to say the least. Of course we’re still going to have to wait a while[maybe 3 or so years] to fully and fairly evaluate the good or bad of this FAZ trade. Personally I really thought Grant Holmes was going to be a very good MLB starting pitcher but I don’t really know chit about it other than what I observed watching him in a high A game vs Elssie Storm. He looked very impressive in that particular game.

  12. The MLB Channel is so filled with Giant fans, that they are now trying there best, to say the Giants still have a good chance to win the West.

    If the Dodgers even just win three games on this road trip, the Giants would still have to win quite a few games, to make head way, in this race.

    Sweeping the Dbacks, put the Dodgers in a really good place, before going on the road.

    I hope they can at least win there series against the Marlins, but a sweep would be even better.

    It is going to be really hard for Kershaw to go out of his first game, against Fernandez.

    Because Kershaw is such a competitor, so Roberts is going to have to take charge with Kershaw, to protect him.

    Kershaw will probably only be allowed to pitch five or six innings, depending on his pitch count.

    And how many of his pitches, were pitched under stress.

    It was good to get a win, and to rest Agone and Grandal yesterday, so they will be ready to perform in this next road trip.

    About Agone, considering we have known that Agone has had neck problems, it was good to see Agone hit that HR on fastball thrown from Greinke.

    That fastball was in a position that you would think, someone with a bad neck couldn’t even swing at, but Agone hit that fastball out.

    1. Sure, they will be careful with Kershaw, but I expect the biggest difference will not be how he pitches, but how the bats will support him. If I were the Marlins, I’d be throwing nothing but lefties out on the mound. This is the single greatest weakness of this team.

      1. Jeff
        Fernandez, and the leftie pitchers, is what concerns me too.

        And I actually think that Mattingly brought up a AAA leftie pitcher, to pitch against us, in the first series, we played against the Marlins.

        And we didn’t do well against that AAA leftie pitcher, but maybe that pitcher stayed up in the bigs.

  13. Has anyone heard an explanation for what is going on with McCarthy?

    I know he had a terrible results in the last game he threw in, and he said that he felt fine, but I haven’t heard anything else about him.

  14. This is the most amazing Dodger team that I can remember. A true organizational team. I’m glad it’s happening when the giants appear to be transitioning into mediocrity again. In spite of all the misses with the Cubans, I guess we have to give credit to someone for dumping them. The Last One is still there and still might be ok. Maybe. They should have lost the game yesterday, being outhit with AZ leaving 11 on base. But they did not. I think they lead something in come from behind wins. When did that happen last? I saw another of Robert’s interviews after the game, and he is so bright, even cool. He bochied the 6th inning with 1 pitcher per batter. He believed in Dayton, no matter which batter he had to face, and Dayton, after being behind in the count, came up with a K. Still 3 weeks to play with the giants being in desperation mode. Love it. How about DeLeon pitching in Yankee stadium next week? Huge stage. The Yankees are still hanging around the wild card, so it should be good. Cardinals for 4 against the giants next week, I think. Go them.

    1. I think you could put the 88 club ahead of this one. There was no way on paper they matched up with anybody. The Mets beat them 11 of the 12 games they played that year. When Gibson first got hurt everyone thought they were toast, but they rode Hershiser, and a cast of thousands and beat the Mets, and then the A’s. Both superior teams on paper.

  15. Why the discussion on Strasburg? He already signed an extension with the Nats.

    So what is the mountainmover story? Hope it’s not anything like the noodle incident.

    1. The book is moving along very well. I stopped writing it for 6 years, but was recently given permission to start it again. I’ll give a quick write up if you want to hear it someday soon.

  16. MJ,

    I heard that McCarthy was throwing strikes and they were just hitting it. His control was good, but his velocity was down (91-92). He is normally 93-95. I don;t know if that means anything. He will get another start. That should tell the tale. He could be valuable down the stretch, but if he’s not there, we have others.

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