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Are We Witnessing The End of The Line For Kenley Jansen?

Kenley Jansen is the most fearsome closers in Dodger’s franchise history. He’s been pitching for over a decade now, and has been beloved by Dodger fans since the first time we heard California Love blaring over the Chavez Ravine speakers during his first trot to the mound in the ninth inning. But are we seeing the end of the line for Kenley?

It’s becoming painfully obvious that Kenley is not the same pitcher he once was during the days when he was one of the most dominant relievers in baseball. Look it’s nobody’s fault. These things just happen. Kenley’s biggest enemy has always been father time. Jansen is old. He’s now 32 years old and has been pitching for the Dodgers since 2010. Not many relievers last as long as he has. One of the most volatile positions in baseball is relief pitching, especially the closer role. With relievers you are literally here today and possibly gone tomorrow. We don’t see many pitchers that have the staying power that Kenley has. It’s admirable and we love him. I love Kenley, and always will.

But it’s time for the Dodgers and everyone to face the stark reality. Kenley just doesn’t have it anymore, and the longer the Dodgers draw this out, the more painful it will be for Kenley and all of us to watch. We watched a man named Kenley Jansen who barely resembles the Kenley that we know blow a three-run lead to the cheater Astros on a nationally televised loss on Saturday evening. Kenley allowed six consecutive batters to reach base and allowed four runs to cross the plate while not recording a single out.

It was a cringe worthy outing for Kenley who has actually fared pretty well this season. But if you watch him pitch you can tell there is no turning back for him and the Dodgers. It’s quite common for older pitchers in their 30’s to lose a couple ticks on the fastball (which Kenley already has) but for a pitcher like Kenley who relies so heavily on movement and spin (specifically his cutter), to lose that ability is akin to Michael Jordan losing his ability to shoot. Kenley doesn’t have that movement anymore on his pitches and without that he becomes very hittable, as we saw in Saturday’s loss to Houston.

I understand that with the Dodgers almost 20 games above .500 and the best record in baseball, the game wasn’t super important in the standings. I still didn’t think it was a good idea to just leave Kenley out there to blow the game. It was obvious he didn’t have it and Dave Roberts should have had someone warming, and should not have left Kenley out there to rot on the mound.

Regardless, this is not going to be easy for anybody. Would you trust Kenley in the playoffs, or in the World Series? I’m not sure the Dodgers need to take that risk. Jansen has one more year remaining on his contract before he enters free agency. Maybe the best way to show respect towards Kenley is to not let him embarrass himself in the postseason. Let him pitch in middle relief and allow someone else to close games. At this point the Dodgers are going to probably have to do that. Unless they believe that Kenley’s confidence is more important that winning a championship. Sometimes the needs of the many greatly outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. The Dodgers are going to have to make a touch decision soon.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

29 thoughts on “Are We Witnessing The End of The Line For Kenley Jansen?

  1. Dodgers have given Jansen plenty of rope…maybe too much, if you ask me. I thought he has been treading water for the last two years. It seems Jansen is finally admitting he is ineffective, and through lying about it. The problem is, the Dodgers still owe him $20M for 2021. These contracts now days are ridiculous. The players have absolutely no accountability. When will these owners wise up and stop raining money and guaranteed years on these players? I wish these players would be true to his teammates and fans, and walk away. Forfeit his remaining salary, or at least give it to charity.

    Jansen HAS reached the end of the rope, but what do you do with him? I have no trust in him at all, in any situation…. well maybe an expensive mop up man. No fool Owner will take on his contract. Dodgers are stuck with him, and DR will continue to use him as the closer. DR always has done this with washed up players, hoping for a miracle…. he’s doing the same with Wood.

    Jansen…What a disappointment.

    1. Well, just as I figured. Roberts, as advertised, throws Kenley Jansen back on the bump, to face his fears. Yes they had a non-save situation with a four run lead, BUT CT3 said, “Wait one F’n minute!…. we need some insurance runs!”. Taylor’s 3-run jack turned a simple non-save, into a “mop up” situation, which Jansen appeared to handle very well (thank you very much). No pressure,… “just remember to sweep out the dugout and clubhouse, and turn out the lights before you go home, Kenley.“

      I’m still a bit leary about putting Jansen in with just a 1-run lead, or heaven forbid, a extra inning, with a runner on 2nd situation.

      Big series with the Padres, who are now just 2.5 games behind our Dodgers. Yikes! I hope the Dodgers do not need a “closer”, because DR will most certainly put the game in Kenley’s hands again, in hopes that he can face his demons.

      Some bright spots…. The “Bazooka” Graterol could be the next Dodger “Closer”.
      Victor Gonźalez could be the 5th starter they have been looking for. JT will return soon, as will Kelly.

      As they closeout the season, the Dodgers are reverting to their TBD starting rotation…. will we see more Bullpen games? Will Kenley have any gas left in the gas can for the October drive? Will Muncy and Bellinger awake from their comas and tighten their jock straps for the stretch run? After the red hot Padres, the Dodgers have to face the AL West leading A’s, and the dangerous Rockies and Angels, who are fighting for the Wild Card, and always give the Dodgers a run for their money… a scary gauntlet to encounter, with a shaky pitching staff and two of their key hitters shooting blanks.

      BTW, I heard that the A$$tros team bus entering the main gate was an empty decoy, as the Dodgers left the back lot gate open so the actual team bus could sneak in. Why would Dodger Brass allow that to happen? Hmmmm? Are the Dodgers that “soft”?

      Go Blue!

  2. OMG. Our Dodgers rolled over and played dead. Padres celebrate over their win against the hapless Dodgers. Dodger lead trimmed to 1 1/2 games.

    Dodgers unable to step it up after Grisham’s childish tactics….Dodgers are soft. 14 KO”s totally unacceptable. A weak lineup full of Mendozas and “wanna‘ be” Mendozas Is unacceptable. A defensive lineup which resembled The Keystone Cops, unacceptable. DR’s management tactics, unacceptable.

    After burning out the bullpen in the game before, “Captain Hook” DR yanks Kershaw in the heat of an epic pitching dual, putting the game in the hands of the leftover bullpen.

    I hate to say, “ I told you so”…. I am tired of saying, “I told you so”. The Dodgers have a target on their backs, and after last night’s game, the target is larger than ever. I unfortunately see a first round elimination for our Doggers,

  3. Man, you clowns are brutal. Talk about, “….what have you done for me lately” Sheesh.

    ANY team can be eliminated in a ridiculous 3 game series – that’s on Manfred and the owners (once again!) for allowing it.

    Yeah, Kenley isn’t what he once was – SHOCKING! – Who is? You aren’t and neither am I. Kenley needs to be moved back into middle relief and if he can regain any form possibly be used in setup situation – though I think Graterol or others are more suited to that now.

    As far as contracts – they get what the market will bear. I would too, so would you. And you expect any player to walk away and give his remaining salary up. Hilarious.

  4. Well, sorry Dan, but that is what baseball has turned into…. a huge Money Pit where players do not care about the fans, just their wallets. It is not us fans, who give out the contracts, the owners do, but we certainly foot the bill, The owners do not. Even after shelling out the millions to their players, the owners still laugh to the bank with multi-millions in profits.

    The money is too huge to just look the other way, and see these players literally steal millions from the fans. It definitely IS, “what have you done for me lately?”. The greedy players, agents, and owners owe it to the fans, to produce. The owners do not care, as long as those turnstiles and concessions keep rolling the cash in. The players do not care, because their millions are guaranteed. The agents do not care, “because they certainly got their shares“. Sure these players may have performed miracles in the past, and I respect that. But what he has done in the past does not justify the salary he is making today if he does not do his job, it is as simple as that. If you do not see it Dan, then you are possibly part of the problem. Sheeesh!

      1. It’s all relative, Bluto…..How I see it vs. how you see it. I respect your views.

        I may not be right, but that does not make you any more righteous.

        Glass half empty – Me
        Glass half full – You

        IMO, you, like Paul, are not willing to face reality, and continue to make excuses for MLB’s and Dodgers’ failures to the fans. MLB, its’ players, and their agents make too much money for me to feel sorry for them…. It is a business, so I expect them to do their jobs. What is so wrong about that?

        But, I still love the game. Don’t get me wrong. I just do not agree with the direction it has taken.

        1. The problem is it makes no sense.

          They make what they deserve, obviously.

          You expect them to do their jobs is a lovely sentiment. What you don’t write is, you want to be the one who defines what their job is.

          There’s nary one piece of evidence that the players are greedy.

          I don’t know where to even begin with your supposition that the owners aren’t “footing the bill” for players’ salaries…

          1. Bluto,

            You go ahead and believe what you want to believe.

            I’ll go ahead and believe what I want to believe.

            We very rarely see any shred of evidence to support your views, other than the views you are getting through those dang rose colored glasses. I told you to get rid of those things, you’ll go blind….. Well, Maybe it is too late to make any difference.

          2. Let’s be honest here Bluto. The players are millionaires. I have a hard time feeling sorry for millionaires. Should we shed a tear for the feelings of multi-millionaires? Do you think the millionaires (owners and executives included) go through the same problems that you and I do? I think they can handle a little criticism. If you make millions on the big stage then you should be able to be critiqued harshly by writers and commenters on the internet.

          3. fyi Bluto, do you believe they deserve to make more money than doctors? The players make more money then doctors, nurses, soldiers and front line workers. Do you think that’s fair? There is overwhelming evidence the players and owners are all greedy. Millions Bluto, that’s what they make. Should we shed a tear and treat them with kid gloves? Don’t critique the poor millionaires.

          4. Of course the deserve to make more than doctors. And doctors deserve to make more than players.

            That’s how markets work. There are more paths to getting an MD than getting into the majors. The medicine profession allows people who go to school at some third rate school in Mississippi to market themselves as a peer to a Harvard Medical School graduate. This undoubtably creates downward pressure on what a Harvard trained doctor can make.

            Thankfully baseball is much more of a meritocracy. We should applaud that!

            It is 100% true that I don’t prove everything I say, but you haven’t come within TWO AREA CODES of explaining:
            1. Baseball as a money pit
            2. fans footing the bill, not owners.
            3. Players not doing their job

            Scott, if you think what BlueFan and I discuss here ever impacts baseball players you are completely insane.

            I criticize owners all the time. For adhering to silly luxury tax thresholds for no real reason. But BlueFan is painting it like fans are suffering for this “greed”.

            We’re not. Access to games, to stats, to players is more universal than at any time in history. The number of forums for fans and number of interesting analysis and commentary are at an all-time high.

            It’s the best time to be a fan. It may not even be close.

          5. Of course nothing we say here impacts baseball games in any way. But we’re not talking about markets. Becoming a doctor or baseball player, which is more difficult? I couldn’t tell you. Both are very hard.

            But for just as many small town quxk doctors, there are just as many terrible baseball players who do make thr majors. There are hoards of players who bat below the mendoza line and sit on the bench as utility guys. Or middle relievers who become mop-up guys. There are good and bad to everything.

            What you are talking about is access to media. Thats great and we live in an age where everything is available to us on demand. But Bluefan has a point in that the owners, players and game executives do pass the buck to the fans. Ticket prices, concessions, parking, merchandise goes up every year. To the point now where it’s too expensive to go to games in person anymore. THAT IS GREED. Its not market, or inflation, or whatever economic excuse you want to call it. Every year the average salary for a baseball player (which is now around half a million) and in turn the cost of tickets, food, parking all go up as well.

            I understand that baseball is a business, but the fans are mostly ignored, price gouged and then given exactly what they don’t want, i.e. expanded playoffs, extra inning rule, other stupid rule changes that the majority of fans hate. I wouldn’t say it’s the best time to be a fan, I would say its the easiest time to be a fan because of the technology at our fingertips. But try and go to a game and shell out 500 bucks while the utility guy batting .175 on thr bench is making 580,000 dollars per year. I still love baseball though.

          6. Baseball is a money pit and fans foot the bill. – The owners, players and agents are multi-millionaires. A humungous “money pit” that fans pour their (Not mine at least) hard earned money into. High ticket prices, high parking fees, expensive souvenirs and concessions, expensive cable subscriptions, high priced athletic gear and apparel. Successful owners walk away with a half a billion in profits, even after paying these outrageous salaries and their contributions to MLB Profit sharing mandates. Less profitable owners , with the help of MLB profit sharing mandates, continue to lure players with huge contracts, then conduct fire sales, because they really do not want to pay their players, YET they stay in the market, because they are still laughing to the bank. Baseball is a business, not a sport anymore. No way like a team like the Marlins can make a profit and survive with a mere 2000 in the stands without MLB profit sharing. So, Dodger Fans are also, literally paying the Marlins to exist. You cannot tell me that the owners are “footing the bill.

            Players not doing their jobs. – So, it is OK for a player making 10-15 million a year to hit .200 or less, constantly leave RISP? So, it is OK for a starting pitcher, making 15-20 million a year, and have a 5.6
            ERA and more losses than wins? So, it is Ok for a “closer” to blow a five run lead and lose the game? The “closer” only has to pitch 1 inning a day, for cryin’ out loud, So, it is OK for a player to make costly errors on simple plays that little league ballplayers can make with their eyes closed?

            To say a Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Firefighter, Police Officer do not deserve a decent salary because they did not choose to pursue a lucrative baseball career, rather than a essential heroic, life saving, life changing career?

            Bluto, YOU ARE part of the problem.

          7. it’s NOT greed and none of your examples are good.

            The typical POOR MLB player is much more analogous to the Harvard Medical School doctor than the small town one from your example or the Mississippi trained one in mine. It’s the cream of the cream of the cream of the crop.

            You are overlooking all the risk and friction that an owner faces to purchase then operate a MLB team. It’s a massive risk. There’s debt, there’s operational costs, there’s insurance costs, there’s management costs. There’s opportunity costs, liquidity costs. There’s personal reputation risk, there’s family reputation risk. There’s social risk, there’s political risk. An owner suffers all of these all the time. Is the potential upside high? Yes. Is it no risk? No. Is it hard? Most definitely.

            If it were too expensive to go to a game, nobody by definition would go. The Dodgers sell out or sell a high enough percentage of tickets, so we can easily and without a doubt understand it’s not too expensive.

            Fans are not ignored. Fans are catered to. If a majority of fans hate the expanded playoffs, then the playoffs won’t be a reality. This is how things work.

            There is no rule, or unwritten understanding that baseball tickets have to be priced for the utility worker, the illegal worker, the gig worker or the unemployed worker. Tickets are a luxury for a fan.

            Hell, I go to games only when I get free tickets, with free parking and access to the Dugout Club. You know why? Because it’s not worth it.

            You know who doesn’t suffer when I choose not to spend my money on a ticket? Me. You know who doesn’t suffer when I choose to spend my money on comic books and not going to Dodger Stadium? Me. The fan.

            Fans are empowered. We don’t have to go to the stadium to watch a game.

          8. Baseball is a great sport, and I love it. When it became a overly profitable business, is when I drew the line and stopped attending games. I still follow the game however and I thank Scott for providing us with this forum to openly express our views and concerns.

            Just one more take….Stats are just That…Stats, and nothing more. It is just a tool that agents and owners use to decide what a player should be paid, not really what he’s worthy of being paid. What counts is what are you doing for your the team, on the field, today, NOT yesterday, NOT last year., or NOT while in their prime. I am all for a base salary and incentives. Make players be accountable and earn their money through performance. Like a bowler, a golfer, a tennis player. If you do not perform, you do not get rewarded, simple as that. Guaranteed contracts take the SPORT out of many professional sports today.

          9. This paragraph by Bluefan nicely epitomizes the inanity of both your arguments:

            To say a Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Firefighter, Police Officer do not deserve a decent salary because they did not choose to pursue a lucrative baseball career, rather than a essential heroic, life saving, life changing career?

            Nobody. Not me, not Scott, not Bluefan has said anything about any of those professions being able to earn a decent income. It’s a total straw-man argument. It’s absurd.

            The second sentence is even worse. Access to a lucrative baseball career isn’t a choice! It’s a privilege! It’s the combination of inherent skill, opportunity, luck, grit, motivation, acumen, genetics, and a multitude of other factors ALL of which have to fall into place.

            I’d argue it’s MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to go down to the police station when you are of age and try to qualify for a career as a policeman than it is to get a PONY LEAGUE tryout for a semi-professional baseball team.

            These arguments are so awful.

          10. I don’t think anyone is arguing that it is unbelievably difficult to become a major league baseball player. The work, skill and determination involved is 100% through the roof. No question there.

            I would argue that it is super expensive to go to any sporting event these days, and baseball is not an exception. Its become increasingly more difficult for lower income families to afford to go to games.

            It costs hundreds of dollars even if you sit in the cheapest seats (Pavillions, top deck) just to attend one game. Just because people still go to games (yes people still go) doesn’t mean it’s not very expensive. Come on Bluto, how long has it been since you’ve been to a game at DS? Do you know how much it is for one beer? 15 bucks each. Parking 25 bucks. Dosger dogs are like 15 bucks each. Add that up for a family of 4. Expensive. Most families don’t have disposable cash like that.

            I’m not saying there isn’t risk involved in purchasing an mlb team. Surely there is, but normal people can’t purchase a baseball team. Only rich people can afford to pay millions of dollars to purchase a baseball team. Again, I have a hard time feeling sorry for millionaires. Do you feel sorry for the guggenheim group? Poor millionaires and billionaires.

            Maybe you don’t keep up with the recent news Bluto, but the commissioner wants to keep expanded postseason, and all the other stupid rules beyond 2020. Obviously it depends on if the players agree to that in the next cba, but most fans hate the new rules (majority of them) yet manfred is ignoring this and trying to permanently implement rule changes that fans do not want. To me that is ignoring what the consumers want.

            Access to games and media is great, but games are more expensive to attend then ever before. Manfred is one of the worst commissioners of all time and is clueless to what the consumers actually want.

          11. How in the world do you know how the majority of fans feel about the new playoff rules or format? From this blog? From sports radio? From your group of fans?

            That’s not a significant sample size to say the least.

            Baseball tickets are priced just fine. It’s a special event going to games. Has it migrated a little? Sure. Now games are part of a shopping complex. With restaurants. It’s more of a special event than a common event. I’m fine with that. Life is great.

            As I said before, I go to about three games a year (present year excluded, obviously.) I love them. I still keep score. I haven’t paid for a seat in maybe a half-decade, though…

          12. So Bluto,

            Where in the heck do you get your evidence supporting your belief that the fans are fine with The new playoff format? Where do you get the idea that the fans are happy paying for high priced tickets, parking and concessions? It has gotten to a point where real fans cannot afford to go to games…. even you admit that you only go if one of your filthy rich friends or vendors give you a ticket.

            Where do you get your evidence to support your beliefs that baseball players or any professional sports star “deserve” to be guaranteed 10-20 million without any accountability to produce?

            Where do you get your evidence to support your beliefs that baseball players deserve to be paid more than Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers?

            Where do you get your evidence that baseball players, owners, and agents are not greedy?

            You do not have a shred of evidence, do you?

          13. I have a ton of evidence:

            The Dodgers had 3.9 mm in attendance last year. Pretty sure those are real fans.
            You know how I know people want baseball players to earn as much as they can? Because everybody wants to earn as much as they can. It’s called market capitalism, genius.
            I never said solely that Baseball players deserve to earn more than doctors. I said both deserve to earn more than the other. I know of some billionaire doctors (one of which is a part Dodger owner, ironically, I think) , they should be celebrated! And they shouldn’t earn less than Mookie Betts.

            It seems hard for you to understand, but my belief is everybody should make as much as they can. Everybody should get guaranteed money when they can. Everybody should go to baseball games when they can.

            Empower all. Limit none.

  5. Terrific start by Gonsolin. Definitely a strong possibility to be #2-#3 starter. Got in a little jam, but able to work out of it. Those Pads will do anything to beat the Dodgers.

    JT’s return was the offensive stability the team needed tonight. His presence brings out the best in everyone. Rios cements the game with a huge blast…. no bat flip, no posturing, no need to showboat and disrespect anyone, just talk with the bat.

    Kenley almost had another meltdown. Thank goodness he did not blow the game form The Catman.

    Hope Ferguson is OK, but it did not look good.

    Excellent way to come back strong, and put the Pads back in their place.with the way the playoffs are set up, anything can happen….nobody has an advantage. It is important to keep the competition on their heels and make a strong stance. Do not play down to their level.

    Go Blue, secure the series win tomorrow,

    1. Brutus, I figure it out from reading your incredibly stupid, misinformed and incoherent posts the last few years, you are Sleepy Joe Biden. Good luck Joe, you’re gonna need it.

  6. As the Dodgers elect to take their foot off the gas pedal, shut down their engines, and coast into the playoffs, their potential opponents are pedal to the metal, fighting for the wildcard spots. Teams that they have not seen, all season… The always dangerous Cardinals, Reds, Phillies, Brewers. Also their West rival, the Padres and maybe even the Gnats are posturing to give the Dodgers a run for their money. The Cubs and Braves are dangerous teams that would love to burst the Dodgers bubble. These teams will be entering the playoffs, HOT, HUNGARY, and fully CONFIDENT, while the Dodgers will have to restart their engines, and hope their best players (Betts, CT3, Seager, JT, Smith, and Pollock) have not cooled off from excessive rest. Not only may the Dodgers offense be entering October flatfooted, they have a starting rotation that will not be able to carry them through the playoffs, and a weary bullpen, thrust into the playoffs having to burn 4-5 innings a game, and even considered To be thrown into possible bullpen games.This is just the National League.

    The American League is full of good teams. The Yankees, Twins, Chisox, Rays, and Athletics are red hot right now. Indians, and Blue Jays are not to be taken lightly, and they continue to play hard, and solidify their playoff picture.

    This October will not be a cake walk for the Dodgers, by no means. Pitching, and sputtering Bellinger and Muncy could be the Achilles Heel for our Dodgers.

  7. I’ll just leave this here:

    In 1988, the last time the Dodgers won the World Series, the team hit 99 homers in 162 games. On Saturday, the 2020 Dodgers hit their 100th homer in their 53rd game of the year.

  8. An incredible show of power, dominance, and class. Really surprised me that the Dodgers stepped up their game, and sent the A’s back to their hotel with their tails between their legs. A classy, “no celebration needed” , acceptance of the NL West title. They know this is only the first step. They seem to know that the World Series is the ultimate prize.

    It worries me that JT was scratched with hamstring issues. I have a feeling that the Dodgers are underplaying JT’s injury. Even without JT, the team held fort, and gave “Code RED” some run support. The offense provided plenty of insurance runs to avoid an appearance by “Gas-Kan”. Bullpen again closed the deal, pitching 4 scoreless frames to cement the win for May…. who needs a “Closer”?

    It is important to sustain the pressure on the A’s, and keep them at bay… beat them to submission… don’t let them come up for air.

    Great to see Muncy’s bat come alive. They will definitely need Max, should JT not be 100%. Could we see another “Gibson-type moment” From JT in October, vs. the A’s? The HR barrage continues. Betts is almost a no brainer for MVP, but could Cory sneak in the back door?…. probably not, but he certainly deserves an honorable mention. Betts and Seager….Undisputedly the best 1-2 punch in the Majors. CT3 and Pollock have been on a terror all season (along with Mookie and Seager), are instrumental in keeping the Dodgers afloat. Can they continue through the October Gauntlet and bring home the trophy? Winning the West again, in honor of Lasorda’s birthday was great. Can they win the World Series for Tommy, as well? That would be awesome.

    Pedal to the Metal, Blue! I think you can prove me wrong, this year!

  9. Well, DR was experimenting with”Openers”, but Joe Kelly? Really?

    I know these games don’t mean squat, but that was pretty embarrassing… spotting the A’s three runs, not a good idea. The bullpen has been great, but nobody is perfect. So, have the Dodgers put the “GasKan” on the shelf? I guess Kenley does not fit into the “bullpen” game equation….If not, then where does he fit in?

    I figure, the 6-4 loss to the A’s will not change DR’s mind, regarding the use of openers and bullpen games in the playoffs. He may not have a choice, as his starting rotation Has been wittled down to Kershaw, and maybe “Code Red”, “Buetane”, Gonsolin, And Urias. May, Buehler, Urias, and sometimes, even Kershaw cannot get past the 5th inning. Dodgers continue to deny they have a starting rotation pitcher, and prefer to continue to potty train (Or litter box train) the “Cat Man”. Is the Dodger bullpen running on fumes? Good nickname for the Dodger bullpen is “GasKan Alley”…. failure may be as contagious as COVID-19.

    Did the Dodgers get the memo from Art Moreno?…. “Dodgers, please roll over and play dead this weekend. Help us get into the playoffs, and also bump the A$$tros out of the playoffs.” Who figured the Anaheim Angels would still be in the playoff picture? They didn’t realize either, trading away LaStella. Nether did Simmons, who gave up, and opted out of the remainder of the 2020 season…. talk about, self centered, and greedy baseball players.

    Who will be the Dodgers Wild Card opponent? STL, SF, MIA, PHI, MIL, or CIN? Wow, 1st round knock out for our Dodgers is definitely a possibility. Forget the regular season, Western Division Championship. The “second season“ is about to begin. So hang on to your Dodger caps… this is going to be a rough and wild ride.

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