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Addicted To Glove: Dodgers Flashing The Leather During Home Stand

Kike Hernandez

The Dodgers have the best record in the National League. They just recently won ten consecutive games and have won 17 of their last 19 games. Great pitching and powerful hitting are huge reasons why the Dodgers have surged to the top of the National League west standings. Let’s not forget they’ve also been getting some great work with the gloves as well.

That’s right you Dodger lovers, the boys in blue have been playing solid defense too. Good glove work can be overlooked because the Dodgers are hitting so many home runs and pitching zeros. Oh sure you all drool and clap your hands every time Cody Bellinger hits a monster home run, or anytime Clayton Kershaw or Alex Wood blows a fastball by an unsuspecting opposing goober. But do you drool and clap as much when let’s say Trayce Thompson makes a cool diving catch like this one from Tuesday night’s satisfying 4-0 win over the annoying Angels?

Do you????

Or perhaps you completely overlooked Kike Hernandez’s incredibly orgasmic diving stop and throw from his knees play of the year. Gosh you better not.

Or what about Austin Barnes throwing out Eric Young Jr. attempting to steal second base? Alright maybe he was safe, but are you going to complain about this? I know I won’t. I know that you are all obsessed with Yasiel Puig’s cannon arm by now. Oh you’re not? Well watch this throw first before you decide.

Good, so now you are in fact obsessed with Puig’s amazingly fantastic throwing arm in right field. What about when Cody Bellinger is not hitting home runs and is in the field making terrific catches like this one from Sunday’s 12-6 comeback win?

Let’s not forget about Austin Barnes. He’s back again. In this play he’s at second base making another great play to throw out Colorado’s Charlie Blackmon. Oh so now you’re paying attention. You see the Dodgers are leading MLB in defensive efficiency because of plays like these you nerds.

The Dodgers have been doing this not only throughout the home stand but all through the month of June. So the next time Bellinger hits another one of his majestic home runs or Kenley Jansen blows away another hitter, remember that defense matters too.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

18 thoughts on “Addicted To Glove: Dodgers Flashing The Leather During Home Stand

  1. On kike’s throw from his knees, Bellinger picks that up like it was in slow motion for him. Very soft and quiet glove, he has.

    This is why I think we need to give Stewart and Oaks a chance. They have good make up but not overpowering stuff, but our defense is our strength. The Cubs won with Hendricks and I think one or both of them can be our Hendricks.

    1. Stewart is here for long relief taking Striplings spot. Oaks is 4-2 at OKC with a ERA of 3.69. He has given up 82 hits in 78 innings, walked 17 with 70 K’s. His WHIP is around 1.27, he has given up 4 HR’s, and the opponents are batting .279 against him. He has made 13 starts. Probably needs a little more work down there. If they do promote him, it will most likely be after the all star game, or September. Font has a better WHIP and strikes out more hitters. Castillo also has a better WHIP. But only 4 guys down there have made more than 10 starts. Track record of the FAZ at midseason is mediocre, not counting Wood, but it has taken almost 2 seasons to get payback from that trade. They got 3 wins out of Hill after the trade. The FO has not shown much inclination to go with the younger bunch for the long haul, instead importing mediocre low cost arms instead. With their #1 boy Urias out, there is no clear cut stud down on the farm at AAA. I think they are looking for an upgrade at starter and if they do go after one, it will be by trading for it, not off the farm. I doubt they go after a true ACE type pitcher. They just do not want to give up the prospects required. But guys like Archer and Cole are probably on their radar.

    1. Yeah, I read the report. He gave up a HR, then settled in pretty well. Chris Paul traded to the Rockets, and the Clippers start their rebuild.

  2. Bellinger is the DH tonight, Utley playing 1st, Puig back in RF and Taylor playing short. Turner back in the lineup too.

  3. And the Dodgers defensive prowess wasn’t just on display last night, but it’s been a component of this team’s success the entire year.

    The Dodgers are currently 3rd in Defensive Runs Above Replacement, which is one of the components of WAR, which, incidentally, the Dodgers are leading.,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&sort=19,d

  4. Valenzuela would have been in perfect position to snag that line drive. Ryu may want to watch videos of Valenzuela post delivery.

    1. Different windups, Fernando had one, Ryu is doing the sidestep. That ball was scorched, not many would even get a glove on it.

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