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Possible Spring Disaster as Andre Ethier Fouls Pitch Off His Leg

Andre Ethier fouled a pitch off his right shin in the fourth inning of today’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. He crumpled to the ground in obvious pain, and was quickly joined at the plate by Dodgers’ trainer Neil Rampe and manager Dave Roberts.

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Ethier finished the at-bat and earned a base on balls. He was quickly replaced by pinch runner Rico Noel. Afterward, Ethier could not walk to the Dodgers’ clubhouse, and he was carted off the field for x-rays.

Manager Roberts has been grooming Ethier to be one of the Dodgers’ lead-off batters, and he has responded well in that role. Today was Ethier’s second start in a row in the lead-off spot. Overall, he has put in an exceptionally good spring, batting .435, with a two-run homer against the White Sox three days ago.

Ethier had been continuing that spark plug clip this afternoon, singling up the middle on the first pitch of the game. He later scored from second when Chase Utley singled.

Roberts will probably use a platoon of Scott Van Slyke and Carl Crawford to replace Ethier in left field until he can return.

Right around 7 p.m. the Dodgers released a statement that Ethier’s x-rays were negative and he will be listed as day-to-day with a contusion on his leg. I’ll bet that’s one heck of a bruise he’s got there.

(Thanks to reader Bobby for tipping me off about the injury update)

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

60 thoughts on “Possible Spring Disaster as Andre Ethier Fouls Pitch Off His Leg

  1. Oscar I saw that. When I first saw the headline, and found out that Ethier continued his at bat, and walked, I figured he was going to be ok. Sometimes the writers will right a story , and it seems like they are desperate for something to write, but once I saw he was going to have X Rays, I got worried too. I was thinking that this will be a good year for Ethier, because Mattingly is gone, and Ethier would be treated better with Roberts. Hopefully it is just to make sure, and he will be ok. I remember when Turner, hit himself last year, and he had to take time off, but he was eventually fine. I hope Ethier will be ok.

    1. Yup – here’s hoping he’ll be ok.
      As often as he fouls balls off his leg, ankle, shin etc., I would think he would ALWAYS wear a shin guard. he’s real inconsistent about that.

  2. Possible Spring Disaster as Andre Ethier Fouls Pitch Off His Leg = Never thought I would see that headline. Maybe three years ago.

    1. Sorry to hear about your coma through 2015 and this spring, Bumsrap. You missed a breakout season last year for Ethier and a very good spring this year. Just kidding about the coma.
      As a Dodger writer, I know there are plenty of Ethier haters out there who wouldn’t mind seeing him go to another team. But as my reader, you’ll soon see I’m a big fan and I still believe in Captain Clutch.
      As MJ said above, Ethier was looking like he was going to open up again with Roberts believing in him as well.
      If Ethier is really hurt and we’re stuck with Carl Crawford in left field – yup, I’ll stand by my headline.

      1. I don’t have to be an Ethier hater to prefer him success elsewhere. I am not an Ethier fan because he hasn’t had a history of controlling his emotions. He is a good player when he is healthy and not too good if he has to play with aches and pains. Here is to a healthy productive Ethier for 2016–cheers.

  3. Well the xrays were negative, so he just has a contusion; day to day

    You’re right Oscar, why on earth doesn’t he wear a shin guard now??

  4. Errors errors and more errors = Not ready for prime time team or coaching staff.

    Beachy not peachy again. Too bad.

    Not going to think about any more of the false injury reports from the LAD front office. Just tremember the Koran says that moslems can lie to us infidels.

  5. The Dodgers are still hurting with some of these contracts. Thompson will be sent down because Crawford is there for another two years. Once they signed Utley, there was no way they should of signed Kendrick. Just no room for Johnson or Hernandez. Guerrero’s contract does not allow him to be sent down or really traded. I bitched about Colletti doing some dumb contracts, but FAZ is doing the same thing.

    It is tough being a prospect. You may be 27 years old before you make it to the majors.

    1. I could be wrong, but I think Guerrero’s contract was inked before FAZ took over. It’s a weird contract, but they’re not responsible for it. Guerrero and Israbuena (I’m not going look up the spelling) were the reasons in part why the Latin American scouting contingent was axed.

      Why is there “no way they should have signed Kendrick?” I was ok with having Utley and Hernandez platoon, but the price dropped on Kendrick and, by signing him, the team upgraded that position and got a solid and consistent 285 hitter, and freed up Kike to be Superutility Man. I think you want to get as many at bats for Kike as you can, but it’s going to be in a few infield positions and maybe the center if Thompson goes to OKC.

      The FO were being opportunists with Kendrick’s signing. That’s not evidence of not having a plan, that’s evidence of flexibility when an opportunity presents itself; in this case the price drop made it attractive.

      1. If you did some reading you’d know the Dodgers signed Guerrero in October 2013,

        The name is Erisbel Arruebarrena. He likes to be called Arrie. He was signed in February 2014. Friedman was hired in October of 2014.

        You would also find information like this:

        Not among the best in either league. Not even close. And projected to be about the same in ’16. FAZ threw Kendrick off the bus and signed Utley to platoon with Hernandez because on that day they thought it was best for the team. No doubt they were influenced by the coveted pick they planned to get. A few months later they came to the realization they had miscalculated. These guys are running numbers daily and flying by the seat of their Phi Beta Kappa britches. What next? Nobody knows. Maybe they will be successful in fixing the leaks in this boat. We all hope so.

        1. I am sure Arruebarrena does like to be called Arrie, but, after his reported weight gain he should be called “Chow Hound” or worse!!

        2. Yeah, that’s the guy! Thanks for that! I guess I’m just plain ignant. (note to Scott: eye roll emojis would be helpful)

          Most everyone expected the FO not to sign Kendrick to the multi-year deal he and his agent were angling for. Well, that market didn’t materialize. It was Kendrick who initially miscalculated. Sure, the Dodgers would have been happy to have that pick, but the market changed and the FO adapted. It’s really not that hard to grasp.

          Would you feel better if they’d signed him for 5/100…4/75? Would that make it seem a little less seat-of-the-pants and more like a “plan?” After all, it’s only Guggs money. There’s an inexhaustible supply of that. And to think, the Dodgers could have had that stud, Heaney.

      2. Dodgerpatch the signing of Hector Olivera, and especially his big bonus, when Faz was here, is much more a reason, if they fired the scouts for the Cubans. We don’t know that, and they have fired many different positions, on the Dodgers. And they fired a lot of the domestic scouts, right when they took charge, so it wasn’t only the international scouts. They wanted there own people, and I have no problem with that. Guerrero’s salary is small compared to tendered major league players. There is a point sometimes, when to many players, become a glut, like AC has said. It is hard to get the best of players sometimes, because you really don’t have a place for them to play enough, to see there best. I understand that Howie was a good deal, but him and Utley together, are kind of a glut like AC has said, about so many players, and not enough positions.

        1. you could be right. I’m not privy to the the machinations involved in the Olivera signing. It could’ve just been about acquiring an asset, an asset they then used to acquire and shuffle prospects to eventually get the mix they wanted. In the end, that’s what happened. Or it could be the emergence of Turner at 3rd made Olivera expendable. It could be both of these things. I don’t begrudge flexibility amidst changing conditions.

          A healthy Utley could have re-emerged as the Utley from a couple of years ago. Maybe he would’ve turned out to be another Rollins. If you play the percentages, it’s a higher likelihood that Kendrick performs better at that position. Sometimes you can have too many players, but that’s better than having not enough…..or a big question mark at that position. Many complained that Utley/Kike was a question mark. Now you have a little more certainty there…..and people complain.

    2. Idahoal: “I bitched about Colletti doing some dumb contracts, but FAZ is doing the same thing”. Idahoal, I know you know two of the three contracts your complaining about are Ned contracts.

      Idahoal: “Once they signed Utley, there was no way they should of signed Kendrick”. I think Kendrick was too much of a bargain to pass up. True we don’t need both, especially with Johnson knocking on the door, but, Utley (one year contract $8M) not a huge roadblock. Both Utley and Kendrick are potential trade pieces and Kendrick is still a potential stud. (Nobody took me up on my 100 push-up bet of Kendrick having a higher OWAR than Gordon, if Kendrick everyday player). Utley could even be DFA (or moved to coach) if Johnson starts really POUNDING on the door.

      dodgerrick: “The bench will be Crawford, Ellis, Kike, Van Slyke and Utley. The real problem is Utley. They could keep Barnes or Guerrero or Thompson or whomever else but for Utley”. Can’t argue with you, you probably nailed the bench, but, see above regarding Utley, not a huge roadblock. The real problem is Crawford followed by Guerrero (I am not a fan either Oscar). I don’t see why Guerrero hasn’t been just “given away” to someone willing to pay his salary. I guess nobody is willing to do even that.

      Another potential problem is Ellis blocking Barnes, but, not a huge problem (Ellis one year at $4.5M). I think this is Ellis’ last year, if he even makes it through this year. He does look good so far.

      FAZ has always said 2017 would be a whole lot better than 2016. Lots of reinforcements on the way.

      FAZ has done a good job stockpiling talent/depth, but, would love to see that quantity for quality trade soon. This is the tricky part that requires a willing trading partner.

        1. Your right MJ, 100 push-ups says, Kendrick has a higher OWAR than Gordon. No out clauses!! I may be crazy, but, I need the exercise.

          1. Boxout7 I am not a big Gordon supporter. I was actually glad last year, when they brought Howie here. This year, it kind of messes with the roster, having Utley, and Howie. And I bet it messed with Kike’s mind too.

        2. OK, Badger, your on, 100 push-ups. Kendrick v. Gordon OWAR. Payable at end of season.

          You can do it Howie!!!!!!!!!

          1. You left it open so I have both Alex and Dee from which to choose. I figure that improves my odds.

    3. They thought enough of Howie to essentially trade Gordon for him. Then they decided they’d rather let him walk and take a sandwich pick. Then he became too good to pass up. Reminds me of someone giving a tool to Goodwill and then paying ten bucks to buy it back because it’s such a deal.

  6. I am not an Ethier hater, but he is way overpaid for a platoon player and that is all he is – a platoon player! You say he doesn’t get enough AB’s against LH pitching or he would be better? I say he doesn’t get more AB’s against LH pitching because he can’t hit lefties!

    Tell me another team that pays a platoon player $18 million! OK, I know – Crawfish!

    Crawfish and Ethier = $40 million boat anchors!

    1. Absolutely I say he doesn’t get enough AB’s against lefties, and I do think he would do better if he got those chances. At least until it’s proven he can’t do it in 2016.
      You’re right the guy is overpaid at this point in his career, but it’s not like he’s unique. Plenty of ballplayers are earning insane amounts. That’s just a reflection of how much money baseball has for throwing around.
      If he can’t hit lefties in 2016, I’ll have to admit he’s just a platooner- but for what it’s worth, he’s one of the best platoon players out there.

          1. What those who are appreciative of Ethier are saying, and is clearly not being understood by those whose minds remain made up, is that on a team that needs an every day right fielder he would put up 3 WAR, thereby earning his money, because on those days, maybe a third of the year, that a left hander is STARTING, he could hold his own and still put up better than replacement numbers. It’s not that difficult to comprehend if you do some research, slow down and it read it one word at a time.

            You buy them books, you send them to school………

          2. Badger: “It’s not that difficult to comprehend if you do some reading, slow down and it read it one word at a time. You buy them books, you send them to school………”

            You calling some of us MORONS????

            What some of us see is a player who can’t be traded without paying a big chunk of his salary. This is a problem, made bigger, because we already are stuck with Crawford and Ethier’s $20M salary might be better utilized somewhere else.

            The reality is also that for almost $20M per year you want someone that does more than “hold his own” against left handers. Like, Since 1958, says below, “In what world was Ethier and Van Slyck not gonna platoon this year”.

          3. I once taught 6th graders. I would never call any of them morons. That’s uncivil. I would encourage them to do some research. I find this parallel to that.

            And for the record I was pulling patch’s lanyard. His admissions I found hilarious when with a 60 second Google search he could have avoided not knowing key information. By the way, according to Cots and BR,, Ethier makes $18 million, not $20, and it actually goes down to $17.5 next year.

            And while on the subject, I take it you don’t buy the fangraphs, nor BR, nor Hardball Times analysis on MLB Cost of WAR. If that is the case, what is your formula? I’d love to hear it.

            Every player is tradable. Boston traded untradable contracts and we unloaded a grossly overpaid Matt Kemp. Obviously it CAN be done. I submit the reason we don’t trade Ethier is by today’s standards, his contract is not that bad. I also contend that we don’t trade him because we know eventually we are going to be damn glad he’s here. Look no further than last year for proof of that. Admittedly Carl Crawford is a different narrative. Who is the trainer that can keep him on the field for 140 games? You see, the difference between Crawford and some replacement level bargain outfielder picked up off the waiver wire is TALENT. His contract is not the problem, and most of you don’t understand that. Crawford’s problem has been his training techniques. Whatever he is doing its not what needs to be done to keep him on the field. FAZ clearly agrees with this principle. Just look at the number of talented, and broken, players they continue to sign.

  7. Mark, look again at the field and the results — this team is made up of many players that are only platoon players.

    Either injury, age, and or ability not to be out there for 160 games.

    We are talking about, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, and CF.

    I stopped worrying about the money when this group of investors took over. And look at the quality of play. If the brain trusts keep players on the roster because of Salary, then they will have a harder time winning it all.

    1. Like you Roger when McImpecunious sold and the Guggs took over I stopped worrying about money and started looking at players. I thought we had them. It would appear we do not. This reminds me of when we dumped Evans and hired De Podesta.

      1. Don’t you want the Dodgers to win? Ethier was the most productive outfielder last year, and he would have still been the most productive outfielder, if he wasn’t platooned. And he was the best offensive player, on the Dodgers, after the Allstar break.

        1. If Ethier is not platooned and he plays 150+ games his 2018 option year kicks in. He should be platooned if for no other reason than to make sure he isn’t a Dodger in 2018 unless he signs a new contract.

          1. His option year has a $2.5 million buyout. I wouldn’t let that keep him off the field if he’s needed. I think he just has to be on the roster anyway.

          2. He would have to have 150 in both 2016, and 2017, for that to happen, and like Snider said, 2.5 million buy out. Mark are you moderating me?

      2. Badger I don’t know why they are making it look like, Ethier, only played part time, last year. Ethier played in 144 games. And when you think about it, even in a platoon, a lefthanded hitter, is going to play in more games, then any right hander. Because there are far more right handed pitchers, in baseball. Joc played in 152 games, and I think only Agon, Joc, and Rollins, and maybe Howie, played in more games, then Ethier, last year. I don’t know for sure about Howie, because he was out that last month of the season, with his hamstring problem. Which of these five players in order, would you want to get the most at bats, in a season?

        1. Ethier played that many games only because Puig was hurt.

          AGon is this team’s best hitter. There is nobody I’d rather have up than him. Seager will change that – eventually.

  8. Tough break, no pun intended. But that’s part of the game. Seager hurts himself running, Etheir hurts himself in the box. But how long will it take him to get healthy? And will he come back slower? It’s a game of inches. Just a tiny bit slower is enough to not make the catch. Hopefully he’ll recover quickly.

  9. Poor old Ethier. Hope he gets well soon. In what world was Ethier and Van Slyck not gonna platoon this year.

  10. What do you think about this La Roche thing playing out with the White Sox? To me it’s just insanity to walk away from millions of dollars simply because they won’t let your kid hang around while you’re supposed to be working. I don’t have children but I can understand why he’d want to be with him a lot. But work is work and if there is any possibility at all that the kid’s presence detracts even a little bit from the performance of any of the players, the club is justified in limiting his attendance. I thought every club in baseball, if not the league itself, would have such rules limiting the clubhouse to players only most of the time. I think they soon will have now. I’m not even looking at why the kid would want to be there all the time. Most 14 year olds have started to develop a life of their own and really don’t want to hang around family that much. Unless there are psychological angles we’re not aware of. Anyway, very stupid of La Roche…

      1. Badger bottom line, even if Ethier wasn’t platooned last year, he would have still been, the most offensive productive outfielder, on the team.

    1. Loser they said his kid could come sometimes, but now that he has retired, his kid won’t be able to come at all! And this puts big guilt on his Kid! And it sounded like he wanted his kid to be at every game, home and away, because Mad dog on High Heat, said that La Roche’s son should be going to school, to be with kids his age, and learn about dealing with others, and how to learn about life. So it sounds like La Roche brings a home study teacher, for his son on the road, and he has home study, when they play at home. He also has a daughter who doesn’t get this special treatment too.

      1. I think LaRoche is just being a big, fat, 13 million dollar martyr. This whole story is annoying, and you bring up some different angles that are good points.

        it’s not unreasonable as an employer to approach an employee and tell him that bringing his son into the workplace every single working day is a distraction, for him and the other employees, and request that he moderate his son’s presence there. That this whole incident has now created a huge distraction when the players and the team really ought to be focused on winning is a perfect illustration why this particular scenario had the potential to be a huge distraction in the first place and why it was never appropriate.

        This is a case where a person can use something noble, in this case fatherhood, as a lever to be self-righteous and have a sense of entitlement.

  11. Blaming the kid’s DFA steers you away from the .207 results…
    Why isn’t the kid in school??? Home schooled by the team… The horror… Some can’t complete a whole sentence in front of the mic…
    Chicago should declare the 3rd. Saturday each month when home, ‘Bring Your Kid to Wok Day’…

    1. Peters we about said the same thing, minutes apart. And now that LaRoche has retired, his son won’t be able to come, to the park, at all. And what guilt for the kid. I couldn’t believe he was being home schooled, all the time.

      1. La Roche handled this poorly. So did the White Sox. Nobody wins here, but the WTF? Trophy goes to La Roche.

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