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Old Friends Eric Gagne, Russell Martin Join Team Canada in World Baseball Classic

No sooner did we all hear about old friend Manny Ramirez returning to the diamond, when we got the news that another former, beloved Dodger is also heeding the come back call. Eric Gagne is planning to pitch for Team Canada in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

Yesterday Sportsnet baseball columnist Shi Davidi reported the news, and I for one, am quite excited to see what Monsieur Gagne, now 41 years young, will bring to the mound in the increasingly prestigious international baseball tournament.

Gagne last pitched in the majors back in 2008. Since then he’s coached Team France in the WBC, pitched in one game for the Ottawa Champions in the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball last year, and most recently, he pitched batting practice to none other than Tim Tebow. Apparently Gagne got the better end of that competition.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Eric Gagne’s own admittance to using PEDs back when he was shattering the Dodgers’ record books as a closer. He also estimated that 80% of his teammates were doing the same.

Gagne has been welcomed back into the Dodgers fold over the past few years, and is often seen at team celebrations and similar gatherings of past players. I’m glad anytime I see Gagne at Dodger Stadium. The bullpen gates open these days to the tune of “California Love” and the entrance of the new Dodgers saves-record holder, but I have yet to feel the type of electricity that Eric Gagne generated when those gates opened for him and “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Old friend Russell Martin has also announced that he’ll be donning Canadian colors in the WBC. We may not see him as Gagne’s backstop, as he’s expressed a desire to play shortstop.

“I’ll guarantee you, nobody’s going to have more fun than me, if I’m playing shortstop, at the #WBC.” – @russellmartin55@baseballcanada

Look out folks, here comes Canada!



Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

180 thoughts on “Old Friends Eric Gagne, Russell Martin Join Team Canada in World Baseball Classic

  1. Martin had a serious injury and wasn’t able to play full time. I think the team gave him adequate time to recuperate, but ultimately let him go. To his credit, he continued to rehab and eventually found a new team. And then another. The Dodgers didn’t think he would be able to produce like he did before, but they were wrong. Hard to predict recovery from injury and harder to predict the time it takes to do it. All the while, the game goes on and young guys come around. It might have been Ellis who took over. For me, no big loss. I saw him make a bonehead base running play against the Angels that cost the team a chance to win a game. I thought he had his head up his ass. He might not be too smart.

  2. Funny that these two guys are in the news. Gagne left so long ago, and Martin has been gone a long time too. My brother was thinning out his bobblehead collection while I was home and he gave me about 20 of them. One just happened to be Gagne in pretty much the same pose as he is in the picture, and he also gave me a Russell Martin. Best one in my opinion was the Sandy Koufax holding four balls signifying his 4 no-hitters. Got a Alston-LaSorda, a Dave Roberts, Orel, Don Sutton and Don Drysdale and the Don Newcombe that was given out last year. Got a Kershaw-Beckett signifying their no-hitters that was given out by the Quakes and Quakes bobblehead’s of Seager and Pederson. Pretty cool stuff. Now I think I have over 50 dodger bobbles and about 15 American history bobbles. Just got George S Patton.

        1. I bought a Joc bobble at the team store at the stadium. It was 30 bucks. The Quakes gave one out after he left the team.

        2. I have mixed feelings about a Joc bobblehead. I only want a few classics and Joc is far from getting into that category.

          I still like my favorite players from years gone by but except for a few, they were sort of the flavor of the decade kind of like i.e. Fairly, Lefebvre, Loney.

          I might buy a Drysdale, Hodges, Campanella to accompany my Duke, Vin, Sandy.

          MJ, is there a bobblehead you would like to have?

          1. Bum
            I think I would have liked the infield bobble head, of Lopes, Cey, Garvery, and Russel.

            Did you see that Joc, Kershaw, and Agone, were at the Cowboy’s game yesterday?

          2. They have not made one of Gil, which I think is a travesty, nor have they made a Campy where he is by himself. The two Campy’s I have are one representing him in a wheelchair at that game in 59 against the Yankees where Pee Wee wheeled him out to home plate and the other is a statue with him,, Jackie and Newk. There is a Loney, but no Fairly or Lefebvre. Another travesty is the fact that they have never done a Gilliam. You can get guys like Wilson, with real hair in his beard, Brian Jordan and a few other guys who spent just a year or two with the team, but no Jr. Gilliam or Hodges. That is just not right. I have the infield there MJ. I also have the quartet of 4 guys who hit 30 HR’s. Baker, Cey, Garvey and Smith.

      1. I will give you the address and number of a shop in Lomita that specializes in them. They are usually pretty reasonable, and they do a great job packing them when they ship.

  3. What always puzzled me was that McCourt’s GM, not sure who that was, offered Martin $5M but would not match the $5.5M contract that Martin wound up taking. If he was healthy enough to be offered $5M, he certainly was healthy enough be offered $5.5M.

    That decision along with never offering Beltre a contract were as bad as Fox trading Piazza.

    All three decisions are part of the reason the Dodgers have not been in the WS since 1988.

    1. Beltre WAS offered a contract. He took the longer one offered by someone else. The Piazza trade was inexcusable. You refuse to give him $100mm, then turn around and give exactly that to the Insufferable Kevin Brown. Ridiculous.

      I never understood the bobble head thing. Just not for me I reckon.

      1. Me too. I’ve always thought the bobble heads were really disrespectful to the player because they make him look ridiculous. I know fans don’t think that way, they do respect the players, and for the clubs, it’s always about money and taking it from fans…

        1. The earlier ones were pretty comical and I have a couple of those. Don Drysdale’s first one is a bit cartoonish, but the dual one of him and Maury Wills looks more like big D. Jeff Kent’s and Fred McGriff’s both are that way too. I like the newer ones because they are pretty lifelike except for the big heads. But I have a few Dodger statues too like Jackie, Kemp, Koufax and the triple one of Campy, Jackie and Newk. I also have a Hartland statue of Duke Snider. I do not have Obummer, but I do have Donald Trump.

          1. Not sure if it won an award, but I will take a picture after I get moved and unpacked and you can judge for yourself. They are selling one of him on face book that shows him standing in front of the presidential podium. It is really lifelike…expensive too…

          1. Maybe you weren’t around these parts back then but Timmons INSISTED Beltre was NEVER offered a contract by De Podesta, and I posted several articles that said the same thing that Times article said. In fact I’m quite certain I posted that very one. It was of course ignored because a certain mind was made up and he wasn’t about to listen to anything that contradicted his opinion. Yeah, maybe De Podesta decided not to go higher, maybe he gave his offer with a take-it or-leave-it attitude tagged on it, whatever, the point is a very decent and fair offer was given to a young man that to that date had ONE good year. Like most of them, Beltre had loyalty to only the bottom line. I don’t necessarily blame him, I might have done the same thing, though I doubt it. That Seattle park was tough on hitters, and Beltre did not repeat his Dodger numbers up there. He went from an OPS over 1.000 to .716, and from 9.5 WAR to 3.2 just like THAT! I said it then and I’ll say it again, screw Beltre. Seattle made him money, but cost him plenty.

          1. I know. He has no interest in the Donald, so I kept it tongue in cheek and gave him a straight answer.

    2. I’ve always thought a smart GM could have more success in situations like with Martin, where the player and the club are close but can’t close the gap. If I thought the player was $5MM and maybe $6MM or $7MM if he rehabs or just has a good year, I’d put it to him like this: “I’m not sure you’ll recover completely from your injury but I’ll sign you for $5MM and give you a vesting option for next year at $7MM (Or $8MM or whatever makes sense) if you meet the criteria for vesting. That protects me this year and you next year. If you have a really good year, you decline the option and we’ll negotiate the deal.” I think that protects both club and player that way.

  4. Referring to Jon Weisman’s Dodger Thoughts Blog of several years ago, I obeyed his list of rules but I always thought some of them leaned too far into infringing on personal judgement. But he did one thing that I would really appreciate the powers that be do here: Whenever he posted a new message, he would enter NPUT (New Post Up Top) in the comments thread to alert commenters that there was a new message and comment thread. I’ve sat here watching a thread for several hours before figuring out that there must be a new post that everyone switched to. I’m sure everyone else here has done it too… So, to Scott, Oscar, James and anyone else that posts messages on this blog, is it to much to ask that when you post a new message, you notify commenters in some way in the existing thread? A simple NPUT will suffice…. Thank you.

  5. Turner and Friedman impressed with Puig’s winter progress….good to hear. Some of my bobbleheads…in picture below

    1. Hey, Michael, I think you said you read a lot, didn’t you? I have a lot of ebooks I think you’d like if you want to download a free reader for your computer. Another option is to download the free Kindle App from Amazon, I have several of their books I can lend you on the app. The trouble with the Kindle and Nook Readers is that you’re almost locked into buying books through the parent company and they charge an arm and a leg for them. With the computer reader, it’s open source and you can find them at several places and very reasonable in price, even free.

      1. After I get moved into my new place I will contact you. I have amazon prime and believe me it has saved me a ton of money.

  6. My historical bobbles left to right..Washington, Captain America, behind George, Lincoln, Kennedy, Ike, FDR, Reagan, Gen Lee, Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne in gear from Longest Day, John Wayne as a cowboy, and behind the Duke, Yoda.,…

      1. Badger

        There is a lot of irony that Trump takes over, at the end of this week.

        I saw the Cubs went to Washington DC today, to see Obama.

        That would have been nice if the Dodgers could have won the World Series this last year.

        And went to Washington, because of Jackie, and the Dodger’s history, and Roberts being the first black manager, in Dodger history.

      2. I will have to check amazon for the MLK one. Have not seen that before. I want a Winston Churchill, a Harry Truman, and a James Madison too. If they have one I might spring for a Alexander Hamilton. I am surprised they do not have one of Lafayette. There is an Einstein though.

      3. Looked for that bobblehead on EBAY and Amazon, and there is not one in sight. Here is what the Donald looks like

        1. Speaking of the Donald. I watched a movie on Amazon last night called : Seal Team Six, The Bin Laden mission. In it there was mixed real footage with actors in the redone scenes. The night of the raid, Obummer was hosting a dinner for the DC correspondents. Right there in the audience not far from Bill O’Reilly was none other than the Donald. I was a little shocked to see him there.

          1. Michael

            I watched that special on Obama, on the History Channel, last night.

            It showed just how bad the economy was, when Obama took the reins.

    1. I have a few Kennedy coins, from the sixties.

      And I also have a few Ike’s, that commemorates the moon landing.

      And I have a George Washington, that is a half dollar.

    1. What? Saladino? I think I drove through there on my way to Fresno.

      I already solved the second base question. His name is Josíque FHernandez and them will slash .275/.345/.440.

      What’s next on the must fix list? Starting pitching. Kershaw, Maeda, Wood/Hill/Urias, Kazmir/DeLeon, Stewart/McCarthy/Stripling, Ryu/Ry-me/Ry-them, somebody at the deadline/Norris (Michael, not Bud)/Bum.

      There’s 162 starts in that impressive group.

      What else we gotta do?

      1. Thanks for the pump…but my arm would fall off after 1 inning…….wait, that’s just the kind of guy they like!

        1. $12 million buddy. You can buy a really nice jacuzzi with that kind of coin.

          By the way, in case you were wondering, I won’t be attending the inauguration on Friday. I have an appointment with a migraine.

      2. That guy from Baseball America, said that that Cuban we signed name Fernandez, would be in the Dodger’s top ten prospects list.

        I thought that was good to hear.

        1. Prospect? The man will be 29 in April. Put him in the lineup right away. We need to get him as many at bats as possible.

          1. He is in on a minor league deal, and not that good a hitter. Nor is he a great fielder. MJ, Maeda was never a prospect, nor should he have been. He pitched a lot of years in Japan and won their equivalent of the Cy Young twice.

          2. Yeah, I get it MJ. Semantics. I don’t consider him anymore a prospect than I did Maeda. They’re professionals and have been for years. This guy Fernandez was not signed to play in the minors. If he was that’s just dumb. Those spots are for kids, not 29 year olds.

    1. Meant to add this:

      What’s interesting is the number of positive Cubs deals. Which kind of makes Badger’s point, that if the Dodgers were to have tanked (and made strong deals) then they could be in a very interesting position right now.

      The other is that the Grandal trade write-up really echoes a lot of the debate here. Where the stats that make the trade lopsided aren’t necessarily the ones that everyone values. Also makes the point I recently made, which is Kemp is so bad now, that he was basically traded for nothing.

      Same guy also wrote up his Top 10 2B.

      Forsythe didn’t even make the list. Hmmm. Villar neither.

    2. I think their analysis of the Kemp- Grandal tread is skewed. It was not that big a steal for the Dodgers. I guarantee Kemp would have knocked in more runs and let in fewer than Grandal, and pitch framing is not a stat…..

      1. I don’t buy the defensive metrics. I saw Grandal nearly every game and he is not a good defensive catcher, I don’t care what they say about his framing. Kemp put up better offensive numbers. It doesn’t surprise me Petriello likes that deal. He’s a FAZ guy.

        1. I like Grandal, but I hope he works on his throwing.

          He had to many double clutches, toward the end of the year, last season.

        2. Badger

          I asked this question in the prior article.

          Does Puig’s defense and average offensive numbers, make up enough, to make up for Kemp’s offensive production?

          1. Nope. Not yet.

            Matt Kemp has knocked in over 100 runs in each of the two years he’s been gone. 35 home runs and 100+ RBIs from ANYONE on our team and we would ALL be singing the praises of that player, whoever it was. But it’s Kemp, so, we get controversy.

          2. Badger, let me ask you this.

            Do you think any GM in the game would NOT trade for Grandal if all they had to do was give up a player contract?

            Any GM? Even the guy running the Rockies? I’ll even let you have Dave Stewart for this question…

          3. For what it is worth, Kemp’s WAR over the last 2 years is a total of .6. Some other players over the last 2 years: Puig = 2.5, Grandal = 4.2, Chris Carter = .8. I was torn on the Kemp trade when it happened but I feel Kemp needs to be a DH in the AL.

      2. Meant to add this:

        What’s interesting is the number of positive Cubs deals. Which kind of makes Badger’s point, that if the Dodgers were to have tanked (and made strong deals) then they could be in a very interesting position right now.

        The other is that the Grandal trade write-up really echoes a lot of the debate here. Where the stats that make the trade lopsided aren’t necessarily the ones that everyone values. Also makes the point I recently made, which is Kemp is so bad now, that he was basically traded for nothing.

        Same guy also wrote up his Top 10 2B.

        Forsythe didn’t even make the list. Hmmm. Villar neither.

        1. The Cubs don’t have the potential pitching, that that Dodgers have.

          And most of there pitching rotation, is pitchers over thirty.

          And this is Arrieta’s last year.

        2. Bluto

          That is only true, if they made the right picks.

          And Epstein has a much better record, of making the right picks.

          1. I dunno MJ, here are some of the players Friedman drafted/signed in Tampa:

            Adames, Longoria, Alex Cobb, Snell, Desmond Jennings, David Price, Matt Moore, Kevin Kiermaier, Casey Gillaspie and their top pitching prospect Honeywell.

            He also acquired Archer, Forsythe, Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, and Hak-Ju Lee as minor leaguers through trades.

            As others have said, it’s easier to draft well when you’re drafting at the top of the draft like Epstein and Friedman did.

          1. Not according to the author, who mentioned him as “just missed” or something like that.

            But if he’s a SS, that’s good to know. I know his name was tossed around as a possible Plan B to Dozier here.

          2. Bluto

            I would agree it is easier to draft top picks.

            The success I saw Friedman have lately, with the Rays, were these trade deadline, type of deals.

            But although Boston came in last a couple of times, they also won a few championships too, at that same time.

            When Epstein was drafting for them, so it doesn’t always have to be a tank necessarily.

      3. Petrellio still acting as apologist-in-chief? I don’t think the trade is a slam dunk either way, but if Grandal is really the second-best hitting catcher in the game the scouts have a lot of work to do. If I had a little boy I’d get him a catcher’s mitt and an early start.

        1. Snider

          It is probably OPS that they are going on, with Grandal.

          That is a stat, that has problems, because we know what we see.

        2. Hey Snider Fan,

          What does that comment about scouts having work to do mean?

          That there’s not enough talent at C?

    3. Badger

      We really don’t have a way to gauge Fermanez, that is why I wrote that.

      He only got 200 thousand for a bonus, unless they told him that they would give him more money, once they are not restricted, that is much money, for a major league ready player.

      1. He averaged .319, got on base at .403 and OPS’d .826 in 8 years playing in Cuba. I hope that translates here. We could use it.

        1. He was signed to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. He hits LH, which is not a big plus on this team. He is average as a fielder, not spectacular. Why they signed another LH hitting inf is beyond me. Of course he did not cost much. If he makes the team, that means there must be a roster move somewhere. And he is turning 29. I think it is another Cuban fiasco waiting to happen. No power and a contact hitter. Not that much speed either. I would rather give Calhoun a shot. If he makes the big club MJ, minimum MLB salary is over 500,000 dollars.

          1. Michael

            I know, but that isn’t much, for a player from Cuba, because those players, that are not considered prospects, get a lot more money, then that.

        2. Well that would suck Michael. Why sign him if you don’t plan to use him? I don’t care he hits left handed, I care he hits. You know he’s just another platoon player. That’s who we are. The Los Angeles Platoons. Left right left right left right left.

  7. I would like to share a thought which is also a fact that we should keep
    in the back of our collective minds when thinking about the Dodgers
    Farm System. (I know this is out of context, But)
    They will never draft high (too much pressure to win)
    Therefore the FO Has to overvalue the players as they may be irreplaceable.
    I say they are doing the right thing (finally).
    If trades are made, I hope they are made with veterans.
    As in keep Calhoun. Maybe Fernandez, and so and so, and his or her highness can
    babysit second base until Calhoun is deemed ready.
    We need his bat and his youth. Same goes for some of the other young players.

    1. Agree. Keep the youth until ’18 then sign one or two of the FA Super Stars and head into the next decade stacked.

      I don’t believe you have to draft high, you have to draft smart. There are many great players that didn’t get drafted at the top of the draft. Do your homework and draft them. Obviously they intend to spend big in the international market. Same thing there. Due diligence. I think they’re working on it. In the mean time we might be in for more Kazmirian McCarthyism.

        1. I’m not an O’bama fan, nor Trump nor Hillary, But I think you have to give anyone who will take on the job of President credit for having courage to try to do an impossible task.

          1. I can understand how people could disagree with some of Obama’s decisions and policies but I can’t understand how anybody would not like the Obamas. They have been a class act. Politics equals alligators and it is hard to drain the swamp when you are up to your hips in alligators. Sounds like a Mark Twain quote.

          2. I doubt that O’bama even made a decision, I’ll bet the Democratic Party called every shot.

          3. I disagreed with some of Obama’s foreign policy, prolific drone use mostly, but he was left a mess by Bush/Cheney and the country rebounded dramatically. It would have been interesting to see where we would be if he hadn’t been blocked so often. He and his family, and Biden and his family, are class acts. Obama has been replaced by a lewd rude pu*** grabbing misogonist that will make our corporatocracy even larger. Stand by. It’s about to get very scary. Don’t forget, 24% of the eligible voters in the U.S. voted for him. Shame on us. I feel his voters are in for a real surprise. That’s you Michael. Hope I’m wrong. Don’t think I am.

          4. I feel that way about Congress. I wonder why we elect people instead of proxies that give each party so many “votes” because election funding and committee assignments are controlled by the very few and congressmen always seem to fall in line with those that have the power and control.

            I guess if I feel that way about Congress then I should be able to understand why you would say that President Obama only did what his Party told him to do. The big doners can take out their displeasure of the President by not supporting individual Congressmen and therefore the President does have to play ball to that extent.

            Art, I said all that to be fair to your hypothesis that you “doubt that O’bama even made a decision, I’ll bet the Democratic Party called every shot”. But I think that doubt is over-the-top negative and sour.

        2. Gerrymandering gave us our Congress Bum. Most of those guys are safe from being primaried so they can vote laws that favor their corporate sponsors. The only way that changes is to elect by county and that won’t happen. Corporatocracy is imbedded. And now? Trump. Who knows, maybe it works. I just hope like hell he isn’t able to keep his campaign promises. Most don’t, so, there’s that.

          To baseball – interesting paragraph at DD regarding Grandal and an extension. They suggest he doesn’t want one, is gambling on himself. I wonder if his value will go down as the framing rouse is diminished. I look at his stats and wonder why pitchers are so careful with him. He struck out over 25% of the time on his way to 27 home runs. .278 BABIP, BB 14%. Challenge him, especially with the bases empty. An interesting stat I found – 2 out RISP, he hit only .198, but had an OBP of .393. Similar late and close. It would appear that with men on base he makes pitchers nervous.

          1. As everybody knows, I agree with Bum and Badger, about this.

            For all of those republicans that preach family values, the Obama’s didn’t talk about family values, they practice it, and did it.

            Unlike many of those republican politicians, who run on family values, but almost find a new partner, as soon as there current partner gets older, or they have a lady of the night, on the side.

            When Obama took over, our economy was gone, because of George W Bush, and the problem is, it sounds like Trump is doing the same thing.

          2. Badger

            It is the fact that he swings so hard at every pitch, that a pitcher, is just afraid, he might get a hold of one, and hit it out.

          3. Bum

            Did you see that UCLA barely, won there last game?

            They need to learn to play, better defense.

            They play Arizona St, on Thursday, but I think it is at 8 pacific time, so that will be late for you.

            But I believe Arizona St, is a pretty good team.

          4. I saw that MJ. I think UCLA has a chance to be National Champs. Its been awhile. I would love to see them do Wooden’s full court press just for old times sake.

  8. Got my new Internet hookup from the power company yesterday. Pretty fast, it downloads and uploads at about 25 MBS, usually the upload speed is about a tenth of the download speed. Really, I can’t tell the difference between 25 and the 15 I was getting before. At least it’s the same price…

      1. Can’t answer, I’m a non-person now… Wow, I’m amazed, thought I was banned. Maybe only when I mention a certain name or blog…

        1. Wondering

          Although you offered to be banned, you didn’t get out, that easy.

          I am suprised that Mark didn’t realize, that they didn’t block his post.

          1. Mark is still here, He’s blocking my posts telling people that his blog, LA Dodger Talk, is up and running.

          2. Of course he is. He needs to know others are saying about him.

            I did see his site is up. But you can bet that won’t stop him from checking in here.

    1. When I called to cancel Suddenlink they offered to double my speed to 30 MBS and give it to me free for a year! That’s $600. Why don’t they offer better deals to customers before they become ex-customers. Why is it big companies are always run by idiots? I know I’ll take heat on that last statement but it still seems to me that the more money someone has, the less brains they have…

    2. Bum

      They have the speed to make that press work, and they do play well, as a team.

      We use to have a press offense in college, and that just wears down the other team.

      I want them to get better on defense, to be ready for tournament play, against the big teams.

      Doesn’t there point guard, shoot just like Jamal Wilkes use to shoot?

  9. Someone a few threads ago brought up trying to get the super talented, but hasn’t-done-anything-so-far Jurickson Profar.

    I think thatd be an excellent move. He was the top prospect in the game; he’s only 23. Let’s bat him 8th until he figures things out. He’s still very very young. Could be a nice young compliment with Seager up the middle

      1. Interesting idea, and his trade has been discussed for a long time now. Torn labrum. Big question mark. Now he is being considered in first base platoon. And I read this from last July:

        “Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Matt Moore are all said to be available for the right price, and it appears that price must include Profar if the Rangers are going to land a major upgrade to their starting rotation.”

        They want starting pitching and they want it to upgrade their rotation. Who you willing to give them? And, I would submit if the FAZ was interested they wouldn’t have signed yet another second baseman in Fernandez, though he didn’t cost all that much. I think they are hoping he will be a low cost surprise.

        1. I wish we could get Archer, but he is going to cost way to much.

          It is probably better, that we keep our young pitching prospects, because McCarthy and Kazmir, are not going to pitch there share of innings.

          And if they do, it won’t be quality innings.

          But Bobby is right, the Rangers need young pitching, but who knows, about there former top prospect.

          Prospects are never a sure thing, and he missed two years, before last year, because of his injury and surgery.

          That is more time then a pitcher that goes out, with a TJ surgery.

          1. MJ, Grandal is the classic all or nothing swing (squirrel!), that’s why he strikes out so much. 14% base on balls is good, and that is what saves his OPS. I still refuse to call him a good catcher. He sucks at blocking balls (which results in a wild pitch) and he has lead the league twice in passed balls and his caught stealing is below league average. Framing? Please. Umps are on to these guys now. I’m surprised it took this long. I learned early to pay no attention to where the ball is caught. It’s where it crosses the plate, about 4-5′ from the catchers mitt. Amateurs.

            I hope the organization is working at scouting and coaching them up properly. I know they’ve made a lot of changes in that regard , another reason I’ve been saying “give it a couple of years”. We should be seeing some results by summer.

  10. My last ever political comment on this page. I know there is a lot about politics that I do not know. I vote on things that directly affect me and against those I feel do not represent my country’s nor my best interests. I voted for what I think the country needs and that is change. I have heard a lot of people state how strong the economy is since Obama became president, they laud his acumen in getting us out of 2 wars. Well from where I sit, the picture is a lot different. I see that my COLA increases have all but vanished the last 4 years when the cost of living has risen significantly. Hillary said that Vets should not own guns because we are damaged. I have never liked the woman. I think she is totally unqualified to lead anything including a Girl Scout troop. She is a liar, and she left American’s to die. I thought Trump had no chance to be the GOP’s candidate. I thought it was going to be Cruz or Bush, Neither of whom I would have voted for. Sanders is a joke, period. Where you see class in Obama, I see a man who weakened the military, crawled into bed with one of our biggest enemy’s , Iran, and signed the security of one of our staunchest allies, Israel , right down the drain. He has fanned the flames of racial tension with some of his remarks. Obama care is a joke. And has caused many American’s financial distress. Including my daughter and her husband who saw their premiums go up over 300%. It also allows the IRS to fine people who have no health insurance, and why the IRS is even involved is beyond me. Probably one of the most corrupt divisions of our government. I get angry when my personal freedoms come under attack and the government thinks more about foreigners than its own citizens. I do not want refugee’s who are not vested properly in my country. I want secure borders, and the freedom to carry I firearm if I find it necessary. I do not think the police can protect every one and I have the skill and knowledge and the temperament to protect myself. I do not expect anyone to think or feel the way I do. But in my opinion, Obama is the most anti-American president in our history. Just my opinion….and oh, by the way I am not affiliated with any party. I think the 2 party system should go the way of the Do Do Bird. I vote for the person. I also think Hillary’s supporters are the worst of the worst. You lost, so you riot? Please, what a bunch of morons.

    1. Michael

      I just don’t understand why you are blaming Obama for the economy, when he took over, the economy was so bad, that many lost there houses, there retirements, and to some of the people, that Trump has selected for his staff.

      I just don’t understand how you would endorse this draft dodger, that is going to give the one percent rich, a 18 percent tax cut, and the middle class, a eight percent tax cut, and everyone else, under that, get no tax cuts.

      And this guy made Snide remarks about McCain, for being a prisoner of war.

      And McCain was in a Vietnam prison, for six years, while Trump used his clout, and money, to avoid serving his country.

      Not to mention he advocates, grabbing women in there private area, and has no respect for anyone.

      And you must know, he lies about almost everything, to try to make himself, look better.

      And non of this is just hear say.

      I will say this, I was sad that you said, that people who support Hilary, are the worse.

      Because I don’t think that way about you, or most of the people, who supported Trump.

      I like you, and I will agree, that we just disagree, on this issue.

      1. MJ, when Obama took over the national debt was 10 trillion dollars. Right now it is over 20 Trillion dollars. We buy more than we export. As far as snide remarks, this entire campaign was filled with lies and vitriol from both sides. Hillary was just as guilty as Trump. I can not stand that woman and I make no bones about it. I am tired of the status quo, and tired of democrats blaming everything on the gun and not the nut holding it. There is no way that woman, and I use that term lightly, would have been an improvement over Obama. You guys can believe what you like. To me, he was no better than a dictator, legislating with his pen and not congress. Like I said, we see things differently. By the way, Clinton was a draft dodger and he went to Canada. Trump actually attended military school. And up until he began his run for political office, I never thought of him as anything but a successful business man. I do not know whether he lies or not, and neither do you. But I do know that Hillary Clinton is a liar. It has been proven. Trump is boisterous and blunt…..2 traits I happen to like. NO BS from that guy.

  11. This is a Dodger board. I just wasted a minute of my life reading an absolute ridic political post based on nonsense and non reality

    Please keep this to Dodgers and baseball.

    1. As I said it is my opinion, and my reality is different from yours. I was replying to something Badger said earlier. You are allowed your opine and I mine. I will not ridicule you and I expect the same. And why you read the whole thing is beyond me. If you did not wish to, you just should have passed it up…I do when I see something I do not care to read. Like 90% of the crap Mark posted. And I also said it was the last time for anything political…………

        1. I never said he did not. But I did not appreciate the fact that he said that nothing I said was based on reality…………….it is my reality not his……

  12. Michael, I like you, and consider you a friend. But it’s my opinion you have Obama, and what he did after being handed a shitstorm, mostly wrong. I don’t know where you heard Hillary said vets shouldn’t own guns but it’s nonsense. I wasn’t a real fan of hers but Trump is a narcissistic clown and could very well be extremely dangerous. And to blame Obama for no COLA increase? Man, that is nuts! That is done by Congress, not the President! And everyone knows Congress has done everything in their power to see to Democrats got nothing done.

    I agree our two party system is a disaster, and that has led to the corporatocracy we now have. And, it’s EXACTLY what Sanders was speaking to! If you examine closely what he was saying you will see he is spot on. I don’t know he is the answer as a leader, but what he is saying is resonating with millions, especially the young and people of color.

    Sorry you are so upset, but I get it. I’m upset too. But not with Obama. According to a Pew study, even after being stonewalled by a Republican Congress his global favorable ratings remain over 60%. That’s pretty good, considering who he followed. You think Trump will be that popular? Not likely.

    The problem is Congress. Look no further than that group. Change it locally, not by voting nationally for an asshat like Trump. That’s my opinion. Good luck to all of us.

    1. Both of you guys are too good to be disagreeing over garbage like Trump, Obama, and Hillary. Keep them out of your life as much as possible.

      1. Disagreements over politico’s are normal there Wondering. We will not let it affect our respect for each other.

        1. How can you say that everyone here has respect for all right after you just said “Both of you guys are too good to be disagreeing over garbage like Trump, Obama, and Hillary”?

          1. Bum

            I guess I Looked at the names that he listed, as just talking about politics, in general.

            And the fact that he named everyone, was a way, to show he had no true affiliation, to either side.

            Does that make sense?

          2. Wondering and MJ, I totally goofed. My apologies. I saw MJ’s comment to you Wondering and when I saw Wondering’s name at the top I thought Wondering said what MJ said.

            I apologize. My bad.

    2. I consider you a friend too Badger. We differ on the political front. But that’s cool. There are a lot of people who do not think the same. I read rom numerous sources about that Hillary quote, and it was shown on facebook several times. I know where COLA comes from and I blame congress for a lot of the mess. I simply could not take 4 more years of the Dems trying to restrict my freedoms. As for Hillary, she is a liar. She lied to the FBI. Trump is a business man. I get it. And maybe he falls flat on his face and maybe he does not. Only time will tell. Sanders was preaching socialism. No thanks. I had enough of a president who did more damage with is pen than any other. My opinion there buddy. And his approval rating here is not that good.

      1. Ok. We’re cool.

        But, in all candor, if you are talking about a COLA increase…… you are on a socialist program. If you are on MediCare, if you drive on public roads, went to a public school, support your local police and fire departments….. do I need to continue?…. Socialism is not the evil many fear it is. Its our money, use it for the good of the people.

        Peace be upon you my brother.

        1. Not a religious person, but socialism is closer to the ways God allegedly wants us to live. Commercialism and free enterprise are sort of counter to the teachings of the Bible. Without socialism our country would never have grown to what it is (or could be). Would anyone ever join an army and fight for his country if he had no socialistic feelings? Or contribute to charity and help people who need it? Our lives would be a lot poorer and a lot shorter.

        2. I dig that. But to me, social security I earned. Someone has to pay for the roads, and someone had to foot the bill for the police. I get all of that. I just payed my taxes and did my job. I use the VA for my medical, I earned that too. Medicare is only for my hospitalization, which good lord willing and the creek don’t rise I will never have to use. And I agree, it is our money, put it to good use for the people…….not a bunch of refugees over our Vets.

      1. They don’t much like him in Russia. If they did, those numbers would be higher. Israel was 75%, but it went to 49% recently. Gee, I wonder what happened.

        Not sure how favorable ratings among allies would be a problem.

        1. There are 257 countries in the world and most are not our allies. And many of the ones that claim to be are actually only kissing our asses cause we send them money, provide resources or offer free military protection.

          1. According to Bloomberg, Foreign Aid isn’t charity, it’s an investment. They also said we rank near the bottom of the list among rich countries in terms of generosity of its overseas development program. We sure do a lot of military movements around the world. Frankly I’d like to circle the wagons and try nonviolence for a bit. Keep the social investments going, keep trade channels open, help countries learn how to protect themselves, organize unions among nations, stuff like that, but get our own house in order. I don’t know where we’re about to go now. Makes me a bit nervous, not so much for me, but for my kids and grandkids.

  13. Bobby, it’s tough to maintain interest in baseball when nothing is happening in our patch of it. We can talk all day long, come up with great ideas, and FAZ does nothing. I know he is trying to do whatever he wants to do but the lack of information is hard on fans. Which brings up the question, would I rather he makes his moves his way (as he has the right) or lie to us about it as a smokescreen? Us mushrooms got it tough…

    1. Wondering

      Don’t give Badger any ideas, with that mushroom!

      He is a vegan, and he grew up in the sixties, so he probably has tasted a few.

      And he probably has many stories to tell.

      1. I’ll bet he does. If he could grow enough psychedelic mushrooms there in Arizona to market them, he could be as rich as Trump. Well, Obama anyway…

        1. Mushrooms were one of my favorites. Went to many concerts after taking ‘shrooms. Out of my psychedelic phase now.

          Lie to us? How can you trust someone who lies? And does it really matter? The FAZ gonna do what the FAZ do. I look for another $12-$16 million wounded duck any day now. Jered Weaver still available?

  14. Teddy Roosevelt was the first President to try to get us a national health plan and just about every president, Republican and Democratic, in one version or another, has had an interest to get us one as well.

    Hillary tried to get us one as First Lady and was seen by many as trying to be co-president as a result. She never really recovered from her non-traditional role as First Lady. Both Hillary and The Donald are very sociable, fun, warm, charismatic in smaller social settings. Their brains work differently but both have good brains. Neither Hillary or The Donald are good communicators. Both wound up with huge negative ratings.

    The election is over thank goodness. That was gruesome. Too long, too mean.

    I think I see too many people too eager to hang their feelings about someone on the first easy hook and then look for sources that support those feelings.

    Health costs were increasing faster than any other cost that we were going to be paying. ObamaCare either slowed that increase or exacerbated it. Anybody that assumes they know the answer without doing honest research wants to lie to themselves. If somebody had an insurance policy that didn’t do much more than pay for a broken finger and had to get a policy under ObamaCare that paid for major surgery and doesn’t realize that their premiums went up because their benefit increased and not just increased for their existing benefit package does not know how to compare apples with apples.

    Obama has supported Israel. Signing off on giving them $39 Billion of military aid is not throwing Israel to the wolves. Most of the world wants Israel and Palestine to find peace and it has been generally accepted that continued expansion of settlements does not serve that purpose–that of finding peace.

    We have a choice of supporting our President or Israel’s President. Benjamin Netanyahu has gone around President Obama and spoke directly to our congress then cries when we refrain from voting on a UN resolution opposing settlements. I support my President.

    1. Grassroots democracy. Ecological wisdom. Nonviolence. Social justice.

      I think we may have an ethics problem right out of the gate. Help put it to rest. Show us the tax returns.

    2. Bum

      You are exactly right about Hillary, being a bad communicator.

      But women are much more judged then men, in the public view.

      Women are judged on there looks, much more then men, and in this social age, it has only gotten worse.

      The media made Trump, and he knows how to use it.

      But you are right about him being a bad communicator, especially with the way, the world is today.

      And Israel and Palestine, remind me of some of these different religions, that fought for years, over a small part of land.

      1. Bum

        I remember she said, she was no Betty Crocker, little women, in the kitchen.

        And they tore her up for that.

        I don’t get offended about politics, because I don’t take it so personally.

        But some people do, I know.

      2. Basically, that’s just what they are. You should read the book “Exodus” by Leon Uris. He covers much of the past history of the region, there is far more there than was in the movie. The British took control of the region from Turkey as a Mandate after WWI. It was only as the Jews developed and improved the country that the Arabs suddenly cared about it. Heretofore they had lived in peaceful cooperation for the most part. I have the Ebook if you want to read it on your phone or tablet.

        1. Wondering

          Thanks for the offer, I took a world religion class, in college, and really, most of the religions are more a like, then different.

          That sounds like a long book.

    3. When I was a checker, the union would have to ask for a larger amount of money, to keep the same benefits, because of the way that health care rises, each year.

  15. MJ: “For all of those republicans that preach family values, the Obama’s didn’t talk about family values, they practice it, and did it.”

    Yeah right!

    I had a cousin about 5 years younger than me. He grew up in Flint, MI, had five older sisters. His Dad died when he was about 8 or 9 years old. His sisters were pretty tough on the poor kid. My Mom and my Aunt (Mom’s sister) agreed to send me back to Flint from LA for the summer during the summer of either 1967 or 1968 (can’t remember which one). Looking back, I believe they hoped I would bond with the kid. Unfortunately, we had nothing in common, he was angry at the world and a loner (and uncoordinated) I ended up spending the summer playing basketball with all the black kids in the neighborhood (my first encounter with black people) and making out with one of my female cousin’s best friend. I now regret I didn’t try harder bonding with the kid, but, being 15 or 16 the heart isn’t always where it should have been.

    After that summer never saw him much, or kept in touch much with any of the MI relatives. However, I went to a family reunion around 2006 or 2007 with that side of family back there. Very interesting time.

    At the reunion, The conversation got to politics and one of the female cousin’s husband started talking about Obozo and that he thought Obozo might run for President in 2008. I had never heard of the ten-cent grifter at that time. But, sounded good to me because I never thought he could win. I especially thought this when male cousin who had long ago come out of closet and moved to Chicago started telling us how he had “tickled” Obozo’s tonsils many times at the Chicago bath houses. Not sure he said “bath houses”, but do remember for sure, him telling us he knew Obozo, intimately, inside and out.

    I don’t know when Barry Obozo married Michael Obozo, but, LOL if you think they practice family values. Don’t ever forget the U.S. taxpayer payed Reggie Love top dollar to entertain Obozo.

    WAKE UP!!!

    1. Nice to see you back, Boxout. I could believe that kind of story about any politician, there’s not a good one in the lot.

    2. I thought that story was actually going somewhere. It didn’t. Unless you count the sophomoric insults. I stopped counting those.

      The Obama’s were married in the Trinty Church of Christ in Chicago.

      1. Oh yeah, the Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago, that cradle of family values. I think I saw the Obozo’s in the crowd.

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