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LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the coaching staffs for their minor league affiliates for the 2017 season:

Triple-A Oklahoma City                                                     Season(s) with Dodger Organization

Manager – Bill Haselman                                                                                                        4th

Pitching Coach – Matt Herges                                                                                                  7th

Hitting Coach – Shawn Wooten                                                                                                4th

4th Coach – Luis Matos                                                                                                           3rd

Double-A Tulsa

Manager – Ryan Garko                                                                                                           2nd

Pitching Coach – Bill Simas                                                                                                     7th

Hitting Coach – Terrmel Sledge                                                                                               2nd

4th Coach – Leo Garcia                                                                                                           9th

Single-A Rancho Cucamonga

Manager – Drew Saylor                                                                                                          2nd

Pitching Coach – Kip Wells                                                                                                     2nd

Hitting Coach – Jay Gibbons                                                                                                    3rd

4th Coach – Rafael Ozuna                                                                                                       6th

Single-A Great Lakes

Manager – Jeremy Rodriguez                                                                                                   1st

Pitching Coach – Connor McGuiness                                                                                        1st

Hitting Coach – Aaron Bates                                                                                                    3rd

4th Coach – Fumimasa Ishibashi                                                                                              10th

Rookie-advanced Ogden

Manager – Mark Kertenian                                                                                                      1st

Pitching Coach – Bobby Cuellar                                                                                               3rd

Hitting Coach – TBD

4th Coach – Pedro Guerrero                                                                                                     2nd

Rookie-level AZL Dodgers

Manager – John Shoemaker                                                                                                     41st

Pitching Coach – Steve Andrade and Greg Sabat                                                                        2nd/5th

Hitting Coach – TBD

4th Coach- Dom Jose                                                                                                             2nd

Dominican Summer League Dodgers

Managers – Keyter Collado and Austin Chubb                                                                           6th/1st

Pitching Coaches – Roberto Giron and Luis Meza                                                                       4th/2nd

Hitting Coaches – Jair Fernandez and Sergio Mendez                                                                  2nd/2nd

CLP Hitting Coordinator – Humberto Miranda                                                                           2nd

CLP Defensive Coordinator – Pedro Mega                                                                                 17th

Coach- Antonio Bautista                                                                                                         11th

The coaching staffs of the Dodgers’ top three affiliates remain intact, while the organization will welcome new managers at Single-A Great Lakes and Rookie-advanced Ogden, in Jeremy Rodriguez and Mark Kertenian, respectively. For the club’s rookie ball affiliates, John Shoemaker will return as the manager of the AZL Dodgers, while Keyter Collado and Austin Chubb will manage the Dodgers’ Dominican Summer League teams.

Jeremy Rodriguez will take over as manager of Single-A Great Lakes – the defending Midwest League champions – after spending the last two seasons as the San Diego Padres’ Dominican Summer League manager. The Southern California native played in parts of five minor league seasons (2011-15) in the San Diego organization after being selected by the Padres in the 16th round of the 2011 Draft out of California State University, Bakersfield. Connor McGuiness will join the Dodger organization as the Loons’ pitching coach following stints as the pitching coach at Emory University (2013-15), where he played college ball, and The Catholic University of America (2016). Aaron Bates will enter his first season as the Loons’ hitting coach and third season with the Los Angeles organization after spending the last two years in the same position with the Arizona League Dodgers. The Great Lakes’ fourth coach, Fumi Ishibashi, returns for a second season in Great Lakes and his 10th season overall with the Dodger organization.

Mark Kertenian, 37, joins the Dodger organization as Rookie-advanced Ogden’s skipper after multiple coaching stints in collegiate baseball at Florida International University (2015-16), the University of Nevada (2013-14) and Cal State Northridge (2001-10). As a player, Kertenian was a utilityman and pitcher in a combined three years of college baseball at Los Angeles City College, Cal State Northridge and Point Loma Nazarene. Joining him on Ogden’s staff will be pitching coach Bobby Cuellar, who was Single-A Great Lakes’ pitching coach last season, and Pedro Guerrero, who will be the club’s fourth coach after holding the same position with Ogden last year.

John Shoemaker will manage the AZL Dodgers for a second consecutive season as he embarks on his 41st season in the Los Angeles organization and 24th season as a minor league manager. Drafted by the Dodgers in the 35th round of the 1977 draft, Shoemaker has been with the club ever since, as a player (1977-80), manager, coach and coordinator and, in 2015, he was appointed as the Dodgers’ “Captain” of Player Development. The AZL Dodgers will return pitching coaches Steve Andrade and Greg Sabat, who will also act as the Dodgers’ rehab coordinator, and fourth coach Dom Jose, who joined the club’s staff last season following two years playing in the Yankees’ organization and a collegiate career at Stanford.

Keyter Collado enters his sixth season in the Dodger organization and his second as the manager of the DSL Dodgers 1, after leading the club to a 42-27 record in the DSL South division in 2016. Austin Chubb will take over as DSL Dodgers 2 manager and became the first American manager in the history of Campo Las Palmas. Chubb entered the coaching ranks as Rookie-advanced Ogden’s hitting coach last season following a four-year professional career as a catcher in the Nationals’ (2012-14) and Dodger (2014-15) organizations. Luis Meza and Roberto Giron return for their second and fourth seasons, respectively, as the pitching coaches for the DSL Dodgers, while Sergio Mendez and Jair Fernandez will be the hitting coaches. Humberto Miranda (hitting coordinator), Pedro Mega (defensive coordinator) and Antonio Bautista (coach) will also return to the Campo Las Palmas staff in 2017.


  1. I believe I read this release somewhere else yesterday. No comment on minor league coaches other than I hope they don’t coach using the platoon method.

    I read somewhere that MLB now has around 60% right handed pitchers. My sources tell me the Dodgers plan to win every game against RH pitchers and lose the others because everybody knows we can’t hit LHP. This will guarantee 97 wins. Every GM in the NL West thinks it’s a sound strategy.

    1. I think it’s better (or worse) than that.

      In fact, the number of left-handed starting pitchers has been declining since 2012, when lefties started 32.0 percent of all big leagues, a number that’s down to 25.5 percent this year. What used to happen every third game is now happening every fourth, a projected difference of 315 starts over the course of a full major league season.

      Makes a lot of sense to focus on the 74.5% of starts, and try to platoon your way to wins for the remainder. If that’s indeed what they are doing.

      That fact was found here:

  2. Lots of coaching talent there. #1, Roberts, though, will be around for a while, so at best the long term future for these guys will be in the major leagues with some other organization or as a bench coach for the big team. I can see 1 or 2 being assistants with the Dodgers in the next few years, as the young guys come up.

  3. Just read that the Dodgers are projected to win 95 games and win the division over the giants by 7. A bit + optimistic, I think .Does anyone believe projections anymore?

    1. It’s way too early to make projections. We don’t know what the roster will look like to start the season and the same with the Dodgers’ competitors. Who will play 2B? Will they trade a pitcher for salary relief? Who if anyone will they sign to fill the ‘pen? Will they sign another lefty masher? Will they trade Puig or some other OF?

      Let’s wait and see who will actually be on the Dodgers until we make any projections.

      1. Good point Bum. Blue is a kinder, gentler, service to others color. Red is an angry up yours ef ’em all color.

        Wins projections. It’s not just our team that isn’t settled yet. There are other teams in this division and in this league that will have a say in how many wins the Dodgers finish with. Still some big moves left out there.

      2. That same place made close to that same projection, for the Dodgers last year too.

        But I don’t know about the wins, just that the Dodgers were going to be the second best team in the National League, to the Cubs.

        And most of there projections, were based on the depth we had.

        I think they are based in Northern California, so I bet that gets some Giant fans, pretty angry.

  4. I understand the thinking about beating right hand pitchers, but if we are going to want to do better against the Giants next year, our guys are going to have to have a better stratdegy to hit Cueto.

    And we will definitely need a hitter that hits lefties better, because the Giants have two leftie starters now.

    I was more afraid of meeting the Giants in the National series last year, then playing the Cubs, because of the Giant’s starters.

    The Giants top three starters give the Giants the innings, that starter should be able to give a team, most of the season.

    And a starter like Kazmir, that is making 16 million a year, should be able to throw at least six good innings on an average.

    When starting pitcher do throw a good six and seven innings on an average, it keeps the team more balanced.

    It keeps the bullpen from being over used, and these starters are making more money then the pitchers in the bullpen, so they should be able to pull there own weight.

    Everyone here knows that a pitcher is more vulnerable, the third time a pitcher faces the order.

    But the season is so long, it is hard to only let a starting pitcher, only face hitters twice through the order.

    And the three top
    starters should be able to throw at least six good innings, if not more on an average.

    Because it is harder for the number four and five pitchers, to do that on a regular basis.

    Most hitters rather the team goes to the bullpen, then face Kershaw and Hill, even if it is the third time around, and there is a reason for that.

    And when one of these type of pitchers are taken out, it gives the momentum to the other team.

    And that is how it was, when we
    faced the Giants top three starters.

    And that is why we need that good right handed bat, and that is why we need our starters do a better job.

  5. I think it’s safe to assume that in your TOP 20 prospects, something like this will happen.

    10% will be stars
    20% will be MLB average
    20% will make the team at some point
    50% will be traded, stay in the minors or drop out of baseball.

    Here’s another thing – sometimes you have guys who come out of nowhere (i.e., Toles and Stewart)

    That’s just a gut feeling looking at good teams. Sometimes good teams defy the odds and have higher percentages. I have a feeling that with our current crop, it will be higher, but we shall have to wait and see.

    I really want to see JDL as a RH Aaron Miller.

        1. Agree. Kershaw type pitchers are quite unique. Once every 20 year types. The odds of Urias being ‘close’ to Kershaw is highly unlikely. We’ll know in the next 2 or 3 years if he’s got no chance or after 4 or 5 (by the age of 25) if he might have a chance ‘to be close’.

      1. Urias has a chance to get as many WS MVPs as Kershaw. Or any post season MVPs for that matter. Urias may surprise many, he’s gonna do well.

      1. MJ, Good Save!

        Right- Aaron Miller is out of baseball. He was a great kid who was a pitcher and converted to a hitter. He battled, but just couldn’t do it.

        We may never see a pitcher like Kershaw for a while. I don’t think Urias will be “as good” but he will be close!

    1. No, I made a post office-grocery run today. Only took 3 hours. I only put 8 miles on the truck, I must walk incredibly slow and spend a lot of time reading labels… And another concession to getting old, I don’t eat breakfast until I’ve finished my running around. Not my field of expertise, but I get the impression produce prices are much lower here than in California where it is grown. I bought two 16 oz boxes of really beautiful strawberries for $5, that’s as cheap as I ever found them at grower’s stands in Orange County. Roma tomatoes are 98 cents a pound, Iceberg lettuce 99 cents… Meat may be higher, the standard price for 85% ground beef is $3.99 a pound, cheaper on sale.

      1. Wondering

        I don’t know about the stands, but fruit like strawberries, are not in season now, so they will usually be expensive, because a lot of fruit comes from Chile right now, not California.

      1. I remember reading about this years ago:

        “In September 1999, Guerrero was arrested for trying to buy 33 pounds of cocaine from an undercover agent. In June 2002, he was acquitted of drug conspiracy charges after his attorney argued his low IQ of 70 prevented him from understanding that he had agreed to a drug deal and that he was borderline retarded. His attorney further argued that Guerrero could not complete basic tasks such as writing a check, making his bed, or buying insurance and that his wife had to place him on a daily monetary allowance.”

        Now that’s an attorney!

        Guerrero has been coaching, and managing, quite successfully for 6 years now. He is hardly “retarded”. And I’ll bet he’s not a platoon believer. See the ball hit the ball.

  6. mrjazz–I checked all the stats–it does appear to Pedro–love to know how it came to this for him–I do know he’s had a bit of rocky ride since he left baseball…love to know more about how this came about.

    1. Palmer,

      Pedro Guerrero was arrested in 1999 for trying to sell 33 pounds of cocaine to an undercover agent, but was acquitted because his attorney (maybe Dodgerrick) argued that his 70 IQ indicated that he was borderline retarded and unable to comprehend what he was doing.

      Mike Marshall hired him in Independent Ball and he has been coaching since 2011. He had a stroke in 2015 but has recovered.


      It is not the real Pedro Guerrero. It is a former 28-year-old Dodger farmhand. I checked the Dodgers site and it had the same birthdate as the REAL Pedro, but some moron put that there. Sorry, it’s not Pedro. This is a public service announcement from me. I dug deeper and found out the truth. Pedro has been out of coaching since 2014.

      Sorry Badger! This is the first time you have ever been wrong… according to you!

      1. You’re right. He coached and managed successfully only 4 years, not 6.

        I never said it was the REAL Pedro Guerrero. That was you. I figured with your “sources” you would have gotten that right. I guess I was wrong about that too. I should have known better.

  7. Interesting article on defensive metrics in Hardball Times

    The short version is that many players don’t believe in it – they believe what their eyes tell them
    An example from Adam Eaton:
    “I don’t buy any of that crap,” Eaton says. “I think it’s all worthless. I think baseball, you play with your eyes. You’ve played with your eyes for the last 135 years, and now all of a sudden, they want to create some jobs, so we’ve got all these numbers.”

    Another from Dexter Fowler:
    “You know what?” Fowler says. “This whole metrics stuff is skewed. If anybody asks, just ask the pitcher, ‘Hey, who do you want out there?’ That’s what they need to do, is start asking pitchers.”

    Some of us curmudgeons have been saying that you have to believe your eyes – they will usually tell you who can field. Here’s Kevin Kiermaier who just won a Gold Glove
    “I feel like it can be skewed at times, because there are some guys who don’t fare well with all those [numbers] and I know they’re better outfielders than what these certain metrics say they are,” says Kevin Kiermaier of the Rays, who became aware of DRS when it was constantly pointed out to him in 2015 that his total was soaring to a record. “So, some of the stuff, I don’t really buy into too much, and I don’t know how I feel about it, to be honest. Some things can be accurate, but other parts, you say, how is Adam Jones not in the top five center fielders in baseball? I watch him play 19 times a year, and I think he’s a stud. It just doesn’t make me a firm believer in all the research and the data that’s provided.”

    1. I think defensive metrics are another “thing.”

      Metrics show that Kiermaier is a Gold Glover… and he is. They also show Fowler is OK, but not great. There is an element of subjectivity.

      It’s like a financial statement – it can be manipulated – LEGALLY. Like many things in life, defensive metrics are not the end-all, be-all!

      I think it’s silly to put all of your belief in them… maybe just as silly to not believe in them. Like most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle… usually!

    2. They said that positioning on the field,
      by there coaches, have made there defensive stats look worse.

      Fowler usually would play deeper then he was positioned, and he said that that affected his defense.

      Some outfielders want to play deep, and they feel more comfortable playing deep, even if the metrics say, more balls are hit shallow.

      And actually Fowler improved his defensive metrics this year, after being able to play where he feels more comfortable to play.

      I would like to know how often an outfielder makes a really good play that affects the score, as compared to just making the routine plays, that every outfielder could easily make.

  8. My eyes have always told me that Kemp is better than his numbers show, then again, not hard to do.

    If defensive stats for outfielders could just measure routes and response time ,I would like them more.

    1. I always thought that Kemp took inefficient routes in CF, but his speed made up for some of them (back when he had speed). I thought he was a pretty good RF his last year with the Dodgers even though his dWAR said he wasn’t.

      1. I agree Kemp didn’t look bad in rightfield.

        And I think his bat, far makes up for any defensive problems he might have in rightfield.

        I don’t like some of the things, he has said lately, but his biggest problem is not being able to lay off sliders, that are just off the plate.

        Puig is a good defensive rightfielder, does anyone feel Puig’s defense, more then makes up for Kemp’s bat?

      1. I don’t see how a determination about the other trade can be made at least for a year or two, unless you don’t want to consider facts.

        Now, maybe you are predicting history will say that got skinned and I’m fine with that,

      2. Wondering

        I don’t want to see any more trades with the A’s either.

        There prospects might be better then there major league players,
        down the line.

        But you are right, Billy Beane would find more ways to skin a cat.

      1. No.

        Puig is a former All Star who was runner up for ROY and has put up 12.7 WAR. Kiké has put up 3 WAR and is only 24. Barretto is ranked #43 and his field grade is only 45. And I hear he has short legs.

        You want a comparable trade start with Verdugo.

        1. Ownership might ask, How many people will Puig put in the stands and how many people would Baretto put in the stands? Usually people don’t like people who have short legs.

        2. He may have short legs, but he has 77 SB.

          Tree Trunk Legs has 2…. COUNT ‘EM TWO SB.

          My son who is 17 could be home by the time Calhoun is at 2B.

          I hear they time Calhoun with a sundial!

    1. I am not trading a 25 year old everyday player for a prospect. Not even their #1 guy. Puig has the ability and the talent to be a super star. This is pretty much his last shot with LA> Let him have it. I do not trade him unless they get a MLB ready player back. He might project to be ready next year, but that is no guarantee and I am not sticking a rookie at second.

  9. Players with short legs include, Cey, Kirby Puckett, Joe Morgan, Freddy Patek….Help me out here, Jimmy Wynn? Seems like Yogi Berra had short legs

    1. Jose Altuve has short legs. Phil Rizzuto, Rabbit Miranvillle, Freddie Patek, Joe Morgan, David Eckstein, and Mary Lou Retton all have short legs.

  10. Just a little side note: MLBTR picked the top 50 FA and where they sign.
    30 of the top 50 have signed. of the 30 that have or reportedly will sign with the teams MLBTR picked, they picked the correct team 9 times or 30%. Just FYI.

  11. OK, have it your way.

    Most of the short-legged guys you mentioned could really run. Calhoun can’t! Altuve had 117 SB in the minors. Altuve won’t have 17!

    We will see. Remember what I said. The Dude has awesome bat speed… if that were all that was needed.

    Plus, we don’t need another lefty hitter!

    That said, I love the guy. I just don’t think he can play anywhere.

      1. We need hitters. Every team values hitters. Left right right left it don’t matter, if you can hit you will play. And we don’t know for sure he can hit ML pitching. Remember, Pederson hit .300 at AAA, and was a 30-30 guy there. I think even The Squirrel hit .300 in the minors. Ok, that may be a stretch. I didn’t look, I’m just hyperbolating to make a point. Big step from minors to Majors.

    1. Wait, this reminds me of your stilted comment from before where you said, perhaps inadvertently, he could play 2B:

      Mark Timmons says:
      December 17, 2016 at 8:33 pm
      I have reviewed Calhoun’s play and I am not convinced he will not be a huge liability at 2B. OTOH, his bat is very similar to Dozier’s.

      1. Bluto

        That sounds right to me.

        The point is maybe he isn’t ready to play second today.

        But that doesn’t mean he can’t get better.

        And we should want our prospects to want to be better.

      2. Bluto

        There was an article in Fangraphs yesterday, about JDL.

        I wanted to know what you thought about the numbers in this article, about JDL.

        The title was something like this.

        The Twins better get JDL will they can.

    2. Mark

      That is the truth.

      Really smaller people can usually pick up more speed in a shorter area then taller fast runners.

      And they tend to be quicker too.

    3. Mark

      I read he hit lefties, but I don’t know if it is true.

      I tried to look it up, and I didn’t find it.

      Most hitters should be able to hit both lefties and righties.

      But they need a chance to face lefties in order to see if they can start to hit them.

      The Giants Crawford and Belt, use to be sit against lefties, but now they hit lefties almost as well as righties.

    1. He looks a lot like Terry Pendleton. That wasn’t all bad. In a year or two, maybe play Calhoun at 3rd and Turner at 1st.

      Sign either Bautista or Encarnacion to a 3 year deal and the lineup will be set. Then could move Gonzalez and/or Puig for pitching.

      1. Chili

        The Indians signed Encarnacion yesterday.

        Three years 60 million.

        He was offered four years, 80 million by the Bluejays, at the begining of this off season.

      1. I’ll bet Mattingly is just drooling over the guy. But the bean counters are saying “where’s he going to play?”

    1. Mark

      That wouldn’t even be close!

      I saw him score from second with no problem.

      And that was before I heard he was slow, and he is much faster then Agone.

      Agone doesn’t run on the balls of his feet.

      He runs like a jogger, not a sprinter.

  12. Make a hell of a story” midget with Ficus legs at second base NL MVP 2018″ the question remains, which team?

  13. “Calhoun can’t! Altuve had 117 SB in the minors. Altuve won’t have 17!”

    Slow down man. Don’t type pissed. Take a breath. Relax. Ommmm.

    My sources tell me he is working with a personal trainer to make his feet as quick as his hands. I don’t care he doesn’t steal a lot of bases. Neither do the nerds. His scouting report says he runs the bases fine. He played some third in college, he also plays left field. If he continues to hit we can trade him to Oakland. Hopefully, if Gray lands on the DL for a couple months before the deadline we can trade Calhoun, De Jong and Verdugo for him.

  14. The mind is a strange thing indeed… Had trouble going to sleep last night, my mind was fixed on wondering if Mark put on a Santa suit and did the bit for his employees and their children. Scarey thought!. That led to mentally composing a post along Dickinsonian lines, with our favorite villain playing Scrooge and Badger as Marley. I was hung up on Tiny Tim, when it occurred to me that I was being unkind. I had no malicious intent, just humorous aspects. But the subject of our humor can sometimes take it in a very different way, and that would conflict with the intent of Christmas and my own intent. I have no feelings of animosity toward anyone, not Mark, not Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, nor even the misguided Muslims who want to kill every non-Muslim in the world. I hope they see the error of their ways and learn to work with everyone for the benefit of us all. Our world, our people, we are not as God intended. I hope He will fix it as it should be. Sorry for the long, wandering post, it even meandered too close to the pulpit and was captured for a short while. All I really wanted to do was apologize to Mark for the shots I sometimes take at him, and say there is no vicious intent, just maybe misguided humor. For everyone, I hope you have a nice Christmas and all the happiness you deserve. And I’ll finish up with a Christmas card for you all that is more in line with my usual posts.

    1. Wondering

      No problem when I was younger I was told I had a sick sense of humor.

      My third grade teacher wrote on my report card, that I had a good sense of humor but I continued to laugh after the joke was over.

      But that was just me, finding more humor in my mind, that made it continue to be funny to me.

  15. Interesting Wonder. I dreamed I made an emergency landing of a helicopter on James Brolins’ beachfront property. He was impressed.

    I would like to suggest you read the chapters on the creation and order of the universe – the four grand divisions of nature in Dr Julian Johnson’s book “The Path of the Masters”. You can find it online. According to the Mystics, ancient and living, we are at the bottom of God’s creation, where karma plays out. It gets better when we leave, but karma brings us back. Everything here is happening exactly as it must. I know how difficult it can be to accept what is, but, there is a grand plan.

    I think Christmas has become something other than what it was intended to be, but I do wish all a safe and peaceful season. Especially those vertically challenged with Jomon Sugi legs who can’t run a lick.

  16. The Mystics? Wasn’t that a singing group from the late 50’s and early 60’s? I believe they came from Brooklyn NY.

      1. I guess that’s what one gets for trying to open minds.

        Speaking of mind, in those writings the mind is explained. It’s a tool the spirit takes on in the Causel Plane, the region of mind, then we come here to the Physical Plane and take on the body and play out the various karmas that we must. When done, we are called home. The way out is the way in. Still the mind and away you go. The Mystics have taught the way forever. No, not the ones from Brooklyn, you have to go further East. And it doesn’t cost anything. Not even $5.38. The Word is free. Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

        1. Badger

          All of the religions are more a like then different.

          They just might use different words, but they usually mean about the same thing.

          Whether it is karma, or you sow what you reap.

  17. And that needs to be changed, the minority shouldn’t be making the decisions, that effect everybody.

    And especially when three million more people wanted something different.

    1. Didn’t know it was 3 million. He lost more than that in California but carried 40+ states. I wonder how much of the 3 million were illegal and dead?

      1. None Richie.

        The important numbers are 76 and 24. 76% of all eligible voters voted for somebody else or not at all. 24% brought us the Trumpster Fire. Those numbers are both embarrassing and pathetic. We got exactly what we deserve. I just hope it doesn’t cave in on us. If it does? – you reap what you sow.

        1. The state of our country and the world has degenerated to the point that anyone less than Jesus Christ himself is doomed to fail as President.

      2. Richie

        If you want to know whether the three million people were dead, ask Russia.

        That is who your guy asked for help from, and they were more involved in this, then most Americans were.

  18. There’s that old 12 step saying the brothers like to use… ” You keep hanging around the barber shop, sooner or later you’re gonna get a haircut” !
    That’s my Blue right now. We keep winning the NLW were going to get to the promised land…
    2017 and Donald’s Jerry Springer following are really going to give us an ‘E’ Coupon ride…
    Costa Rica is beckoning…
    P.S. If I could only get rid of the Trade…

  19. Did everyone see the article in Fangraphs about JDL yesterday?

    We might be giving away a better pitcher, then we think.

    But the trade is not that hot, so maybe it won’t happen.

    There has to be someone out there, that can play second base, and hit lefties well.

    Hopefully our front office guys, will find that hidden gem.

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