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Dodgers Win 13-Inning Marathon With a Little Help From Oscar

Logan Forsythe

The Dodgers knocked off the Cardinals in the opening game of their three game series on Tuesday night and it only took 13 innings and four hours to do it. The Dodgers got fantastic pitching from Kershaw and the Dodger bullpen, a timely hit from Forsythe and a little help from our own Oscar. The hero of the game was Logan Forsythe who struck out four times in the game, doubled into the right field corner to score Kike Hernandez in the bottom of the thirteenth inning to give the Dodgers a 2-1 win.

This was Forsythe’s first game back off the disabled list and naturally he was a little rusty considering he hadn’t played with the big club in a long time. The Dodgers optioned relief pitcher Josh Ravin to clear roster room. Forsythe started the game at third base with Justin Turner still out with the sore hamstring.

Clayton Kershaw was just two outs away from a complete game shutout. Kershaw was vintage Kershaw throughout the first nine frames of the marathon affair as he dominated the red birds throughout the Chavez Ravine evening. Kershaw tossed nine innings and allowed just one earned run on three hits and struck out 10 without a walk. Kershaw was masterful but unfortunately the Dodgers had only managed one run on two hits against opposing starter Lance Lynn who was just as tough.

Cardinals 1 4 1

Dodgers  2 3 0




The only run up until that ninth inning came from a solo home run from Yasmani Grandal in the bottom of the first inning that put the Dodgers up 1-0. The Dodgers rallied in the bottom of the eighth inning to put two runners on after Chase Utley singled, and Kershaw walked. However Puig’s grounder, and another whiff from Forsythe ended the inning and the Dodgers couldn’t score.

The Dodgers were up 1-0 in the top of the ninth inning but Kershaw was gassed. He gave up a lead-off single to Randal Grichuk, and Tommy Pham‘s grounder advances him to second. With one out, Roberts decided not to go to Kenley Jansen and left Kershaw on the mound as he surpassed 100 pitches. I understood the decision. He wanted Kershaw to get the complete-game shutout.

We all wanted him to get it. But a CG shutout is a meaningless stat, and winning the game is what’s important. So a tired Kershaw uncorked a wild pitch that took a bizarre bounce into the camera well to allow Grichuk to score and tie the game. For the record that’s a two-base wild pitch. With the game in extra innings, Oscar wrote this  article, which ended up being crucial to the Dodger win.

Much of the talk will be about the vicious collision in center field in the bottom of the tenth between Puig and Joc Pederson that resulted in Joc being taken out of the game with a sore neck. With two outs Yadier Molina smacked a deep drive to left center field that Puig and Joc both converged on. Joc ended up crashing into Puig as his head slammed into Puig’s chest. Somehow Puig made the catch and held onto the ball as Joc lay motionless on the ground for a minute. Dodger Stadium held their collective breath as both men gingerly walked off the field under their own power. Puig stayed in the game, but Joc was not as fortunate. I have no idea how Puig held onto the ball.

The game mercifully came to an end in the bottom of the thirteenth inning when former Dodger and old friend Jonathan Broxton issued a two out walk to Kike. Then Forsythe, (who Oscar questioned Dave Roberts for leaving in the game to bat with runners on base in the bottom of the eighth) drove in the winning run with a slicing double into the right field corner that got past Stephen Piscotty. Kike scores the winning run in front of about 127 Dodger fans that were still in the stands and the Dodgers win.

Joc is kind of messed up, but it appears he’s going to be ok. Honestly I have to give some credit to Oscar for this win. Anytime Oscar calls out a player he instantly trolls him and starts hitting like the second coming of Ted Williams.

There’s another game tomorrow evening at 7:10 PM, if anyone can sleep at this point.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

63 thoughts on “Dodgers Win 13-Inning Marathon With a Little Help From Oscar

  1. This is the only blog where the FAZ and the players are called out, not maliciously, and when due come the credit and the eaten crow, and off to the next game (or season). As it should be, since we’re the customers. I’ll never understand why 90% of blogs are incessantly rah rah or must stick to some agenda. Customers complain, get taken care of (or not), and come back for more (or not). And customers should have fun and not call each other names. We’re in a good place here. Thanks Scott, Oscar and James.

    1. Yueh,

      We never take ourselves too seriously over here. Baseball and writing is supposed to be fun and we are Dodger writers, and not accountants or executives. We can be wrong, and often are and when we are we love to make fun of ourselves and just move on to the next one. Self awareness is something many people lack in this community. I love it when Oscar calls out a player because I know he’ll immediately start crushing the ball and the Dodgers will win….

      So….thanks Oscar!

    2. YF-

      In total agreement. The lack of name calling is refreshing and I do agree that this board is probably the most critical of the Dodgers FO and its’ coaching staff when necessary.

      Great baseball game last night and a very nice win. The 3 elements that I had pointed out yesterday all played out in last nights game…..Kershaw on the mound. Cardinals not hitting very well and the Dodgers faced a righty (which allowed Grandal to hit from his strong side.)

      Tonight’s game could be another Masterpiece.

    3. That’s a good thing YF!

      That means most fans are happy with the state of the team. That’s a healthy franchise symptom.

      This is a nice community.

  2. Oscar was right about his criticism. The Kershaw Intimidation Factor influenced the decision to keep him in the game a batter too long.

    “It’s Kershaw. I can’t take him out now. He might get mad.”

    Oh well. At least it was a win, though he Rockies and Dbacks annoyingly keep winning, too.

    1. The good about the Rockies and Dbacks winning is that one (or both) might make the playoffs. Is it better to have just one of Cubs or Cardinals and no Mets or Giants and have both of these teams in the Playoffs?

      A playoff of Dodgers, Nationals, Cubs/Cardinals, Rockies and Dbacks could be quite beneficial to accomplishing the main goal.

  3. We won the game we were expected to win. It was a gritty affair. It was very strange to me.

    I would have let Jansen pitch the 9th. That is why he is here. If Kershaw doesn’t get that, it’s on him. This is a team game Clayton.

    I’m also concerned about outfield communication. Those things are going to happen on occasion but not twice in a game on your home field. Both those balls were Pederson’s play. He needs to know that he can make those plays without getting whacked by runaway trains. I say again, they need to communicate. If Pederson is there, and he was on both balls, he has the right of way. He needs to take charge.

    3 hits in 13 innings. 19 strike outs. Do we have a problem?

    1. No doubt about that. And I don’t think it’s in Puig’s nature to allow anyone else to catch any ball he can reach. Bad news if he continues to play right field, the centerfielder, not to mention the first and second basemen, all should be very nervous around Puig. If Joc doesn’t improve his hitting, simple solution is to put Puig in center and use a right fielder who has survival instincts.

      1. Funny you should mention Puig in center Jonah as that was my thought as I was typing my response. He’s not going to change his approach out there, and we don’t want him to – other than to listen as he tracks. It’s really not that complicated – if the centerfielder is calling “BALL!” you let him have it. But I get the impression Puig is not really known for his listening skills. After watching those two plays my guess this morning, and it’s only a guess, is that Joc may not have been yelling loud enough. The good news is he was there on both of those fly balls. He would have caught them both rather easily if Bellinger and Puig would have heard him.

        0 for 2 WRISP. In 13 innings? 19 strike outs. 3 for 41. Yeesh.

        1. Cardinals first team in MLB history to have their pitchers strike out 19, give up 3 hits and lose.

      2. At the very least, they should have a coach hit some fungos between those guys in warmups and let them get used to it and work out a protocol.

        1. That is what they do ad nauseum in spring training. I’ve seen being done many times on the back fields. It’s coached exactly the way it is in high school.

          Bellinger is new out there. Puig isn’t. Outfield mechanics are pretty basic. On fly balls hit deep, two outfielders go for the ball, one always being the centerfielder. The other outfielder moves toward the infield anticipating an overthrow. The only one that says anything on these plays is the centerfielder. Left and right remain speechless. If you hear nothing you go balls out to catch it. If you hear your outfield captain say anything you cut off your route and move to play the carom. Balls you come in on are the only time you are allowed to speak. Left and right fielders are considered subordinates out there. They give way on anything the centerfielder can get to. This is outfield 101 taught at the Little League level. What happened last night should not happen in the ML. You can bet it’s being talked about in the clubhouse.

          1. I watched the replay many times. Pederson was not calling for the ball. He was running as fast as he could and he was not as close to the ball as Puig was. It was an unfortunate collision that is for sure, but Pederson veered off a little just before they hit. What was amazing was that Puig held on to the ball. You can fault both of them and for us, luckily no one was severely injured. Pederson was hurt more by his head hitting the wall than what Puig did to him. Puig got a knee right in the ribs, and Puig’s glove hit Joc in the side of the head.

    2. Problem? Naw. Not because of one game. Team wRC+ is 108, which is good for fourth in the league. Though there have been lots of blowout games against the Padres. This stretch of games against some good teams should provide a test.

      The outfielders need to get that sorted out. What those collisions do is make the fielders a split second more tentative when running down balls. Puig made a good over the shoulder catch after a good jump on a Grichek liner. If you think you’re going to get clocked when you do this you’ll get slower. Joc should be the quarterback out there. Maybe he needs to learn how to yell “I got it!” in Cuban.

      1. That ain’t a bad idea… How about, “Vamoose,Cabron”, or ” Vete, Pendejo’.
        Joc needs to say those things to Puig.

      2. Interesting stat there patch. A few more – we are 7th in runs, 10th in BA, and 10th in strikeouts. As it was noted by somebody at ESPN we haven’t exactly had a tough schedule to date. Early reports say we are better at pitching than we are at hitting. And that’s with Bellinger and Grandal playing over their heads. I think we are likely to finish about where we did last year – 10th in average, top 10 in OPS, 7th in runs. It will again be our pitching that makes the difference.

  4. First, I was furious when Kershaw was allowed to go out there, and pitch the ninth.

    And when he still wasn’t taken out, after allowing the first hitter, to get on base, that compounded, the first bad move.

    And I love Roberts, but he is going to have to learn when Kershaw doesn’t have it anymore, or we will continue to pay in the post season, if we get there.

    This game reminded me of some of our games, in the post season.

    It seems like in the post season that people want Kershaw so badly to get the monkey off his back, they are more worried about Kershaw’s ego, then winning the game!

    I have seen enough of Kershaw in the seventh inning in the post season to know, he shouldn’t be allowed to go out and pitch, in the seventh inning, in the post season.

    Anf that ninth inning last night, was just a example of what often happens, when Kershaw is allowed to stay in the game, to long.

    Someone said Mattingly would have never allowed Kershaw to go out there, in the ninth, but that isn’t true.

    How do you think all of this started with Kershaw, it was Mattingly that allowed Kershaw to make most his own calls, in the first place.

    Not only does Roberts need to learn when Kershaw doesn’t have it, Kershaw needs to know, when he doesn’t have it too!

    For once, Kershaw needs to think what is best for the team, instead of his own ego.

    And not only does Kershaw need to think about this in games, he needs to think about the big picture, and try not to insist, that he pitches deep into games, almost every time he goes out there, to pitch.

    And that includes even when he is sharp after seven innings, because the takes a toll on Kershaw, at the end of the year, and especially, in the post season.

    Because Kershaw has not been as dominant in the post season, as he has, in the regular season!

    And every time Kershaw is allowed to do this, it doesn’t help his stats, and it certainly doesn’t help his self esteem, either!

    Because most of the time, it has ended badly for Kershaw, and more importantly, it has ended up badly, for the team, too!

    Like Badger said, this is a team sport.

    I have got on Puig in the past, for running in front of Joc at the last minute, but that collusion last night, was not an example of Puig doing that, because that was a bang bang, play.

    Usually Puig will pull those stunts, on an easily fielded fly ball, or a can, of corn.

    The fact that Joc had two collusions in that game last night, with two different players, tells me, that Joc is the one, that isn’t doing his job, out there.

    Because like everyone has said, Joc is suppose to be the captain out there, so he needs, to take charge!

    1. I agree MJ, and Joc is kind of a soft spoken kid. I have seen him call off guys, but last night he did not. The Bellinger collision could have been avoided. The collision with Puig, no. Puig was actually looking at both of them after that play and shrugging his shoulders in a WTF happened kind of way.

      1. I watched the video too. Just watched it again at mlbtv. I couldn’t tell if Pederson was calling it or not, too far away, but he was reaching for it and tried to veer off when he saw Puig. It’s my opinion it would have been a far easier play for him.

        1. Might have been, but it was a split second thing and they both were going balls out, so sometimes that stuff happens, but Puig looked like he was closer to the ball than Joc. At least neither looks like they were seriously hurt. Puig will probably have bruised ribs and Joc a tremendous headache.

          1. Just watched it again. From 2 different camera angles. Pederson looked up, saw Puig, tried to pull up. Puig never took his eye off the ball and was running full speed at contact. The fact Pederson was able to try to avoid the runaway bus tells me he would have had the ball easily. It’s up to him to call ball if he’s got it tracked. If he didn’t, shame on him. If he did, Puig needs to hear it and change course. Only they know what happened there. Whatever, it better not happen again.

          2. Totally agree there. They both were pretty focused on the ball. I also think the pitchers are figuring out Bellinger’s weakness’s. He looked pretty lost up there last night. Especially his last AB. He flailed at a ball he had no chance catching.

  5. My first question is this. How is it that after Forsythe’s walk off, the first player to reach him at second base was the File Cabinet? Blazing speed from dugout to 2nd from Adrian. Do they time that? As to the decisions made by our illustrious manager, well, CK should have come out. Kenley was warming up for just such a situation. After the hit, no one even went to the mound. To his credit, the next player hit a weak grounder, but it was not hard enough to get the DP. With 1 out runner on 2nd, CK should have been out of the game. it’s strange because I said to myself at that point that the Cardinals were going to score.

    1. Michael

      I was so furious that I told myself, I wasn’t going to watch the rest of the game, after Kershaw was allowed to go out for the ninth, but I did check in to the game.

      1. I sympathize MJ, but getting mad does not change history. I am still pissed they traded Piazza, and have never forgiven them for trading Duke Snider. The only game this year I shut off out of disgust was the game the other night when Miami went up 10-0. I remember the reverse being true also. I shut off a game many years ago in the 6th inning with the Dodgers up, 9-0 against the Giants. They lost, 10-9. On this date, May 24, 1973, Willie Davis, aka the 3 Dog, becomes the first LA Dodger to record 6 hits in a game. 16 inning affair against the Mets.

      2. I sympathize MJ, but getting mad does not change history. I am still pissed that they traded Mike Piazza, and I have never forgiven Bavasi for trading Duke Snider. Part of that is because the Mets then traded Duke the next year to the Giants. Duke should have finished his career as a Dodger. The only game I have shut off this year was the game the Marlins went up 10-0. I have had the reverse happen too. Many years ago I shut off a Dodger-Giant game where the Dodgers were up 9-0 and they lost, 10-9. On this date in 1973, Willie Davis, aka the Three Dog, recorded 6 hits in a game, becoming the first LA Dodger to do so.

    2. Badger

      Take a look at the Dodger com site, they have a headline article about the collusion.

      That was Puig’s first five star catch for the season.

      That place that gives exit velocity did there numbers on the catch and collision, and they said it was an easier catch for Joc.

  6. Sorry about the double post there. It said error so I retyped my reply. Oops! If you want a laugh, go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It is a riot. Yesterday here where I live we had a Teddy Roosevelt impersonator here for a 1 hour presentation. I have seen Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain, and a guy in Virginia years ago doing Lincoln. This guy was great. Had the mannerisms, judging by what I have seen on film, down pat. And he opened his spiel with Teddy’s famous Deeeeeeeeeelightful ! I was impressed. Trade rumors on the rise as they are listing the 30 most likely to be traded already. Pretty interesting stuff, and a name or two I would not mind seeing in the blue, although I doubt that happens.

  7. No one was upset that Foresythe just stood at 3B and watched while Grandal searched for that ball? I was. Is he worried about Grichuk taking 3B? Is he worried about Grichuk rounding 3B?

    Maybe if he runs to the ball it tells Grandal where the ball is faster than Kershaw’s yelling. Yes he got the winning hit, but standing and watching the play without doing anything doesn’t help the team, IMHO. Oh well at least we won.

    1. I pretty much did not see what Forsythe was doing, but staying at 3rd was his job. They all were probably yelling at Grandal. If the ball had rolled toward him Forsythe probably would have went for it. That ball was almost as far away from Forsythe as it was from Grandal. Point is, it should never have happened in the first place. Kershaw should have been in the dugout and Kenley on the mound. If he runs to the ball as Grandal was already doing neither one of them gets there in time to get Grichuk at the plate.

      1. Exactly, Kershaw pushed the eighth, but the ninth wasn’t his, the ninth, belongs to Kenley

        And that is why Kenley is making, the big bucks.

      2. I think he needed to run for the ball once Grandal made it obvious he had no idea where it was. He probably wouldn’t have had time to throw out Grichuk. But 3B was given up already. No point to stand there. The goal was to keep the runner from scoring.

        As far as Jansen goes, yup, as soon as that ball whistled into CF, Roberts should have brought the hook.

        1. Artieboy

          You might be right, I didn’t see what Logan was doing.

          But it is always good for a player, to keep their head up, in case they can, help.

          Sometimes I watch the end of games in my bedroom, and I don’t have a big TV in there, and I don’t have high definition in that room either, like I have, in my living room.

        2. Well, that is not the way they teach it in the majors. Neither one of them would have gotten there in time to get Grichuk at home. It was too far away and close to the camera well. All you have to do is see how far Grandal had to go to track the ball down.

        3. I think if Forsythe should have gone to 3rd, Roberts would have said something about it. Forsythe made the right play. Guy is no rookie out there, he has played the position before.

        4. I believe you are trying to lay blame where there is none. I just watched the replay and Forsythe was just as far away from the ball as Grandal if not further. Neither one had a snowballs chance in hell of getting Grichuk at 3rd or at home. If Kershaw had not buried that pitch in the dirt, and Grandal had a real shot at blocking it, we would not be having this discussion. That being said. Kershaw should have been out of the game. The onus is on the manager who left him in 2 hitters too long.

  8. MR> Blister goes tonight. Most of the Dodger hitters have not done very well against Leake. Only Seager and Gonzo have ever homered off him.

  9. Tonight’s line up. Forsythe 3B, Seager SS, Grandal C, Bellinger LF, Gonzalez 1B, Utley, 2B, Taylor CF, Puig RF, Hill P.

      1. Jonah

        That last time Joc went out, Cody joined the team, and who knows what will happen, if Taylor plays some good defense, in center.

        I just hope we beat those dirty birds!

  10. I mean hacking as in their people hacking into the computers of another team to steal scouting reports.

  11. If it were in my power to remove Hill, and FAZ (yes all of them) from the face of the earth, I would do so now. Game lost.

  12. Ah yes the almighty FAZ who knows more than anyone how to manipulate things has struck again. How is the DL manipulating working out?
    Frikin pathetic.
    Stop trying to be smarter than everyone else and just play the damn game you tool bag!!!!

    1. That comment has a higher spin rate than a Blister Boy curve ball. Well done patch.

      An interesting thing just happened. As I was typing patch autocorrect gave me “psycho”. I got a laugh out of that.

      I’m thinking maybe the giants were right about Romo.

  13. I maintain that we should give the kids a chance. In this case make Stripling the starter for the next month and Hill becomes the long reliever. Hill already got paid. Now swallow th pride and be a good soldier just like Stripling has been. Wood and Stripling are the MVPs for our pitching and we’re a third way through the season already.

  14. Another throwaway game. How many more of these before they’re going to come back to bite us at the end of the season when we lose something by one game?
    Stripling was great. Romo was Romo Homo Please No Mo.
    Say that 3 times. Wait we gave said it 3 of the last 5 games.
    This stretch is looking really tough right now.

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