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Dodgers Roll Over, Cardinals Even Series

Rich Hill

I guess you could say that the Dodgers were tired after Tuesday night’s exhausting but thrilling 13-inning win over the Cardinals in the series opener. Perhaps that could explain Wednesday night’s pathetic 6-1 loss that evened the series. Or perhaps it was also Rich Hill’s poor pitching that contributed as well. Perhaps.

I guess you could say Hill had control problems because he walked 7 and allowed five earned runs on four hits across 4 crappy innings to take the loss. He’s only made four starts this year and had zero command of his trademark curveball. He was all over the place and I am beginning to believe that he is a bust as the majority of the starting pitchers the front office acquires normally are. Somebody should have probably reminded him of what the strike zone was because he couldn’t locate it to save his life.

On the flip side the Dodger offense is 7 for 70 in the series and has scored a whopping 3 runs on 8 hits. This time around they couldn’t hit right hander Mike Leake. The veteran tossed eight innings of one-run ball. He allowed just five hits, struck out five and improves to 5-2 on the season.

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Cardinals 6 8 0

Dodgers  1 4 1




There wasn’t much to get excited about for this game. It pretty much sucked all around. The Cards scored twice in the top of the second inning after Hill issued five walks in the frame. Kolten Wong’s two-run single scored Jedd Gyorko, and Aledmys Diaz. The Cards took a 2-0 lead.

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After giving up two more walks in the third but no runs, Hill seemed to have settled down. Then he melted down like a Popsicle on a summer’s day. It happened in the inning that it usually does, the fifth. The Cardinals would put up three runs on the board in that fifth inning. There was a costly two-base error from Cody Bellinger when Gyorko’s single into left field rolled under Cody’s glove and all the way to the wall. The kid just overran the play which allowed Carpenter and Piscotty to score. That put the Cards ahead 4-0. Hill was finally removed and Ross Stripling gave up a sacrifice fly to Yadier Molina and the Cards were up by a 5-0 score.

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As if the Dodgers had any chance of winning this game. Combine Hill’s horrendous pitching and the bats folding up like a beach chair basically gave the Cards an easy win. The Dodges mustered one run in the seventh inning when Corey Seager doubled, advanced to third on a grounder and scored on Bellinger’s sacrifice fly.

I don’t see reason to talk about this game any longer. So everybody go enjoy your night and let’s never speak or think of this game again. The Dodgers and Cardinals will play the rubber game on Thursday night as Kenta Maeda returns from the disabled list. The Red Birds will counter with old 2013 NLCS nemesis Michael Wacha.

Cody Bellinger Watch: The kid was 1 or 2 with a Sac Fly and a two-base error. Hey the kid is going to make mistakes. Batting average: .284.

At least Chris Taylor did this in center field…Silver linings…


Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

67 thoughts on “Dodgers Roll Over, Cardinals Even Series

  1. You’ve got to hand it to St. Louis as their pitching rivals ours, if not better. Rich Hill was a disaster. 7 walks? No pitcher should ever be allowed to get anywhere near that number. So, why was he not pulled? Fear of tiring the bullpen, or no confidence in long relievers? I think neither. I think Roberts is a bit lost when it comes to working with pitching.

    Then, you bring in guys like Romo and Hatcher, who have no business playing on this team and have been pretty awful, so far. WTF?? Do we really need to see a repeat of their performances?

    Utley continues to bat poorly. Puig is in a slump, again (thank goodness his fielding hasn’t suffered.) Seager and Agone are not doing much to push the team forward. How do the Dodgers explode for so many runs and hits during their ‘on’ moments, and then plunge so far down the rabbit hole looking for a damn rbi? I really don’t get it. St. Louis must have a hell of a pitching staff to hypnotize the whole team. We do miss Turner, though, who has become the heart and soul of this team along with the special K.

  2. 7 for 70. Yeah, Hill was a disaster too, but a team batting average of .100? How did we win 1?

    Turn the page.

    1. Never doubt $, they know everything, they’re never wrong….
      There was once a time when the Dodgers were worth losing sleep over. No more. Bad and getting worse as the few good players lose heart. If Kershaw doesn’t opt out, he is an idiot. And fans are displaying their “intelligence” by continuing to buy tickets. As long as the money rolls in, nothing will change.

      1. “Never doubt $, they know everything” Jonah Wisenheimer

        “The important thing is to not stop questioning” – Albert Badgerstein.

        “If Kershaw doesn’t opt out he’s an idiot” – JW

        Well last year when his disc herniated the remaining $160 or so million left on his contract looked pretty darned not too bad. Much can happen over the next few hundred games, but, if if he continues at this pace until then, yeah, he will opt out. I wonder how the two Texas teams will approach roster construction over that span. Might want to watch closely the Rangers moves over the coming months.

        1. I agree. IF Kershaw finishes 2018 healthy and still pitching like an elite pitcher, he is opting out and will force the Dodgers to have to pony up more money than his current $35M per year to keep him.

          It will be fun to watch the FAZophants try and maneuver through this one. A 30 y/o pitcher wanting a LARGE & LONG TERM deal. Grienke’s 6 year/$205M deal might look like chump change.

        2. It seems the only evidence that he will switch over to Texas is because he’s from Texas. The rest is speculative projection.

          “Oh, he’ll leave because I can read his mind and I know he agrees with me that FAZ stinks.”

          Let’s look at some more recent evidence. Turner signed with the Dodgers for LESS than he would have received in the open market. Kenley signed for LESS than what the Nationals were offering him. …I think Hill had a better offer.

          Again, if you want to tout yourselves as “realists” and all others as mouth drooling FAZophants, you have to make a compelling case based on evidence.

          1. I doubt your claim that Turner signed for less, Ignoring for the moment that when you talk contracts like Turners’ and Jansens’, a few million dollars more or less is far less important than the differing climates and which place your wife would rather live. In Kenley’s case, the extra money (and some of the $80MM) offered was deferred money, which devalues it. I guarantee if Hill had a better offer, he would have taken it. You’re wrong again, but that’s OK, we’re used to it…

          2. He’s emerged as one of the best third baseman in baseball. Turner’s average WAR for the last three years works out to 4.3. Last year it was 5.6. At the current free agent signing rate, a point of WAR is good for 7.5 million. So, his total value just based on his average WAR stat and other player comps would work out to $32.25 million a year.

            Sure, he’s older. On the open market he probably wouldn’t have gotten quite that, but it sure would have been more than the $16 million/year salary he just signed for. The Dodgers got a huge bargain.


            “But he was always likely to return to Los Angeles.

            “I’d love to stay here,” the Long Beach native told Heyman in September. “I love playing here. I love playing at home.”‘

      2. There it is. The Dodger “Fan” Suicide Watch begins. It happens every time the team loses a game.


        Better trade Kershaw now why he has some trade value. Even the few good players have lost heart. It’s over. Stick a fork in this season. It’s done.

        I’d normally say this whole exercise is a version of bi-polar disorder, but even when the team wins you still wail in anguish.

        1. I hear what you are saying regarding ‘living on every pitch’, er game.

          But the comment about trading Kershaw. When will FAZ decide to address Kershaw’s contract issue? Or will they screw this one up like they did Grienke’s. I had said then, IF you are not prepared to pay WHATEVER the market bears then he should have been dealt for multiple top prospects.

          Round 2 is fast approaching. Do you believe FAZ has learned anything?

        2. “Better trade Kershaw now”. Patch

          Bad advice.

          “Stick a fork in this season”. Psycho

          Bad read on what is being said.

          I’m not giving up patch. You aren’t frustrated because you have a stronger belief in what this team is doing than others here. Each time Hill looks like this it reinforces what we’ve been saying about him. It was a very questionable move. Has it made us better as an organization? I don’t see it. You do. Different perspectives – but for you to say these negative things about those who disagree with you it just makes you look petty. Take that crap to the LADodgerPicayune board.

        3. Jonah

          I think it is time for you to bring back your pitcture of Hill the corpse, pitching again!

          That would be more exciting then his pitching was, last night!

  3. I was surprised when they went out and signed Hill before anyone else, this last off season.

    And I would have been upset if they hadn’t signed both Turner and Kenley, after signing Hill first.

    But I figured Hill would be like he was, last year.

    And that is that he would give us good starts when he was able to pitch, but he wouldn’t give us the innings, you would expect, from a normal starting pitcher.

    But this year he has only pitched well, in that one game he pitched, before last night’s game, and he only pitched five innings in that one game, he pitched well.

    And I don’t know if he was wild yesterday because of the lay off, or because he had a blister forming.

    And the only reason I thought it might be a blister, is because Orel mentioned that.

    But after expecting what I did, which really wasn’t a very high expectation, he hasn’t been close to what I thought he would be.

    And just yesterday on High Heat, both Mad Dog and his cohart said, that they thought the Dodgers, over paid Hill.

    And that seems to be an issue, because it seems like they over paid all of these free agent pitchers, they have signed.

    And I think they have done that, because they don’t have the experience of being able to purchase free agents, from the teams, they came from.

    But I do think they need to take responsibility for Hill’s signing, because they have struck out three times previously, with free agent pitchers, that were not good signings.

    And I don’t care if they were cheaper then Greinke, it is still wasted money.

    And Greinke and the other high priced free agent pitchers, were not the only pitchers out there, so I don’t buy that argument.

    And they signed both Hill and Kazmir, a year after Greinke was a free agent pitcher, so they can’t point to Greinke, and compare him, to these later free agent signings, they made, like Hill and Kazmir.

    Our players needed to have better at bats against Leak last night.

    They should have grinded out their at bats, and spoiled any good pitches Leak made, to wait until Leak made a mistake, and got a pitch up.

    It isn’t like he is a high velocity pitcher, so hitters have plenty of time, to spoil his good pitches.

    1. And I don’t blame Roberts about this game last night.

      What is he suppose to do, with the way Hill was pitching, last night?

      But I think Roberts ought to do what he previously did with Hill, and tell Hill he is going to have to prove he can pitch consistently in AAA, before he can be put in the major league rotation.

      But that won’t happen, and I don’t think Roberts is the only one making a decision like this.

      1. The only decision Mr. Sock Puppet makes is when he goes to the bathroom. FAZ is proud that he has potty trained him at last….

  4. I believe both Kershaw and Greinke will be better than most through years 30-33. But you know all the graphs put out there by the band of nerd brothers, I’ll call them The Algorithmics, say the slide downhill starts about now. Greinke of course put up his second best WAR year, a contract year, at age 31. Smart guy. Kershaw will likely do something similar at age 30, convincing GM’s everywhere he can do it until he’s 35. Will FAZ buy it? Yeah, probably, but what do Clayton and Ellen want?

    The band will continue to play –

    “no one gets to 35, doin’ what they did at 25,
    Not me, not you…
    Some may be all right, some may be fine
    But the best is done by 29,
    And that’s Kershaw too …..”

    lyrics by Badger McCartney – tune by Wings

    I hope we get this done before the end of ’18.

    1. Badger

      But do we want to make Kershaw the highest paid pitcher in baseball, if he doesn’t deliver in the post season again, if we make it there?

      Greinke has already made that adjustment, so he already a good bet.

      Kershaw insists on still putting miles on his arm in the regular season, that he doesn’t need to do, all the time.

      Greinke is at the age that he knows when he doesn’t have it in a game anymore, will Kershaw ever get there?

      I think Kershaw now needs to look at the bigger picture, and that means not pitching deep into games, because he can.

      And when I am talking about Kershaw pitching deep into games, I mean 8 and 9 innngs.

      Does he really need to pitch into the eighth and ninth, against a team like the Padres, when we have a decent lead?

      And Kershaw throws many more sliders then Greinke throws, and that is much harder on a pitcher’s arm.

      I still would have signed Greinke for our final offer, of five years, but once it went to six years, I can understand why the Dodgers and the Giants backed out.

      But I bet now, Greinke wish he was still with the Dodgers.

      1. Why would Greinke wish he was in LA? He is set for life, and his team is ahead of LA in the standings. He has rebounded from last years debacle and is pitching well, and he is the ACE.

        1. 35 million reasons why he is happy to be where he is and quite possibly more reasons than that IF Arizona state taxes are less than Cali’s.

        2. Michael

          He would have been well off, if he signed with the Giants or the Dodgers, too.

          Most players want to play in a post season, and eventually play, in a World Series.

          And the Dodgers have now played in the post season, four years in a row, when was the last time the Dbacks even made it, to the post season?

          And we are not even done with the second month of the season yet, so I wouldn’t bank on the Dbacks, even making the post season, this year at this point of the season.

          And most people who know baseball, don’t put much into where a team is, at this point of the season!

          And that wasn’t Greinke’s only big pay off, it was his biggest, but he had already made some pretty decent money, from the Dodgers!

          1. We all know that, but you said you bet that he wished he had signed in LA. There is no evidence that he regrets in any way his decision to defect to the enemy. The Dodgers were not going to and did not give in to his desire for that 6 year deal. They have won 4 division titles in a row, that is true and he was part of 2 of them. I think the D-Backs are a lot better than you think they are. Yes, they have a young team, but their pitching is decent. Now will the kids melt in the heat of a pennant race? Who knows. There are no guarantees in baseball and surely no sure things. At this point in the season, the Rockies and D-Backs look as much like contenders as the Dodgers do with far more stable lineups and rotations. They are not using the musical chairs rotation, nor do they have the we hope he pitches well coming off the DL angst. Yes, the Dodger paid him well. The Dodgers also put that opt out clause in his contract. It would have been dumb for him not to see what was out there. What was out there was financial security for the rest of his life. I do not fault the man for taking it. Like I will not fault Kershaw if he does the same. That is the way the game is now. That is the way it will most likely remain.

          2. MJ-

            Then why do millionaires want to become billionaires? Why do billionaires want to become larger billionaires? You make the assumption that a person has enough money and therefore should be willing to sacrifice their personal financial situation for the good of others. Please tell me where that is ever the norm?

            Katie Perry made over $135M in 2015. Wasn’t that enough or did she continue to charge folks to attend her concerts? Taylor Swift earned $80M in 2015.

            Oprah Winfrey makes $233M annually.

            Jennifer Lawrence made $46M in 2016. Melissa McCarthy made $33M. Please tell how unique their talents are and how difficult their work is. Do they get booed while performing? Could a line drive at 110 mph hit them in the head or could a 100mph pitch beam them. Or do they use stunt doubles if there is a chance that a finger nail might get damaged?

            Kershaw, Grienke and many others (like every baseball player) are underpaid when comparing what they have to do in comparison to others in the entertainment industry.

          3. You are comparing entertainers an singers to ballplayers? Sorry, that does not wash. Most entertainers have a lot longer careers than ball players. Katie Perry and Taylor Swift are hot tickets and strike while they can. The idea is to make money and that’s exactly what Greinke did. He went for the money and the longer contract. If he was in it to win, he might have picked the Dodgers, and he might not have. Had he gone to the Giants, one of the two major free agents they signed might have ended up elsewhere. You also cannot compare a ball players salary to Oprah. She has her fingers in a lot of different pies. Ball players peddle their skills to the highest bidder. Az won, and the Dodgers went a different direction. John Wayne is dead and his family, and Elvis’s family still make money. Very few players have that kind of longevity with the fans. Hey, those actresses still have to use stunt doubles for the dangerous work. You can bet both Perry and Swift and also Oprah have body guards because of over zealous fans. The only thing you can compare ball players too is their baseball skill. The other reason trying to compare a ball player to a singer, movie star, or a TV personality like Oprah is that those people make money all year round. They turn a profit daily. More so when they are touring, and they have to support not only themselves, but the band members that travel with them, the road crews and a whole lot more. I shed no tears for any of them. I do not worry what they are making and in reality it means nothing in this discussion. Totally different worlds.

          4. Sorry about that last post there Chili….I saw the MJ you started with and did not read who posted it….whoops! But you are right. If you have a skill, you sell it to the highest bidder. My problem is I do not consider Melissa McCarthy to be a very good actress, but she is a hot commodity right now.

      1. California State Income Tax tops out at 13.3%. $30MM at 12% would be $3.6MM, reason enough to move to Texas.

  5. Since RICH hill is on everyone’s minds today. Here’s something worth pondering.

    RICH hill’s 2017 WAR value is 0.00. Therefore that means that he is neither better nor worse than any replacement player. (I realize the season’s young; this isn’t about that as I would hope that even RICH hill will improve upon his current numbers.) Here are his current 2017 stats….. 1-2 record, 4 starts, 17 IP (4-1/3 avg. innings per start), 4.76 ERA, 1.706 WHIP.

    So that is the barometer for a player pitching equivalent to a replacement level. Wow

    How bad are the Dodgers ‘replacement’ players (er, minor leaguers) to not be able to perform any better than that?

    1. His fWAR is a negative number, so, fangraphs agrees with you Chili.

      Turner wanted to stay home. What’s a few million more if you have to live in D.C. to get it? Kenley likely felt the same way. They got what they wanted.

      1. Chili

        I thought we didn’t want to block anymore of our young pitchers, because they are close, to being ready.

        And that is why I was surprised they signed Hill.

        1. MJ-

          Watch the use of ‘we’…..I have never spoken for FAZ, or the FAZophants or you or anyone else. I believe ‘the not blocking any of the young pitchers’ is stuff that is talked about on the other blog, maybe not.

          I have no idea whom is close or ready. I do buy into all of the hype that is given to most of these prospects, especially pitchers. Much of that ‘speculation’ comes from the folks who want to act like they know or they’ve stated in the past….’their sources’ tell them this or that. And most every time they are completely wrong.

          FAZ blew it the year before when the FA pitching class was strong and everyone knew that it was extremely weak the following year. I made that statement multiple times but that’s back when folks posting on here would rather call you names then listen to what you were saying.

          P.S.—RICH hill was part of the FA class the winter of 2015 and FAZ did not pursue him. Then after he signs on with Oakland for $6M, they then give up 3 prospects and sign him to the largest contract of his career in the winter of 2016. Go figure.

        2. I would venture to say that none of our highly rated prospects is quite ready yet. Stewart who might be closer than anyone has not thrown a pitch since spring. Oaks has not had a really great season so far, Buhler is at AA and having some success, but still pitches about 5 innings an outing. Sierra, Alvarez, neither of them close to ready yet. The 2 best pitchers at AAA right now are retreads, Jurjjens and Masterson. There are a couple of bullpen arms pitching well, one is Joe Broussard. But the starters, not so much. Of course Urias is down there now trying to iron out his control issues.

  6. RICH hill, I like it. No need lamenting what happened last night. It is over and done with. You can sit back and analyze it, see where the fault lies, and move on to tonight’s tiff where another part of the musical chair brigade comes front and center. I trust Maeda more than I do Hill. But I regress. Maeda has pretty decent numbers at the old ball yard. As for the bats, I think they take all that old lumber out of the bat rack, burn it, and buy some new sticks. My one thing is that I do think Roberts should have pulled him as soon as 2 guys were on instead of leaving him out there in the 5th. Same, same as Kershaw in the 9th the night before. Stripling was up and ready. Sometimes it is better to just suck it up and make the move. The guy is a millionaire no matter you take him out or not. Two bright spots in the game, Taylor’s catch off Foster’s drive in the first and the Blind Squirrel wearing a batting helmet with the ear flap on the wrong side.

  7. I was reading an article some time back, I cannot for the life of me remember on which site it was, that the Dodgers are one of the most hated teams in organized sports. I found this rather odd and amusing since they stated that the reason was the teams success. I hope they were talking about financial success because they have not been as successful on the field as they have at the box office. The Lakers and Celtic’s are despised because they have more NBA titles than any other franchises, and it is not even close. The Yankees have won 27 World Titles, and they are of course, the Evil Empire. The Dodgers on the other hand do not even have the most in the NL. They trail both the Cardinals and the Giants. The Dodgers have won 21 NL Championships. 21 trips to the series and they won 6. Not a very successful sojourn. They are more successful in LA than in Brooklyn, and maybe that is where the vitriol comes from. LA is a hated city. You go almost anywhere and you hear it. I hear it all the time here in Colorado. And in so many cases it is not from people who have ever been there. It is by word of mouth. Then there is the LA-SF thing, and the budding LA-SD thing though not as intense. Suffice it to say that a lot of fans are jealous, and have been by the ability of the Dodgers through the years to develop, or sign top players. FAZ has changed a lot of that because what I read now is how can they spend all that money and still not get to the big dance. We will see if their plan works and how long the present ownership will tolerate, close, but no cigar.

  8. On this date, May 25, 2014……Josh Beckett tosses the first and only no- hitter in his career beating the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. It is the 21st no-hitter in Dodger history.

  9. Assuming that Kershaw stays healthy, here are FAZ’s options:

    1.) Trade Kershaw prior to Aug. 1st, 2017 trade deadline (and get a yacht size load of prospects 5+.)
    2.) Trade Kershaw after the 2017 season (get a houseboat size, 3 or 4 prospects.)
    3.) After 2017, tear up Kershaw’s current contract and renegotiate a 6 – 7 year guarantee deal, something approaching $300M.
    4.) Trade Kershaw prior to Aug. 1st, 2018 trade deadline (and get a pontoon size, 1 or 2 prospects.)
    5.) After 2018, attempt to sign Kershaw to a long term guarantee contract before going on the FA market.
    6.) Bid for his services against the likes of NY, Texas, Boston and Chicago.
    7.) Decide against a long term deal and part ways with Kershaw getting nothing in return.

    2 questions.

    What would you do?

    What do you think FAZ will do?

    1. Did everyone see Brett Anderson’s latest tweet?

      Brett Anderson”

      As badly as I have pitched, this has been the best team’s atmosphere that I have been with, and it isn’t even close!

      But the Cubs are only paying Anderson only just over three million, dollars jerk!

      1. He probably should enjoy it while he can. Looks like it will be all downhill from there as I would bet a lot of money that he does not resign with them.

        Unless of course he’s having so much fun that he wants to play for the minimum. Hell, he was able to pocket $30M from FAZ, maybe he can afford to play for the league minimum.

    2. I’d try #3 but not for anything approaching $300mm. 5 additional and $175mm. It may not be enough but what are the odds he throws like this until he’s 36? He’s already had a disc issue. Make the offer and if he wants to go to Texas wish him well.

      1. As a confirmed pessimist, I am already accepting that we will lose Kershaw, in some way, for a certain time, or something. It might be a bigger contract offer, or an injury, or he just wears out and becomes ineffective. Only the rocks live forever.

      2. Let’s think about this.

        Grienke, at the age of 32, gets a 6 year guarantee deal worth $205M and you think Kershaw, at the age of 30 should/would sign a guarantee 5 year deal for $175M? Not happening.

        Based on Grienke’s signing alone, Kershaw’s agent should demand an 8 year contract worth $320M. That would put Kershaw at the same age as Grienke when his contract expires AND Kershaw has had a much better career and IS a better pitcher. In addition Kershaw is an icon in LA. Will the ‘wet behind the ears, small market mentality’ FAZ do it?

        1. IF not, (and here I go again) you had better be trading his ass a.s.a.p. The longer you wait the less you get in return! They screwed up with Grienke and here we go again.

          If Kershaw stays healthy this entire season…..I’m tearing up his contract this off season and immediately starting the clock on an 8 year deal. I would offer $300M and be willing to go up to $320M. He would pitch through the age of 37.

          What these clowns do remains to be seen.

          1. Well, I said 5 more at $35. if he’s extended after ’17, it means he still has ’18 at $33mm, make it $35mm, then add 5 more on top of that its 6 years at $35mm. That takes him to age 35 and pays him $177mm. He’s already been paid over $30 million for 3 years, and 6 more at $35mm is plenty. Maybe he can get more elsewhere, but I’m quite certain we are seeing the best of Kershaw now, and what has it meant? Extending him at all doesn’t play into the younger more athletic construct I’m looking for, but I’m willing to do it. I’m just not comfortable with $40 million per to a mid 30’s pitcher.

          2. No worry. WHEN Kershaw leaves, FAZ will sign 3 more broke arm pitchers for $16MM per on 3 year contracts and tell us we’re better off.

    1. Jonah

      I want to see how Kershaw does in the post season this year, if we make it.

      Because I think it isn’t to much to expect for Kershaw to finally deliver in the post season, and pitch as dominately as he does, in the regular season.

      But I think it is mental for Kershaw now too.

      But I do knew that Kershaw is very valuable, in the regular season too.

      It was pretty disappointing, to have to watch Kershaw pitch that last game against the Cubs, in the post season, like he did!

      One thing he did, was not get our hope up early, because he wasn’t good from the begining of that game.

  10. Line up, Taylor CF, Seager SS, Grandal C , Gonzalez 1B, Bellinger LF, Utley 2B, Hernandez 3B, Puig RF, Maeda P.

    1. Thanks Michael

      I almost was going to ask you, who was playing center.

      I think I would play Puig in center, and let Taylor ease in, to playing in the outfield.

      And I think it would play Cody in right, and have Taylor in left for a while.

      And I know we want Taylor in center ultimately, but it is more ground for him to cover, and I just think it would be an easier transition, from left to center, so Taylor can get use to the flight of balls, first.

  11. Joc is on seven day DL, for a concussion.

    That is odd since Joc passed the tests for that, after he left the game.

    He said the doctors don’t want him to watch TV, or be on his phone.

    This still sounds odd to me.

          1. Joc is not going on the market period. Taylor is no CF. Joc is the best fielding CF on the team hands down. Joe and Orel were even talking about that tonight. Pederson on the 7 day DL is as much for the stiff neck he is suffering from. He can barely move his head. In case anyone did not notice, they put Avilan on the DL and activated Liberatore.

          2. Anyone who thinks he has all the answers is riding for a fall. An Enigma Machine couldn’t anticipate FAZ’s moves…

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