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Freeway Series Opens, Dodgers Crash and Burn, Lose 7-6

The Dodgers and Angels opened their four-game Freeway Series tonight at Chavez Ravine, and just like a pleasant drive on the 5 freeway, it took seemingly forever to arrive at the end.

The Dodgers had won 6 of their last 9, and the Angels just swept Seattle, so both teams were primed for the pump. Here’s how the game played out.

2nd inning
After two strike outs, Joc Pederson and Trayce Thompson walked.
Then came Carl Crawford. First pitch – base hit! 1-0

Then came Kenta Maeda.
Base hit! Score Thompson. 2-0.

3rd inning  Dodgers 2-0
Maeda gave up back to back doubles, and as comic relief, CC made a ridiculous attempt at a throw home. 2-1.
Maeda was definitely in trouble as he eventually ended up with bases loaded to Mike Trout.
First pitch base hit to drive in two.  Angels 3-2.
Then Albert Pujols with another base hit and another run. 4-2.
Finally, Maeda got a 3-6-1 double play to end the inning.

4th inning  Angels 4-2.
No sooner did Vin Scully mention the Angels give up lots of home runs, when Trayce Thompson went KABOOM to CF. 4-3.

5th inning Angels 4-3
Maeda out after 73 pitches and 4 runs. Chris Hatcher in. He gave up a two-out double to Mike Trout, but otherwise, a scoreless inning.
Scoreless as well.

6th inning  Angels 4-3
Believe it or not – another scoreless inning from Hatcher.
Haven’t been heard from since the second inning. It’s only a one-run game, but it feels like they’re down ten runs.

Note: Adrian Gonzalez took himself out of the game after his at bat.  Turned out he had back tightness. Who knows when we’ll see Gonzo again?

7th inning  Angels 4-3
Hatcher out, Pedro Baez in.
He loaded the bases with no out for Albert Pujols. Roberts left him in.
First pitch base hit to score two.  6-3.
Baez gave up another run and all the while pitched INCREDIBLY slow. The half inning was a half hour long.
Howie Kendrick knocked in Charlie Culberson, who originally got on with a walk. 7-4
The Angels let the Dodgers back in the game with a couple of walks.
Yasmani Grandal then picked up the Golden Sombrero to kill the Angels’ charity.

8th inning  Angels 7-4
Trayce Thompson blasted his second homer of the night with Corey Seager on. 7-6.

9th inning  Angels 7-6
Howie Kendrick 5-3 out
Justin Turner  5-3 out
Yasmani Grandal  K (looking at every strike)

Dodgers lost 7-6

I thought it was strange that Maeda was pulled after just four innings and 73 pitches. Sure, Maeda was struggling, but it was only a one-run game, and Roberts had run through most of the bullpen last night. What did he plan to use for the next five innings?

I figured they would push Maeda for another inning, perhaps two if he got away cheaply in the fifth. Sitting him with more than 50% of the game to be played makes me think Maeda is injured.

Besides all that, this game was anybody’s up until the seventh. The Dodgers’ batters simply did nothing to put together any kind of rally after the second inning.

Although they scored six runs on the night, they never put together a string of hits. It was basically all done with cashing in two walks and two home runs. And those homers are all coming from the young players.

Thompson, Pederson, and Seager are all tied with six home runs. It’s now past time to play these guys every night, and win or lose with them.

Kenta Maeda (3-3) went four innings with 5 hits, 4 runs, 2 walks, 5 Ks   ERA 2.87

Home runs: Trayce Thompson (2)

Team with RISP 2 for 7

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

57 thoughts on “Freeway Series Opens, Dodgers Crash and Burn, Lose 7-6

  1. Anyone who thinks that Grandal will hit good enough to be an everyday catcher is delusional. The guy is a below average hitter by any stretch of the imagination. If he hits .240 it would be a miracle. And don’t give me that crap about his shoulder anymore. He strikes out or grounds out in clutch situations more than he comes through. When the middle of the order is not hitting like this one is, you need to shake things up, and playing Trayce Thompson everyday would do that. He has already hit more HR’s than he hit last year. Hatcher looked good, Baez not so much, and an observation, they both are very slow workers.

    1. He’s the prototypical money ball bullshit player that they have to delude themselves into thinking he’s something special. Fact is, in his career, his batting average has shown he’s a lousy hitter. Now the saber tooth boys will attack me for batting average. What’s his value to FAZ? Pitch framing, occasional power, low salary and OBP. I’d take him as a 7th place hitter or 8th, but as a middle of the order guy? Give me a break.

      As for Baez and Hatcher, just interchange them. They alternate between looking decent and awful on a weekly basis. Of course the guy pitching in the tight sports seems to be the pitcher who is struggling at the moment. The Dodgers bullpen is awful except for Jansen, which is the real kicker. Teams with lousy bullpens typically have closer issues. Dodgers have one of the premier closers in the game, and everyone else stinks. Quite the team the FO assembled.

      1. Good bye he doesn’t have a good batting average right now, so you are safe. But that is one of the things in saber metrics, that is dis counted, and it shouldn’t be!

  2. OK, I admit to being delusional. I’ve been called worse…

    I believe that Turner and Grandal will be offensive stalwarts for the team.

    Baez needs to go back to AAA, work faster and get another pitch.

    Call up Urias to take his place. Do it now!

    Carl Crawford and Howie Kendrick kill the team in LF on Defense… I mean, noFENSE. Put Thompson there and stop the platoon. He can obviously hit RH pitching.

    I think it the only way Crawfish stays on the team is as a pinch hitter and can the team keep him just for that purpose

    1. Mark I agree with mostly, with what you have said. Any run, or contribution, that Crawford makes offensively, is quickly erased with his bad defense, and his terrible arm. And Howie is just not a left fielder, and he is also, not very good at third base either. And when both Howie and Crawford, are playing on the left side of the diamond, there is not to many hit balls, that are outs. And when a single is hit to leftfield, and Howie or Crawford are playing in leftfield, that single, instantly becomes a double.

      And since this front office, didn’t do anything to fix this bullpen, and the bullpen, continues to give games away, why is Urias still down in AAA? Keeping Urias in AAA, is not doing him any good, and it is causing the Dodgers to continue to lose games, even when they play well.

      And Urias better not be, being kept in AAA, because of the money! Because I think the money rich Dodgers, can handle paying Urias, especially after this front office, has had no trouble throwing money away, on subpar pitching, and on often injured, pitchers, like Anderson, and McCarthy.

      At least we know that Urias, will give the team quality pitching, where ever they choose to use him. The bullpen problem, needs to be badly addressed right now, before the bullpen, continues to give more games away.

      And especially since, the National League West, is much more competitive, this year, where even only a couple of losses, can determine who the division winner is. This bullpen can’t be counted on, because the only thing that this bullpen is consistent on, is being in consistent, and routinely giving away, well pitched and well played games.

  3. If the front office of the Dodgers had the guts to can these combined GMs and start over — hire a GM who can build a “real” team — here is what I think he/she would do . . .

    By next Spring Training — obtain a player with speed to lead off. Get the speed back in the game.

    Obtain a hard hitting producing hitter and not some 38 year old hanger-on.

    Clean up the middle relief, clear out the junk and find guys who can control the baseball.

    Sign Jansen to a longer term contract. Get a real 8th inning shut down thrower.

    Get rid of some of these players taking up space and salary — even if the team must eat the money – like Crawford.

    Do not settle on so much left-right platoon playing. Just too many .220 – .240 hitters on this team.

    Finish out the 5 starters. Deal with the Kershaw issue (either sign him to more years or trade him in a bit for some key players).

    But stop this 200 in and out moves of things players.

  4. Either play Crawford 5 days a week until he winds up on the DL and live with his arm or release him. He’s not going to hit playing sparingly.

    I would choose playing Thompson in LF. I don’t want to see Kendrick out there again. When SVS and Ethier return there isn’t room on the roster for CC

  5. Vin was comparing home vs away batting averages and the differences were shocking.

    Utley is a dried up over the hill dinosaur at home and a young thourabred away for instance.

    With all the left right platooning, how did they miss the home / away platoon?

    1. Good bye he doesn’t have a good batting average right now, so you are safe. But that is one of the things in saber metrics, that is dis counted, and it shouldn’t be!

  6. From MLBTR:
    The Dodgers will soon face a decision on utilityman Alex Guerrero, as J.P. Hoornstra of the Los Angeles News Group writes. Guerrero, 29, has begun a rehab assignment after missing time with an injured knee, but it’s not clear at all where he’d fit on the major league roster. While he’s often been discussed as a trade candidate, there are some clear barriers to a deal, even beyond his defensive limitations and a mixed and limited MLB track record. For one thing, he’s owed $5MM for the present season and for 2017. For another, his unusual contract provides that he cannot be optioned without his consent and that he would have the right to elect free agency after any season in which he’s traded.

    1. Wondering Guerrero plays third base, better then anyone on the team, except for Turner. And Turner is not hitting. Maybe Guerrerro should get a chance to play third, when Turner is rested. Guerrero was doing the same things last year, that Thompson is doing this year, when Guerrero was given a chance to play. He also has good right hand power.

  7. I thought Joc was on base when Thompson homered.

    I loved their enthusiasm when Thompson reached home plate. They were both full of energy. That’s what this team needs. Yeah play them every day.

    Come on FAZ at least make this .500 team fun.

    1. Right on Artie.

      3b Turner / Kike’
      SS Seager
      LF Thompson
      CF Pederson
      RF Puig
      1b Agon/Kendrick
      2b Utley / Kendrick
      C Grandal / Ellis

      That lineup makes a statement that the Dodgers are going young due to the old guys playing old. It might be crazy but the current lineups haven’t been any better so at least go young.

      June’s rotation:
      Kershaw, Urias, Maeda, Kazmir, Wood

      July’s rotation:
      Kershaw, Ryu, Maeda, Kazmir, McCarthy

      June’s Bullpen:
      Jansen, Stripling, DeLeon, Coleman, Blanton, Garcia, Wood

      1. Bum the Dodgers are starting a six man rotation on Wedesday. They are going to insert Bolsinger into the rotation then, and see how that works. I want Puig and
        Turner to hit, but they are just not hitting.

        Puig in his last 100 at bats, is hitting 176, and has only one walk. And Turner is having trouble adjusting to the way the pitchers, are pitching him. They are pitching inside. Puig is not staying inside the ball, when he hits, and he is only using his arms to hit, because of this. Instead of trying to pull everything, he needs to stay inside the ball, and hit pitches, that are over the middle, or on the outside corner, to the middle, or to the right side.

  8. Trayce played good defense last night and hit 2 hr off right handed pitchers.

    Look for Pinocchio to start Crawford today, and put Trayce on the bench

    1. I believe it was the third inning in which the Angels scored 4 runs that Crawford made that awful throw. Even Vin commented on how bad that was. I don’t remember his exact words but it is very rare for him to criticize a player. It is more than time that Crawford leaves. Even for a bad contract, he is an embarrassment.

      1. He said something like Crawford has a bad arm, had little chance to get the runner, and unlike an inexperienced left fielder like Kendrick, had no excuse for missing the cutoff man. Then the camera shifted to Puig in the dugout and Vin says Puig is probably thinking uh huh.

    2. Maybe Crawford and Kendrick will tell Roberts they want to be team players and they want to win and for now, Thompson is the right guy to start in LF. There is plenty of season left for Kendrick and Crawford to pick up the pieces should Thompson putter out but the puttering needs to stop and to stop it, Crawford and Kendrick and Kike’ need to stop getting playing time in LF.

      Most of us here have said the Dodgers need a big right handed bat and some have thought the Dodgers should have signed Cespedes. Mark has often said FAZ is always looking for that guy before he is that guy. Well FAZ, that guy is sitting on the bench waiting for you to wake up and smell the coffee.

      1. I’m not sure Thompson is that guy, but he’s certainly earned a chance to prove it one way or the other before the trade deadline. The offense is pitiful and it’s time to stop worrying about some players’ feelings or their trade value. You traded a top prospect for this guy, let him play.

      2. Bum I think that Crawford would probably do that. I don’t think Howie would though. But Howie doesn’t play left, any better then Crawford, and his arm is ok.

  9. Joc’s throw home was as bad as any throw I’ve seen this year. It was 20′ off line. I’ve seen better throws from junior high school players.

    What Hawkeye just said about Crawford may sound crazy on the surface but it makes perfect sense to me. Probably because I did the math on the subject. It’s all about numbers in today’s game. Crawford is paid starter money. $ 21.6 divided by 7.4 = 2.9. The only way for him to put up anywhere near a 3 WAR, and shut up the whiners, is to play everyday until either the wheels fall off or he gets the 400+ at bats that will at least give him opportunity to come close. There is a clear and present problem with that scenario – it’s just not going to happen. It’s not going to happen because of “depth”, and I use quotations just to hold that word on the screen. I don’t think that’s the right word. Not sure what is the right word, but when I look over this roster, and look at who is coming back, I don’t see easy choices on who I would play every day. Roberts answer to that question is Seager. Guerrero, SVS, and Ethier will all be back on the field. AGon, the anchor, is now day to day. Great. Ryu, McCarthy and etcetera are coming back. What to do. What lineup puts us over the top, or maybe better said, back in it.

    I honestly don’t know.

    But Guerrero if given opportunity would easily earn his money. Hernandez if given a full time job would grow into it. Thompson needs to play every day. Pederson, Puig and Grandal need at bats, lots of them, to get this Major League Baseball thing figured out. SVS if healthy is easily a positive WAR player.

    I don’t know how this gets done. Ask Friedman.

    1. Joc tried to do everything right. He called off Crawford, took a loop approach to catch the ball so that his momentum was going toward home when he caught the ball, then took about three hops to get everything on his throw. He didn’t quite get his momentum directed at home and his throw wound up going where his momentum was taking him.

      Puig on the other hand doesn’t take hops before he throws and therefore doesn’t have momentum going against him. He just uses his arm strength and fires strikes. That is why I have said he could also play third.

      All that said, Joc’s throw was what Bob Ueker would say was a little bit wide.

    2. I’m not expecting much from Ethier this year. I remember other guys taking a long time to come back from broken legs. I know medical science has improved…but there you are. Is SVS going to be the 2014 edition or the 2015 edition? Can he even stay healthy?

      The fact that Ryu is actually pitching holds out some hope, but I was no fan of McCarthy before the TJ surgery and will be surprised if he’s better than Stripling or DeLeon when he gets back. The bullpen continues to be a mess except for Jansen.

    3. And we know a .200 hitting, sparsely playing CC becomes even more untradeable. He’s not going to be an effective pinch-hitter either. Batting him 8th takes away from his strengths too. It may not happen today but his release is coming. When he played everyday two years ago he hit and stole bases. When he played sparingly last season he was totally ineffective.

      Even worse than his arm strength is how long it takes him to get rid of the ball. I’m not a CC hater but it has become a situation where I can’t see him succeeding.

    4. Badger doesn’t it bother you, when Crawford hits a run in, and gives away a run, in the very next inning, because of his weak arm? He doesn’t even try to get more out of his arm. He practically throws flat footed, from left field, to home.

  10. Bobby that made me smile.

    I quite enjoyed that one – was only in the 5th when I woke up.
    If Baez was a starter, game time would be over 5 hrs. Man is he slow?

    Artie, that’s what I’ve been saying from the start. If this I gonna be a .500 team (& it is) – then please at least give us something to enjoy.
    That’s why I wanted a RH thumper & can’t wait to see Urias & Deleon ASAP.

    If, AGon is gone, I’d throw Bellinger in…… Look at the Trayce effect – play the youngsters now.

  11. Just a thought, and I’m beginning to believe it –

    If we are .500 at the Trade Deadline and SF have pulled clear, do we trade away Kershaw for a huge haul (remember he can opt out after 2018) & Agon while he still has value, with an eye to the 2018 season when many of our prospects should be ready to go?

    A year ago I would have said no, now I’m leaning towards it.

  12. Great question

    With what we have in the Pitching pipeline, I’d do it.

    Seagar, Trout, Bellinger…

    1. That will definitely take some guts to trade Kershaw. I see him as the baseball version of Messi. He controls the tempo. He is the conductor. How much did City offer to buy him? The Barça supporters said “Messi is untouchable”.

      Yes Kershaw can eventually leave. But I’m not sure that whatever is received will be worth what was given up.

      Sheffield put up numbers comparable to Piazza but he was no where near as valuable to the fans as Piazza was. Like I said it would take guts to pull of any trade like that.

      But in the end everyone is tradable.

    2. You mean go for a rebuild?

      Where have we heard that before?

      I doubt these guys do that. More is expected from LA fans. FAZ inherited a Divisional winner and only needed a couple of moves to move the team forward. Those moves were not done. What was done? Smoke and mirrors.

      Play the youngsters now? No. Get guys like Utley, Kendrick, Kazmir, Coleman, Blanton. I see those moves as wool being pulled over our eyes. I see FAZolitics being played here. You gonna believe what you see or what we tell you?


    3. If they trade Kershaw, they admit failure, and hopefully the fans take their money and spend it on the Lambs until the owners clean house and banish Moneyball.

  13. IF FAZ is not planning on resigning Kershaw than sure, why not. Might as well get the best all around player in the game today but keep in mind that the Angels will be wanting more than just a 2 year rental for Trout. So might have to throw in Puig, Lee and Holmes.

    And if I’m the Angels, I’m moving Kershaw for more prospects.

  14. If it’s me, I’m resigning Kershaw and looking to trade 5 or 6 players for Trout with none of those being Kershaw, Seager or Urias.

  15. Unless Clayton wants to go back home to pitch, he will be a Dodger for life. However, he realizes that if he does go home, it will taint his legacy as Texas will raise his ERA somewhat. Clayton is a once-in-a-lifetime player and he’s a Dodger for life… if he wants to be one. My odds: 60/40! 60 being that he stays a Dodger.

    Jansen is a different story. If he keeps pitching like he is, he will get a 5 year/$90 million deal. I can’t see giving a reliever that much… Just my opinion.

    On Chapman: One of my sources says that he, like Puig is a knucklehead, but that Puig is a “good” knucklehead (my words). He says Chapman has a dark side, but that Puig is just a big kid! He says Puig is a good guy!

    That said, if Puig and Turner get hot, what could the Dodgers get for Puig, Turner, Wood and Stripling? Not all in the same deal! I would think, at the very least, they could get 5 or 6 good prospects. I would DFA Crawfish when Ethier is back. No one will take Crawfishes salary until the Dodgers release him. Then he’s a bargain. Just pump up the farm more!

    Here’s the lineup I want to see:

    1. Johnson LF
    2. Utley 2B
    3. Seager SS
    4. Thompson RF
    5. Gonzo 1B
    6. Kendrick 3B
    7. Grandal C
    8. Pederson CF

    Barnes, Culberson, SVS, Ethier, Ellis, Kike

    1. Johnson isn’t hitting at OKC. Maybe the PCL is just not enough of a challenge for him? More prospects is always the answer; keep trading talent for potential and keep kicking the can down the road. 2018, 2020, pie in the sky. Bronx cheer.

      1. Just looked. In 134 plate appearances this year you know how many extra base hits he has? 4. He’s 25. Tell me again why he was traded for? And please don’t say depth. He played college ball, 3 years at Indiana. Big 10. I guess that counts. Did ok, not great. Now he has almost 1700 minor league at bats, and has done ok, .298. Not great. But nothing says he is ready to challenge Major League pitching. I ask again, why is he here?

    2. So Mark, you’re saying that FAZ will give Kershaw something in the neighborhood of $40M a year over an extended period?
      Wasn’t too long ago, like maybe a week ago you were stating that NO ONE should be given large, long term deals, in fact posted this…..

      ‘On MLB Radio today, they said Jake Arrietta will be a free age at age 31 and that he would break the bank – they also said that Theo would likely do what Friedman did with Greinke and let him walk. They said that it’s just bad business, but that at least one GM would make that dope-fiend move!’

      You do realize that after the 2018 season, Kershaw will be 31 going into the 2019 season and has more wear on his arm than Arrietta. Zack Grienke (with a lot of wear) at the age of 32 signed for an average of $34.5M over 6 years. I would speculate that Arrietra will get $35M-$37M on average over at least 4 years, maybe 5. So if you are going to call those signings dope-fiend moves than its safe to say that you would be in the camp that would NOT want FAZ to resign Kershaw.

      If Kershaw is injury free over the next 2+ years, he’s looking at $40M+ per year over his next 5 years and maybe longer.

      The Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, Angels and Rangers will be salivating…..who knows maybe even the Giants.

    3. The Braintrust doesn’t believe in signing pitchers to long term expensive contracts. If Kershaw opts out after 2018, he will be 31 years old. I don’t have any confidence that they will do what it takes to keep him.

  16. Maeda stunk last night. He said he threw too many curveballs. His best pitch is the located fastball. Maybe he couldn’t “locate” it. Last night Puig made baseball fun again—-by not playing. Mgr. Rah Rah was resting him because 66 puts too much pressure on himself. Like no one else feels the pressure of MLB. The guy continues to be a real head case. This year everyone seems to be laughing about it. With the same shitty results. Too late for a trade. Few teams would want him. Kershaw v Weaver tonight. Weaver can’t break glass anymore, but he is still smart and a competitor till the end. We have to be able to win more than 1-5, the day that Kershaw pitches. But it’s beginning to look like that. Meanwhile the giants have won 5 in a row and have their best lined up against San Diego. This division could go south real fast, if he giants continue to get wins from #4&5.

  17. Good series in OKC v Mets Las Vegas team. OKC got pounded yesterday at home. 2 organizations trying to get the gold ring. Play again today.

  18. I don’t think I trust the “sources” Mark keeps mentioning. Whoever they are have been wrong a lot. I get the sense his sources are the voices in his head.

    Whoever gives a reliever $90mm deserves to be fired.

    Texas has a good team. Kershaw would win as often there as he has here. Maybe more. And for what it’s worth, I don’t believe in “lifetime” Dodgers any more than I believe in “til death do you part”. Everybody moves on. I expect Kershaw to do the same. If FAZ is still here after ’18 I can’t imagine them giving a 31 year old pitcher with a lot of miles on his arm a billion dollar extension. And if it’s not going according to plan between now and July 31st 2018 I can see them trading him. Do I trust they will get the better of any deal? Nothing they’ve done so far leads me to believe that would be the case.

    I still have hope for this year’s team. They have potential. But we need all hands on deck operating at capacity. Haven’t seen it yet. What is the likelihood we will? Good question. Looking at what I see today? I wouldn’t give it a 50% chance. 40-60 sounds optimistic. I still feel the same way I did in Spring Training – too many things have to go right. In the mean time, God bless Vin Scully. You deserve better Vinny.

  19. Remember how we used to hate Ned? His dumpster shopping was bad but with his budget he had little choice. It don’t look so bad now compared to FO’s choices. And Ned would pull the trigger on a big deal. I don’t think he’d hesitate on 4 or 5 prospects for Mike Trout. Maybe they’re keeping him around for a reason… No, I don’t mean checking hospitals for FAZ…

  20. Wood, McCarthy plus his 2016 salary, and Baez for Miller.

    Skankees need starting pitchers. McCarthy didn’t want to leave NY and pitched well there. Dodgers need a lefty and a 8th inning guy in the pen. Wood is a young starting pitcher who has the ability to be a solid #3 or 4.

    Dodgers would still have Kershaw, Maeda, Ryu, Stripling, Urias, Deleon, Kazmir, Bolsinger.

  21. To be honest guys, I’m afraid that if someone in ownership does not step in soon that this team/organization could be set back a few years. Think about it.

    Possibly NO Jansen next year and beyond. Who closes games then? Either Kershaw is traded by this rag tag bunch and who is confident they will get much value in return, especially if they wait until 2017 or 2018. Or they decide not to resign him at market value after the 2018 season. Either way try imagining NO Kershaw in a few years.
    This group has shown that they are not willing to pay for any stars and the suspects they pick up are ‘pipe dreams.’ IF Urias and DeLeon do not perform at the very high level that everyone is hoping, where is the pitching coming from?
    Turner & Utley are gone after this year. Gonzalez will be gone after 2018. Grandal (career .239 hitter) hasn’t shown the ability to hit consistently. That leaves only Seager, Puig, Thompson and Pederson…..with Puig appearing to have his 3rd straight declining season, Pederson (career .212 hitter) and the jury is still out on the 25 y/o Thompson. Who’s playing First base? Second base? Third Base?
    Where is the hitting coming from? Pitching? Not trying to sound like the sky is falling but with this FO, it does not look good.

    1. My guess is they will be Tampa/Oakland with $100 million more to spend. Will they spend it on McCarthy/Latos types or will they spend it on the Arenado’s when they become free agents?

      The scenario you paint is indeed possible. But the FAZ goal remains the same. Get younger, get cheaper, keep 3.7 million coming to the park and hopefully buy wins. The tv money is already there. The value of the franchise will go up whether they win or not. Just look how McFuknuts made out to prove that point. Is it going to produce a championship or two? So far, not so good. Even though I still don’t believe it necessary, they will clear some contracts and be in a position to show us what it is they can do with that $100 million.


      1. Don’t see them spending big bucks on any stars…..can’t you imagine how much Arenado will be offered by the ‘big boys.’ There’s a big boy table and FAZ is not sitting at it.

        1. I agree. They will “show interest”. They will even bid. But as you say, they will be easily outbid. Somebody always overpays (Arizona) and it won’t be FAZ. Our stairway lies on the wunderkinds. If our system fails, FAZometrics fails.

    1. OK – so what big-time players who will want more than 3 years and cost more than $15MM/year do you see the Braintrust acquiring? And how many players of that sort have they acquired during their regime?

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