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Maeda Pitches Well, Dodgers Don’t Suck Tonight, Beat Phillies 5-3

Kenta Maeda

The Dodgers returned home after another lackluster road trip (3-4) to begin a six game home stand. They kicked it off with a weekend set against the Phillies. The Dodgers as you all know have had one month of suck thus far, entering with a losing record and only winning one series since the opening series against San Diego. However the Dodgers seem to play pretty well at home, and tonight they did pretty, pretty, pretty good defeating the Phillies 5-3.

Phillies   3 7 1

Dodgers 5 10 0




Starting pitcher Kenta Maeda also returned to the mound after missing a start. The Dodgers skipped his turn in the rotation because he’s been so damn awful this season. The Dodgers didn’t know what else to do with him. So they skipped his turn and hoped the extended rest would do him some good.

So what was the problem with Maeda? Because tonight it looked like he didn’t skip a beat. Was it declining velocity? Was it lack of command? Or was he possibly missing his location? Or maybe he just sucked. In any case he certainly didn’t suck tonight tossing seven innings of two-run ball and striking out eight to earn his first win of the season. His mound opponent 26-year old Jerad Eickhoff (who was making just his fifth MLB start) was not as fortunate. He allowed five earned runs on nine hits across 5.2 innings and took the loss.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Dodgers offense came through tonight and found their stroke. The boys in blue plated five runs on ten hits and were 2 for 6 with runners in scoring position. They left 8 men on base. Justin Turner was 3 for 4 extending his hitting streak to 14 games. Andrew Toles finally got off the schneid with two hits and two runs scored. Freddy Galvis went 2 for 4 for the Phillies. The Philadelphia bats struck out 12 times in the game against Dodger pitching.

The Phillies took an early 2-0 lead in the third inning when Cameron Rupp walked, and after Eickhoff failed to sacrifice bunt Rupp to second advanced to third on Cesar Hernandez’s single. Freddy Galvis doubled home both runners. The Dodgers would then score one run in each of the next three frames.

Toles singled to center in the bottom of the third and went to third on Turner’s opposite field knock. A wild pitch plated Toles to make the score 2-1 Philadelphia. In the bottom of the fourth the Dodgers tied the game when Bellinger bunted for a base hit to beat the shift, and my hero Kike Hernandez doubled off of Aaron Altherr’s glove to score Bellinger. The Dodgers took a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the fifth when Corey Seager walked, Gonzo singled up the middle and Yasmani Grandal’s sacrifice fly to right brought him in. The Dodgers scored two more runs in the bottom of the sixth on a Toles single, another wild pitch from Eickhoff, and a Seager walk, and a two-run double from Turner.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Dodgers had a bit of trouble in the eighth inning when Josh Fields struggled giving up a run to the Phillies thanks to two singles, a wild pitch and a sacrifice fly. Roberts called in left hander Luis Avilan to restore order and he did by Michael Saunders to end the inning. Kenley Jansen pitched a perfect top of the ninth inning to record his sixth save of the season. With the win the Dodgers climb back to the .500 mark at 12-12.

The series continues Saturday evening as the Dodgers will look to win three whole games in a row. I know, I know I can’t believe it either. Brandon McCarthy will take the hill looking to go 4-0. Zach Efflin (remember him?) will counter for the Phillies at 6:10 PM PST.

Cody Bellinger watch:

Bellinger went 2 for 3 with two singles, a walk, and a run scored. He could have had an RBI had the Dodgers not sent Adrian Gonzalez on this play in the bottom of the fifth inning.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

38 thoughts on “Maeda Pitches Well, Dodgers Don’t Suck Tonight, Beat Phillies 5-3

  1. Good game. Dodgers did not suck in this one. Ok, Grandal kinda did, but the rest of the team played well. I’m encouraged. Maybe they do have a clue.

    .500. 2 in a row. Only 3 games back with 137 to go.

    Eflin tonight. ’emember him? Show us why we dumped you and Windle for a negative dWAR .220 hitter Zach.

    1. Grandal still sucks. He is not hitting, he still cannot consistently block balls in the dirt. Oh yeah, he does know how to frame a pitch and kill rally’s.

  2. How could Bellinger have had an RBI if Gonzalez is held up at third?

    Criticism of the Great and Powerful FAZ? Never. Just a casual comment reflecting on what was, what is and what might have been. I don’t know that Eflin is any eflin good. I suspect he has more value than Jimmy eflin Rollins, but then what do I know? I predicted the Dodgers would fall short of the World Series each of the last two years, and we know how that worked out.

    I like Bellinger. Now, about that loopy swing…..

    1. He didn’t, I think. They said he missed his first big league ribbie because the Gonzo one can be timed with a sundial. As Vinny would have said, he was out from me to you.

  3. One observation. We went with a de facto 6 man rotation this past week. With very good results (at least from the starters). Maybe we keep this going. It’s another way of keeping Uria’s innings down until the playoffs, and when Hill returns Alex Wood can go back to the pen.

    Hopefully Maeda limits his 4 seamer from here on out. You don’t need to pitch hard at Dodger stadium to have success.

    On Bellinger’s hunt, he said that he had 10-15 of those bunt singles in the minors against the shift, so he’s not averse to it at all.

    1. Downside of a 6 man rotation is that CK is not very good on long rest. He also is a creature of habit. You use a 6 man rotation and it will throw the best pitcher in the NL off his kilter. He needs to be out there every 5th day. Maybe you give him a blow later on, but the man likes his routine.

    2. YF

      That is the way to stop the shift, and open the other team’s defense, to get hits in those holes, the bunt made.

      The problem with most of the players on our team, that try to attempt a bunt, is that they don’t stay in the batters box long enough, to make sure, they make a good bunt.

      Because if they place the bunt correctly, no one is going to throw them, out.

      Because there is no third base men, around.

      And any average runner, could make it to first safely, if the bunt is placed correctly.

      Also some of the players, get in a hurry, and they will try to bunt on a pitch, that is not good, to bunt on.

      The rule is you only bunt a strike, or a good pitch to bunt on, unless a squeeze is on, or they are attempting, a run and bunt play.

      1. Cody’s bunt was well timed and placed. Toles, not so much. But he did have a couple of hits.

        1. Toles thought he saw the sign, to bunt.

          But I don’t know that he was wrong, only because, Orel said he was surprised that Maeda was taking off to second.

          Remember the first basemen, was holding Maeda on at first, and that gave Toles a big hole, to pull the ball in.

          And once Maeda took off, the first basemen, went back to his normal defensive position.

          But you are right, that wasn’t good bunt.

          You can’t bunt it back to the pitcher, and someone like Toles, would make it to first easily, if he placed his bunt correctly.

          Eveyone gets in a rush, to put a bunt down, instead of taking there time, and doing it correctly, like Bellinger, did.

  4. It is Saturday, April 29th, 2017 and it is snowing here in Canon City. Not light stuff either. A steady stream of big wet flakes. My dog loves it!

    1. Why are you in Cañon City Michael? That town is a 9.5 on the suck meter.

      I could hit .750 against that shift and at 69 I’m left with AGon speed. You do it exactly like Bellinger did. There is no excuse for a Major League hitter to not be able to lay a bunt down to either of the diamond. Good for Bellinger. Smart kid.

      “He could have had an RBI had the Dodgers not sent Adrian Gonzalez on this play in the bottom of the fifth inning.” I think we know what was meant here. Had it been anyone on the roster other than the Badger wheels AGon on second, Bellinger would have had his first RBI. I think everyone but the Dodgers third base coach holds Gonzalez at third. All he did was kill a rally and embarrass Adrian.

      1. I have friends here. People I have known for years. My son lives in Denver. Main reason, it is a lot cheaper to live here than where I was living, Phoenix, or going home to California. It is quiet, and after over 35 years on the road, and living in big cities, I just wanted to retire somewhere where the pace is a little slower. Canon actually has 3 movie theaters now, and it is not all that far to go to Pueblo, or the Springs. I play music around here once in a while, and there are plenty of lakes to go fishing. Besides, my fishing license only cost’s 1 dollar a year. I agree that Woodward should have held Adrian up. There was no reason to send him. Made them both look bad.

  5. Story on Dodger Blue saying that the reporter still thinks the Dodgers will win the division handily as he put it. Well they have that FAZDEPTH thing going for them. That aside, they are still not close to being the best team in the NL. Washington and Chicago still look to be the class of the league. Washington just lost Adam Eaton. Hard to believe the Yankees were down 9-1 and won that game yesterday. Or the Orioles blew that game.

      1. It happened yesterday. He lunged to beat out a grounder and suffered a knee sprain. But the full extent of the injury is still unknown.

        1. Crawford had a MRI. Not sure what the results were, but it is possible he was placed on the DL after that. He had been on the bereavement list. Eaton out for the year, torn ACL. Turner not in lineup tonight. It’s official, Crawford to DL with groin strain.

          1. Michael

            I just looked at the Giants site, and it doesn’t seem like Crawfords injury is bad.

            But their rookie hit another HR against the Padres.

  6. Just checked to see what Calhoun’s stats look like. He’s hitting .320. Do you guys remember that claptrap from the bellowing buffoon about how slow Calhoun is? In 21 games at AAA he’s 3 for 4 in SB attempts. After 24 games the Dodgers only have 8 SB as a team.

    1. No matter. We’ll keep running Utley out there till the people from the glue factory pick him up. So much for pride…

  7. Kemp with 3 home runs and 5 RBI tonight. Hes hitting .327, but will only put up about .1 WAR because moneyballers don’t like him. It has nothing to do with value, its personal. He’s a surly ex-Dodger. Any replacement player is better than him.

    1. I saw the homers on the game summary..impressive part of that, 2 of them went to RF. The other was right down the LF line. Last Dodger RH hitter with that kind of power to Right and right center……Mike Piazza.

  8. I don’t understand the “off on contract” with a runner on third. If the infield is up, or even half way, you’re a dead duck if it’s hit to somebody.

  9. Gas Can Hatcher at it again. Dodgers get close on Bellinger’s HR, Gas Can gives up a homer, then 2 hits. Bunt puts guy on 2nd and 3rd. They sent Fields down again to activate Dayton. Pederson and Forsythe might be activated next Friday, Gutierrez on Tuesday to face Moore.

    1. You want to talk gas cans Rodney gives up 3 in the 9th for his second blown save in a row and the giants bullpen gave up 11 in two innings, and that game isn’t over yet.

  10. Bellinger has that “prodigious” power. I read that one scout claimed Bellinger had 50 hr power.

    I can see why. This guy might be a better version of Anthony Rizzo for us

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