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Stripling’s Great Pitching, Turner’s Two-run Single Help Dodgers Even Freeway Series

The Dodgers rebounded from a tough stupid loss on Friday with a 3-1 win over the Angels to even the Freeway Series on Fox Saturday baseball amidst sweltering heat conditions in Southern California. It wasn’t the heat coming from the sun, but from the golden right arm of Ross Stripling who stifled the Halos to win his seventh decision. Ross the boss limited the Angels to just one earned run on three hits and struck out seven over six strong frames. The Dodger bats did the damage with a two-run single from Justin Turner in the top of the fifth. The boys in blue hit only one home run (Yasiel Puig solo shot in the eighth) and three of their four hits were singles.

Speaking of only hitting one home run, the lone Angels rally consisted of a Mike Trout solo home run in the bottom of the sixth for the struggling Anaheim club. Trout was held to only three hits, which is a major accomplishment. The Angels had four hits as well and Trout (two singles and a home run) had three of them.

Both teams certainly had their chances to blow the game open, especially the Angels. The Angels left two on in the first, two on in the third, and two more runners stranded in the seventh. The Angels were 0 for 6 with runners in scoring position and left seven men on base. Credit the Dodger pitching staff for another solid game. The Angels gave the ball to right hander Deck McGuire. Gotta be honest here, I’ve never heard of him before tonight. Yet the Dodgers could not hit him. McGuire tossed three shutout innings allowing a mere hit and struck out six.

Dodgers 3 4 1

Angels     1 4 0





The Dodger top of the fifth was the game changer. Puig singled to lead-off and Enrique Hernandez walked. After an inexplicable sacrifice from Joc Pederson moved the runners to second and third, Max Muncy struck out. With two outs, Justin Turner’s liner into right scored two, (with Hernandez making a nifty slide past Martin Maldonado) giving the Dodgers a two-run lead. Yasiel Puig’s massive blast off the rocks in center in the top of the ninth gave the Dodgers an extended 3-1 lead.

Five relievers, (Erik Goeddel, Edward Parades, Daniel Hudson, Scott Alexander, and Kenley Jansen) limited the Angels to one hit and one walk over the last three innings. For Kenley it was a nice respite as he tossed a perfect ninth to record his 24th save. Joc didn’t have a good game with the bat going 0 for 3 but at least made this awesome sprawled out catch to rob Pujols of a hit in the bottom of the first.

Turner served as the DH tonight with Kemp slotting in there on Friday. Let’s see who gets the DH spot on Sunday night as the Dodgers look for a series win in the rubber game. Alex Wood and Andrew Heaney will take the mound with the game televised on ESPN Sunday night baseball.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

57 thoughts on “Stripling’s Great Pitching, Turner’s Two-run Single Help Dodgers Even Freeway Series

  1. Bullpen – 5 guys, 3 innings, 1 hit. Maybe that’s how they need to be used. Alexander 2 pitches. Paredes 4 pitches. Short, efficient outings.

    Dbacks taking care of business against the Padres. Today it’s Greinke v Richard, so, they should win. We have Heaney, who has a career 6.1 ERA vs Dodgers. It’s time to score over 5 again. -124, 8 1/2 runs. Dodgers 6-3.

  2. Re picture above: Joc doesn’t look big at all alongside Puig. I really don’t know what to do about Puig. He has so much ability but he doesn’t know how to get it all in use. He has one more season of Arbitration left, IF he chooses to take it, AND if the Dodgers choose to offer it. Smart money says he should take Arbitration, where he will get maybe $12MM, I can’t see him besting that as a free agent… The Dodgers might choose to non-tender him and deal with him as a free agent. Another one of those decisions I’m glad I don’t have to make. I like Puig, I hope we keep him.

    1. Still thinking about Puig. Considering the paucity of right-handed outfielders in our system, I’d be inclined to offer him a 4 year contract for $36MM to $40MM. Considering the contracts we’ve given people like Forsythe and all those broke-winged pitchers, I could live with that. Plus an incentive clause that pays him $1MM if he makes top 5 in MVP voting. As a matter of fact, I’d offer that to all the players on our 25 man roster, MVP or Cy Young. It would certainly be worth it to the club.

    2. Puig will be 28 next year. By nearly ALL accounts, post steroids, MLB players peak before 30, most a few years before 30. There are exceptions of course. I think it’s likely we’ve seen the best of Puig. Last year he was a 3.7 WAR player. This year? .9 half way through. You have to ask yourself – is he worth $12 million going forward? Maybe. Who replaces him if we decide no? Could Verdugo match or better his numbers going forward? I think so. But will Verdugo even be here?

      I would seriously consider trading Puig and maybe even doing it soon. It’s risky putting Verdugo out there for the playoff run, but, I’d do if the return on Puig filled another crack. Could we get enough for Puig (or Pederson) to fill the bucket needed for Machado? I think so. Taylor goes to second, Muncy goes to first, Bellinger goes to center, Kemp and Puig/Pederson on the corners spelled by Hernandez and Verdugo (in September). That is an awesome lineup.

      Who knows where this is going. It’s going to be interesting.

        1. I hate to have to be the one to tell you, Pack, but FAZ and Guggenheim would rather have the $18 MM Kemp will cost next year than whatever his bat produces. I’d say even money they’d trade him this month if somebody will take his whole salary…

          1. Jonah
            If FAZ unloads Kemp in the middle of a pennant race they are dumber than Dummy. He has carried the team all year. Not the type player you get rid of if you are in the pennant hunt.

        2. I wonder about that.

          The prime motivation, from what I read, was moving Kemp to create financial flexibility. Next year, there’s no threshold to get under.

          Oh wait. Debt service. I wish we had more vision over that situation.

      1. First I don’t think they are going after Machado, because Muncy has a higher War then Machado right now, and that is probably mostly because of Machado’s defense, at short.

        Unless of course, the Orioles would take the trade they already supposely offered the Orioles, that didn’t include Verdugo.

        I don’t think War is a value about what a player is truly worth, and the players with high Wars now, may not have those high numbers, even in a couple weeks, but Machado has been pretty consistent, throughout his career, to his credit.

        And remember some players on this team have a better history of hitting, then other players, so I wouldn’t assume anything, at this point in the season.

        There is another player at AAA, that already has post season experience, and he did produce, in the post season too.

        It looks to me, that the Angels have pretty good scouting, because they have kept most of our line up in check, in this series.

        They struck out Muncy twice yesterday, and that hasn’t happened much with Muncy, since the beginning of June.

        And the Angels don’t have top pitching.

        I think this front office will go for bullpen help more then anything.

        Because with the restrictions they are under with the luxury tax, it is going to be even harder for them to make deals at the trade deadline this year, then in the past.

        And they have not made a big move at the trade deadline, since they joined the team, so I don’t see them doing that now either, especially with the luxury tax.

  3. 108 and a 20 % chance of rain here today. It won’t rain, of course, just be humid… Raquel Welch couldn’t entice me out the door today…

    1. Jonah

      I do share one thing with Raquel Welch, but it isn’t her appeal, or her body, that is for sure!

    1. Pack, I agree that FAZ will move Kemp this off season if they can. I don’t think they will this year.

      MJ, as you know, it isn’t me that values WAR, especially dWAR. It’s the powers that be. I think John Smoltz has articulated it as well as anyone I’ve heard discuss it. So if you’ve heard him on the Fox telecasts you know exactly how I feel about it. Analytics has its place, but it isn’t the be all end all.

      I think the brass wants Machado but I don’t believe they’ll get him. I can’t believe that because I’ve seen their work for nearly 4 years now. Their pattern is clear.

      Bum thinks there’s a path to deGrom huh? No. See previous paragraph as to why not.

      1. Badger

        I really think they would be crazy to trade Toles or Verdugo.

        Because not only doesn’t Joc and Puig not hit lefties, only Puig has a good history, of hitting consistently.

        But I don’t think that will happen, because of what I have said, and why trade for Machado, with the way Muncy has been hitting lately, although I don’t think any player can keep hitting at that pace, that long.

        Smoltz is not sold on it either, but I know what sabers think, I was just saying, it is not the all and encompassing, how valuable a player is, to me.

        1. MJ,

          They have to create space in the OF.

          They already have too many not counting Toles, Verdugo, Heredia, Diaz, Kendall and Peters who are maturing as we write and opine.

          1. Bluto

            I think both Toles and Verdugo, might be better hitters, then our other outfielders, in the majors, except Kemp.

            But I could see any of these outfielders traded, except Kemp.

      1. So maybe you can copy and paste it on other Internet Blogs as you are wont to do? Well, it’s not like we’re exactly overloaded here, is it? Maybe I think it is an interesting subject and I would like to talk about it here and see what some of you think about it. No lie, there are a lot of interesting posters on that blog that I wished would post here as well. The blogs are, or should be, inter-related and sharing thoughts. And finally, how is that different than you reading the post from one of your “professionals” and posting links on half a dozen other blogs?

        1. I think you are selling yourself short. Just bring up the topic, who gives a crap about some ninny named Bumswrap (what a pathetic sentence you’ve caused me to write.)

          As for the other point, it’s because professionals actually know things (it’s their profession) and have sources based in reality and not solely in opinion. At least that makes overwhelming sense to me.

          Other than that? Nothing different at all between Ken Rosenthal and some person calling themselvs Bumswrap. Nothing else. Nope. Nothing.

          1. What is wrong with giving someone credit for thinking up something that I found interesting? I have no need to claim the thought, I’m only auditing the course (How to be a baseball fan, for little fun and no profit).
            Yes, professionals know things, things they are fed by conniving club officials which may be true or not… Professionals also produce “things” simply because it’s a job and they have to put something out there, whether they believe it or not, whether it’s even true or not.. This may be hard for you to understand, but I actually care more for what people I know think (even those I only “know” through blog relations) than I ever could care about professional writers who write to make money. Their integrity is at risk. They are only a step or two below politicians.

          2. Not only that, you spelled “Bumswrap” incorrectly. It is not like “fishwrap” which is what Jim Rome called newspapers. “Bumsrap” refers to the vocal efforts of bums in the depression days to talk people into giving them food. Also means a charge for which the person is not guilty.

          3. “They are only a step or two below politicians”

            Depending on criteria used, I’m sure they are not near the same level as politicians. Truth is relative to facts and alternative facts used. Politicians know the truth, but seldom speak it. They sell bullsh*t to constituents who are looking to hear not the truth, but what it is they want to be true. I don’t want that from writers. If I see it I ignore it.

            I like reading different writers for different reasons. I know nothing of blockchains so I won’t offer anything up as if I do. But I know a lot about baseball. I don’t need to read Rosenthal to have an opinion on what I see on the field everyday, but I read what he and others have to say about what I don’t see – what’s being said behind the scenes and what might be going on in the minors. I don’t believe for a second Rosenthal (and others) know more about the game than I do. But, he, and others, can write, and I still enjoy reading.

          4. That’s fair Jonah. Thanks for that.

            And thanks for the correction on his/her name.

  4. Max Muncy has a deal with Mr. Applegate for sure. In the 1958 movie “Damn Yankees”, starring Tab Hunter and Ray Walston, an old Washington Senator fan says he would sell his soul to the devil if only the Senators could win one pennant. The devil, Applegate, appears and offers to make him young and a great ballplayer for the Senators in exchange for his soul. He agrees and so it happens, Joe Hardy and the Senators catch up and lead the Yankees by one game on the last day of the season. The devil plans to make the Senators lose the last game, causing heart attacks, suicides, etc. His associate, a young beautiful woman named Lola (who was an ugly old hag before she sold her soul) tells Joe because she has fallen in love with him. She gives the devil knock-out pills and the Senators have a one run lead and the Yankees load the bases with two out in the ninth. At which point Applegate wakes up, gets angry and turns Lola back into the old woman and Joe back into the 60 year old Senator fan he was, just as Mickey Mantle hits a line drive that 60 year old Joe makes a running, diving catch. In all the excitement no one notices that Joe is now a fat, clumsy 60 year old and he is able to slip away to his wife whom he still loves. A better movie than my awkward description makes it seem. I can see Badger doing something like that for his beloved Diamondbacks…

    1. Ouch. That stings man.

      I remember that movie. Applegate later became a Martian. Great career move. Still getting residuals.

      MJ, do you expect Muncy to finish this year as powerfully as he started it. “why trade for Machado with the way Muncy has been hitting lately”. Because Machado is the real deal. Muncy may or may not be.

      1. Badger

        I already made that case, but why would they trade for a rental, when right now, they have the cheap man’s Machado, in Muncy, who actually has a higher War, then Machado right now?

        I am not saying I believe that, I am just making a case on War, remember?

        I understand how long the season is, and that is why I said, I wouldn’t trade Toles or Verdugo, right now.

        And the same goes for any player that is not an established player.

        1. They want Machado for the simple reason that he immediately, all by his lonesome, makes the middle of the Dodger lineup, that much better. Since Turner is not Turner yet, he gives them another RH power bat. They have shown the willingness to trade for rentals every year they have been here. Darvish last year and Hill and Reddick.

          1. Machado is not in those class of players, they have traded for before, and it isn’t even close!

            Machado is an elite player.

          2. Duh MJ..that’s why they want him. And read the news today, it is being reported that the talks have heated up and Machado could be traded as early as this week. There are reports that 7 teams have offers on the table. In order of appeal the Dodgers have offered the most..Rentals seem to be their thing

      2. Walton, aka Applegate died quite a while ago, the guy who played the young Joe Hardy, Tab Hunter was a pretty face and that was about it. I saw him in several movies and in most he was stiff as a board as an actor. Per Ken Rosenthal on twitter today, Dodgers and Brewers are leading the hunt for Machado and have made offers. It is in the Orioles lap now. Giants traded Gearrin and Jackson to the Rangers for PTBNL.

        1. Michael

          Oh you suddenly think they are going to make this trade, that is something quite new, since you consistently say they don’t make trades for elite players.

          Have some fun with that, because I am not fooled, by the sudden change.

          1. No MJ, I think it probably will not happen. And they have never traded for an elite player at the deadline. They have not traded for an elite player during the winter meetings either. I am just telling you what is being said on twitter, and a couple of blogs and Plus a couple of reporters twitter feeds. You are the one who always has to argue with me over some point. My opinion has never changed. I think if they do anything, it will be in the bullpen. But with Puig going down today and likely to be gone quite a while, they now have a need for power from the right side. Of course you with your infinite inside knowledge of FAZ’s mind and not being fooled by them, tell me, did you predict them trading for Darvish last year? Nobody knows what these guys are thinking, but according to almost every sports feed, the Dodgers have made a legitimate offer… choke on that.

      3. Only if the Post Office delivers in Hell… Or maybe Heaven, who am I to judge. We can agree he was a fine actor.

  5. Olney on Muncy. It’s free so I’ll quote liberally.

    Under Andrew Friedman and Zaidi, the Dodgers have built layers of functional depth in their farm system, creating safety nets, and Muncy was a good candidate for that, in spite of his first unremarkable appearances in the majors.

    Along the way, Muncy joined the wave of players who have adjusted their approaches in an effort to lift the ball. Like Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, Muncy is something of an ideal candidate for adaptation because of his hand-eye coordination and ability to make contact. He explained in the visitors clubhouse Saturday that the changes were not really to his swing but to the mechanics setting up his swing and allowing him to hit underneath the ball.

    Max Muncy has tried different swings his whole life. Lee Muncy is an ardent fan of baseball, and years ago, he absorbed an observation by Duke Snider about left-handed hitters — that they enjoy the natural advantage of being a step or two closer to first base than right-handed hitters. He encouraged Max, naturally right-handed, to swing from both sides of the plate. Max smiled when Snider was mentioned and said, “That’s my Dad’s story. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t hit left-handed.”

    I threw in that last ppg for Michael Norris, who I thought would appreciate the invoking of Duke Snider.

    1. “Layers of functional depth”

      Good news. We need relief pitching, second base help and another starter pronto. Oh, a real centerfielder would be nice too.

      1. Don’t think they can afford to add four players onto the 25.

        Agree on relief and 2B. Doubtful about a CF, you really want to add another OF? I think they should be off-loading between 1 and 3 of them.

        Starter is an interesting question. Still trying to figure out what I think.

        1. Good comments, Bluto. Time for Utley and Forsythe to leave. There’s two vacancies. Taylor goes back to center field. With Kike and Muncy, second base is in good hands. I would sure like to bring up Verdugo or Toles, but we really don’t need them at this time, that’s why I’m OK with trading one of them. Or Joc. Or Puig…

        2. Add players to the 25?

          No. Still 25. You can easily do it.

          Trade Pederson and add Machado. Taylor to second. Bellinger to center. It’s my opinion Bellinger would add at least 1 point to his WAR by playing centerfield everyday. I think he could be that good out there if he focused on it. Up the middle defense first. First base last. Anyone can play first base.

          Replace Chargois. (I see they are trying)

          I’ll let you figure out the starter.

          Still 25 guys. Only not the weaknesses we had before.

        3. Machado fixes all of that. They trade Joc, Machado to short, Taylor to second, Bellinger to CF, and Muncy to first. Kike and Toles can give Kemp a rest, no platoon needed in the infield. Sell Forsythe cheap like the Giants did with Jackson and Gearrin,,

  6. Great stuff in AC’s last couple of posts “over there”. I am tempted to copy and paste them over here, but I’ll refrain and simply say I hope you go “over there” and read them.
    Nothing wrong with Machado except that he’s a rental. I would feel a lot more comfortable trading Verdugo et al and even a few outfielders now on the 25, for a Machado equal that we could control for a few years, maybe even extend him. I’ll take suggestions on whom we should target….

    1. What does AC say about the Dodgers retaining Machado? If we can’t re-sign him then it’s less inviting. If he wants to play here, then let him know HE’S THE GUY! Seager, Machado and Bellinger anchoring the middle of our order for 5 years? Oh hell yes. If he says no….. Arenado is a free agent in ‘20. He’s from Forest Lake. Hand him the keys.

      1. Read his comments. One thing he says is Guggenheim has big money troubles re that lawsuit recently filed. He seems to think that not only won’t there be future free agent money, but Magic and some of the little investors should start looking for buyers to replace Guggenheim’s investment, toot suite…

      2. From what I’ve read Magic doesn’t have any real stake. He’s a figurehead. It’s different from Guber in Golden State.

        The contribution only works out to a 2.3 percent share of the team with Guggenheim Partners footing most of the tab, but let’s be honest: That’s still some serious bread. Johnson said it was the biggest check he’d ever written and it’s a clear signal he’s not only working for Guggenheim by being the team’s public face.

    2. The issue would be that a Machado equal in and of itself is nigh impossible to find.

      Then one with contractual control becomes not only rarer (does one exist, even?) but much more expensive.

      Why not pay less and trust the fact that the Dodgers are amongst the wealthier teams.

      1. Re-read AC’s last comments about Guggenheim, you may have to revise your opinion about how much future cash the Dodgers may have to spend.
        In case there is a sale, think a bit about McCourt’s parking lots. Would/could Guggie sell the Dodgers but hang on to the pure profit broadcast rights? How much would the Dodgers be worth then?

        1. I’m not sure your question, nor his points.

          Of his, whatever he tries to say quickly becomes odd surmising about Todd Boehly, Guggenheim’s investment strategy (short vs. long term) and a weird postulation that Free Agents and their agents are going to care where their money comes from (Cue the narrator: “They haven’t, don’t and won’t.”) I also commented there that I’ve heard from years that Security Benefit is a very shady business model.

          As to your question, obviously if the Dodgers remove valuable assets from the Dodgers sale package they will receive less. Similarly, if they add to it they will get more. This is how a market works. What end are you striving towards?

          Here’s my opinion, if Guggenheim wants to get their money back, they can and will with ease.

          1. I am not schooled in the finer points of investing other people’s money, which is what Guggenheim does every millisecond of every day. They’re in trouble because that particular sack of opm wasn’t supposed to be used for investment in a sports team…… why? Most only care that the investment isn’t used in anything vile and it makes a roi, which apparently it does.

            Whatever happens to them I really don’t care. MLB turned a blind eye because they so badly wanted mcCockroach out. Ok, they’re apparently looking now. Get ‘em out. I would think there are a few buyers that would love to help Guggenheim out from under this and give them a nice return in the process. Patrick Soon-Shiong immediately comes to mind. There were a few others on the list. I wonder if Anschutz is still interested.

            Tim said they’d be gone in 5 years. Time’s about up. Beat it Guggs.

  7. Today’s line up sucks. We start one out and nobody on. Then hope Kike’ gets on and we can make something happens before we get to Forsythe and the inning ending play.
    Oh and yes I said a few years ago Guggs would not own this team within 5 years. By choice? Hmmmmm

    1. Tim

      I sense you don’t like all the strike outs we have had, in the lead off position, in the last few games.

  8. Puig has a right intercostal oblique strain.
    I expect he’s safe from a trade for a month or two…

    1. That could last a while. As in weeks gor Grade I . Grade III is months.

      Hurt himself swinging s bat. A young professional hitter hurt himself swinging a bat. I find that bizarre.

      1. Verdugo is coming up, he is the better rightfielder.

        I guess they don’t want to see Kemp in right.

        1. Kinda surprised, given Toles’ experience at the ML level, that it’s Verdugo.

          But they seem to have gone with the hotter hitter? Maybe?

          1. I think they are going with the better prospect. This might also be a viewing given to a performer to test suitability for employment, training or competition, performed before potential backers.

  9. There has been no decision to call up Verdugo. Roberts said they will wait until Puig is evaluated tomorrow. Puig most likely will go to DL. Per Jim Bowden, Dodgers have offered Verdugo and Alvarez for Machado.

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