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Worth The Wait: Dodgers Reportedly Sign Freddie Freeman


Only a few things can force me out of my non-writing slumber. End of the lockout? Check. Clayton Kershaw re-signed? Check. Dodgers signing Freddie Freeman, absolutely Check. After making us wait for seemingly years, the Dodgers have reportedly signed first baseman Freddie Freeman. The terms are six-years for 162 million dollars and there are 162 million reasons why this is an incredible acquisition.

Looking at this from a Dodger fan’s point of view, it’s easy to say how great this signing is and how good the Dodger’s lineup is going to be in 2022. But that would be an understatement. Freeman is one of the best hitters in baseball and has been for years. We’ve seen what he can do for the past two seasons in the playoffs. He’s been a Dodger destroyer for over a decade, and now he’s going to wear Dodger Blue. This is so cool and yet so bizarre at the same time.

Freeman has had six seasons batting over .300, heck he batted .341 in 2020 when he won the National League MVP. He’s averaged a 138 OPS+, and slugged 271 home runs during his 12-year tenure in Atlanta. If you like to look at WAR he accumulated 43.1 over his career, and was worth almost 5 wins last year. Freeman is a career .290 postseason hitter, with 9 home runs. He batted .318 in the World Series last year when he led the Braves to the Championship. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

The Universal Designated hitter gives the Dodgers a lot of flexibility. Freeman will be playing first base which means Max Muncy is going to have to move somewhere. The Dodgers could potentially put Muncy at DH while he recovers from his elbow injury he suffered at the end of last season. Or they could put Muncy at second, and move Trea Turner to Short, while someone else like AJ Pollock, or Chris Taylor moves to DH. There are a lot of possibilities here now and the Dodgers know this.

And how great is it to see Braves fans pissed off and sad? Just imagine how amazing it is going to be when the Dodgers and Braves face each other in the postseason again and it’s Freeman who smacks a game-winning, or series clinching hit for the boys in blue. Think about how painful that’s going to be for them. Everything comes full circle guys. Kudos to the Dodger’s front office for spending the dough. The 2022 Dodgers are going to be very good. Welcome home Freddie!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

6 thoughts on “Worth The Wait: Dodgers Reportedly Sign Freddie Freeman

  1. Mission accomplished! A mighty expensive mission, especially for the fans. Get ready for $30 Dodger dogs, and $60 beers, $100 parking, $500 tickets… coming soon to Dodger “My Pillow” Stadium (wish Spectrum SportsnetLA would stop running those commercials). I hope we do not see “My Pillow” plastered on their jerseys. Seems that these contracts will continue to skyrocket like scud missiles, out of control. If that is what it takes to win a championship, so be it, I guess.

    On the bright side, what a lineup… a Dream Team. Welcome to LA, Freddie Freeman! If DR cannot win a championship now, then something is definitely wrong. With the DH, a solid 10! A modern day “Murderer’s Row”. I hope they don’t flop and become LA’s new “Skid Row”.

    However, all the offense in the world will do no good if you don’t have decent pitching. They still are short 1-2 reliable starters, a solid setup man, and lights out closer. Glad to have Kershaw back, but only time will tell if he can still deliver. Can May come back strong by mid-season? They lost Joe Kelly, and Gas Kenley will probably be gone (I think he wants way too much).I would be OK if Jansen swallowed his pride, and chose to stay in LA for less money, but I do not think that will happen… some idiot owner will pay his what he wants.

    Dodgers realized that replacing Vinny and Alana would take more than 1 guy and just a pretty face. They now have, how many?, 19 members on their broadcasting team? Maybe Joe Davis’ work load at Fox will be increasing? Charlie Steiner and Jaime Jarrin are nearing retirement. Kristin Watson needs some help… really miss Alana’s beauty, grace, professionalism, and knowledge of the game. Alana Rizzo is a real “Pro”, in my books.

    Let’s get this championship run started….Go Dodgers!

    1. If I have to watch Jessica Mendoza and Dontrelle Willis broadcast Dodger games in either going to gouge out my eyes and ears or mute the game, learn Spanish and listen to Jamie Jarrin.

      1. ROTFL!

        I wanted to be nice, not dissing Mendoza. I can give her some slack. I think A-Rod brought out the worst in her. She is not the “looker” Alana was, but at least she does have a little knowledge of the game. I’ll give her a chance, but I’ll have a short leash and quick hook, just keep her off camera, can’t stand that S**T eating grin.

        Now, Dontrelle “What U Talkin’ ‘bout” Willis….How in the heck did he get a job with the Dodgers? He don’t know “What He’s Talkin’ ‘bout!”

        “Para Me?”, I’m going with HOF Jaime Jarrin! “Viva Los Doyers, Scott!”

  2. MLB hope (SIC) is to have a decision on Trevor Bauer’s possible discipline by about April 16, the date his administrative leave expires. MLB is hoping to interview Bauer but no evidence they have done so as of yet.

  3. Hi Bluto,

    Happy 2022 baseball season. Let’s get this party started, hopefully without Bauer. The Coward, Manfred, does not have the balls to hold Bauer responsible for his conduct unbecoming of a Major League baseball player. He will leave it to the Dodgers to do the right thing, and sever ties with the jerk. Worse thing that could happen would be losing the remainder of his contract. They should still try to sue him for breach of contract.

    This Dodger team is stacked, and they do not need any distractions. Just maybe 1 or two starters away from the ultimate team.

    Just hope Bellinger snaps out of his funk, and returns to MVP form, otherwise, what an All-Star lineup, top to bottom, especially with DH. now in play.

    Go Dodger Blue!

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