Dodgers Bumble Kershaw Outing Into 4-2 Loss

The Dodgers came into tonight’s game having won five of their previous seven and the Brewers had lost seven in a row. The boys were probably feeling pretty good about their chances with Clayton Kershaw taking the mound.
Things started out well enough for the Dodgers as they coaxed 43 pitches out of Brewers starting pitcher Chase Anderson in the first inning. Despite looking on paper like they knocked Anderson around, the Dodgers scored only two runs and left the bases-loaded. They loaded the bases again in the fifth, came away scoreless a second time.
After his shaky first inning, Anderson settled down and began picking off the Dodgers’ batters. He kept their hands tied until the fifth inning, when Clayton Kershaw started things off with a four pitch walk. Before you knew it, the bases were loaded for Matt Kemp. The Brewers switched pitchers and quickly there was a passed ball. Kershaw tried to score from third, and for the second night in a row, a Dodger was clumsily out at home by a mile.
Kemp struck out, and the Dodgers were down to two on with two out. Max Muncy popped up, and just like that, bases-loaded with nobody out was reduced to chum floating on the water.
Kershaw looked pretty good tonight – until he didn’t. He gave up only one run through five innings, but the Brew Crew punched through with a three-run sixth, which was aided by Dodgers errors.
Kershaw started off  the sixth by giving up game-tying solo HR to Christian Yelich. Ryan Braun followed with a double (both hits coming on first pitches)and he came around to score the go-ahead run on a sloppy Muncy error at third base. Kershaw, who had been mostly cruising, was suddenly vulnerable. The Brewers scored another unearned run when Chris Taylor bobbled a ball in right center field, and the inning ended with Milwaukee up 4-2.
Josh “Crazy Tweeter” Hader came in and totally shut the Dodgers down over the next two innings, striking out the side in the eighth.
Knebel came in for the ninth and that was it for the Dodgers. Believe it or not, with two out in the ninth, Logan Forsythe got a hit! That brought Manny Machado up with the chance to tie the game. Machado ground out and the Brewers’ losing streak was over.
Clayton Kershaw took the loss. The rubber match happens tomorrow with Alex Wood taking the hill for the Dodgers.

27 thoughts on “Dodgers Bumble Kershaw Outing Into 4-2 Loss

  1. Bad day all around for Maximus Muncius. But it happens. Onus in this game is on the offense once again. Plenty of chances, but little bang for their buck. And it was all up and down the lineup. There are now 64 games left. 8 games on this road trip. Win every series and it is a successful trip. But they need Turner back in there at 3rd every day. Probably a few games away from that happening. Don’t look now, the Rocks have won 7 in a row.

    1. Turner is returning today. Puig should be ready any day.

      Maybe Muncy needs a day off. When we are at full strength, where do you put the guy? In my opinion, there is only one place – the position in the infield that analytics says is the least valuable.

  2. There is not much to say but besides the defensive blunders, this is Dodger baseball, because HRs are encouraged way to much by the front office.

    Almost every time Kike came up to bat with runners in scoring position yesterday he over swung, instead of just trying to get the runners home.

    And this is not only Kike that does this, but that is the mentality of most on this team, so we continually leave runners on base.

    And the Brewers don’t especially have great pitching, and to add to this, most of the players on this team that have been with the Dodgers for a while, knew the starting pitcher they faced yesterday well, because he was on the Dbacks for two years.

    I don’t know if what Muncy did at the plate yesterday affected his defense, but he is not a very good defensive player to begin with, so you live by the sword, and you will die from the sword, sometimes too.

    And it is a good thing we have Chase on the bench and he is pinch hitting well, because Forsythe is not a viable hitter to go to, especially in clutch situations, like we have all talked about.

    But he is making even more money this year then he made last year, thanks front office, this is all on you!

    And we counted that we have five second baseman on this team yesterday,but we forgot that Barnes can play second too, so we really have six players on this team that can play second, ridiculous!

  3. 1. Chris Taylor (R) LF
    2. Manny Machado (R) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Max Muncy (L) 1B
    5. Matt Kemp (R) RF
    6. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    7. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
    8. Austin Barnes (R) C
    9. Alex Wood (R) P

    Well, not what I would do.

  4. The Dodgers and Braves don’t appear quite as engaged on Zach Britton as some other clubs. LA has luxury tax issues, as Ken Rosenthal has mentioned, and Atlanta is hesitant to dig too deep into the farm for a rental.

    1. For what I read, Britton has not been that good this year after coming off the DL, and he makes quite a bit of money, for a closer, set up guy, that has not ever been a free agent.

  5. Dodgers mgr Dave Roberts on continuing to give Logan Forsythe starts despite .116 avg since June 21: “I don’t ever doubt his preparedness, his focus, his intent. It’s been a tough go for Logan for 2 ½ months, 3 months. I think the defense is above average. …… You guys know me – I don’t like to give up on players. Especially when they’re doing things the right way because I think that sends a message to the clubhouse. I appreciate his work. His never once takes his offense out to the defensive side. For me, that means a lot”

    Roberts went on to say, I think, “Did I mention that Forsythe is a political player on the level of Henry Kissenger and he traded me Carson Wentz in our fantasy football league.”

    1. Who’d he give up for Wentz? I heard it was Gurley and Cooks.

      We are saving $19 million by taking on Kemp. Interesting math.

          1. I got it. I was just playing along.

            Well, I’ve changed my mind on this lineup. Dummy is genius.

    2. This is just another reason this front office signed Forsythe for this year, but with a big raise for a player that is hitting below the Mendoza line against righties, and continue to keep him on this roster.

      This front office always has trouble admiting any of their moves are not good, and they force many of their moves on this team and in this line up, when they are nothing but a big black hole in the lineup.

      1. I think they exercised the option because they figured he would at least match last year’s 1.9 WAR. If he did he’s a bargain at $9 million. They got it wrong. -1.

        I got to get in shape for my Kemp bet. I got those Perfect Push-ups tools (designed by a former S.E.A.L.) and I just gave it a go to gauge where I am. 15. Yoiks. That sucks. I want to be able to do 50 in two sets. Can I do knee push-ups pack? I can? Cool. Thanks.

        Turner left with groin tightness. DL? Not good for defense or offense.

          1. Jonah

            They should have just continued to keep Turner out past the Allstar break, until he was really feeling better.

        1. Badger
          Let’s not get carried away. You may not have to do them. You never know what will happen with Dummy and the FO. I do wonder if you might be able to film the event should you have to do them. That way way if you post them on this site we call all enjoy the event.

  6. No we don’t MJ. Don’t need so many outfielders either, though a few of those guys are utility players. We do need to play better defense. They know it.

    Did a post just vanish? Or am I hallucinating?

    1. Package

      Tell Badger he only can do those knee push ups, just as long as he claps after each knee push up, he does.

      1. Badger
        Let’s not get carried away. You may not have to do them. You never know what will happen with Dummy and the FO. I do wonder if you might be able to film the event should you have to do them. That way way if you post them on this site we call all enjoy the event.

    2. Badger?

      Your right about the defense, we were the best defensive team in baseball last year, including are utility players, and our players on the bench.

      We only had subpar defense in only one position last year, but I can’t say the same this year!

      1. We’re down the list now. 20th I believe. Maybe lower after two more errors today.

        Forsythe with 3 hits. I heard the Yankees called.

        1. Badger

          I had to turn the channel, because I hate to watch games like that.

          But it looks like we will be facing the Phillies top starting pitchers in this next series, and they will be a far cry from the pitchers we faced, in this last series.

  7. Very good first pro start in AZL by #Dodgers⁠ ⁠ 3rd round pick John Rooney. LHP from Hofstra pitched 2 scoreless innings, 1H, 4K. Picked off 2 runners. Pitch info: FB around 92 – plus change

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