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Dodgers Finish Series With Snakes as Trade Deadline Looms

Bud Norris

The Dodgers dropped the middle game of their three game series with the Dbacks on Saturday night by a 4-2 score. The bats went cold against rookie Braden Shipley and Scott Kazmir allowed several runs early in the game. The loss dropped them back to 2 games behind the Giants after they won their game against the Nationals in San Francisco.

Today the Dodgers will finish the home stand and the series with the Snakes as left hander Patrick Corbin will take on Bud Norris in the series finale. Of course with a left hander on the mound and a Sunday afternoon game probably means the all-righty lineup again. Joy.

The Dodgers activated Kike Hernandez from the disabled list and optioned catcher Austin Barnes back to Oklahoma City to clear roster space. Kike had been on the DL with rib cage inflammation. He’s had a terrible season and I wonder if the injury is the cause of his poor hitting.

Yasiel Puig is expected to be back in the starting lineup this afternoon but I wonder if this could possibly be the last time we see Puig as a Dodger. The trade deadline ends Monday afternoon at 1PM PST. So far the Dodgers have not done anything but there have been a lot of rumors that Puig could be dealt before Monday’s deadline.

Dodgers Lineup vs. Arizona

Kendrick LB

Seager SS


Van Slyke 1B

Grandal C

Puig RF

Hernandez CF

Taylor 2B

Norris P

Patrick Corbin-4-9 vs. Bud Norris-3-2

Game time – 1:10 PM – TV-SNLA

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

32 thoughts on “Dodgers Finish Series With Snakes as Trade Deadline Looms

  1. Interesting defensive lineup, two second basemen, and no left fielder. Actually, I’m sure that was a typo, and it’s Taylor at 2B and Kendrick in LF.

    Agree with Chad Moriyama at Dodgers Digest, because I was thinking the same thing. Lots of hard hit balls yesterday that found D-Back gloves. Several hard hit drives to CF, and lots of balls hit into the shift at the second baseman playing in shallow RF.

    Holding my breath waiting for the Dodgers to do something between now and tomorrow’s trade deadline.

  2. If we win today, we take the series. That is fine with me, so let’s go get it.

    Meanwhile, both Alex Verdugo and Cody Bellinger were pulled from the starting lineup today (game already in progress so it was done earlier this am). Dodgers say just a random day off. Writers and such are thinking “hmmmmm, could they be part of any deal??” Jay Bruce also not in the lineup today for Cincy.

  3. For a Dodger fan, the trade deadline is like waiting for Santa Claus. We hope we’ll get something cool like Manny Ramirez and not a lump of coal like Latos. But for Padre fans it’s like coming home and finding your house has been looted.

    Does anybody really think Bruce is worth Verdugo and Bellinger? Whatever happened to “THE PLAN?”

    1. As of this minute “THE PLAN” is still the plan. I don’t see FAZ blowing off “THE PLAN” for most of the rumored players. Maybe, Archer for De Leon (and parts) but that is it. NOBODY says FAZ is perfect, but, I do trust them to make the right trade decisions. If Archer’s stuff, age and immediate impact out weighs De Leon’s long-term potential impact, I trust they will pull the trigger. If not, we are standing pat. I am OK with that.

  4. Norris and Rea (Marlins) should remind us all of the risks involved with trading multiple prospects for that “one” guy. I am reminded of that old saying, “There is strength in numbers”. I will save some of you the trouble, “There is no replacement for quality”. Finally, “I would rather be lucky than good”. I think there is some wisdom in there somewhere.

    Hopefully, Norris is going to be OK.

    1. I think it was probably an Iliocostalis strain. It’s a Cuban muscle, runs from the tip of the Havana to the middle of the Keys.

      Ok, I’m high, cut me some slack.

  5. Chris Taylor was nice to have for a few minutes, but he’s really not done anything with the bat since his grand slam a couple weeks ago.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t play him much anymore

    1. Bobby
      He was swinging way to hard.

      And he fumbled the ball, and cost us a run, by not being able to make the double play.

        1. So far there haven’t been many moves at all. Chapman, Miller, and some fringe starters like Pomeranz. The Giants got a solid infielder who should platoon well with Panik, Craword, and Duffy. Unless, of course, you consider Bud Norris the big time trade……..

          Will one move set off a chain of moves? I don’t know. We have 18 hours to go!

  6. MichaelNorris, that Grandal HR was for you!

    What a month for Howie and Grandal!! Keep that up in Aug

    1. What kind of pitch was it that Grandal hit out?

      Doesn’t it seem like the Dbacks today, are like another team, as compared to yesterday?

    2. Bobby
      I hope Toles still plays over Puig tomorrow.

      Puig really only got one hit.

      His first hit should have been caught.

  7. giants won 3-1. Means they split 4 at home vs Wash. That’s probably what we would have hoped for, going in. We, barring something ridic, will take 2-3 at home vs Arizona. So we picked up 1/2 game the last 4 days. The giants will start to wake up again, so it will take some time to gain a few games. No biggie, as long as we do what we need to do, as we still have 9 left vs them

    This week, SF goes to Philly for 3, then DC for 3. We go to Col for 3, then come home for Boston for 3. Colorado is playing well now, so this won’t be easy!

    1. Bobby
      Both Colletti and Hairson said they think the Dodgers are going to make a big move, and make them better.

      Maybe they know something.

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