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Dodgers Podcasts, Videos (High Heat, Lasportshub)

With about a little over two weeks from the start of spring training I wanted to share with you guys a couple of Dodgers videos as we wait for spring training to start. You know once the super bowl is over spring training is right around the corner. It’s almost here.

Dodger’s GM Farhan Zaidi was a guest on Chris Russo’s High Heat the other day. Russo and Zaidi discuss the Dodger’s offseason and a few other topics related to the Dodgers. They talk about Yasiel Puig and him getting a fresh start to the 2016 season and hopefully having a bounce back year. Zaidi reiterates again that Puig is not available for trade. I’ve said it before that having a productive and healthy Puig is vital for the Dodger’s offense. Puig is definitely off the table.

Zaidi and Russo also discuss Andre Ethier and other offseason moves. I say there’s probably about a 70/30 chance leaning towards Ethier not being moved. Zaidi also answers some questions about Hyun-jin Ryu’s timetable. Apparently he is progressing in his throwing program but there is a chance he might not be ready by opening day. He is still projected to be ready by then. It’ll depend on how well he builds his arm strength. Thankfully the Dodgers have a lot of depth.

The second video listed is the Lasportshub podcast that I was a guest on for Wednesday’s show. Keith Rivas the editor of Lasportshub is the host. Keith and I talked about various topics pertaining to the Dodgers. Those topics included Howie Kendrick’s signing, the pain of losing Zack Greinke, Puig and Joc Pederson’s 2016 projections, and whether the Dodgers are better with or without former manager Don Mattingly.

Keith has interviewed some big names on his podcast. Some of the celebs he’s interviewed are NBC’s Fred Roggin, Arash Markazi of ESPN and former Bear’s safety Ray Austin. You can check out the show below.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

30 thoughts on “Dodgers Podcasts, Videos (High Heat, Lasportshub)

  1. Ethier was our most reliable outfielder last year. On many teams he’s the starter. Not here. But what an asset to have available.

    Puig will attempt to make adjustments. In spite of what some think of him, he’s not stupid. Zaidi said exactly what all of us already know, the league is pitching him differently and it has worked. Fastballs in, breaking balls down and away. Until he can hit that sequence, he will see nothing but more of the same. I’m sure he’s working on it. First things first – know the strike zone and never offer outside of it. He does that and he will put up positive numbers. Same is true with Pederson. I am concerned at his propensity to overswing, but hopefully Ibanez can help him take that two strike pitch back up the middle and to left center. He does that, and stays in the strike zone, he can hit .250, get on at .375 and be this team’s leadoff man. If he flails away at pitcher’s pitches, he may hit 20 home runs again but he will continue to strike out at an unacceptable rate and be a bottom of the order hitter. The team needs him at the top of the lineup.

    We got new coaches and a new manager for very good reasons. This team needs new direction. Will it work?

    1. I don’t think so Badger. It’s in their DNA. Swing for the fences.

      I’m trying hard to be positive but really I’m just kidding myself because I’m not feeling it.

      To your point about the Arizona climate, the golf was delayed yesterday because of frost. Seems impossible when you see the weather at the golf.

    2. I would like to see Hernandez own second base at the start of 2016. That would allow the Dodgers to trade Kendrick to the Angels.

  2. I remember Beltre thru 2003; he always fell for that breaking ball down and away. Who here can’t see it in their head now: Beltre lunging and missing at strike 3 and walking back to the dugout. But in 2004, he stopped, and that’s when he started his ride to the hall of fame. Matt kemp did that a lot as well, but as he figured it out quicker than Beltre, he still managed the 30/100 years.

    Once Puig learns to not swing at that tease pitch, he’ll put up his 300/30/100 year as well. If it’s this year, we’ll be back to facing the Cards in the playoffs. If not, we could be quite boring

    1. Well put Bobby.

      I remain hopeful. We are deep in talent. Everyone says so. For me it mostly hinges on health. And attitude. And changing approaches. And luck.

    2. It was weird what Puig was missing last year. He was missing fastballs last year, I think more then off speed pitches.

    3. Kemp still does that. I thought his weakness was always pitch recognition. He gets fooled easily.

      I forget where I read it…maybe it was the Molly Knight book, but when Puig came up, pitchers were trying to get him out with low and away pitches and he was burning them – either laying off them or driving pitches low in the strike zone. Pitchers were somewhat amazed. The league finally figured out that it wasn’t throwing down and away that was getting him, but throwing heat high in the strike zone. As far as I know that’s still his weakness. Part of what annoys people about Puig is the perception that he gets by on raw talent and doesn’t hone his craft. We’ll see. This year is the test to see if he can make those adjustments that come from diligence in the batting cages. If not, them he’s a 260/15 hr hitter and the Dodgers offense suffers. If he does, 290/20-25 hr. If he pulls a Harper and really lives up to his potential – 315/30 hr. …we can hope.

    1. I like that Barnes will be catching Urias, De Leon, and Montas next year. If they and Barnes come up in September all should be more relaxed having worked together. This could be AJ’s last year.

  3. Well sadly there’s a good chance I’ll be having to relocate residency some time in March and I can’t let TWC dictate where I make a new home. I love where I’ve been these last 11 years but so it goes. That’s the worse case so maybe it’s not so bad – fingers crossed.
    I’d say the reason there’s little talking about AGon is he’s so constant. I don’t take him for granted and whenever there’s a negative comment I always have a counter to it. Whatever the ‘shredder’ is is often full of shit. It was the night before last as Jansen wasn’t on it’s top 10. Chapman was. I think the world is pretty over his ordeal, not that it ever was much of an ordeal with me. I just hope I’ll not miss the games this season.

    1. Quas TWC isn’t the only provider for the Dodger Channel. If you live in southern California you can get either TWC or Charter. And Charter bought out TWC, so anyone who has Charter, can now get the Dodger channel. I have Charter, so I know for sure that the Dodger channel
      is on Charter. And of course the Dodger channel is on TWC too. I don’t understand why people in southern California keep saying that they can’t get the Dodger channel, because they either can get Charter, or TWC.

  4. Interesting 6-60 prospect list. A 25 year old Micah Johnson with a ceiling of 50 doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. Why him? We already have Calhoun who’s a lot younger and grades higher. Thompson? 4th outfielder. We already have about 4 of those. 26 year old Stripling down the list. And of course there’s Lee. Barnes? He’s 26 too. Yeah, he could help. But not this year unless there is an injury, and with Ellis and Grandal there certainly could be. I like him. I like all of them. I’m thinking by 2018 several of those names will be somewhere in the Major Leagues. 2016? Good thing there are still so many of Jed’s players still here.

    1. Badger Thompson was brought up into the bigs last year in August, and hit at 297 clip, and hit five HRs. And this was his first time up. Don’t you remember that when Joc was first brought up to the bigs, he didn’t hit and didn’t hit a single HR. I hope both of these Guys hit, because they both play a good centerfield, and Joc hits lefty, and Thompson is a righty. Just imagine the Dodger’s outfield of the future, with these two guys, and Puig. That would be a better outfield, then the Pirates, if these young guys can hit.

      1. Yeah, I know what he did MJ. Some said he figured it out. If that is true why is ranked 10th behind Verdugo and Bellinger? Neither of those guys have done anything above A ball.

        1. Badger I guess his age and the fact that his stats in AAA didn’t show that same kind of stats, is why he is not rated higher. All I know is he made it his goal to cut down on his strike outs, and this is what he was able to do. At least he is a better back up centerfielder, then Heisy was. I read that the front office was high on Thompson, so who knows.

    2. Oh, all of these talented young players. How terrible!

      Johnson is a bit of reclamation project. His hitting and speed are so intriguing, that if a good fielding coach can soften his stone hands somewhat and improve that weak defense, then he could be either the starting 2nd baseman in 1-2 years or a good trade chip. Yes, we now have two 2nd baseman who are decent prospects. It’s called hedging your bets. We all know the likelihood of prospects turning into solid MLB players: the percentages aren’t very good.

      At this point, I think Lee should be part of a trade package. He has still has value as a 4th/5th starter on another team.

      Barnes might be on the team next year. I don’t think AJ plays in 2017

      What’s the matter with having Thompson on the team? He’s very athletic and can easily play all three OF positions. I don’t really like Kike in center to spell Joc. Trayce is sort of the utility guy in the OF, and maybe his hitting last year in CHW wasn’t an anomaly.

  5. I’d like to reply to the fan who said that our BP hasn’t changed from last year. He mentioned we got Blanton and maybe Montas for this year but other than that we are the same.

    I think we are better since we no longer have Tsao, Peralta. Coulumbe. Johnson,Surkamp, Santos and if that isn’t enough we still have Yimi, Baez, Frias, etc. who are a year older and hopefully a year smarter.

    1. You left out Maddux. If Baez and Garcia can throw an off speed pitch Maddux will make it better and teach them when to throw it. If Maddux can give those two confidence in their off speed pitch they will throw it more and they will be twice as good as they were last year.

      1. Maddux is not the pitching coach or the bullpen coach. Why does everyone think that he will be spending the bulk of his time working with young pitchers?

        1. I don’t expect him to spend the bulk of his time working with young pitchers. I think it would be a huge loss if he didn’t spend some of his time with them. This is one smartest, most successful pitcher of the last half century. To not use him as an educator would be a waste of a resource. One afternoon with him could change a career. One career change could make the difference for moving on in the playoffs. I sure hope FAZ doesn’t lock him up in an office, but his title “Special Assistant to President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman” kind of suggests they might.

          1. I’m hoping and kind think that rather lofty sounding title really means: “Ok, what would you be doing if you were Honeycutt right now?”

      1. Well Mattingly also had trouble handling a bullpen, just like he had trouble getting an offense going, so maybe Roberts, and his coaches, will do a better job. And I know Honey was already here, but we don’t know how much impute, that Honey gave to Mattingly, and Mattingly did not listen to Honey.

          1. Scott JP always has a good era, but his era is deceiving, if you look at his whip. I always look at the innings pitched, and look at how many batters a relief pitcher puts on base, and that usually tells me how effective a relief pitcher has been. It seemed to me, that Mattingly would bring in JP, with people on base, and JP would lose the batter, by getting behind on the count, and walk the batter, and put more people on base. Before last year, he was good until the last couple of months of the season, probably because Mattingly over used him maybe.

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